Prophetic Word May 2020 – Iyyar Second Chances

prophetic word may 2020 iyar

This is the prophetic word for May 2020 or Hebraic month of Iyyar 5780.

Some of you may be wondering why we always reference the Hebraic calendar in some of our prophetic words.  Well, it is hard to deny the connection between what we see happening on a monthly basis and the Hebraic calendar.  There are just too many things that show that God is still very much using that calendar and when we align ourselves to it we get a better picture of where we are and what we need to do to move forward.

I started really becoming interested in this when I reflected on the fact that God chose the nation of Israel.  Jesus when He walked the earth was Jewish. Why Jewish?  There has to be a reason for that.  Also, so much of the bible and how we understand it becomes clearer when we know and understand that culture.  The bible started with the Torah and we didn’t throw out the old testament when we got the new.  No, we should all still be using the old testament.

While Jesus did come to fulfill a lot of the requirements, the most important one being salvation, and the fact that we no longer need to make sacrifices, there are still many of the things in the old testament that we should still be doing.  They were implemented by God and He specifically says I want us to continue doing them, did you know that?  Yes, some things are still in play but most churches don’t talk or teach on them.

Exodus 12:17 New King James Version (NKJV)

17 So you shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this same day I will have brought your armies out of the land of Egypt. Therefore you shall observe this day throughout your generations as an everlasting ordinance.

On to the prophetic word…

Iyyar runs from April 25th – May 23rd.  This month is signified by letter vav which looks like a pin and it is said that this pin connects the month vavbefore to the month after.  Like how train cars are individual but one connects to another with a pin.

So the month before was Nisan (when the Israelites left Egypt) is bring connected to Sivan (when the Torah was given) by the pin (Iyyar).

So Iyyar is the connecting month between deliverance and revelation.  We are going from deliverance to revelation.

God is about to reveal something to you concerning your future.  This is what you are stepping into an understanding of your next steps into your future.

Did you know that prior to the Torah being given the “word” was only spoken?  Isn’t that interesting?  Up until this time Israel only spoke to each other about what God said there was nothing written down.  Have you ever played the game called “Chinese telephone”?  In this game you form a chain and you whisper something into the ear of the person next to you.  That person then whispers into the ear of the next person what you told them. The message goes around until it gets to the last person.  Inevitably at the end of the chain the message is never the same as the original message.

I guess God knew this Chinese telephone game before we did, hence He had to make sure the word was written! LOL

Otherwise, can you imagine how misconstrued things would get?  Even so, we have different interpretations and versions!

So, you need to write down the revelation that God is about to show you about your life. Your destiny.  Your purpose. It is coming.

There are many many things that are significant about Iyyar but there is one thing that God brought to my attention for this word.

Second Chances.

Did you know that there are actually 2 Passovers?  Yes, there’s the first Pesach that happened April 8 – 16th.  It’s one week and during that time the Feast of Unleaven Bread is Celebrated and as a part of that there is the Passover Seder.  Then there is Pesach Sheni which is the 2nd Passover which is celebrated on 14 Iyyar or May 7-8th which is exactly one month later.  On Pesach Sheni it is only the Seder that is celebrated and not the entire 7 days.  This is God’s “do over” it is the second chance give for those who didn’t celebrate the 1st Passover.  They were unclean and unprepared to do the 1st Passover so He gives them a second chance to enter in.

Again, there are many things to say about Iyyar but this is the point He highlighted to me and asked me to share with you.  It’s your Second Chance.  Read Numbers 9:1-14 to get the biblical context of Peshach Sheni.

The Lord is saying that many of you were just not ready to step into what He had for you.  You were not ready for the revelation that He is about to give you concerning your future.  You were not ready because you are too distracted and caught up in things that you shouldn’t have been.  Connected to the wrong things and wrong people.  Now that He has your undivided attention, He can finally get through to you. He’s giving you another chance to focus and do what He has called you to do.

