Prophetic Word – Food – Part 1

This prophetic word is titled Food.  This took me such a long time to write because there was so much that I wanted to say to you on this topic.  God has also ramped up how much He’s telling me about the foods we consume and I’m going to share all of it with you.  These are all in different pieces which will come together to form a whole story.  Just one piece of what I share here may speak volumes to you.

The post is very long because it contains videos and linked articles and resources, so pace yourself!  You can either watch them as you are reading the post or come back and watch all the videos afterwards.  They basically just allow you to hear other people and experts confirm exactly what I am saying in this post.

Who is this word for?  Well, I’m going to reverse it this time.  If you grow your own food and eat what you grow, this word is NOT for you.  If you eat meat and you raise your own animals for meat, this word is NOT for you.  It’s for everyone who has to go into a grocery store and buy their food.  I told you in the prophetic word for 2023, that the year was about making choices and God wants us to prosper spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  This is about your physical wholeness and prosperity this year.

Ezekiel 47:12

“All kinds of trees providing food will grow along both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. Each month they will bear fresh fruit because the water comes from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be used for eating and their leaves for healing.”
Do you notice where the food and the healing comes from?  A tree.  It doesn’t come out of a package or a can, unless you’re canning your own fruits and vegetables that you grow.


Let’s start from the beginning.
I grew up in Jamaica.  According to the standards in the United States I ate organic.  We eat food off the trees or what was growing in the backyard.  We had land and we farmed, raised our own meat.  We did buy some outside of that but at the markets what you bought was grown in someone else’s yard.  The meat was raised properly and came from animals running out in a field or as they call it in America “free range”.


I remember while I was in school, we could tell very easily which of our classmates went to the United States on summer break because they would come back 20 -30 pounds heavier.  Just imagine gaining that much weight over 2.5 months.  Is this because we’re starving in Jamaica?  No, we eat fresh foods that come off of trees.  There’s no packaged food in anyone’s house. We do not eat frozen tv dinners.  Everybody cooks every day or you hired a housekeeper who cooks for you. And, we eat fruit, not candy.  Pizza is considered junk food and usually only eaten one day per week usually on a Friday because you don’t feel like cooking.  There are no desserts after dinner.  Once per week we would go to this place that sells the best homemade ice cream and have A cone.  We run around outside all day long so it’s kinda hard for you to be fat.


I only knew one person with lactose intolerance.  I only knew one person with a crustacean allergy. I only knew one person that was allergic to pollen.  I don’t know anyone with a nut allergy.  I don’t know any child with childhood diabetes. I’ve never heard about ADD or ADHD until I came to the US. In Jamaica you send you child outside to run and play so all of that is worked out the extra energy in the streets and there are plenty of trees to climb so the kids are very active. We don’t give them drugs because they are hyperactive.  I don’t know anyone with childhood diabetes. I’d never met anyone with cancer.  I don’t know anyone with Parkinson’s, or an elderly person with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  People live to a ripe whole age with all their faculties in tact.  And yes I know this is a country with 4 million people but believe me everyone knows everyone and if there was someone who had some disease or illness, you would know about it.  Nobody checked in with anyone else when there was a party to find out if they had allergies.  No, you just cooked and we all ate it.  There was alcohol everywhere because it is a huge part of our culture we have a lot of parties and socialize regularly but there was never anyone stumbling around drunk.  We understand the word, moderation. The only thing we would do is separate the pork from the rest of the meat, and that was for religious reasons.  No one I knew took vitamins because the food had all the vitamins and minerals in it so there was no need to supplement anything.


But every country has its own type of illness as you get older so what we would have high blood pressure because we do cook with a lot of salt and have quite a few pickled type of dishes and diabetes from eating all those sugary sweet fruits.  The sweetest fruits you can imagine – mangoes, cherries, sugar cane, pineapples, bananas, oranges, sapodillas (naseberries), jackfruit, we have fruits you don’t have in the Unites States and they are very sweet add to that the root vegetables that we eat and it is a sugar festival.  So, later on in life a lot of people get diabetes.  And, heart disease, gout/arthritis because we cook with a lot of oil and there’s a lot of meat.  But all of this starts happening after 60 years old.  And of course, you can manage this because it has to do with diet and with some adjustments you can avoid it.  Therefore, dietary changes are made and these people still lived to a ripe old age.-


Then everything changed…


Due to some kind of trade agreement, they started importing these chicken parts from the United States.  Legs and thighs.  The first time we saw them we thought it wasn’t normal because these parts were about 3 times the size of our own chicken legs and thighs.  We nicknamed them the Godzilla chicken.  I mean people actually would look at it and avoid it.  We would make jokes saying can you imagine seeing that chicken when it was alive and it starts chasing you around the yard?  You’d be running for your life because it would be like being chased by Godzilla.  I remember that my mom bought some and cooked it, the texture didn’t taste like our chicken and it had no flavor. Yes, chicken is supposed to have flavor.  She had to put so much seasoning on it to make it taste normal.  I remember we took one bite and decided we can’t eat it.  We were disgusted by it and threw it in the trash.  And, we don’t throw away food but this one we knew for sure was not appetizing and downright scary.  These chicken parts were much cheaper than the local chickens so it became a good substitute for poor people.


