Prophetic Word for July 2024


This is the prophetic word for July 2024.  This word is titled You already have it!

Who is this word for?  Everyone.

I actually had something else planned to share with you today but the Lord impressed upon me that I need to share this one because this is a now word with no waiting necessary.

Each month when I’m praying for our donors the Lord gives me a prophetic message for them and what I am sharing with you is the message to our donors for the month of June.  This message He wants all of you to see it.  If you received this as a donor, read this one because it has more details and one big confirmation.

I was reflecting that it was June 2024 and we are half way through the year.  I was thinking that I don’t want to get to December and I haven’t walked through the doors the I am supposed to walk through this year.  We know that it is the year of the door.  We know there are many doors and doors within doors.  The Lord said double doors – some are old doors which you should’ve accessed in 2020 – 2023 and some are new doors for 2024.

I was taking stock of where things were and making sure we were not missing anything.  Time is flying by so fast that if we don’t stop, take stock of where we are, regroup, restrategize, if necessary, the year will end and we haven’t accomplished anything!

I asked the Lord what I should be sharing with our donors and He said Encouragement.  Then I asked for the scripture and this is came to mind

1 Corinthians 16:8-10
8 But I will tarry in Ephesus until Pentecost. 9 For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.
10 And if Timothy comes, see that he may be with you without fear; for he does the work of the Lord, as I also do.

Hmmm, so the encouragement has to do with the doors.

Generally when I read this scripture, I view it as the door is ahead of us and it is warning of the adversaries that will exist before you enter the door.  Is this how you saw it as well? Let me know in the comments.

However, for some reason when the Lord sent me to read it, I sat there staring at it because I saw something I never saw before.

**this is why you can’t get too familiar with God’s word by thinking you’ve read it before and you know exactly what it says because He can bring brand new revelation from the same word old word!  It is living and active and transformative. The word is alive because the Word is Jesus and Jesus is alive. ***

Here is the revelation..

First, Paul is writing to the church in Corinth but he’s actually in Ephesus writing to them.  He’s telling them that he can’t come to them because many doors are opened for him.  Where are the doors opened for him?  In Ephesus, where he already is!!:

1. It says I will tarry, some versions say I will stay because a door was opened for him.  That means, he was already inside the door.  That means YOU already entered the door.   HALLELUJAH!!  You are not going towards the door of opportunity, you are already inside the door.

The delay (tarry) is because you’re battling the adversaries that are inside the door that you already walked through.

2. The warfare, adversaries, the financial struggle, the lack, the illness, the mental and emotional pressure, the battle in your relationship(s), even the very delay is because you are up against the “new devils” from that door that you already entered!  HALLELUJAH!!

3.  The problem is that if you stay there battling these forces and not doing what you are supposed to be doing, you will be wasting your time.  “They” are trying to distract you and make you waste your time instead of going about doing what you should be doing in that new place.  You spend all your time fighting instead of building and growing and making progress.  Too much time focusing on the devil and not enough time doing what you need to be doing.

4. Then Paul says of Timothy “see that he may be with you without fear“.  He’s sending Timothy to Corinth ahead of him and he is also giving us a clue that Corinth will come with fear.

These are 2 different doors.  The double doors!!!

Consider Ephesus (2020-2023) and Corinth as (2024), the old doors and the new doors. That means the 2024 doors are scary they come with fear and intimidation.  Remember when God had to keep telling Joshua “Be strong and courageous” before he entered the promised land?  I believe you’re going to experience this with the 2024 doors.  It’s going to feel different.  You may feel intimidated by it, insecure, like you’re not enough and you can’t handle it. You may even feel like you just can’t do it – lack of resources, finances, people to help.  Because again, the adversary is trying to make you believe you don’t already have it with fear and intimidation.  BUT. YOU. DO!!!

So be encouraged!  You’re already there.  Just walk like you already have it!

Your mindset and your heart need to become aligned/shift with the new door.  You already have it!!!  Don’t put all your energy into the warfare.  The enemy is sapping your strength with the warfare so that you are exhausted and you can’t even celebrate your victories.  You have no joy, the joy of the Lord is your strength.  So if he can steal your joy, you have no strength.  This is why you are feeling drained instead of being joyful about where you are!  Put your energy into moving forward in that new place.  They can’t stop you because you’re already in it!  So now it is a massive distraction and warfare campaign to impede your movements.

Finally, it says that he’s going to tarry in Ephesus (2020-’23 doors) until Pentecost.  That means he will go to Corinth (2024 doors) after Pentecost, when was Pentecost?  Sivan 6/June 12th. <<<the date.  It just passed!!!   Now, there is a debate that the date is not June 12th, it is actually June 21st.  Either way, any date you choose…You’re already there, you already accessed the door.  You can also now walk in the 2024 doors because we just ended Pentecost.  That’s why this is a NOW word.

