Prophetic Word – Covenants

prophetic word - covenants

This prophetic word relates to making covenants in this season.  I need to warn you before you read any further that this is R-Rated.  Yes, it’s rated R.

Why is that?  Well, I have to give you the message as it was given to me.  By changing that, I would in essence be changing the message.  I am not about to do that so I have to deliver it exactly as He gave it to me.

Here’s a hint so you want to decide to read further or leave the page…having sex in dreams.   This is a very common dream and most people don’t know the implications of this.

The Lord has been giving a lot of prophetic messages for this season and also for where we are headed in the future.  I can assure you that if you apply yourself to the correction that He is bringing to the body of Christ, then you are going to come out of this so much better than when you entered it.

So since the beginning of the Coronavirus/ Covid – 19, there have been several messages which you need to read and process the instructions in order to move into the blessings that will be shared in this post.

We all need to repent.  That is the bottom line and those who choose to sit around and wait for things to go back to normal are going to be waiting for a very looooooooong time.  Because that is not going to happen.

As such when this prophetic word came to me I wasn’t sure if I should share it now or if I should wait until we are much further into our process as a church when more people are broken and submitted to what God is doing in order to understand this.

I was going to hold on to it but the Lord has shown me that some of you are actually coming out, walking into your blessing now.

Some of you need this now but more of you will need it later.

If you read the prophetic word on butterflies, you saw that there was a different timeline for each one.  I believe some of you are already walking in your blessings right now.  God is famous for blessing people when there is a famine.  You need a famine for the Joseph’s to arise.

Think of the Israelites, yes they were wondering in the wilderness for 40 years but do you think they noticed their shoes didn’t wear out?  (Deuteronomy 29:5) No, instead the just complained about the wilderness and the fact that Egypt was no longer available to them.  Do you think they noticed that none of them got sick? (Exodus 15:26) No, still complaining instead of realizing that while the circumstances where not ideal…they walked in divine healing for decades!!

Don’t miss the opportunities that God is bringing to you because you are too focused on face mask and gloves!

Try and get your mind into a place of normal in the midst of the chaos.

That’s when you will clearly start to see the opportunities that God is giving to you right now.

You are about to step into some really great opportunities. It’s supply and demand so God is going to bring creative ideas and inventions for some of you because the season calls for it.  Some of you are going to have new businesses, new ministries, new churches, many many new opportunities.  Amazing new things are coming for you. Yes!  That has already started happening and will continue to happen if you just learn to focus.  Focus.

Now when the opportunities come you need to pay attention to who you are making covenant with…

The dream

I was in a house, it is day time and there are many people walking around outside.  As I am standing there this man walks in to the room where I am.  Immediately, I discerned (discerning of spirits) that this man is a rapist.  He, however, is not approaching me like he’s a rapist.  Instead he stands on the opposite side of the room with his back towards me looking out the window and starts speaking to me in a calm soothing tone.  As if he is the sweetest kindest person in the world.  As he’s speaking softly to me he is slowly taking off his shirt.  “Why don’t you just come over here” he says. I am not responding but rather observing what he is doing with the full understanding that he is about to rape me.  So, he finally gets all of his clothes off with his back still towards me. “You know you want me” he says.  “You know you want this” he says as he turns around and he has an erection.  At that, I point to the door and I say to him “Get out of here”.  He is surprised by my response because up until that point he thought I was actually going to fall for this.  He quickly rushes towards the door, forgetting that he is completely naked and leaves. So now he’s outside naked and everyone can see him.  I wake up.

Many people have dreams of having sex or something sexual like this or even dreams with people lusting after them.  Please do not discount them as just a dream.  This is far more serious than that.  Your 5 minutes of pleasure is going to end up costing you a lot.  Let me explain…First, sex was created by God to be enjoyed in the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.  When it is done in this context, it is blessed by God and a part of a godly covenant.  If you are having dreams about having sex, then you are forming a covenant with a demonic spirit.  That needs to be rebuked, canceled and renounced immediately when you awake.  Some of you are single and you can’t get married because you are already in a covenant relationship with a spirit.  Until you cut that, nothing will change for you. If you didn’t actually have sex in the dream but there were sexual innuendos or lust involved, God is warning you that there is a spirit attempting to make a covenant with you.  Pray that off as well.

