Prophetic Word 5781 – 2021 Tumultuous Beginning, Triumphant Ending

prophetic word 5781 and prophetic word 2021

This is the prophetic word the Lord gave me in July 2020 for the Hebrew year 5781 and the year 2021.  You should know that generally when I receive prophetic words I come up with my own title after writing it based on what the Lord gave me.

This time, however, God gave me the title before He even told me what was going to happen.  When I asked Him what is going to happen in 5781, He said “Tumultuous Beginning, Triumphant Ending”  Phew!  I knew we would be in for a wild ride!

Tumultuous – Making a loud, confused noise. Excited, confused or disorderly, riotousness, marked with disturbance and uproar, celebration, raising a great clatter and commotion, highly agitated in the mind and emotions, distraught, turbulent

Triumphant – Having won a battle, victorious, feeling or expressing jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty, winning a great victory after a war or competition.

Just the title alone that He gave says everything.  I have to be honest and say I didn’t enjoy writing this after He showed me what was coming but I realized that I needed to tell it to you EXACTLY like He told it to me.  So if after reading this you are not happy with what you read, take it up with God.  I’m just a messenger!

Since I got this in July you may be wondering why didn’t I just release it then? Well, I could feel things shifting in the spirit and so I would keep going back to the Lord and asking Him if He changed His mind on some of the bad things He revealed. And He would keep responding “NO”.  Finally after asking one last time on October 2nd, I realized it was time to share it because it truly was not going to change.

If you read the word for 5780/2020 you would’ve seen that it was all about your mouth, the fire of God coming to the land and Him cutting off or delivering us from years of bondage.  That was just the beginning of it, now we are moving into the next level and things are about to ramp up, escalate so He can complete what was started.

In an April 2020 prophetic word titled Dress Rehearsal I shared that Covid was just to get us prepared, pointing out the things within us that were not right so that we would be ready for when the real event happened.  I feel like Rosh Hashanah moved us out of “dress rehearsal” mode the actual events.  I could feel the shift in the spirit – It’s Showtime!

This is important to know because

Genesis 26:12-14

12 Then Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him. 13 The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous; 14 for he had possessions of flocks and possessions of herds and a great number of servants. So the Philistines envied him.

This is not just about money, it’s everything that you sow this year.  It’s like the turnaround time on sowing and reaping this year will be very quick.  Very quick.  So yes, it’s showtime!  Whatever you are doing or saying starting from Rosh Hashannah through the entire year you will reap quickly.  It’s not the practice match,  you are in the game now.

Please, if you are battling a spirit of fear, you need to address it by meditating on scripture and you can find out more about how to do that by going here.

If you are still tottering on the fence and have not given your life to Christ now would be the time to do it.  You need be saved, it is going to be rough over the next year and a half and I wouldn’t want to be outside of the family of God to face this.  You can find out more about giving your life to Jesus Christ by going here.

Explanation of 5781

I won’t go into the complete breakdown of the 5781 because I did that at the beginning of prophetic word for 5780 and you can read it here.  I will only talk about the 1 or should I say 81.

Zechariah 14:7-9

It shall be one day
Which is known to the Lord
Neither day nor night.
But at evening time it shall happen
That it will be light.

And in that day it shall be
That living waters shall flow from Jerusalem,
Half of them toward the eastern sea
And half of them toward the western sea;
In both summer and winter it shall occur.

And the Lord shall be King over all the earth.
In that day it shall be—
“The Lord is one,”
And His name one.

This is the Shema which is taught to the Jewish children, it’s the first thing they learn and the last thing said on the lips of the dying.

(Deuteronomy 6:4) Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!

One is the beginning.  It is first.  The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the Aleph.  It means strength, ox, chief, prince, leader, first, I AM.

In the NOG (Names of God)bible the verse reads…

 Listen, Israel: Yahweh is our Elohim. Yahweh is the only God.

Yahweh is the I AM and Elohim is the Trinity – Father, Son & Holy Ghost

So the Trinity is going to show up.  Father, Son & Holy Ghost.  The ONE.

The Aleph is made up of the letter Yod which you will see at the top reaching down.  The center line is a Vav and under the line is another Yod reaching up.