It took about 1.5 – 2 years after that for us to hear for the first time that someone had cancer.  Imagine the shock. Then several months later another person.  Within a year about 5 people we knew.  We were all looking at each other trying to figure out what was going on.  How is this possible?  I knew, that I knew, that it was the chicken.  I can’t prove it but I know for sure that it was the only thing that changed in people’s diet and the cancers didn’t start until after the population started eating it.

Coming to America.
I moved to the United States to go to the University.  As an immigrant you would imagine that America (USA) has all the best of everything because it’s the greatest country in the world.  You would imagine since they are about doing right by people that they would also have the best food and the best healthcare system and also if something is wrong there are governing bodies that will fix it.  Namely the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  That’s why the FDA exists right?  To make sure that we, Americans, because it’s my home now, are healthy.  So in the beginning I just trusted that everything was safe where food was concerned and where drugs and the healthcare system was concerned.  Because obviously if it’s in the supermarket or available in a pharmacy it is because it passed through some type of regulation that deemed it safe for human consumption.
My first impression when I moved here was why are these people so fat?  Why are these people so sick?  Every other person has allergies, or their child had allergies.  A lot of elderly people with dementia.  So many people with cancer. They’re just sick.  You cannot just have a party and invite people over you have to firsts find out who is allergic to what. How is this possible when this is a country with so much resources available to them?  Gluten intolerance?  What is that?  The first time I heard about that I thought it was made up.  Some type of thing to make people sound trendy and hip “oh, I only eat gluten free products”. I didn’t believe that was a real thing.


Then I would go out to eat and the amount of food that was served – Mama Mia!  Who can eat all that?  Everybody has a “to go” bag leaving the restaurant.  This was a new concept to me because in Jamaica you eat it or you leave it right there on the plate in the restaurant.  At home you eat everything on your plate, we don’t waste food.  So couple that with someone mounting so much food on your plate and you can see that it is easy for an immigrant to get fat because you are compelled to eat the food.


And if that’s not bad enough, an all you can eat buffet?!  What a concept?  Like, don’t you get full?


I actually lost a lot of weight when I moved here at first because nothing tasted like it should to me. I was already skinny when I got here and then I got skinnier because the food tasted bad to me. Tomatoes didn’t taste like tomatoes, they had no taste it was like biting into a bag of water.  The fruit didn’t taste the same.  Nothing had any flavor or taste and the texture was different.  The pineapple was not the pineapple that I know. I noticed that the fruit and vegetables went bad in the strangest kind of way.  For example, when a pepper (red or green) goes bad it is supposed to shrivel down until it actually sprouts a plant.  Not here, they would explode if you squeeze them into a ball of water. Weird.  Cucumbers?  The same thing. The potatoes wouldn’t last too long before they would start sprouting or you cut them open and there’s this dark rotten looking core. They would start draining water.  Weird. A potato, if you didn’t know, is supposed to shrivel up and then it starts sprouting which happens long after you harvest it, not within a week.  All the fruits and vegetables went bad in a different way than how I knew it was supposed to go bad. I noticed that a lot of things were not seasonal, they had it year-round.  How is that possible?  How are you growing this out of season?
God actually set it up so that we would have different kinds of fruits and vegetables in different seasons.  You’re not supposed to have it all the time and if you do, what kind of manipulation are they doing to that fruit to make that happen?  Did you notice that when a fruit is in season it tastes so much better than when it’s out of season?  There’s a reason for that.
Revelation 22:2
“In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”
I wonder what would happen if we only eat the fruits and vegetables in their proper season?  Perhaps our bodies would be healed as the word says.


Skin issues.
When I got to my 30s I started having adult acne.  Yikes!  I spent my life with flawless skin and now I have acne?  I went to the dermatologist and he started talking to me antibiotic abuse and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  I had no idea what he was going on about because I don’t take medications and I eat very well.  Remember I come from a culture that cooks and eats a lot of fruits vegetables, fish and chicken. Very clean eating so there’s just no way I am deficient in anything!  And I don’t cook with a lot of oil.  After his speech, I told him as much but he just smiled.  I told him I don’t want any medications that I would prefer a natural solutions so he gave me a script for a super strength vitamin to replenish my body from what I was lacking and told me to watch it with the antibiotics.


People, I WAS NOT TAKING ANY ANTIBIOTICS! I only took it back in Jamaica 1 time when I had an infection and hadn’t since then so there’s no way.  And I eat too healthy to have a vitamin and mineral deficiency.  Anyhoo, I took the super strength vitamin and it all cleared up in a month.


