Hedge of Thorns Prayer for the Unfaithful Spouse

We would like to share with you this hedge of thorns prayer.  This is not the same as a hedge of protection prayer.  The difference is the hedge of protection keeps what is external from coming in while the hedge of thorns prayer keeps what is in from going out.

You should only pray this prayer for people with whom you have a biblical covenant relationship.  So this would be for an unfaithful spouse and you can also use this prayer for a prodigal child, drug addicted child, a child who is keeping company with gang related friends.

This prayer should not be prayed for your boyfriend, or girlfriend or someone whom you have feelings for that is not your spouse.  That would be considered witchcraft because you are not in a covenant relationship with that person.  You also don’t really know God’s will for that person so try not to let your emotions and feelings get control of you.

Likewise if you feel that someone who is not in a covenant relationship with you may be praying this over you, then you want to cut soul ties with them and pray this off of you.

Let’s look at the scriptures that talk about the Hedge of Thorns.  There are actually 2 scriptures in the King James Version- one refers to laziness Proverbs 15:19 (we’ll cover that in a different post) and the other is Hosea 2:6.

We will focus in on Hosea 2:6.  The book of Hosea is about the prophet Hosea and his unfaithful spouse.  This book,while it can be taken literally, can also be looked at figuratively as the Church of Jesus Christ being unfaithful to God and chasing after things (idolatry) and not God.  This is a spiritual unfaithfulness. Therefore if you see your child going after things that are not of God (prodigals, drug and alcohol addicted, bad company) you can use these scriptures to pray for them as well.

Let’s look at the scripture in context…

Hosea 2:5-7 (NKJV) “For their mother has played the harlot; She who conceived them has behaved shamefully. For hedge of thorns prayershe said, ‘I will go after my lovers, Who give me my bread and my water, My wool and my linen,  My oil and my drink.’ “Therefore, behold, I will hedge up your way with thorns, And wall her in, So that she cannot find her paths. She will chase her lovers, But not overtake them; Yes, she will seek them, but not find them.  Then she will say, ‘I will go and return to my first husband, For then it was better for me than now.’

That’s pretty clear showing that these hedge of thorns keeps the unfaithful from going out and they return to the one with whom they are in a covenant relationship.

Hedge of Thorns Prayer:

Father God, I present to you this day ___________ and ask that you put the hedge of thorns, according to Hosea 2:6, around them to keep them from falling into sin.  Cause them to not find the way of unfaithfulness.  Cause these ungodly desires to not be fulfilled.  May they return to a covenant relationship first and foremost with you, God, and secondly to the covenant relationship that You have ordained from the foundations of the earth.  I pray for grace, patience and peace to guard my heart as I wait on You Lord to bring this prayer to fulfillment.  I pray that You would send away all these ungodly desires.  May _______ lose the desire to go that way, reveal to her/him that this way is destruction and against your will. Give him/her dreams and visions to see that the end is of no good.  I pray that You will season my speech with grace so that I will know what to say and when to say it.  I pray that you will cleanse my heart and root out any seed of bitterness. Give me grace to forgive.  Put a guard over my mouth and show me how I can accommodate the reconciliation and restoration of this covenant relationship.  If I have any responsibility in driving ______ away from you God and from this covenant relationship, please reveal it to me.  Forgive me God and prepare me for their return.  Guide them and me with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name, Amen.

 If you want us to pray for your unfaithful spouse or your child, please write your prayer request below and we will pray for you and for them.

God Bless You.

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960 thoughts on “Hedge of Thorns Prayer for the Unfaithful Spouse”

  1. My name is Mary, please join me in prayer for my husband Martin who commits aldutery. He gets bitter with me with every slightest provocation. Presently for some days now he hasn’t contacted me or our children, just because I complained of some unruly behavior and lies. He reports me to both family and friends and they have not good advice or counsel to give . I still dont understand how a man that claims to love his wife ,will be having affair or keep communicating and hanging out with ex lovers whom he has cheated on me with. He wouldn’t pick my calls to talk things out instead. If I drop a message he forwards those message of mine to family and friends. I am beginning to loose interest in praying over this same issue that has constantly lingered for good 9 years. Its affect my physical and mental health.