Yod means arm or hand so if you look at the image it is like the hand of God reaching down and then there is another Yod reaching up.  I believe the 2nd hand is our hand reaching up to God.  We are connected in the middle with the Vav, which is a connecting pin.  Like the pin used to connect train cars.  So we have a connection within us through the Holy Spirit to God.

I can’t help but think we are going to have moments in this coming year when God will literally have to rescue us from things.  You need to keep this picture in your head for the entire year. You reach up to God and He reaches down to you and grabs a hold of your hand pulling you out of whatever it is that’s holding you captive.  He will answer you because you have a connection through the Holy Spirit.  The two arms connect. This is why you need to be saved.  Otherwise, He has no connection to you.  He showed me that some of you are going to be saved by calling out to Him at the very last minute.  (Matthew 20:16) “the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”. This means some of you will be the last to receive Christ and the first to get to heaven.  Some of you will have zero notice when it will be the end so you need to do it before it will be too late.  Again, I’m giving it to you as He has shown it to me.

The Aleph is a silent letter

This year is a year when you will experience the power of remaining silent.  Especially, when you don’t know what is happening.  Sit still and be quiet until God shows you clearly what is going on.  Closed mouth.  Silent.  This is going to keep you out of trouble.

So 80 is the pey, which is the mouth. 1 is Elohim coming down.  I believe you are about to see God speak very clearly this year.  Yes, that wasn’t a slip…SEE God SPEAK.

The rest of this word will be in segments and pieces, so you will need to pray through which part concerns you.

The Tale of Two Cities

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.  There is going to be two opposing realities happening at the same time.  The whirlwind that God is going to send to uproot the evil is the same whirlwind that will be used to plant His people after the uprooting.  The fire that will be sent to burn up the evil is the same fire being used to purify His people and bring them forth as gold.  The water that will be send to wash away the evil is the same water being used to replenish and refresh His people.  I saw blood covering the land, the blood of Jesus which is going to cover his people with protection, and at the same time it is going to bring judgement on the wicked.

Yes, the duality.  Those who are faithful to the Lord and keep themselves pure and in His presence will not ever taste or see any of the turmoil touch them or their families.  While over in the other city it will be mayhem and chaos.  You must remember that the Israelites lived through all ten plagues.  They had to go through it too, but it didn’t affect them.  It will be the same for the ones who are walking in purity of heart before the Lord.  None of what is happening will touch them.  They will know of it but never experience it.  It will come right next door to their house but not in their house.  God is going to protect and keep His people through all of this. Look at what the Lord said the Israelites would experience while the plagues were being sent to Egypt.

(Exodus 11:7) But where the Israelites are, not even a dog will be startled by any person or animal. This is how you will see that the Lord shows the distinction between Egypt and Israel.”

There is going to be a clear distinction between the two cities.  As long as Christ is in your boat, no matter how hard the waves crash, you will be fine.

Since getting this word in July 2020, I kept going back to God and asking Him if He was really still going to do the bad things I saw because one day I would see all the blessings being released and then the next day I would see the judgement and it didn’t make sense to me.  It felt like a roller coaster ride and kept going back and forth.  Until finally I got a clear picture that the two things will be happening at the same time.

Such a duality like I’ve never seen before.

I see two lines forming in the spirit one is for Judgement and the other is for Blessing.  The lines are for justified repayment. Repentance moves you from the line of judgement into the line of blessing.  God is moving people from one line to the next as they respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit for their sin.

It. Is. A. Choice.

I want to make that very clear.  God does not delight in judgement.  You have a choice to make.  Since March, I’ve seen the church go from a place of confusion “what’s going on Lord?”  to attacking each other, to finally waking up and realizing that is not the path God wants us to take.  So I can feel people changing their mind, repenting and then changing line from Judgement to Blessing in the spirit. People are making the decision all by themselves not to align with God’s Judgement.  It is a decision and you can make it.

We have to stay repentant and in the presence of the Lord in order to not face the coming judgment.  The people of God are going to be blessed tremendously during this time.

We get to choose.  He says today I put before you a choice life or death, choose life.

Don’t lose your Joy.  Guard your joy

Now for those who will be receiving the blessings remember that you are actually going to see the judgment and chaos (turbulence) happening around you.  But PLEASE pay attention to the blessings God is giving to you and PRAISE Him for it!!  What the enemy is going to try to do to you is as soon as God releases a blessing, he’s going to deliver some bad news right on top of it to cause you to take your focus off the fact that you are being blessed.

