Prophetic Word – To War or Not to War

prophetic word - to war or not to war
Movie 300 - This is Spartaaaaa!

This prophetic word is titled To War or Not to War and I’ve felt the Lord calling me to put this out there now because many of you need this right now.

This really shouldn’t be a prophetic word but should be listed under resources for warfare much like the word that was written about the King of Glory because this is a seasonal thing that can be used at anytime if you are trying to determine whether or not you should go into warfare over something.

Have you ever been in a place where there is so much spiritual warfare and you become confused?  Is this the enemy or is this God?  Do I move forward, do I stand still and wait or do I move back?  This prophetic word is about that.

With that said, this is word NOT for everyone right now but maybe later you may need it.  I’m going to give you 3 qualifying questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you should go to war for your promise or not.

3 Words – YES, GO, NOW!

If God promised you something from years ago, you should know by reading this post on prophetic timing if you are actually in the season for this promise.  Some promises may take decades to fulfill so you need to determine if the season for that promise is now.  Others God can do from start to finish in one week!

You need to answer YES to all of these question, one response of NO means you shouldn’t be warring for the promise right now.  Perhaps another time.

Question 1 – Are you 100% sure God gave you YES on this promise?  Directly from the Lord.  Not a prophet that spoke something to you but God told you this Himself.  Yes or No?  Some things in life are destiny shifting and life changing so moving forward on something based on the word of one person when God never told you so Himself can be risky business.  This doesn’t mean God can’t give you a promise through a prophet but it’s going to take more the word of one person for you to go to war.  You’re going to need confirmation on that.

If there is any doubt in your mind and you are still waiting on a confirmation, your answer is NO…for now.

I need to clarify what would classify as a confirmation.  If you go on YouTube a video comes up and it speaks to your spirit and you believe that was the Lord speaking to you this is fine, unless it is a soulish prophecy.  There are a lot of people on YouTube that are prophesying from a soulish place, it’s their own desires and/or their own fear.  God could be speaking to them personally, and it was a personal word for them and never intended for you.  You need to discern this.  This doesn’t mean they are bad people it could just be that they are young in the gift and they have yet to discern that not everything God says to them is to be shared publicly.  Please be aware of this.

Back to confirmations…If after watching a video you have another video that tells you the exact same thing, that is not a confirmation.  If next week you go back on and there is another video telling you the same thing, that is still not a confirmation.

Why?  That is called an algorithm.  YouTube knows what you watched and the search engine will continue to feed you the same types of videos on the same subject just to keep you on their website longer.  This is why this is not your confirmation.  You would have to get it the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time outside of Youtube, Facebook or Google.  Anything that is on the internet is using the same algorithms.  Don’t you notice the same ads follow you all over the internet?  That’s the programming and algorithm at work so if you are using this as a confirmation from Youtube to Facebook , then it may not be so. It’s going across multiple websites so these are not confirmations but man-made tools used for marketing.  The confirmation needs to come from other sources and not online like dreams, visions, on the radio, something your pastor preached, a scripture someone shared with you some other source.   Just thought I needed to clarify that for some of you that may be getting deceived by the enemy with false signs and confirmations.

Question 2 – Did God give you the GO ahead to move forward?  Depending on how big this promise is, some things take time and they happen in a certain season.  He can tell you something but if you move out of the timing of that word you could end up messing up everything and causing further delays.  David was anointed King 17 years before he actually became King.  So, he got his YES but the GO didn’t come till years later.  The Israelites knew there had to be a greater promised land for them but until Moses showed up and said to Pharaoh ,God said “Let My people GO so that they may worship Me”  then they never got the go.  This is important.

Back to the question, did God tell you to GO ahead on this promise?  Yes of No?

Question 3 – Did He tell you it is right NOW? Generally when it is time to step into the promise God will give you the green light that it is now.  Did you receive the green light that you are supposed to move into this now?  Yes or No.

If you answered YES to all three of these questions, and you are facing heavy opposition and resistance, then it’s time to war.