A few months later I am watching this documentary on TV and they were doing an expose about farmed raised salmon in Chile – Mama Mia!  They then talked about how the fish was crammed into pens and would get all kinds of skin disease and so to make them look presentable to be sold to the USA they had to give the fish antibiotics!  I got up walked over to my freezer looked at the package of salmon I had it said Farmed Raised in Chile.  I dumped it in the trash and so endeth my my farm raised fish eating days!  Besides in Jamaica we eat mostly saltwater fish wild caught fish, salmon was the only farm raised fish I ate.   I thought for sure now that it has been exposed the FDA would put an end to bringing in that fish from Chile or make sure they change these practices.  About 6 months or so after I stopped eating it, I noticed that they were now mandated to put a sign on the fish that says “color added” in the case with the fish at the supermarket.  Now please explain to me why you need to add color to fish???  Apparently, the color of the salmon that is farmed is grey and it looks very unappetizing so in order for them to get you to eat it they have to add color to it through the fish feed.  They feed it astaxanthin to change the color.  By the way, this fish is banned in Australia and New Zealand because of astaxanthin; but not in the USA.  No, here we are perfectly fine eating substances in our foods that are banned in other countries.



This expose documentary did nothing.  All it did was cause them to disclose it to you.  Yes, they don’t ban it they just tell you that they’re poisoning you….and you still buy it.  I snapped a photo last week of what the salmon looks like in the store so that you know how they are BLATANTLY telling you that they are poisoning you and not doing anything to stop this.

We have 3 types of salmon here.  On the left is the salmon from Chile, it says “responsibly farmed raised”  Oh, really??  The salmon on the right is from Norway, notice that is says “Antibiotic free”.  THIS is how you deduce that the one on the left has antibiotics because some of the products in the stores say antibiotic free.  Therefore, if your chicken doesn’t say antibiotic free, you are consuming antibiotics from eating that chicken.  The salmon on the top is wild caught sockeye salmon from Alaska.  Now, you need to take it a step further with the farm raised Norwegian salmon and flip it around and READ the ingredients.  This is when you find out it has color added.  So you have to take the sockeye salmon.  Notice the price differential is not that great.  Don’t assume because something is organic or wild caught that there’s going to be a huge difference, check it!
Do you know why this is so dangerous?  There are so many antibiotic resistant bacteria out there.  The overuse of antibiotics (antibiotic abuse) is because we’re EATING it in our food.  Why can’t they just take it out of everything?


Whole chickens in the supermarket tend to be the same price the difference is the size of the chicken – normal size as opposed to godzilla!  So it’s not that there aren’t other options, you can make other choices.  You just need to read the labels on everything.  Choose something else!


Looking back, I reflect on the dermatologists reaction when I told him that I don’t take antibiotics and I eat pretty healthy so I don’t know how I’m deficient in vitamins and minerals…he just smiled.  Perhaps he’s not allowed to tell me to investigate the foods that I was eating.  He couldn’t come right out and tell me the salmon turned me into a drug abuser.  He couldn’t tell me that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket were not what I thought because there’s no nutrition in that tomato. It tastes like a bag of water…because it IS a bag of water filled with chemicals.  Think about it, if you picked the fruit or vegetable green and then shipped it that means it didn’t stay on the vine long enough to get all the nutrients.  You disconnected it from the vine that would feed it to its fullness; therefore, it doesn’t have the nutritional value that we think it has unless it stayed on the tree until it was ripe.  We are healthier in the Caribbean and Africa and wherever else you can grow your own food because we let it stay on the tree until it is ripe.  We’re getting all the nutrition from it at that point.  And, have you ever seen an animal eat green fruit???  No.  Because even they know it has no value whatsoever.


When you look up the nutritional value of a ripe banana online that’s not what you’re getting from the bananas that you are buying from the store. Well, not unless it is organically grown and ripen on the vine or you grew it yourself.  That’s why supplementation is necessary because you’re not getting what you think you’re getting from the food instead you’re ingesting things you shouldn’t be eating.


The food makes you sick, so then they give you medications to fix what the food did to your body.  When they could just fix the whole problem by fixing the food.  Since they are not doing it, you need to police your own food.





Don’t let this overwhelm you.  You make one change at a time.  Start with the foods you eat the most.  I’ve never had acne since then.  Why?  Because I shut down the farmed raise salmon instantly.  You will start feeling and looking better as you slowly start changing what you’re eating by making the right choices on what you buy.

