Waiting on the Lord

Waiting on the Lord. Do you know what it means to wait on the Lord? It means to wait on the Lord.

Wait – Qavah (Hebrew) gather together, look, patiently, tarry, wait for, on, upon

(Psalm 27:14 AMP) “Wait for and confidently expect the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the LORD.”

(Psalm 25:3 ASV) “Yea, none that wait for Thee shall be put to shame”

This is a discipline. In today’s world when everyone is moving at such a fast pace, in this over stimulated society, with so many things vying for your attention, along with a myriad of distractions, we need to stop, take the time to get into His presence. We are inviting you to do that with us.

Come and join us as we wait on the Lord and sit in His Presence.  I know some of you may never have experienced this before, so we are inviting you to join us and experience Him.

Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 2:00PM EDT – 3:30PM EDT 

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Meeting ID: 845 0337 2017
Passcode: 177555


Cleansed | Noting but the Blood – Charity Gayle

I’m Yielded – TY Bello

Awake – TY Bello

Come Up Here – Abbie Gamboa and Rita Springer

Letters – Jonathan Stockstill

Abide – Aaron Williams

I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day – David & Nicole Binion

Holy Forever – CeCe Winans

Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) – Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes

Alabaster Heart | All For Your Glory – Zahriya Zachary

Set My Eyes – Michael Bethany



-Come expecting to have an encounter with the Lord.

-Come with your communion elements and we’ll take communion together

-Have your anointing oil ready in case we need to use it.

-Ensure that you are in a quiet place where you can sit or lay quietly in His presence.

-There is no agenda. We are just going to move as the Lord leads.  Whatever the Lord wants to do is what we will be doing.

-The session will be recorded so if you miss it, you can watch the replay.

-We start at 2:00PM Eastern Time, check a time zone calculator to see what time this will be in your city.  Try to be on time because once we get started, and the Holy Spirit starts moving, we are going to be focused on Him and you may be waiting for awhile before someone notices to let’s you in the room.

See you then.



39 thoughts on “Waiting on the Lord”

  1. I watched the replay My heart has been crying out for the Lord so much more lately. It’s seems I can’t connect no matter how much I tried. While laying down with my eyes closed trying to push through the disruptions from my children, I imagined myself rushing into his arms hugging him fiercely with my head on his chest and just weeping. He just held me while I wept just pouring out my heart on him and loving on him. It was then I heard you say you see the hearts going up to him and hugging him and Jesus weeping.😭 It was then I realised that it was not just my imagination 😭. I long for him like nothing else

  2. During the last Song, “Fear The Spirit of the Lord” I saw, from above, a scene… There were several stages, one next to the other, each one representing a part of society, a home, a church, and suddenly a black mass fell on all of them, as heavy as a rock. Then I heard a great explosion. Instantly I saw, as if God allowed me to see, a large white Bird with its long wings fully extended perched on top of that black thing. That is when I realized that the explosion was because the weight of the bird had landed on top of the black mass knocking it to the ground with a great roar. The White Big Bird was so large, completely covering the black mass until it couldn’t be seen any more.

    1. Amen! I believe that as we surrendered our idols to the Lord and completely gave Him our hearts, He saved us from whatever that black mass was. When our hearts are fully turned towards Him no evil will ever overpower or overcome us. The White bird was a representation of the Holy Spirit as the last song says. Praise the Lord!

  3. No more the same, no more the same, You changed me, You changed us for ever…
    You are in everything, in each of us, in me, All is You, Jesus. All is about You…
    Until the end and beyond, Over and over again these thoughts in me…
    Jesus Christ our God our Joy, Amen
    Thank You Lord How beautiful and intense Time with You Lord, Thank You Holy Spirit for the Amazing Inspired prayer by You, awesome Prayer full of the Love of God, from our Brother in Christ ❤️ Beautiful heart ❤️ Jesus, Blessed be Your Name!!!!!❤️

