Prophetic Word – Food, Part 2

prophetic word food part 2

This is Part 2 of the prophetic word on Food.  If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

I already told you that the Lord told me 3 things during our conversation when I went to Him with my frustration of not losing weight.

The first thing was that He loved me.  I spent about 3 months just basking in this and then I realized why He told me that first before He gave me the rest of the instructions.  You see, if you wreck your metabolism the road back is loooooooooong!

The first week after He said that to me is when it finally clicked in my head what I had done to my body with the excessive fasting because I flashed back to my days of working with that supplement company and I remembered those fitness models getting prepared for competition.  Have you ever seen a fitness model about 1 – 3 months after competition?  OMGEEEEEE!  Fat.  You would walk past them on the road and not even realize it’s the same person.  Then they would come back in to this scientist and he would coach them, and in 3 months their bodies would be ripped and muscles popping.  And it was a cycle of this abuse on their bodies and I knew it took them a long time to get it together once they stop competing.

If you want to know what happens in your body when you do this, watch this video it is the best explanation I have heard on the subject.  He’s talking to fitness competitors, and he explains very well what they did to their body and how they need to view it to understand how the damage occurred.  Then watch this video talking about the recovery process.

Once I realized that what was happening is exactly what I witnessed happening to the fitness competitor, I knew how to fix it.  Patience.  Eat nutritious food not eliminating any of the food groups.  Patience. No crazy exercise regiments. Patience.  Absolutely no caloric restrictions.  Patience.  Get prepared to gain even more weight because I had to reverse diet my way out of it to heal.  Then I couldn’t do any form of dieting until after I was fully healed. Patience. And you better get OK with getting fatter, hence, you need to love yourself.  It is a looooooong road.

It took me 2 years before I could even begin to diet again.  I just asked the Lord to show me when it was time and I waited until He said so.

You have to learn to love yourself where you are now and you have to not care what anyone else things about it.  God says He loves every inch of you, and that settles it.  You do not need anyone else’s approval.  You need to love yourself at 140 pounds and if you balloon up to 300 pounds still love yourself and if someone says they love you at 140 they should also love you at 300 pounds.  If they don’t, it appears they may have a problem.  Not you. Tell them to go take up their issue with the Lord!

They have to take up their cross and follow Christ.  This may be their cross.  LOL  Perhaps this was the thorn in Paul’s flesh, his 500 pound wife!  LOL   I’m sorry I’m sure you already know the sense of humor over here can be on steroids at times.  In Jamaica we have a saying “if I didn’t laugh I would have to cry” so we choose to laugh.

Love yourself.  And, laugh more it makes life funner.

Working out is spiritual warfare

Then here is the 2nd thing He said to me which was a complete eye opener for me.

You know when people say they like working out?  Not me!  I do it because I have to do it not because I want to do it.  It’s just not fun for me.

I was telling Him how much I hated working out, and that I hated the back and forth and the fact that I couldn’t commit to being consistent.  I wanted to know what I was supposed to be eating to be healthy and to maintain my weight.

He said that I was actually in a spiritual battle all along, that my hatred for working out was actually spiritual warfare.  That it was the enemy that was actually pushing these thoughts and discouraging me from working out.  Why?  Because he wants to destroy my body.  The Lord said, you are mentally strong so he can’t really attack you in that way, you are emotionally strong, so that’s not a way he can get to you and you are spiritually strong, so what else is he going to do?  He can’t get you sick because you’ll pray it off and be healed so he is left with no other attack plan but to push thoughts to you that you shouldn’t work out.  He gets you to not want to work out, eat things you shouldn’t be eating so that he can get you to break down and destroy your own body.  This way he can take you out of this world faster that you were supposed to leave!  He makes you do it to yourself so then you never know it was him.  But all along it was a spiritual attack.

Wow!  I just never thought this was a thing.  I said to the Lord, I thought I was the one that didn’t want to do it, like it was me being lazy.  He said no, he is making you think that so that once you own the behavior it is harder for you to break out of it because you never view it as a spiritual attack so then you never bind and rebuke him and go to the gym anyway even if you don’t feel like going.

This made all the difference in the world to me because it allowed me to have a complete mindset shift about working out.

In my B.C (Before Christ) days, I worked out because I wanted to look good.  It was all superficial and this was the motivation.  When I work out now, I do it because I have PURPOSE and DESTINY and I need to be here to fulfill that. If I don’t take care of my body, I won’t be around to fulfill the plan of God on my life.  This is my motivation now.

Looking good is just a byproduct, it’s not the goal.

I don’t do it to gain attention, I do it because I am on a mission for the Lord.

