Prophetic Word for December 2021

prophetic word for December 2021

This prophetic word for December 2021 is titled Righteousness, Justice and Truth.

Who is the word for?   Everyone. This is about God and what He’s doing worldwide. It’s really 2 separate pieces that come together to make one big message.

It is December, the end of the year, but somehow it doesn’t feel like December to me.  Are you picking that up too in the spirit?  Things, in the spirit, feel like we are on high alert and there has been no winding down for the end of the year.

It feels like March or some other month, not December.  This just shows you the fight we are in to finish out this year.  I feel like something major is about to happen and we are watching and waiting to find out what it is.

A couple weeks ago I told you about seeing Jesus wearing His mantle of love, well this week He was dressed differently.  I’ve never seen Him like this before and quite frankly I knew it wasn’t good, so I had to ask, why are you dressed like this?  What does it mean?

He says to me Righteousness, Justice and Truth.

How He appears reveals what He is about to do.

I knew when He said Righteousness, Justice & Truth that there is a scripture in the bible that references all three together and it would give me some insight on what He was about to do so I went searching for it.

You should read Psalm 89 in its entirety.

Psalm 89:14

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
Lovingkindness and truth go before You.

First, a foundation is a stable thing, His throne is a stationary seat on a stable foundation.  This is the place where He rests.  He sits down.  Throne denotes authority, kingship, He is in charge of that place.  His throne can only be there when there is righteousness and justice because this is what makes up the foundation.

Righteousness – Hebrew word tsedeq which means to make right, accurate, fair, just, vindication, what is right.

Justice – Hebrew word is mishpat which means judgment, order, matters of justice, ordinance, decision, judged, courts, rightful place, sentence

After reviewing these words in Hebrew, I am now seeing the throne as a seat of a judge.

God is about to show up and make it right, bring justice.

Let me ask you are there some things you need to be made right?  He is coming to fix it. He’s making it right.  He’s ruling in the courts of heaven on your behalf.  He’s the judge.  There’s a finality to it. Judgement is needed in order for things to be made right.  Some of you don’t like to hear about God bringing judgment but it is the foundation upon which His throne sits.  Selah

Before He shows up there are two things that precede His coming…

It says Lovingkindness and Truth goes before Him.  Couple weeks ago I told you He is wearing His love mantle.  That means that Lovingkindness has already gone out.  That’s why He came looking like that first.

LovingKindness in Hebrew is checed which means kindness, goodness, mercy, favor, this is His love for those who are lowly, needy and unable to help themselves.   He’s coming to help those who feel powerless in a situation.

Before He moves in to judge and make things right, He sends His love before Him.  Selah.

Now that we know the Lovingkindness has already been released that means Righteousness, Justice & Truth comes next.

Truth in Hebrew is emeth which means firmness, faithfulness, truth, lasting truth.

Prior to showing up He’s sending His love ahead of Him, then He will release Truth.  His faithfulness to you, and to us in general will cause Him to show up and act on our behalf.  The sign of His presence will be a judgment being passed that will make things RIGHT.  It’s final.


God has different attributes, I’m sure you have heard of the Names of God.  His name and how He appears to us tells us what is happening and what He is about to do.  It’s ONE God but He is also separately Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  Sometimes One can be working and manifesting and at other times it is all Three.  But it’s the same God.

He has different Names which helps us to understand His role in that moment.  Or the attribute that is in operation.

I’ll explain it like this imagine you work for the family business and your father is the president of the company and you are a director.  When you show up for your 9-5 Monday through Friday that is your boss (Mr. James) you are dealing with, not your dad, and he can fire you.  Then he fires you, but you still have to show up at Christmas and smile with that man, give him a hug, his gift and a glass of eggnog because he’s your dad.  He’s the same person but in a different role.  When you see that man who fired you with your kids and that warm fuzzy grandpa comes out and you’re thinking to yourself, where were you when I was a kid?  That’s grandpa.  It’s the same man.

The same Jesus that saved you from your sins and was hanging on the cross is the same one coming back in the book of Revelation to judge and people will be sent to the lake of fire. He’s the same one that will discipline you if you don’t repent.  Same One.

Back to how He looked when I saw Him..

Read Psalm 89 in Names Of God (NOG) version online or in an app, you will be able to understand the manifestation of God showing up to exact Righteousness, Justice & Truth. Because it will tell you the name of God in that role

Psalm 89:5-17   Names of God (NOG)

O Yahweh, the heavens praise your miracles
    and your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones.
Who in the skies can compare with Yahweh?
    Who among the heavenly beings is like Yahweh?
El is terrifying in the council of the holy ones.
    He is greater and more awe-inspiring than those who surround him.

