Prophetic Word November 2022

prophetic word for November 2022

This prophetic word is for November 2022 and it is a warning as it relates to the wealth transfer.  I’m saying wealth transfer because this is the season we are in right now but this could also relate to any kind of blessing that you are receiving from the Lord

Who is this word for?  Everyone. There are 4 warnings in the dream, and one may be for you as well as all four.

Here is the dream:

I was working in an office building.  It is the type of building where there are several different companies in the same building. Therefore, every business has the same street address and the only difference is the suite number. When the mail gets delivered daily it is left at the receptionist desk in the lobby and then we walk up and look through the mail to see which department or person should receive that piece of mail.

Picture it as a stack of mail and as a part of this mail there are packages and boxes.  I walk up to the receptionist desk and I am going through the mail.  The first 2 pieces of mail were in green envelopes and the name of the recipient was clearly written on it.  I saw them walk by and I handed them the mail that belonged to them.

The second piece I picked up is a box, the size of a ring box.  Imagine how small that is, now imagine that someone wraps it in brown paper and then tries to write the name and address on that label after they wrapped it up.  As you can imagine you have to read around the box to try to make out what is actually written on it.  Then they taped over the label where they wrote the name and address.  The writing was not very clear and when I tried to read the name I couldn’t make out what was written on it.  All I could make out was “NIC”.  The paper was all crumpled and folded over.  This guy walks up the the desk and I hand him the box and I said “can you make out who this one is for?”  So he then takes it and trying his best to smooth out the paper and read around to see it.  Then he says,” I think this one is mine!”  Let’s just say that his name is Dominic.  Hence when he saw NIC he thought this one was his.

The next one I pick up is an envelope, one with the window on it.  Have you ever received mail in one of these envelopes and the window is not properly aligned with the name? The name is being cut off and hidden under the envelope so you start tilting it back and creating a gap in the window area so you can read it the name properly?  Well, I’m trying to tilt the envelope upwards and look through the window by creating space so I can see who it is addressed to.  I managed to make out “OD” that was it!  This lady walks up and I say to her “I can’t make out the names on the mail today. I don’t know what’s up this is the 2nd one that is not clear.” She takes the mail out of my hand and does the same kind of looking upwards to the side to see it and she says to me “I think this one is mine”.  Her name is Odette. She takes the mail and walks off.

Then I get to the third piece of mail and it clearly says at the top ODINIC.  That is the name of the company next door so I put it to the side to make sure somebody runs it over to their suite.  Then the next piece of mail Odinic, then the next Odinic.  Then I flipped through quickly and realized the whole batch of mail is for Odinic except for the first two.  Then it dawns on me the NIC and the OD was also their mail too.  So I quickly tell someone “catch Dominic and Odette quickly before they open the mail, it is not for them”  Someone yells out to them  “Hey Nick, that’s not your mail” but Nick’s back was to the person so he kept walking.  Odette had already turned the corner so she never heard either.  I say to someone else “make sure no one else touches this mail, let me go quickly get the box back from Nick and the envelope from Odette”

So I head off to go find Dominic first, then I tell him “listen, the mail you took from the receptionist desk doesn’t belong to you, it is actually for the company next door”.  In the dream I knew that Odinic was actually a jewelry store, or they had to do with mining precious stones or something to that effect. The company we were all working for makes devices for the hearing impaired so some of the employees are hearing impaired.  This is why when they were calling to Nick and Odette they didn’t stop because they couldn’t hear.  They had to be looking directly at you and reading your lips or they wouldn’t get the message.