  2. Please pray for my husband Luis to step out of his sin. We are preparing for divorce because he will not leave his affair partner yet wants to continue with marriage counseling. Three marriage counselors of already said they will not work with us because they cannot help a couple with a third-party. He refuses to commit 100% to me/us. I am afraid for him as I have never seen someone so consumed with them. I am fearful that my children will be exposed to the airfare partner and will be exposed to the sin. Please pray for strength for me, wisdom how to proceed and courage/faith that God is in control.

  3. Pray for reconciliation of my wife Jansn who is having an emotional affair after 15 years of marriage. Pray for a hedge of thorns over her and pray for me I take total responsibility for my sins of sexual impuritie and not listening to her.

  4. Please pray for my husband Jon to stop his adulterous affair with Sharon. I’ve been praying for him to see she is not a woman of God. (She told him back in March that she prayed and God told her it was ok for them to date) I found out about them in June but of course he denied it, until last month. I also found out I’ve had prayer warriors before I even knew about it. I believe a breakthrough is near. However he won’t block her on Facebook and she is a family member on his step parent side. Every time I think I should just give up God tells me a firm NO, He has this battle and He is handling it. Please pray for a hedge of thorns around my husband and that this jezebel leaves him alone soon. Also she’s been married 3 x’s and doesn’t stay married very long. Thank you for your prayers 🙏🏻💙💖🙏🏻

  5. Please Please pray for my husband Geno to come back home. He has had numerous affairs over the past 15 years and has left the home 4 times already and we have had as many false starts. i am not a perfect wife but i do love him very much and i forgave him although i sometimes held grudges 🙁 i pray he finds God and that he would encounter people who would pray for him. People who would show him the way. And that his heart be softened towards me. He has told me that we do not belong together. He has said he does not love me but will always “care” about me. i am devastated that he does not even want to have civil contact with me. He is currently living with his new girlfriend but i also found out that she is not so new after all and that earlier this year she had an abortion. she has made contact with me to apologize for hurting me and has told me that she loves my husband 🙁 please i cannot go on like this for much longer, I am devastated and all my friends and family keep on telling me to let him go but he is my covenant and he needs prayer. Please help us build a life with God and please help us forgive.

  6. Please pray for my wife Gift Ndidi, she is very stubborn to my liken and pray for her to see adultery as a very big crime against God

  7. Please pray that God will restore my marriage if its his will. My husband Jesse is an alcoholic and constantly lies and disrespects me. We just came upon our second wedding anniversary and he has already abandoned the marriage three times. This time he’s been gone for almost 7 months and blames me because I wont let him back in the home. Everytime he leaves he comes back worse and violatol than before. This time he’s been indulging in drugs and committing adultery…through it all he uses he adulterous ways as punishment towards me because I wont let him back in. I don’t know if God is leading this marriage to divorce or not this time. It is so painful to endure…I wish I understood what is happening right now. I honestly don’t know how or what to pray for Jesse and I dont know how to pray for myself. I feel like my marriage never had a starting chance and here I am two years later look at divorce. I wish God would just speak to me and tell me why do I have to experience so much pain. I know I cant save my marriage alone and I cant save my husband…the only thing that I can do now is pray.

  8. Please pray that the Lord would restore His relationship with my wife Dani as she had said she no longer believed since she her mother passed away over 5 years ago, and make His presence known in a very powerful way in her life. Please pray for a hedge of thorns around her and for the relationship she started outside of our marriage to be destroyed. Please pray for reconciliation and restoration in our marriage.

  9. Lord have mercy! My wife Margaret left me with our four children, Jonah, Titus, Gracie and Price 3 weeks ago talking about wanting a divorce.
    We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary and were doing amazing per her own words. We married in the church and both are active followers and proclaimers of Christ. We have been doing counseling with our local pastor that was really making a great impact on our marriage but had not been able to get together with them for about 2 and 1/2 months due to thanksgiving, Christmas and sickness.

    My wife has been speaking with her family which all have gone through divorce or have children out of wedlock and are bitter toward me and always take her side and affirm any fears she has. She has mentioned that they all want her to divorce me and when she has left before gave her a hard time about returning to me. I truly feel like Christ as this scapegoat for them although I understand I am not perfect and have made mistakes too drive her away in areas.

