Prophetic Word – It Happens in the Transition

prophetic word transition

This prophetic word is titled It happens in the Transition.  This concerns things that happens when you’re going through a transition.  And I would say right now, all of us are going through a transition.  It’s not only individually but if you look around you nations are literally transitioning right now.

I was always aware that the enemy will try to hijack the plans God has for you during a transition to send you in the wrong direction, making wrong alignments during a transition.  This prophetic word gave me more insight on other things that take place as well.

I would say that this is a word you should probably bookmark so you don’t forget to read through it again when you are transitioning into something new.  It is that important and offers so many gems that you’re going to want to read this at least once per week until you get this deep down in your spirit and it becomes natural to you.

Who is this word for?  Everyone who knows they are going through a transition. Even though this is written about a female, this is for men too. Read it slowly and absorb.

This is a gooooooooooood word!!!

The post is based on 2 dreams I’m giving you one this week and will pick up next week with Part 2


Dream #1

There’s a wealthy woman with valuable artifacts in her house. When I say valuable, I mean almost priceless like Monet paintings, Faberge eggs, Gold Bars.  Massive amount of wealth.

She hired me to take photos of each peice so that she could have a record of what she had in her possession.  I had to take these photographs from all different angles and put them in a photo album for her.  At the bottom of each photo there was the valuation of what each piece was worth

Claude Monet

Painted 1890

Mueles (Grainstacks)

$110.7 Million

Each page contained photo graphs taken from different angles with the valuation of each one.

Some of the items were priceless.  When I got finished it was a large photo album full of pictures with prices.

So she calls me to come over to her house and do this because there is a problem in the area where she has these items stored and she needs to move them to another level of the house but before she moves them she wants to have proper records showing exactly what she has.  She’s talking to me about this job in front of her financial advisor and the house manager.

She was telling me that she needs this done very quickly because apparently there was saltwater coming in at the ground level of the house and all of these things were stored on that level.

She walks me over to the spiral staircase it was like we were on the 4th floor and we looked over the bannister  down the spiral stairwell and could see salt water ebbing and flowing back and forth on the ground level.  Almost like erosion with salt water.


She was frantically saying, I need you to help me with this because I need to move the items as soon as possible.  And that if I couldn’t do it she needs me to help her to find someone who can do it and it needs to happen quickly.  She didn’t care about the cost she just needed it to happen quickly. The Transition was happening quickly.

What was curious about this interaction is that I distinctly remember that she hired me to do this over a YEAR AGO!  I already did this job for her a while back so why was she talking to me like this wasn’t done already?

I actually remember the same financial advisor and house manager being employed by her back then too so I couldn’t understand why they were standing there listening to her being so concerned about getting this done when they knew we already did it.

When she walked away I looked at the two men and I began asking them “Why didn’t you guys say something?  You already know that I was here before and I made her this album with everything.  Where’s the album?  Do you guys have the album?  It’s already all documented.  She just needs to use it.  Do you have it?”

I was baffled because I couldn’t understand why they didn’t interrupt her to let her know they have the album.

Then I turned to go after her to let her know that there’s no need for her to be so frantic because we already did it.  I was also kind of confused as to how could she forget this.  Like she completely forgot that this was already done.

As I am talking to these men, it appeared the financial advisor was the ring leader and the house manager instead of looking out for the woman’s best interest was allowing the financial advisor to tell him what to do. After I asked them all these questions the house manager just looked at the financial advisor as it to say “how should I answer this?”  This is how I knew that the house manager was taking his orders from the financial advisor.

As I’m walking away from the 2 men to go let the woman know that something was going on here and these 2 men are up to something, the financial advisor grabbed my arm and stuck me with this pin.  I saw it in his hand before he stuck me with it.  It looked like a 3 pronged push pin.  I believe I’ve seen these before but I don’t own any.  I’m inserting a photo here in case this speaks directly to some of you.

For some reason it was like there was some kind of serum on the tip of the pins so that when he stuck me with the pin, I felt groggy and fell asleep.