What I see happening is people are missing their window of opportunity because of the warfare.  It’s like somehow they believed once God said YES they would just walk in and take over.  Do you really think the enemy was just going to hand it over?  It doesn’t work like that.

Let me advise you, that before you came into your land to take your seat, the enemy was sitting in it.  You have to evict him!  He’s a squatter. If he wasn’t sitting on it he’s standing right there beside it to make sure you never settle in that land or sit on that seat.

(1 Corinthians 16:9)  There’s an amazing door of opportunity standing wide open for me to minister here, even though there are many who oppose and stand against me.”

An AMAZING WIDE door!  I love that! Wow! That means God opened this door for Paul but He still had the opposition.  He’s looking at the open door, he had his move now from God but he’s got opposition.

When the Lord led the Israelites to the promised land under the leadership of Joshua, they knew before they got into the land that it was theirs. God told them so!

They got the YES (Genesis 13:15, Deuteronomy 1:8), they were told to GO when they left Pharoah (Exodus 5:1), and they got the NOW when it was time to cross over (Deut 9:1).

There was absolutely no doubt God said YES this land was theirs.

There was no doubt that the Lord says GO get the land

There was no doubt the Lord said NOW.

From the Yes to the Go to the Now, time passes.  That was the season of preparation.  But when it is the NOW, it means you are prepared and ready even if you don’t feel like it.  Trust, that you are ready because God wouldn’t say NOW if you were not ready.

The only thing that stopped them initially from going in was FEAR (Numbers 13:33).  Their hesitation was not because they weren’t sure it was God it was because they were afraid.

You need to cast out fear!

Yes, Go, Now – All of these things lined up for them.  However, they still have the warfare.  They had to displace the “giants” from their land.  They still had to fight to take it.

Now what does the fighting look like today? 

I highly doubt God is calling you to physically beat up people!

2 Corinthians 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,”

You will never win a spiritual battle in the flesh, you have to fight from the spiritual realm.  You war in the spirit. That means, you put on your spiritual armor when you are ready to go for war.  If you feel you are in danger you ask for covering – Psalm 91 Prayer.  If you feel you are up against something that is way bigger than you then you have to ask the King of Glory to step in and you need to step aside and let Him handle it.

You have to go and TAKE IT.  Yes, there is resistance but if you know God said Yes, Go, Now then it’s your time to move.  Regardless of what the environment looks like, it doesn’t matter!  If the Almighty God said “Do it now!” it means you do it now!!

Do not let the environment deter you, this is exactly what the enemy is using to stop you.

Otherwise you’ll miss the door of opportunity that is opened to you.  Remember you need to be in the right place at the right time.  Your delay in moving forward could delay something else on the other end of that obedience.

Doors open and doors close.  If you sit around and don’t move the door can close on you and then you have to wait for it to cycle around again.  That could take months!  Years!  Stop messing around and move!

And if you think you will be less afraid the next time it cycles around?  Think again!  The enemy knows he got you the first time with fear so the 2nd

Movie 300 – This is Spartaaaaa!

time he’ll “up the ante” and make it worse! The last time you didn’t have the money, this time you don’t have the money and you’re homeless!  He is going to make it double hard for you to move forward.  When the opportunity arose the first time you had a chance to do it in private but you got scared so you said nothing.  The next time it’s in front of other people so now you’re double scared! He’s not going to make it easier for you, it will be harder.  The last time you thought you needed to be married to start this ministry, now you’re divorced with 3 kids!  What now? It gets harder, not easier.

God already knows your situation. He knows all your limitations.  Whatever you’re working with, He knows!

And, if you are scared?  Do it afraid!!!  Check out how many times God had to tell Joshua in Joshua 1, not to be scared.  Any big move of God is sure to stir up some level of fear in you.

Sometimes fear is not a bad thing it makes you recognize that you CANNOT do it without the Lord. 

Look at what the Lord said to Gideon as he prepared to go into battle

Gideon 7:2  “And the Lord said to Gideon, “The people who are with you are too many for Me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel claim glory for itself against Me, saying, ‘My own hand has saved me.’”

