Hedge of Thorns Prayer for the Unfaithful Spouse

We would like to share with you this hedge of thorns prayer.  This is not the same as a hedge of protection prayer.  The difference is the hedge of protection keeps what is external from coming in while the hedge of thorns prayer keeps what is in from going out.

You should only pray this prayer for people with whom you have a biblical covenant relationship.  So this would be for an unfaithful spouse and you can also use this prayer for a prodigal child, drug addicted child, a child who is keeping company with gang related friends.

This prayer should not be prayed for your boyfriend, or girlfriend or someone whom you have feelings for that is not your spouse.  That would be considered witchcraft because you are not in a covenant relationship with that person.  You also don’t really know God’s will for that person so try not to let your emotions and feelings get control of you.

Likewise if you feel that someone who is not in a covenant relationship with you may be praying this over you, then you want to cut soul ties with them and pray this off of you.

Let’s look at the scriptures that talk about the Hedge of Thorns.  There are actually 2 scriptures in the King James Version- one refers to laziness Proverbs 15:19 (we’ll cover that in a different post) and the other is Hosea 2:6.

We will focus in on Hosea 2:6.  The book of Hosea is about the prophet Hosea and his unfaithful spouse.  This book,while it can be taken literally, can also be looked at figuratively as the Church of Jesus Christ being unfaithful to God and chasing after things (idolatry) and not God.  This is a spiritual unfaithfulness. Therefore if you see your child going after things that are not of God (prodigals, drug and alcohol addicted, bad company) you can use these scriptures to pray for them as well.

Let’s look at the scripture in context…

Hosea 2:5-7 (NKJV) “For their mother has played the harlot; She who conceived them has behaved shamefully. For hedge of thorns prayershe said, ‘I will go after my lovers, Who give me my bread and my water, My wool and my linen,  My oil and my drink.’ “Therefore, behold, I will hedge up your way with thorns, And wall her in, So that she cannot find her paths. She will chase her lovers, But not overtake them; Yes, she will seek them, but not find them.  Then she will say, ‘I will go and return to my first husband, For then it was better for me than now.’

That’s pretty clear showing that these hedge of thorns keeps the unfaithful from going out and they return to the one with whom they are in a covenant relationship.

Hedge of Thorns Prayer:

Father God, I present to you this day ___________ and ask that you put the hedge of thorns, according to Hosea 2:6, around them to keep them from falling into sin.  Cause them to not find the way of unfaithfulness.  Cause these ungodly desires to not be fulfilled.  May they return to a covenant relationship first and foremost with you, God, and secondly to the covenant relationship that You have ordained from the foundations of the earth.  I pray for grace, patience and peace to guard my heart as I wait on You Lord to bring this prayer to fulfillment.  I pray that You would send away all these ungodly desires.  May _______ lose the desire to go that way, reveal to her/him that this way is destruction and against your will. Give him/her dreams and visions to see that the end is of no good.  I pray that You will season my speech with grace so that I will know what to say and when to say it.  I pray that you will cleanse my heart and root out any seed of bitterness. Give me grace to forgive.  Put a guard over my mouth and show me how I can accommodate the reconciliation and restoration of this covenant relationship.  If I have any responsibility in driving ______ away from you God and from this covenant relationship, please reveal it to me.  Forgive me God and prepare me for their return.  Guide them and me with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name, Amen.

 If you want us to pray for your unfaithful spouse or your child, please write your prayer request below and we will pray for you and for them.

God Bless You.

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1,031 thoughts on “Hedge of Thorns Prayer for the Unfaithful Spouse”

  1. Please pray for my husband Anesh to return to me and my children,he left us for another woman.

  2. I pray that my wife Lucinda would come to her senses and come back home to restore our marriage..I pray she stop talking to orher men.I pray for restoration in my marriage.

  3. Please pray for my husband Richard, that he has turned back to GOD, that he is safe, and pursuing a way back to our home.

  4. Please pray that my husband Thomas ceases his cheating and lies. Make him return to our marriage and restore our peace.

  5. I pray for my husband Mbai who is unfaithful in our marriage. May God deliver him and restore our marriage.

  6. Please, I need your prayers, for God to restore joy, peace and trust in my marriage as it was in the beginning.
    My husband is having an adulterous affair with a married woman.
    Her name is Regina and my husband name is Timothy
    Join me to pray that the power of God will put confusion between them, scatter and separate them totally.
    Let my husband love me as Christ loves the church.
    Let God deliver him from lying, keep secrets, pretending and deleting their chats.
    Please pray for my marriage.

  7. I ask for this prayer for my husband Charles. I am near the end and am filled with bitterness and anger at Charles and at God for allowing years of adultery without any consequences for Charles. I feel like I am being punished for his transgressions. It feels unfair.

  8. My wife,Rita, is in an emotional relationship heading towards a physical one, she is moving out and leaving behind my son and I. She is unrepentant and isn’t allowed to take communion at our church. She is losing her faith and her family to chase after this fantasy. Please pray for the eyes of her heart to be opened.

  9. I pray for my Husband Ralman… who has sought to Adultery from last 7 years with different women. It seems like a spell or a curse being cast on him. I pray for a mighty anointing for Ralman with your most precious blood that he may be delivered from this weakness of the body. I pray that all the other women on Tinder that they may seek forgiveness from Ralman’s wife.

  10. My husband has gotten lost in his adultery. It jas lead him down darkness and confusion. Please pray for restoration,grace and that all.the lost years will be returned.

    1. I that you pray that our marriage be restored but first turn my husband’s heart towards God… I am ready for my husband to come home. Thanks so much God bless!

    2. Please, pray for my husband who is having an extramarital affair with a Catholic Catechist, that they both end their illicit relationship.
      Thank you

  11. I ask for pray for my husband David to return to our marriage. He had an affair which he is currently still in. I feel that there is some type of curse or spell cast upon him. I pray for his heart soul mind and body be freed of this and return home to his wife and family where he belongs.

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