Fat, Malnourished and Starving
Years later, I started working for a leading nutritional supplement company that makes, vitamins and supplements, shakes, drinks, protein powders, protein bars and frozen meals.  They sponsor fitness models and body builders and are very well known in the industry.  If you eat this kind of thing, you’ve probably had their products before but I’m not going to tell you who it is because of what I am about to share.
This gave me the opportunity to talk to the food scientists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists about food, health, fitness, supplements, weight loss.  Since I worked with these people, I asked one of the scientists to help me lose 10 pounds.  I’m not fat but you know us women always want to look better.  So I was getting coached on diet (nutrition) and exercise.  I’m not going to share the details here if you’re interested in knowing the details of what I did to lose 15 pounds and keep it off for 10 years write it in the comments.  I became pretty close with two of them over time and, I mentioned to them that they needed to do the same with the lady in the mail room. She’s about 5’6″ and weighed over 300 pounds.  I told them that it would be great to have her as one of their success stories.  They said no, what it would take for her to drop that weight, she’s probably not going to do it and it would mean that she’d have to eat vegetables and they were sure she doesn’t eat vegetables.  Then one of them said she would require so much retraining because she’s “malnourished and starving”.  Ummm, what?  Malnourished and starving?  I said to him “She’s at least 300 pounds”.  And then he looked at me like “what is your point?”  You ever have a moment when you feel like you asked a stupid question but you don’t why it’s stupid because it makes sense to you?  I went back to my desk thinking, do I not know what malnutrition is?  In my mind, I’m seeing those ads on tv from feed the children with the malnourished children in Africa who are very thin with the distended stomach.  That’s what I’m thinking.  So how is a 300 pound woman malnourished?


The thought was so foreign to me, so I had to google the meaning of malnutrition.  Here it is in case you didn’t know…


Malnutrition – lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat.


Starving – suffering from lack of food, not being provided with adequate nourishment.


Yet, in my head I am thinking but she’s fat.


So I had to find a way to skillfully find out from her what she was eating.  One day she came by my desk and we were chit chatting and I don’t how the conversation came up but she informed me that she really didn’t sit down to eat lunch because she’s been trying to lose some weight now for quite some time and nothing seems to be working.  She doesn’t eat breakfast because she’s not hungry in the morning and for lunch if she starts feeling a little hungry she may have a snickers bar and then for dinner on her way home she stops at McDonalds for burger and fries.  I told her she should try incorporating more vegetables and fruits in her diet.  She said she hates vegetables.


And there you have it.  She was fat, malnourished and starving.  I had never met anyone like this before.  Well maybe I did but I didn’t realize that was a thing.  We assume that because a person is fat it means that they well fed and properly nourished, no.  This is not necessarily true.


Because I was writing this post, I went looking for the malnutrition rate in the USA.  Here’s what I found 85% of the people in the USA are malnourished.  That made me cry. However, knowing what I know after being here for 25 years, I’m saddened but not shocked.


Back to the story, I went back to the scientist and told him he was right.  He explained that the body was created to function in such a way that it will survive and whether we realize it or not the brain sends all kinds of signals to our other organs to do things that we don’t even know it is doing and we can’t stop it.  We were designed like this by God.  One such signal is when we are starving (or under eating) it tells your body not to lose any weight because you are in survival mode. So everyday when she was eating that snickers bar and McDonald’s she was storing all of that as fat because her body was trying to stay alive.  Instead of losing weight she was getting fatter and fatter.  And since there is no real nutrition in what she was eating she was malnourished. Her metabolism was completely messed up and her only way out of that was to eat more, a lot more and include a complete diet with no more processed foods – nothing in a package or a can.
He took one look at her and diagnosed her without even talking to her. These people make thousands of dollars consulting professional athletes and getting people ready for competition.  He was not about to waste his time with someone who wouldn’t follow through. Then he started pointing out other people to me who were slender but that they lost the weight in very unhealthy ways or had very unhealthy eating habits.  While they were slim their skin had a very dull appearance, their hair was dull, and then he told me to look at their eyes, they looked dead and lifeless.  He told me that’s because they are also malnourished and used methods to lose weight that was damaging their bodies.  Fad diets and diet pills.  No fat or low fat diets.  So, you can be either fat or skinny and malnourished.  Not because you’re slender means you’re healthy either.


One interesting point is that with all the diet supplements and powders that they formulated, I asked him which one he used when there was so much to choose from.  Guess what he said?  None of them.  Let me make it clear – these are the people who write the medical journals, the research papers telling us how all these things work in our bodies, they do all the clinical research on it, formulate it, wrote many books on it, but they themselves don’t ingest it.  hmmm.  He said why would I take this when I can eat real food?  They always had their Tupperware containers in their offices with their lunch.  They did not eat the cafeteria food.  Real food – chicken, fish, ground beef, rice, broccoli, sweet potato.  They always had a container with cooked food. There’s nothing wrong with what they formulate because we all taste tested the new formulas and we’d be eating it at the industry events but they know that if you want to have the best health, you need to eat real food.  Nothing from a package or a can. Nothing processed. No TV dinners.


Everything I wrote up to this point is B.C.   Before Christ!  LOL  My pre salvation days.  I’m letting you know this so that you understand I was always looking at food and understanding some things before I was saved.  The rest now is what the Lord has shown me since then.

Scratching like a dog with fleas
I am not a big eater of bread or crackers or pasta so it took a while for some things to build up in my system and create a problem.


