In The Power of His Might: Angels in Spiritual Warfare Volume II


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There are Angels in Spiritual Warfaremany stories in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament, where the angels came to the assistance of God’s people. When we are under attack from others or even demonic influences, the heavenly hosts are dispatched on our behalf to fight battles that we cannot fight and assist in securing victory in spiritual warfare. Some battles are fought in the second heaven, and in these instances, we will not necessarily see them manifesting in the Earth’s realm, but we can feel the resistance and the opposition as we try to move ahead in life. As such, only angels can fight these battles in the second heaven. It is imperative that we know how to pray for this angelic assistance and have the confidence to know that God will send them. In this book, you will learn:


– A comprehensive breakdown of Psalm 91, which is a Psalm for protection.

– How to discern the difference between the Angel of the Lord and other angelic presences.

– How to create a portal in your home for the angels of heaven to come down and fight battles on your behalf.

– How to get angelic help when you need it.

Understanding these principles will allow you to win at spiritual warfare with ease and avoid toiling and weariness because you are not the one fighting the spiritual attacks. It is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies and His angels.

This book will be a great tool to have in your arsenal for spiritual warfare.  You can order it in ebook format at a presale discount for $8.99 starting today until September 29th.  After the 22nd, the ebook will go to the regular price of $9.99.

The paperback launches on September 22nd in Amazon and other bookstores worldwide.

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