Prophetic Word – No More Delays

prophetic word no more delays

This prophetic word is No More Delays.  I’m not going to give a lot of commentary on this one just straight scripture.  What I do want to do is tell you how I came by this prophetic word.

The Lord speaks through numbers.  I’ve already written a post about what numbers mean here. If you want to know what certain numbers mean you need to read that post, please do not ask in the comments.

For this post, the number in reference is 12:21.  I kept seeing this everywhere.  So after seeing it several times I decided that I was going to look up prophetic word no more delaysscriptures.  When I landed on this particular scripture  Ezekiel 12:21-28, I thought to myself that this was just wishful thinking on my part.  So I brushed it aside.

The following morning a friend of mine called with another scripture that completely confirmed that this was in fact what God was saying.  That’s when I got excited because I knew it was God and not my own wishful thinking.  Then I thought perhaps it’s just for me and not to be shared with others so I kept it to myself.  Except I kept getting the same message everywhere so I knew I had to share it with all of you.   I was planning of giving it to you for sure on Friday but I think in the back of my mind God knew that I was still questioning if I should share it or not.

Until this morning in my prayer time for the nations, I asked Him to give me a scripture and when I flipped open the bible it fell right on that page.  I need to add this is a new bible so I’ve never used it to look up that scripture.  I laughed because I knew then that He was telling me not to have any reservation in sharing it because it is definitely for the church.

So, here it is…

Ezekiel 12:21-18 NLT

21 Again a message came to me from the Lord: 22 “Son of man, you’ve heard that proverb they quote in Israel: ‘Time passes, and prophecies come to nothing.’ 23 Tell the people, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will put an end to this proverb, and you will soon stop quoting it.’ Now give them this new proverb to replace the old one: ‘The time has come for every prophecy to be fulfilled!’

24 “There will be no more false visions and flattering predictions in Israel. 25 For I am the Lord! If I say it, it will happen. There will be no more delays, you rebels of Israel. I will fulfill my threat of destruction in your own lifetime. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken!”

26 Then this message came to me from the Lord: 27 “Son of man, the people of Israel are saying, ‘He’s talking about the distant future. His visions won’t come true for a long, long time.’ 28 Therefore, tell them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: No more delay! I will now do everything I have threatened. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken!’”


Meditate on this, pray on this and ask God what it means to you.


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  1. I read your recent post about how we pray for others and that we need to be praying that our Heavenly Father would draw them unto his Son.
    This has totally changed my prayers for my unsaved husband (Of 22years) Now I am praying Heavenly Father draw him to Jesus, let him see Jesus. Turn His face toward his saviour. As it inevitably does in your website, I then moved onto another post the one about numbers and their meanings.
    Now for a long time the Lord has been waking me at a specific time. For many weeks. It then stopped. Having then read your post on numbers and I was desperate for God to wake me again at that specific time since I couldn’t quite remember the numbers.
    He did this morning 6:44am (my alarm goes off at 7am). Now there are not many books in the Bible that have a long chapter 6 (I think only Mark/John/Luke and 1 chronicles).
    You said that we would know in our heart on reading the scripture if it was right well John6v44 “For people cannot come to me unless the Father in Heaven draws them to me, and I will raise them up at the last day”. Thank you so much for all you share. This has confirmed how I ought to be praying for my husband and that My Heavenly Father is on his case !!

    1. This is so beautiful! This is exactly how God speaks to us through different things and then confirms that what you are hearing is from Him. I join you in praying that the Father does draws your husband into a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. That he will not be a Christian that would happy in the outer courts but one who would daily want to enter the Holy of Holies to be with the Lord and that you would taste and see the goodness of the Lord for the first time as he loves you as Christ loves the church. Bless you my sister.

  2. Glory Hallelujah. As I opened, I felt the Holy Spirit all over me – even to typing this message. So excited to see You move Lord. Thank You Jesus and thank you for your obedience in sharing this word Nicole. God bless you and your ministry and all God has made you a steward over. Amen!