Some of you are married and you’re in a sexless marriage because you are having sex in your dreams with demons.  That means you are in a spiritual covenant with a demon.  That needs to be canceled immediately.  Or you could be married and dream of having sex with your spouse, why would God do that if your spouse is in your bed with you? Just have sex with them then! It’s a demon disguised as your spouse.  Do you know where this road ends? You end up liking the sex in your dream with your spouse, than actually doing the act in real life.  It’s a demon sent to destroy your marriage. Rebuke that.

Sex is an act. When you have sex outside of the context of marriage, it is ungoldly and not blessed by God.  It’s really that simple.  This is black and white.  Are you married or not?  It’s a straight line in the sand.

Sex, in dreams, is a sign of making a covenant with someone or something. 

Looking at this dream, who was attempting to make a covenant with me?  A rapist.  Someone who was really only there to steal something of value from me.  Take something from me that doesn’t belong to him and this is not blessed by God.  What is interesting is that I wouldn’t have known he was a rapist because he didn’t enter to room trying to rip my clothes off or hold me down. No, he was trying to make it appear that this was all my idea.  I was the one who wanted to do it.  He wasn’t forcing me, he was trying to convince me that this was my choice.  Manipulation.  In the end, he leaves the room naked, which means he walks outside and is exposed for others to see as well.

So you may say to yourself, why didn’t I just tell him to leave from the beginning when I discerned he was rapist?  Well, have you ever been in a situation where your spirit says something is not right but you’re not sure.  After all, it’s daytime, this person appears to be kind and sweet but you still need to just hang back and observe the actions until you are absolutely sure.  Not jumping to conclusions or making snap decisions.  Eventually they reveal who they are.

I don’t want you to read this post and think this is just about the act of sex.  No, This is about making covenants.

Spiritual covenants dictate what happens in your natural life.  They can make or break you.

When God begins to bless you, and He will, there will be people who are going to come to you that want to form partnerships, alliances, covenants and it is all because they can see what God has put on you.   During this season, some are going to be removed.  Exposed.  God is taking them out.  That means, new people are going to come to the forefront.  If you are one of those people, then there will be many coming to make covenants with you. Some have absolutely nothing to offer you.  They are just there to take. A shakedown and a take down.  Rape you.  All the while making it appear like it was your idea.  Very cunning.  Manipulative.

John 10:10 (NKJV) “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the message is the same.  Be careful who you are in covenant with.  Especially as you are stepping into your new season.

God is in the process right now of stripping away what is false.  Many of you are going to be looking for something new.  It is along this journey, while you are transitioning that you need to be careful of your alignments.

For those in market place ministry/business people….

Some people can be used by the enemy and not even know it.  In these situations they can come to you with talk of partnership, however in the end you’ll find that you are the one that’s doing all the work.  They brought absolutely nothing to the table.   You’re working on a project that never ends.  Toiling with no fruit.  You lose your joy.  You lose money.  In the end you have been raped of your time, energy, money, time with your family and joy.  The whole thing was a total distraction from the enemy to get you away from the true purposes of God on your life.  Wasting time.  Pay attention.  Pray and discern.  Ask for wisdom.

We all need others in the body of Christ as covenant brothers and sisters, like David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:3).  Because we can’t live in a bubble or shut ourselves off from the rest of the body of Christ.  We have to work together (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). So making covenant with someone else is not something we should be afraid of but rather something we should look at with eyes of wisdom and after close examination you can make a determination if you and the other person are walking on the same path for Christ.

Look at how Jonathan decided to make a covenant with David…

1 Samuel 18 New King James Version (NKJV)

Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. Saul took him that day, and would not let him go home to his father’s house anymore. Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan took off the robe that was on him and gave it to David, with his armor, even to his sword and his bow and his belt.

So David went out wherever Saul sent him, and behaved wisely. And Saul set him over the men of war, and he was accepted in the sight of all the people and also in the sight of Saul’s servants.

