Prophetic Word – Kislev 5782

prophetic word kislev 5782 (1)

We are in the Hebrew month of Kislev which runs November 5 – December 5.  I feel this is a November and December word.

Who is this word for?  Everyone. This prophetic word comes in three parts.  Each part is one phase of the cycle.  You will be able to identify which phase of the cycle you are in by the end.


Kislev is known as the month of dreams.  For the Torah readings this month there are nine dreams listed. Six of those nine dreams have to do with Joseph, he either had them or interpreted them.  Joseph was called the “master of dreams” by his brothers (Genesis 37:19) and later when he was elevated into his purpose the Pharoah changed his name to Zaphenath-paneah  which means “decipherer of secrets” or “the man to whom secrets are revealed” (Genesis 41:45) Whew!  What a name!

This is the month of dreams and I believe God wants to reveal some deep and hidden secrets to you about your life.  A download of a blueprint that will offer direction to you.

Yes, this month!

But, I haven’t had a dream in a long timeAnoint your head with oil every night this month and pray asking God to give you dreams about your future.  Your next step. Yes, every night and I promise you will have dreams.

But, when I wake up in the morning I don’t remember them: Anoint your head with oil, bind the devil from interfering with your dreams before you go to sleep at night and ask the Holy Spirit to bring back the dreams. If you wake up in the middle of the night write down what you remember right away, don’t wait till the morning.  You can also voice record it in your phone as much as you remember then go back to sleep.

Jeremiah 33:3 

Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.


Watch your purse

This is a dream. I am walking through the airport on my way to catch my flight.  As I am going through the airport I get to the section with restaurants and it has bistro type seating.  These are not comfortable just created for you to quickly eat and leave.  This isn’t fine dining either, grab and go.  Fast dining.

I see a purse just sitting there on top of one of the tables.  Because there was no one standing next to it, I slow down my pace of walking and I walked over to the purse.  I didn’t touch the purse I just leaned over and peaked into it because it was unzipped so I could see inside, I saw the wallet and the cellphone was there just sticking out the top of the purse.  I looked around that area for the owner because I was wondering to myself “who would just leave their purse sitting out open like this?”  I didn’t notice anyone walking towards it but I got the feeling the owner was somewhere close by.

Like someone ordered burger and fries but they forgot to give them the ketchup so they walk back up to the counter to get the ketchup?  That is how it felt.  The person was close by and would be back there in a minute.  Or they ordered their food but quickly ran to the restroom to wash their hands.

So I moved away from the table and kept walking in the direction to my gate and wouldn’t you know it, there’s another purse!   Same thing!  Opened on the counter.  I looked around again for the owner while still thinking “who are these people just leaving their purse like this?”

Then I look over to another table and there’s another purse.  I saw at least 4-5 of them. Unattended purses.  Wide open. Baring all the valuables. Then I woke up from the dream.


Interpretation of the dream:

First, this is not just for women it is for men too.  Airport is a place of transition.  You’re going from one place to the next.  Quite frankly I believe all of us are in the airport right now.  Even if you already know where you are going a lot of us are “working in the new pair of shoes” because in this new era of the church I believe we are all still trying to figure out what this is all going to look like in the end and where we will be and what happens next.  Transition.

While you are in this transition you need eat.  Spiritual food.  Nourishment.  A lot of you are doing “fast dining” right now.  You haven’t really found your “home” church yet or the place where you feel like “this is it!!”  so you are grabbing a message here, sermon there, prophetic word over here, commentary here, devotional there, you are doing the grab and go to be fed.  Nothing wrong with it because you do need to eat and it is food.  However, you need to be careful what you are putting out there.  You are wide open.  Your purse is where you keep your treasure.  Your wallet, house keys, cellphone, everything for people to have access to you is in it.  It can be stolen.  The good news is that nothing was taken from any of these purses.  Consider this a warning.  You are too open.  Sharing too much.  Watch your purse.  The cellphone is a means of communication which should really only be accessed by God and a select few as He directs.  However, the fact that even the phone was left there and sticking up out of the purse, it was the first thing I saw as I approached the purse, it means that you are too opened for anyone to speak into your life.  This will lead to confusion.  Too many prophetic words and you will become confused.  Especially right now when God is clearly going to tell you Himself what He wants you to do, you need to just sit with HIM.