I don’t view it as working out anymore, I see it as going to war.  I am doing spiritual battle when I work out.  Do I like working out now?  No.  I still hate it.  But you know what’s fun for me?  Busting the devil in his mouth 4 – 5 times per week, Yes, and I make sure I hit him hard enough so that his dentures fly out!  He’s toothless, and that’s biblical. LOL (Job 4:9-10)


As I get in that last squat when my legs and glutes are burning, I picture that I just drop kicked him!  LOL

Booyah!  LOL

I teach him a lesson.  I don’t have to love this, I just need to do it!  Liking it is irrelevant. I have purpose and I’m on a mission.

It is remarkable how quickly he leaves when he sees that you figured it out!  Buh Bye!

There are things in life you don’t need to pray about, you enter into the warfare by doing it.  You don’t need to like cleaning your house, you just need to clean it!  That’s how you wage war!  You don’t need a prayer, you just need to do it.

The third thing is that I ask Him what I should be eating to maintain my weight.  Initially, I was not going to share this because we’re all different and what I eat you may not or may be allergic to it.  Then I realized I need to tell you because you need to know this to understand the next section.

He said eat Fish, Vegetables and Fruits.

So I ran off and did everything He told me to do and we all lived happily ever after…NOT!

What I have learnt in life is that when we get to the things that need to change that are not necessarily a sin, these can sometimes be harder to do.  You’re not committing a sin by continuing to do it.  It becomes optional but you know that it is God’s perfect will for you because He said it.

1 Corinthians 10:23

All things are lawful [that is, morally legitimate, permissible], but not all things are beneficial or advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things are constructive [to character] and edifying [to spiritual life].

From the time of this conversation, it took me 2 years to get everything back to where it should be.

Then Covid came 2 years later and it was at that time I realize why He was speaking to me about getting stronger.  Many people died, and some of those deaths could have been avoided. 85% of the people who got hospitalized with Covid had Vitamin D deficiency. 26% of the people who died had vitamin D deficiency.  Basically, all they needed to do was take a vitamin and they could’ve avoided being hospitalized when they got covid.  And if they didn’t have the money to buy the vitamin they could sit in the sun for 15 minutes every day.  That means lives could’ve been spared this.  They just needed a little bit of education on vitamins and supplements.

Watch out for the Triggers

I do like fish, vegetables and fruits but what happens to the rest of the things I liked to eat?  Well, I had to slowly phase them out.  This takes time.  And, you’ll get it when you go into prayer and ask Him what you’re supposed to eat.

I started eating vegan about 2-3 days a week after He told me this and I’m fine with that.  But then I knew I had to cut back on the meat and the chicken…eggs.

There I was making my breakfast – smoke salmon, capers, onions, tomatoes and then I’m boiling my customary 2 eggs because that’s how I do it.  But God didn’t tell me to eat eggs.   Aaaah what do I do????  It just felt like a struggle.  Like my taste buds are saying “where’s the egg?”  I ate the eggs and then started to try and imagine eating my breakfast without it.  I knew I needed more time to give that up.  Was that a sin?  No.  I asked God a question about maintaining my weight and He gave me an answer.  Eating the egg is not a sin, it’s basically a choice.

Sometimes it is not so much that you do something, it is how often are you doing it?  Because even a good thing can turn bad if you abuse it.

Proverbs 25:16

If you find honey, eat just enough—
    too much of it, and you will vomit.

You see whether you realize it or not, you have triggers.  Yes, food combinations that you like to eat together.  Your palate has memory.  If you keep one of these items out, then it seems like your meal is just lacking something.  It’s different for everyone but it’s there.

There are combinations of food stored in the historical memory of your tastebuds so if you ever try to divert from the combination you feel like something is missing and it’s like you can’t enjoy the meal.  And can catches you off guard when it happens.  I know some if you right now are thinking “don’t be so dramatic”.  Just you wait until your tastebuds get triggered by something you know you should not be eating…or drinking.

For example, if you are into fine dining and you know how to properly pair wines with food and you’ve been eating like that for a while.  It is VERY hard to break out of that.  Why, because you’re an alcoholic?  No!  Because you’re cultured, had a good life and your tastebuds know food combinations really well and you’re a foodie with a boogie palate! Any deviation from that plan is just going to make you not enjoy that meal as much.  So there you are at that “church event” at a fancy restaurant, and they bring you that bowl of seafood pasta with the marinara sauce and the waiter start shaving the parmesan over your pasta and there’s focaccia bread and olive oil and then he asks you what you want to drink and you sheepishly say “I’ll have a seltzer water with lemon” and your tastebuds are like “WHAT????  You said what????  This is not going to be any good.  You’re not going to have the full experience!!” LOL  A literal tantrum being thrown in your mouth.  Because of your food memories.

