House Cleansing Prayer

House Cleansing PRAYERDo you know how to clean your home spiritually? This house cleansing prayer will help you to remove any evil spirits in your home.

The truth is at some point an evil spirit will enter your home.  The faster you can evict it, the better.  For some of us, due to lack of knowledge or fear, we ignore it hoping that it will go away.  After awhile we learn that the only way it will leave is if we evict it.

So, what are the signs that indicate you may need to have your house cleansed spiritually?

  • You have spots in your house that are cold and there is no A/C vent to explain why it’s cold in that one spot
  • Your dog/cat barks or growls at walls or specific areas in your home and when there is no one there
  • Out of the corner of your eye you see shadows or like someone walked by when no one did
  • Sometimes the hairs on your arm stand on end for no apparent reason
  • You hear noises when the house is quite (this doesn’t apply if you live in a new construction home and the house may be settling)
  • Sometimes you feel afraid being in the house alone.
  • You have a picture, a mirror, a piece of art or furniture, stuffed animal, even a book that gives you the heebie jeebies.
  • There is a room in your house that you don’t like, you never hang out in that room and you don’t know why.
  • You hear doors opening and closing in your house but in the natural nobody was coming in or going out.
  • You started having lots of bad dreams since you moved in.
  • Your family was fine before you moved in and then a week later everything is upside down.  Your kids get aggressive, a lot of arguing, your home has become contentious
  • You’re online searching for articles to cleanse your house…that’s sure sign you know something is not right with the house.

You may not have had any of these issues before in your house and the suddenly things started happening.  It is possible you had someone in your house that is involved in witchcraft or they have spirits attached to them and these spirits followed them into your home.

Also, if you like going to consignment shops and buying antiques you may have picked some up there too.

Please read this if you are about to purchase or rent a new home

A few “spiritual red flags” to keep in mind if you are in the process of purchasing or renting a home.  We call these spiritual red flags because in the natural none of these would be an issue:

  • Someone died in the house (it’s a good question to ask when you are purchasing a home and it’s vacant “where are the previous owners?”). You may not have any issues if they were a Christian but if they were not, it’s a risk.
  • The house sat vacant for more than a year.  Evil spirits love to occupy empty spaces (Matthew 12:43-45)
  • The seller had the house feng shui or was involved in any other kind of spiritual practice that is not Christian.  Signs of this would be dream catchers everywhere, buddhas, crystals.
  • The house is a foreclosure. What’s wrong with foreclosures?  Well, what if the person who had it before the current owner was also foreclosed upon?  What if there is another foreclosure next door, across the street, down the road?  Too many foreclosures in a neighborhood is a very bad sign.  The area could have a principality over it of poverty and lack.  So what would generally happen is that you may have been steadily employed for the last 30 years, you found this great foreclosure deal and the next thing you know 2 months later you lost you job. Then you go into foreclosure. You need to be aware that if you choose to buy a foreclosure you may be battling demons to keep the house.
  • Too may houses for sale or rent in the neighborhood.  If the owners are abandoning a neighborhood this may not be a good sign.  Do some more research and understand you are taking a risk.
  • The house is on an Indian burial ground or near one.  Not good.
  • Do a little investigative work and find out what’s happening in the neighborhood.  Go back without the realtor and start talking to the people in the community and find out what’s going on.  You may find out that there are common issues among the neighbors – drugs, suicide, several people lost their job, anything.  Random things are OK but if you see or hear a pattern then you will want to take note. This will be an indication of the demonic spirits you’ll have to battle once you move in.
  • If you are buying a new construction house and it took over 2 -3 years to be built.  Remember evil spirits like vacant spaces so if you had the foundation laid and walls put up and ran out of money so the house had to sit vacant for awhile.  This could be an issue.
  • It is always a good idea to go by the neighborhood again at night time.  You may pick up other things spiritually then that you didn’t discern in the day time hours.

You may buy a house with one or a few of these “spiritual red flags” and have no issues.  Yes, this is possible. However, there will be many more people reading this that just discovered the reason for the spiritual war they are currently facing in their home.

Can you get free from these evil spirits?  Yes.  Do you need a pastor or a priest to do this for you?  You can ask them but it is not necessary.  We can walk you through the steps and you do it yourself.  Or if you have a friend that is a Christian intercessor you can ask them to help.

What about sage, smudge or smudging with sage?  Well, that is actually new age and this is a Christian ministry so we don’t do that.  Besides what we do with get to the root of the issue.  You want to pull it up at the root.  If you are burning incense you will be burning incense for the rest of your life because you haven’t dealt with the root issue.