Today the veil has been lifted from our eyes to see things in a whole new light.  There is so much exposure of things so that we are now given the opportunity of a second chance to make different choices.  You are going to see things that you may have overlooked or excused before. He may even pull the covers back and show you things that you didn’t even know was happening.  Things that you were OK with in the past, won’t be OK for you today.  You are going to feel like a fish out of water.  Don’t panic.  He will give you instructions on what He wants you to do and where you need to go.  You will realize you can’t go back to that.  Things changed.  You changed.

Not all of us will have this experience because some have already moved away from things one the full revelation of what was hidden is now out in the open.  You know, its that cockroach that is now front and center.

All of us will be released into this at different times.  We are not on the same time table.  When He releases you to go you have to remember what you learnt during this time. You can’t go back to “church as usual”.  Things are different and while it is going to feel really uncomfortable only the Lord can guide you on where you should be and what you should be doing.

He’s giving all of us a Second Chance to get it right.  We all got shifted into the new church era whether we like it or not.  There was a worldwide unplugging.  A disconnection.  A recalibration.  We didn’t want to change so He had to change us.  We didn’t want to leave so He had to make us leave.

He’s using the virus from 2020 and the exposures to shift the church to where the church needs to be.

Finally, as I was writing this what came to mind was a dream I had and wrote about back in October 2018.  I haven’t read it since then and I just went back to reread it today.  All I can say is, it is so accurate with what is happening now.  I wrote it for the 2019 prophetic word but I also said that I felt it was a word for the next 7 – 10 years.  Well, it’s here!  All the instructions are already written there in the 23 points I gave in the interpretation of the dream Disgruntled Spiritually Fat People/Accessing the Vault

I want you to take a moment now, before you leave this page and pray for all the people worldwide that are hungry.  Those who are being displaced through migration. Not every country has services from the government that send checks to make up for lost income. No, some people will suffer.  No job, or displacement into new countries.  I could write a prayer but I felt led to ask you to pray in your own words for these people.  This is important just take the time now to pray for them.


This post was originally written in April 2020 and edited in May 2024.

12 thoughts on “Prophetic Word May 2020 – Iyyar Second Chances”

  1. This is an incredible word for me! It is a confirmation to what is currently taking place in my life. From the shaking to the feeling out of place where I’ve been for almost 20 years! I am now leaving everything and everyone behind, selling my possessions and moving to attend Bible college. I was called many years ago but let the cares take over. Now its time to JUMP IN! Thanks for your obedience to report what God is speaking to us.

  2. It was very exciting to me when I learned, through DNA, that our family had Ashkenazim Jewish ancestors. And I’ve done several things since to honor the memory of those Jewish roots. I also believe that the Hebraic calendar is extremely valuable to study in the context of Bible prophecy. Study of the Old Testament is also essential. We do need to be careful though about not falling into the trap that Peter the apostle once fell into concerning where to draw the line between keeping the commandants given to the Jewish nation before the new covenant and the Good News that Jesus announced and which the apostles detailed in the epistles. There was no more “Jewish” apostle than Paul (a Pharisee) before he got saved. Yet, afterwards, he is the one who confronted the matter. The issue was settled at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15). So, while I might not eat “bat,” I feel free to continue eating shrimp and bacon. The fact that ultra orthodox Jews came down with the coronavirus shows me that food restrictions did not protect against the sickness. For this, we have the Blood of Jesus. – Shalom

  3. Blessed be the Lord who led me to this site. I’m always challenged by the prophetic word.
    Like this word; to me is the 2nd chance in church, marriage, children and visited even at my job. I can now see time I’ve waisted waiting. I feel it’s time for turnaround on everything in my life. May the Lord bless you all

  4. Thank you Lord.
    I also wanted to highlight the following additional information about the month of Iyar. Source
    Iyar is the second month on the Jewish calendar counting from Nisan.

