Prophetic Word – Extinction

prophetic word 2020 extinction

This prophetic word 2020 is entitled Extinction.  The purpose of prophesy is to edify and build up the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:3).  However, there are times when it is to be as the Lord instructed Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:9-10 “to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down”  which would be necessary in order to “build up and to plant”.  You see, we cannot build the new thing without removing the old structure that hinders it.

This one of those Jeremiah type of words.

Do you know this brown creature that is in the photo? His name is Mr. Snuffleufagus. He was a

Mr Snuffleufagus and Big Bird

character on Sesame Street. He was friends with Big Bird. Big Bird would always tell the adults about his friend Snuffleufagus but when the adults said they wanted to meet him something would always come up and Snuffy had to leave so when the adults arrived he was never there. They all came to the conclusion that Snuffy must have been an imaginary friend of Big Bird’s and really did not exist.

The truth is, Snuffleufagus was real and the adults couldn’t see him.  The children were the first to be come aware of his existence.

The Vision

So I had a vision where I was inside a building and as I looked through the window I saw Mr. Snuffleufagus outside there looking pretty sad. I came out of it and thought to myself, what in the world is that? I asked the Lord for the meaning but He never answered so I began to think about what it could mean.

You see I hadn’t seen this since I was a child watching Sesame Street. I’m not even sure if Snuffy is still a part of the cast. I thought he was a made up creature and all that came to my mind was “laziness”. I went researching the character and found out that he was actually a woolly mammoth. It offered another clue…


Whatever this meant in the vision it is extinct. It is a Muppet – totally harmless puppet – and is now extinct. It’s on the outside looking sad and what God is doing is on the inside.


So what is extinct in the eyes of God? This journey’s back to 2017. You know, we know in part and we prophesy in part so even when God gives a prophetic word we may not get the full meaning or extent of it until it starts manifesting. 2017 was a pivotal year. It really was.

This ministry has been around since 2006 and we’ve just been plugging along and not really tracking how many people we’ve ministered to, etc. We had no real tracking mechanism in place so we didn’t know our impact. Is this important? Absolutely it is! How else are you going to know if you are effective if you have no grasp of how many people you are ministering to and the results/fruit of your ministry. Believe me, we knew we had an impact but we were tracking it.

It was in 2017 when we first realized the volume of people we served and had a real idea of the size of the ministry. This is not based on donations

received, how many volunteers or staff members (we have no staff members) but rather how many people are being impacted. We found this out after God put us in the position where our server crashed from too many people being on it and we had to upgrade our server 3 times in a 6 month period to match the servers of Billion dollar ministries. Yes, Billions but while we had the same amount of people we weren’t anywhere close in terms of money. We have no money but we ministering to many.

So, with the need for the new servers it meant that we had much higher costs, so if you were on our mailing list back in 2017 we did ask people to contribute to helping us upgrade the servers. This actually was a sign that God upgraded us.

Don’t worry this isn’t some money pitch..keep reading…I’m going somewhere here.

So, 2017 we realized the size of the ministry and it was so much larger than we could ever imagine. We had to restructure and change how we do things.

1 layer of tracking was put in place.

In 2018 the Lord specifically said when we do the Fast at the beginning of 2019 we were not to put it on the site for everyone, as we’ve always done, but people now had to sign up to be on the fast. He had us do the fast for 1 month. I thought that was peculiar because I imagined that would reduce the amount of people who would participate. But, God said do it, so we did it! The other thing He said was that I was to take a survey from the participants at the beginning and after the fast.  Only 40% of the participants did the survey and here are the results:

31 People got saved

68 People Recommitted themselves to the Lord

412 People prayed to receive the Holy Spirit

300 Dreams and Visions were interpreted.

Another layer of tracking was put in place.

This was in 1 month.  I also have to point out that we only collect a whopping $1,376 in donations for the year. Say what now? Yes, you read it right we only collected $1,376 for the entire year. You see we are not focused on donations we are focused on people and we refuse to make people feel obligated to give us a penny. We would still do what we are doing today with $0. #truth. For those of you who are inclined do the math of donations divided by souls saved.  Remember this is only 1 month of data.

So now, in 2018 after the people got saved we felt responsible to plug them into churches so I started to find out what cities they were in and plug them in here and there. Remember, we are not a church. We are a prayer ministry.

We spent a lot of time sending articles to people who were new to the faith explain certain things to them.  You know what I learned from this experience? People are not really being discipled in the body of Christ.

What ever happened to discipleship? Where are the mentors? I mean the ones you don’t have to pay.

It exposed a hole in the church to me. We get emailed constantly from people asking very basic questions and they are connected to a church, but somehow they are still not learning the basics.

Discipleship should be a mandatory part of being a Christian and getting saved in a church.  Preaching on a Sunday, is not discipleship.

