How to start using your Gift of Prophecy – Prophetic Series Part 6

How to start using the gift of prophecy(1)

This is the 5th and final part to our prophetic series. If you’ve missed the others here they are in order:

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In this post I am going to talk about how you start using the gift of prophecy. The bible tells us that we should all desire the prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1) but of course not all of us will have a calling from God to be a prophet.  Simply put prophecy is sharing the word of the Lord.  So if you are sharing the scriptures, you are in essence prophesying.  That means children can prophesy.  What is doesn’t mean is that they have an anointing to be a prophet.  Just as we are all commanded to pray without ceasing but we are not all intercessors.  Likewise, we are all to evangelize (2 Timothy 4:5) but it doesn’t mean we all have the gift of evangelism.

With that said, even though you may be someone who dreams a lot doesn’t mean that you have the prophetic gift either.  Joseph in the bible was a dreamer, but his dreams were about him.  They spoke of his future and not that of others.  And, who wants to listen to prophet who is only talks about themselves?  The Gift of Prophecy (as with any other gift) is to build up the body of Christ and not ourselves.  What Joseph did have was the gift of interpreting dreams.  That was his real gift.  Along with a gift of wisdom, knowledge and understanding because surely he wouldn’t rise to being the Prime Minister of Egypt by just interpreting dreams!  You can read the whole story starting at Genesis 37.

Joseph’s gift of dream interpretation made room for him because he was using the gift while in prison (Proverbs 18:16).  This shows us that when we don’t use the gift that God gave us, we may be impeding our own destiny.

If you are having a lot of dreams the first thing you need to do is decipher whether or not those dreams are about you, other people you know, the church, nations or world leaders.  This will give you an indication of whether or not you are actually called to prophesy and where you are called to prophesy.

Regardless, you need to learn and hone in on the gift of interpreting dreams.  Asking others to interpret dreams, is for people who have random dreams.  If you are dreaming more than 2 times per week, and you can remember the dreams, you need to ask God to give you the gift of interpreting dreams.  Then, you need to start using it, here is our forum and there are many many people who are looking for interpretation.  You can start here.  If you don’t know what the dream means, don’t attempt to interpret it.  Pray before you start your interpretation and ask God for wisdom. This may be the very gift that will make room for you.

The one who says if the interpretation is correct or not is the dreamer so if they tell you your interpretation doesn’t seem to fit, don’t get offended.  There are many different interpretations for the same symbol in dreams so it is only when the interpretations bears witness with the spirit of the dreamer that your interpretation is correct.  Don’t stop because you got it wrong, try again with someone else.

The dream symbols are all in the bible.  Again, without reading the word of God you will be lost!  Dream  interpretation 101, do a word search for the symbol in the bible, look at the context in which it was used read all occurrences in the word and see which one bears witness to your spirit as the correct interpretation.  Keep in mind that while you may not find the word “alligator” in the bible, the word crocodile is there in the Living Bible (LB) translation.  So you’ll need to do a Google search for “alligator in the bible” and this is where you will find it.

Yes, this is work and it takes time and you will have to search it out.  Unless you have the anointing for dream interpretation, then you won’t need to do all of this and God will give you the interpretation.

How to start using the gift of prophecy(1)Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”

The more you do it the better you will become.  If you don’t use the gift you won’t grow in it.


So, how do you start using the Gift of Prophecy?


First, you need to have evidence that you have the gift of prophecy, as already discussed in 15 Signs that you may have the prophetic gift and 2 warnings, you must have a track record of being accurate.


Even if no one else knows about it, if God shows you something and you see that what He has shown you happens time and time again that is a track record.  Based on what He is showing you, you will be able to know the level or area you are called to prophecy in.  So, if you are seeing things about the church (the body of Christ) then that is likely where you will be called.  If He’s given you prophetic words more on an individual level, then that is where He will be using you.


This won’t necessarily stay the same throughout your entire life but He starts you off with one thing and as you grow you will get more and He will start showing you things with a wider lens.


