Prophetic Word – Receive

prophetic word - receive

This prophetic word is titled Receive.  There is a prophetic word written previously titled Give and we know that on the opposite side of Giving is Receiving.

Knowing how to give is just as important as knowing how to receive.  A lot of times there are people who are natural givers that have a difficult time receiving from others.  This is bad and will hinder your blessings.

First, this will hinder some from receiving the free gift of salvation.  Or people can get caught up in works salvation not realizing that salvation is free and there is absolutely nothing for us to do or give to receive it.  That’s how important receiving is.

In the last prophetic word on defeating the spirit of delay, I shared that the Lord had shown me that we needed to pray in tongues to have the things that are being hemmed up by this spirit released.  We’ve received many testimonies that praised God for being faithful with His word and releasing the blessings that were being held up to them.  If you want to pray in tongues but you don’t know how, read this.

However, I have seen in other visions since then that blessings are being released but are not being received.  YES!!!  Returned undelivered!!!  I don’t think there is anything worse than you waiting for something that you think God has not given you only to find out it was returned to sender.  You know when an important package arrives and you need to sign for it and they make one attempt to deliver, second attempt, third attempt and then it goes back?  The Lord began to minister to me on how to receive and why some people don’t receive.

This word is not for everyone but whichever one of these points speak to you  and you can identify yourself in it, there’s a prayer at the end to have this removed in your life so that you can receive what God has already freely given you.

This is 2 words in 1.  The first part on entitlement may be just what some of you need.  Others may need to 2 part of this.  Some of you may need to process the first part with the Holy Spirit fully before you can even begin to digest the 2nd part.


I also want to say that this word is not for someone who may be struggling with a sense of entitlement.


-the fact of having a right to something

-the amount to which a person has a right

-the inherent belief that one is deserving of a certain privilege or special treatment

In other words, someone who believes others owe them something.  When the truth is, nobody owes us anything.  It’s “I did this, now you owe me that”.  There are people who give just for the sake of receiving something in return.  Which is not true giving.


-freely transfer the possession of something to someone; hand over to.

It says FREELY.  That means true giving requires nothing in return.  Nothing. We know that God does bless us when we are giving to others..for sure!  (Luke 6:38, Malachi 3:6-12) But I believe these scriptures are for the “babes in Christ” that still need convincing not to white-knuckle their way through life when it comes to giving.

But I’m sure most of you are mature enough to not need convincing to give anything because you know giving involves more than money.  When you give anything – time, money, of yourself – your greatest joy will come when you have no sense of entitlement on what you gave.  You’re not expecting anything in return for it, you just do it.

No hooks attached to the gift.  No conditions.

When a fisherman puts a bait on the hook he’s not giving the fish food, no he’s expecting something in return from the bait.  There’s a hook attached to that.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35 and Proverbs 11:24-25)

Entitlement happens when you expect something for what you gave.  Whether you gave it willingly or it was taken from you or it happened to you.

There are people who find themself feeling dissatisfied and cheated because they have a sense of entitlement.  They have an unwarranted expectations generally rooted in pride and a lack of humility.

I had to say all this because I wouldn’t want anyone to expect any fruit from this word when their issue may be that they are struggling with a sense of entitlement.  For some of you in this season God could be working on you to remove the hooks and conditions you keep attaching to your giving and that is why you are not receiving.  He’s doing a work in your heart.

What does this look like?  We’re driving in a car together and we pull up the the traffic light and there is a beggar with a sign asking for money.  I pull out $5 and give it to the person and the person sitting next to me says “why did you do that?  You know they are going to use that money to buy drugs or alcohol.”  To which I will respond, “that’s why I am giving this and you aren’t”

You see the minute that beggar took the money from my hand, it became their money.  It is no longer mine.  I gave it.  I did my part, I felt compassion and I helped someone.  What the beggar decides to do with the money from the point they take it from my hands is their business.  Because it is no longer my money.  I gave it; therefore, I have no conditions attached to its use.  That is between the beggar and God.

My passenger on the other hand, can’t give to the beggar because they have conditions attached to the $5 – you must use it for food.  Therefore, a person like this will never give money to a beggar. Why?  Because they have no guarantee their conditions will be met. They may give them food but never money.  And even in giving the food, there is still a condition – you must eat it.  It reveals their heart which is one that applies conditions to anything that is given.

Another example…

E.g.  You’ve been with someone for 1 year and there is no sign of an engagement coming.  Now you are 5 years in and overly invested and mad because you feel like you’ve wasted all this time and the man still has not proposed to you.   Question – did this man tell you from the beginning that he was going to marry you?  If he made you absolutely no promises then you have no right to be upset.  You had conditions on the time that you were spending with him.

E.g.  You are a regular employee on a job, the manager quits and you decide to step into the role and do the job of the manager plus your own job.  You’ve been doing this for 8 months now and you are upset and have a bad attitude at work because they haven’t increased your salary and now they are running advertisements looking for a new manager.  You had conditions attached to the extra work.  But did they promise you anything?

