Prophetic Word June 2021 – Defeating the Spirit of Delay

prophetic word june 2021 defeating the spirit of delay

This prophetic word for June 2021 is titled defeating the spirit of delay.  This may not be for everyone at this moment but at some point you may need to use the strategy outlined in this post to defeat this spirit.

I’m going to outline very clearly in the post those who should and those who should not be using this.  This is some fresh baked bread hot out of the oven that will WORK for those who just follow the instructions.  After you’ve done this and had whatever you are waiting on released, please come back and testify about it.

Only tell us about it after you’ve had the breakthrough on it.

If you haven’t already done so, please read the post on Delay Vs Timing.  Not all delay is from the enemy.  Sometimes you are delayed because of your own disobedience and sin and other times it is a timing issue.  It is just not your time yet.  With discernment you can easily identify where you stand and you know what to do and how to pray accordingly.

There are times however, when you are dealing with a demonic spirit and this post is about that.

How do you identify that this is a spirit of delay?

1  God already told you that you have it.  You are positive in your spirit that this has already been released in the heavenlies.

2  You already have the approval on something but it keeps getting held up in process and paperwork

In other words, you have the yes and it has been released but you are still not holding it in your hand.  Examples of this would be you interviewed and got the job but the manager who should be signing off on it mysteriously got ill and is not in the office and so now you have to sit and wait until that person comes back to work. This could be weeks possibly month of being stuck.  That is a spirit of delay.  Another one would be you performed some services for someone and they are to pay you.  It is not that they don’t have the money but for some reason things are tied up between one department and the other.  So one week wait turns into 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then a month.  But they keep telling you that they are sending it.

That is a spirit.  It doesn’t want you to get what has already been given to you.

This is happening A LOT in the body of Christ because the enemy knows we are DUE.  It is time!!!  There is so much locked up in the 2nd heaven with warfare, demonic red tape!  This is what we are addressing in this post.

How to ensure that you are not entering into witchcraft when you do this

First, what is witchcraft?  1 Samuel 15:23 tells us that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness as idolatry.  To put this in simple terms anything that you are praying that is against the will of God or against the free will of another human being is witchcraft.  It is like you are trying to strong arm God or another human being to obey you.  That would be witchcraft.  Especially when you have no legal rights to whatever it is that you want.   Stubbornness as idolatry is when you have put your own wishes and opinions above what God is saying on the matter.  That means you are idolizing your own opinions.  At some point I’m going to write a post about this in more details.

So, to keep yourself out of witchcraft when you are going to pray against the delay it is important to note that you already have the YES.  There is no guessing here.  It is already done just not released into your hands.  If you stay within these lines then you are not in witchcraft but just getting what God has already given you.

Scriptural Reference for this would be Daniel 10.  We see that Daniel prayed, God did dispatch an angel with the answer but the answer was held up in the 2nd heaven (where the demons live and usual cause obstructions).  Daniel had to fast and pray to have it released.

Prayer to pray against the spirit of Delay

Pray in tongues.

That’s it.

Generally, if you are a Christian and you have been seeing what is happening you have already prayed about it.  And, at some points you are going to run out of things to pray. That’s when you pray in tongues.  1 Corinthians 13:1 says you can pray in the tongues of angels (an unknown tongue) or the tongues of men (your mother tongue). So when you have no more “tongues of men” because you prayed it all then you need to tap into the tongues of angels.  Which means you are actually speaking to your angels to go and loose that for you.  Removing the roadblocks.  The bible says that the angels harken unto the voice of the Lord (Psalm 103:20).  That means they know that you are within your right to get that, because it is the will of God.  It is the voice of God.  It is God’s word and His will; therefore, they will go and loose it for you.  The angels WILL NOT disobey God.

This works.

If you want more information on praying tongues and how this works, read this.

I want to give you some personal insight I had to this spirit and how God revealed it to me that this was operating.  I had to attend a conference and I booked my rental car, paid in advance and was to pick it up at a specific time.  When I got to the line to get the car there was a very long line and only one person at the counter handling everything.  I stood in line for 2 hours!!!!  How is it possible that I’ve already paid, I have an appointment to pick up a car at a specific time but I am standing in line with other people who have no appointment and haven’t paid?  As I am standing in line, I said to myself what is really going on here?  It was like the enemy didn’t want me to go where I was going.  So about 1 hour 45 minutes into it, I decided I was done waiting and I started to pray in tongues under my breathe in the line.  Within a minute another agent comes out and starts helping.  The lines starts moving super fast now.  When it is almost my turn the person in front of me says “this is only the beginning, apparently they have no cars so even after you make it to the counter you are still going to wait 45 minutes for a car to arrive”  That explained why they were calling people over the loud speaker to the counter after they already checked in at the counter for the car.  At that moment, I thought there is no way I’m going to wait an additional 45 minutes.  I went up, the agent told me about the 45 minute wait, I just smiled at her and stepped to the back wall and continued praying in tongues.  Within 2 minutes my name is being called.  It was getting called before others who were infront of me.  I could feel them looking at me wondering why I was being called before them.  But shortly after all their names started getting called.