    1. This was the Word yesterday (The Passion Translation by Brian Simmons
      & Gretchen Rodriguez)

      November 1 – Promises Delayed
      I’m hurting, Lord—will you forget me forever? How much longer, Lord?
      Psalm 13:1

      Breathe your life into my dreams. It seems they have vanished like a passing vapor. I held them once, in my hands, but fear stole them away. Instead, I should have enclosed them in my heart, anchored within your presence.
      Lord, please don’t make me wait much longer. Make a way, because there seems to be no way. Let me see the paths you once showed me. Encourage me, so that faith will rise again.
      You are the Holy One—not a man who can lie. What you have promised, you will bring to pass. I love you enough to accept the apparent contradiction that this season brings. Though the road to seeing your promises come to pass seems obscure, you will illuminate it with
      your glory and wisdom. Kneeling before you now, I declare, “Not my will, but yours be done.” I choose to trust in your perfect timing and rest in your faithfulness. Hope comes alive when I hide myself in you.

  3. Confirming from my prayer closet also! Every morning last week, I would open my Bible during prayers and would be looking at Hosea 9: 5-7: “What will ye do in the solemn day, and in the day of the feast of the Lord? … The days of visitation are come; the days of recompense are come…” Or else I opened to the judgement on Gog, Ezekiel 39:8–
    “Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord God; this is the day whereof I have spoken.”

    This happened over and over, with all my different Bibles, the one I keep in the car, my purse Bible, my bedside Bible.

    God’s blessings have made this website a hiding place from internet insanity, may His Holy Peace be upon you and all who labor in this vineyard!

    1. Through daily communion with the Lord, taking a spiritual gifts test, using the gifts that it says you have in the body of Christ, God will confirm it by the fruit that is produced when you use it. We can’t say we have a gift if there is no fruit from the gift. We won’t have fruit if we don’t use the gift. The gift will mature the more we use it. There’s no striving involved when you’re called to it.

  4. Hi
    This word is confirmation , I’ve been having difficult two weeks in standing in God promise to me and Tuesday he gave me Psalms 126Psalm 126
    A song of ascents.
    1 When the Lord restored the fortunes of[a] Zion,
    we were like those who dreamed.[b]
    2 Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.
    Then it was said among the nations,
    “The Lord has done great things for them.”
    3 The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.

    4 Restore our fortunes,[c] Lord,
    like streams in the Negev.
    5 Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
    6 Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
    will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them

  5. I have been waiting and standing on Two Promises from the Lord that He spoke then confirmed around 2010.

    On October 15th a Facebook friend from Africa told me he was called to share this Scripture.

    HABAKKUK 2:3
    For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

    When one of His Promises manifests it will SHAKE the core of Faith in so many people I know. God will be Glorified beyond. To the point where people will be coming to see for themselves if it is really True lol

    I have been standing in Faith for so long. He has put a new song in my mouth and Praise upon my lips. Many shall see it and fear and put their Hope in the Lord.


    Shalom 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing. Here is something recent that seems confirming:

    For years and years I read a selection of devotionals every morning- five of the classics. About five years ago, God changed my direction and had me put them on a shelf and just do it differently. On October twenty-fifth He moved me to get out Streams in the Desert and read for that day. I was puzzled, but did it. The devotion was fine, but the scripture printed at the end jumped up off the page and almost blazed at me. It said “Now shalt thou SEE what I will do” (Exodus 6:1). It felt exactly like what you’re describing through the Ezekiel scripture. It makes my heart race a bit, because my guess is that may be traumatic, even for those of us who kneel at His feet daily. But that’s His decision to make, and He’s always kind, and He’s very good at what He does. And so we wait- ready for whatever He brings. My advice is: FIND and KEEP your peace, because others will need it, too. In these last days, “men’s hearts will fail them for fear”. Stabilize one person near you with hope. Email me if you need me.


  7. Hi MOP I have been praying for my mums salvation and tonight I ended up at her house unplanned. We spoke and I asked how her husband is doing, I asked this as the Lord gave me a word in our quiet time together, she said that she was worried about him as he hasn’t quite been himself. I told her the Lord had put him on my heart and that I along with some other Christians were praying for him. We talked some more and I asked her if she believed in Jesus in which she replied Yes! Long story short, I prayed your prayer of salvation and she repeated it after me. Praise God! Please cover her in prayer and thank you for your ministry. I praise God for leading me to you. 🥰🙏

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