Prophetic Word June 2017 – Covenants

Prophetic Word June 2017 Sivan

Covenants, divine connections in your personal and business relationships.

We are releasing this prophetic word for June 2017 to coincide with the Hebrew calendar and the month of Sivan. We follow the Hebraic calendar because God never abolished it.  This is the calendar used in Israel and we feel it is important to understand God’s timing and the seasons that were established long ago.  Our prophetic word uses the Hebrew calendar, biblical events that transpired in the month of Sivan and line them up with what’s happening now to see what God is saying to us individually and to the church.

If you use this model you’ll will start to make sense of a lot of things that are happening in your own person life and also the world.

This is the month of Sivan May 26th – June 24th.  It is the 3rd month on the Hebrew calendar.

  1. On 1st Sivan/May 26th the flood waters started to recede in the story of Noah and the Ark (Genesis 8:3)
  2. The Arab Israeli 6 Day war of 1967 took place in Sivan. Israel defeated her enemies in 6 days!! Yes, again you need to get comfortable with fact zayinthat you will need to have the sword in one hand and the building tool in another.  There will be many victories but you will have to war to get it. You are half way there and the enemy is well aware that you are making progress so you need to be on guard at all times. Read Nehemiah 4. Note the letter for the month is Zayin which is the sword with a crown.
  3. On 6th Sivan/May 31st,  Moses came down the mountain with the Torah so God made a covenant with His people through His word (Exodus 19-23).  It is a good time to renew your commitment to God and the covenant you have with Him.  If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior this would be a great month to get to know Him.  Here is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. We also celebrate the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) which is Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to rest upon the disciples and made them ready for ministry (Acts 2:1-4).  Being sealed with the Holy Spirit is another sign of the covenant. During these Feasts the Israelites brought their best, the first fruit, into the temple.  If you don’t tithe or give offerings, now would be a good time to start. There are 3 Feasts celebrated by the Jews – Passover (1st month), Shavuot/Pentecost (3rd month) and Tabernacles (7th month).  So here’s what you need to know about Pentecost, the Israelites always celebrated at this time of year because it was one of 3 feasts.  So they got together and read the Torah all night to celebrate God giving the word and gave thanks by bringing in first fruits, tithes and offerings.  It was while they were celebrating all of this that the Holy Spirit fell upon them.  This is a time to celebrate and give.  It is  season of giving thanks to God for what He has already done for you.  In the giving of thanks He will pour out on you even more blessings!
  5. It is important to note that prior to receiving the Torah the Israelites had to separate and consecrate themselves for 3 days.  The disciples were in the upper room in one accord for 10 days so there is a separation and consecration and then there is an expectancy for what comes after the consecration.  You should expect something great this month. Here is a prayer for expectancy.
    • Separate
    • Consecrate
    • Expect
  6. In Sivan, Ruth meets Boaz (Ruth 1:22, 2:23).  This divine connection and covenant relationship took place Sivan. Keep in mind that based on the custom of the day Boaz was not first in line to marry/redeem Ruth, Elimelech was.  Unfortunately for him, when he looked at Ruth all he saw was problems I can’t redeem it,” the family redeemer replied, “because this might endanger my own estate.” (Ruth 4:6). Ruth, as we now know, was King David’s grandmother.  You must be careful when you meet people that you don’t judge them based on the externals – whether good or bad. We must vet people by the spirit.  Pray it through as you meet people this month to find out who they are in the spirit and if this is a good or bad connection for you to have.  God will reveal this to you.
  7. The tribe associated with the month of Sivan is Zebulun.  They made their wealth through trade and the sea.  This tribe supported the tribe of Isaachar (the scholars that knew the times and seasons)  They shared with each other – the scholar would share the knowledge with the tradesmen and the tradesmen would share their wealth with the scholar. (Deuteronomy 33: 18-19) This is the month for the business people! Someone will have to fund the work of the kingdom.  They were faithful to God in their giving and as a result God expanded their borders.
  8. Read book of Ruth, Exodus 19-23, Acts 2.

So the takeaway for this month is that it is a month for covenants, divine connections and alignments.  You’ll meet new people.  You’ll not need to manipulate or orchestrate any of these meetings – God will do this (unless you never leave your house). Ruth never put herself in Boaz’s field she met him as she went along with her day. You still need to vet everyone that you meet because the enemy will certainly try to get you in relationships as well that are not of God.

It’s interesting that June is known as the month for weddings.  This is not because someone from the wedding industry came up with it.  It is because it is Sivan. We are all on God’s calendar whether we realize it or not.

