Prophetic Word – Pray about the Weather

Prophetic word pray about the weather
Prophetic word pray about the weather

This prophetic word is titled Pray about the Weather.

Who is this word for?  Everyone.

I was sitting on a wall overlooking the ocean with the Lord.  We were having a personal conversation.  I was on the left and He was sitting on my right.  We were just watching the waves ebb and flow in as we talked.  Then I noticed that the waves got bigger and bigger and they were coming in higher and higher.

Then I noticed that it began to fill up like you’re filling up an aquarium and pile up on the right-hand side.  To the right of the Lord. I could even see sharks and fishes swimming around in the water. Imagine Moses parting the red sea where there’s a path through the water and the water is piled on either side.  Except in this scenario the water is all pushed to the right-hand side, kind of like there was an invisible glass wall there holding it back.  Where we were sitting was way above the ocean but the water began to pile up so much that it was now way above our heads on the right hand side, like a wall. I was not afraid at all but just found it curious that as we’re having this very casual personal conversation, I am watching this happen.

Finally, I said to the Lord “what’s going on with the water?”  Then He said

“There’s going to be a lot of floods”

Then I said to Him, “Are these man-made (weather manipulation) or are You the one bringing them?”  He said to me


So then I began to express to Him that I don’t want evil people manipulating the weather that will cause innocent people to die and lose their property.  That I didn’t think it was right that they are allowed to get away with this.  As I am expressing this concern to Him about wanting to stop it from happening if it was actually a man-made thing, I go into an open vision as I’m speaking.

I see two policemen running.  They are dressed like this…


The two of them was running up some stairs and into a building.  It is a light pastel blue building and it has these types of shutters (the ones you see as the windows) as doors

Imagine these types of shutter windows but they are doors which the policemen are running into.

I immediately thought these policemen are from the Caribbean because I recognize this type of uniform and then when I looked at the pastel building with these shutter type doors I immediately thought the Bahamas.  I felt they were running into the building, not only to get away from what they were seeing but to report it and alert everyone else on the island that a Tsunami was coming.  In the scene, while they were not lifeguards, you could see the background showed they were very close to the beach.  Almost like the police department was facing the ocean and they could see the waves.  Even though I couldn’t see the wave, I could see that they were looking at something and running.

I continue sharing my concerns with the Lord and then I get another vision.  I see the Tsunami wave coming onshore but the buildings I see it hitting was city type high rise buildings.  They were glass looking buildings like a metropolitan city. As soon as I saw the buildings, I thought to myself this is the United States. When the waves hit the buildings the force was so hard that some of the buildings broke in half and the windows exploded with the force of the wind.  I saw people screaming and running.  Imagine that it was like I was watching a silent movie.  I couldn’t hear them but I was seeing them as I was talking to the Lord.

After I shared my concern about stopping these people, whoever it is, from manipulating the weather.  He said to me

“Then you need to pray about the weather”

I’m going to stop right here because I believe this is enough for this week.  There is more that we discussed which I will share with you next week.  This piece needs to stand on its own.

For those of you who don’t know, the weather can be manipulated, and they have been doing this for years.  I believe the intentions when they began this was for good purposes but imagine now that they can weaponize it.  As well as who knows if it is not the constant manipulation of the weather that is causing more super storms.

Here are some resources for you to read if you’re wondering how they do this:

They can make it rain and they can make it snow.  All they need to do is put out these machines and they can control them with a remote control.  What’s stopping people from just putting these up all over??  Nothing.

They can clear the skies if they need to as well.

They can also block out the sun.

What you need to know is that some of these things that they are calling “global warming” or “natural disasters” can actually man made.  God said it, not me.  He said BOTH.

When I got out of the vision, I was sure it was the Bahamas and then my mind went to Bermuda as well because their policemen also wear those types of uniforms and they also have those pastel type buildings with those same doors.  But then I looked up the shutter doors to see if I could find you a photo and it turns out they are actually called “Bahama shutters”.  This made me circle back to the Bahamas.

Then I went about doing some research…

Tsunami waves are created when the tectonic plates shift and/or there’s some type of earthquake on the fault lines.  This is a map of the Caribbean tectonic plate and the fault lines.  The islands that are in the center top of the picture going off to the left is the Bahamas.  That larger land mass on the left side coming down is the United States.


You will see that there is a line just south of the Bahamas.

This one is showing the outline of the tectonic plates.