Or you go to a backyard barbecue and the ribs and chicken is seasoned just right, and they got the right smoke barbecue smell going on and put the right kind of wood in the grill the flavor right, and then they get just the right kind of burn charred taste on the outside of that steak, man alive! What are you going to drink?  I’ll have a Heineken or a Red Stripe Beer. Oh, I didn’t know you drank beer, I thought you were a wine drinker?  Well, I don’t drink beer…except when I’m at an outdoor barbecue and food taste this good!  I don’t think I’ve had a beer in over 5 years, but the barbecue trigger, is real! I barbecue at home all the time in the oven, and I don’t drink beer because the flavor is not like what I just described.  That whole thing is a nostalgic thing for me from back home.

I don’t drink sodas, and there’s none in my house, but LET ME TELL you, in the movie theatre when you have that bucket of hot popcorn, with that delicious salt, and they layer the popcorn with the butter, putting in layers of butter as they fill it to the top, whose got time for water in those settings????  Not me. My tastebud are like “where’s my Coca Cola?”  Sigh.  I thought you didn’t drink sodas?  I don’t!  But I’m in a movie theatre eating buttered popcorn so here we are drinking coco cola, LOL  I make at home, but it’s not the same.  Somehow I don’t need the coca cola at home.

I had some friends over once and they just wanted to listen to all this Bob Marley reggae music and the next thing you know we’re making fruit cocktails, blended drinks with the pineapple on the side.  Because the music just brought us into that vacation mode.  That wasn’t even a food combo trigger it was music trigger that brought back something nostalgic that made our tastebuds wants something to capture the same feelings we have when we’re on vacation on an island or a cruise somewhere.  I’ll have a Bahama Mama thank you!  Which I never have anywhere else except on a cruise!

We have memories that are created with food and drinks and they are stored and so when these memories get triggered we repeat a behavior to recapture that moment because it was a great memory for us.

Can you break out of this?  Yes.  But it’s like you have to move in such a level of self-control at these moments.  This takes effort and it’s like you have to retrain your tastebuds to like something else.  It is very hard at first.  It is hard because you don’t know the trigger is there until you’ve been put in the situation.

One season in my life when the Lord was training me on casting out demons, He specifically told me to stop drinking alcohol.  If you didn’t know this alcohol can act as a doorway to demons, so if you are in any type of ministry where you have demon possessed people around you or you are a deliverance minister, alcohol is a BIG NO! (1 Peter 5:8) Otherwise, good luck getting them out of your house and your life.  I didn’t know this until I was being trained on it then I realized why the Lord told me that I couldn’t drink. It didn’t matter the circumstances or situation I was not allowed. Period. The End. This was just for a season but at the time I did not know that and I believed it was permanent.

So, here I was about a year and a half into it and I was fine dropping the alcohol cold turkey then one day at home I just felt like having a mushroom risotto that I make with the butter fried cod on top.  I stood there wondering what I was going to do because that is what I felt like eating.  I had no wine in the house and I’m thinking it’s a culinary crime to make a risotto without pinot grigio.  Then I started negotiating with the Lord…Lord, I’m actually not leaving the house for the rest of the evening, is it so bad if I just go buy the bottle of wine, make the risotto? I’ll be home anyway, I’m not out.  Then I remember that it wasn’t just about making the risotto, because the alcohol burns off in the cooking, but it was that I would also be playing my usual “one for you, one for me” game with the risotto.  You know the one where you pour the wine in the pot as it’s cooking and you say “one for you”  then you take a swig from your glass and say “one for me” and you go back and forth, LOL.  Yes, this is the only dish I make where I do this.  This is the risotto memory. In that moment I was amazed at how you make these memories of things and how trained your tastebuds are to expect the same taste when you are in the experience.  And any deviation from that taste is upsetting. At that moment, I realized I could not buy the wine because it wasn’t just going to end up in the risotto.  I was for sure going to be having some.  I was really disappointed because I began thinking does this mean I can never cook risotto again?  So then I prayed and ask the Lord to help me make a risotto where I would be happy with it and not feel disappointed with the meal.  You know, like when you make your special sauce and there’s one ingredient missing and you just feel it’s such a let down.  I didn’t want to feel that way because then I really wouldn’t enjoy the meal as much as I normally would.

Then the thought comes to me, add black truffle oil to the risotto.  Instantly in my mind I could just taste it!  That flavor is very overpowering so it makes it taste like a completely new dish and not the old one. And then I made garlic butter instead of just plain garlic on the cod fish.  It was so delish!  Much better than the original one even!

What did I do here?  I created a whole new experience for my taste buds that is better than the original one, and I didn’t miss the wine!  I just created a new food memory.