“oh look, there’s a fly in the ointment”…Don’t allow it!  I’m not telling you to go out there and flaunt what God is doing for you in front of suffering people, no.  But what I am saying is do not lose your joy by focusing on other people’s lives.  Look at your own life and your own reality to see what God is doing for YOU.  And Praise Him for it!  Do not walk around feeling guilty for what the Lord is doing for you while others are crumbling, no.

Remember there is a duality going on. Do not let the enemy steal your joy or your praise to the Lord for all that He’s doing for you in the midst of this chaos.  Remember, tumultuous also means celebration and an uproar of clapping an applause – duality! The enemy doesn’t want you to enjoy or celebrate your blessing so he’ll try to steal your joy in the midst of it.  Don’t let him.  Tumultuously celebrate your blessings.


So to breakdown what God showed me for this year (I’m sparing all the symbolism and giving just the interpretation):

1 He said not to run ahead of Him. I already wrote a prophetic word on this, so this is a reminder to wait for His timing because it is a season for repayment.  Also, remember that you need to know when it is actually time for you to war and do it!

2. He is coming in Judgment for those who will not repent.  Yes, on October 2nd when I asked Him for the final time if this was actually going to happen He said “I have to deal with the sin”.  He’s coming people!

3.  We are in a harvest season for souls so there is going to be major church growth. A lot of people came to Christ during Covid and even in these riots now but there is even more coming over the next year and half.

4.  There is a famine of the Word & of Truth.  The Lord said that we have gone so far off His truth in the church.  We were not reaching the lost and teaching people how to connect with Him.  We were not truly discipling the people coming in.  The church lost the way and He’s navigating us back to Him.  This isn’t every church but the majority fit this mold.  We need to go back to making Jesus the main thing and keeping it that way instead just preaching all the benefits of Jesus. New converts were receiving a one sided gospel that only talked about the blessing of God and not the judgement, not relationship, righteousness, holiness, purity and what it really means to live for Christ.  He wants all of that to come back to the main thing, HIM.  At one point the church was all about the judgement and fire of God, and that was lopsided too.  So we swung the other way and went way over board with grace to the point that now when people read about judgment they don’t believe it.  Because it was never taught to them.  Please, if you are a pastor preach Christ in His Fullness.  People are lost and malnourished for the Truth.

5. Then He said to me “Gimel” and “Yod”

The word gimel is related to gemul, which means ‘justified repayment‘, or the giving of reward and punishment.  It is the year of your JUSTIFIED REPAYMENT!  Time for the payback.  Reaping what you sowed.  Good or bad.  This is really good news for those of you who have been diligently doing what the Lord has asked of you.  Yod  as you already know is the arm or hand of God.  So God is going to do this.  Not man, but God.

The arm of God is going to come down and Pay you back!

6.  I saw a whole new group of false prophets and teachers arising to try and deceive and take hold of this new harvest but God is going to bring another shaking to get rid of them.  Yes, we will have a little breather after all the shaking.  Some of them will go into hiding for fear of the Lord but then they will resurface once the shaking stops to go back to the old tricks to deceive the new believers that are coming to the Lord.  God is going to whip back around with another shaking and get rid of them.  I saw Him use a sword and chop them down at the knees.  Their end position was down on their knees crying before Him.  They had no “leg to stand on” after that so this is a permanent position for them. Ministry is a calling, not a job.   This whole message about “sowing a seed” to get the blessings of God, YOU BETTER STOP THAT MESS.  It’s not the time to play with God.  Repent.  He’s not going to let you get your hands on HIS new harvest.

7.  A return to the Fear of the Lord!  There is going to be evidence which will be left as a reminder of what God did in this year.  It is going to be a reminder of great “fear and

leaning tower of pisa

trembling”.  I mean, if you didn’t have the fear of the Lord before this, after this year ends you are going to fear God.  He’s putting this monument/evidence to remind us as a church never to go back to this place where we are now. This was quite interesting to me because just like you have the leaning tower of Pisa that stands of a monument of a faulty foundation, God is going to do something that will stand as a monument that He showed up!!  Something significant so that everyone will see it.

