Prophetic Word for July 2021 – Things to come

This is the prophetic word for July 2021.  You should really ignore the date though because this is beyond July and more of a “things to come” kind of post.  2020 was really a dress rehearsal year and it was there to get us prepared for what is to come.  God allowed us to have a time of reflection and self evaluation so that we would be aware of the areas where we need to be strengthened and be ready for what is to come next.  We are now ramping up into “the next thing”.  Now is not the time to have fear…that is so 2020.  You should have dealt with fear back then.  The only fear you should have now is the fear of the Lord.  Know the difference.

2020 He removed our comfort zone of running to the church and having our gatherings and He caused us to sit at our homes.  We didn’t have access to our usual spiritual support.  But, He didn’t take everything.  No, we still had the internet, we still had our phones.  You could still submit a prayer request, find sermons online, listen to prophet words and you may have found “new voices” through YouTube in that season.  Yes, you still had that.

Let me ask you this….what happens if the next round of what is to come you don’t have any of that.  Would you be OK?  Would you be OK if you didn’t have access to anything or anyone.  You’re just sitting alone in your house.  Would you be OK?  Would you be OK with just your bible (I hope you have a physical copy) and Jesus?  When you have no idea what is going on would you be able to hear from the Lord for yourself to know what to do?  For your sake, I sure hope so.  How long could you do it?  1 day, 3 days, a week? a month?  When you don’t have access for some of you 3 days could feel like 3 years.

I would highly suggest you start practicing how to disconnect on purpose, so you can train yourself to be OK.



I see the world and a beam of light comes out and encircles it.  Moving around it in a circle until the earth starts spinning faster than usual.  It was spinning and shaking at the same time.  Very violently.  As it began to shake and spin things began to fly off the surface.  Anything that was not secured unto the earth  flew off because of the spinning and shaking.  Where these things were removed, empty spots began to appear all across the earth.  The shaking stopped and the earth returned to spinning at its usual speed.  In the places where there were now empty spots, new trees and beautiful flowers began to grown up and come to the surface.  There were so many beautiful flowers that looking at the earth from a distance no longer looked like what it used to look like. You know that blue mass (ocean) with green and some dark spaces. It was no longer looked like that instead it now appeared to be beautiful flower gardens all across the world.  At that moment I realize that what we once thought was beautiful is not really beautiful.  Now we can see what true beauty is.


Then the Lord began to speak…

Everything that needs to be shaken will be shaken.  Everything that is false will be exposed.  All this is to bring forth what is real and what is true. All of this is to bring forth purity and holiness and the true church, the real church.  The whole church must be shaken so that what is false will fall away.  There will not be anything left that is not like Me. There is not going to be anything left that is not like Me.  And those who carry My Name, My sons and My daughters will be left standing.  The true sons and daughters will be revealed in this hour.  This is the plan.  This is My plan.  A great revealing of the true sons and daughters.  They will shine forth because they are needed in this hour. These are pure and holy ones.  They have been tried by the fire of affliction and have been found ready.  This is why they can stand. They are not tied to or attached to anyone or anything else but Me.  They are all about Me. Those that are firmly rooted in Me.  Those who have nothing else but Me.  The ones who have made Me their portion.  They will remain standing.  But everything else will shake until it falls away.  Anything that is not securely fastened, rooted, grounded in Me will fall away.  The shaking will be so violent that they will fall away.  Prepare your hearts to go through and endure.  Do not fear.  Do not fear.  I am your portion.  I am your portion.

The hearts of men are being exposed in this hour.  Things will happen that will bring their hearts to the surface and the deep inner man that was once hidden by the external fixture and fittings will now be exposed and the world shall see it.  Their hearts shall be on full display for the world to see.  There are so many that you thought were grounded in Me that you will now come to see they are not.  Rend your hearts and not your garments.  Securely fasten yourself in Me.  You have nothing else at this time.  I AM your only hope.  I AM your only safe place.  Come to Me for refuge for strength.  Hide in My tabernacle.

Scriptures: Psalm 1, Jeremiah 17:5-10, Colossians 2:6-8, Ephesians 3:16-18, Hebrews 12:17-19, Proverbs 3:5-6

Now is the time for you to have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ, you can click here to find out how to do that.  If you are a Christian you need to make your connection with the Lord secure by connecting with Him, you can find that here.


17 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for July 2021 – Things to come”

  1. Thanks MOP for this message. It’s a confirmation of what the Lord revealed to me last year. I belonged to a prayer ministry outside of my church and I was quite committed to it. Late year I had a dream that I went to the prayer meeting and then when I try to assist in the meeting they will turn me down, when others were doing anything and I tried to help they will ignore me then I woke up. I was perplexed because to the best of my knowledge I was cordial with everyone there, I woke up prayed about it and continued going there though I noticed a discomfort in me, I didn’t have the zeal I used to have anymore but since I didn’t have an alternative I continued going. The following month I had a similar dream, this time I went for fellowship as usual and was participating in praise and worship when a man came and stood by my seat and asked me to come out with him, I quietly took my stuffs and was following him as we got to the door the security at the door blocked the door that we won’t leave and the man just told them that the Lord was calling me out, they quickly left the door for us to go out, as the door opened and we were about stepping out I woke up and this time I got the message loud and clear and I stopped going to the prayer meeting. Shortly after, I started praying with my nextdoor neighbor and it has encouraged other women in my neighborhood to also start praying and join us when they can. I have actually grown in my walk of faith since I disconnected from the prayer ministry and have also been an encouragement to other women in my community. To cut a long story short the prayer ministry I used to attend has closed down this year due to disagreement amongst the Leaders. Am sharing this in agreement that yes indeed God is calling us to disengage from everything else and connect to Him intimately. God bless.