Then He cut down the army to such a low number that no one would ever believe they would win, but God!  So He is the one that keeps you in a place of dependency so that you don’t trust in yourself and you don’t try to take the glory for what He is doing.

Otherwise, you are going to fail.  Fear comes when we know we can’t do the mission on our own.  When it is “above our pay grade”, beyond our educational background, beyond our financial resources, beyond our mental capacity.  But, this how HE gets the glory because the onlookers will KNOW for a fact that it was God because there is no way you could have done that by yourself!!!  The more land the Israelites conquered was the more the enemy was afraid of them because it was a sign God was with them.  It’s going to be the same with YOU.

And if God said YES>GO>NOW, you will not fail.  Because God sent you to do it.  You can’t fail!

Now, the only thing that will get you tripped up is if you answered No to any of the 3 questions or you are not sure.  This is about doing God’s thing, God’s way and in God’s timing.

If I asked you right now to share with me the confirmations you received from the Lord that this promise is for you, then you should be able to pull out a notebook/device and give me dates, scriptures and dreams, video, visions, etc. associated with that.  If you don’t have any of this then it means you are not stewarding the voice of God properly.  You need to write it down!  When you are in the heat of the battle and the enemy starts asking you are you sure God said this?  Now would not be the time to doubt.  It wouldn’t be the time to be thinking, what was the confirmation again?  Nope.  You need to write down ALL of your confirmations, all the Go messages and all the Now messages.  You need to be a proper steward of what God is telling you.  This will build your confidence and cause you not to doubt what the Lord is saying.

Things to consider as you are in the battle

If you read the book of Joshua (if you haven’t read it, read it) you will see that for every land they took there was a different strategy.  You will need a strategy.  How are you going to get a strategy?  Through your relationship with Christ, intimacy with God He will tell you exactly how He wants you to do it and you can’t move away from those instructions.

The next thing you need to know is you need to be repentant.  Keep the slate clean with God.  Sin, is an open door to the devil so if there is anything you need to repent of then you need to do it.  You can’t be taking land and then the devil is coming in through the backdoor and taking it back from you because of your sin.  All doors to sin must be shut.

If what God has asked you to do requires work, then you need to work!  He’s not coming out of heaven to write your resume for you so you can get that job He told you is yours.  He’s not going to magically show up and buy you the right clothes for that position.  Angels are not about to show up and clean your house for that guest God told you is coming to your house.  He’s not coming out of heaven to fix your credit for you.  That woman is not going to marry you unless you ask her. You know you won’t get that position without that certification, go enroll in school and get it going. You need to lose the weight.  Do the work!

Sometimes we sit around and expect God and the angels to do things for us that only we can do.  If what He has told you requires work, you need to do the work!

**Important*** As you move through your process you need to check in with God to make sure that you are doing it exactly the way He wants it done.  Every new land the Israelites took they had a different strategy, whenever they failed to consult God or there was sin in their camp, they failed!  So you need to keep checking in with God that the methods you are using is what He approves of.  Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

If what He’s asking you to do requires the involvement of others, you need to clear all those people individually with the Lord.

Should this person be involved with this business God?

Remember the enemy is always going to look for a way to defeat you, so you need to be one step ahead.  And if you did make a mistake and choose the wrong person then repent for that and ask God to move them out and move someone else in.

Be careful who you share this promise with.  The more people know about it, the more warfare you are going to have.  If others don’t need to know about it, don’t say anything.  Keep your mouth closed.  Wait until it is completed then you can share it.

Pray into it every single day.  If you can’t think of what to pray, pray in tongues.