I will tell you exactly what I saw, people looking at jagged crooked opening in the earth.  It looked like an earthquake split the earth in two.  I don’t know if it will be an actual earthquake or if it was just symbolic of the shaking leaving something tangible behind for all of us to see but people were looking a this thing and they were amazed. Earthquakes could also be used as a physical sign to what God is doing spiritually.

Then the people looking into this opening in the ground showed it to their children, then that generation I saw grow old and they showed it to the following generation and so on and so forth.  And it became somewhat of a history making moment where for generations to come people will be talking about this year as the year when ______ happened and it was obvious GOD DID IT!

Now, while there were many people celebrating this momentous moment, there were others that were crying because they were not happy about it.  That’s the duality again.

They will never be able to deny that there is a God.  That’s how “epic” this will be.  I use the word monument because I don’t know what else to call it. I don’t know if it will be an actual structure, a law that will be passed, or something that we will all be saved from that only God could’ve done.

It’s like the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, no one can explain it away other than it must be God.  It will be like that.  And not something that will come and go but one that will be in the history books forever.

The other thing I was thinking is since it was being shown from generation to generation I was wondering if this is spiritual so the new believers in Christ will have it shown to them by those who will lead them to Christ and so on and so forth.

If it is actual generations then it will start in this year and carry on for decades to come.  It shows the finality of the thing and the fact that it will stand and cannot be change.

8.  Imagine that through all of this the land looked very parched, famine like, drought like with cracked earth like a shaking – earthquake.  Then suddenly grass started growing supernaturally over the ground and flowers started springing up in places where you would think nothing should bloom.

Isaiah 43:19

I am going to do something new.
    It is already happening. Don’t you recognize it?
        I will clear a way in the desert.
        I will make rivers on dry land.

It’s a supernatural restoration.  Things growing in places where it seemed impossible. There was no one was around, it was like people were hiding out of fear and then I saw the remnant slowly come out and look around.  You know after something terrible happens and you’re afraid to go outside so you sheepishly peek your head out to see if it’s all over? Then they notice grass is covering the dry places so they all start coming out and then they all lock arms, which signifies the return of unity, and they run full speed ahead forward with their arms locked together. I don’t know how God is going to do it or what He’s going to do but what I do know is that whatever “it” is we will be snapped back into reality where we realize we need each other.  And, if you’re a Christian then we are on the same side.

So this is the Triumphant Ending.  We win!

9.  Then over the horizon, very far away, I see the makings of another confrontation with a mob of people (the enemy).  I’m thinking this is probably the next wave of what 2022 will be.  Have you ever watched a movie and you see the rolling credits and the enemy is still very much alive even though you thought the hero killed him? Then you know there’s a part 2/sequel to the movie? It was like that.

So yes, sorry to tell you this but we continue fighting into 2022.  We will have breaks here and there but it’s wartime. Actually, if you did the fast with us in January this year, you know that I gave the book of Joshua to study.  I think we may actually live this book for the next decade.  It’s going from one battle to the next.  Taking land and fighting to do it.  But remember, you will win so don’t lose your joy!

Dream from 2019:

I went to the beach and I walked out on the board walk which stretch out over the water and I was admiring the view.  I wasn’t out there long when I turned around to walk back the water had risen up to the level of the dock and was about ankle deep above the dock.  When I looked in the water and to the left and the right of the dock all I saw were baby alligators.  They had just hatched.  They were layers deep, overlapping each other and stacked on top of each other.  I’ve never see so many alligators in my life. I mean, hundreds of them.  I had to carefully step over the few that had made it on to the dock.  Since the water had just started rising they hadn’t all come up unto the dock yet, thank God!  I made it back to my car safely.

Alligators – Demonic Spirits, usually associated with water spirits like Leviathan.

Gestation period  – Females build a mound nest of soil, vegetation, or debris and deposit an average of 32 to 46 eggs in late June or early July. Incubation requires approximately 63-68 days, and hatching occurs from mid-August through early September. About 1/3 of alligator nests are destroyed by predators (mainly raccoons) or flooding.

Growth depends greatly on the surrounding environment, including temperature. The life span varies greatly for these large reptiles.

The Leviathan spirit is the one that brings disunity, division, it distorts communication, produces divorce, church splits, breakdown in relationships.  But it works through communication.  You have to give it something to attach itself to.  Words – typed or spoken.

This spirit cannot operate unless you give it something to use. Words.