He said to me, “I opened the box and it had the most beautiful diamond ring.  I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.  It is probably worth more than my salary for the year. It’s so gorgeous and it’s very valuable so there’s no way I’m giving it back”.  I said to him “but it doesn’t belong to you.”  He said “I don’t care, I’m keeping it”.  I could tell that I was not going to change his mind.  I then went looking for Odette.  The way she handled it was very different, she was disappointed because she said that it was a beautiful gold bracelet, gorgeous and she was walking around the company telling everyone “look at my new bracelet”. She asked me to follow her back to her office to get it because she was going to give it back.  By this time the entire office heard about the mix up.  Back in Odette’s office she’s looking all over the desk and into the drawers trying to find the bracelet.  It was nowhere to be found.  Someone stole the bracelet from her office when they found out that she was heading to her office to give it back.  She was very upset because now she felt responsible for it.  Then I woke up out of the dream.


There was no problem with the first 2 pieces of mail.  The names were clearly marked and you could see who it belongs to.  The envelopes were green which speaks of growth and prosperity, forward movement.  This is how I believe the wealth transfer begins.  It will come as smooth sailing, until…

Not everything, every blessing is for you.  Just as not every prophetic word is for you.  Sometimes it can sound or look good, or you may even want it to be true for you, but you need to get full confirmation before you latch on to anything and claim it as your own.

That ring box could be for Dominic, Nicodemus, Nicholas, Nicole, Nicoletta, Veronica, Danica, so many other combinations of NIC.

That envelope could be for Odette, Odessa, Odina, Odelia, Odin, Odysseus, Odell, there are so many different combinations of OD.

This is what happens when we see just a glimpse something and we start creating our own meaning of something that God never said.  <<<<this!  And you know what? At some point or another we all do it.  We get excited and start making assumptions, good or bad.

Warning #1 if you see something that you believe is a blessing from God for you, calm down, try not to enter the fantasy realm in your head, making plans too soon.  Step back and take it back to the Lord and make sure it is 100% for you and it is what you think it is.

Quite frankly the names of the people in the dream are not relevant for the interpretation because the message of the names is that it was partial confirmation.  He saw the NIC and what he needed to do next was carefully tear open the package preserving the address label so that could look at it straight and get a full confirmation before he fell in love with it.

Instead, the minute he saw the ring, he wanted it and that’s he all he knew.  I WANT THIS.  And you know how it is when you see something you want, every single sign that comes along is a confirmation that it belongs to you.  Oh look, a fly just landed on the ground that means that God is telling me I can fly to New York this weekend for that conference!  LOL I just prayed and ask God is I should marry this person as I was sitting at the traffic light and the light just turned green!  So that’s a yes!  LOL No.

You need to weigh the consequences of a wrong decision against the weight of the sign or confirmation.

When something is not for you, that same thing can cause you so much pain and stress.  The same thing you couldn’t wait to have in year one is the same thing you are begging God to deliver you from and release you from it in year two.

Proverbs 10:22

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich,
And He adds no sorrow with it.

Wait on the Lord.

God did not emphasize the name of the people in the dream but the one thing He kept bring up again and again and again was the name of the company next door.  Odinic.  I’m going to let you Google that one yourself. I just chose the top layer for this prophetic word.  If you delve further into what it means, this could go into a whole other interpretation for the dream.  You could also go down a rabbit hole with this one so be careful.  All I know is the source of that thing is not God.

Warning #2 – The devil is also giving out in this season too.  Remember he is an imitator.  He cannot do anything original. He has a copy and paste anointing. Counterfeit.  It will be packaged to look good, but that thing is going to cause you so much problems in the end.

In the entire dream I never laid eyes on any of the jewelry, but I heard how the people who saw it were talking about it.

Another important point is that it is the one who got the ring that couldn’t let it go.  This is a sign of a covenant, so he made covenant with something that was not good.

The ones who are tired of waiting in this season will be most susceptible to accepting the counterfeit.  They want an answer now.  They want their promise now.  And it will be worse if you have idolized the promise because you will clutch at anything.

You must remember that when Moses went before Pharoah the magicians also had the same kind of powers up to a certain point. (Exodus 7:11-12)

Did you know that false prophets can also tell you things that are true?  Sure they can.  That’s how a lot of people fall for it because it’s true.  But, the source is evil.