Second, please do not be afraid to step out and give someone a prophetic word.  At first I know it will be scary because you don’t want to be inaccurate.  The safe way to do this is by staying away from “thus says the Lord” or “The Lord told me to tell you” or anything that starts with “God said…” stay away from that.  Instead what you can say is “As I was praying I got the impression that…”  or “I’m not sure if it’s me or if this is God but I need to tell you that…” or “I feel like I need to tell you…, pray and ask God if this is from Him”


This is how you start out.  Until you are sure, that you are sure, that you are sure.  It takes all the pressure off and if it turns out that you were not correct you don’t look silly.  This is a process.  I know some of you are thinking but if the prophecy is not correct the bible says they are false prophets and we are to  kill the prophet.


Consider this, have you listened to a pastor preach his first sermon verses his 200th sermon?  Not the same thing.  I’m sure if you found TD Jakes’ first sermon compared to what he sounds like now he wouldn’t sound like the same person.


It is with practice that he got to where he is.  Likewise, we need to extend some grace to others that are starting out using their gifts.  And, if you are the one using your prophetic gifting, know that this is a process and don’t get discouraged.


The truth is that most people who are new to operating in the gift of prophesy do make mistakes, especially when they have not discerned the timing correctly.  Or worse yet, they may be picking up on the person’s soul and it wasn’t actually a word from the Lord.  The enemy will use all of this to discourage you and make you stop, but you shouldn’t.  Again, I’m only talking to the people who have a track record of accuracy with God over many many prophetic words.


Third, get around other prophets and you will grow even more in the gift.  I can tell you as someone who came from a church that believed this gift is no longer in operation, this doesn’t mean you need to leave your church.  It means you can find the prophets online.  Yes, you just need to be in the environment.  You can get on prayer calls or join prophetic conferences.  Being around others with the gift will also help you to grow.


Fourth, if you are led to start writing monthly prophetic words get your own word before you start reading or listening to other people’s.  The last thing you want to do is start regurgitating someone else’s word.  Besides, people are not stupid and after awhile they’ll figure out that the word is coming from another ministry.  Here’s a tip – things online have a date stamp so everyone is going to know who brought the word first.  If you don’t get a word from God, don’t give one.  God may even test you to see if you go ahead and say things that He didn’t tell you to say.  Stay in deep intimacy with God and don’t open your mouth unless He tells you to do so.  Also, sometimes the word will come in pieces so He may give you a part this week and the rest next week.  Be patient and move out only when He says it’s completed.


Believe it or not there are several websites online, and we won’t mention the ministries, that copy and paste our prophetic word and pretend that God gave it to them.  While I’m happy that God’s word is getting out, they should probably be honest about the source.  Also, I get requests from pastors asking us to write their sermons, because they “love the revelations” that we get from God?!  The truth is if someone can’t hear from God and have no revelation from the Holy Spirit, they shouldn’t be pastoring anybody.


Would you know if your pastor was preaching someone else’s sermon?  I could tell you the names of the ministries and pastors but I’m not going to do that because this is about you discerning so that you are not deceived. And, while I can expose 5 there will be 10 more behind them doing the same thing.  You need to know the difference for yourself.


Get your own word before you start listening to other prophets.


Fifth, don’t go on online platforms or do things just because other prophets are doing it.  Facebook Live may work for others but not for you.  YouTube may work for others but not for you.  There are so many online platforms that are untapped.  Seriously, untapped.  Let God lead you to where He wants you to share the word.  Ask Him where you should be.

Sixth, do not get offended or bothered by the fact that people may not receive the prophetic word.  It is not your job to make people receive the word.  It is your job to give the word.  Give the warning.  That’s it.  God will judge you not because they didn’t receive it but because you didn’t give it.  Read Ezekiel 33.  Also, don’t debate the word with people.  If it is a word from the Lord it is not a suggestion up for discussion.  It’s the word of the Lord.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of what the Lord told you.  Here’s another thing to keep in mind, (Acts 21:10-14) this is the story of the prophet Agabus who told Paul not to go into Jerusalem because he would be bound and imprisoned.  Did Paul listen? No. He went anyway.  And guess what?  He was bound and imprisoned.
What Agabus did not know is that prior to giving Paul that word, God had already told Paul to go to Jerusalem.  So, it turns out the Agabus was correct and Paul was correct too!   If Paul had listened to Agabus he would have been disobeying God.  So, you don’t know why people do or don’t do certain things.  Don’t get offended if they don’t listen.  Just give the word.