I’m sure you know that Tsunamis can travel very far.  The shore that I saw it hit was a metropolitan city.  In the vision it felt like the United States to me.  Then the idea is that it will start out in the Caribbean and the wave will move towards the USA.

I want you to know that I believe this Tsunami, if it happens, will be man made.

I believe so because the visions of the Tsunami happened while I was telling Him that I don’t want people to manipulate the weather and cause innocent people to die or lose their homes.  It was like He was responding while I was talking showing me what they are planning to do.

Then after that He told me to pray about the weather.  If He was the one doing it, He would not be telling me to pray about it.  This is why I believe this one, is man made.  I’ve had instances before where I see bad things happening (judgment) and I have to step aside and let the Lord do what He needs to do.  I will not interfere in that.

Now, let’s think about how this could happen.  I don’t believe they can make the Tsunami happen with some overhead device from the air.  Remember it is the fault lines and earthquakes and shifts in the tectonic plates that would cause one to happen in the natural.  In my mind then, they would need to set off some kind of underwater explosion on the fault line and/or at the tectonic plate to trigger it.  What do you think?  Write it in the comment.

Or just use some device to trigger very large destructive waves.

What do we pray?

Well, pray in tongues and ask the Lord what you should pray but some thoughts that came to my mind is that:

1  The explosives are found and dismantled.

2  If they find a submarine they’ll need to have people negotiating, so they will need wisdom to come to some kind of agreement with whoever put the sub there.

3  If something does go off it is not to the degree that was planned, a non event basically.  The miscalculated everything and it didn’t do the damage they intended.

4  That the signals are jammed and it doesn’t go off and they have to set someone to check on it and they’ll get caught.

5 Someone who sees or knows something will say something.

6  And then,of course, that God would do the one thing they never saw coming.  Something happens that they never anticipated to foil the plans.

I want so share this bible verse with you,

Proverbs 14:1

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.”

Whenever I read this verse, I always think about a woman that is in a bad marriage who says she wants thing to work out but constantly complains to everyone who will listen about her husband.  With our words and prayers we can also build up or tear down something.

This woman is very foolish when she tears down her husband with her speech because she’s forgetting that she lives in that house too, and her children also live in that house.  It’s better if she prays a blessing over him, because whatever curses she speaks over him is also in that house with her and their children.  She’s foolish because she will suffer too in the end.  And her children are also going to suffer as a result of it.

Why am I telling you this?  For me, at this point, it doesn’t matter who is right and who’s wrong in this conflict/war that we’re having with all of these countries worldwide.  I’m forever going to be praying for this my country, whether they are right or wrong, whether I believe in the direction they are going or not, whether I voted for this president or not.  It doesn’t matter.  Because I don’t want that Tsunami coming here. Because I live here…and so does my child.  This is my house.

Also remember that the waves go 360 degrees around the center, so if you live in the Caribbean it’s going to end up on your shores too.  Your house.  While you may not the intended target, you would get hit too.  Here’s a video below to show you how the waves move

Do not be afraid about any of this.  I do believe the Lord told us to pray about it because He will intervene at some level.

Also, I want to reference a post I did last year about Flash Floods. There were 3 different floodings in that word from 3 different dreams.  The first one already happened, I told you in that word that I believe my friend was in the dream because of her birthday which was in July 2022 and God just used her to indicate to me the month that it would happen. Here is the article to show you all the people who died in July 2022 from the flash floods that happened in July.

The 2nd dream in the post, is what I believe is about to happen.  Please pray.

Let me know your thoughts. Write your comments below.

Next week I am going to give you the rest of what He showed me to share with you.


12 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Pray about the Weather”

  1. “On that day, when evening had come, he said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.” And leaving the crowd, they took him with them in the boat, just as he was. And other boats were with him. And a great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling. But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion. And they woke him and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” And they were filled with great fear and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?””
    ‭‭Mark‬ ‭4‬:‭35‬-‭41‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  2. Interesting. I once read an article written in the 70’s by an intelligence operative that stated all Tsunamis were a result of weather manipulation. No idea where to find and source that.
    Also, I recently just packed up my family and moved because of a recurring dream I had of our city flooding. The recurring message of the dream was “get out before the flood waters begin to rise, then it will be too late to go.”