It wasn’t to kill me but to put me to sleep so that I couldn’t tell her what they were doing thereby giving them more time to execute their plan. By the time I wake up they would be able to steal enough so that this woman wouldn’t know that some of the items were missing.  So I fell asleep in the dream after he stuck me, I woke up in the natural without telling her.

Interpretation of Dream 1


The Lord has already told you many things prophetically.  This is what photographs and albums mean. They are pictures – dreams, visions, prophetic words. You already have it documented – through this website from all the words that have been written over the years and what He has personally told you.  Do a search on this site for prophetic words, it is endless!!!!

For the biggest things in your life, you don’t need another prophetic word or confirmation…YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!

Any further “words” are really not going to make you aware of anything that you don’t already know.  It’s already been documented.  If you’ve followed my advice to write down and properly steward what the Lord tells you personally then you have it recorded somewhere.

Sit down.  Open your journal.  Start Reading.  Remind yourself of what God told you. Because the enemy is attempting to steal it from you.

Come to the website, do a search for prophetic words.  Start Reading.  Because some of the things that you have already been told you’ve forgotten and they could crucial for you right now.

It is all there.

You do not need another prophetic word!  Manage what you already have.

Some of you are turning into amnesiacs, you don’t even remember what God said.

What He has told you is priceless and worth so much to the point that you have to steward that thing very well.  If you are waiting on your friends, family members, coworkers to look out for you and remind you of what God say….you’re kidding yourself.

You are setting yourself up to be robbed.  You won’t miss what you don’t even remember you have!


Financial Advisor and the House Manager

What is worse is some of you are relying on other people to tell you what you have within you!  This is not their job!!!  How are you allowing other people to tell you your value???  What is that?

The people who are meant to be in your life will see your value.  If they are not to be in your life, they are going to devalue you!  They make you feel like you’re not good enough! They make you feel like you don’t have what you do!!!!  You need to watch out for this.  Especially if you’re constantly feeling like you need to prove to people who you are.  Unless this is a working/job situation and you just got hired, you shouldn’t have to be constantly proving yourself to people.

They are trying to steal your IDENTITY.  They want to take your place so they pretend like you don’t have it and so you start questioning your WORTH. It’s like people keeping you on the edge so that you’re always questioning yourself.

Some of the people around you are JUDAS (financial advisor) and you don’t even realize it!  Others are complicit because they know these people don’t have your best interest at heart and they remain silent (house manager).  They are waiting to see how the chips fall before they choose a side.  That means they are not on your side because at any minute they will betray you for whoever they believe is better.

These are not your friends!

They literally see your potential and instead of helping you they are about to STEAL from you.

When?  In the transition.

They are very much aware that you are moving to your next level so they have to steal as much as possible before you get to the new place.

They’ll make you feel like you’re not ready to move into whatever God is moving you into, BUT YOU ARE!  God would never take you to that if you weren’t ready!


They could be demonic spirits

Keep in mind that these could also be demonic spirits, attitudes or mindsets that are truly stopping you during the transition well.

These are attitudes, mindsets and behaviors that you rely on and have relied on for years and whether you know it or not, “your way of doing things” could be the biggest destiny thief in your life!  It has worked for you for years but where God is taking you, they can hold you back.  Or even steal from you because they don’t belong at the level where you are going.


The Three Prong Push Pin

When I saw this in the dream, I knew I had seen these before decades ago.  Once I found them online I had to figure out why specifically those pins.

Well, these are the pins that they use on silk paintings to stretch them unto the frame so that they don’t damage the silk.  Valuable paintings.

He had it in his hand!  That means he removed it from a painting.  The steal was underway.  What they are attempting to do is to take it during the transition.  You know when you hire movers to move house and everything seems perfectly fine at first and you don’t even realize they stole something from you until months later when you’re at the new house and you start looking for something and it is no where to be found?  That!  They will attempt to steal from you DURING the transition.

So that when you step into the new place, it’s gone.

If you know that you have a chest on the ground level and it is full of gold coins, once you transition you’ll see the chest with gold coins but you won’t realize that the 10 most valuable ones in your collection are missing.

