Prophetic Word – Launch

prophetic word launch

This prophetic word is titled Launch.

Who is this word for?  People that are in their birthing process right now.  Specifically if you are a perfectionist or you operate with a spirit of excellence.

This is going to be very specific so you are going to know for sure if this is for you by the time you get to the end.

When you are birthing something in the spirit and before it even manifests in the natural there is time and process.  You have to put everything together in preparation for what will manifest.  As you get close to your due date, it becomes more laboring.  Weariness.  And, you just want it to be over so you can move on.  Even on the day of the birth, some women can have hours upon hours of labor.

One thing is for sure, it is not fun in those final hours until you are looking at that baby.  It feels like it is going on forever.  Are you feeling like that now?  Some of you have been feeling this for years. That is because you are in this process right now.

It’s great to want things to come out perfect.  Everybody wants that. Don’t you know sometimes we are not in control in the final hours of delivery.

You are a perfectionist.  You like things to be done a certain way and in a certain order. It has to be perfect.  After all, you are involved in this and your name is associated with it.  You have a reputation to maintain.

What some people would be ok with you are just going to notice that it is off and not right and you need to fix it before you can launch…before you can birth that thing.

Do you know who else knows that you are like this?  The enemy.

He is going to use this to create delay for some of you.  You will in essence cause your own delay because you are waiting until it is perfect before you launch it.  So when you are ready to launch he’s going to walk by hold the right hand corner of that picture and move it just a hair.  And you know, you have to fix it so you delay for a few days so you can fix it. Then he comes back and he holds the left hand corner and he moves it just a hair.

And every time you get ready to launch something is not going to be right. You fix that and then something else is now broken.  Then you fix that and the next thing is now broken.  Before you know it you are delayed 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months…you were ready 6 months ago but here you are still holding out for perfection.  Then you are going to think about this “cool feature” and if you add that it would make all the difference.  So you delay so you can add this one thing.  All the enemy has to do is make sure something is off, it’s not quite perfect yet because he knows that is all it will take to make you back up, you back off.  He can hold you hostage like this for a very long time.

When people ask how it’s going you say “I’m about 95% there”…but that was over a year ago!

The enemy is using your own spirit of excellence against you.

So what do you do?  Launch it!  With all the imperfections and then immediately start fixing it.

The enemy is not expecting you to launch it.  Because it will be so out of character for you.  You are catching him off guard. When you do, that is going to back him up and then you will be able to fix it very easily. What you couldn’t get right in 6 months will be fixed in hours.  Because he lost!  Defeated.  Game over!

I’m not talking about something that is 50% ready.  I’m talking about something that is ready to be launched that is in a never ending cycle of brokenness. What you are doing can probably function without it anyway.

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, well when you are a perfectionist your 95% is better than 80% of the people that are doing it.  Selah.

I know even after hearing this some of you are still going to be thinking, it’s ok  within a week it will be perfect.  Until the week rolls around and it still isn’t.  Then I pray the spirit of God will remind you of this post.





Have you ever seen a newborn baby?  I’m talking just came out of the womb.  They are not pretty.

They have to be cleaned up first and even then it takes awhile before some babies get cute.  I don’t think the moms remember them like this.  No, they remember them after they have clothes on and they don’t look so messy. Like one week later…

Some of you are not going to have “pretty births”.  No, it will be messy!  And by no means perfect.  So you have to clean it up and nurture it, until it looks like what you envisioned…after you launch it.

Do not back up off of the promises of God because the enemy is using perfection to hold you hostage.  You don’t want to be the inventor that never invented anything. Or someone with magnificent creative ideas that never created anything.  You have ideas for days and have nothing to show for it.  Some of you have babies that you’ve had in your womb so long that 2 years later you see someone else launching the same thing that was in your spirit.  You know what happened?  Second Choice stepped up to the plate.  Please do something this year!

Launch it!  And, cover your baby under the blood of Jesus because you know there are dragons flying around.