Quick story – before I was saved one on my friends bought me a book as a gift about relationships and it was based on horoscopes.  This book would tell you based on your sign who would be the best match for you based on your birthday and the person’s birthday.  It would tell you if someone was a good romantic match for you, or if they would make a good coworker, best friend or if they would end up being your enemy.  My friend and I would sit around eating cheese and drinking wine and talk about all the new people at work, school or whomever we met in the club, consulting the book to determine if we should continue in a relationship with them.  Several months after I got saved, in her church because she was a Christian, the Lord started talking to me about cleaning my house out and getting rid of every accursed thing and things that would harbor demonic spirit.  Obviously, the book was one of them.  I opened it up, lit the pages on fire burning them all before I threw it into the dumpster.  Then I had to take a sledgehammer to the music CDs, who knew those things were so indestructible?  So the next time she came around and she wanted to check out a new teacher that was teaching at her school she asked me to go get the book.  I told her I destroyed it.  She said to me “why didn’t you just give it to me?”  I told her because it’s demonic. That didn’t matter to her, all she knew is that it was true and when she wanted an answer, she got it fast.  I’m pretty sure she went out and bought a copy for herself because she was upset that I threw it away.  There’s no waiting on the Lord, no time in prayer and fasting.  No.  It’s a demonic microwave.  You see she didn’t realize that I got saved for real!  Her version of Christianity said this was OK to continue doing this even after you get saved. I never used that book again after I got saved, but it was still sitting in my house.  I didn’t learn this from church, I found out this was wrong by spending time with the Lord, praying and reading the bible itself.  I was shocked by her reaction but that just goes to show you some people don’t care about the source. As a matter a fact, she was a Christian when I met her so she shouldn’t have given me that book as a gift in the first place! This is called syncretism.

Remember when the Philistines stole the ark and they tried to set it up alongside their god (1 Samuel 5).  The Lord has nothing to do with mixture.

You know what?  In the end you will realize the source matters.

Saul lost his position as king because couldn’t wait and consulted the wrong source!

1 Samuel 28:5-7

When Saul saw the army of the Philistines, he was afraid, and his heart trembled greatly. And when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by the prophets.

Then Saul said to his servants, “Find me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her.”

When you dibble dabble with things that are not of God, there’s only so far you can go in the Lord.  You will never get to the fullness of what God has purposed for you.

God is saying in this season just as He is transferring wealth, the enemy is trying to do the same thing too.  Therefore, you need to be careful what you are picking up.  What you considered as a blessing could be from demonic sources.  It was not intended for you because God didn’t send it.  That is a counterfeit.  Now if you made a mistake and you realize that it was not God, you need to get out of that.  Whatever benefits you derive from it is temporary and you will end up regretting having that in your possession longer than you should.

I thought it was interesting that God showed these in the body of Christ as hearing impaired.   We were working for a company that made devices for those who are hearing impaired.  I see that as what this and other ministries do, we help those who can’t hear God clearly.  Help people hear from the Lord for themselves.  If you not sure if you heard God correctly on something, wait. Get full confirmation.

While we were all in the same building (spirituality) the suite numbers are different.  Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Odinism, New Age…some things may appear to cross over, even look so similar at times that if you don’t stay connected to the Lord through the bible you can get pulled into all kinds of practices that are not God.  You will get pulled into syncretism very easily if you don’t read the bible.  The bible is your plumbline.  That’s how you are going to know the real diamonds from the fake ones.  That gold bracelet can have the markings that says 18KT Gold but the word of God will help you discern if that is true.  And there are moments when what you need is just to give something a little time.  Again, wait.  Because over time as you shower in your beautiful gold bracelet and you apply your perfume to your wrist, eventually that thing is going to start peeling if it’s fake or it turns black.  Time.  They can only fake it for so long.