1 Corinthians 10:13

13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

It could take years for you to be put in a situation to realize you even have a trigger.  Further, if you think about it, none of this is a sin unless God tells you to stop doing it!  So you could be doing this right now and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It becomes a problem when God tells you to stop consuming something.  That is when you will realize the usefulness of this part of the post.

Now you know you can be triggered through food combo association, music and smells, you also have to watch out for the triggers from the television.  Back in my B.C days, my best friend and I had this TV show we both enjoyed watching each week, we would watch the show at our separate homes and when it went to a commercial break we would call each other, then when the show came back on we would hang up (the things women do!) and so on and so forth.  I realized at one point that I would be sitting in my living room midway in the show and I would have a glass of wine in my hand.  I had no recollection of when I went to get the bottle, when I opened it up, and when I poured the glass.  It was like I was looking at the glass and thinking to myself “how did that get there?”.  Weird, I know.  I brushed it off.  The following week it happened again, so I asked my best friend when the show went to commercial break “are you drinking wine?”  she said yes.  Neither one of us would just sit there and drink wine by ourselves, without a meal and for no reason.  She also didn’t seem to know why she was doing that.  This is not our normal pattern of behavior. When the show came back on from commercial break the main character was on the screen having a conversation with her best friend and they were both drinking wine. It was at that moment that I realized what happened.

Back in the day, they used to trigger people with cigarette smoking, that used to be cool, until it wasn’t.  They’ve replaced it with alcohol and who knows what else because I don’t watch TV.

Start paying attention to that if you watch TV, they not only push agendas but they also trigger people….your emotional state, habits, etc.

All of this comes through one of our gates – eyes, ears, mouth, smell, touch.

What I don’t want you to do is sit there and beat yourself up if you slip up and do something you should not have done. Or you thought you got over something and now you don’t know how you fell back into it. Understand you could’ve just been triggered.  This doesn’t mean you are a failure.  There was something there that brought you down the path.  What you need to do is identify what it is and make a plan on how to handle it the next time you are in that situation.

You can either avoid it all together, switch out with other ingredients, or pray to God for inspiration to give you a whole new food memory that taste so much better than the old one.  This is a winning strategy.

Would you eat from your enemy?

It is a simple yes or no.

I was just going along in January this year and then one day I read this online US General sends memo to his officers predicting war with China in 2025.

Instantly I am thinking, do you think you want to stop buying our food from them and getting our medications from them before you make an announcement like that?  Come on now!  What in the world???  Would you eat from your enemy?  Seriously!!!!  It is one thing to buy a door stopper, a bottle opener, a hair dryer, a plastic clip for your chips bag, go ahead buy the cheap plastic stuff from them until we can’t get it anymore.  But the food?  The Medications??? The apple juice you’re feeding to your babies? Things you ingest?  I DON’T THINK SO!   How are they announcing that they are planning to go to war and we are still eating the food? This is not a political statement, I’m talking about the food.

If you’re gonna get me you will need to use the missile!  I’m not going to make it that easy for you to take me out.  AND “they” will never tell you to stop eating it!  I don’t know if this will happen, but I also realize that the only way we are going to find out is if a whole bunch a people start getting sick or dropping dead and they trace it back to the source.  Then what? Then nothing! Because we are at war.  Now, I check the labels not only to see what is in it but where is it from? Until the relationship changes between the two countries, I feel like I am left with no other choice.

And, Packed by and Distributed by is not the same as manufactured in or product of.  There’s a difference.

It’s my money and I get to choose what I buy, if a pack of garlic is from the USA, the other is from that country and then the big bin of loose garlic has no indication of where it is from.  I will buy the one from the USA.  If the food doesn’t say where it is from, I am not buying it.

Where are your vitamins and supplements coming from?  I know your protein powder is from a company in California but where is the raw material coming from that makes it?  Send them an email and find out.

Farmers Markets or the local markets should be your best friend.  I’m talking about the ones that still have the dirt on the vegetables.  At least you know it was grown right there where you are.

Then things started getting scary (ier)

Now, I’m going to get into some serious things.  Everything I shared so far is what God has been showing me over the years.  The whole thing with reading the labels started in October 2022.  Since then, I’ve made many changes to the things that I’ve been eating; therefore I thought I was doing pretty well and was planning to share this post with everyone because I knew it would help someone, but God had not yet told me to go ahead and do it.

When He said that this year He wanted us to prosper physically, I knew the time was here to share the post.  Fasten your seatbelts and keep your hands and head inside the vehicle….So, here’s what I learnt since October.