First, I noticed that my watch that I had worn for years was causing me to have a little rash on my wrist where the metal part touched my skin.  It was very itchy.  Then I noticed that my elbow became achy and then after my wrist was achy.  All of this didn’t happen all at once there were months between each.


The next thing I noticed is that my skin became very dry.  I mean excessively and unnaturally dry.  I would put on lotion and my skin would drink it up and within 5 minutes it would look like I never used any lotion.  Now I get to see and understand that term that African Americans use a lot “ashy” LOL  Oh yes, I was for sure ashy!  It just started happening.


Not only that but my scalp became very itchy as well.  Very dry scalp. Finally when I realized that there were several symptoms that I never had before and there was a new one being added every few months, I went to the dermatologist.


I was informed that I had a gluten intolerance.  oooh the irony of finding out that you have that made up illness that you thought didn’t exist! LOL  I remember thinking are you kidding me?  He advised me to only use gluten free products and stop eating things with wheat just in case I was sensitive to wheat as well and I would notice that it will all go away.


Well, before buying any gluten free products I decided to not eat any wheat for 30 days to see what would happen.  Everything went back to normal.  No more ashy skin or itching.  The problem is that wheat is in so many things that I needed to cut out alot.


So then whenever I felt like I wanted something carby I would have to buy gluten free products.  Which I really didn’t like but I guess it is what it is.


Then I was going to Italy on vacation and I made up my mind that I didn’t care if I was going to scratch like a dog with fleas for 10 days I was going to eat the bread, the pasta and the pizza.  I decided I was just going to suffer through it.  What happened?  Nothing.  No itching. No dry skin even though I ate all that flour for 10 days.


The following year I go to France ate baguettes every day and all that fantastic French pastries.  Nothing happened!!!


That’s when I knew for sure, I am allergic to toxic wheat from the USA. And, I had no problem consuming gluten as long as it was not associated with wheat from the USA.
What did I do?  Well, it made me sad that I could no longer enjoy a sandwich anywhere, I couldn’t just order the pasta anywhere, I couldn’t just eat cake and cookies without realizing I would have this reaction within a day and a half.  Can you imagine not being able to buy crackers? It’s not going to kill me but I will start itching and my skin will get very dry and who wants to put up with that? So I consume products with wheat outside of my house minimally.  Imagine going to someone’s birthday party and not being able to eat the cake.  So as not to seem weird I will eat a piece. I hardly eat out anymore because that wheat is in everything.  Most things I now make it myself at home.  I bake my own bread and cookies using flour from Italy which you can find on Amazon or go find a local Italian grocery store.  If I feel like eating pasta, I go to TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Home Goods all these stores have a section with imported food and I buy the pasta that’s coming from Italy.  It just cannot come from the USA.  I buy the Eikorn flour which cannot be hybridized.  It’s pure.  Argentina and Brazil have now approved planting GMO wheat, these people are about to get sicker. “They” claim that GMO wheat is not being sold in the USA.  It’s not approved.  Just you give the FDA a little more time!  These GMO wheat are drought resistant, they grow in any condition, so once this whole food shortage, famine conversation starts coming up more and more you know they will say they need to approve it to solve world hunger.  And once the cross pollination starts happening with the good wheat?  Not even organic wheat will be safe!
Now, instead of doing something about the toxic wheat they just disclose it to you.  So they tell you that they are poisoning you, and you still buy it because you never took the time to READ the label and ask yourself the question, what does that mean??
So here we go, wild caught cod – that’s good!  And, it’s from Alaska.  With a crunchy panko breadcrumbs.  Hmmmm, bread?  Flip it around and read the rest…
I’m sorry what was that under the address?  Contains a bioengineered food ingredient?  Wheat flour and yellow corn flour.  Aah, no!  I will buy the fresh cod and go home and make my own batter and get something healthy.  I DO NOT NEED TO BE EATING BIOENGINEERED FOOD!
This is why you’re sick, your food is not food.  It was made in a lab.
You think they could get the chicken salad right???  Noooooooo.  Even that is messed up!
I would prefer to buy or make my own rotisserie chicken and make my own chicken salad which would have these ingredients – chicken, mayonnaise, onion powder, garlic powder, celery.  5 things!  Instead of eating a paragraph worth of ingredients with some lab created ingredients included.  No, thank you!!!
You cannot even eat SOUP in peace!
And then this other popular brand…
Why do we buy canned soup?  Well, it’s convenient and sometimes you just want to easily open a can and have lunch in 5 minutes.  I actually still open a container and have lunch in 5 minutes, this is after I take the time to invest 30 – 45 minutes to my health by putting on a giant pot of soup that I made from scratch with wholesome ingredients.  Turns out cheaper when I make it myself and I have the peace of mind knowing that I’m not eating a bio engineered ingredient.  Yep!  Then I just freeze half of it and put a large container in the back of the refrigerator so I can pull it out and have lunch in 5 minutes.  So really, it was just a 45 minute investment of my time.