I know this is hard to read; but, I’m trying to help some of you have right expectation not ones where you placed a conditions that will never be met.  You probably didn’t even clear it with God

How do you fix this if this is you?  Go to God and confess it. “Lord, I confess to you that I invested all this time and took on extra work with this job in hopes that I would get this management position when I had not cleared it with this company or with you.  Is this the place where you want me to remain? ”  Wait for Him to confirm it.  Then ask Him if this is His will for you to have that position and if He says yes ask for the strategy on how you can get the position.

The point is you need to humble yourself and you can’t have an attitude with people when you were the one at fault for not clearly outlining your conditions from the very beginning.

Have you heard the saying “don’t lend more money than you are willing to lose?”  That is because all of us have a threshold.  I may lend you $500 and I will get upset if you don’t give it back but perhaps $500 won’t make or break me so I can move on from that.  However, what if it was $50,000?  That would be a whole other story.  We would be court!  LOL   Seriously because there is a threshold.

You have to know when you are about to step over a line in your giving.  The minute you get that little “twinge” for lack of a better term in your stomach and you’re not so sure if you want to do it or not, it’s time to have a conversation.  Talk to God first to find out why you feel that way and then you may need to talk to that person and set some conditions with them.  You need to do that because in doing so you are both on the same page and there is a clear outline, perhaps a legal agreement drawn up that says what happens when they don’t give back the money.  I’m using money as an example but this principle can be about anything.

When you start to feel you are over extending yourself, step back and ask yourself why am I doing this? Am I doing too much here?  Was I asked to do this?  Do I need to put some conditions in place to feel better about this?

I hope you are getting this.  It’s not that you can’t have conditions but you need to make it clear.  Otherwise, you have a sense of entitlement and nobody owes you anything.

Phew!  Was not planning on typing all of this but obviously the Lord wants to free some of you from this today.  FREEEEDDDDOOOMMM!!!

This is important because you want to be sure that what you are waiting to receive was actually God given and not something you believe you are entitled to.  There is a difference.

I sense such a weight being lifted off some of you right now in the spirit.  I can literally feel it.  Go forth in freedom.  Some of you needed to have this explained to you so that you could know why you’ve been feeling the way you do.  And, now you know what to do.

Be free, in Jesus name


And this brothers and sisters was just the intro.  LOL  Seriously didn’t think Holy Spirit had this much to say on the subject.  It had to be said because if you are really struggling with what is above this line then the rest of what you are about to read may not apply to you as you need to sort out the sense of entitlement with the Lord before you can truly receive.

Now on to receiving…

Hindrances to Receiving

1  Unwillingness to receive anything from anyone.  I think each one of us knows someone like this, perhaps that person is you.  When you try to give prophetic word - receivethis person a gift or do something nice for them they tell you “no, you don’t have to do this”  or “you keep it”. They give back the gift instead of graciously receiving it.  They never receive anything.  You give them a gift, they give you a gift. Basically, it’s no longer a gift they just paid you for it.  They can’t just take something without feeling they owe you something in return. They think they need to pay you for what you are doing for them for free instead of just receiving and enjoying the blessing. (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 and 5:19)  This is not good because after awhile people stop giving to that person because they just don’t want to go through all the “drama” it takes to convince the person to receive.  After awhile all people will do is say “thank you” because they really don’t want to fight with you over receiving. So, how is God suppose to deliver a blessing to you when you have created a spiritual environment that says …I won’t receive it. “Return to sender package rejected by recipient”. Receive it, don’t reject it.


2  Unworthiness.  We may all know someone like this as well, perhaps this person is you.  You don’t think you “deserve” the blessing that God is releasing to you.  People pay you a compliment, you won’t receive it because you think someone else should get it.  You entered a competition and you won but in the back of your head you are still questioning it because you think someone else should’ve received it.  You actually don’t think you are good enough to receive that blessing.  Some of us reject the blessing because we don’t think we deserve it.  Listen!  If you were the only person on earth that needed saving, Jesus would still die for you!  Please understand that.  You are worthy!!!  (Matthew 6:26, Romans 8:32) And, if God thinks you are worthy to receive that blessing, whatever it is, then receive it!  Who are you to call yourself unworthy when He already deemed you worthy by dying on the cross for you?    It’s like there’s a level in your head, “I’m good enough to get this, but not good enough to get that”  Receive, you are worthy.


3  Lack of expectation.  If you order something online you expect it to show up at your house, right?  You have an expectation and if Amazon Prime don’t deliver that parcel in 2 days, you are calling or emailing them because you expect it.  Some of you have stayed in that place of hope deferred for so long that you have literally stopped expecting your promise to show up.  To the point where it could be right outside your door and you won’t even recognize it because you’ve stop believing and expecting it to happen (Romans 8:24-25, Matthew 7:7).  You don’t want to be disappointed anymore so you just stop expecting anything good to happen. “Return to sender package unclaimed”. Receive your promise with expectancy!