Seventh, and final, this is the most important and will save you sooooo much grief.


Please do not open your mouth and put your name out there, show your face, tell people where you live, post pictures of your house or your belongings, or your family or film any video inside your house, show your children, tell people your every move – where you’re going and what “plans” God has for you, or step out in anyway publicly unless God himself tells you to do it.


I don’t care how many prophetic words you hear saying “this is the season where the hidden ones become public” make sure that word is for you.


Why is this important?  The minute you open your mouth and say the words “I have the gift of prophecy” you paint a target on your back.  Every Jezebel, familiar spirit and demonic power is making its way right to your front door.  And because you have provided detailed information to them about what you have, they will know exactly where to find you and what to attack.


Think about it, David spent 15 years running from Saul because Saul saw the anointing upon David’s life.  Joseph’s brothers wanted to kill him the minute they learnt of his destiny.  Delilah never stopped until she learnt Samson’s power and then used it to kill him.


Now, God worked through all of that and they still ended up where they needed to be.  But, think about it, why would you wave a red flag in the face of the bull?  When it is time for that level of warfare God will equip you with what you need to fight it.
What you should never do is call it upon yourself prematurely by being public before its time.


As I have always said, everything in the natural has a supernatural correlation.  Think about like this….you are the everyday person and you don’t have a body guard you may have a security system on your house to protect you at night but you have no bodyguard.  So then you become a celebrity and you get one bodyguard. Then let’s say you become governor of your state, now you may have 3 – 4 bodyguards.  Now you are President and you have secret service.  That means that the higher rank you have the more coverage you have in protection.  The same thing happens in the spirit.


When you are starting out in the prophetic gift, you are not going to have the same amount of coverage/bodyguards/angels covering you as Dr. Charles Stanley would.  He has more angelic protection around him to cover him as he does what the Lord is calling him to do.  Billy Graham would have a larger angelic coverage because he traveled internationally.


What I see prophetic people, or just Christians in general taking on things in the spirit and acting like they are Billy Graham without proper coverage.  No angelic protection to cover them at that level.  No knowledge of prayers to pray at that level.  No knowledge of scriptures to quote at that level.

Remember the son’s of Sceva?  Acts 19.  Yeah, you shouldn’t try to operate at a level that God has not called you to take on.  As you grow in your gifting and your calling your angels change.  Yes, they do!  Your guardian angel may be with you for a lifetime but the angels that come to assist with your ministry and calling change.  And, you get more angels depending on where you are going.


You need clearance from God and appropriate coverage before you move out.  Some countries you need a visa before you can visit them, well same thing happens in the spiritual realm.  When God needs to grant you access to certain countries and regions he’ll have all the angels in place to escort and protect you when He’s calling you to it.


You must conduct yourself with a spirit of humility.  Do not put yourself out there trying to gain followers or build a platform that God has not called you to do.  You will be putting yourself and your family in danger.  Many in the body of Christ are afflicted and their lives turned upside down because they are too public when God has not called them to be that.  Some are called to it and you can tell because you don’t see them struggling with the things that others do that are “trying” to be like them.
James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.”


When it is time, God will let you know personally.  And, you are not going to have the level of struggle that others do because you will know exactly what prayers to pray, you would have already mastered getting into the secret place of God and you have angelic coverage.


This is not about fear it is about using wisdom.


Remember that at the end of the day your prophecy must lead people back to Jesus.  He becomes the center of attention and not you.  Using your gift should be building a platform for Jesus and not for yourself.  People should walk away from your prophetic word wanting to be closer to the Lord.  However, what you find is that some words have a spirit of keeping people “independent” instead of dependent on God.  The word has to lead to the worship of God and not to you, the servant.
Revelation 19:8-10  (NLT) “And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb.” And he added, “These are true words that come from God.” Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said, “No, don’t worship me. I am a servant of God, just like you and your brothers and sisters who testify about their faith in Jesus. Worship only God. For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus.”
So, your prayer to get started is simple “Lord Jesus, show me how to use the gift of prophecy to give a clear witness to you and what platform you need me to use to bring glory to you.  I humble myself under your mighty hand and await the instructions, Amen”
We hope you enjoyed this series and you learnt something new that will help you to grow in this gift.  Please leave your comments or questions below.
God Bless you.