I want to tell you something, your delay is not just about you.  There are others that are waiting on you.  Not only that when you clear that spirit out of the area then everyone else who is being affected by that same spirit can be free as well.  My freedom from this spirit meant that everyone connected to me in that situation were also going to be free.

As I am driving to the hotel I was reflecting on what occurred and then I started to think to myself what if I had just started praying in tongues the minute I got to the line?  I wouldn’t have been waiting for 2 hours.  Also, if I didn’t start praying then I would’ve been there longer than 2 hours.  The release was in my hands.  My response to the delay is what changed things.

You see there are things that God will do but there are things that you have authority in the realm of the spirit to move it. In these instances God is not going to do for you what you have command over.

And believe it or not, all of these people in line could’ve been held up just because of me.  No, I don’t think I am some hot shot… Sometimes you can be in a situation and it’s not even about you it is about who you are connected to.  The situation is occurring because of you, not the other people around you.  Your connections can bring good or they can bring bad.  Think of Jonah in Jonah 1:4-9 we see that people were in trouble aboard a ship because of one person.  So yes, this is possible.

I stood there thinking I was being patient but in this instance, patience was not the issue.  And it took me over an hour to figure it out.

Understand that if this wasn’t a spirit but it was a timing of God situation, then praying in tongues was not going to fix it.  Because those angels wouldn’t have jumped into action to help if God said NO.

Story gets better…

The conference ends and God just showed me in the meeting through a series of visions (I’m not going to go into them) that the enemy literally sends these spies/witches into the meetings to see who is getting what and then they steal it, or create all kinds of diversions so that people never actually get what is being prophesied over them.

Yes!  The whole trip was a lesson for me in how the spirit of delay works and how the enemy steals what is ours.  When we sit back and “wait on the Lord” when that is not the issue we in essence come into agreement with what the enemy is doing and then we never see the fruit.  You get stuck in a loop of perpetual waiting.

The beauty of this website is that no one knows who is reading this, what you are waiting on, where you are located or anything about you.  So you can take these words, activate them and see the fruit without drawing any attention to yourself.  In a public setting when people are being called out in public and prophesied over then it is a public thing.  Even if they don’t call your name, if the enemy has someone with a seer anointing they can actually see what is being delivered to you and go after it.  I’m letting you know this is very much possible.  You have to cover your stuff under the blood of Jesus and stop sharing with everyone what was prophesied over you.  My people perish for a lack of knowledge.  I tell you when you don’t know, you just don’t know.

So, I get up in the morning a few days later head back to the airport to leave and as I am writing a post to share on social media I type the word SELAH.  Thankfully I took a second look at what I typed before I post it, then I noticed that auto correct changed the word from Selah to another word.  Guess what the word turned into?????  Delay.  You just can’t make this stuff up!

I couldn’t believe it!!!  What are the chances?  So then I knew the Lord was saying watch out this thing is still hanging around.  I was put on notice.

I do navigation to the airport and I see no traffic, it’s a straight drive.  As I am driving I see the traffic start to backup, all these tail lights coming on. Do you think I’m going to wait this time?  NOPE!  Not Today Devil!!!!  I just said out loud “Angels, clear the traffic” and I start praying in tongues.  Then we start moving.  There’s no accident, just a random backup of traffic.  We go about 20 minutes I am seeing the same thing again. So I do it again. Everything gets cleared and I make it to my flight on time.  I pray in tongues to get through the airport check, etc.

Let me tell you how this works, when you get past one road block, he’s going to try and set up another.  This is a persistent spirit so you need to be persistence x 3 = I’m not stopping until I get what is due to me.  That’s what Daniel did, he didn’t let up until he got his answer.

So I get to the gate at the airport to board the flight and I see up on the screend that the flight is delayed by…..2 hours!!  LOL  Do you think this is a coincidence?  Not!  I asked what happened they said the plane is actually coming from another location and suddenly it starts to thunderstorm in that area so the plane is grounded until the storm passes.  They said first it was delayed for 30 minutes, then 1 hour, now 2 hours.   Does this sound familiar to you???   I said, OK.  Stepped off to the side and went at it in tongues again.  Sent the angels to get rid of those thunderstorm and release the plane!!!

You see, I didn’t know this plane was coming from another place.  So when the enemy saw that he couldn’t mess with the traffic pattern on the road because I kept clearing it he goes after the plane to stop it from coming.