Are there any situations where the spirits won’t leave?  Yes.  When you move into a house you have dominion over it.  Anything that enters your house you can tell it to leave and it will.  However, if you buy something that is built on an Indian burial ground then you moved into their domain.  Also, if you have items that are giving these spirits access to your home and you refuse to get rid of them then they will come back.

What you use for this spiritual house cleansing is anointing oil and a bible.

If you don’t have anointing oil buy some online.  The type of oil does not matter.  Or, you can make you own by taking some of your olive oil and pouring it into a separate bottle which you will only use for anointing in prayer.  You can take it to church and ask your pastor to pray over the oil  or someone from the prayer ministry to bless the oil. (Mark 6:13, James 5:14)

This is a long process which can take 1.5 – 5 hours to complete depending on how many evil spirits or items you need to remove from your house and the size of your house.

As such, we have broken this down into 3 parts so you can choose to do them all at once or on 3 different days.  You can’t change the order.  It needs to be done in this order so that the final step of the prayer will completely cleanse your house.

Steps 1 & 2 you need to do in preparation for the cleansing of your home.

Step 1 to spiritually cleanse your house from demonically charged items

  1.  You have items in your house that make you uncomfortable.  You need to throw them in the trash.  Don’t give them to someone else, dump them.

The truth is after this first step most of the spirits will be gone.  Spirits can attach themselves to items.  If you absolutely love antiquing you are taking a risk every time you bring something into your house because you don’t know who owned the item before you or what they did.  Also, if you have a friend or relative that you know is involved in witchcraft or the occult then whatever gifts they gave you must to be thrown out.

Occasionally we meet people who are attached to things because it has sentimental value or it cost them thousands of dollars and they don’t want to get rid of it.  If this is you, we can’t help you and the prayer won’t get rid of the spirits.  If you are too attached to things there is a possibility you won’t be free of these evil spirits.

100% of the time we don’t have to point out the items that are holding these spirits, the home owner already knows because the item makes them feel uncomfortable.

Just throw it in the trash.

Acts 19:19 (NIV) “A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas.”

When you decide you want to be free from these evil spirits the cost won’t matter.  The fact that the item has a demonic spirit attached to it means it was used in someone’s home who was heavily involved in witchcraft or false religions.  Or the item may have been crafted or built by someone who was demonically possessed.

Step 2 to spiritually cleanse yourself

2.  You need to confess your sins.  This is important because if you are going to throw these spirits out of your house you can’t give them any legal grounds to remain.  Jesus said in John 14:30 the prince of this world is coming and he has no claim over me.  Likewise, when you start telling the spirit to leave they must have no claim over you or have a hold on you.

The flip side of that scripture is John 13:8 when Jesus tells Peter come and let me wash your feet because if you don’t wash your feet you can have no part of me.  In other words, unless you are cleansed of the sins that you committed as you are traveling through the world you and I have nothing in common.  You must be properly aligned with God to start this process.

Here is a prayer for repentance and confession of sins:

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus asking for forgiveness of my sins.  I’m repenting for _________, __________. _______(call out all the sins that you know you are currently participating in)  I ask you to wash me clean from these sins.  Guide me by your Holy Spirit to doing the things that are pleasing to You.  (You need to anoint yourself as you pray this) Cleanse my mind so that I will have pure thoughts, cleanse my tongue so that my speech may be pleasing to you, cleanse my ears so that I will listen to only what you want me to hear, wash my hands so that I will only touch what you want me to touch, wash my feet so that I will travel only where you would have me go and forgive me for moving towards evil.  I accept the completed work of Jesus who died on the cross for all my sins.  I consider myself clean in the eyes of the spiritual beings that are around me.  I am a new creation and old things have passed away and there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. When they look at me they see me clothe in the Righteousness of Christ, in Jesus Name Amen.

Step 3 to spiritually cleanse your home

3.  You are now ready to start praying through your house.  You will need your anointing oil.

These are the steps for the prayer

  1. Put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18)
  2. You need to ask God for angelic assistance
  3. You need to open your windows and doors tell the spirits to leave
  4. You need to close all the portals that the evil spirits are using to enter your home.
  5. You need to anoint all the windows and doors with oil

House Cleansing Prayer

Father God, I come to you in Jesus Name putting on Your full armor, so that I can take my stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  I put on the full armor of God, so that in this day of evil I may  stand my ground Standing firm  with the belt of truth buckled around my waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with my feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which I can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

(You may pray in tongues here through this the Holy Spirit will give discernment on the spirits in your home).