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  1. Hi there. I read your articles on this website of prophecy and felt moved to leave a reply…i feel this is going to be a long comment…all my childhood ive grown up in a high desert very secluded from people..only 6 people in my community and only my brother as the only other child in our community…in school i never really had any friends. I had one good friend, but we didnt go to school together. I was always the outcast and i prayed tearfully every night for God to give me a good friend at school. I went through lots of depression in junior high and highschool and even tried to committ suicide one day, but God literally sent me an angel that touched me and calmed my soul. In junior highschool, i started noticing that i knew things before they would happen or know things were happening that i had no way of knowing. Like one instance my 1 friend that i had and i were talking on the phone and i told her that i was psychic (at the time i didnt know a better way to explain it), she wanted to test me by asking me what was she doing at that time…i smelled an apple pie and i told her she was baking an apple pie and she asked what else am i baking, then i smelled a cherry pie and i told her she was baking a cherry pie too. She laughed kind of in disbelief. Then she asked me what did she get me for my birthday, i saw a vision of an unpainted ceramic cat. I told her what i saw because at the time i was into painting ceramics. After i told her what i saw she laughed this long eerie laugh, then she told me no, i was wrong, but i knew she was lying. On my birthday, i opened her gift and it was an unpainted ceramic cat. Many other things happened that i could predict that would happen. Fast forward to 22 years old. I started to get attacked by demons, turning on lights, and electronics, moving things, shadows in my periphreal, feeling chilly air, and though i couldnt see them, i could sense them and tell you exactly where they stood, how tall, how wide they were and their rank. I always immediately cast them out in jesus name and they would immediately leave. The very last night that they visited me, there was a very high ranking demon that came and my cat even saw him and freaked out. For some reason i was too terrified to cast him out or say anything. Usually these high ranking demons dont deal with people unless theres  a major reason to intervene. I felt like this demon wanted to speak to me, but wasnt able to. Later in my dream a demon came to me and said that if i didnt willfully turn to him, then he would take my heart in pieces (through hardships and failures). Shortly after this i started studying bible studies through the adventist church and one morning God spoke to me and told me that i was ready now to get baptized. I was elated because when i was 13 years old i wanted to be baptized, but couldnt be unless i became a member of a church and i didnt want to become a member of a church in case it turned out to be a church full of lies and false teachings. But now, i felt that God was telling me it was ok to come into this church and through my own folly of thinking believed that God was saying this church taught no lies…so after becoming baptized and a member i believed everything they taught for about 10 years. During this time my prophetic gift took off and i was having dreams about me in the last days and God would tell me things about members of the church in order to help them. One evening God told me He wanted me to be a pastor, i scoffed at Him on that idea, but God convinced me thats what He wanted me to do. So i tried to get into school to become a pastor, but God slammed all those doors closed very quickly and sealed them. I was confused and upset and asked God why. His response was that i would be corrupted with false teaching and politics of the churches if i went this way, but rather he was calling me to be a pastor of his people for the last days, when a pastorial degree would mean nothing, when ordination would mean nothing, when the other pastors of churches would fall and no one would be left to lead in the truth. And i just needed to be still and learn from Him. There was one instance where God spoke to me in my sleep and said, “this great city will be destroyed but will be made great again. 6,000 will parish and the name of this city is Papal, Rome.” I woke up and saw the vision of the St. Petersquare Basillica in flames and at this point i had never seen this building before. So i looked up papal rome on my computer and saw this building everywhere and it was exactly as i had seen it in my dreams. But i never said anything to anyone about it cause i wanted to find it in scripture first, but i could never find it. He gave me personal dreams about what would happen to me in my walk with Him. He showed me that i would fall away from him and the church, but later would call me to remember my birth (my baptism, my first love for Him) and afterwards He would forge me in the silversmith’s fire and when it was time he would let it be known to people i was chosen for something and his power would be revealed through me. This was all shown to me through much symbolisms, but it would take too long to write it all out in this comment. And fall away i did, and i left the church after finding out they taught some false things and i was upset with God for telling me to become a member of a church that taught lies and He responded to me that He had to start me somewhere. I chased after the worldly things for about 14 years. This summer God called me back to Him. One night the Spirit moved me to pray about the sins of the earth. I prayed a very tearful prayer about our sins and where the earth is at and heading. And i told God that if there was anything i could do to hasten his coming and to bring an end to transgression, let it be done and show me what i must do. A couple days later He explained some things to me about why he had me fall away and it was so that i could forget the teaching of Revelation from the adventist church and have a clean slate and that He wanted me to study Revelation again. And a couple days later He told me that when i was done studying Revelation i was to teach it, but He brought to my remembrance Rev 22:18-19 and said “becareful though that you do not add your own interpretation for then you are adding to my Word and taking away my truth.” I have been studying very fearfully and prayerfully and so much has come to light of the things of Revelation and how the things of the Old Testament ties into interpreting Revelation. When i was in the adventist church and studied Revelation, because of their interpretations, i was hitting many road blocks, but now that i have forgotten them, i have so much light and understanding coming to me. God even showed me where Papal, Rome will burn in scripture Rev 17:16-17 and Rev 18, but i was blind to seeing this because the adventist church taught us that the harlot on the beast is the catholic church but also the antichrist is the Catholic church and totally dismiss these 2 verses in 17 that the 10 kings will burn the harlot and give their kingdom to the beast…the harlot and the antichrist are 2 different entities, but right now, they are together…God also had me remember a dream that he gave me shortly after i got baptized, where i saw Jesus stand before all the people of the world and He said to them, “behold, i send you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Then He turned to me and spoke only to me, “you are this prophet and you will find these words in the old testament.” I woke up and immediately looked in my concordance for these words and found them in Malachi 4:5. Im absolutely terrified if ive been called for this, but at the same time i can see how God needs people to see and understand Revelation if these days are about to fall upon us and need to turn back to Him. Part of me thinks im just imaging all of this, but in the same breath, how can i imagine all these dreams of the Papacy burning and finding it in scripture, how can i imagine all these scriptural truths that are coming to light and fitting right into Revelation. I always though too that the Spirit of Elijah would be more than one person…has there been anyone else out there that has gotten this same calling from God????

