• This is the month of Av on the Hebraic Calendar which runs from July 13 – August 12.  In the prophetic word we release last August we outlined what happened with the Israelites during this month.  It is one of t […]

  • Hi Delia, I don’t know what your situation is but you should get some Christian counseling so that you know for sure the best decision to make for you and your children. Also, stay as close as possible to God and ask Him what His will is for you and your children where this marriage is concerned. Praying for you and God bless you.

  • This is the 5th and final part to our prophetic series. If you’ve missed the others here they are in order:

    What is the Gift of Prophecy

    Prophetic Words, Sowing Seeds and Money

    How Do Prophets Hear from […]

  • Christie,

    How are you? Are you still employed? You need to break this spirit off of you. The right hand is the hand of power (do a word search of the bible online for “right hand” this will show you what the right hand does), it makes decisions, this is the money making hand. I feel the enemy has launched and attack on your finances and will con…[Read more]

  • MOP replied to the topic Sickly husband in the forum Dream Interpretation 1 week, 6 days ago

    It appears that your husband will be under a spiritual attack. This is God warning you about it. You need to keep him covered in prayer. Church is the hospital

  • Hello OnAJourney, I want you to know that emotional abuse is never ok and you shouldn’t make an excuse for this. The wounds go really deep with emotional abuse. I pray that you go and get some professional help for this, Here is an article we wrote on this.

    God Bless & praying for…[Read more]

  • Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing! May He continue to draw you closer and closer to His heart.

  • One of the biggest challenges prophetic people have, and those receiving the prophetic word, is understanding the timing of the word.  When will the word actually happen?

    This is critical to keeping our faith […]

  • You are correct, and it depends on what the idol is. If it is something that doesn’t affect your day to day life (waiting for a mate, having a baby, dealing with unforgiveness, trusting God for a new home) then yes you can do this all in one day. However, if you are battling chronic pain or a terminal illness and this is what is consuming your…[Read more]

  • Excellent idea! I love this. Remember you an open them by what is being watched so your family needs to be mindful of that. God bless!

  • Hi Kristin,

    I agree with you that this dream should be taken from a spiritual standpoint and not literal. The birthing could be a business idea, something creative or ministry. I believe the Lord is giving you caution that it will not be smooth sailing in the beginning and you will need to determine with your husband whether or not you should…[Read more]

  • You are correct Theresa, the process is quite simple when you are filled with the Spirit of God, you know the scriptures and you are living a holy life. However, many – even in the church – don’t fit this picture. And most don’t know how so they need to be taught with step by step instructions. That’s why it is written like this…and it works!…[Read more]

  • Hi HG, here are some Christian churches in your area. You can give them a call First Assembly of God (575) 622-2171, Calvary Chapel 575-623-8072, Gateway Church 575-623-8670, Grace Community Church (575) 623-5438, St Francis 575-623-1495. One of these 5 should be able to help you.

  • This is part 4 of our prophetic series.  In this post we will talk about the 15 Signs or Traits that you the Gift of Prophecy.  If this is the first time you are seeing this series here are the first 3:

    The G […]

  • Hi HG, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue. If I were you I would find a pastor or a Christian intercessor to come over and pray through the house. Remember these spirits only bow and leave to the name of Jesus, from someone who believes and has accepted Jesus. This spirit will not submit to you if you are not submitted to Jesus…[Read more]

  • MOP replied to the topic Falling Kids in the forum Dream Interpretation 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    This is a beautiful dream Thais. The man in the dream is Jesus. He is going to open a door for you for ministry to teenagers. He flinched when you touched his side because that is where he was pierced.

    He is going to bring these teenagers into your life supernaturally, hence they are falling from the sky. The ones that will appear to be more…[Read more]

  • MOP replied to the topic Twin Dreams in the forum Dream Interpretation 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    It doesn’t mean that your child will have a birth defect. Your dream reminded me of the birth of Esau and Jacob. It just means that you are going to have a struggle spiritually with one of your children more than the other. You will just need to love that child more to get them to where they need to be.

    I’m curious if your ultrasound shows…[Read more]

  • Hi Fay,

    I hope you are not a literal dreamer, if you are you should start praying fervently against that. However very few people are literal dreamers.

    Now let’s look at this spiritually. Who was driving the car? That’s who will lead to this crash. It is basically something that will happen because of bad actions and choices on his part.…[Read more]

  • MOP replied to the topic Cell phone in the forum Dream Interpretation 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Your phone is your means of communication. Therefore, this is how you communicate with the Lord. Somehow along the way, your means of communication with Him was broken. However, you will find a new way of connecting.

    Don’t hesitate. Run to Him. You never know what is around the corner for you and you will need a whole and restored…[Read more]

  • Hello OnaJourney, glass bottle is fragility so yes I believe that is your emotions or the fragile state of your relationship. Pink is sin. So, something will happen…or has already happened that could break you emotionally but with forgiveness you will be able to move past it. Start praying now and ask the Lord to prepare you to handle…[Read more]

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