YIKES!!!  He’s terrifying to look at.  Greater and more awe-inspiring than those who surround Him.  Whew! Have you ever read and imagined what the four living creatures would look like?  They are around His throne and they are not pretty and if they think He looks terrifying and awe-inspiring….  Well then, picture that!

O Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth, who is like you?
    Mighty Yah, even your faithfulness surrounds you.
You rule the raging sea.
    When its waves rise, you quiet them.
10 You crushed Rahab; it was like a corpse.
    With your strong arm you scattered your enemies.
11 The heavens are yours.
    The earth is also yours.
    You made the world and everything in it.
12 You created north and south.
    Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon sing your name joyfully.
13 Your arm is mighty.
    Your hand is strong.
    Your right hand is lifted high.

It’s warfare.  At this very moment we are facing some things that are way bigger than us.  No matter how much we pray and fast it is very easy to get discouraged with what we see happening and what we are up against in some communities, governments and the world.  In these moments, there is only ONE that can show up to save us. He can act on His own.  He can take them all down with His right arm. He doesn’t even need us involved in it.

Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth

While He doesn’t need us involved, He is the same one the gives warfare strategies to His people.

This is the name that David called on when He slayed Goliath (1 Samuel 17:45).  We know, He comes to take down giants. Selah

As a matter of fact the bible tells us the reason David was successful in all his warfare is when he fought Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth was always with him.

He is the God that gives us strategies to win battles!

He’s the Chief strategist for warfare!  5 stones and a sling, who knew?  HIM.

No need for the endless toil of warfare.  Just ask Him.

This is the name Elijah called on when he was terrified of Jezebel and Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth gave him instructions to anoint Jehu, who ultimately ended Jezebel.  So, we know He comes to take down principalities.  Selah.

You know, I’ve been asked a few times why I write prayers and pray to all these names why don’t I just say God.  Well, I like to address who I am talking to.

Wouldn’t it be strange if I said to the coworker, my dad wants to see you in the conference room as opposed to Mr. James wants to see you in the conference room? Too familiar.

Or I show up for Christmas dinner and say to my mom, where’s David instead of where is dad? Rude.

Or I’m telling my kids go give Mr. James a hug instead of saying go give grandpa a hug.  Confusing my kids.

Address who you are talking to.  I think it sends a message in the realm of the spirit that you are very much aware of what is going on.  You know exactly what you are doing. You should learn the attributes of God so you have a better understanding of who He is.

If David and Elijah can call that name, then I will be calling that name too.  I just need to know when to use it!

This is the name you call on when you are facing battles that are way bigger than you or your prayer partner Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth

He is the one who shows up to do this…

14 Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne.
    Mercy and truth stand in front of you.
15 Blessed are the people who know how to praise you.
    They walk in the light of your presence, O Yahweh.
16 They find joy in your name all day long.
    They are joyful in your righteousness
17 because you are the glory of their strength.
    By your favor you give us victory.

Yahweh – This is God’s personal name that is not used by any other gods.  He is the faithful God, the covenant keeping God, the self-existent, ever living, unchanging God

Elohim – This is the Godhead, the Three in One – Father, Son & Holy Spirit, the Creator God.  He made the earth and everything in it.

Tsebaoth – Armies, the hosts of heaven – angels, sun, moon, stars, the whole earth.

He is the God of the heavens armies who sits enthroned above the hosts of heaven.

When He shows up all demons flee because He’s terrifying. They can’t operate in His presence. He is the Creator so how is the created being ever be able to overcome the Creator.  That’s why they run.

When Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth  shows up every demonic power that have been controlling the lives of evil people and nations flee.  They are powerless, once He makes that final decree it is over for them.  Structures and systems that have stood for decades and generations will crumble overnight.  People will be in shock and awe, because that awe-inspiring God showed up!  No amount of money, power or influence in the world is going to save them.

He also told me to read Joel 3.  I want to share this bit with you…

At the time of those events,” says the Lord,
    “when I restore the prosperity of Judah and Jerusalem,
I will gather the armies of the world
    into the valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will judge them
    for harming my people, my special possession,
for scattering my people among the nations,
    and for dividing up my land.
They threw dice to decide which of my people
    would be their slaves.
They traded boys to obtain prostitutes
    and sold girls for enough wine to get drunk.