What comes with the 2024 doors?  Fear and intimidation.  When did the Russian sub and warships show up in Cuba?   <<<the date.  Write it in the comments.

Do you get it now?!

You should be rejoicing!!  And the enemy is going to be looking at you strange like “what’s there to rejoice about, look how close they are, aren’t you afraid?”  … then you say it’s the sign that WE are already in the 2024 door.  Loser!

Take a look here Jeremiah, what do you see?  (Jeremiah 1:10-12) No matter how much warfare comes this year…I see a loser, LOL… cause God already did it and that is just the sign to confirm it!

Perspective people! Perspective.

Isaiah 14:27

The LORD of Armies has planned it. Who can stop it? He is ready to use His power. Who can turn it back?

For those of you who are thinking, this can’t be because I don’t see anything.  I want you to consider it like this.

Imagine that you love watching the sunset, but it has been raining for many days.  And, finally you are about to enjoy it because it is going to be clear enough for you to enter into that.  So you grab your beach chair and you head out to the sand to sit and enjoy it.

After you sit down you realize there are sandflies out there, so you’re hitting all around your leg.  Mosquitoes are out full force due to the rain and they are buzzing their annoying little sounds around your ears.  Your kids come out and this is the time they decide to play tag.  There you are yelling at them, while slapping at your own legs and swinging your hands back and forth to get rid of the mosquitoes.  Then right at the best part which is when the sun goes down over the horizon and you get that flash (tell me you know about the flash!!) your friend calls to tell you about another friend, Marjorie, who is sick.  You missed the flash.

Now the next day as you’re talking to another friend over the phone she says “Wow, did you see that magnificent sunset we had yesterday? It was one of most beautiful ones I’ve seen in a long time. The purple hues and the flash seemed brighter than ever”  You see when she went out to the beach she realized that was not the place to be to enjoy it so she turned around and she decided to watch it from inside through the sliding glass door away from the sandflies and mosquitoes.  When her kids wanted to play tag in the house she sent them outside to run around and when her phone rang just before the flash…she ignored it!  Because Majorie can wait until after the flash.

Do you have a right to be jealous that she enjoyed that sunset and you didn’t?  No.  Because you both had the exact same thing.  Your friend knows that in order to get things done, she has to F O C U S.  She sets some boundaries in place.  She controls the things that she can – send the kids outside and don’t answer the phone.  But then there are things she doesn’t have any control over – sand flies and mosquitoes.  So she separates herself from it so she can stay on task and focus on the mission which is watching the sunset.

Your response to her when she asked if you saw the sunset was about how annoying the sandflies and mosquitoes were, your kids that seem to act up every time you want some quiet time and did she hear that Majorie…

You haven’t even acknowledge that there was a sunset.  You had a front row seat and still missed it.  Why?  Because you were too distracted with all the things happening around you that you lost sight of the mission!  You focused in on the warfare and neglected what you should actually be doing.

The difference between these two people is how they handled the warfare and the distractions.

Know this, the enemy is not going anywhere.  You have to make up your mind to move forward in spite of him.

Let me be clear, the doors are not going to close on you.  You are already there!!! This message is one for you to R E F O C U S!

So if you’re wondering why you can’t see “it”…

For you it could be that email that you have in draft format that you have yet to send.  You started writing it but you haven’t sent it.  That letter you still need to put the stamp on and post it.   That phone call that you need to make but you’re so distracted you never got around to it.  That place you know you need to visit but you haven’t done it because things keep popping up that stop you from going there.  You keep thinking “I’ll do it when I get a chance”. Guess what?  The enemy is making sure you never get to it!  You have to be intentional.

Every time you go to do that ONE THING something comes up!!!  And you are completely unaware that the reason things aren’t moving is because you haven’t done that one thing.

That’s what’s going on.  What are you supposed to be doing?  Do it!  Perhaps the last time you tried the door it was locked, go ahead and try it again.  Ask the Lord what is HIS PRIORITY for you right now.  Not your priority, HIS priority.  That is what you need to be doing!  “Majorie” can wait!

If God says that we are already inside the door, that means that you are the one holding up the process.

Are you feeling the fear and intimidation? The insecurity and the inadequacy?  Those are the 2024 doors.  Do it afraid!

Joshua 1
7 “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. 8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


16 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for July 2024”

  1. I needed every bit of this message and grateful to God for you to get it out. I have been feeling stuck with all the devil’s distribution but I need to refocus.