You need to cover your children, family members and people praying for you as well when you pray everyday.  When the enemy can’t get you he’s going to go after the people that are closest to you and the ones covering you.  Affecting your heart and your emotions. If you are distracted taking care of a sick child or family member who is being attacked you won’t be paying attention to what you should be building.  It’s an age old trick!  Same thing with your money. You will have zero financial struggles until it’s time for you to step out then suddenly you lose your job so now instead of focusing on what the Lord called you to do you are busy looking for a job and worried about money.  These are all the moves of the enemy to get you off track.  Pray over it, in advance and everyday, so you can avoid these tricks that stop many people from moving forward.  DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU, push through it!  Get it done.  Don’t wait until after they get attacked before you start covering them, do it ahead of time.

Some of you, depending on what it is may be, may need to do it alone.  No one else involved!  Remember this, you have a spiritual army behind you.  There are angels God has assigned to help you get it done.  You are really not alone (2 Kings 6:14-17).  Everything that God has ordained in the earth has angels assigned to ensure it gets done. That is their angelic assignment.  They were created to help you (Hebrews 1:14).  So as you move, you have helpers.  So, you’re are not alone. You are NEVER alone.  He said “I will never leave you and I will never forsake you”

That’s it!

So, should I go to war over this or not? I don’t know, you tell me! You should know after reading this what you need to do.  I believe this is clear.   If you have any questions or comments, if this was helpful to you, please leave a comment below.


12 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – To War or Not to War”

  1. Thank you MOP for this precious word of advice and revelation. I think I have read this word before but I haven’t fully understand because that time the promised isn’t that clear for me not until He activate my my spiritual eyes to see vision and hearing His voice in my spirit at night when 2021 enters. I write all and make journal of everything that being said and showed to me but there are some that I missed to record as it was not sometimes that clear and this saddened me if I misses and didn’t catch up. The message here speak to my situation now and how important this word as my battle to continue forward of the Promised that He gave me. Continue to be a blessing!

  2. Thanks Mop for the above write-up. Thank God for His leading you as your resources are quite insightful, rienforcing and helpful. You are so on point. The Yes>go>now. Strategy, attacks, checking, silence etc. If they cant get you the way they want they attack all key things and people around you who can help or you get to help wether paid or not. Most exhausting sometimes. But GOD IS FOREVER ON THE THRONE AND CAN’T BE MOVED BY THEIR TRICKS. When I remember the ELGIBOR I hold on and move on with Him because He never looses. God bless you

  3. All I could do after such a powerful word was weep and give the father glory for hearing my prayer, you hit so many points in this text for me, especially the point about Gideon having too many, and Joshua to move into place scared but take courage and stand your grounds because the Lord is with you. keep a clean slate with God stood out to me as well and having the right people involved, which take prayer and hearing his leading.
    This causes me to push more in the spirit because I felt that God had a new approach to this than what I was receiving, and I got sidetrack by a family member, and my heart and emotion were shifted. OMG this word from God opens my spirit to continue to move forward with my YES and acknowledge my father on all details with my mouth close.

    This also stood out to me when God said that depending on what it is that some of us may have to do it ALONE, even if you are married it may be according to my FAITH and not my spouse and that I am never alone. WOW!! thank you so so much for allowing God to speak this word to me through this ministry. I love you dearly and I continue to pray for you in Jesus name.
    pray that I follow his perfect plan in my life because my heart desires it.

    Yours Truly!

  4. May the glory be to God for ever . The three questions you’ve listed, I have a resounding ” Yes”.
    In my dream, vision, messages journal I have all the dates and times, lately the Lord even told me what he wants me to do. And here is where the enemy is targeting with obstacle and distractions.
    The point you mentioned about the enemy sitting on the land (promise) is very real in my case. Also the issue of sharing this information with people has cost me a lot for I wasn’t aware of the repercussions , I was just green and blind, seeking for help ,but the help were pegged on conditions which I saw as not from God’s word.
    I’ve lost a couple of windows of opportunities, but I won’t give up. After I had read this article, at night I saw in a dream 6 bathing troughs with different colors but full of water and all of us six people were ready to have a bath . Spiritually I interpreted it that God has put his word The Bible before us for cleansing to his satisfaction.
    With due humility , I do request you to stand with me according to Matthew 18:19 concerning the realization of his will “his promises” for my life .
    It has come to my knowledge that , the enemy have really made a SAT on it and he thinks he is going no where, but in Jesus name I will conquer. Shalom

  5. Thank you Jesus!
    My pastor preaches something almost related to this and I open this website today to find almost same context. God bless you!

