Prophetic word for November 2020

prophetic word november 2020

This is the prophetic word for November 2020 and for Cheshvan 5781.  The Hebraic month of Cheshvan began on October 19 through to November 17.

For this word I just want to point out some details on the Hebraic Calendar about Cheshvan as it relates to this year on the Gregorian Calendar.

1  Cheshvan is the month 2nd month as you know after Rosh Hashanah but looking at it from when the Israelites crossed into the promised land it is actually the 8th month after Nisan.  8 is the number of the new beginning.  Something new is about to happen.

2. It is in the month of Cheshvan that the floods started and Noah had to enter the Ark.  It was Cheshvan 17 which sundown this year will fall on November 3rd. Please don’t miss the date.

3.  It should also be noted that the flood ceased in Cheshvan, as well, 1 year and 10 days later.  That would be on Cheshvan 17/November 13th

4.  Cheshvan also has another name and that would be Marcheshvan. Mar means bitter.  It is a bitter month.

So now that we have an outline of Cheshvan let’s take a closer look at Noah, the ark and why God caused a flood to wipe out the world and it’s inhabitants.

Read Genesis 6 – 9 for the story of Noah.  I believe it has many lessons we can glean for today, right now.  We’re actually living it now.

There are a few things I would like to point out as prayer points:

To sum it up, during that time of Noah the Nephillims which are giants had sex with the women and created a race of people who were not fully human. Mixed DNA is not human.  Remember Christ came to save human beings so if you have a mixed DNA you can’t be saved.  This is why He had to wipe out everyone from the earth with the flood because imagine they now started intermingling and inbreeding with humans over the generations. And then those nephellims have children and they intermingle with humans.   These Nephillims were also killing the humans so eventually there would be no humans left.  Therefore, God’s plan of salvation wouldn’t be possible.

So, God decided to wipe the face of the earth and start over with Noah and his family.  Again, as in the story with Lot there had to have been other humans around but God chose only Noah and his family. Why Noah?

Genesis 6:8-12 The Voice

But there was one person whom the Lord could not let go of—Noah—because this man pleased Him.

Here is the account of Noah and his descendants. Noah was a good man, a right-living man, the best man of his generation; and he walked closely with God. 10 Noah fathered three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

11-12 They lived at a time when the world had become vile and corrupt. Violence was everywhere. God saw that the earth was in ruins, and He knew why: all people on earth except Noah had lived corrupt lives and ruined God’s plans for them. He had to do something.


So we see that even though his environment was wicked and evil Noah continued to honor God, along with his family, regardless of society and culture of the day.

You cannot follow the world, society, the media, your environment, even your church leader if it goes against God’s word.

God’s word should be the plumbline for your life.  We are in a season when we have to take a stand for righteousness.  We can no longer sit on the fence.  God is going to cause us to choose and we must choose wisely.


Father God, give me a spirit of boldness in my convictions. Cause me to hold steadfast to Your Word and the Truths that it holds for daily living.  Put a hedge of Your Holy Spirit around me so that if we begin to veer off because of culture and society I am aware and turn back to You.  I pray that as I read Your word You plant it deep within my heart so that I will not sin against You.  Even if it becomes unpopular to believe You, I pray that I will stand and never deny You, in Jesus name, Amen.

In Genesis 6:14-16, He gives Noah specific instruction on how to build the ark.  Please know that up until this point there was no rain on the earth so Noah and everyone else around him has no idea what rain was. (Hebrews 11:7).

If you think you know or you’ve seen everything that God can do, you haven’t.

I believe we are in a season now where God will unveil new plans and new ways of doing things that our mind cannot even conceive.  And while Noah didn’t actually know what was going to happen God told him what supplies he was going to need to go through the storm.  Yes, some storms we have to go through we can’t pray it away.  But God will prepare us for it.