  3. My sister lives there in Bahamas with her kid and husband. They were affected too by that hurricane but by God’s grace they were safe. She is a believer too. I had a dream months ago too there was like a nuke maybe or some kind of weapon that is being released towards waters and it created a tsunami going to a place with high buildings that is close to the big waters. Then I dont know if its a coincident I saw an fb video it was an opinion of what if the tsunami 2011 in Japan was created by a nuke by this certain country. I posted it in fb and someone commented that it will be a future event that will happen in the east coast of USA. So this is a confirmation for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. While reading this post, my mind went to the movie Wakanda Forever where the water world impacted Wakanda through sound waves. I know that is not “deep” per se, but a movie already showed us how it can happen. Praying with everyone for it NOT to happen!

  5. I dreamt two nights ago about a flood. I was in my apartment (which is on the top floor of the building) and there was water accumulating on the floors. I tried to mop it up, but it continued to accumulate. I ran to tje window and saw the water had risen outside to the height of my apartment floor. I tried to notify the landlord and the police. Everyone knew exactly what was going on, but there was no possibility of doing anything about it.
    Thank you for giving us this guidance and a prayer to pray. I believe God is very active in these events. The last snowfall of this year was filled with blessings. He has the treasures of the snow.

  6. We are thankful to be shown ahead and be prepared as we pray and seek . We sigh at the thought of government / elites harming mankind, But God. We mustn’t grow weary in taking everything to God and praying with a knowing , He is faithful to His people and loves our prayers/communing .

    We reside in high fire danger zone, I am directed/shown to pray against harm in our vicinity. I find most go to the fear based preparation. We must trust God , to protect us and remember; death has no sting . We ask that harm would be thwarted ahead man-made or Nature from the people.

    The banking system is their Exalted God. $$$$.

    I see, Money is a force where it owns you or it is a resource and you use it.

    Thanks for your sharing truth Nicole.

    Banks changes are coming fast.

  7. I have viewed a word about this from just a ordinary person on Facebook posting about a dream of the whole eastern coast from the northeast down through the south being swallowed up in a tsunami. She understood the Lord to say it would be this spring. And I read through the posts and many had dreamt the same thing! We really need to keep praying!

  8. God does have mercy on the innocent, thank you for encouraging people to pray even if thr country isn’t godly and is going in a terrible direction.

    When the earthquakes hit Turkey recently, many children and adults reported that Jesus came to them Himself! He fed them and their bodies were somehow unharmed by the rubble. Look it up! Jesus is so merciful! So yes we should definitely pray for the people who will be affected. Blessings!

  9. I remembered when Tsunami hit my country, Indonesia . It was a wake up call for us. Yes, it was damaging, but at the same time, it shows God’s glory over my nation. Many repented and received Christ as their savior.

  10. Yes they can totally do things like that. Michael Crichton, the man who wrote jurassic Park, wrote another book that deals with climate change and how the people pushing it get so desperate they start creating horrible disasters so that they can make people fear it more and give in to a green agenda.

    He wrote that back in 2009 ! Many things he could, “see,” coming have come true (thankfully not jurassic Park LOL but many other things). He probably had a seer gifting but just didn’t know it.

    Anyway, the book talks exactly about what you just posted. Evil scientists actually have a wave machine that causes massive tsunamis. Things that control storms and thunderstrikes etc.

    It’s called THE STATE OF FEAR. Because they use all this technology to make us fear climate change (sounds soooo similar to covid right?). Very good read to figure out what’s going on and so much of his book was actually based onrhis researchinto the topic (he has a 20 page bibliography! For what was supposedly fiction!).

    Blessing and thank you for being so kind to warn people about this! I’m very encouraged to read someone else knows what is happening!

  11. 8/15/18 503 am- Dreamt about Florida on coast maybe east coast ( center like Jacksonville) trying to leave hospital where I work and suddenly felt the floor shift under my feet. Immediately I fell to my feet and repented and started praying. I looked outside and could see a beach area and chunks of sand were falling into the earth a few feet at a time. Like the plates under earth were shifting. Some people panicked, others continued their fun at the beach. I asked he LORD what to do, I heard, REPENT, then go in, go up towards white rock/ or stallion ranch. Then I woke up .
    I have not received received the revelation about the ranch since in the natural I can’t find that place, but I sense he meant it literally. Go in towards the state and up north and / or, go up like in tall in building.

  12. Well here in Puerto Rico are prophesying a huge earthquake from the Atalntic ocean. Also, in 2019 Puerto Rico suffered an earthquake in the south of the Island and it is believed that was man made. A company extracting oil and drilling oil pipe towars St. Thomas.

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