They’ve already started moving the silk painting from the frame, that is why the pin was in his hand.  Or they remove the real painting and put back a counterfeit in its place.

They didn’t want to kill me they just wanted me to “sleep on it”.  While I’m asleep they can steal more so that when I finally wake up to go tell the woman they’ve already stolen quite a bit.

You’ve heard the term “don’t sleep on it”?  That means do not fail to appreciate or ignore the significance of something or someone.   SELAH.

What does that mean for you?  These demons are attempting to get you to devalue the people that God has put in your life.  And if you don’t properly value people, then you won’t put any level of importance on their contribution to your life and your growth and the role they play in your destiny.

You take them for granted.

They want you to devalue what you have documented, not realize the importance of some of the things you’ve written down that way YOU are the one that let it go.  The devil didn’t steal it, you stopped going after it because YOU didn’t realize the VALUE of it.  You slept on it.  You slept on her.  You slept on him.  You slept on them.

What’s worse than that?   YOU slept on you.

And let me say this…No one will value you, if you don’t even value yourself.

Stop sleeping on yourself.

Wake up!!!  And, check the documentation.  Ask God to show you what is important.  What should you be paying attention to.

There are people God place in your life at different seasons and they are there to help you.  NOBODY is going to make you recognize that.  You need to see it.  And when you see it, MAKE SURE you value it.

How do you show someone that you value them? <<<< this needs to be addressed with the Lord.

So, after this I was able to see the plot of the enemy during the transition as one that not only tries to hijack and derail your destiny but a plot to steal from you by making you forgetful and devalue things and people around you.  Once this devaluation starts, we end up devaluing ourselves at some point.  Cause it’s a spirit. But I had a couple questions so I went to the Lord and I asked Him.

I said Lord “my understanding is that the enemy cannot steal things from us just like that, so how can he be in the process of stealing things?”  I thought that what was given to us was given to us and that was all there was to it and he cannot take it.

He said to me

With True Alignment comes Fulfillment

Remember the word I gave you on Convergence?  I told you that we were all aligned with the Lord, the Trinity aligned with us and that we would all be operating as ONE.  I also told you that the Lord said we would never be the same again after that.

Well, total eclipse is true alignment.  Not partial eclipse.  Any area of your life that is not fully aligned with how God wants to do things opens you up to the devil coming in and stealing.

The steal happened because she really didn’t value what she had.  When I am moving none of my jewelry is packed in any of the boxes.  All my most valuable possessions are on me.  I’m carrying them myself.

Your value system, needs to be aligned with God’s value system.

Esau had his destiny taken because a bowl of stew was more important to him than his own destiny!  If he held it as the most precious thing, his brother couldn’t take that.  Therefore, he wasn’t properly aligned with God on his destiny.  He didn’t value it.  He thought that would be there forever so he handled it carelessly. (Genesis 25:29-34)

The minute you get to total eclipse, true alignment, everything gets fulfilled according to how God intended it.

The Enemy cannot stop the plans of God; therefore, once you perfectly align your life to what the Lord has already told you you need to do….fulfillment comes.

It is literally automatic once you are properly aligned. It’s like you line up two pipes creating a perfect opening for destiny and promise to flow through.

But you have to do it GOD’S way.  Lord, why isn’t this working? Somewhere there you are not properly aligned with God what told you.

My second question to the Lord was “what was up with the saltwater on the ground floor?  Why was the water coming in?”

Then the thought comes to my mind, what does saltwater do?  It Preserves.

Psalm 16:1

Preserve me, O God, for in You I take refuge.


Ecclesiastes 7:12 ESV

For wisdom is a defense, even as money is a defense; but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it.


and if you need it in another version

Wisdom is a shelter
    as money is a shelter,
but the advantage of knowledge is this:
    Wisdom preserves those who have it.

So even though the enemy has the big steal in mind, God is still preserving you and what belongs to you.  That’s why the steal is temporary.  Your destiny is still safe.  It is for you to forfeit and give it up.  The devil can’t steal it, he has to convince you to give it up.