First, in my news feed I saw that people who raise backyard chickens were having an issue because their chickens were not laying eggs.  You know we already have an egg shortage and now you have people who have raise their own chickens having problems with their chickens.  It wasn’t only a few people it was a lot.  It turns out that they changed one of the ingredients or omitted one and it affected the chicken’s production. It messed with their reproduction. I don’t think this was done on purpose but remember what I shared in part 1 of this message, about the FDA approving omissions or changes to things?  Yes, they can switch ingredients on you and things will get affected.  People only knew this because they are the chickens laying eggs. So what about the chickens that don’t lay eggs?  What are they being fed?  What exactly are you eating when you eat those chickens?

Then again, I guess it won’t matter since they already have a plan for infertility which is creating a baby factory that will grow over 30,000 babies per year.  Yeah, like tell me if this doesn’t sound like the plot for the new Matrix 5 Movie!  Except they are actually serious!

Then I shared with you the post on Changes are coming fast where the Lord said that people would experience various illnesses and diseases some of them would be food related.

Then I read this one about human composting.  This falls right in line with the whole “going green to save the planet” argument.  It’s already legal in 5 states to compost your loved ones and use them to plant crops.  I don’t know about you but if you’re buying land or a house in any of these states there are now new questions you need to ask before you fall in love with that house. Can you imagine planting out your land and then you find out that the person that owned that property before you have their entire family combined with the soil in your backyard?  Unbelievable!

Then I was in prayer in February this year and I went into a vision.  I was not praying about this topic, I was just sitting quietly reflecting on the Lord:

I see a group of fruit trees, one tree starts to grow much higher than the others and in a really fast manner.  Then an apple started coming out and it got big and ripe, then I saw a worm come out of the apple. You know that picture of the apple with the worm in it?

I’m sure you’ve seen some variation of this while you were growing up in school.  Well, I saw a worm come out of the apple and then there were many worms busting out all over the apple to the point where there was hardly any sign of the apple with all those worms over it.

Then the Spirit of the Lord said:

The food is tainted, Make better choices.

Then after that I see another vision.  I see the bottom half of a toddler and the child is walking towards an open window.  It’s like a French window.  The legs looked like the child was going to go outside the window.

So I’m seeing the toddler from the waist down and the child has shoes on walking towards a window that looks exactly like this just fully opened.

Then it’s like my vision looks outside the window and on the ground in the grass is what looks like a scoop of cooked ground beef on the ground. Then the visions end.

I sat there thinking, I don’t understand.  The Lord said nothing else so I was left rolling all of this around in my mind to try and figure out what it means.

First, all those worms in the apple is not good and the Lord said as much “the food is tainted, make better choices“.  BUT, I already know this.  Everything I shared with you, He knows that I already know this so why would He be telling me this again?  I’ve already made many changes so this must mean that there are other changes that I need to make.

And, these changes have to do with something that I don’t already know or He wouldn’t be saying this.  Then He says “the food is tainted” not that it is going to be but that it already is.  That means that the changes I need to make involve something that has already been done to the food that I don’t know about.  Hmmm

So then I start to pray, Lord I’m going to do what You asked but I’m going to need You to show me what it is so that I know what the “better choices” will entail because I don’t want to make a different choice only to find out that nothing was resolved. Can you tell me what we should be eating?

He said

Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and some chicken.

Based on what I already knew I interpreted “some chicken” as eating a little of it, or is it some chicken because not all chicken is safe.  Given what we now know about the omitting of ingredients, we need to be mindful of that when we purchase chicken.  But how will we ever know this?

Then I started thinking about the last vision, what does a toddler going through a window have to do with ground beef on the ground outside the window.  Absolutely no clue and the Lord provided no further details on that part even though I asked.

For the next two days I kept thinking about it, I was praying in tongues and then it started coming to me…the entire vision series had to do with food… I was just in shock and disbelief and disgust that I didn’t even want to think that.  But once my mind went there, I couldn’t see it any other way.  Then I was speaking to a friend of mine a few weeks after this and I told her about the visions.  She immediately gave me the interpretation; the same one I came to.  Sigh.

I’m not even going to tell you what it means. So sorry to do that to you but I can’t even type that.  Ask the Lord and He will show you.  And, when it comes out in the media I will send a link and let you know.  I’m sure eventually all of us are going to find out.

If they can’t get you to take it one way, they will find another

Remember, I prayed and asked God what He was talking about regarding making better choices so I knew He was going to reveal to me what He meant by that.

First, I do not go looking for this stuff.  When God wants me to know something, He literally will put it right in front of my face so I can see it.  Random things will just start popping up in my news feed and on YouTube when I’ve never looked at that kind of content before.  I came across this video speaking about a plant-based vaccine.  Well, that’s not such a bad thing since a lot of the people who didn’t take it said it was because of how the vaccine was made.  Here’s a video showing you how they grow plants that already have the vaccine in it. 

Then Canada picked it up and started using it in June 2022.

Then this other video explains how easy it is to just let the animals eat it in their food and then it can be transferred to humans.

