Prophetic word for November 2019

Prophetic Word for November 2019
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This is a prophetic word for November 2019 and beyond.  This is something that we’ve written about already on this site under spiritual warfare but the Lord has been highlighting it to me as something that needs to be brought to the forefront again.

This is not just for the month of November but something you could save and use again should you find yourself in a similar situation as you are facing now.

This is a word for everyone.  It may not apply to you now but at some point in the future you will need this.

This is for the people that have been stuck in the same situation.  You’ve tried everything within your power to get out of it.  You’ve prayed every possible breakthrough prayer.  You’ve tried every kind of fast there is to break free from whatever is holding you back.  You’ve waited and still nothing has happened.  Instead of getting better things are stuck or have gotten worse.

If this sounds like your life right now then this is for you.

So what should you do? NOTHING.  Step back and completely surrender it.

I’ve been in this place before in the past when I’ve prayed many prayers and fasted and it seemed like no matter what I did things never got better.  Until I did this one thing and then it all changed.

So now I’m giving you because the Lord has showed me this is what many of you need to do right now.

1. Open your bible to Psalm 24 read the whole chapter (please use KJV, NKJV, NIV)

2. Repent of your sins this will remove anything the enemy has against you and ensure that you are in good standing with God based on verses 3-6

3.  Then you need to say verses 7 – 10 aloud in your atmosphere

4.  Repeat verses 7 – 10  with emphasis and pausing where you need to.  Say it 7 times and say it like you mean it.

What you will be doing is inviting Jesus, the Commander of heaven’s armies, into your environment.  Jehovah Sabbaoth will be in your midst with the

angels.  Once He enters the room you will know. Your entire atmosphere will shift.  The hairs on your arm may stand on end.

What happens next?

You stay out of the way because He does not need your help and if you knew how to fix it you already would.  So, this is where you do nothing.  You don’t pray about it anymore.  It is no longer up for discussion with anyone.  You can’t talk about it.  You can’t do anything or go anywhere that has to do with what you are calling Him into.  You’ve handed it over to Him.  He has stepped in and you are officially OUT.  That means you can’t pick up the phone or solicit prayer from anyone about this.

You will notice a complete turn around immediately to about 24 hours later because it won’t take long for the Lord and the angels to rearrange everything and set it right.

The demons are going to go crazy! Because you basically just skipped to the end and now Jesus is in control so they don’t stand a chance.  They may try to reengage you, you need to ignore that.

This works 100%.  The only people this doesn’t work for are the people who are too controlling and don’t know how to let go.  The minute you pick this

Prophetic Word for November 2019
photo from amc ministries

back up, Jesus exits the building with the angels.  That’s why you can’t get involved anymore.  You are out.

You will then notice opportunities will find you that may not have been there before.  Now you need to ask the Lord if what is coming to you is from Him. You get your confirmation and you move forward.  That’s it.  This is sweatless.  There is nothing for you to do just move out of the way and then step into what He is bringing.

Some of the things you called the Lord into may not be His will for you so be prepared to see it end abruptly.  God is not going to give you things that are not in His will for you.  So while you may be disappointed just ask Him to show you what He does have for you and step into that.

If you try to control the situation and hang on to what He has ended when He enters then  you will end up right back where you started.  Just let go.

This is an immediate thing, there is no waiting on this one.  Depending on what it is the manifestation will happen within 24 hours.  In other cases it is already completed in the spirit but may take a day or two before you actually see it.

The day after you’ve prayed this if you still see nothing.  Open the bible and start again with the instructions above.  Same thing, you say it 7 times.  I know some of you are thinking why would I need to do it again?  Well, it’s not because He is deaf it is more to remind you to stay out of it. Don’t pick it back up.  Until you see it manifested in front of you, keep doing this.

The prayer will be straight scripture and look like this:

Lift up your heads, you gates;
    be lifted up, you ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.
 Who is this King of glory?
    The Lord strong and mighty,
    the Lord mighty in battle.
 Lift up your heads, you gates;
    lift them up, you ancient doors,
    that the King of glory may come in.
Who is he, this King of glory?
    The Lord Almighty—
    he is the King of glory.
King of Glory I invite you to enter my  __________(say the area where you need breakthrough).

Please share your testimonies below on how this changed your situation.  Others need to hear how this worked for you.