So after David demonstrated his heart by fearlessly defeating Goliath, by proving that he was defending the name of the Lord, by proving that he was willing to give of himself by going to face a giant for everyone else, King Saul called him in to find out who he was (1 Samuel 17).  Jonathan, who is Saul’s son, after examining David’s action and discerning that they pretty much were the same made a covenant with him.  Now it could be seen as Jonathan being an opportunist but his actions (verse 4) proves that he was not.  He took off his robe, his armor, his sword, his belt and his bow…pretty much stripped himself and gave it to David.  They are both of the same spirit.  Givers.  David could’ve turned into a prideful, cocky person after defeating Goliath but instead he continued (verse 5) to walk in wisdom.  This is who he is naturally!  He’s got integrity.  So there has to be a period of time when you observe if you are really of like spirit with someone else.  Are you going on the same path? How do they treat others?  Are they only kind to people in authority and power? In order for the covenant to work you both have to be giving.  Jonathan had David’s back no matter what.  The giver/taker relationship is a dead end.  If they are only there to take, that is the rapist.

So here are a few prayers and you can pray the ones that are related to you…

Breaking evil spiritual covenants from having sex in dreams:

Father God, I pray that you break all evil and ungodly covenants that I have made while I’m asleep.  I cancel every and all evil contracts, agreements, covenants or arrangements that I have made with the enemy in my dreams.  I sever all ungodly soul ties.  I cancel every evil spiritual sexual activities that happened while I was asleep. I cancel all lustful, impure and unholy thoughts that I encourage in my dreams. I ask that You restore to me what was stolen. I repent for any part that I played in this.  I repent for any enjoyment that I received from these acts.  I pray that you cleanse my mind from this.  I declare that I am off limits in the realm of the spirit to any of these demons.  When they approach me let them only see the blood of Jesus and know they cannot come near me. Restore me to wholeness.  I close all doors in the realm of the spirit that I may have left open to the enemy that invited him in to my life.  I ask that you show me if there are things in the natural that I am doing that is encouraging this.  I pray for grace to follow through in my waking life to end all arrangements and agreements I’ve made with ungodly relationships and soul ties.  I pray that you would open now doors for me that may have closed because of these covenants. I declare an end to this unholiness, in Jesus name, Amen

In addition to this prayer you can pray one of these 2 if you fall into this category:

If you are single and you desire to be married you can pray this part as well..prophetic word - covenants

Father God, now that I have broken covenant with these evil spirit I pray that I be renewed in my soul and cleansed from all of these ungodly acts.  I ask that you open doors for me now to meet my spouse.  I cancel every and all assignments that the enemy may have to send these demonic spirits attached to a natural partner.  I pray for the gift of discerning of spirits to spot the counterfeit as soon as possible.  I close all doors in the realm of the spirit to relationships that are not ordained of you.  I close all doors to marriage relationships that involve and unsaved person.  I know You have already selected this person for me and I pray that you will lead me to that person or lead them to me.  I pray you make it abundantly clear when I have met this person.  I thank you God because every good and perfect gift come down from you the Father of lights in whom there is no shadow or turning. You created the marriage covenant and I thank you for blessing me with a godly spouse and my covenant partner, in Jesus name, Amen

If you are married, in a sexless marriage, and you have had the dreams

Father God, now that I have broken evil covenants and sexual relationships in my dream I ask that you now restore my marriage.  I ask that You restore to my marriage what was stolen. Renew my desire for my spouse. Bring the sex back in my marriage. Repair any damage that has been done due to these evil covenants.  I forgive my spouse for the part they played enforcing these evil covenants.  From this day forward I call my marriage renewed and line up my words and actions as proof that this renewal is established, in Jesus name, Amen

This is the prayer for everyone related to making covenants in the future (non sexual)