They NEVER fix the problem they just disclose it and then you need to figure it out for yourself. When they make changes to the food labels, they never tell you; therefore, if you don’t reread it you never know.
And, since Covid they actually approved the substitution, or omission, of ingredients in foods due to supply chain issues.  Pay attention to the omission of ingredients, I’m going to circle back on that one next week.


But the biggest heartbreak happened as I was rereading the labels in the supermarket and made my way to the cracker aisle.  Sigh.


I slowly walked over to the love of my life…..CHEESE ITs.  And, flipped over the box and read it.  I already knew what it would say but I was just hoping that I would get lucky on this one.  Hey! We all have our vices. I didn’t get lucky with this one, it was as I thought.  And so I had to be escorted from the supermarket by my friends as I sobbed in grief. Whhhhhyyyyyyy? Did you have to mess with the Cheese Its couldn’t you just leave that one alone? It’s my only thing. Booo hooooo. I have no problem with you taking the Ritz crackers or the Saltines, but not the Cheese its!

Let’s have a moment of silence for Cheeze its.

I’m currently looking for a recipe to make it myself. It’s funny how some things you can give up in a heartbeat but others whew! I might need deliverance from the “Cheeze Its demon”. LOL Just you wait until you have to start cutting out things, you’re gonna find that there may be one or two items that takes you a little while longer to give it up.

Excessive Fasting will ruin your metabolism
Notice I didn’t say fasting ruins your metabolism but excessive fasting.  There is fasting for weight loss but what I am talking about now is fasting for spiritual purposes because now I am going to talk about Christianity, your health and food.


I can tell you that coming from a conservative church background we do fast, but certainly not as much as the Pentecostals do.  When I was in the Presbyterian Church I was fasting about once per year.  And even that was a big deal, the Daniel fast felt like some serious sacrifice to me.  Now, it doesn’t because I eat vegan about 2 -3 days per week and I enjoy it because I’ve learnt to cook so many great recipes that the Daniel Fast doesn’t have the same effect on me now as the first 5 years after I was saved.  Back then, I would do a Daniel Fast for even 1 day and lose weight so forget about 1 week… I would lose 5-7 pounds every time I did it.


As a result, when I would meet people who were from a Pentecostal background who were seasoned Christians fasting at least 1 day – 2 days per week every week, and they were fat, I didn’t understand how that could be.  I would meet people who just got out of a fast and jump right into another fast and they were overweight.  I never understood why.  Until…
I went through a period in my life much later on when I was in the most intense spiritual warfare.  By then I was in a Pentecostal church and you know how they preach it – fast and pray, fast and pray.  Continually that is what you would hear.  If you’re battling something stubborn – fast and pray!  So, I fell right in line with that.  When I first started, I was fasting with a friend of mine because she was also going through some things and we decided to do it together.  I lost so much weight.  Oh my goodness it was terrible.  We gave ourselves the nickname skinnygirl1 and skinnygirl2.  My hair started to fall out.  I would get out of the fast, things seemed to calm down but that would only last for about 3 days and then the attacks would start again in a different form, so I would go on another fast. It went on for at least 2 years!!!  Well, the fasting did because the attacks were endless. It was like I was on sort of a fast or another within a few days of each other.  But I had to stop because what was happening is things started to go in the reverse.  No longer was I losing weight I began to gain weight.  And when I got off the fast and tried to do something to lose the weight, could I lose the weight?  NO.  It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t lose the weight.  Nothing was working for me.


I completely messed up my metabolism with excessive fasting. The #1 Dangers of prolonged fasting.


By the time I realized what was happening and that I needed to stop fasting regardless of the fact that the warfare had not stopped, it was too late.




Well, Whaddayaknow!  I turned into one of those people who was always fasting and I still carrying around a little extra weight.  And, now I knew how that could happen!


You must always remember that you are a spirit, which is the part of you that is fighting the warfare but you live in a physical body which lives in the earth realm and needs to abide by the earth rules which govern the physical body.  What we tend to do in church is that we think because we are doing this “spiritual activity” the physical rules regarding our bodied do not apply.  But. They. Do.


When GOD calls you into a fast, you are covered because HE is the one that is calling you into a fast.  However, there are many times when God has not told us to fast WE are the ones that are doing it.  Therefore, we are participating in a spiritual activity without the guidance and the covering of The Holy SPIRIT.  Hence, it’s your flesh and now you have the consequences of dealing with what happens to a physical body when you don’t feed it when you should.  Fat, Malnourished and Starving.  You mess up your metabolism.  But somewhere in my head, even though I already had all this knowledge I missed the fact that even though I was engaging in a spiritual activity, my body was under the rules of the physical realm.