Proverbs 18:24

A man of too many friends comes to ruin,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Initially I thought this was only to do with spiritual things but the Lord pointed out to me that it’s more than that.  It’s your business.  Your ministry. You just can’t take advice from everybody.  This is could be asking advice about your marriage, concerning your children. Be careful.

James 1:5

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

I heard the Lord says gifts, gifts, gifts.  Then I saw gift boxes fall out of heaven to the earth.

Then I see the box lid come off the box and there is a gift inside, then next to the gift inside there is another box, then I see the lid come off that box and there is a gift inside that box too and next to that gift there is another box, then I see the lid to that box come off and there is a gift inside that one as well.

These are not empty boxes inside of a box to create some suspense to the gift which happens to be in the smallest box. No, there is actually a gift inside each of the boxes. Unpacking that first gift is then going to lead you to discover another gift and when you unpack that gift that will lead you to discover another gift.

So there are 3 layers of gifts that can only be discovered by opening the first one.  In the end, what looked like only one box will produce so much for you.  Praise God!

Keep in mind that sometimes gifts can come your way that may not look like it is a gift.  Until you sit and unpack it. That is when you realize what you really have in your hands.

Was 2020 a gift?  The only way you can know this is to sit and unpack what happened in your life as a result of it.  The world will say it was a bad year but the truth is that it was a good year for many.

I believe this is also the genius of God to conceal the biggest gift, buried under layers of what could appear to be a complete and total mess sometimes 🙂

Decipherer of Secrets.


After I heard the Lord say gifts, gifts, gifts and I saw the vision of the boxes unpacking, I asked Him for a scripture for this.  He gave me Ezekiel 40.  I read it and I thought it was odd.  It didn’t seem to fit.  There’s nothing in there about gifts!  It is about the reconstruction of the new temple and all the specifics of how it was to be built.  It’s the blueprint of the temple.

Several hours later after pondering what the significance of this is, I realized that each of the three things I just shared here were on separate days and what He did was He closed the loop of the cycle with Ezekiel 40.

This is like a cycle, a loop, and we are all starting on this cycle at a different point.  3 different access points depending on where you are today.  The gift boxes hold your blueprint, it is one of the gifts, you won’t get the blueprints until you ask for them which He will reveal to you through a dream or a vision as He did with Ezekiel. We are in the month of dreams.  After you get it, watch your purse.   This is why nothing was missing because it hasn’t happened yet.  Once you complete this cycle, open the next box within that box. Rinse and repeat.


8 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Kislev 5782”

  1. I’m sharing this dream and interpretation here because it goes along with your post about the open purses in the airport. I had this dream on 9-21-2021 and have been praying about sharing it or not. I believe the Holy Spirit has prompted me to share it here and now with the interpretation.

    What I was doing before the dream…..I woke up at 2:06 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. When this happens, I have started writing down the time, then praying for whoever God brings to mind. I had the urge to say “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, the whole earth is full of His Glory.” I repeated that over and over and over again. I slipped in and out of sleep and would continue to say this quietly every time I was awake. I finally fell asleep.

    I had this dream: Watchmen Dream

    I was driving alone on a highway. It was dark and I couldn’t see the signs. The highway split into 2 directions and they were under passes. So a big concrete median was there that was part of a bridge over the underpasses. I was afraid I would hit the middle and not see which way to take or choose the wrong way. Then I was on a path, I’m not even sure which direction I went. Then I was in a dark tunnel with no lights and I was afraid I took the wrong road. Suddenly, I was out of the tunnel and it was bright and I saw all these beautiful white buildings and one of them was a very large white church with a big steeple. It was beautiful and I thought “I’m going to be ok.” The white buildings were like the ones you see on the coast of Greece. So I also thought I would get to the church and see the beautiful ocean. Then I was driving up outdoor stairs fast, again, like stairs you see in Greece. They were white. Immediately, I was inside the church, standing on this large stone wall that was inside the church. It was so high that anyone standing on the wall wouldn’t be noticed by anyone in the church. There was this priest dressed in a black robe with a black sash or belt around his waist. I noticed he was skinny. He had small, black wings and had an open book that appeared to be a bible he was reading from, but I didn’t think it was. No one else was in this church. He noticed me and started flying up to me very fast. I was afraid as he was flying up to me, aware that he noticed me, I started screaming. His wings turned into bat wings, then he turned into a bat and then he turned into a moth right before he got to me. As a moth, he vanished into misty ripples. They were ripples like a rock makes when you throw it into water. The ripples spread from in front of the wall across the church, like this film of murky water was covering the entire church separating me from the rest of this big church. It was hard to see through this. At this point, it was like a dream within a dream, I was paralyzed and wanted to wake myself up in this church. I was still on the wall, but couldn’t wake myself up. As a child I had paralyzed dreams and when I could get one finger to move, I knew I would wake up. So I tried to get a finger to move, but realized my whole body was moving and I still couldn’t wake up. My head was throbbing and stuffy and it was hard to breathe. Then I woke up.