  2. Thank you for the visual which has really helped me to see that I need (we all need) to focus on our promises not on the distractions and fear mongers who seem to be relentless, yet-when we abide with Christ we become so hidden in Him they cannot find us. Refocusing now. No more sandflies. I’m in the door and His promises are sure. Thank you Nicole and Abba. Your Love is our resting place. ~Kelly

  3. Hallelujah, There are so many messy things going on in my life. This is the picture in my head. These physical distractions represent the crumbs that fall from the bounty. That is given to me and the bread that I eat every day.. In the background of my life, I feel much greater power and authority in play. Like the plates of the earth shifting these things represent the god in my life. For me to walk through these messy, things merely requires an umbrella or a raincoat.
    That I’m shrouded by him protected by him cared for and watched by him. That my path has already been laid out before me. Thank you so much for willing to be used. Focus will be my word for the month every day in the days to come. God bless and multiply your steps.,

  4. Thank you for the Word MOP you are such a blessings in my life I Recieve the word it had resonate with my spirit I have been feeling as I’m struck and have been under an attack with my finances body marriage transportation and in my ministry sometime I feel so alone but I know that my God will never leave not forsake me I have to refocus and keep my eyes on the Lord knowing it’s going to get better and God got me cover . Blessings To You Woman Of God ❤️🙏🏾

  5. This was SO encouraging, Nicole, thank you so much!

    We recently spent $7,000 back in March to help our business with a special course/one-on-one mentorship plus tons and tons of actionable steps to get it to a $100,000 level and beyond. It’s been more than worth it due to the amount of knowledge and know-how, etc. BUT we had a plan to make things easier since we’re still basically a 1.5 income family (the business is at that .5 level). My husband was going to work 2 days extra a month and that would help us make up the money we lost – well he ended up getting injured – TWICE – right after we bought the course, and he was barred from working any extra, so that extra pay for months has been lost.

    But the doors we were supposed to walk through, were getting activated. God 3X our small business income during this time, to the point where now our small business that is basically my side of our income is the one getting us through now – it’s amazing! It’s still scary and hard, because it’s not as consistent or reliable as my husband’s set income, but it’s been faithfully getting us through.

    But the setbacks and spiritual attacks are INTENSE! My husband is supposed to get some of that money he would have made back, from an insurance he has… and they dragged their feet for months, then they let us know everything had been turned in and it would only take 7-10 days to receive a huge lump sum we’ve been waiting on, and when that time was up, he just found out that they were still waiting on one more form when they had told him it everything was done and turned in! Just nuts! So now he’s trying to chase down a form again. 🤦‍♀️ Waiting on that money is so hard!

    The stress of trying to get all of this worked out is definitely a distraction I’m trying to avoid getting me off course; I keep praying and am trying to keep our peace, but it is so hard!

    Then our truck got rear-ended last week, when I was out making a destiny decision and was literally 5 minutes after meeting this God-appointed helper! It felt like such an attack – meant to intimidate and discourage us.

    Lots of other things like my daughter’s favorite baby goat died (ugh!!!) and our youngest that has sensory issues has suddenly in June began to have multiple major tantrums daily, causing even more stress and difficulty. Lots of praying and anointing him and the house and our animals now – it just feels like attacks from all sides.

    But yes… stay focused!

    Meanwhile, God showed me another way to up our small business income for July, so hopefully that will help also.

    Thank you for this word, it was such great confirmation 🙂

    1. Praying for you that God covers you under His blood and shows you how to move forward. Releasing strategies that increase your revenue more and more each month. Were you on the fast when we taught on courts of heaven? You may need to use that. Blessings

  6. This Word is right on for me. Since 2020 I have been stuck and I have been asking the Lord what is going on with me. The last thing He told me to do is to start preaching from my balcony. So, as soon as I return to my home in Puerto Rico that is exactly what I am going to do.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this word!! I’ll have to reread to get it into my spirit! I was JUST thinking and talking to the Lord about your prophesy regarding 2024 being the year of the Door. I am expecting some things to be restored/replaced, especially from 2020

    The Lord said double doors – some are old doors which you should’ve accessed in 2020 – 2023 and some are new doors for 2024!

    I definitely sense/feel the shift. The insecurities and uncertainty have definitely been taking effect. I am still excited however about the new doors!! I must have all that God has for me in this year!!

    The Russian Submarine Kazan docked in Havana port on June 12th


  8. My word! Even with the multiple things that have failed the past year, from losing my households, losing my job, finances, friends and a denied study visa, I am in. So many fights holding me back, and yet I am rising again from depression and about to sit a paper that will be a passage for the exodus by the mercies of God.

    This is an encouragement to others who have been hurting the past months, this word is for right now. Size it! Thank you MOP. God bless you.

    1. Praying for you Kiki that God will redirect your steps to where He needs you to be in this season. Be encouraged. Stay encouraged. You’re already in the door! Praise God!

  9. Wow this is exactly how I am feeling these past few weeks with all the warfare I said Lord I can’t let this be my focus and I have felt this past week he just wants me to go back to sitting with him as I did in 2022 in worship and I have been asking him today actually what is your will for me lord we in almost in the end of June 🙏😂 as I want to be intentional in what you need me to do 🙏.thank you for your obedience in this word

    1. Amen! Yes, we’re all feeling it but God can focus your eyes in this season to see what He has specifically for you. Blessings

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