You know sometimes we need to exhibit just a little bit of patience in order to get a full confirmation on something

Odette, like Dominic, didn’t check the address label after she opened the envelope, so she also well fell in love with the bracelet before checking in with God.

The big difference between the two is that Odette was honest enough to want to give it back.  But she had already ran around the office spreading the news before waiting on God.

Warning #3 some of the blessings that will come to you in this season you need to keep that to yourself.  How different would it have been had she kept it to herself?  We would’ve gone back to her office, and it would be there because no one would know about it.  However, she is not held responsible for the stolen item because remember this is an accursed thing; therefore, that curse just got passed to the person who stole it.

Now, if this was a true blessing from the Lord you still need to keep it to yourself.  Sometimes you want to really hear from God clearly without having all these people in your business.  When you let people in too fast, they start putting their two cents in on how things should be done and that can lead to confusion. Enjoy it and if God says you can share it, then you share it.

Warning #4 There is a saying where I come from that goes like this “thief from a thief and God laughs” There’s no protection for you if what you have wasn’t from God anyway.  How did you obtain it, did you steal it?  What was the source of it?  You can’t be crying if you lose it. (Proverbs 6:26) There are no prayers to bring it back either because God isn’t going to bring back demonic things, things that you obtained illegally, or things that are illegal. Don’t even bother praying about it!  Dry your tears, the season ended on that thing, REPENT and move on with God.

Now I’m going to share something with you that the Lord is showing me you need to know now, in this season of wealth transfer.  It would be a shame after all this time if you get the transfer and it gets STOLEN after you receive it.  The enemy cannot stop it but he can try to steal it from you once you have it.

The spirit of the thief and robber:

We already know that the word of God when it goes forth it shall not return void (Isaiah 55:11), right?  So, it doesn’t matter who that word is directed at the minute you speak it, it is going to work.

A lot of us pray a prayer like this against the thief…

Proverbs 6:31

 Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold;
He may have to give up all the substance of his house.

But you failed to recognize that you yourself might be a thief; therefore, guess what you just did?  You prayed against yourself.  God’s word is not one thing for your enemy and another thing for you.  No, both are being tried by the same scripture.  Both will be tested by the same word.

The devil is just waiting for you to pray that scripture so he can get you!  Here’s an example: Let’s say a client just robbed you $2,500 from your contract. You go praying that prayer and you are expecting $2,500 x 7 = $17,500.  So you think to yourself!  Yes, they are going to have to pay it.

EXCEPT, you failed to take into account that fake gold Rolex that is on your hand.  Yes, this means you are the thief as well. You’re stealing from Rolex. Here comes the devil into the courts of heaven with his calculator

Real 18 KT Gold Rolex with pave diamond face President’s watch $77,000 x 7 = $539,000.

You see we seem to only equate stealing with something that is done person to person, face to face.  And some of us tend to not count the other things as stealing. And, that’s why many people in the body of Christ are still poor.  And why all your clients rob you.  Because you have a tab running in the demonic realm with a $539,000 bill that needs to be paid and the demons come to collect.  If you don’t clear that thing in the courts of heaven you are on the hook for it.

I sure do hope that Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy bag is real and not something you got from China Town, New York.  That’ll be $1,550 x 7 = $10,850.  And, that is why some of you are still poor.

Some of you by the time the devil finish with his calculator, you owe millions!

Again, not something I learnt in church.  Nah, they don’t tell you these things. It’s not like I’m going to walk up to you and say “I sure hope those Chanel earrings are real!” LOL

It makes people very uncomfortable to talk about these things, but we need to hear it. I found out in prayer over 10 years ago when I was struggling like nobody’s business, and I prayed the most powerful prayer using that scripture and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to this truth and I swore up and down I was not a thief UNTIL He revealed to me that watching those bootleg New Release movies from those bootleg websites was stealing.  Oops!  Did I go looking for them? No.  They used to upload the entire movie onto YouTube and I would sit there and watch them.  I knew that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then YouTube cracked down on it so then they would just start out the movie and then give you the link to get it on their website.