    When I woke up, I thought about how fast it was. Everything that happened in the dream went by so quickly. I immediately wrote it down and asked God to give me the meaning and who this dream was from. Whether it was just to scare me, or if it was some kind of warning. I’ve never really had a dream quite like it. So I pretty much immediately received an interpretation.

    I didn’t post this dream to ask for interpretation on your site because I believe God has been telling me that He will give me the interpretation and I’m not supposed to ask others. With the interpretation I got, I mentioned to God that I have no platform, I am invisible in this entire movement. (I know He already knows this, lol)

    So my first thought was to share this with you, Nicole, since you have a following. Then you could decide if it’s something to share or not. But I wanted to be sure, so I was asking God for confirmation and I put it on the shelf. After reading this blog post, I felt the nudge to share it here. I know you have mentioned many times to be careful in what you are listening to and that God is the only teacher needed. He’s all we need. So because of the middle section of your post, about the open purses, is why I am sharing this dream here.

    So when I woke up from this dream, after praying and asking God, a situation I went through came back to my mind. I’ve shared about it on one of your posts before. I was seeking knowledge about intercessory prayer and have been cautious in this over 2020. Then I started looking into a prophet that was connected to another prophet and to another. So the 1st prophet, I prayed for a long time before I read a book of his. I’ve learned a lot from his books and believe he is sincere. When he mentioned someone else in one of his books, I looked her up and she was in a video with someone else. So it’s this someone else that my “spidey sense” went crazy after watching some of her videos, but I was almost deceived. At least I was second guessing my discernment as being judgy. So this person wants to connect people who have a prophetic, intercessory prayer or seeing gift among others all over the place. This person wants to help lonely, misunderstood people and make them feel understood and lead them in their giftings. All sounds nice, but so many things were off. I am not a naturally trusting person and question everything, so I was surprised that I had gone so far as to buy one of this person’s books. I thought how scary that this person is out there luring people who don’t understand their giftings, preying on the misunderstood and deceiving them. I felt so helpless. This dream brought me back to this situation.

    I believe my dream is a warning to new watchmen that are seeking information and don’t have a mentor or example. Also to existing watchmen in a community of many prophets and watchmen that know each other…. but may not realize that there is deception within their community. They may have become familiar and comfortable in their surroundings and may have let down their guard.

    The interpretation:

    I have read your posts about dream interpretation and I have read James Goll’s book about dreams. So I got the meanings of a few things from his dream book.

    Automobile: Life, person, ministry
    Bat: Witchcraft, unstable, flighty, fear
    Head: Authority, thoughts, mind
    Moth: Symbol of Destruction
    Steps: signs of spiritual progress
    Tunnel: Passage, transition, way of escape, troubling experience, trial, hope
    Waters: Nations of earth; agitation; under-currents, crosscurrents

    I represent watchmen in the dream. Just over 2020 I’ve started seeking knowledge of the prophetic and after God revealed to me over 2020 that I am an Anna, as a prayer warrior, I have Moses’s personality, I resonate with Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. He showed me that all the rejections I have experienced throughout my life have a purpose. He showed me this in His Word as I listened to it over lockdown. He met me in a difficult season and blew my mind. Lol. Now He is counseling me through the rejection and low self esteem to become who He created me to be. He has told me I need no one else to heal me.