God I ask you to give me the gift of discerning of spirits so that I may remove all the evil spirits from my home.  The only spirit that can live here are the ones who are still in the land of the living and bow to the name of Jesus.  I ask that your Holy Spirit dwell here with me and my family and that you will lead and guide us through this process today.  Please send angelic assistance to help with the removal of all of these evil spirits.  Send the angels to war on my behalf and handle any demonic powers that we cannot handle.

(Start opening all the windows and doors in your home or at least one in each room.)

I command every evil spirit to leave this home now in the name of Jesus.  You cannot stay here.  You have no part in me.  I renounce you and any other spirits that come with you.

(If the Holy Spirit specifically impress upon you a particular spirits or spirits make sure to command them to leave by name. e.g  spirit of infirmity, addiction, sexual immorality, poverty, suicide, etc.  Anything that comes to mind call it by name and tell it leave in the name of Jesus)

(Now you go room by room with the oil anointing all the doors and windows at the top or corner with the sign of the cross. Over each door and window you say this…)

I close this door/window in the spirit realm to any evil spirit.  No longer shall you use this as an access point to gain entrance to this home.  Only angels assigned by the Commander of Heaven’s armies are allowed to enter this home. I mark the sign of the cross as a reminder to you that this house is covered under the blood of Jesus and you shall Passover it and never enter into this house again, in Jesus Name.

(Go through your entire house and do this for every window and door.  If you come across items as you are going through the house that give you a feeling that a spirit may be attached to it you need to remove it from your home.

Just as you have doors in the natural there are doorways that spirits can use to go in and out of your house.  This could be mirrors.  So you need to take the oil put it on your index finger and make the cross at the top of the mirror or in a corner of the mirror and say…)

If this is a doorway in the spirit realm that evil spirits are using to enter this house I close it in, the name of Jesus.  You can no longer use this as a doorway.  This is a mirror, an inanimate object that will never be used as a spiritual portal again.  I command it to be closed, in Jesus name

That’s it.  Once you have gone through all the rooms in your home those spirits will be gone and you can start closing the windows and doors in your house.

This is quite the process but you will feel so much peace in your home after you do this and you should no longer have any spirits in your home.

Here are some other prayers that may help you as well:

Prayer against a Familiar Spirit and Monitoring Spirits


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  1. please help me, my apartment, my body, my car, my earthly belongings in my apartment were infested with Bird mites & parasites, visible to the naked eye, and also not visible, they bite me. This cycle started on my 50th birthday 5/26 2021, I cleaned, sprayed bug killer, but they are still here. Today is 11/17/21. I pray. Attend Church on Sunday s
    I am a Christian. Please send me a prayer to rid me of these unwanted quests in my dwellings. I have basic house cleansing incenses . One red one black and teaky wood. To burn after the incense. Please send me a prayer to say while during cleansing and bring in positive spiritual energy while burning teaky wood. Please respond asap. As I also have been having health issues since October til now. On my 3rd cycle of antibiotics and 4th cycle of Ivermectin. In Jesus name I pray 🙏 for your help. God Bless, Jill

    1. Go around your house with olive oil especially around your windows and say spirit of darkness depart from my house now you have no place here anymore I have dominion over you leave in Jesus name
      Keep saying it until you feel the spirit leave

    2. Please NEVER use incense to burn! It’s just as bad as sage. As a Christian, never burn incense or sage, it’s used to “rid evil spirits” in the occult, and is not biblical. Praying the name of Jesus and using olive oil to bless or protect your home is what should be done. I hope you see this.

  2. I have been having spirits visit me every night for the last years. I thought maybe they would my parents until the last few nights. I’m going to make a very long story as short as I can.
    I go to bed say my prayers, turn off the light get comfortable and within a 1/2 min they start touching me on my legs, feels like a cat walking on me. Last night it was just to much and it made me angry so told them to get out and leave me along that I can’t get to sleep with them poking me. When I did that i felt a hand on my shoulder with long nails that were kinda digging into me. At this point I know it was a very bad situation. I don’t really get scared but do get mad so yelled again to get out and leave me alone, but it started again, I hit the areas they were touching “legs” an said get out!!! Let me along for about 3 min. then felt little stinging on my face here and there, like when you stick you finger in a light socket. But no touching. In the night I kinda woke up with my face itching a lot, but no sign of anything in this morning.
    I live in a building built 1925 and the manager has heard of haunting, not as bad as mind but they probably didn’t tell her. I feel like i’m crazy, it’s hard to wrap your head around that you being touched when your alone. Sorry got off track,
    My neighbor is coming over tonight to sage my apt, it may not help, I don’t have oil or a way to get it prayed over. I don’t have a car and I’m 78 being high risk I stay home all the time. There is more to tell but I think you have the most important part. Been going on for about a year now.