Apparently, this is not a new thing.  They’ve been doing these types of experiments (growing food with vaccines in it) with plants for awhile now.  When it doesn’t work with one type of food they try another.  They are cycling through different types of foods to determine which one is the best.

Therefore, this is not a new concept but since Covid, they’ve ramped it up and now have a new focus on how they are going to create it.  The idea is not that they grow the plants with the vaccine and then convert it into the form that you take in a syringe, no, what they want to do is grow the covid vaccine in the food and then feed you the food!!!!

The NIH which is the National Institute for Health in the US, know that the vaccine grown in the plants were 71% effective based on the advancement of the Canadian plant-based vaccine.  What they have decided to do is not spend the money on needles and syringes but just have us eat the food with the vaccine in it. How about that?  Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots grown with the vaccine already in it.

I’m not making it up.  Here is the entire research from the NIH website that outlines what has already been done and where the challenges exist before they launch it. It is a long read and if you don’t feel like reading all of that you can just skip to section 3.4 and start reading from that point.  That is the part that talks specifically about the Covid vaccine.

And then they provide you with this nice chart showing why it is so much better doing it this way than using a needle because it makes it easier to give it to the children.

Then if you jump down to section 3.6 they tell you that this works best with plants that have a long shelf life like cereal, wheat, maize, rice because they don’t degrade that easily.

They said one of their concerns was the pollination issue that the crops needed to be grown in an environment where it was monitored and safe.  With the plants that was grown for the Canadian vaccine, the video shows that this is in an enclosed controlled environment, there were no concerns there.  Why then would they be concerned about pollination other than they are planning to plants these in an open field.

Here’s what I’m thinking, they’re probably going to need a whole lot of farmland to grow all those crops.  I’m going to leave it at that.

I thought this bit was very interesting I needed to copy and paste it…

3.7.6. Rice ( Oryza sativa )

“Rice is extensively used in the production of an edible vaccine. This is because of the availability and abundance of rice in third world countries and is harmless for animals and humans (Tacket, ). It has also been shown by an experiment that rice‐based edible vaccines cause allergy (Aryamvally et al., ; Mason et al., ).”

Section 3.9.13 shows with the Covid vaccine they are growing plants with it, to make salads.  Tomato, Cucumber and Lettuce.  There is also 2 different groups working on tobacco, so you can just chew it if you chew tobacco.

With Tobacco they are using a different method in that they are going to put the vaccine in the soil and then the tobacco plants suck it up for food from the soil.  Yes, the soil.

Section 3.10 the Pros and Cons

“Because many mRNAs from the transgene promote gene silence in the plant genome, trials to increase the number of antigens produced result in immature plant growth and lower fruit formation (Laere et al., ). The transgenic plant can induce allergies in certain people. Edible vaccines might trigger hypersensitive responses during posttranslational modifications, and oral acceptance, when combined with an oral adjuvant, to normally trigger the mucosal immune response, can exacerbate allergic reactions to several other proteins present in the daily food stuff (Maxwell, ). Because of significant variation in the glycosylation patterns of plants and human beings, the role of edible vaccines may be impeded (Pascual, ).”

“Another drawback of edible vaccines is the complexity around the determination of an appropriate oral administration quantity, which may need multiple administration rounds, raising the overall cost of their use (Shakoor et al., ; Yoshida et al., ). Required dosage varies from generation to generation, protein content, weight, patient age, ripeness of the fruit, plant to plant, and amount of the food consumed (Moffat, ). Overeating of these plants containing antigens that trigger the immune response may lead to immune system overstimulation. The location where oral vaccine‐producing plants are produced is another essential element to consider. To minimize seed or pollen damage during plant cutting, the absolute governor should be trained to protect the atmosphere where such plants are cultivated (Webster, Cooney, et al., ).”

The Conclusion…

“Edible vaccines, the much safer and inexpensive substitutes of traditional vaccines, can be produced without the need for sophisticated equipment and tools. These edible vaccines are economical, needle‐free, do not require refrigeration, appeal to kids, stored nearby at the place of consumption, and delivered in the form of salad, which can trigger both systemic and mucosal responses. The edible vaccines can reduce the tremendous use of antibiotics and cope with the major challenge of antibiotic resistance. Developing and mostly underdeveloped countries will have profited more from this economical method of edible vaccine production and the vaccine products would be accessible to the population.”

Now, here’s the deal.  It is one thing to eat the salad and know what it is, and it is another thing to eat that salad and not know what it is.  Do you believe they are going to feed the salad to only the people who consent to eat it?  This is the million dollar question.

I am so sorry you had to read that.  I was just as shocked as I am sure you are to read it.  He brought it and dropped it in my lap within 2 days after I prayed and ask Him what He meant.