    So back to the Interpretation, I represent watchmen. Driving on the highway represents navigating as a new watchman, or one who is just discovering his or her gift as a watchman. Driving in the dark and not knowing where to turn represents the fear of not knowing who to listen to or what to do next. Driving through a dark tunnel represents the spiritual transition a watchman goes through. When I hit the bright light and saw the big huge white church and had a sigh of relief, this is the beginning of the deception. Everything looked beautiful on the outside, the church was beautiful. The drive up the stairs represents the quick acceleration to a higher spiritual authority, however in this case, it was a deceptive climb. Where it looked good on the outside, on the inside of the church, standing at the top of the watchmen wall, the deception was apparent.

    So the person I’m referring to as an example had reviews of people saying they started dreaming so much more and their giftings were accelerated after taking her classes. I believe she is an example of the priest in the dream, a false prophet.

    She’s offering an acceleration in your giftings and says from her own mouth that “the Holy Spirit can only take you so far.” Wow. This is deception. I believe God is showing me that if someone gives into this and takes these classes to increase their giftings, they are missing the point.

    Jesus should be the point. The giftings will come from Him, from following Him, dwelling with Him, reading His word. The point is the Love of Christ, not the giftings. The giftings are a result of a pursuit of Him, they are not the end result.

    So a promise of increased dreams and visions…… I believe that priest in the dream represents a false prophet, one who might be in it for the money, or fell along the way, I believe witchcraft is involved here because of the bat wings, and turning into a bat. So then the moth it turns into represents the destruction that happens around the watchman’s life. It didn’t actually touch me, but I saw the spreading of the deception, the murky waters that spread across the entire church represents the spreading deception throughout the churches of all nations. So if a watchman falls into this deception, the watchman can’t see clearly anymore. The headache I was experiencing represents the loss of spiritual authority. I was separated from the church and couldn’t see clearly.

    So the warning here: Watch out for false prophets, they are out there in sheep’s clothing, looking for those with gifts to take advantage of and deceive. They will sound inviting, promising an increase in gifting and that you actually need them to get any further.

    God can use and does use others in your life, but He doesn’t need to. God is sufficient. The Holy Spirit has no limits on how far He can take you. The goal should be Christ, our savior, not the gift. So bottom line, if God has told you to look to Him alone, look to Him alone. Pray before reading something, ask His permission. If I start to get confused, I take it back to the basics. I stop reading outside books, I stop going to even this website. I stay in His Word and I pray. I ask for clarity. I pray that I am not deceived daily, among many other prayers. This website has been a huge help to me. I remind myself continually that God is for me, He is not against me. I’m not alone in this journey, He is leading and guiding me and will show me the correct path.

    Ok, I’m ready to unwrap the gifts. I already know 2020 was probably the most precious year of my life with The Lord so far! So 1st gift unwrapped. I’ve probably unwrapped more. I’m done leaving my purse open! The Holy Spirit is indeed strong within me and I don’t need to fear man. I’m the little gold gift walking around, listening to God’s directions and following His voice….Giving Him the glory and trusting He is using me for something. I like to remain invisible and yet I know people are seeing something. Bless you Nicole, I know this was long 🙂

    1. C, it sure was loooooong! LOL But, well worth the read. Thank you for sharing that. You dropped some gold nuggets in here like this one
      >>>>Jesus should be the point. The giftings will come from Him, from following Him, dwelling with Him, reading His word. The point is the Love of Christ, not the giftings. The giftings are a result of a pursuit of Him, they are not the end result.<<<<< I think we have to always remember Matthew 7:22-23. Some of the most gifted won't make it to heaven. We have to keep the main thing the main thing. Love you. Blessings

      1. Thank you so much for mentioning those verses. I’m going to write them in a place to keep them fresh. Love is the greatest gift and I never want to forget it. It keeps everything in perspective. Love and blessings to you!

  2. Really an revelation for myself praise be to jesus espeschially the part of wanting to dine somewhere but it leads to nothing God bless

  3. Love, Love, LOVE this word!!! I have always been a dreamer, but have definitely had more in recent weeks! Also, in the natural, God has definitely been gifting me (things happening all at once, back-to-back gifts/surprises) and allowing men to give unto my bosom!! Excited about what He is doing in this season!! My Lord and my God!!

  4. Thank you Jesus I had both of those dreams ,one at the airport, where to woman where looking into my purse.

    And a gift box I saw an Angel in white gown, holding a white gift box, but didn’t not gave to me.
    I can handle this differently In my life .

    I am dreamer I dream most night

    Amen Amen Amen 🙏

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