    Please pray the hedge of thorns around her with me in Jesus name. Our pastor has heard everything she has to say and said that not only should the word divorce not even be mentioned but that I have not committed any offense that are grounds for divorce so she would be breaking covenant with God and create spiritual death in her heart. She believes using pornography and masturbation is grounds for divorce but this is something I have grown in through our marriage and repent of when I fall short in this area desiring to weed it out which I have praise God for the past 3 weeks.

    Our pastor also mentioned there’s no grounds even for separation and that we should be in counseling together and that she never should be talking with her parents and family about these things and getting counseling and advice because they are not qualified to give it, yet she continues to vent to them when she’s struggling. She has been battling with a UTI for over 3 months and had an ovarian cyst rupture on her about a month ago that we went to the ER for. I know she has not been feeling well and people don’t think straight when they aren’t but I also believe now that our youngest is no longer breastfeeding as of about 3 months ago and she’s ovulating again and hormones are all over the place that she is scared to death about having another child since she’s overwhelmed with four already. I have told her I am willing to take a break on having children until we can get a better handle on it but I believe she’s still afraid because we’ve had children before when she thought she wasn’t ready.

    I realize I have many things that I need to grow in as it’s so clear to me once she leaves and I need God’s help to show me and he does so quickly. I need to not get frustrated or angry or criticizing and genuinely grow in nourishing and cherishing her like Christ laid his life down for the church. I also have noticed we have allowed alcohol to become far too normal of a used substance in our home for special occasions, hard days and numbing out the pain of relationship hurts that we both have from our upbringing and parents. I have told her I am done with alcohol entirely and rid it of our house.

    I also have spiritually commanded and cleansed our house along with my wife children and myself of all wicked spirits numerous times as of the past couple weeks and lately multiple times each day when I feel the oppression as my pastor encouraged me to focus on more lately. She is making poor decisions by getting on Facebook and becoming friends with single guys and is trying to start an in-home daycare at our house and willing to take anybody’s kids cause she’s desperate for money.

    She committed adultery on me a couple years ago during a very similar instance that was not handled well by the church where we were attending at the time and got taken advantage of three different times due to being surrounded by bad company with family and encouragement to get drunk and invite guys over. She was genuine and repentant about these failures and wanted to tell me after the first time but the church said that wasn’t a good idea because they were scared I was going to do something to someone so she fell into it multiple other times until I prayed this hedge of Thorne’s prayer and posted a message on this website and she called me the very next morning to confess her sin and we reunited.

    The problem we are seeing now is we did not have any follow-up counseling and started up at a new church where the pastor recently noticed this and mentioned he is willing to counsel us every single day if needed.

    Please pray she is able supernaturally to think clearly about God’s word in our covenant Union marriage that God has brought together and that no man should separate and her heart would be softened as our pastor has mentioned she has many wounds and strongholds and is rebelling against God.

    Please pray that she would forgive me of all of my pride, foolishness, harshness and sins and would trust God in faith that we can work all of these issues out through counseling with our pastor, his wife, as well as more consistent fellowship, community and most importantly the word of God and prayer which is sufficient for all the needs of God’s people.

    May God richly bless you all for this ministry and service! I look forward to the day when we are a part of it or something similar to help out other couples in need to fight the devil, sin and this fallen world!

    There’s nothing to too hard for the Lord and her heart is like water in God’s hands and he can direct it whichever way he desires, proverbs 21:1. I am praying walls and blockades, spiritually, mentally and physically of the hedge of thorns would be piled up like unclimbable mountains in her body, mind, spirit and soul that it would be crystal clear that she knew that God was removing his blessings from her by her stepping outside of her covering under me and seeking to go against His covenant in pursuing a divorce and getting ungodly fulfillment from this world and every relationship she’s involved in with family or possible extramarital affair.

    I pray her bread oil water all substance would be cut off and I pray anyone who was showing her the love that she was feeling would be terrified at the fear of you father and who you are. I pray you would encamp around her and our children with legions of angels and armies that anyone who would come to try to break apart her and I’s covenantal marriage Union would be terrified and repent and apologize for any ungodly advice and encouragement to divorce in Jesus name!

    She agreed to for a lifetime with me through good times and bad and times are bad right now but God can heal and restore all things and has plans for her for good plans to prosper her for Hope and a future.