      Remember there is no other power more stronger than that of God. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
      Perhaps MOP can help by stating how to anoint the oil (just a suggestion, since with this pandemic most of us can’t interact with other eg pastors).
      Many Blessing

    2. No sage! Ever. Sage is what witches use. You’re not a witch, you’re child of The Most High God. Your problem will persist if you don’t take heed. When you’re saying, “get out!” use the name of Jesus. His name makes demons tremble. Jesus said, “Behold I give you power to tread on snakes and scorpions and over over all the power enemy of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you.

  3. My daughter will not sleep in her own room . She says there’s a ghost names sofia in her room and she has friends. Shes so scared she runs out of her room crying saying she’s too scared. I can feel negative energy. I constantly feel something touching me. I hear footsteps in the attic. We have been living here for less than a year. I really want to geg rid of these bad spirits before we move. This happened at our other apartment before this as well. I pray every night. I really need help.

    1. Hi Talisa, greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have you tried what was suggested by MOP? There are also other useful materials here on this website that can help.
      Remember there is no other power more stronger than that of God. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
      Perhaps MOP can help by stating how to anoint the oil (just a suggestion, since with this pandemic most of us can’t interact with other eg pastors).
      Many Blessings in Christ.

  4. Hey greeting in the name of jesus there is a spirit, in my house it been here quite sometime, i try to cleanse my house but the spirit show up again, some time it work threw my cat pedro, and sometime i can see it, i told the spirit i belive in the one true God jesus christ, but this SPIRIT keep trying to trick me but i keep the faith and call on jesus, what should i do to make this SPIRIT go away once and for all or to find out if it my guardian angel or something demonic that want my soul.

  5. I love Jesus passionately, and have a prophetic gift. I don’t enjoy being involved or hearing about evil and demons, because I just love God’s presence and feel like I should give Him glory, worship Him and pay no attention to the other stuff. But… we moved into a new house 6 months ago. We had to renovate it because it was so dirty, neglected and old. A hermit and his dog lived here. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but from 3 months ago it was like the biggest attack was launched on our family. My coccyx broke – I just sat down and couldn’t get up (I gym regularly and is (was) very fit and strong. Then one of the discs in my spine herniated and upon finding this multiple tumors were found in my uterus. My husband and daughter got mumps. My son got tick bite fever. My husband is falling into a bad depression – this is not like him at all. He just stopped exercising as well.Now, me and our younger son are down with bad flu- so much that our chests close up at night like asthma. I also feel like the sum must come in. I crave sunlight. we have big trees in our garden and I feel like I want them chopped off.
    A week ago the thought crossed my mind that we are under attack (I thought this was because I committed to a worship band again after not being in a worship team for several years, but know that I am called to worship). I asked my mentor friend and she said the devil wants me to believe this, but these things happen – people get sick. Then … that same night our gate was cut open, but nobody seemed to have entered the property. We found the lock still in the gate but cut open. A criminal here would not just up and leave like that.And last night, my daughter woke up from a nightmare and came to our room. I was up nebulising our youngest. I couldn’t fall asleep but as I drifted off, I heard the door… our dogs would have barked at intruders, and then another sound as if someone was opening a door. I still trusted that the dogs will do their job. (We don’t live in a very safe country- at least 3 houses get burglarized in one night in our suburb alone) we are always cautious. I pray for our protection every night and that God would assign his angels to our perimeters and our house. The reason why I am searching for answers is that our door was wide open this morning when my husband woke up. I know we didn’t leave it open because I passed it several times during the night the get up for medicine for my son. I remember the noises. The wind couldn’t possibly have opened it – it has 2 bolts. It was opened from the inside. I need Godly advice please. Kind regards, Cecile

    1. Hi Cecile, Sorry to hear that you are going through this. Regardless of your doctrinal beliefs, you can’t ignore what you and your family is experiencing. The only advice we have for you is what is written in the post. Try not to theologically dissect anything that is written either. This wasn’t written based on theory but on experience with casting demons out of a house. Go to the beginning of the post and follow the instructions. If it’s too much for you then find a church in your area that knows about demonology and ask them for help. Praying for you and your family. Blessings

      1. Thank you for the speedy reply. I believe the scriptures. I think we always go through a stage of “this can’t happen to me…?” I will ask our church and pastor to come and pray with us. I know we don’t lack authority because the Spirit of Christ dwells in us, but somehow I don’t want to go through this alone. Gosh, I don’t hope they think I am losing my mind. Thank you for the advice.