Father, deliver me from pride that would make me believe I’ve seen and know everything there is to know. I pray for a receptive spirit so that can hear and see the new thing that You are doing in the earth today.  I pray You give me insight into what You have in store for me for the rest of this year and into 2021.  Restore my joy, renew my faith, bring new hope for the future. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear the new plan. I pray for blueprints and plans for business and ministry, in Jesus name, Amen

Genesis 7:1, we see that God tells Noah to enter the ark BUT the rain didn’t start instantly.  It started 7 days later.  This word Ark (Hebrew: Tebah) is only referenced in two places in the scriptures.  In the story of Noah and also the basket that was made for Moses to put him in the river as a baby so he could escape being killed. The basket is also Tebah.

So the ark is a place of safety, it offers protection until the danger has passes.  Today, I believe it is the secret place of God that will be our ark in this season.  This is the only place you can go to find safety.  Abide in Him.


Father, I pray that You help me cultivate a place of safety and security in You.  I pray that this apprehension I have of spending extended amounts of time with you will go away.  I pray that I will find joy, peace, refreshment and rest in this place.  I thank You that I don’t need to feel condemned when I come to you but I will be as the prodigal son, coming home to my Father with open arms.  Put this desire in my heart to want solitude and alone time with You.  Not to ask for anything but just to be with You, in Jesus name, Amen


prophetic word november 2020
Source: Cincinnati Magazine

God tells Noah to start boarding the ark with his family and then He starts sending the animals to the ark.  Wow! Isn’t that amazing?  Imagine if you were Noah and all you know to do is build this boat to specifications and set up the internal structure to house these animals because God said animals were coming.  And, he puts in a door on the side to 3 different levels and then he basically stands back and watch them board the ark.  I think the fear of the Lord would come over me so strong watching God do that.  Creation obeys Him.  And the animals would have to know which level to enter and then how to navigate to the correct stalls once they got in the ark.  That is pretty fascinating.  Noah is not a zookeeper so this must’ve been something else for him and his family to watch.

In this whole story this one sentence was the most impactful to me…

Genesis 7:16b “Then the Lord closed the door behind them.”

So it either took 7 days to board the ark or they went aboard and had to sit waiting for 7 days for God to close the door.  I’m sure during this whole process Noah was witnessing to others telling them what God was saying.  How could you miss an ark that big?  Of course, everyone knew!  But they must have thought he was crazy.  Then, unless you are blind, they had to see the movement of the animals.  If I saw animals lining up all heading in one direction and I know Noah is not a zookeeper at that very moment, even if I didn’t believe, something inside of me would say – WAKE UP!!! SOMETHING IS GOING ON!!

They were down to their final week but much like the story of Lot, they didn’t think anything bad was going to happen because the wickedness in the land had gone on for so many years.

God closed the door.  It wasn’t Noah who made the final decision it was God.

John 10:27-29 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me,  for my Father has given them to me, and he is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father’s hand.

But we know that the enemy has put a veil over the eyes and hearts of many so even if it right in front of them they cannot see it…

2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

If you have unsaved loved ones it is important for you to know this scripture…

John 6:44-45 For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him to me, and at the Last Day I will cause all such to rise again from the dead. As it is written in the Scriptures, ‘They shall all be taught of God.’ Those the Father speaks to, who learn the truth from him, will be attracted to me.

Just as God drew in the animals because He created everything and everyone, so too He is the one that draws the unsaved to Jesus.  It is not us.  It is Him.  The Trinity – Father draws them to the Son, Son brings salvation, Holy Spirit brings renewal and regeneration and connection to the Father.  It’s a circle that gets initiated by the Father and ends pointing to the Father.

We can’t save anyone, no matter how hard we try so all we can do is pray for them and pray for the Father to draw them to Jesus.  While also keeping in mind that it is God who closes the door.  He also saves in families so you know it only takes one praying family member to see the salvation of everyone else (Acts 16:31).  You just need one person praying.  Just one.  And that one is you.

I remember as a youngster my grandfather was the only one that was saved and he would always be reading his bible and praying.  He only saw one family member come to Christ before he died.  I think it was somewhat of a tag team assigned from God. Then that second saved person kept praying for everyone then I got saved and then there were two of us praying for everyone until we are all saved now.  But it started with one person.  And, my grandfather died before seeing the fruit of his prayers – well, the salvation prayers.