You know, you want to Wakanda Forever, but you don’t want to pay the $20 movie price, so you watch it from one of these websites for free not realizing that the devil just pulled out his calculator and you are about to pay big.

$20 x 7 = $140.  Sigh.

But no one visits these websites and watches only 1 movie so multiply that by 10!!!  over the next 3 weeks $1,400.  And how does this manifest itself?  Well, these websites are notorious for having viruses and malware.  So then your computer gets infected and crashes and burns.  Poof!  No computer. You just bought it last year for $1,400.  The thief stole from the thief and God laughs.  Then there you are crying boo hoo why is this happening to me?

When God word goes out it judges everybody!!!

I prayed the prayer, and I was judged by the Word!!!  I lost a $1,400 computer over a $20 movie ticket!  How dumb is that? LOL  I can laugh now about it now because this is my rearview mirror and God had to explain spiritual laws to me.  When you violate them, you PAY BIG!

Nobody gets away with anything!!!

I know that moths are attracted to light, but sometimes the reason why you keep getting attacked by the same thing over and over again is because you have a door opened in the realm of the spirit that allows the devil access to your life.  If you keep dreaming of thieves and robbers, it could be that you are stealing from others in some area of your life.  If you keep meeting counterfeit people, you may have things that are counterfeit.  Hence, you are a magnet for those spirits.

And before you quickly think that you don’t do these things how about you pray the prayer first

“Holy Spirit, show me where I may be stealing from someone else, a person, a place or an organization, from You”

Then wait for Him to show you and you will see it.

Now you may be saying, OK I get it how do I stop it.  This is warning #4 and there is one word I made bold, scroll up and look for it.  That is all you need to do.  And this word means turning away from that means after you do that, these items need to hit the dumpster.  It has to go to the trash.  You can’t pass on the accursed thing.  Don’t think for a second that you can repent today and then put on that fake stuff tomorrow and God is good with that, no.  The devil comes right back because it means you are not sorry.

Now when he goes to accuse you before the Lord, Jesus will say that He washed you clean from that sin and you are released from that debt.  This is why you cannot go back to doing the things you were doing before.  You have to be finished with it. Cease and Desist.  You are done with that.  You are going to notice that people will stop stealing from you because you closed the door on that.

You know when Jacob, the deceiver, wrestled with the Angel of the Lord, he didn’t become a deceiver at that moment.  No, he was born a deceiver.  And he actually made progress for several years being that same person.  But there comes a point when you start to realize that you cannot progress.  You keep going around in a circle and this is when changes need to happen.  Jacob realized there was a level of blessing that he couldn’t tap into and so he wrestled with God until he got it.  But he needed to CHANGE.  The thing he got away with for so long was now a stumbling block to his next level. (Genesis 32:22-32).  There are some things where many other people can do it and get away with it, not you! Especially when God has called you to greater things.

The Lord is having me tell you about this spirit of the thief and robber now so you can get it out of your own life before the wealth hits your hands.

When the Lord transfers the wealth to you this season, my prayer for you is not just that you receive the wealth transfer, but that you can hold on to it, maintain it and make it grow.  Green envelopes all the way!!!  Correctly addressed to YOU.  These warnings are here to help you do just that. Heed them.

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15 thoughts on “Prophetic Word November 2022”

  1. Thank you so much MOP. Great things have been happening in my life in relation to the messages being shared here. I had been praying for the right partner (wife) over the past year, one that will suit me, especially in terms of my involvement in Evangelism Ministry, apart from my job as a Media/Public Relations Manager for a Church organisation in my country, Papua New Guinea. Early this year I received a message from the Lord through a brother Evangelist while we were praying one night, regarding my wife to be. Then in the middle of this year, after considering and deciding between a few options, I came across a girl whom I had met five years ago through some unexpected way (I believe it was God directed) but we sort of parted ways later because I had opted to consider other options. We have now come together again and things seem very good, a whole lot better than before. It feels like I’ve found the missing link, which I sort of overlooked the last time but it came back. She is a gifted prayer warrior, in which she has a testimony of experiencing an angelic visitation one night, during the period that we had parted ways. Both our families have agreed significantly. We’re now engaged and looking forward to marriage. In light of this Word, please I need prayer and confirmation on this. I’d really appreciate that.