    Shortly after the Exodus, the thirsty Israelites reached a well of bitter water. Moses cast a tree into the water, and it miraculously became sweet. G‑d then promised that if Israel followed His ways, “the diseases I have placed on Egypt I will not place upon you, for I am G‑d your Healer (אני י‑י רפאך).” The acronym for this last phrase spells out the name of the month of Iyar (אייר), thus indicating that Iyar is a propitious time for healing.

    1. I want to thank God for this ministry. How did I get here? Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me here. I pray for more grace. The 2019 words so very relevant and really blessed by the explanations of the Joseph and the Solomon anointing. Now I know. I can relate so much.
      Lord continue to prune and weed out of my life the things and the people that will hold me back, in Jesus name, Amen!

  5. I felt theat the revelation ive been having last year may manifest in Jesus name this year. I felt there are more revelation God will give me for my better future. I’m so excited to know in Jesus name.

  6. Yes Lord
    I pray for all those who are hungry right now, jobless and hopeless. I ask YOU to restore their hope levels. I pray for breakthrough in finances and dusty bibles to be reopened. I pray for church goers to be church givers. Homeless on the streets, neighbors, grocery stores that a revival of generosity would come out of this pandemic. Where there was fear of lack it would be replaced. Thank you father for this ministry and bless it more and more. You are so good to us. We love you.

  7. Good evening,

    First I want to say “thank you” for your blog. It has been a tremendous help.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to just be straight forward.

    My dreams come to pass. They literally happen.
    I also have other dreams that I am not certain what the meanings are.

    I think about them frequently, pray, fast and purchase Christian books about dreams trying to interpret them.
    I will share one of them:

    I’m walking into a home with a friend and her daughter. What looks like a yard party. As we walk to the back of the house going through the home, I see I have a pen in my left hand and the pen starts to spray ink. Blue ink. The spreading of the ink became worse and worse. I got on my knees and started to crawl looking for dirt to bury the pen. As I crawl I see the bottom part of a men’s pants and the ink stained the pants.
    I crawled to a tree and found dirt, dug up dirt, and buried the pen. When I look up I could see the people at the party walking around and I could read them. I had discernment about them. I could see their past and all that they had done. To make it even more bizarre they were men you are pastors. None that I know in real life but in the dream, they were faith leaders. I also saw these naked young women sitting on the sides by the tree crying.

    Please feel free to email me. I would love to have some insight. Thank you.

    1. Hi Darline, I’m going to answer you here as it may help someone else as well. I generally don’t do this because I don’t want to turn our posts into dream interpretation sessions. But for yours I feel the need to do it because I believe there are others that need to hear the same message. I have to let you know the meaning of this one because it is for now. You have a scribal anointing. You need to write. It’s either books, your own website, etc. There are many people on YouTube sharing prophetic words and we could easily do the same. But God did not call this ministry to do that, He called us to write it. That is what He is asking you to do. You are hiding from this or putting it off which is why you are trying to cover it up with dirt. BUT, God is not allowing you to do that. As you begin to do so He is going to give you great revelation, which will come only as you start to write. Please hear it, the revelation (blue ink) is going to come only when you start to write. You will be able to see through things spiritually (discernment) very clearly. The dirt could also mean that you feel inadequate like you don’t have the skills to write. Well, that doesn’t matter when God calls you to do it. I’m pretty sure the “grammar nazis” pull their hair out reading some of what is written on this site, LOL. However, you can’t deny it is God. So, if you are insecure you need get beyond that and just start doing it. The revelation and discerning of spirits is not going to come any other way, not through videos, not through conferences (public speaking), just through the writing. So pick up that pen! This is for now. I don’t know how old the dream is but if you haven’t already started the process you need to do it right away. You have a website, start writing. Blessings

  8. May is my bday month and my birthdate is around the time of the second Passover. Definitely excited about what God is going to reveal/unveil!

  9. What a word! I most definitely feel recalibrated and different than I used to be. It’s very much unexplainable.

    “God is about to reveal something to you concerning your future. This is what you are stepping into an understanding of your next steps into your future.”

    Yes JESUS! I am ready! Your words are definitely confirmation! I will hold on for the ride!LOL


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