  4. After the Brother in Christ prayed, I had the Vision of the Love of Jesus expressed in the form of Water…Waters all around …spreading waters advancing with strength and power filling everything, waters moving with their own life, hitting obstacles and bursting like waves against the rocks… moving fast…The Love, Jesús Himself, moving fast and overcoming everything…
    Then, to the beat of the melody of praise, love began to rise, dancing, turning, making figures, they seemed almost transparent angels, and each one of those figures of that love was us, ascending, there were many ascending, each one of us was love, love of God dancing spinning with indescribable joy, only ascending higher and higher…
    And you know, the Song was “Give Me Jesus”,
    Aleluya Aleluya Amen Amen
    We Praise You Lord, we Love You so much!!!!! Thank You Jesus ❤️

    1. yes….as we were loving on The Lord during the session….He was loving on us 😭💕❤️.so much love❤️. Thank you JESUS

  5. As we were praying together on Sunday, after communion or during, I saw someone i think an angel pick up a bucket it was like the metal buckets you see often used in developing countries and it was speckled like silver and black spots over the bucket.
    And the angel lifts it up and pours what was in the bucket all over the floor.
    I can see the water just flow unencumbered, unstoppable and just flow everywhere it needed to go.
    I did not get a feeling that this was negative. I felt like this was a cleansing of our foundations/floor of our spiritual lives? or the Lord pouring out love over us as we are his temple.

  6. Thank you for the session. I could not do it Sunday but followed today with the recording. The Lord said two things. Right at the beginning it was, “Believe EVERYTHING He said in His Word, and by His Holy Spirit.” The next thing, later on in the session, it was “I must be about my Father’s business,” in the context of not letting other things hinder or become excuses for not carrying our callings. Shalom to all of you! Mark 5:36 and Luke 2:29.

  7. Hi Nicole ,

    I wish mention that in Lusaka,Zambia we have been seeing many rain bows and they appear in pairs .One is bright and another a bit fainty. We have been taking pictures but the cameras don’t produce the same resolution as when we are a viewing the rainbows with our naked eyes. It’s been so amazing.Each I see them I say to myself this is the beginning of wonderful things coming.

    Your vision is spot on.God Bless you


  8. First I would like to give thanks to God for the healing I am experiencing. I had a terminal health problem for an extremely long time. But since the second wait on the Lord I feel some changes taking place, however I’ll consult with the doctor to determine the magnitude .
    Also in the spirit there is a change after that cage was destroyed, I feel a lot has come back to the right place I can now study the Bible the way I use to. may the glory be to him forever. Amen

  9. Blessings,

    I don’t usually leave testimonies but I wanted to share what has happened since our waiting on the LORD session on this pass Sunday.

    Nicole said the LORD showed her a cage. She mentioned many things that were locked in the cage that were now free. At one point, she mentioned that in the cage were men and women and they were released. Well, I have been chosen by GOD and my family to lead our family’s prayer and Bible study every Monday. This pass Monday the 19th, my cousin and his wife got on the zoom for the first time ever. I have invited him before but he never came on. On Monday he did! He heard the WORD and he and his wife gave their lives to CHRIST and committed to joining the family prayer and Bible Study every Monday moving forward!! Hallelujah!!!! They are released from darkness and are redeem into the LORD’s marvelous light!!! Amen!!! This is even in line with the Word the was released about the gifts washing up on the shore!! There were people released in that Word too!!! Let’s rejoice and be ready to be used by GOD so that souls are saved in JESUS name!!!! Yes!!!!

    Next, the LORD used Nicole to speak about the healing of hearts and braking up plaque. My mother was suppose to have surgery on her hip on December 8th but the doctors postponed the surgery because they discovered a mass on her heart. Today, the doctor told my mother that mass was not what they thought it was!!! It is actually nothing. The mass is no longer an issue. I believe it was broken up by GOD!!! Amen!!!

    I am just praising GOD and thanking HIM always because despite everything I am going through….HE is so faithful to save, heal and deliver my family!!!

    These are the most amazing gifts that could have washed up on shore for me and my family!!! The LORD Gets All The Glory!!!!!!!!

    And today I was asked by my Pastor to lead corporate prayer for our church. Can you all believe that!!! I was chosen to pray in public for the Body of CHRIST!! What Grace!!!! I am so grateful!!!!!!

    May our LORD continue to use you Nicole and all of HIS other servants for HIS glory. Amen.

    Please pray for us as we pray for you all. My cousin’s name is Ben and his wife is Selena (praying for them to get connected to a church body) and my mom, Lenora. GOD is soooooo Faithful!!! Hallelujah!!!!

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