Father God, You said we have not because we ask not so I ask you now for the gift of discerning of spirits.  I ask that you make me very keen in the spirit to identify when the enemy has been sent to kill, steal and destroy the future that You have for me.  I ask that You give me wisdom to make the right decisions.  The decisions that will honor You and fulfill the purpose on my life.  I pray that I will not be too eager to accept the good thing without first making a determination that it is a God thing.  I pray that those who do come as wolf in sheep clothing will be exposed for all to see.  I thank you for blessing me with godly covenant relationships.  Like you did with David and Jonathan I pray that you will send those in my life that have pure motives.  Godly relationships.  Divine alignments for my divine assignments.  Relationships that enhance the kingdom and are blessed with divine multiplication where one can chase a thousand but 2 chase ten thousand.  I thank you for blessing me with these relationships.  I acknowledge that it takes two to be in a covenant so I pray that I will add to the lives of my covenant relationships and not just take from them.  I pray that I won’t be the one used by the enemy to waste what you’ve given others.  It is more blessed for me to give than it is to receive.  There’s nothing in You Lord that takes without giving.  It is who we should be as Christians.  Grant me wisdom, understanding, knowledge and discernment in Jesus name, Amen.

I pray this blesses you. And as I said in the beginning if you don’t see that you need this right now, very shortly you will.


25 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Covenants”

  1. Wow MOP praise God for timely words. I had been battling this for years and I keep on searching for the answer why does it mean when you have s– with certain people in dreams. The feeling of guilty has been haunting me for years because of this type of dream. But praise God now I know. Amen! As I feel the season is shifting, I can sense also that there are things that God wants to release me so I can be allign to what God has called me. And this is the BIG thing. I thought is about my intimacy problem but God reveals to me though your article that is about covenant with God. No more condemnation in Christ 🙌

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this dream and explaining. Very, very interesting!! May God continue to bless…

  3. Hi MOP:Thanks God for the good work he is doing with this ministry. And thank you for being obedient. I am a lady and I dreamed of another lady trying to seduce me. I can’t remember the whole detail of the dream, but I refused. I thought sex should be with a man and not another woman.

  4. Thank you for this timely and godly message it has been refreshing and instructive too.
    I have prayed the prayers included in the mail and am expectant of great things in my relationships henceforth.
    God bless and reward you greatly for all you are doing.
    Thank you.

  5. Dear MOP, God bless you for your faithfulness and obedience. I thank God for this word. This word, revelations and prayers have blessed me. I receive it and believe that I am set free by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of my destiny and life All evil covenant are removed. I will fulfill God’s plan for me and He will bless me with Godly covenants and relationships, in the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Amen

  6. Amen! Glory to God.

    I did respond the first time and I just sent an email.
    May I add this to the readers, when you are free from the sexual dreams and demonic attacks you have to keep yourself clean; pure; no sinful sexual acts. Please take this seriously because when it comes back it will be 7 times worse. I am able to say this because I have experienced this.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob set you free.

    God bless MoP and all readers


  7. God bless this ministry and may your voice be used to bring healing across the world in this time! I rebuke every spirit that tries to interrupt this ministry and it’s Kingdom work in Jesus’ Name!!

    Side note: When this word was first released God spoke to me about ending friendship ties that were weighing me down spiritually and getting in the way of me doing my Kingdom work and as soon as I distanced myself, I was effective be again. Glory to God.

    However I just got an email again from you guys notifying us about the temporary glitches on the site. It was about 03:00 am when I received the email. At around 02:30 am I had a dream about a man wanting to have sex with me and because he couldn’t he was aggressively kissing me and I woke up and rebuked this demonic spirit wanting to have sex with me. And then I read your email and went to the prophetic word again and read about evil covenants. So a I remembered the previous day, the Lord was showing me that I am following a pastor whose preaching is very soullish and that it is not good for me spiritually to be listening to him (he will lead me astray). So I unsubscribed to his channel (I realized I was watching him all day everyday). And after that, God led me to read a book about the dangers of seeking God in the soul instead of the Holy Spirit.

    Anyways, I am thinking it is a possibility that as I unsubscribed to the pastors channels and made up my mind to not follow him again…this demonic spirit that probably was following his ministry wanted to latch onto me before I make a clean break! But the God we serve is good and NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER!!

    Thank you MOP for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way in this season!! I will continue praying for this ministry, God Bless You Abundantly!!

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