Scriptures: Isaiah 66:9, 1 Peter 5:7, Ephesians 2:10


12 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Launch”

  1. I love this! I feel it spoke directly to me. My teacher (I go to school for Christian herbalism) said to stop being a perfectionist and go ahead with my final test project. Yesterday I got a prompting to start my Christian herbal blog. I kept wanting to wait until I was done with school but feel I am ready because I have studied herbal medicine for 15 years. So, yesterday I started it. However, I am also wondering if a spirit or fear or confusion also can attack during this. I also sell jewelry and feel like I am getting a prompting to that. There is no reason I can’t do both. But I kept sitting for a year not doing either “until I made a decision on which one to do”. This week I got a prompting that I could do both.

  2. I feel seen right now! Okkkk God.
    The Lord has been asking me to launch a YouTube channel for months on walking a spirit filled life called “The Overflow Room”.. I’ve recorded several episodes and haven’t posted a single one because I keep feeling like I’m not articulating perfectly what needs to be communicated. I’ve always been somewhat insecure about speaking.. also I do not like to be the center of attention. Just the other night I had a dream that I was recording myself speak and when I was going over the video clips I did not like the sound of my voice because I sounded too much like a lion roaring – so I kept not posting the videos. Finally I posted them then I started flying higher and higher all over the world! Well I’m certainly not posting this to market myself but to keep myself accountable.. by the end of this week I’m going to post all the videos I have recorded. Perfect or imperfect..

  3. Thank you for this push! I write crochet patterns. I have this very unique idea and I already made one for my daughter. I know it’s a pattern that will draw a lot of attention. I have an idea I’ve never seen before and I believe God gave it to me. I didn’t want to start working on the pattern until I finished like 3 others I have in progress. However, I know this idea will draw more attention than the others I’m working on. I just wanted everything to be in order… I have now put my other patterns to the side and I’m working on this one that has blown me away that I even created it. I hope to have a huge success story when this one is released. I already know I will improve upon the first version, but I will do it the basic way first. I’m definitely a perfectionist. I always pray that God would bless the work of my hands. I have often been in my own way and struggled with believing my efforts could be blessed. I’ve been fighting this and renewing my mind. Bless you! I’m looking forwards to seeing this idea take off. I love creating things people haven’t seen before. I also put my heart into what I make. It’s a piece of my desires and yearnings wrapped up in a creation. I know it’s a God given gift and I want to honor Him in what I do. God bless you!

  4. This is so on time
    For me I have had something on my heart for months now and I was meant to go live on social media but I felt like I just can’t do it because I’m afraid to be vulnerable (one of my biggest weakness’s) but it’s not about me!!.. this topic has not left me…. Everyday I wake up it is on my mind and it could seriously change lives. Just need to get over myself. I do question if it was God that put it in my spirit too…

  5. Upon reading this post, I immediately thought about John 16:21

    “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.”

    I’m ready for my baby, which will being much joy (despite the labor pains!

  6. Hello MOP,
    Would this also apply to songs the Lord has given me in dreams and in the secret place? I recorded them on my phone just as I heard it been sung. The Lord also told me they are songs from his throne room. The last few months things seemed so clear but now I have gotten so weary lately. 😩 But his strength is perfected in my weakness, so I’m pushing to the end. Blessings!

    1. Hi Kellee, did you ask the Lord if those songs were only for you or are they to be shared? That’s where you need to start. Blessings

  7. This found me! I had a vision of beautiful flowers and vibrant green leaves sprouting from my lower abdomen (womb) and I didn’t know what it meant. Then prayed with two of my friends and one said it was time to push! Fine art is the field that I’m in and I’ve submitted it to the Lord. Only He commissions my art but I’ve delayed so many artworks that God wants to speak to others through. I’m hearing Him, I’ll listen.

  8. Just last week, my friend who is a Celebrity Stylist called me out on his live and asked “So what’s the hold up with your earring launch?” I was a deer in headlights. I hear you God. Loud and clear!

    1. Yes! You have such a unique style too that I can’t wait to see them. Therefore, I am going to bug you every month about this! LOL Love you!

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