One family member got saved by reading a bible I gave to him.  I went on a bible giving spree one Christmas (this is the bible, very very good for new believers and the unsaved) I didn’t even preach to him I just gave him a bible and then I prayed for his salvation.  In the NIV version!  I know you KJV only types are having issues now.  Well listen up!  If saved people can hardly understand KJV how do you expect an unsaved person to get it?  We need to reach people where they are and stop being so religious!  Give them a bible in English that they can read, NIV or NLT, then later on after they understand what is written you can tell them to read it in the KJV version.  He’s now a minister in the Seventh Day Adventist church! That’s where he felt led to go.  And, again some of you are having issues with that.  But the question is, what is salvation? Once you understand the basics of how people become saved all of the little religious denominational rules fall away.  I’m just here to get people saved. After, they are saved then you can tackle doctrine if you feel led to do that.  But first, get them saved!  I know another that got saved in prison by reading the MESSAGE bible!  Yes! That was all they had in the prison.  There’s no way you can read the entire Message bible and miss Jesus!

 God is far more powerful than any bible version out there

Of course I know that the KJV is the closest to the original language but if I can’t give it to an unsaved person have them read it and understand, then I’m not helping them.  We have to meet people where they are.  I don’t care if you attend a Pentecostal church, Baptist, Adventist, Catholic, eat pork, drink wine, speak in tongues, read Passion Translation, cover your head with a scarf, eat shrimp…are you saved?  None of these things can save you.  There are many sitting in church pews right now, following all the rules that are not saved…and deep down you know that is the truth!

Keep the main thing, the main thing which is salvation through Jesus Christ.

Let’s stop majoring in the minor things and being divisive about things that are not directly tied to salvation!

**that sounded like a rant, I know,  but I’m trying to free you up and make you realize it’s not about version of bible or denomination or that you shared the “right” scripture, that you dotted the “i” and crossed all the “t”  No!  You can’t save anyone.  It is the work of God and Him alone.  Be free from trying to do it all perfectly**  Be free, in Jesus name!

Did you know that your prayers are stored in heaven in bowls?  Yes, they are! They are like incense in a bowl so that even after you’ve died God can still answer those prayers (Revelation 5:8).  Your prayers don’t die with you (Selah).  They live as long as the Kairos time for their fulfillment. Remember Abraham didn’t see the fulfillment of all the promises of God.  He died in faith believing God would do everything He promised to do (Hebrews 11:13). So you can pray for your generations to come that are not even born yet!  Don’t give up on your loved ones, even the ones that seem impossible, just make sure there is at least one prayer for them in heaven from you.

Now here is something for you to keep in mind, read Revelation 8, it is clear that before God sends judgement the incense bowls with the prayers are brought before Him.  He receives them and then He sends the judgement.  This is key.  He considers the prayers first then He judges after. So instead of worrying about your unsaved loved ones or complaining about your boss, pray for their salvation so that there is at least one prayer in heaven for them.


Father God, I know  You are merciful and long suffering and You do not desire to see any man perish but for all to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Today I come to You on behalf of my friends and family members asking for You to save them.  I bring before You ____________ and ask that You would draw him/her to Jesus.  I surrender this to You because I know that You are the only one that can do it.  I pray that You hedge them in on all sides and leave them no choice but to run to Jesus.  Bring them into a place of safety with You.  I pray You remove the influences from their life that causes them to stay in this place of sin and deception.  I pray You remove the veil from their eyes and their heart so that they will clearly see that Jesus is Lord, Savior and God.  I pray You give me the right words to say at the right time to them.  I know that their salvation now does not depend on me or how eloquent my words are but it is only through You drawing them in.  I humbly ask now God that You start the process and lead them into the family of God.  I trust you Lord and as Your word says You save households just through one person.  Save them now, in Jesus name, Amen.

And at the end of all of this comes the restoration.  Noah gets off the ark and the Lord tells them (the couples) to go fill the earth as He starts the restoration process.  Praise God!

The ark of His Presence brings keeps you safe.  Trust in Him and know that storms don’t last forever and at the end of it we come out on the other side and the restoration process begins.