    1. Hi Denise, have just gone through your story, and I saw where you asked if there’s anyone who has had the same calling, I have a link here that would love to share with you, of a story of a man who had the same calling , and God later on confirmed and vindicated this man publicly, so much that some of the supernatural phenomena that took place to vindicate his ministry appeared on cameras , and had pictures taken that were tested and proven it was beyond ordinary(pillar of fire, mysterious cloud that appeared on the mount sunset while he was on the cave praying on that mountain seeking the face of the Lord and satellites captured that cloud in 1963, and scientist proved it was not a normal ordinary cloud, hence they named it, the mysterious cloud, nobody could explain it ,it was God), from birth ,throughout childhood, things would happen ,that left this man feeling like he was a prisoner to something he did not know nor understand, however later on when he received Christ things became more clearer, like Angelic visitations that brought clarity to why his life was peculiar, told him of his calling and the commission and so on, his ministry was confirmed as the fulfilment of Malachi 4:5-6, and revelation 10:7, this link that I’m gonna share here changed how I see God and view life for better, life is so much more than what we can see with our own naked eyes, and is God in the center of it all, as you continue with this story I’m gonna share ,you realized how God changed the gears, and God had him preach the truth, the truth that was calling people back to the pure unadulterated word of God out of man-made systems, out of man-made creeds, dogmas and traditions, back to the bible truth. Anyway here is the link, I pray it be a blessing and give you more insight to also have the perfect understanding of God’s purpose with your life and not be derailed, but learn of Him to use you for the edification of the body of Jesus Christ, rightfully and positionally placed in that body and serving and using the gift for the perfectly aligned with God’s infallible word, according to His will for your life.–JM_57IgHhWBeUn4wnrRXI0RH0U0VXE&si=JKTt387Ov0p4ljHP

      Kindly just copy and paste on a browser, it will open all the chapters from 1 to 95, be blessed and stay blessed, Shalom!