So here I had new believers and I was trying to get them plugged in somewhere and it was just not happening.

It put a thought in the back of my head that we needed to do something to fix this.

But, we moved to the next year.  That is the fast at the beginning of this year.  He told me not to do it for a month but only for 1 week,

So in 1 week:

19 People got saved

52 People Recommitted themselves to the Lord

299 People prayed to receive the Holy Spirit

530 Dreams and Visions were interpreted.

Yes, just 1 week.

Ok, so now that you have a backstory I can get to the prophetic word.  Following the fast within the next 2 weeks of going to a church.  They gave out their budget.  I’ve just been attending this church for 3 months now. I will not be using anyone’s name in this because it’s really not about them, it is about us.

In 2018, their budget was $2.8 million but it got cut to $1.9 million in 2019 because there was a church split and half the congregation left (one of the reasons I never went there before).

So, with the $1.9 Million in 2019, $27,000 was given to local ministry and mission  and 52 people got saved…for the entire year!  Wait a minute, you collected $1.9 Million dollars and 52 people got saved and you only gave away $27,000 to support the community?

The pastor is standing in the pulpit presenting this and I just wept. I was sobbing and I’m sure the people around me thought what is wrong with this person.  Even the pastor saw me.  I’m pretty sure he must’ve thought “God was dealing with that person, or something”  And please know this, this man is a good person who loves the Lord.  The church doesn’t even pass a collection plate or bucket.  They do not.  I have to say this just in case you thought they were all about the money.  They are not.

I was weeping because I just thought about how heartbroken Jesus must be.  What in the world is happening???  Then I thought about the fact that this pastor loves the Lord and he’s so blind that he can’t even see this.  And, I wept some more.  Then I thought he works with a board of directors of 7 people and none of them see this?  And, I wept some more.  Then I’m sitting in a church with at least 1,000 people and none of them can see this.  And, I wept some more.

Blind.  Eyes to see and we still can’t see.  Ears to hear and we still can’t hear.

Now before you think that for some reason this ministry thinks it is better than others or somehow more aware.  Let me fill you in on a little fact…

Back in January of 2017 (yes we are back in the pivotal year of 2017), I went into another church the budget was printed in a beautiful brochure.  I was so happy to see that and it said they had a budget or $1.5 Million and they gave away $222,000 to world missions and local outreach and 115 got baptized.  Not saved, baptized.  And we all know people can get baptized in churches they were not saved in.  So I’m sure the salvation number was lower.

Here’s the thing, I looked at the budget, saw the numbers, quickly flipped the pages saw that 115 people got baptized and thought to myself “Thank God, at least people are getting saved!”  And, I supported that ministry for years.

Yes, back in 2017 I thought this was OK!!  You know that record that plays in your mind that says “that’s just the cost of ministry”  and you accept it!  I was just as blind as the rest of them.

Now, here is what God did.  After He saw in 2017 that I had the information in my hand and I still wasn’t getting it, He had to create something to make me get it.  So it started with the server upgrades, pull a small group of people into a fast, adding tracking, realizing how many people can get saved in a short period of time with a shoestring budget…and then I got it!!!

We have the ability to do so much with very little.  We really do, once the Lord is in it and He’s blessing it.  Likewise, when we are given a lot the Lord expects more.  He wants a return on His investment. It’s called stewardship. Please read Matthew 25:14-30.

So here’s what’s happening:

We have an old model of the church (let’s call it Mr. Snuffleufagus).  It’s reached it’s extinction.  God is done with that.  We loved it 20 – 25 years when all the fancy churches with the coffee, gift shops, fancy graphics and concert production set started.  We got comfortable and we completely lost sight of the main thing.  What is the main thing?

The main thing is the last thing that Jesus said to His disciples.  If your mom, dad, grandparents are passing away and they call you over to their bedside because they had one last thing to say it would be really important wouldn’t it?  So here it is…

Matthew 28:18-20 New King James Version (NKJV)

18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

That is the main thing.

So when we fail to focus on the final instructions of our Savior do you know what happens?  We become extinct.  You have to reproduce your kind or you become extinct.  If you have a congregation of 5,000 and only 52 people are getting saved each year eventually you don’t exist anymore.  All we are doing is duplicating the laziness and lack of concern for winning souls.

Where in the world are the evangelists?  Everybody wants to be apostle and prophet these days…where are the evangelists?

We’ve bought the LIE of “church growth”.  What is the lie?  Church A closes down or has some scandal and all those people rush over to Church B.  The pastor from Church B starts celebrating “oh, we’ve had massive church growth, we’re the fastest growing church in the area”

Ummm, no you’re not!  What you got was recycled Christians that came from another church.

In order to grow the church of Jesus Christ, people have to be saved.