6 thoughts on “Prophetic word for November 2020”

  1. I am writing to let you know that there will be a “Blue Moon” on 31st Oct 2020.
    While this is not that significant for the Church directly, it is HUGELY significant in witchcraft and Satanism for four key reasons
    It is a full moon.
    It is a ‘Blue Moon’ (Happens approximately every 2.7 years)
    It is actually ON HALLOWEEN (only happens every 18 to 19 years on average – the next one will be in Halloween 2039 – the last one was in 2001)
    It is the 13th moon in the year (there are usually 12 full moons a year – one per month. This is the extra or 13th moon, also call the ‘Hunters moon’ this year)

    Halloween is a pagan/ witchcraft festival for creating ‘mischief”[wickedness] and was specifically scheduled the day before all hallows (saints) day – which ‘celebrates’ righteousness.
    I am absolutely certain that the occult world has been preparing for this day for the reasons mentioned.
    AND will be making the most of this event to work wickedness – especially give the times and the seasons we are in.

    – Lk 12 54-56
    – 1 Peter 4:7-8
    – 1 Peter 5:8-9

    I believe it would be an Appalling failure of our duty and sons and daughters of God’s Kingdom if we didn’t respond to this season with prayer and even fasting.
    This is not about running around in fear and panic ‘casting out daemons everywhere’.

    It is simply praying firstly for ourselves, our families and our interests and pleading the Name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus over them (not that we don’t already).
    Then doing the same over our extended family and friends,the people we are believing for God’s salvation for, our church families and their interests, and their families etc. our suburbs, region, state and nations – like ripples in a pond.
    Then do it again. And again – ‘having done all, to stand’

    The whole point of Halloween is to work wickedness before the ‘day of righteousness’. We don’t have to accept that.
    I believe that – as the saying goes – The best for of defence is offence.
    Take the initiative. (I’m using the military term here) Don’t be reactive.

    Lets pray and so prevent/ limit/ mitigate/ contain/ suppress and even destroy the works of darkness (as was Jesus Ministry) in our circles of influence.

    Eph 6:10-13
    1 Jn 3-8

    I believe that the body of Christ should be aware of this so they can pray too. This event is no small thing.
    We need to watch and Pray

  2. Thank you so much for your obedience
    I really thank God for this page, it gives me hope . May God continues to bless you children of God. I’m still praying for the salvation of my Husband Robert , his deliverance from the spirit of addiction, healing and peace. For there’s nothing God can not do. I’m praying for God’s will in my marriage, in my life and children in Jesus Christ name.

  3. I love this word and the scripture from Genesis… Then the Lord closed the door behind them… At a sozo prayer I had a couple of years ago, Jesus took my hand, pulled me up, walked me through a door and he shut that door! I still see it vividly. Praise God for this reminder. Praise God for this word. Thank you.

  4. As much as we need to evangelize, the condition of hearts of people are like soil which needs to be prepared in order to allow for the seed of salvation to germinate (matt. 13:3-9) the world system of things
    is hostile and doesn’t give room easily for spiritual things. Hence prayer Acts well in preparing an individual before God.
    Devine intervention can get rid of the thorns of anxieties, lack of spiritual sense and rocky tribulations that can detour Roots of salvation to germinate in a person.
    Prayer can lead a person to salvation even without a word.
    This reminds me of what prompted Jesus’s zeal towards the temple in matt 21:12,13, he said it is written ” my temple will be called a house of PRAYER, even in the inauguration of the temple in solomon’s time the main issue was prayer. So prayers play vital role in general. Shalom Shalom.

  5. Thank you for this encouraging word. There has been so much going on with family: misunderstandings, hurtful comments and just plain uncertainty. I was just talking to the Lord about my family and how I regretted for praying to get closer to them because of what happen afterwards. It was like light and then dust. But now I know that through all of this storm, God is in control. I can’t save anyone. He wants us to have faith and pray for everyone who is lost, regardless of the outcome because that is His will. Thank you Jesus for this word Lord. Help me Lord and give me guidance in Jesus name. Amen and amen!

  6. Glory to The Almighty God.
    Dearest MOP,
    Thank God for this word. I have been praying for my brother and family. This word has strengthened me.
    May The Good news reach all the world through your ministry.
    Lots of love and blessings

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