  2. God has heavily used this site in my calling. I spent the last year listening to the Bible chronologically. I’ve had a lifetime of rejection. I grew up Catholic, changed to Church of Christ to follow an impactful teacher I had, left that for Evangelical, then went to YWAM and for the 1st time experienced more of the Holy Spirit and I was on a path to find love and truth. I have struggled with self esteem issues and as a child with 7 siblings I was made fun of a lot as being a goodie 2 shoes and self righteous. I always wanted to do the right thing. Also put down for being too sensitive. I grew up depressed, i had lots of talent and did well with whatever I did, but didn’t like the spotlight and afraid of becoming prideful, I hid who I was. I always seemed to think differently than most and no matter where I went, I never fit in anywhere. I believe God has shown me over the past 4 years that the depression was oppression from a spirit. I have noticed that it has a connection with fear of man in my life. It seems when I start to doubt what God has said to me, and have fear of what others think of what I say or do, that I invite the spirit of depression to oppress me. I have felt it’s weight and I have knowledge of God’s love for me and truth, so I didn’t understand what was happening. It was so heavy and God has pulled me out more than once. I confessed the fear of man and demanding the spirit to depart and it disappeared immediately. The weight of it was gone. I have felt strange since I feel alone in this search of mine for truth. Many of my siblings struggle with depression. I came across a woman in my current church and had several flags going up in my spirit…again not something really talked about in most churches I’ve attended, but then I don’t usually fit in. She was heavily pursuing a relationship with me and something felt really wrong. Manipulation was going on. She opened up to me with so much immediately and it was a lot and I found many red flags in what she told me. I didn’t want to be around her. I was honest that I needed space, she kept pushing me. I had to tell her I didn’t want her help. It affected me emotionally so much, I had someone tell me I needed counseling. Anyways, without going on into my entire life story, lol. I have had senses about things when people talk about someone that is sick. I take on stuff,,,very empathetic and it has been debilitating at times. I’ve had about 4 occasions over the past couple of years where I have sensed people who were really sick struggling with diseases where going to be ok. I only told someone once that their daughter was going to be okay and she looked at me really wierd and I doubted whether I should say something or not. I haven’t said anything to the others….just let them know I was praying. I’m not even sure how I knew, I just did and they are. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with someone on my mind to pray for and then found out later that they had took a turn for the worse in the middle of the night, same night I prayed for that person. The person is out of the hospital now, praise God! I keep thinking all glory to God in everything and notice many times how people aren’t giving God all the glory when He heals. Over this past year I’ve been secluded because I can’t wear a mask, so I have soaked in God’s Word and that is when I felt He was telling me who He is calling me to be. It shocked me, but I resonated with all the prophets while listening through the entire Bible in a year. Then I heard the church I was watching online say not to be friends with someone who says they are a prophet. I’ve been confused and overwhelmed. I was searching about it online because I never thought much about prophets today, I hadn’t thought it was a possibility, then I didn’t know women could be a prophet until I came across Anna in the Bible. Your website showed up in the midst of what I sensed God was calling for me. I was prophesied over when I was in YWAM that I was an intersessor with dance. It was a young girl who didn’t know I was in ballet for over 20 years, and I didn’t understand it coming from a Catholic background. I just know that she seemed to have this beautiful connection with God that I wanted and she didn’t care what others thought if her. She giggled as she told me I was a intersessor through dance. Someone else told me that my dancing would set people free, break chains. Well that was long ago when I was young. I’m in my 40s now. I danced once when I was young and people were weeping and someone said they had a vision of chains breaking, so I thought that was it and that was all there would be. So I feel the pull of God into the spiritual realm and it’s exciting and new to me. I just don’t have anyone around that understands what I’m going through. When I first read your first blog on the gift of prophecy, I wept because I felt understood like never before. My husband is very supportive but he doesn’t understand it either. I see God sharing with me so much and felt this past year He was telling me to only listen to Him.. that He is the best teacher and that He is the only counselor I need. I know my weak points and I don’t trust many. I see the enemy attack at my weak points and even though I know what it is, it’s still difficult to get beyond and start walking in what God wants for me. I’ve been I shock that God would use me in such a way but then humbled because it’s all about Him and I really have nothing to do with His choice….so I know I can walk forward without pride because it’s not about me at all. I keep getting pulled back to your website when I start to feel crazy. I just don’t want to make a wrong step. God knows my heart, so I know He can put me back on track. I need boldness. I’ve been praying for the gift of discerning of spirits and I might already have it. I just might need to trust it more and get rid of the spirit of confusion which seems to jump at me. I’ve been having short dreams, some I sense from God some from the enemy to make me doubt. I was very weary about reading your site at first, scared to be lead in the wrong direction. I prayed about it before I read it and came back to it a couple weeks later and am so glad I did. I want to be very careful. I also felt I was the barren tree, that I have been too open on FB. Your print in bold on one of your blogs to not share things about my calling answered my question on what to do with my FB account. I was sensing before I saw it to get rid of my FB account. Well, this is getting too long. I have a passion to share what God has done in my life! That His presence is worth more than anything. He is all hope. I see bigger pictures of His movement and see so many closed eyes and in His presence is fullness of joy. I know He wants to use me and I’m willing. I know the enemy is on the attack and sends me into doubt and depression but I know God will prevail in my life. Your last post about the goat and Ps 18 was also huge for me and more confirmation that the mental health issues in my family are spiritual. I believe God has been leading me to that Himself and so to see it in writing by another is confirmation for me. I know I’ve been all over the place. I’m so thankfiy God led me to your site. I welcome any insite you might have. I know I’ve gone all over the place in this comment.