Remember, the Aleph is a silent letter. This is the year when you need to stop talking.  Close your mouth because it is going to get you in trouble.  They were so many alligators as I was walking back it was like going through in a minefield.  I had to watch where I was stepping so I wouldn’t step on one of them.

I saw in the spirit that people who some of you know who used to be cool with you being you, won’t be ok with it anymore.  It’s like a switch got flipped.  This spirit is going to take them over and you will just say something at the wrong time.  They are going to take what you said (which would’ve been ok the last season) and tell a bunch of other people and then here comes all these alligators and you are the target.  It’s a spirit.

Some of you talk too much.  You share too much, you comment too much.  And things that you used to get away with you won’t be able to anymore. All the division you see happening around you, that’s the same spirit.

I wrote about this already and you can read it hear.

What is worse is that I saw these angry mobs that you can’t even reason with.  All reasoning, sense of decency and critical thinking is gone!  It’s like you are talking to a wall.  Even when you try to explain what you meant, they won’t listen.  They looked mentally deranged. Eventually because it is about dividing then conquering, these same people used to divide others will put themselves into an isolated spot which will then lead them into a pit of hopelessness.  Do you know what happens to a person when they lose all hope?  They do things they wouldn’t normally do and they become very dangerous.  It is going to spread like a wild fire.

You cannot reason with them.  Your only option will be to stop talking.  It is pride that keeps us trying to clarify and justify what we mean.  Leviathan is the principality over pride.  The minute you figure out that you can’t reason with the person, just smile and MOVE ON!!!  Stop talking.

Remember this thing needs the surrounding environment to be the perfect temperature to live, so the minute you pivot, change direction, turn loving and kind.  It is dead. You kill it with LOVE and silence. Start displaying the Fruit of the Spirit.

Friends, Coworkers, Family members.  It doesn’t matter.  Even people you’ve been friends with for years will turn on you.  Close your mouth.  You can learn more about the leviathan spirit here.

You need to observe the Law

What Law?  In Exodus 20 we know Moses came down with the ten commandments.  Then in Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus says only two fulfills all ten.

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

We need to come back to this as a church.  I honestly believe that if you don’t keep your love relationship with the Lord going it is impossible for you to love others.  LOVE is the difference between the people who are religious and have a head knowledge of Christ and those who are in a true relationship with the Lord.  There is no way you can truly love God and hate people.  It’s not possible. We need to return to Him.  Give Him our whole heart in love.  The world is watching and we can’t look like them in the midst of chaos.  We have to be different.

John 13:35 “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

Observe the Law of Love.  Love will destroy the leviathan spirit immediately. This is going to keep you out of so much trouble!!!

How to get yourself out of the line Judgementprophetic word 5781 and prophetic word 2021

IF – there is a choice to be made that only you can make

MY PEOPLE – the church, you and me

WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME – the elect, those who are indeed in Christ Jesus

WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES – stop being prideful and thinking you are not a part of the problem.  Stop encouraging Leviathan and speaking curses over people and your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Stop thinking you have nothing to repent of.  We have ALL sinned.

AND PRAY – repent for your prayerlessness.  Repent for your selfish prayer and start thinking about the Kingdom of God and what God wants to do in the earth.

AND SEEK MY FACE – start going after Jesus, build an intimate relationship with Him alone.  Seek Jesus and not just the blessings of Jesus.  These are two different things.

AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS – true repentance.  Stop tolerating the things that you know are wrong, not only from yourself but also from the church leaders. Stop sitting under a spirit of rebellion and disobedience.  Stop supporting it.  Stop endorsing it.  God is coming to shake all of that and you are going to see everything exposed.  Turn from it.  Repent means permanent change.

THEN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN –  He is not deaf but the minute you turn then you will see a change.  He’s closed His ears to your prayers until you repent.

FORGIVE THEIR SIN – He will turn to you, when you turn to Him from a true repentant heart.  There is no other way. He is waiting to forgive you.

AND HEAL THEIR LAND – Yes, after repentance you will move from the line of judgement into the line of blessing.  And let’s pray that individually what was done doesn’t have any lasting consequences.  It is the year of Justified Repayment so whatever reward is due will come with Him.