I believe it is very important for us to ask the Lord if we should fast before we do.  Sometimes the Lord will put you on a fast Himself.  However, believe me when I tell you, if your hair is falling out, or you start to have dental problems, or you start gaining weight and you can’t lose it???  (this is if you know you fast a lot) You have gone way outside of the grace of God on that one.  And, you’re officially in an arm-wrestling match with God trying to get something that He’s not giving you, or trying to get God accelerate something outside of His timing, or you are trying to bypass your PROCESS.  You cannot manipulate God by fasting, neither can you change His mind.  Even if that was not your intention.  If you go on a fast, over and over again, and you still don’t have that issue resolved, stop and ask God what you are missing.  Going on a fast about the same issue is not going to change the end result.  It just means there is something you are not accepting, or you refuse to see that you may be the one that needs to change, and not the situation.


It took me awhile to get back on track because after I stopped with the fasting, I had to eat more to get my metabolism back and that meant I gained even more weight. And, I couldn’t work out either.  Meanwhile, the problem I was fasting about still had not gone away.  I just had to learn another way to deal with it without ruining my body in the process.  Which is exactly why the fasting didn’t work.  I was addressing the situation in the wrong way.  Read the Don’t Feed it Post so that you can understand what was happening there.


If this is you, then you need to search online for how to fix your metabolism and start working on that.  And, stop with the excessive fasting.


Your physical body has to follow the laws of the earth realm in order to stay healthy and sometimes what is required is not a fast.


Remember when Elijah was running from Jezebel after he underwent a spiritual attack with her?
1 Kings 19: 4-8

“I have had enough, Lord,” he said. “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” Then he lay down under the bush and fell asleep.

All at once an angel touched him and said, “Get up and eat.” He looked around, and there by his head was some bread baked over hot coals, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again.

The angel of the Lord came back a second time and touched him and said, “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.” So he got up and ate and drank.

What was the solution in that moment?  Sleep. Eat. Drink. and because doing it once wasn’t enough he needed to Sleep. Eat. Drink.  Again!

I asked someone to fast with our group on one occasion and she told me she struggled with an eating disorder and that would trigger her.  This was wise on her part.  You are the only one who knows when a fast is the right thing to do or not.  God will let you know. There are many things you can fast besides food and sometimes you just need to sleep, eat and drink to get clarity and regain your strength.

The Lord told me that when I go into spiritual battle my physical body is also involved.  Even though it appears that I am only speaking in tongues and praying, my physical body is also affected.

If you are a prayer warrior, do you ever notice that after an intense prayer session or fasting and spiritual warfare that you become excessively tired?  You just want to sleep and sleep and sleep?  Kinda like how Elijah just fell down under that tree and started sleeping. That’s because your physical body is going through the war too.  Even if you are just sitting in your prayer chair.  Or you’re just laying in your bed. Or you’re just on your knees.  No, your physical body is feeling the impact of that war too.

This is when the Lord told me, because your body is involved in the warfare your body needs to be in shape.  You NEED to take care of your physical body because it is a part of the spiritual battle.

You need to be strong, and fit, and have muscles.  You need to be in shape to handle spiritual warfare. Hence, your food and nutrition is critical.  Otherwise, the enemy can take you out.  Not because your spirit man is weak but because your physical body is weak.  Please hear it.

I realized when Covid came around why He was talking to me so much about getting fit and strong prior to it. I was back to my normal self when Covid came, I just needed to work on a little more strength training and He was working with me on that.  Did you notice during covid that the people with preexisting conditions were affected the most?  God wants you prepared for what comes next. Did you know that 82% of the people who were hospitalized during Covid had a Vitamin D deficiency?  They just needed to take a pill.  Or go sit in the sun every day for 15 minutes and get the sun on your skin.  Problem solved.  When I found out this data I went immediately and got my bloodwork done.  My levels were not critically low but it was the only thing that was not up to standard, so I fixed it immediately. And it was in researching the best Vitamin D3 that I found out about vitamin K2 from (MK-7).  Research that so you know what it does.  No doctor will ever tell you because they’d rather put in a stint or give you a bypass surgery.  I am not a doctor so you need to do all your own research.

Do you know who John G. Lake is?  Look him up if you don’t.  He was a very powerful man of God.  His wife Jennie was on the mission field with him, and he performed many miracles, signs and wonders and they have said over a million souls were saved through his ministry.  This is all well and good.  Do you know how Jennie died?  While he went on a missions trip she died suddenly from malnutrition and exhaustion.  The woman died while living under the same roof as one of the greatest miracle workers.  Just you think about that for a second.

Jennie would give away all her food to the poor hungry people who would show up at the house looking for her husband.  I believe she was from a wealthy family. So here it is you have two people who are both living in the “heavenly realms” seeing signs, wonders and miracles in their lives every day because they were flowing in the supernatural. But you know what John and Jennie lacked? BALANCE.  You don’t die from malnutrition in one day!  That means that John was completely oblivious to the fact that the person who should be is #1 ministry needed to eat and sleep.  As. Simple. As. That. She did not need a miracle, she just needed to eat and sleep. He couldn’t see it because what she needed wasn’t some spiritual thing.  She just needed him to tell her you need to eat and sleep, my love, there’s nothing spiritual about it.  It’s what is necessary for the “earth suit” to function while we live in this natural realm.  When we go home to heaven we can do whatever we want to do but for now, there are rules and I don’t care how spiritual you are, you cannot bypass them.