22 thoughts on “Prophetic word for November 2019”

  1. Good morning MOP I just wanted to know if is it okay for me to invite the King of Glory for more than one issue that are troubling me all in one prayer or I must invite Him for one issue at a time. Thank you

  2. I prayed this prayer right around the time that it was first published. I have been dealing with a very pressing and urgent legal issue and had come to a crossroads about whether or not I should move back to my place of origin or stay where I feel God had planted me. If I moved back to my place of origin, it would have been a lot easier to fight the legal battle, I would have been perceived differently and my son would have benefited in the short term. Though I was not fond of moving back, I decided that I was going to go wherever Spirit led me. I prayed this prayer, followed the instructions to a T and sure enough I received an answer. After an impromptu meeting with an old classmate, I was driving back home when I heard a repeat and very clear “Don’t Go. Don’t Go. Don’t Go…..” I was amazed, shocked, overjoyed…all of this and I knew that the legal battle would be tough to fight from afar but I was confident in the answer that I received. It is now two years later and I am still dealing with the legal battle, not much has changed in my favor (legally) and I am back at the same crossroad so I dug up this prayer knowing that even when I feel like “though You slay me”, “yet will I trust You”. This prayer worked for me before!…and I know it will again

  3. Hi MOP,

    I wanted to share on this prayer, I read it back in November and felt the urge to pray it especially over my childrens health as we have had a myriad of issues. For some reason i kept postponing and telling my self this is a big prayer let me save it for the Big issues. Anyway this week in february one of my daughters got sick whilst we were waiting for a property to also open up. I just felt the nudge of the holy Spirit to pray it with my daughter. So during evening devotions i told her there’s a verse i’d like us to read and say out loud and we followed your guide and at some point i felt the breakthrough in the spirit and asked her if she could see the King of Glory coming down and together we painted a mental picture. We prayed and even asked God to let us dream of the King of Glory, now my testimony isn’t even that healing has manifested yet, it hasn’t but the next day my daughter runs into my room to tell me. I had a dream about the King of Glory – ”I saw a red dragon with many heads and i think it was the devil and i saw the King of Glory come down riding a horse and He was wearing white and a breastplate of Gold and with an army of angels behind him all riding horses too. The Lord and the angels tied up the dragon and people repented and were saved.” My mouth was on the floor at this point, i couldn’t believe how prophetic her dream was. She is 7 years old and we have never talked of the devil as a red dragon with many heads. i got so excited and started dancing with her and we sealed it with a prayer. I don’t even know what the dream means if symbolic i took it literally but the sense of victory was so evident and i wanted to share it with everyone. Be blessed.

  4. Hello again! I wanted to share how the Lord led me to pray this prayer again last month. I have been standing for my marriage for a little over two years. Without going into detail about everything, I felt i was at a standstill..what do I do? Lord what more do you need me to do? I went to church on Sunday morning, December 1st and received a word from the Lord. And confirmation several times about what I should do–let it completely go. No more praying, no more soliciting God for prayer about this matter. Let Him have it completely. So I went home and that night, I prayed this prayer again, and I felt that the Lord had said to write down when I prayed this and watch how quickly He’ll move. I prayed around 9-10:00 that night, left it in God’s hands and went to bed. I kid you not, my husband called me at 2:49 a.m. needing a place to stay. The next day he moved his stuff in. He says this is only temporary that he wants to find his own place…but I know that God is at work although I cannot see what He is doing. We have a long way to go for complete restoration but praise God, He brought him home!!! God did it! He did what He said He would. Now to watch the rest of it unfold and watch God put it back together His way. He is so good and loving and faithful to His promises. I give Him all glory for what He has done! Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  5. Hello MOP,
    I said the prayer as requested, after a day or two of publication of the article and wanted to share my experience. I also confess that I feel very vulnerable as I am a very private person, usually! However, something about this website encourages me to open up.

    I said the prayer at least 8 times without getting the “fruit” that I wanted or anticipated. However, of equal importance was that I saw a heart change in myself and the utterance of self-less prayers each time I said the prayer on different days. In addition, I saw God move in the life of the key person involved in the manifestation of the “friut” that I am waiting for and all this with me remaining silent and simply praying. I did not talk to anyone about the issue as you had directed. God is the King of Glory, Jehovah/Yahweh Sabaoth and He will not share His glory with anyone, Hallelujah! I share this to encourage someone out there that the process in recieving God’s promises might be even more important than the actual receipt of the promise. The process, therefore, should not be despised.
    I don’t know if Psalm 24 was a theme for a number of prophetic groups for November 2019, but I noticed that at least 2 other people brought up the King of Glory attribute to my attention.
    I still wait on God to fulfill His Promise to me 🙂

      1. Thank you for the response, MOP. Is there anything that you sense I should be doing for the manifestation of the promise/fruit or is it just a matter of waiting in faith and trust for the Lord’s timing? Thanks!

        1. Hi Cheryl, I can assure you that something is happening even though it may seem slow. The key to this working is you staying completely out of it – in your speech, in soliciting prayers from others as well as actions that could be you manipulating things to get a favorable outcome. Remember that God’s answer sometimes may not be what we want but it is His will. Some things, depending on what it is, may already start moving in the spiritual realm but take some time to manifest in the natural. Whenever you are not sure just pray the prayer again. Ask God to give you clarity on what it is that He’s really doing in this situation. It is always better to be in the center of God’s will than to get what we want. Blessings.