Definition of Repentance:


μετάνοια, μετανοίας, (μετανοέω), a change of mind: as it appears in one who repents of a purpose he has formed or of something he has done, Hebrews 12:17 on which see εὑρίσκω, ; especially the change of mind of those who have begun to abhor their errors and misdeeds, and have determined to enter upon a better course of life, so that it embraces both a recognition of sin and sorrow for it and hearty amendment, the tokens and effects of which are good deeds


Strongs 7725  שׁוּב Shub

to return, to turn back

5162 –נָחַם  nacham

to be sorry, to have a change of mind, console oneself


Hebrews 12:5-11

5 “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord,
Nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him;
For whom the Lord loves He chastens,
And scourges every son whom He receives.”

If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons. Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live? 10 For they indeed for a few days chastened us as seemed best to them, but He for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness. 11 Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

If you are honest with yourself we have gone way off base as a church.  So, the Lord has to show up and do something to stop us.  Humble us, if we do not humble ourselves.

Hebrews 4:12-13 

12 For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. 13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before His eyes, and He is the one to whom we are accountable.



1 Corinthians 11:31-32

31 But if we would examine ourselves, we would not be judged by God in this way. 32 Yet when we are judged by the Lord, we are being disciplined so that we will not be condemned along with the world.



Revelation 2:12, 16

12 “… This is the message from the one with the sharp two-edged sword

16 Repent of your sin, or I will come to you suddenly and fight against them with the sword of My mouth.


Revelation 19:15

 From His mouth came a sharp sword to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron rod. He will release the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty, like juice flowing from a winepress.

So when we read the Word it tells us what is right and what is wrong.  We are to judge ourselves according to the word of God.  Not against each other or even our environment, we are to judge ourselves based on His word.  That is the plumbline. When we find that we are not walking according to what He says then we need to repent.  If we don’t repent God will come suddenly and deal with us with the sword of His mouth.  We are going to SEE what He SPEAKS.  Suddenly means without notice.  It will just happen one day.

The choice is yours.  Most people already know where they need to repent but if you need help here is a list that can get you started.


The enemy will try to take advantage of the judgement

This is where you should be praying.  Do you remember as a little child when you would get in trouble and your parent or teacher was about to spank you for the one thing they know about, then your sibling or some neighborhood kid, brought up a bunch of other things at the same time that made your punishment even worse?  As if you needed further punishment!  What the enemy does in times like these is that he comes in while God is bringing judgement and he adds to it.  This is what you need to pray against!  As an example,  Fires can start naturally but then right alongside that you have arsonists, that’s not God.  That’s someone trying to make a bad situation worse.  The want to add to the punishment. This is what the enemy does. You have to pay attention to what is happening around you and the minute you sense the enemy and human interference/evil you need to pray against that.

If we’ve done one thing very well, it is showing the world that we are divided as a church. We’ve exposed our weakness; therefore, the enemy is going to try and take advantage of that.  Remember when David sinned against the Lord by taking census of the people in 2 Samuel 24?  God asked Him what he wanted as his punishment, to be given over to the hand of his enemies or for God to judge him.

2 Samuel 24:14I’m in a desperate situation!” David replied to Gad. “But let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great. Do not let me fall into human hands.”

God knows when His judgement is satisfied.  He chastens us and then He hugs us and says “now get back on track”. And, He’s not doing this just to see people suffer.  The enemy on the other hand is insatiable and he would like to see us all wiped out.  When you read the book of Obadiah (it’s only one chapter) you see that God despises people who laugh when their enemies fall and try to take advantage of people in a weakened state.  So, you never want to laugh when others are being disciplined by that Lord.

**Pray against enemies trying to take advantage when we are in a weakened state – natural enemies and spiritual ones. This is important.  Discern and pray because you don’t want to mislabel things as the judgement of God when it’s something we as a church can stop**

I pray you got something out of this.  Thank you for reading all of it.  I was going to break this up into 2 posts but the truth is I really don’t want to be talking about judgment again next week. 🙁  I don’t like doing it BUT I have to tell you what He’s saying.  The great thing is that you have a choice.  He’s shown me some pretty great things too which I will be sharing in other words this month.


25 thoughts on “Prophetic Word 5781 – 2021 Tumultuous Beginning, Triumphant Ending”

  1. Thanks be our heavenly Father for the prophetic guide and thank you servant of God.
    The scripture below has been heavily on my heart for coming season, kindly assist.

    1 Peter 5:10, KJV: “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”

    Thank You.

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