  6. Hello MOP,
    Thank you for sharing this, it was very timely and helpful. I did the YES,GO, and NOW test regarding the promise God gave me three years ago and could say a definite “YES.” I was doing my devotions about a month or two ago or so and Romans 4 became rhema in a way it never had. Gifts are gifts not to be worked for or earned. The biggest thing was that the promise Yahweh Yireh had made to me came in a gift form in a dream. Ever since then, different things happened in the natural and there was indeed spiritual warfare.
    I also believe that this is my season as well. I have also been cognizant of the fact that the King of Glory is doing His work and the “work” that I had to do is war through faith and hope. Thank you for bringing up the concept of algorithms.
    To cut a long story short, I confess, that I did try to make things happen and the word on King of Glory was convicting. I got different confirmations of the King of Glory at work this year, and had to step aside and not manipulate anything and most importantly watched who I spoke to about the promise. As a matter of fact, I stopped talking about it at one point in time as per instructions in the King of Glory word.
    I was supposed to recite some public scripture today (September 26, 2020) based on my faith and belief about the promise God had given me and I woke up sick which meant I could not be there physically, but thankful a virtual option was available. I was like, “No, enemy I’m fighting for this one”. Guess what? I also woke up, this morning to my devotion which was titled “Promise-keeper” and I smiled and chuckled- yet another confirmation! Our God is Faithful, He is El Elmunah and He is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19).
    Hallelujah! I’m waiting for the manifestation of the promise and will testify indeed!


  7. Glory to Our Almighty God.
    Dearest MOP,
    I thank God for this word. So timely for me. Dreams started a month or so ago , around the prophetic words which have been given over years about some specific promises. The dreams unexpectedly became very specific by mid September. At the same The Lord led me to a seemingly specific teaching on how to approach it. I am being attacked from all sides, intensely. Feeling physically weak , exhausted with work issues (I am being forced out) and full time study (last week of the unit). I am unable to pray long or fast now. I can, after this week. Praying and asking The Lord to reveal His will as in if it can wait for a week. Now, after reading this word, I thank and praise God for His faithfulness.Your words are always timely for me.Please pray .

    1. Yes, Sherin you need to pray in tongues. It can be a very exhausting process. Especially if you haven’t been checking in on with God to find out if there is a new strategy. You could be using an old way when He wants you to approach it differently now. There is something else I forgot to add at the end of this which is to pray for your family member, children and anyone covering you in prayer because when the enemy can’t get you he’ll go after them. I’m putting more details on this at the bottom of the post.

      1. Dear MOP.
        Thank you for your precious advice. I prayed as you instructed in the post above. And The LORD is sooooo good :-). He responded. I have written down all the scripture He has given me in the order.He has outlined a strategy for the next days. He also removed my exhaustion, depression and fear. Filled me with hope and courage. I love our God so very much. To think that He has time for me; loves me!!. Going to continue seeking Him. I am believing for a testimony.
        God bless you.
        Sending you love and blessings from Australia.

  8. “if what He is asking you needs the involvement of others, you need to clear those people individually with the Lord”. You are right here. This is the part I did not do, now I have more battle to fight cos I’ve made a mistake by not “been careful who I shared this message with”. I pray God forgives me for this mistakes and not forsake me. Thank you so much for your message. Blessings

  9. “When the opportunity arose the first time you had a chance to do it in private but you got scared so you said nothing. The next time it’s in front of other people so now you’re double scared! He’s not going to make it easier for you, it will be harder.“

    You went there Nicole LOL! Fetched my whole life. Thank you for this beautiful and detailed word, May God bless you for your faithfulness to HEAR HIM AND SHARE HIM. Meanwhile, I’m going to wait patiently where God has positioned me. No FOMO at all after reading this word. Blessings ♥️

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