        Be blessed.

        1. I completely understand. And, you are not losing your mind this is real. If they think you’re crazy then find someone else to help. Even if you have to go out of your church to one that knows how to get demons out. I’m not telling you to leave your church but you need someone who knows what they are doing to help you with this. Praying it gets cleared quickly. Perhaps start fasting right away for God to bring a quick resolution to this. If you can get you family to join in on the fast with you that will help. Blessings

  6. I’ve known for quite some time that a cleansing is “needed” in this home. Both I & my friend can cut the negativity with a knife. We share this place since his wife passed & both her & son’s ashes(he od) are on a counter in the kitchen. He has told me about feeling like someone is holding him but more like restricting when he’s trying 2 sleep. So I thought maybe his wife. I have had issues ever since I was a child. It got pretty bad 4 me in my 20’s & a friend took me 2 a church that practiced hands on prayer. I was chosen & through the mouth of another I heard “Fear not my child 4 I have claimed you.” As time passed I fell away from the church. I got a place that needed a cleansing by clergy, but it made matters worse. I brought home a man that made me lose my home of 13 yrs & my child. It was hard 2 get away from him. My older daughter cut me out of her life when she married so I don’t know my grandchildren. I went to help my younger daughter 2 remain military 4 an unwed pregnancy & raised those 2 for 7 yrs, until she brought home a solider she married while serving in Korea. He cheated on her repeatedly, was abusive toward her older child & me & got away with molesting her 4 yr old. After helping her get credit worthy she kicked me out 4 him & stuck me with a $60,000 debt. I then became disabled & unable 2 pay my debts. This is how I ended up with my friend. My condition has tripled since moving in & it’s just 1 bad thing after another. When things R happening I say out loud U R Out of Here! I have been having horrible bed wetting episodes lately, & after having to change my bedding @ 1:30am when I through back my comforter a big white block appeared with huge black letters that read I AM NEVER LEAVING. This was 5 days ago & I have been battling a fever & bladder infection since then. I honestly feel I need more 2 do battle. I have my shell, sage & feather as well as holy water and a large assortment of oils. Would U suggest a particular oil? High John the Conqueoror, or maybe Blessing?

    1. Hi Toni, we’re very sorry to hear that you are going through this. You need to connect with a local church and ask one of the pastors to come to your house and help you to cleanse it. All of the items you listed at the end WILL NOT help you. They are occultic and new age and you are making it worse by doing that. You should discard them immediately. And, find pastor. You will not be able to do this on your own. You are physically weak and spiritually weak. Go and get plugged into a church and ask for help there. Praying God imparts wisdom to you. Blessings.

  7. I’m not sure if it is my house or if it is the spirit of my mother-in-law. We bought our house in March of 2017 and she died October of 2017. She did not pass in our home, she passed in her own home. But my husband and I were there. And it was a horrific death. (I’m in healthcare and have seen many deaths) but hers was by far the worst. She told my husband before her passing she wasn’t ready and when she became disoriented at the end, she was clawing at the air and yelling help before she passed. She did recieve her last rights before hand and had a catholic burial. But since her death nothing has gone right. 3 days after her death my mom had a heart attack, we are in crippling debt and have tried for over a year to fix- only hitting every road block possible, my husbands family is all separated and fighting, my husband recently was blown up by a transformer at work (a week before the anniversary of her death), he is ok but now out of work. The only dreams he has about her are bad. We are constantly fighting, my newborn baby won’t sleep. It’s as if she tries to sleep and something wakes her up. The say the least, things are falling apart.
    I don’t know if the previous owner died here. I don’t believe he did. And I don’t know their religious affiliation, I assume it’s Christian, but something tells me they weren’t practicing regardless.
    The other thing I forgot to mention is we had a huge snake problem in the basement. That is the only room that scares me, and the only thing that bothers me sometimes is my mother-in-laws picture. But I’m not sure if that’s because I never really liked her to begin with. But I can’t throw that out or it will hurt my husband. What do I do about that?
    I am going to confession and am going to make my husband go to. Then bless our house.
    What else can I do? Should I be having a priest come at this point? Please help. I’m desperate.