  2. So as I was reading this post, all the colored jeeps I’ve been seeing popped into my head…..That maybe its still not my time and I should take it to the Lord before I take it as a sign from Him. And then claiming the vision you had during the zoom meeting as something for myself when I wasn’t even there so probably wasn’t for me. This broke my heart a little, I need to deal with the self pity. I am in His Word daily. I homeschool my kids during the day and took a job in the evening to pay off credit card debt. I long for more time with the Lord and my schedule has become jam packed. I can’t do it all. I don’t want to be a thief, so I have repented for claiming something before bringing it to the Lord. I want to be in His presence more than anything.

  3. Thanks mop for this revelation on thieves. I realize God’s word judges all. So whatever I pray applies both to me and others. I hope after Repenting and Desisting And Turning away things will finally be settled for me. No more thieves…

  4. I have been experiencing robberies in my dream and this renders my endeavours useless in the physical, I was thinking it is someone attacking me but this word of revelation and interpretation is bringing my mind to look inward, I pray God directs me to make the necessary cleaning and remain cleaned. God bless you Sir.

  5. Thank you for this message. God spoke to me in the past regarding the origins of words received, of gifts, warning about the “I want this” mentality (nothing wrong with wanting something, but that word had to do with whether this was said leaving no room for God’s input or placing that desire before God’s will). I have also noticed that the cleaning of the house is something that might need to happen over and over again, either due to what people bring in or put us in contact with (we can’t live in isolation), or to the gifts received (such as chakra candles gifted from a believer, among other new age or items linked to ancestral practices).

    May the Word of God wash us clean every morning and evening, and continue to be our guide during these times.

  6. My mother in law just bought me a LV bag. She told me it wasn’t real. I have no idea how I am going to deal with her and this issue.

    1. Since she paid money for it and gave it as a gift, I think you should give it back to her. She may take offense if you throw it in the trash. Just tell her you appreciate the gesture, but you don’t feel comfortable with it and would rather give it back to her instead of throwing it away.

  7. Today I am preaching on Luke 19:1-10, and have been troubled by the fourth warning. One lady is selling the fakes of these high end designer labels and has been begging that I buy. In June our Father told me clearly that I have no portion in these things, that have to be taken through the sneaked through Borders to be sold. Oh I thank you for this prophecy. As I approach the Throne of Grace I will thank God for this.

  8. Thanks for this Word
    In the Spring, my hubby had a stroke
    He was pushing me to get a retaining wall done in the yard.
    To hire someone to do it, before everyone else hires
    I asked around, couldn’t find anyone,
    Then I looked in the newspaper, and found one
    He started the job, wanted half down, so I agreed,
    After abit of work, he disappeared with my $4,000
    Help ,,,

      1. I thank God for this word!! I want what is addressed to me! I want to be able to enjoy it in full!

        You mentioned the names of the people in the dream didn’t matter, but I can’t help to think they do. Some Dominics, or those who are “of the Lord” will think some things that come their way will be just that “of the Lord”– thank you God for this, but as you said they need to pray and make sure it is truly of God. Even the Odettes, which means wealthy. Don’t broadcast certain things that God does, move in silence and let the blessing speak for itself when it manifests!!

        I am excited about what God is doing! I already see it happening in my own life!! Hallelujah! Blessings!

  9. Another timely word. Insightful, edifying and correcting at the same time. Thank you MOP for being obedient to the voice of God. Lord have mercy on us.. Grant us the grace to be good stewards of your blessings 🙏🙏🙏

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