The food IS tainted – It is already done.

Make better choices – Revisit the changes you already made in view of these new findings to protect yourself from this.

Finding this paper coupled with the vision made me go and seek out all the local area farmers markets. I was already doing this but now I needed to find the ones with the actually farm in the back of the store, not the ones that are selling you the same thing you can get from a supermarket.  I started to research local farmers and farms where they sell meat and dairy where I can actually SEE the cows and talk to the people who care for them to find out what they eat.  I’m not the only person in my household so I have to look out for everyone.

You know, if you are producing your own food, you are very fortunate right now.  More than you know.  For the rest of us, we need to read all the labels and have knowledge of where the food is coming from and how it is being grown.

I know this was a lot to read.  And as you can tell it’s been a very long time since God has been talking to me about this.  I thought it was imperative to share this with you now because things are accelerating, and God has been speaking to me more and more about this.  I’ve had years and several months to process all of this in between but for you you’re getting all of this in 2 weeks. The good news is that now you know and we are all on the same page.

Pace yourself.  Take baby steps.  Start with the things you eat the most and work through it.  I’m not telling you to go throw out all the food in your house, unless the Lord is telling you that, then go ahead.  What I am saying is, since you have to spend your money at the grocery store from today onwards, how about you just start reading the labels as you shop and make better choices.  It’s not hard to do because you have to shop anyway.  It’s just going to take you a little more time to do some research.

I said to the Lord that I can’t think of a good way to end this post because obviously this is terrible.  I asked Him to end the message and give us the final word on this.

He said:

“After you’ve made the changes, you will feel much better in your body”

Then He went on to say

“Clean foods will bring you clarity”

Then I saw a blender and inside was a pink paper folded up small, I opened the paper and read it and it said “fruits and vegetables”.  Why is it pink?  It’s like a love note from God.

Then He said

“With Clarity you will be able to clearly see what needs to be done. Put your mental wealth first”

By the way, that is not a typo, He did not say mental health, He said mental wealth.

“Clean foods produces clear thinking, which produces clear instructions. which will produce wealth.  No Ishmaels”

What does that mean?  Remember that Sarah and Abraham were supposed to wait on the Lord to get Isaac, but they got impatient and decided to take matters into their own hands because she didn’t get pregnant in their timeframe.  She gave Hagar, her maidservant, to Abraham to have the child.  The child’s name was Ishmael.  That never should’ve happened. It was not God’s will.

So the Lord is saying, when you eat clean foods, your mind will be so clear and you will receive very clear instructions on how you need to move forward in the WEALTH TRANSFER because your mind is what gets wealthy first!  Hallelujah!  What. A. Concept!!!  Then, as a result of that you will make fewer to NO MISTAKES. You won’t be producing Ishmaels, just Isaacs all the way!  Come on now!  Phew!  The Lord is so goooooood!

I believe He’s going to raise up farmers to plant the clean food.  This is an opportunity for us.  This is how you need to see it and until then, watch what you eat.

Now that’s how you end a message!

A very simple prayer to end:  Abba Father, with all of the things that they have already done and are planning to do, YOU do the ONE THING they never saw coming, in Jesus name, Amen.

If you wrote in the comments on Part 1 of this post that you want to know how to lose the weight and keep it off, I will send you an email in a week.  I also want to share the App “Yuka” with you, that was shared with me by a friend. It allows you to scan foods and it will tell you if it is healthy or not.  You still need to read the label, but I believe it may help you.

Bible Verses – Proverbs 25:28,


17 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Food, Part 2”

  1. Thank you for these food messages and for sharing the Yuka app. I started reading food labels while shopping in my early twenties, a habit God led me into while abroad as i studied how food was made, and how it impacts our health (preventive medicine, mood, concentration, etc.). Then I moved to the US, and cried the first time I went shopping, because at the time i had trouble finding healthy affordable food (that was before discovering food co-ops, that purchase mainly from family owned local farms)… God is good. May we continue to listen to His voice.

  2. Good stuff. Years ago I completed a liver cleanse. The book I read documented so much ick in our food…I have been watching slowly and working to eat better and dump sugar. Thanks for reinforcing and reminding me I gotta teach the kiddos. Also interested in knowing more about the supplements/info from email 1.

  3. Thank you for the information. I’m at a bit of a quandary I just moved from warm NC to cold Wisconsin…no farmers markets for months to come and a short growing season. How do I know what spinach is safe to eat or not. Just avoid bioengineered foods? I know I can ask the Holy Spirit but what do I tell family members that aren’t saved.