    1. Hello Nicole, So sorry to hear that you are going through this right now. You definitely have a spiritual problem not only in your home but around your family also. This particular prayer is for a born again believer in Jesus Christ who has committed their life to Christ. If that is the case for you, then you can pray this but it will only be the first step there are many prayers on this site that can help you with this but you need to be a committed Christian. I can direct you to the other prayers and once you follow the instructions you should see immediate results. Please let us know and we can proceed. If you are not, then you need to find a church in your area that does deliverance and you will need to have one of their ministers do it. Blessings

  8. Hi, my home was peaceful until my mum (whom i know visits traditionalist and witch doctors for solution visited my home and stayed for 3months & some weeks.( Shes separated from my father)
    On the very day she came it’s was in the afternoon but that very night (midnight) i had a dream , i saw her enter my home by midnight through the back door and she didn’t knock instead she broke the glass door at that point i woke up. From that day my marriage have been into many attack. She gone for one month now but there is no straight one week of peace between my husband and i. We argue Alot. My husband hardly touches me, worst part is that nothing i do is good in his sight.
    I think she entered with some dark spirits. I also have nightmares about snakes and creepy animals. Also i see its and my husband having issues in the dream.
    Please help your sister.

  9. I will pray this house cleansing prayer today over my house. I feel my family’s under attack. Spe ion year 11 year old daughter. The last month she’s been falsely accused of things or saying she said things she didn’t. It’s like the spirits want to paint a false imaged my daughter so she believes that & becomes depressed. It’s affecting her she doesn’t want to return to the school. It’s even draining me! I threw away an item that was gifted to me that i thought of & three away a little toy car my son traded with a boy. I’m praying that my kids learn to trust god and see there’s power in prayer! Thank u!

  10. Is it absolutely necessary that doors and windows be opened? What if it’s 30 degrees fahrenheit outside? Should I just bundle up?

    1. I said the above prayer, is it okay that I closed the doors as I said them? Also I did closet doors as portals.

  11. Pray for my son Jeff I think something is attacking him with the alcohol and drugs he never did this and he was a church goer u enter his room and it’s just creepy and cold

  12. My name is Mary we moved in a rental house 6 years ago and every since things has been happening sound like we hear voices calling us my little niece is afraid to go in different rooms doors open and close by themselves I see shadows and Visions as if someone is passing by your hair on my head stands up and we are having so much financial difficulties since being in this home I feel like my teenage nieces and nephews are getting out of hand my daughters my family my sister we are decided my sister is in a bad marriage with a man who is very disrespectful and a misogynist against women and she puts up with it because she wants him that bad that she has never fall for her children from the ages of 19 17 16 and her last baby is 4 for myself her sister and my mom to raise seems like there is so much division in the house and amongst the family myself included I’m very angry of my situation of not having a job all we do is criticize and talk about one another with each other and I need all of this to change in the name of Jesus because if it doesn’t I feel like I’m going to lose my mind I can’t cope please help

  13. My mom recently passed away in our home. My daughters are having strange dreams and things are breaking and falling off the walls. I’m not sure my mom would do this, I think maybe her death might’ve opened something.
    Will this cleansing help rid our home of these things?

  14. Well I have not prayed the house cleansing pray just yet I found it tonight but I felt that I needed to wait until in the morning when my 2 children are not home because I have noticed allot lately that there under attack and there picking on my little girl with bad dreams and she scared of her room but when she prayed tonight before she went to sleep she was crying out to God to make these evil things she says devil’s to be nice and help them Jesus to love you like you love everyone and then she said God save everyone in hell they can’t help it if the devil made them be mean she is 6 yrs old and I just let her pray and didn’t respond to it but she is so scared she prayed 3 X’s and wanted the Bible to sleep with so yeah it’s time I sincerely get this house cleaned my husband and I have been on the outs and barely speak and he had begin too do things that’s very disrespectful to me and our home things that’s not him self. I know it’s devil our buisness is failing and my kids when I anoited there forehead while they were sleeping and prayed over them my son has been so restless since it’s got me really concerned I do know our God is more powerful than any thing else out there and I know my God will continue to protect my babies and I believe this article I have found is exactly where God led me to find it at the right time, thanks and I’ll let you know soon what the out come is and if you have any other advise fill free to share with me …. My dog is so uncomfortable in this new home also he barks so much now at nothing..

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