It is Salvation!  It is not the size of your building.  How many locations you now have.  How much money the church has. The size of your congregation.  How many Facebook or YouTube followers.  No!  It is how many people got saved.  That is the REAL church growth.

Biblical definition of church growth:

Acts 2:41
Those who embraced his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to the believers that day.

Acts 4:4
But many who heard the message believed, and the number of men grew to about five thousand.

Acts 5:14
Yet more and more believers were brought to the Lord–large numbers of both men and women.

Acts 6:7
So the word of God continued to spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem grew rapidly, and a great number of priests became obedient to the faith.

Acts 9:31
Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee, and Samaria experienced a time of peace. It grew in strength and numbers, living in the fear of the Lord and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 11:21
The hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.

Acts 11:24
Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.

So where do we go from here?

Your Responsibility

There is no way for you to un-know what you now know.  If you were blind like I was in 2017, you are no longer blind.

1.  Go get your church budget and look at the numbers.  You don’t have it, ask for it.  If you’re tithing there they have an obligation to give it to you.

2. Don’t freak out on your pastor or get too dramatic.  You need to pray about your role in being a part of the solution.  You can’t just drop this in their lap and walk away.  You need to think about what you can do to help with this.  Also, don’t just assume he or she is a bad person either.  He may truly just be blind to the fact.  Now after you bring it to him if you see that he’s not doing anything to rectify the situation after a few months, then you need to think about whether or not you want to stay supporting that.

3. Ask your pastor to do an evangelism class and train everyone on how to win souls.  Tell him you think the numbers are too low and you really want to help in this area.

4.  If you already know the evangelists in your church ask them to start doing small groups and training.

5.  Help to facilitate the training.

6.  If you don’t know how to talk to him or her about it, send them this post.

Using an excuse of “I’m not an evangelist” or “I don’t have the gift of evangelism” is not enough.  When Jesus called the 12 He didn’t appoint some of them evangelists and others to other ministries.  No, they all had to do the work of the evangelist.  The scripture in Matthew 28 was told to His disciples.  All of us should be doing it.  I understand if you are not trained but right now I am letting you know, get trained!

2 Timothy 4:5
“But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”
I don’t want you to think that this only has to do with large churches because it doesn’t.
Surprise, surprise…  The problem exists in smaller congregations too. 
I have met several pastors who tell me they have a small congregation of around 50 people only to find out that they’ve had that same congregation for 10 years.  What is that? Extinction.  The minute the 50 people die they are done.
This doesn’t mean they are going to hell.  No, they are saved and will be in heaven too.  But, I don’t know about you…I live for the “Well, done my good and faithful servant!”  I don’t think He left me here after I got saved to look cute.  No, I have work to do and I cannot go back into heaven with just me.  Wasting years being comfortable.  I’m going to take millions of souls with me!!!  I’m hoping that is your goal too.
Church is not suppose to be a social club for Christians or just a giant bible study.  This is what we have turned into.  We have our set seat and look at prophetic word 2020 extinctionthe same faces each week.  This is a problem.  We go out and do community outreaches and give away many things to the people who need it but the truth is evangelists should be among the team.  You can’t give out 200 turkeys and come back saying no one got saved.  This is a problem.  The goal should be giving away turkeys but rather, salvation. Soul Winning.
So the size of the church is not the problem.
God had to educate me from 2017 – 2019 that there was so much we could do with nothing.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free.  He blessed us with so much to continue the work of the ministry and all we have done is squandered it on our own comforts and not reached anyone with the extra money we’ve received.  We have to do more.
Do you know this great wealth transfer that everyone is talking about?  Has it occurred to you that this transfer can also happen between churches and ministry?  Yes!  It is about stewarding what we have been given and if we don’t wake up and do what we are suppose to do God is going to take away what we have and give it to another church or another ministry.
The light at the end of the tunnel in all of this is that if we take up the responsibility today to change things in our individual lives, ministries and churches we can turn this around completely by December!!
We in this ministry are also going to do our part.  We will have our own discipleship school, for free.  To train and equip people and will let you know more about that later on.
If we decide today to change this and we actively work on it we can be among those who are in the building while Snuffy is outside!  Only you can make that decision.

6 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Extinction”

  1. I recently received a heartwarming message from the Lord and I believe it is meant to be shared:
    Jesus’ unbridled brides are being raised up in this time. In a dream I remember asking either myself or asking the Lord what is the meaning to all of this shifting we are undergoing or what is the good to all of this shifting and the Lord places this word “unbridled” in my mind and said “It’s time for my unbridled brides to come forth”. I was not familiar with the term and so in the dream I am googling it’s meaning. And the Lord is making me know that yes he understands it’s not typical to what a bride should be and these unbridled brides are being used for Kingdom purpose (no association to natural marriage life).