How does he do that???  Amnesia!  You forgot.

During the transition, you give up on stuff.  The devil didn’t take it, you gave it up.  You let go of it.  The minute it seems way too impossible, you give up on it.  God told you something but that was back in 2018 when everything was good and your faith and hope was HIGH.  Now that we’re almost in a war and there’s inflation and pandemic and the money started getting funny, and, and….now you can’t have faith for the same thing!  You somehow believe that these societal changes affects you, but it doesn’t!!  If God said it, HE will do it!

The devil just needs to convince you it can no longer happen and then you give it up.


Then I started to focus on the movement of the water coming in and going out.  Ebb and Flow.

The water coming in is the saltwater coming in to preserve what is there on the ground floor.  But the water is also going out.  Why is it going out?

The Lord said this to me.

Treasures get uncovered when it is Time for them to be used

I said Lord that’s such a simple yet such a profound statement.  You’re a genius!

Me complimenting Jesus on His one liners!  LOL

I don’t do merchandising but that needs a T-Shirt or a coffee mug!

The water is going out and when it goes out it is revealing what is hidden under it!!!!

Treasures get uncovered when it is time for them to be Used!


I just felt like running!!! When He said it!

Listen to me!!!  What was going on on the bottom level of that house was not only God preserving what the lady has but treasures were getting uncovered!!!   Treasures are coming to the surface!  Uncovered.

What’s hidden gets revealed!

The hidden treasures in secret places getting uncovered!!!

Ruth uncovering Boaz’ feet!

The ones in obscurity coming to the forefront!

Esther’s identity being revealed.

Isaiah 45:3

I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

Treasures get uncovered when it is time for them to be Used!

When you are getting ready to step into your next level you need tools, resources, finances, people to help you, you start using talents and skills that you didn’t know you had!  The Lord starts revealing mentors to you.  The things you need for the new level gets uncovered because it’s time for them to be used.

You just need to have eyes to see it when He uncovers it and use it the way He tells you to use it.  You need to document it and you need to VALUE it.

You don’t find a treasure until it is time to use it!!!!  It could be sitting right in front of your face you won’t see it until God says “I’m ready to use this NOW!!!”

Saints, SHE DID NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE PHOTOS AND DO VALUATION!!!!  But not for the OLD things that she already knows about but forgot!!!  For the NEW THINGS!!!  The ones being uncovered NOW! The new things from the 2024 doors.

Notice where it is too, in the low places.  WoooW. Sometimes some of the things you go through in the lowest points in your life produce such great fruit.  But God doesn’t reveal the treasures that you got while you were in those low places, until it is time for you to use it.  Don’t despise those low places – that’s how you ended up with the treasures!

Here is Part 2 of the word on Transitions.

Praying you got something out of this.


22 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – It Happens in the Transition”

  1. I think the Lord reminded me of MoP the other day and I opened to find this word and my eyes opened so wide as I read it. We are currently in transition moving from Overseas back to the states and the past two weeks I’ve literally been taking pictures of every thing we own and putting it on a document so I can sell it.

    We’ve been through a lot our past two years overseas, moving here newly married and having a child, and we initially were just going back to the states for refuel but our church mission board decided we need to move back for awhile to get some healing and be restored. The place we are going I moved to in 2019 before COVID and it was a really hard transition for me. My mind is bringing up those memories as I’m processing going back there and what this means for us.

    Anything you hear and feel led to share. I’m taking seriously this word (both part 1 & 2) and I’ve signed up for the fast. We’ve been in an emotional, spiritual, relational battle over here in this part of the world and I am so sorry for the way I’ve responded during it these past months.

