Prophetic Word – Wet Paint

prophetic word wet paint

This prophetic word is titled Wet Paint.

Who is this word for?  People who know exactly what God has promised them.  You are literally looking at it and you’ve have been waiting for awhile now to actually take hold of it.  Perhaps wondering what is the hold up?

Have you ever stalked a house before?  How to stalk a house…You see this house and you want that house so badly so you drive by it at least once per week.  Watching from a distance. You’ve already declared it yours! You would march around it 7 times like the walls of Jericho but there are people living in it and that would seem creepy so you opted to drive around the block 7 times instead.  Yes, that is what you call stalking a house!  On top of that God has already promised you that house.  You’ve received so many confirmations that this is going to be your next house so you’ve stopped asking for confirmations because you already know.  You’ve been patient, waited, got your life together financially so that you are ready when it goes on the market to purchase the house.  Now you are just waiting.

So on one of your stalking expeditions you see a moving truck in the drive way “Hallelujah!  The occupants are moving out!”  You are one step closer!  Now you enter…

The dead end of your timeline:  Sigh.  Since you now see the house is empty and it’s April you start putting in a timeline on when you can move in.  By the time they clean up the house, paint, put it on the market, you can close on the house within 30 days, you move in when your kids are on summer break and you can all spend Christmas in this new house!  YAY!  You have a whole plan and timeline mapped out., And, so when you see the prophetic word “Christmas in July”  your only answer to that is “CONFIRMATION”.  The only problem is that God never told you that. You created the timeline. So there you are having to renew your rental agreement the day after Christmas on your current residence.  You’re a little disappointed but it’s ok you can wait.

So time is passing and there is no movement going on at the house, no for sale sign in the front yard, you’ve checked Zillow and it’s not listed yet either.  Months go by.  Then you drive by in June and see an electrician truck parked out front so you decide to stop and go talk to someone because you need to know what the deal is.  You find out that yes they will be selling the house after everything is fixed.  The fire has been revived!!  Yes!!  Perhaps this was really the year for the Christmas in July message.

No, there you are another Christmas renewing your lease.  Geez!  How long are they going to let the house sit empty?  You’ve been waiting over 2 years now.  Now you enter…..

The dead end of your internal pontifications:  Sigh.  These happen when you are trying to find a reason for why this is taking so long.  Probably what happened with King David moments before he decided to act CRAZY! (1 Samuel 21:12-14)   Cue the dramatic music.  Click play on the video in case you don’t know what the dramatic music is….

LOL,  how many times did you hit replay??  LOL

Here you go mentally coming up with a reason. Let the internal pontification begin…

….Covid must’ve gotten to the owner, maybe they are dead, I wonder if they left a will, because if not you know that thing is going to be tied up in probate, I wonder how many kids they have, they may start fighting over ownership, I hope it’s a son because I get along better with the men than with woman, this thing could take years,  (Does massive google research to find out the name of the owner and then checks for obituary on the name, nothing found, praise God he’s alive)… while scrolling through YouTube thinking “if I hear one more message about Christmas in July I am going to scream!”….I did notice that the driveway had a little dip at the entrance, I wonder if the house is on top of a sinkhole? (Googles how many people die from sinkhole deaths each year)  maybe that’s it God is saving me from making a massive mistake, yes that’s it…I don’t want this house anymore…, I’m done!  It’s been 3 years!!! This is taking too long.  It can’t be this hard.  Back to the drawing board!  (Feels relieved for several hours because you finally let it go).

Less than 24 hours later, there you are …stalking the house again, LOL  After all you are not crazy you have all the confirmation you need.  There is no way you are starting over the process again.   Thank God you never opened your mouth and verbalized any of that internal pontification to anyone.  Well, except your spouse and your BFF… but they already know you’re crazy and they love you anyway so you’re fine!

**Note to self*** In these moments when your mind begins to run away with you please, stay away from posting anything on social media.  You will calm down in 24-48 hours. No one else needs to know you are going through this.

This time when you drive by the house the realtor is there! putting the lockbox on the door!!  You walk through the house and get a good look at it.  You are beyond excited because you thought about how close you came to giving up.  Phew!  Thank God for Jesus!  Here we go!  It is on!  You notice there are a few things to be fixed but you are assured everything will be in place by the time you move in.

You are sooooo close!!

You are under contract now! WooHoo!  But somehow at every turn there is one level of delay or another.  The realtor goes missing for weeks, not returning your phone calls.  Now you are all tied up in this thing.  Too far in to turn back now, you have to continue with the process and you feel like you are just sitting around and waiting.  Watching paint dry.  You walk up to the house, look through the window and notice that the inside looks painted now.  From your point of view everything is ready to go, so what is really happening here??  Your realtor is telling you that you can back out now because these people are in default.

I mean that promise is so close, it is right there, you are looking at it, but you still cannot take possession of it.  Why the delay? (more internal pontification, you’ll have to make up your own story this time)

I remember one day I was having a conversation with the Lord and I said to Him I don’t know what is worse, not knowing where I am going so I become the kid in the back seat of the car asking every five minutes “are we there yet?”  or knowing where I am going but I am parked outside, sitting in the car, looking at the front door and I can’t go in because it’s not time yet.