Jehosophat means the God has judged.  Let me ask you a question, doesn’t verse 2-3 sound like human trafficking to you?  Wow!  That is just one of the things He’s judging in this hour.

He’s here!  Watch the news!  Overnight structures that have held the evil in place will begin to crumble.

Our annual fast start January 3 – 9, 2022.  The last day to register is January 2nd.  Sign up for the Fast


11 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for December 2021”

  1. Hello there Nicole WOW this is actually happening right infront of our eyes with the Sound of freedom. This word gives me so much encouragement to know that God is working even if it looks like He is not doing anything, I have a nephew who is on drugs I am praying for him like I am crazy, three weeks ago I read your post about the blood of Jesus I now cover him under the blood of Jesus and I cover his clothes, shoes and everything that he touches, I am so encouraged God bless you. Thank you

  2. Just today as I was praying before the Lord I saw a vision of a van like a tourist Land Rover approaching a road and all of a sudden, it caught fire, this is before I read this article.
    Prophetically , vans, buses, cars, stands for churches or ministries. So as I came to the potion that the ” structures and systems that have stood for decades and generations will scramble overnight,” a thought strike my mind that this can be in line with the vision I’ve just seen before the Lord, that is, God doing away with false doctrinal churches and ministries, however i stand to be corrected because structures can also be demonic hindrances for the flow of Gods will in our lives, nation, community and the world at large.
    I pray and joyfully anticipate the immediate judgment he has in store for us because they are for our own benefit .

  3. This was so timely. And you are very right to call on the specific attribute/name of God! It makes sense!

    When you said, “overnight, structures that have held the evil in place will begin to crumble,” I’m not sure if you’re aware that in America, we just had **at least** 30 tornados tear through about 5 states overnight. They really aren’t sure how many there were due to how it all happened overnight. They leveled lots of places, and many people died. It seemed like some kind of judgement act to me, and one tornado was in particular the biggest and longest ranging they’ve ever tracked (hasn’t happened before!).

    I also saw a judgment from God finalized early this month in a family member’s life, something I actually had prophetic warning about last year. So the final judgment did come to an end in December, and it was good – God is righteous and good in His judgments.

    The throne you mentioned makes me think of Revelations when it talks about the Throne room, before the scrolls are opened.
    Here is a song I found this week that made me think of God’s Throne Room

  4. Hello MOP
    What a timely message.This is for me personally.l am just going to call upon Yahweh,Elohim,Tsebaoth.l Got my answer for this hectic ,tiring and draining season l have been in.Thank u Jesus.Thank you MOP.
    God continually bless the ministry and Protect u in Jesus name.

    1. Thank you for this Word. Earlier this month as I was pondering the “judgements” of God while praying over the Supreme Court case, I had a sudden revelation of the Purity and Holiness of our Lord as the Righteous Judge, while we so often turn to our faulty human and very finite reasoning. Instead of fear, we can rejoice!

  5. Thank you for this timely and powerful word! I love this ministry and it’s guidance by God all mighty himself! It is right on time, right in step and rightly explained for all of our spirits to acknowledge and align with! We thank you! Now let’s all get prepared for God‘s mighty plan when Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth shows up!🏆🔥⭐️

    1. Dear MOP,
      I sincerely wish to thank you for the prophetic words that you share and I pray that God will continue using you mightly to bless His people.
      For about 4 days now, a song has been constantly coming to my mind titled; “Yahweh, the covenant keeping God”, composed from Psalms 91. I have wondering what God has been trying to communicate and I believe this prophetic word has made me understand what is happening in the spirit.
      Thank you once again.

      1. My Lord and My God!! I JUST was sharing this same scripture with someone today (in the flow 😉 I definitely feel like this December is different than other years! Speaking of names of God, I recommend Tony Evans’ book about praying the names of God – POWERFUL!!!

        Thank you for this confirming word!! God is dealing with, and finalizing some things personally and on a widespread scale!!!

  6. Dear MOP,
    I thank God for this word.
    For the last 2-3 weeks God’s names Jehovah Tseboath and Jehovah Tsidkenu have been constantly in my Spirit. I have been crying out for justice for things that happened in my life and still happening. My family and I have been helpless and broken. Asking The Lord and waiting, regarding some things for years. My heart is full of joy , reading this. He is The God Who Answers by Fire. All my love and praise to my King Jesus.
    God bless you MOP.

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