    I don’t remember reading the meaning in the dream so I woke up and researched it. Unbridled synonyms are unrestrained, unquenchable, uninhibited, uncontrollable, irrepressible, unstoppable. The Lord Jesus was very excited about presenting this term “unbridled bride” to me. I could tell there was so much He was going to do with His brides. This term is what I received when I was questioning these times.

    This is not a time for us to hide our faith, God wants to use His saints to testify of His goodness, His Righteousness throughout all the Earth. The Lord is preparing women and men who are not willing to be silenced in this time. Their uninhibited acts of faith and extending the Kingdom of God with others is so going to usher many of the lost, those who are confused and the weary to the feet of the Almighty God.

    These brides are going to be given a platform in this time. It’s almost like they would have never been seen in any other circumstance. So this is perfect timing. I also want to encourage the Body of Christ that in Heaven there is a celebration happening. Please do not think that there is any panic or outrage back Home. Earlier in February God kept inviting me to a feast, He says come and celebrate with us!! I looked at my life situation and thought this invitation is quite bizarre and inappropriate right now but the Sprit of God said “No, this is what is true right now. Not what you are seeing in the natural. We are in a season of celebration. Come and stay here and feast with us”.

    So spiritually I am rejoicing because that is the truth! Don’t lose sight of the truth in this time. Hear the Lord in your situation. He will confirm your strength and not your weakness. He will confirm your victory and not your defeat. God is doing a new thing in the world and we don’t fully see it but we know it is for our good based on the mood and vibe that is in Heaven right now!!! I extend the invitation on behalf of my Father. Come feast with us!!!

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I did the fast early 2019. It was a real spiritual battle. I was praying during that time for my father who was dying of cancer and not saved. I was not able to see my father before he died, but when he died in early February, I felt a peace that he was with the Lord. Well, yesterday an Aunt confirmed that one of my Dad’s brothers led him to the Lord before he died. Thank you.

  3. Just reading in 1 Samuel 5: verse 6 and 11
    “Then the Lord began to kill the people of AShod with a plague, the people of nearby towns were dying.
    “They were afraid the whole city would die, for the plague had already begun.and great fear was sweeping across the city, those who didn’t die were deathly sick.”
    Verse 9 “ both young and old people died of the plague and there was great panic. “
    Then chapter 6. : 5. This is because rats have ravaged the whole land .”

    It came to me by a vision that in China, it is the year of the Rat
    And also, they are steeped in idolatry.
    When I think of the Coronavirus, it made me wonder ?
    Our PRAYER should be : cause these peoples to turn to YOU

  4. Hello MOP,
    Very interesting word and imagery. Yes, I remember Snuffy from Sesame Street and most importantly, his gait, lol! I agree that the old way of things must give way to new things, as the Holy Spirit leads. Yes, discipleship is critical as per our Lord Jesus’ last words in Matthew 28 prior to His ascension.
    The mention of Snuffy, in this article and the fact that he is a mammoth brought to mind a dream I had on April 30, 2019 and I had to go back to it. This is what I wrote:
    “I was waiting for a wedding party, missed my way, ran into a place where there were statues of ? buffalos or mammoths. I also saw a huge herd of live elephants and Mum and Dad were asking me about it.”
    Not sure if this dream is related to what you are sharing for the body of Christ at this time but thought I should share it. I know I wondered about the strange imagery of statues of mammoth (especially since they do not exist, almost “fictional”). As I reread my journal yesterday I asked the Holy Spirit of its application in my life. Do you think this dream might also be related to this current word on extinction? Any thoughts are welcome, thanks!


  5. May the glory be to Yahweh forever.thanks for sharing this timely message you’ve really tached my greatest concern.most of Church organizations have turned to be social entities other than spiritual ,but not all.this is a wake up call,”revival”to the body of Christ .a Christian should be a disciple of Christ who have Solly made a decision to follow the teachings of the Christ and to teach others the same.imagine if all follow this! how would Jesus (Yehoshua) feel?,I tell you,it will be great Joy to will be great Joy for us also if we do our utmost to imitate the Early christians who through thick and thin witness to others the gospel of the Christ with soundness of mind and proper motive let’s carry-on with the mantle so that people can find away to apply James 4:8 in their lives.Shalom Shalom.

  6. These bones shall surely live! Thank you for sharing this Word from our loving Father who always comes before it’s reached crisis point to warn and convict us with His Truth. I we don’t take advantage of our own spheres of influence enough. What we post on our whatsapp stories has so much influence, our speech and conversation with friends, our small victories that we hide from people that could be used as testimonies of the power of God moving in our lives. Discipleship is a lifestyle of highlighting God in everything WE do and in who WE are. I believe in this day and age people are convicted by us just being crazy lovers of Jesus! They see the radiance in us and hear the peace in our voice. We need to step out and be the Light in Matthew 5:16. Our faith is not to be hidden in our bedrooms anymore or within our church circles. The world is in pain!

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