That, I’m sure, is how David felt. Anointed King but you can’t do anything until God says so.  Fully well knowing what is about to happen but there is nothing you can do to make it happen any faster.  He had to stay in that head space of readiness staring at the house from the car parked outside for 15+ years and I don’t think he was given a timeline.  Just imagine the years rolling by wondering “is this the year it’s going to happen?”

One of the final steps when you are remodeling a house is that you paint it.  Nothing like fresh paint on walls, no scratches or scuff marks anywhere!  But you know, after you paint the walls you have to wait for it to dry.  And it takes a little longer if it is oil paint.

Wet Paint = the sign that the renewal/restoration/recovery process has begun but not yet complete. You’re almost there.

The problem with wet paint:

  1. Everything looks good and ready on the outside
  2. You don’t know it’s wet unless there is a sign.  But what if there is no sign?
  3. You don’t know it’s wet until you touch it.
  4. Depending on how forcefully you touched it you may end up with evidence after it has dried that you touched it too soon <<< might need to meditate on this one.

If it’s oil paint your finger prints could be on that thing forever until you repaint…and now you still have to wait until it is dry.  There’s no getting around the drying time.  The Lord is showing me that many of you right now are in this “Wet Paint” stage.  You are almost there.  But what you need to do is just relax.  It will be dry when God says it’s dry.  You will get it when it is time.  Sometimes you can’t judge a thing by the outward appearance because it can look ready when it is not.

Like that nice golden brown thanksgiving turkey that you cut into and it’s raw on the inside.  It goes from being appetizing to unappetizing in seconds!  Or a cake that looks done until you stick the knife in the middle and find out it is not.  Both of these you can fix it easily by putting it back in the oven.  But don’t you know some things once you went there too soon you can’t put it back and fix it.

Don’t touch it until you ask God, even if it looks ready.  Please be patient.

When we are waiting on a small thing these can come really quickly but a house, among other things, is a big deal.  It is a big purchase.  These things sometimes take a little while to come to fruition.  It doesn’t happen that quickly.

When we are waiting on promises that involve other people, we don’t know where they are in the process.  We have to show patience.  Again, they can look ready on the outside when in reality they are not.  Only God knows that.  You may not be ready either and you think you are.

Psalm 84:11

For the LORD God is a sun and a shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


The Lord is a sun – this means He will shine His Light so that you can clearly see where you are going

The Lord is a shield – this means you are being protected.  He’s protecting you from making mistakes

The Lord will give grace – this means that you need grace to walk into some things that God has for you and He has to impart that upon you for you to be ready to walk into what you are waiting for.  Have you been given the grace already for this promise???  Perhaps you should ask.

The Lord will give glory – this means God loves to crown His children with glory.  He likes to see you celebrated and looking like a true son and daughter of the King.  It is a part of your inheritance.

No GOOD thing will He withhold – this means God is not going to hand you a house that has wet paint on the driveway, on the front door, in the kitchen.  While it might be painted, which is a good sign, it is not good at this moment because it still needs to dry.  You are going to make a mess if you take up that thing right now.  You don’t have it because right now it is not a good thing.  You don’t have it because it is still in process.  You don’t have it because you are still in preparation to get it.  You don’t have it because other people are still in preparation.  The minute that thing is ready IT WILL BE RELEASED.

From those who walk uprightly – this means when you are doing the right thing you have nothing to worry about.  God loves you.  He promised you this thing and you will get it.  You have been made righteous through the blood of Jesus, therefore you are upright!  He’s not holding back on you.

What can you do in the meantime?

What you need to do is try and remove your timeline.  And, stop overthinking everything.  Both of these leads to a dead end and you can end up feeling hopelessness.  Most of the time those thoughts are not even correct.  Stop thinking yourself out of your own blessing. Why is the turkey still raw on the inside?  Because it needs more time.  No. Other. Reason.

One thing I can tell you about the Lord is that He’s very simple.  We are the ones that over complicate things.  There is so much wisdom in simplicity.

Ask God… is there something that I need to do?  If the answer is No, then wait.  That’s all.  Just wait.  If God has already told you to do something and you haven’t done it, then you need to do it as you could be holding up the process.  Or, is there something He told you to stop doing?

Do this every 6 months because as things change and shift His response to you could be different.

Give it time.


4 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Wet Paint”

  1. This word is so encouraging cause i have ask God so many questions wen how must i wait so long for my breakthrough i thank Him and i just have to wait so that He can prepare me just like david god bless

  2. Amen and amen I hear this I will now just rejoice knowing that it will happen in His perfect timing.
    Glory to God Almighty.
    Much much blessings.

  3. I have been thinking often of John Milton, the poet, who wrote a poem about how he went blind. It ends: “They also serve who stand and wait.”

    Thank you for Psalm 84:11! The Lord is my strength and shield, of whom shall I be afraid!

  4. Amen ! I have been at a place of waiting .This word has brought some relief.All glory to him.
    Thank so much

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