It is also a month for business connections (Zebulun).  Are you looking for a job?  Now would be a good time.  Business contracts and connections?  Now would be a good time.  Vet. Vet. Vet.  Ask God, is this from You?

Some of these connections will have “suddenly” kind of fruitfulness while others will pay off down the road.  They will be the connections that lead to the bigger connection.

Here is the warning by way of a dream I had several years ago.

Here’s the dream.

I dreamt that I was in a mansion on top of a mountain. Beautiful floor to ceiling glass overlooking the entire region.  There was nothing above me.  Clear blue sky. The perfect spring weather day. I prophetic word for sivandid notice that there were other mansions on top of their hills and mountains as well.  I was so happy that I had reached this place at the top.  Then I noticed outside on the deck by the pool there were 3 demons hanging out.  Panic set in and I ran through the house checking all the doors to make sure they were locked and the demons couldn’t get inside the house. Thankfully all doors were secure.  The final door I needed to check was the front door to the house.

As I got to it I noticed it was ajar.  My thoughts went from “thank God they didn’t get in the house” to “how could I’ve been so careless to leave the front door open”? I wasn’t afraid just disappointed at my carelessness. Then, I was mad.  I grabbed the handle of the door and instead of closing the door I opened it wider stuck my head out and said to one of the demons “How did you get up here?”  he said to me “You. You brought me up here” and then he points to the yard of the other mansions on top of the other hills and I noticed that everyone had demons hanging out in their yard and he says “they all brought us up here”.  Then I woke up.

What the Lord was saying is when we get to the next level if we don’t cut off, disconnect all evil covenants, demonic alignments, false mindsets, bad attitudes, strongholds, sin, then we take it into our next level with us.  These things will ruin the new relationships and covenants that God has for us this month,eventually.  (Song of Songs 2:15) “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”

You already know what needs to go, so do what you know needs to be done.  Separate. Consecrate. Expect!

Sometimes God will allow us to take some things to the next level, especially when we are new believers. However, there comes a day when He won’t allow it.  Remember Moses tried so hard to protect all the Israelites that left Egypt when God wanted to destroy them?(Numbers 14:11-19) God had to kill off everyone over the age of 20 with exception of Joshua and Caleb before they could enter the land (Joshua 5:6).  Doubt, unbelief and disobedience were their foxes. Actually, even Moses himself didn’t get there because anger kept him out of the promise land. The very people he tried to protect caused him to stumble.

This dream isn’t just a one time thing this is a process we should all go through when we know we are about to step into our next level.  We have to go from glory to glory.  Our lives are like layers of an onion and we have to keep peeling away the things that don’t look like Him.


Here’s a prayer for you:

Abba, thank you for this month of Sivan. Thank you that we will see an end coming to some of the battles we’ve been in and the start of new covenants and relationships on a spiritual, personal and business level.  First,  we want to acknowledge our covenant with you God.  Thank you for the covenant that you made with us by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sealing your covenant with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for teaching us to wage war and giving wisdom on when and how to fight. Thank you for war strategies. Thank you for this month of separation, when we cut off all the things that are not of you.  Make clear to us the foxes that will ruin the blessings that you are going to give to us this month. We choose to be willing and obedient so we can eat the good of this land. We need grace God.  Pour out your supernatural grace upon us.  Grace upon grace to help us through each day. Help us in our weaknesses. Show us how to properly consecrate ourselves to You this month.  After this time of consecration we expect your goodness to show up and show out in our lives. We expect a fresh outpouring of your spirit.  We expect the divine connections.  We expect the divine alignments. We expect fruitfulness from our relationships. Sharpen our discernment and discerning of spirits so that we will make the covenants that are pleasing to You. Thank you that our jobs. businesses and investments will bloom because of the decisions we make this month. May we fulfill the destiny and purpose that you have on our lives in this season, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

We’ve highlighted the important points in bold if you decide to read this again as you go through the month.

This is an exciting time!  Be blessed!Prophetic Word June 2017 Sivan

Revelation 19:7 (NIV) “Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.”

5 thoughts on “Prophetic Word June 2017 – Covenants”

  1. I learned something new! That Ruth was David’s Grandmother!
    Love the ficus on divine alignments!

  2. Thank you for this spot on accurate prophetic word for Sivan. The bussiness part of this Word for Zebulon has kicked in for my life and it is a celebration of His Grace. We have been prepared for a time such as this. Shalom.

  3. It is remarkable (though not really) that the message at church last night was on this very subject. This has been happening more and more often and just last Sunday our Pastor’s sermon was based on exactly the scripture I was studying that morning before church. Praise and glory to God!! J.J.

  4. Completely explains what is happening right now! Abba Father’s timing is perfect! Blessings upon Blessings to you & yours!

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