    1. Hi Matthew, you notice things changing around you. What used to work, doesn’t work anymore. God’s grace lifts off of a place or perhaps something that you were doing. The supply structure starts changing like when Elijah was being fed by the raven and drinking water from the brook and then the brook dried up. You just start to notice that things are not the same. That is a sign that God is telling you change is coming. This is when you need to press into the Lord and ask Him what you need to do next, He’ll show you. Then you just flow in the direction that He’s showing you. In terms of how long the transition takes, it is different for each person. Once you fully transition, you’ll feel peace and your life will start moving again instead of feeling the stagnation. Hope this helps. blessings.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I want to share something that’s been on my mind since i read the prophetic word. When you shared the portion of your vision from the Prophetic Word regarding the financial advisor grabbing your arm and sticking you with a pin that had some type of serum on it that made you feel groggy and put you to sleep. I didn’t see anything with the pin type. However, the serum stood out. Your vision never put a name on the serum only that it made you feel groggy and put you to sleep. Feeling groggy hinders movement and sleep prevents movement and that was the intent of the serum’s use, to prevent you from moving forward with the truth. There wasn’t a specific name given to the serum because the type will differ from person to person. The Lord revealed to me that my serum is procrastination(destiny thief). I was given this revelation on Saturday or Sunday, but I’m sending it to you on Wednesday. What stopped me from sharing it with you when I received the revelation….PROCRASTINATION!! Procrastination can delay or postpone movement. If you had been allowed to give the serum a name such as procrastination serum, then only those with that issue could receive that portion of the word. Who was the word for? Everyone going through a transition. Transition is change and change requires movement. What serum has or is the enemy using or is attempting to use on those in transition that makes them feel groggy or puts them to sleep hindering or preventing their destiny transition. When we can name it, we can stop it! I was not even aware that I was being robbed!


    1. Oh Wow! You are 100% correct. I can see that for sure. Thank you so much for sharing. Iron sharpening iron. Blessings

  3. To think I read Isaiah 30:18 on The right timing for God to act ,then ECC 3 on how God makes everything Beautiful in His time and just this morning, The Holy Spirit impressed it on me to read Isaiah 45:1-3

    And I check my mail now to see this word


    God I am grateful for this New Chapter of My Life!

    And Thank You Mop for being such a Blessing

    God’s Amazing Blessings

  4. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this has spoken to me. It feels like a personal word even down to the comment
    “God told you something in 2018”
    Literally my soul felt like running at the outset when I read the title and scripture from Isaiah
    WOW WOW WOW🎉👏🏻
    Lord Jesus grant us your Grace and power and a fresh infilling of Holy Spirit to listen to you and to align with you.
    Amen 🔥

  5. wow glory to God, how beautiful shooo

    The Lord gave me the word this weekend and this word is working in me mightily
    ‘ The tress are bearing fruits again’

    I am truly amazed by this prophetic word

    Louisa Sithole From South Africa

  6. When I saw the pins, they reminded me of a hazmat sign. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I googled it and it was the hazmat sign for radioactive material.

  7. The pin image has reminded me of the photo from scientific american (from 18 Dec 2019) about M.I.T. engineers developing a way to store ID information under the skin, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a vaccine, by a microneedle patch. The dye, which is invisible to the naked eye can easily be seen with a special cell-phone filter, combined with an app that shines near-infrared light onto the skin. The dye would be expected to last up to five years.

  8. “Treasures get uncovered when it is Time for them to be used”. .. what a POWERFUL word!! This is the year of the uncovering!! C’mon JESUS!

  9. Amen!! Wow…. This is deep. Praise God for His grace, kindness and mercy towards us. His PATIENCE!!! This is powerful and stirring to my soul and spirit. Thank you!

    Also, the gifs you use have me laughing out loud Nicole!! They capture so much of what happens when reading… love it!! 😘

      1. The 4th floor=2024.
        I just wanna say thank you Lord and we are thankful for your service in the field of God.

  10. What do you do or how do you move forward if you already feel like things have been stoking from you and your back in bondage like the Israelites. I feel like I failed during my transition and the enemy did steal because there were wolves in sheeps clothing.

    1. The first step is for you to identify something was stolen. Then you need to acknowledge what you did or failed to do that caused the theft to happen in the first place. Then you need to repent for those actions. These acknowledgement to yourself and to God ensures you don’t make the same mistake twice. Then, Proverbs 6:31. You pray it. Next week’s message will also give more insight. Blessings

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