    1. Hi Christina, it sounds like you are going through your process to step into your calling. I completely understand your lack of trust because of past experience and not being able to fit in anywhere. All of this is because of your gifting and your calling. Believe it or not there are Christians that God will literally “set them part” from the crowds from the very beginning. And it sounds like that is who you are. Therefore, don’t try to fit in. Just go where He sends you, fulfill the purpose for why you are there and “pull up tent pegs” when it’s time for you to move on. There is a lot of resources on this website that can help you in your journey. It’s scattered all over the site so I can’t really direct you to one section for all of it. I would recommend signing up for the mailing list so at least you’ll see the new messages and get series of messages which we send out on the mailing list. I can tell from what you shared that you are an intercessor, a prophetic intercessor. I can’t say for sure you are a prophet. And, you are a deliverance worshipper. Try not to put yourself in a box or look for a label that definitively says who you are. Just be opened to the Holy Spirit to use you how He sees fit. If you handle it this way you will realize you have many more gifts that will come to the surface. I hope this helps. Blessings

      1. Thank you so much! I have subscribed and I will continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. God bless you and this ministry.

  3. Hi I have been blessed immensely from this ministry. Thank you so much although am struggling with hearing from God myself and am a little confused about moving at God’s time when am not sure and doubt myself.
    I pray that The Lord will align me to the purpose He has for me.
    Thank you so much Missionary for Prayer

  4. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. May he continue to reveal his harvest to you and speak words of life through your ministry.

    1. Thank you for the enriching words that have opened my spiritual mind. May God continue using you to reach out to more people to have a heart of using their gifts.

  5. Thank you and I feel like I just woken to my gifts. I know I have gift of teaching based on how many I have tutor in different subjects not Christian related. I feel confident in it now, to break down ideas and make it easier to understand. I think I have the gift of vision or something? Still not sure if I have it despite sharing a vision, I didn’t understand, with God pushing me led to an unexpected prophesied on the spot. I feel bad now being so happy upon discovering it and sharing what God’s will for me in the near future.

  6. Thank you very much I’m humbled to have this gift but I need your prayers as I have been walking with the Lord for 6 years now and have only discovered what I have only recently.

  7. Please pray for me to be blessed with the prophetic gift to serve the Lord Jesus better in my Christian ministry.

    Yours in His service,


  8. Am blessed by the teaching.I have learnt that I should be humble with my prohetic gift and to speak only when God says speak.
    I need more teaching on the prophetic.
    May God continue to use you

  9. Amen,
    It was a wonderful, insightful series really. Taught me to not be so public with spiritual gifts until I have sufficient instructions and covering from God.

  10. Thank you for this series. You have given a lot of valuable information. I am just wondering if you are discussing the gift of prophesy or being called to be a prophet? I have been researching this subject and I’m having a hard time determining what makes each one different. Am I wrong to feel that these are 2 vastly different ideas? And how do you distinguish between the 2?

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