Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness

We want to share this prayer for forgiveness with you. But first, we want to share about the dangers of unforgiveness and how it affects your life if you don’t forgive.

We want to share these bible verses on forgiveness with you.

The main Danger of Unforgiveness
Matthew 6:14-15 Amplified Bible (AMP) “For if you forgive others their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins], your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others [nurturing your hurt and anger with the result that it interferes with your relationship with God], then your Father will not forgive your trespasses.”

Unforgiveness not only keeps you in bondage from moving forward but it puts a block between you and God. How then will your prayers be answered?  Being separated from God is the worst thing that can happen for you. Harboring unforgiveness hurts your relationship with the Lord more than anything else.

Motivation to forgive others

So here are some things to keep in mind that should motivate your desire to forgive:

  • You can’t allow what someone else did to you to cause you to be separated from God. It’s not worth it!
  • You will never be able to walk in the calling of God fully if you don’t release the unforgiveness from your heart
  • Once you release the unforgiveness a promotion comes to your own life immediately as it relates to your destiny
  • Focus on your calling and understand that this stands in the way. Turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone.

People in the Bible who learned to forgive

  • David had to forgive Saul for trying to kill him. Actually, David even had occasion to kill Saul and chose not to do it.  He already knew that Samuel anointed him to be King. Therefore, why would he need to get blood on his hands? (1 Samuel 24:4-11) He chose to focus on his future not the past or even what was happening in the present.
  • Joseph had to forgive his brothers for trying to murder him. Potiphar’s wife from accusing him of attempted rape and landed him in prison. The prisoner in the cell with him that promised to help but forgot him for 2 years.  At the end of the day, Joseph was in charge of Egypt.  He was 2nd in command so in not harboring unforgiveness he was able to step into his purpose. (Genesis 37-50)
  • The father of the prodigal son had to forgive him (Luke 15)
  • Jesus has to forgive you for the sins you commit against him on a daily basis even after coming into salvation

If you forgive does this mean you forget?

No.  You can forgive but how can you forget it?  This actually happened to you. When it becomes unhealthy is when you play the past over and over again in your head like a broken record. You won’t forget but that does not mean you keep remembering it and reliving the trauma.

How will you know when you’ve truly forgiven someone

You’ll see them & it won’t bring up the past offenses in your mind.  You won’t have the same feeling towards them as you did in the past.  You’ll have no problem praying for God’s blessing upon them and wanting their heart’s desires to be fulfilled.  Also, you won’t feel the need to tell others what they did to you.

Think about this, if I told you that I have forgiven my father who raped me as a child you may marvel at God’s healing grace but, let’s be honest, when you see my father on the street how will you feel about him?  Do you see how this is a problem?  I would’ve created an environment where other people now carry the offense for me against the offending person.  Not good.

If you truly forgave you would no longer feel the need to talk about it.  If you keep bringing it up, that means that you have some lingering resentment.  It means that you have this broken record playing over and over again in your mind and you can’t let it go.

In these situations the deliverance from unforgiveness will be complete when you stop talking about it.

Prayer for ForgivenessWhat happens when you forgive someone but they keep doing the same thing to you?

Sometimes you can forgive someone and they keep doing the same bad things to you or new things from the same spirit. This should not stop you from forgiving them again.  You need to release it all over again to God.  If the person is not repentant you need to move away from them.  Move on.  Read Matthew 18:15-19  Please note the verses that immediately following this one, it talks about forgiveness Matthew 18:21-35.  So the take away message is, you remove yourself from them but you must forgive them even if they are not repentant. Psalm 66:18-20

What happens when you know you’ve forgiven someone but it keeps coming back to your mind?

If this happens to you then it means that you are on the brink of a breakthrough.  A HUGE breakthrough!!! Remember that the enemy will use the offense as a stumbling block to stop you from moving forward.  Satan’s job is to stop you from becoming who God created you to be so what better way to do that than to cause you to hold unforgiveness in your heart?  He can’t stop your calling but he can make you forfeit it by holding iniquity in your heart.

The fact that he would reach back and try to bring up something that has been resolved means he’s grasping for straws.  It means that your current life is being lived to the glory of God, you’re pressing into the Lord and the enemy has nothing new on you and no part in you; therefore, he has to reach back and bring up something old.

The Holy Spirit convicts, He does not condemn (Romans 8:1).  If you’ve resolved this months even years ago, it’s the enemy trying to see if you’ll fall for this old trick.  He wants to see if you’ll latch on to it and follow him down the path of unforgiveness (which you’ve already been delivered from) again!

Here’s what you do…you speak aloud “I have already forgiven__________.  The matter has already been settled in my mind, soul and in heaven.  I bind up this thought of unforgiveness and I bind the father of lies and I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind and soul”  Then immediately you go into a short prayer of blessing over that person.  That’s it!  The thoughts will leave immediately and you can move on.  When you start praying blessing over the person, think of every area of their life and bless them in that area.

Trust that the enemy will no longer bring this one up because he knows what will follow is a prayer of blessing over the person and he can’t afford that!

Also, watch for a major breakthrough in your life within a week of doing this.  Truly it was his last ditch effort to stop you.