I Love You

After I wrecked my metabolism with the excessive fasting and then I tried to get back on track it seemed like nothing worked.  I finally decided to have a conversation with the Lord about it.  I can’t believe how long it took me to actually talk to the Lord about this.  I thought I could do this by myself so I never asked Him.

I was expressing my frustration to Him and telling Him that I am not happy with the way things are and I want a solution that would work, and that I could maintain so that I won’t ever have to think about this again. Like going back to the way it was before I I ruined my metabolism.  I was griping about my weight and this is what He said to me…

He said 3 things to me which I will share with you.

The first thing He said was that it didn’t matter to Him if I lost 20 pounds or if I gained 100 pounds.  He didn’t care about what weigh because that was not going to change the fact that He loved me.  If I lost weight or gained even more weight this was not going to change His approval of me.  He already approves of me, exactly the way that I am or whatever I will be in the future. He loves me regardless of my size.  If I followed through or not on any of the things He was about to share with me, it didn’t matter.  Because He loves me.  He didn’t need me to lose weight for Him to proud of me because He’s already proud of me.  And, if I ended up gaining more weight, He would still be proud of me.  As far as He was concerned, I was perfect.  He told me I was beautiful.  That was the first thing He said to me.

He’s such a GENIUS.

That whole conversation completely disarmed me.  I realized at that moment that what I was feeling was the pressure that I was putting on my own self.  He’s not putting that pressure on me…or on you.

I just exhaled and basked in that love.

The bible says that we love because HE first loved us.  You are not going to be able to do any of the changes until you first, love yourself.  Right where you are, right now.  With or without the changes.  You need to just feel God’s love and love YOU, right now.  Right where you are.

Why?  Because He love you right where you are right now.  You cannot move forward in this thing until you feel completely loved for who you are right now.  THIS is going to be your secret weapon.

Whether you decide to make any changes after today, it’s not going to change God’s approval of you.  If you get better at this or it gets even worse than where you are today, God still loves you.  Your changes will not affect His acceptance of you.  Because He loves YOU.  The inner you – your soul and your spirit belongs to Him.  You are His child and your Abba Father loves you.  That outward part of you, the flesh will not change His love for you because that Love is attached to the inner you.  So regardless of your size, His love still remains.  If nothing changes for you, you are still loved.

There is nothing more you can do to gain his approval.  You’re approved.

I’m going to end the post right here and pick it up next week with Part 2.

Until next week, I want you to really love youself because He loved you first.  Regardless of what is going on or whether or not you’re happy with where you are physically or otherwise.  Love yourself.


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  1. I am keenly interested in knowing the details of what you did to lose 15 pounds and keep it off for 10 years — I have done/tried/received ‘expert advice’ and am not coming out successful. I eat as healthy as I know how – including personal gardening and making whatever I can on my own (not perfect, but as much as I am able!) and I exercise the same or more than most people I know (who are fit/trim) and I can’t seem to shake the weight. Any insight would be helpful and deeply appreciated! Thank you!!

  2. We lived in the U.K. where high fructose corn syrup was banned. We could see the Americans coming a mile away because of how fat they were. Thank you for helping my family see wheat for what it is. Russia is fighting Ukraine over GMO crops as well as for territory, to keep them out of the “breadbasket” of Europe.

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  9. I AM SPEECHLESS. The last few paragraphs GOT me- the part about nothing happening until I love myself. I have been under some severe spiritual attack for the last almost 4 years and the bit about God loving you regardless…good thing I was seated because my knees would have buckled. I promise you, God told me the EXACT same thing just yesterday. I LOVE IT when He gives us CONFIRMATION- “You cannot move forward in this thing until you feel completely loved for who you are right now. THIS is going to be your secret weapon.” He TOLD me this, too!!! A few years back I was on a roll losing weight, and I can remember the Holy Spirit saying to me just as clearly that my success and feeling soooo good and right about myself had absolutely NOTHING to do with weight or food. It kind of freaked me out, and He didn’t elaborate. I ultimately gained it all back. It is all making sense now…

  10. I want to know how to lose weight! Please send me the info!!! I just finished reading part 2. The Lord has been sharing similar info to me, but not to the same degree as yourself. I was vegan for the better part of a year a couple of years ago but fell into a quandary about what to eat. Too much info out there. And I like to get my info from other Believers. I have switched to vegs, fruit, fish/seafood and occasional chicken and eggs. I’m all over the vitamin D, too. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Shalom shalom
      O how I agree with every word!
      It is a treat to be loved BUT LOVE and you will reap love.
      Would love to have a balanced life concerning eating weight and strength for we are spirit soul and body.
      Would love to be part of your journey how to lose weight and stay healthy .
      I am so blessed by your beautiful website and reading your books.
      Be blessed and surely you are a BLESSING in the body 🙌🏽

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