  2. Hello MOP,

    This word is very interesting. There are so many things happening all around the world and lots of shaking happening. This word reminds me of the fact that this world is not our home and there WILL be a new heaven and earth and the need to continue to pray our Lord’s prayer especially the excerpt of “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
    Finally, but definitely not least, this word reminded me of one of six dreams that I had on November 16, 2020:
    “Was in a room with a multi-gendered group with a lady facilitating. I asked about the status of C (a North American country) and if it would retain certain biblical tenets as in the American National Anthem. There was a shaking and the lady told us to mark the time and date.”
    I have continued to reflect on this dream. I believe that the “shaking” is one of a spiritual nature (e.g., mindset, resolve, etc.) and yes, there were some earthquakes around the world on that date, I checked after I had the dream. I think the woman may represent the Holy Spirit and may or not be a literal person like an authority figure head. I actually believe that there are multiple layers to the interpretation of this dream. Thoughts?
    I believe that we are/will be shaken individually, collectively, and as nations, but I’m reminded as I type of Psalms 46:10-11. This scripture is even more profound when you meditate on it in various versions of the Bible and today the Names of God version showed me a different perspective that I was used to.
    I look forward to hearing anything you might like to add, thanks 🙂

  3. I don’t think it is by happenstance that my family, my husband and our sons, have been instructed to disconnect from our local church to be home with God and be more intentional as a family to study the word to pray and to be together. Which really makes no sense being that we were stuck in a pandemic and did most of that. However, this time, I know the agenda is way bigger as it is a kingdom agenda. I don’t know exactly what God is up to you, but I know his voice. And I have turned down my voice so that I can hear his more clearly and turned off the voices that were speaking contrary to what he spoke from the very beginning.

    1. Amen! There are many that are in the same boat with you. A lot of people have not returned to church even though they now can. BUT, they have not abandoned their faith. I believe we are just requiring more now from our pastors and churches and most, not all, pastors have yet to realize that we’ve all changed. We can’t go back to pre-covid messages. Things are different. People are hungry for Jesus and true relationship, not a performance. We want authenticity and real discipleship and equipping. Covid proved that we were not ready or equipped. I believe God is going to raise up new leaders, and refresh the old ones who are willing to listen, with something for this next era of the church. Blessings

  4. A very timely word. Thank you.
    Before the pandemic, I was led by The Lord to pay off my accounts. Fortunately, I did and then the pandemic happened. Praise be to God. Now, I have been led to read my physical Bible, and now you bring this word from the Lord.
    Something is definitely coming. I think the Lord wants for us to come to Him ourselves. We do need each other, but we’ve become too reliant on others. He is after all a jealous God.
    Thank you for this word. Lots of blessings🌹

  5. This article is in sync with what the spirit reminded me of some times back in may. That what we are experiencing now compared to what is a head can be seen in the light of the internet shutdown and the television waves failing to respond what will one do was the question! It is really time for each one to think much on ones relationship with God.

  6. Dearest MoP
    I am in awe of the beautiful supernatural testimonies coming through. Glory to God. The lady from my country 😊South Africa who was stuck in Mozambique and now this.
    May God continue to bless you MoP for your obedience and bringing joy and just encouraging people at their time of need.

    Peace love and blessings

  7. Praise the Lord alleluia the message is talking to me directly; O God help me to prepare myself enough for you, Lord make your home in me forever. Amen

  8. This prophecy for July is a confirmation and answer to the longings of my heart in worship this morning
    Thank you for being sensitive to the HolySpirit

  9. 1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
    3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
    4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
    5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
    6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I just wanted to same “Amen” to your post. The rationale is that I just said to myself this morning or yesterday that if I was to pray for someone/group I would personalize Psalms 23. The psalm is very, very, very powerful and I wish more people understand its power when it is prayed and believed in faith.


  10. This word is a true word! Father himself has showed me these things and prepared me personally just for a time as this! I encourage each of you to spend quiet time, at least an hour a day, sitting quietly, asking the Lord to reveal himself to you. He is a loving Father and loves each and everyone of us! People get ready, we are about to see that the Lord is good, absolutely good!❤️

  11. Just Wow!! In the wee hours this morning I was on my face just worshipping God, there is just this insatiable hunger in me just for Him. I can’t shake it and I don’t want to, I have this incredible urge to protect what we have at all cost. I heard sit down, tell me what do you see; I saw a partial green tree with water dripping off its leaves ( its like I was overhead the tree) like it had just rained or like dew. I watched as the water ran down on the leaves and fall unto some branches build like a canopy and the water went through the crevices and fell into a crystal clear river beneath. While looking down at that I then saw a big beautiful bright red bird with the longest tail feather( separated in two) I have ever seen, just soaring above the river. I just stood watching from above, it was the most green and beautiful place.

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