    I pray her mind would know the mind of Christ and see all the lies and deception that have affected her heart and rebellious decisions and that her mind would be transformed by the renewing of the word through a hunger and desire to read the Bible That’s greater than any she’s had before to walk in faith that it might be accredited to her as righteousness and she would be used mightily in God’s kingdom here on Earth and in heaven inour precious mighty powerful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth name I pray amen! Hallelujah

    Thank you again for everyone who read this and prayed in agreement with me! May God richly bless you for your time and prayers, I am eternally indebted and grateful!

    1. Hi Alex, I hear your desire to keep your family together, but you must always remember love. You are only going to win back your wife through love. We will pray for your marriage to be restored but we will not be praying for her finances to dry up. We will not be praying for people who try to help her to be scared from helping her. Especially since you have no proof that there is an extra marital affair going on. There are four children involved, they need to be cared for as well so drying up her finances will hurt your children. She was trying to start a business taking care of children when she was with you, so we know from that that the finances were not completely in place when she was with you. Therefore, pray for her to have her finances met. As a matter of fact, if you start helping her financially with those children even though she is not with you I am sure that will show her a different side of who you are. Love, study love and reach her through love, the God kind of love. Blessings

      1. Thank you for praying for the restoration of our marriage! I have had the finances in order before and ever since we have separated. She is in our home with our children and has all the bills paid for and on auto pay, I have also given her more than enough grocery gift cards as advised by our pastor instead of cash since she’s mentioning divorce and I wouldn’t want to fund that. She has also taking all of the money out of our shared account and had plenty of food stored up for her and the children to be good for at least a month. I will give her more once some more funds come in but she is more than taking care of financially. I am not asking you to pray against people who want to genuinely help her in the Lord and under the Bibles direction, I am simply crying out to God to hedge up thorns in regards to any ungodly relationships of people trying to come in and “help her”. She has never mentioned wanting to start up a daycare until this separation which started by going to her brother and sister-in-law’s house after she was venting to them about issues and they wanted her to go there where her sister-in-law does in home daycare and she got the idea. She does not need additional finances and instead wants to just be independent which I understand to an extent but when she’s overwhelmed with our four adding more children for daycare we’ll just create even less time for our four but hopefully she will learn through this as none of this was advised or canceled over with our pastor as she is very skeptical and hesitant to take they’re full counsel as she is in a place of being deceived. I am doing everything I can to show her love, patience and genuine repentance and godly sorrow for the things I have done to aid in her wanting any of this. I’m focused on growing and doing the things that I need to do through counseling and accountability as well as growing in having a healthy schedule that a lots for quality consistent time in the word and prayer with the Lord so that I will never stumble in these areas again. Thank you again for your time, prayers and encouragement! God bless you all to grow in the knowledge of our wonderful Lord.

    2. I am and have been taking care of all of the financial needs since she left. She took out all of the money from our shared account and once she was back in the home and I was asked to stay away while pastor counseled with her to come up with a resolution I have given her more than enough money in gift cards to the place where we shop for groceries as directed by our pastor whose counseling me on the matters as well. Her wanting to start up an in-home daycare is not be dependent on me not because I have not taken care of our finances previous to her leaving or currently. We don’t know if she has had an affair this time but I know she did last time and was doing the same things becoming friends with single or divorced guys on Facebook and committing emotional and relational adultery by loving their pictures and commenting on what a beautiful family a man with his two daughters who recently got a divorce has. I am all for loving her but since she left last time and had an affair and came back saying she wished she would have never left and wished people from church would have reached out to her quicker and more frequently which I thought she was under their care the whole time but they dropped the ball so I’m simply trying to be preemptive with all things she asked for last time. Our pastor who’s counseling us has mentioned how she has many wounds and strongholds driving these rebellious decisions and we both know poor decisions are made when those things are this heavily at play. I thank you for y’all’s prayers encouragement and support. I will continue to grow in my walk as the Lord has shown me many things since our separation where I can clearly see how I was not helping and was driving her away and prepare to be the best husband and father I can be when the Lord reunites us. Thank you so much again, God bless you all!

      1. Amen! Thank you for your response and I am happy your pastor is involved. God will sort this out. Praying for your reconciliation. God bless you.

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