4  You cancel the delivery of your promise with your words. Your mouth is the problem.  One minutes you pray and ask God for a thing and the next minute you are criticizing the same thing you just ask for.  How is that?  You are basically cursing your own blessing.  What then happens is you, whether you realize it or not, just rejected that blessing in the spirit.  Do not let any words come out of your heart that is contrary to what you are believing God for.  Even if the thought quickly cross your mind, don’t say it.  You could be praying for your girlfriend to marry you and then the next day you’re sitting with your friends as one of them tells you about all the problems they are having in their marriage and then they tell you “you’re lucky you’re not married”  and what do you do?  Turn around and agree with them!  “Yes, that’s true I don’t have to worry about splitting assets, etc.” You can’t do that.  You’re being double minded.  The bible tells us clearly when we are double minded we cannot expect God to do what we are asking (James 1:8) Your words and conversations need to line up with what you’re asking God for in the prayer closet. “Return to Sender undeliverable address”  That promise can’t find you because those angels don’t know where you’re at.  Make up your mind, do you want it or not? Receive with your mouth.


5  You’re not in the correct location to receive it.  Some blessings, not all, have a location attached to it.  Some have specific alignments attached to it.  Alignments associated with certain groups, location and people.  This is why when God tells you to go somewhere you need to move. Hanging on to yesterday, old season and old things when God is telling you to release it and move on keeps you from receiving the blessing.  “Return to sender….not at this address”   Because you’re not where you’re suppose to be!  The Promise land is not Egypt, the Israelites had to move.  Ruth didn’t meet Boaz in here hometown, she had to move.  I’m not telling you run and chase after something or someone that God has not told you to pursue that (go back and read the section on entitlement).  No, you need to have a clear word from God and then you move.  Receive by being properly aligned.


So yes, there are many blessings still piled up in the heavenlies, and praying in tongues will get your blessings released from a spirit of delay.  However, are you ready to receive????

This prayer will help to clear out all these hindrances to you receiving your blessings if you identify with any of the points listed in this word.

Prayer to remove hindrances and receive your blessings:

Heavenly Father, I thank You that You have found me worthy to receive the blessings that you are sending to me.  Lord, I repent for the many times that I rejected what you sent to bless me.  I repent for the feelings of unworthiness when YOU have called me worthy, I repent for not expecting to see your goodness because of my lack of faith, doubt and unbelief and because of the years of hope deferred, I repent for the many times when I have rejected what you were sending to me because of the negative way in which I have spoken about the very blessing that I am asking You for.  I repent for not moving into the proper place, church, job, location, group that you told me to join due to my own fears and trust issues.  Lord forgive me for creating a spiritual environment around myself that is not conducive to receiving Your blessings.  Jesus!! I beseech you now Lord that You speak – send Your breath, Your wind, Your pneuma into my atmosphere that says CLEAR.  That my atmosphere is now CLEARED from all the words that have been spoken and all the things that I have done and others have done and said to hinder the reception of these blessings.  BLOW them away with Your breath God.  And in an instance my atmosphere is now clear because of Your breath.  I look with expectation for these blessings, fresh eyes to see and ears to hear what I couldn’t hear or see before.  This time it will be different.  Put a filter upon my mouth Holy Spirit so that my speech lines up and when I start to say things, remind me of this word.  Let me stop speaking mid sentence and never agree with the enemy. This time I WILL receive it.  This time I AM worthy. This time I WILL expect it.  This time I WILL move so that I am properly aligned.  Whatever was returned because of my past speech, behavior or actions, I pray you send it back, deliver it again, in Jesus name, Amen!


5 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Receive”

  1. Dear MOP,

    Thank you very much for this insightful and revelatory word. It is appreciated. I definitely had an epiphany on a few levels.


  2. EXACTLY the message my pastor preached on June 9, 2021! It is also a confirming word from my assistant pastor (as my mouth may have held some things up, but no more)! I love how God confirms His word!!! Realign and reposition is Lord for ALL of the blessings you have for us!! Thank you as always, MOP, for this word!

  3. Dear MOP, this word is timely and I receive it by faith, in Jesus name. I believe in my heart that I will testify soon. I have followed you via your email and each time, your write-up has always been a confirmation in my spirit. Thank you for reaching out to millions. You are truly a blessing to others irrespective of the tribe or nation. God bless you and grant you eternal reward.

  4. Jesus! This was such a good word and oh, so timely. God, I receive it. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  5. Thank you MOP for a powerful prophecy. I just want to tell you that as I was praying in the morning some time this week I asked God to speak to me, just to say something. And he said “breath”. I have spent the whole week asking him to show me what this word means. You know am just in awe now that I have read this word in your prayer 3 times. It was God’s breath he was talking about. Praise be to God, Almighty.

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