Prayer for forgiveness for others

Father God, I thank you for the forgiveness of my sins as Jesus shed his blood for me on the cross.  I thank you that I was washed clean of my sins of the past, present and the future.  I do not receive this gift of forgiveness lightly and understand that when I moved into having a relationship with you God, through Jesus, that same forgiveness that was imputed to me I must now give to others.  Lord, based on your word in Collossians 3:13 that says I should forgive as you have forgiven me I choose to walk in obedience.  I choose to forgive.  I lay down my will and I accept your word as true. I pray for grace to forgive.  Flow forgiveness through me by the power of the Holy Ghost.  In areas where I feel I cannot forgive I ask you to release a special grace upon me.  You also said in your word “My strength is made perfect in your weakness” I confess that I am weak in this area so I need your perfected strength to forgive. I choose to forgive __________  for doing _____, _____, ______ to me.  I release it all to you Lord.  I ask that you wash my mind clean with the blood of Jesus.  Uproot any root of bitterness as a result of ____________.  Plant only peace and love in those areas God.  Restore my joy. Forgive me for holding on to this for so long.  I repent for my rebellion and stubbornness.  I ask that you release me from this iniquity.  Let no iniquity stand in the way of my fellowship with you.  Rip this veil away and show me Your face.  Restore to me all that was lost because of this sin.  I have suffered so much pain and hurt in my life because of this. I need to be healed by our power.  Bind up my wounds. Heal my soul.

I freely now pray this blessing over  _________.  I pray that you will bless them in all areas of their life.  That you would develop a deep abiding relationship with them.  That you would bless them with finances in all areas of their life.  That you would bring Godly relationships in their life.  That you would meet all of their needs.  That you would heal their body and bring prosperity to their soul.  That you would heal them in all of their wounded places.  I pray that you would fill them with your joy and peace.  I pray that you would bless their entire family and bring their entire family into a relationship with You.  That you would use them powerfully in ministry for you.  Bless them more than they can ask or think or imagine, in Jesus Name, Amen.


There are times when we need to forgive ourselves because we may have done things that had grave consequences that can’t be undone.  The thing you need to always remember is that Jesus forgave you.

Job 23:10 New International Version (NIV) “But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”

Before you even made the mistake God knew you were going to take that road. He has already made accommodations for it in His plan for your life. You must accept the fact that you made a mistake and forgive yourself.

Sometimes restoration doesn’t mean that you get back the old thing, it can mean that you get something new.  Believe God for the new.

Prayer for forgiving yourself

Father God, forgive me for the wrong that I have done.  Thank you for forgiving me. Please show me how to forgive myself.  I ask that whatever can be restored as it was before please restore it.  I ask you to restore  ________________________.  But God, not my will but yours be done so if You know there is something greater, please bring it forth and give me the grace to release the past.  I forgive myself because you have forgiven me. If there are others I need to ask for forgiveness bring them to mind and i ask for the wisdom of words to ask them to forgive me.  I trust that you know the way I take and after I have been tested I will come forth as god, in Jesus name, Amen

Children of God be blessed!  Expect God to restore you and promote you after you complete this process of forgiveness.  If you need prayer, write it in the comment section and we will pray for you in the area of forgiveness.

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6 thoughts on “Prayer for Forgiveness”

  1. good day
    my name is carnelita pls pray for meyour husband Manuden abuse now for five years emotionally he curse me nd say I must die he hurts me badly he swears at me don’t give me money nd I have kids of him he use me just to stay in the country he is rude with me calls me fat ugly useless have does not buy me clothes nothing he lay curses on me nd it affects my two kids of five nd three he don’t buy me medication he hates god I ask many to pray but he gets worse I feel so hurt I am in a depression coz of him nd struggle to forgive him just to nite he said or me or my parents will die he has no heart for me nd to think I luv him at the same time

  2. I thank Father for this resource. I have been a Christian for a long time, I know the importance of forgiving (first Christian lesson He directly taught me after I accepted Christ as my Savior, by asking me to forgive the people who had assaulted me…). That said, this is the most in-depth practical article I’ve read on the topic. It helped me examine my heart as deep as I could. I felt a burden lifted off my shoulder as soon as I prayed. This was a month ago.
    For 6 days, nothing major happened. On the 7th day, by 3 pm:
    1- I learned that I had passed round 1 of My application to a fellowship for my business (When you’re used to closed doors, this is a really big deal);
    2- An agent requested to see the full manuscript of a book I had written, only days after reading the first pages (again, when used to closed doors…);
    3- I was able to pay off an outstanding debt, which was important to keep my business afloat;
    4- I was invited to audition for a part in a play about suicide and overcoming grief (didn’t get it, but it was a good experience, and I know I am not fit for super emotional roles, given my own life traumas)
    5- Had a good business conference call with a potential client…

    Today I am still stuck financially, have been for 3 decades for reasons I can’t fully explain, I know it is coming to an end, though I don’t know when exactly, but that experience was encouraging.

  3. I’m suffering from unforgiveness which has led me back to sin. I need prayer to gain strength in Christ to trust Christ and believing in him. I know that the word is 100% truth and desire to please God but I deal with guilt and shame and want to be loved. Please pray for me.

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