          1. Thank you very much, MOP for your wisdom and encouragement.
            I have a praise report that applies here and in the December posting but will share here. Here it is:
            The Lord Jesus/Holy Spirit gave me specific words of encouragement, about 2-3 months ago, reassuring me of who He is especially when I began to doubt or grow weary in faith regarding the prayer request for the Psalm 24 prayer.
            An uncle randomly contacted me via social media yesterday and I woke up this Christmas morning to his message more or less quoting the exact words that the Holy Spirit had given me months ago. He knows nothing about my situation- at least not from me and we live continents apart!!! It is a good Christmas present- the words were along the lines of our Lord Jesus Christ being the Resurrection and Life with reference to Lazarus’ story and speaking exactly to the situation of the context of what He had told me months ago!!!
            It brought tears to my eyes and I felt deeply loved once again with the reminder that God knows me intricately well! What a Christmas present and I continue to wait in anticipation for the manifestation of the promise. I also pray for wisdom regarding what, when and who to share if anything, about this situation. Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for taking the time to respond to my query 🤗

  6. I prayed this prayer and a day later I got to work and I was told that am receiving and 20% increase on my salary and I have been worried in this area of my life however I gave it all to God. I can’t wait to see what God does next I know that all things work together for the good to them that love God..

  7. I prayed this prayer and 8hours later while I meditated on the word of GOD,the king of glory came into my room.For the first time in my life I was sure of the presence of the living God,I just wanted to stay there all night,what a beautiful encounter..I then went to bed and had a dream ,and in the dream someone was speaking to me,the conversation was an answer to the prayer that I prayed.I felt God assure me that he would do what he says he would do,but as I woke up in the wee hours of the morning,I felt a sharp pain inside my ear so I was a bit confused about the source of the word so I prayed about it and the king of Glory confirmed through his Word.What aglorious and majestic God we serve.

  8. Thank you so much for all you do. You have helped me Sooo much in my walk with Jesus. The resources you provide are amazing, and always right on. I was in great distress over a job offer- was it from The Lord or not? Even fasted but still could not get an answer. Then I remembered the word for Nov., did exactly as you directed, felt better & better every time I prayed and within 5 min. time everything shifted and was resolved. Amazing! Thank you Lord and thank you MOP. ♥️

  9. The Lord is good! On November 4, 2019 I was on my lunch break and I went on a social media website and typed in “Prophetic word for November”. Your blog was the first one that appeared in my search results and I decided to read what the Lord had placed in your heart.
    I was blown away! It was literally a word for me! I told that Lord the night before that I didn’t know what to do anymore and that I needed help. That very night, the Lord started preparing me by preparing my heart. My time had come to finally release those things that were never mine to carry. To finally let go of the fear and control that have been dominating my life.
    I am happy to report that I feel like my whole slate has been cleaned! Washed away. Pure. I went to work and in less than 12 hours, a co-worker of mine had a dream about me! The dream was a representation of how I felt and my new future! My co-worker told me that I was holding several white balloons and that everywhere I went I so happy! Thank you, Lord! It is a huge conformation that what took place last night is a start of a very beautiful beginning. I couldn’t help but look up the very definition of balloons and the color white. Thank you Lord once again and thank you!!!
    Balloon Meaning:
    To dream of a balloon represents a situation that gives you a cause to celebrate or rejoice. Uplifting of your spirit or enjoying a lack of restrictions. Acknowledging or noticing that something good has happened. Feeling good about noticing yourself getting what you wanted.
    Color White: Purity, peacefulness, freedom, and dove.

  10. Praise the true and living God!
    After reading the November 2019 Prophetic word concerning the King of Glory and reciting Psalm 24:7-10 in 24 hours I received a powerful prophetic word at a church service today, 11/03, regarding my personal ministry. Angels literally stepped into the room and God changed the atmosphere. Of course I shouted all over the sanctuary! It was the breakthrough I needed and definitely wanted to share of God’s faithfulness and your prophetic accuracy! Bless the name of our God, the KING OF GLORY!!

    Thank you for your obedience and for being RIGHT ON TIME! Even the guest speaker spoke on the exact words you gave in the prophetic word. This is something God was going to do!!


  11. I prayed this prayer just as it said to. I completely gave my situation over to Jesus for Him to move. And about 6 hours later, I saw a move of God! My situation hasn’t come to an end yet here in the natural, but I saw God move in a hopeless situation and show me He hasn’t forgotten me! Praise God!!! This word came at just the exact time I needed it when I asked the Lord what to do and He said “Nothing”. This explained what that nothing meant and now I am in expectation that I’ll see full manifestation of the promise!! Thank you Lord for moving on my behalf!

    1. Thank you for coming back to share Jennifer!! I think people don’t believe that it is that simple. The minute Jesus shows up every knee must bow. Absolutely nothing for us to do when He takes over. He is soooo wonderful!

      1. It really is! I can’t wait to see what He does next, which I know is manifestation of the promise! I am seeing things change and I continuely surrender completely to Him for Him to move. Thank you for releasing this word!

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