    So should we not eat salads at restaurants? I understand the information but I’m not quite sure how to know what fruit and vegetables I can eat if they are randomly growing them in vaccines. Ugh. Our world needs so much help and prayer. A little bit more practical info would help. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      All very good questions, but really I am just the messenger. I have no idea when these fruits and vegetables will hit the market and if they will or will not be labeled. I don’t know. All I did was pass on the information and you’ll need to ask the Lord for guidance on that. I will tell you that it changed the way I think of restaurants and my desire to go to one. Now when I read a menu, I don’t look for what looks tasty but instead what looks to be the safest bet. If you are able to, I would try to buy organic as much a as possible and also look for the labels that say non-gmo. I would imagine once all these modified fruits and veggies become available there would be no way for them to put a “non-gmo” label on it. So look for that. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Blessings

  4. “Clean foods produces clear thinking, which produces clear instructions. which will produce wealth. No Ishmaels”
    Powerful May God open our spiritual eyes to see more clearly.

  5. Thank you for the post! God gave me a mandate at the beginning of 2023 to take better care of my physical health by changing what I eat. Reading both your prophetic words on the food has really been an eye opener for me and is confirmation to what God has been speaking to me. I appreciate your ministry, which has been instrumental in helping me grow in faith and my relationship with God!
    Can you please send me the link on the diet?

  6. Thank you so much for this information Prophet Nicole. Since February God as been dealing with me about my food to eat. He restricted specific food showing me in a vision, impression or images. I start to avoid them in my menu and He told me that it has to do with clarity. This word is the confirmation. Thank you. I Thank God for using you.

  7. Hmmmmm when I read tainted food am just praying for Africa especially my country Nigeria,due to corruption by the people in power they can easily give this people land to plants this evil foods and make it more cheaper for people to consume to their death knowing fully well that our health department is zero, Our help is in the name of the lord who made heaven and earth. May God see us through this battle I pray. Amen

    1. I really do think those in Nigeria are more fortunate than you think when it comes to food. Majority of our foods are grown locally. Please let’s stop assuming the worst about our country and continent. God bless.

  8. I can’t unsee with the toddler. I saw it as I read it😥.
    Though I’m here in Jamaica I’m seeking ways to grow my own food because a lit of our food is imported. I have banana and plantain trees and also water melon.Gona replant my pumpkins. Now as I am typing this the Lord reminded me of a dream I had this morning with tainted food, even those on the vine did not look healthy when I looked closer, when I cut them they had a strange substance/discoloration inside. God help us

    1. Girl! As I read it I saw it. No explanation needed. I hardly purchase corned beef anymore because each time I pick up a can the thought that comes to mind is…….I wonder if they ground up stuff other than beef and put it in here? The thought always make me ultra nauseous and I just put it back on the shelf. So you can just imagine what the picture of a toddler walking/falling through a window and then round beef is doing to my psychi right now!

      I live in rural Jamaica. It’s a farming community so most of our food is from the soil. I literally ask my neighbors for yams and get yams plus, Cabbage, carrots etc fresh from the soil with the dirt on it. I don’t mind washing the dirt off myself. I have a herb and spices garden and several fruit trees. My backyard is filled with banana and plantain trees with bunches of fruit at different stages of readiness, so we don’t buy these. We give then away to friends and family and in exchang I get other root tubers/foods and veggies that I may not have at the time. But the food that we must buy….gosh! It is scary!
      It may take us a while but we Just have to make up our minds to live of the land alone. Period.

      1. Thank you for this eye opening information. Thank you woman of God.
        I have been eating vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken since 1979,after I was tested for food allergy- protein test, I was 25yrs old.I don’t know what it meant to me spiritually,but I followed the doctor ‘s orders up-to-date. And I never experienced severe allergies ever.And I thank God for setting me free,for I suffered a lot since childhood.
        Please send me a link for weight management my daughter has food allergies and weight problem.

  9. May we develope such an anointing like Elisha thst even poison in the pot will not harm us — today making good old fashion chicken soup ,,, people today don’t have time nor desire to scrutinize every food detail

  10. My heart and head are all heavy after reading this. My kids eat rice like it is all that exists. I dont know where to start from. Yesterday I talked to a farmer to help me plant some vegetables and fuits in my backyard and I am so pursuing this to the end. Thank you for sharing. May God help me heal from all this reading. Pheew!!

  11. Thank you for this MOP 🙏🙏 I got so curious about the ground beef that it won’t leave my mind… And God brought me in this article… 😥😥😥

    Please send me the link on the diet… I am really under physical attack at the moment.. I have grown so big I cannot even recognize myself when I take a picture. But I thank God for the encouragement He released through you.. that He loves me nonetheless. But I have to start picking the armor again to take care and steward my body and be more effective for His Kingdom.. thank you MOP for standing in faith with all of us… God has been using your ministry in teaching me a lot about His Kingdom… 🙏🙏🙏

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