I went to grab something to eat and commented to another person who was also at the conference that I couldn’t stand that spirit of delay and she says to me “you know, not everything is a spirit.  Sometimes things are just delayed and we have to be patient”  I said  Hmmm.

Listen, she’s right but let me tell you…  When we incorrectly discern what is going on in a situation and we sit back when God has already given the green light to go we are in essence agreeing with that spirit.  Back to the story of Jonah, it said the men started throwing things off the ship…they thought this was the problem.  But it was not.  Then they started praying to their gods…they thought this was the problem.  But it was not.  Then they cast lots to get to the bottom of it and that is when they realize it was because Jonah was on the ship.

You have to accurately discern the reason for your hold up.  In this case, it was a demonic spirit.  She didn’t know this but I did because the Lord had me in school about this from 3 days prior.  Many times when we sit waiting on the Lord, it’s not helping because that is not the issue at hand.

We are saying   Wait on the Lord, when God is saying “You’re not waiting on Me, I’ve already released it to you”

We are saying Wait on the Lord, when God is saying “You’re not waiting on Me, I’ve already told you to disconnect from those people before I bless you”

We are saying Wait on the Lord, when God is saying “You’re not waiting on Me, I’ve already told you to move from that area”

Not everything is a demonic spirit BUT not everything is you being patient and waiting on the Lord.

Discern, discern, discern, discern, discern, discern, discern.

I go into tongues, shortly after they announce that the thunderstorm cleared and the plane took off successfully and will actually arrive sooner than they thought.

I’m telling you this story so that you can see how to identify when it is a spirit.  I’m not guessing.  And, if it wasn’t a spirit then my prayers wouldn’t be able to move it.  So it’s moving an entire airplane of people.  God could be waiting on you to to move some things in the spirit.  Pray in tongues.

I’ve notice this spirit in individual situations, like it was in mine. Sometimes it’s in a city, sometimes a state, sometimes it’s over a region, sometimes it’s over the entire country, sometimes it is over the world.

Can you see it?  Because I am telling you the BODY OF CHRIST IS DUE!!!  There are many things being held up.

Do you have the ability to actually move it by yourself in your nation?  Maybe.  But I tell you what, at some points what one person may be waiting on may actually intersect with what you are waiting on.  So one can put a thousand to flight and 2 can put ten thousand (Deuteronomy 32:20).  So when I pray in tongues and my angels get moving, and somewhere around the world there is another saint that is praying in tongues for the same thing in tongues , and then another one, and another one, at some point don’t you think these angels join together to move this for ALL OF US!!!  Yes.  It has to intersect at some point because if you think about it, there are a lot of people waiting on the same thing.

Pray. In. Tongues.  Constantly.  Not one or two times but as many times as you remember to do it and for as long as you can.  Notice what I outlined to you was very specific and targeted so perhaps you want to target on one thing and when that is loosed you move to the next.  If you’ve been asking for the gift of tongues and you have yet to receive it, please read this!!!!


15 thoughts on “Prophetic Word June 2021 – Defeating the Spirit of Delay”

  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I began praying in tongues just a little, after receiving the gift many years ago, but not the practice of praying that way very often. Your words, your mission to the mature Christian in a spiritual roadblock makes me so grateful, MoP!!! As you reassure us, our church experiences can leave some concerns that cause a check in our spirit.

    May be this can help those of us where it doesn’t seem to happen. While waiting, I begin by saying “Oh, Lord, open Thou my lips, that my mouth may pour forth thy praise.” Then I first pray on the Armor of God and invoke the Holy Trinity, sealing my prayers with the Name of Jesus, Yeshua ha-Moshiach. Then I say “Halleluia, hallelulia” until the prayers begin, in any language, even my own native tongue. I hope this may help others.

  2. Since starting in faith this morning after reading your praying in tongues post, I have continued to open my mouth in faith and speak in tongues today. I’m so thankful, because it is like a peace rested upon me. I have had depths of emotions deep within me that I don’t always know what to do with, prayers that yearn for utterance and I don’t know how to put words to these prayers. Opening my mouth to speak in tongues released something so beautiful. I have wondered about it before and always pushed it back in my mind because I did feel silly. I have also been praying for the Holy Spirit to lead in how I treat my children. I have a daughter who loves to play and it is so difficult for me to play with her. I have no desire to and I get very antsy when I try to play with her. Well, after opening my mouth to speak in tongues many times today, I was just free to play with my daughter and it was a joy to do it. That indeed is a gift beyond any other gift and not one I even thought would come from speaking in tongues. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I feel burdens have been lifted from me and this is just day 1. I believe it was an obedient step in faith that I was required to take to move forward in the giftings God has given me. It was another layer God is peeling off of me in my brokenness. I pray to see my children the way God sees them and to treat them the way He wants me to treat them. We have some delay in money coming to us from a sharing ministry, and a water softener that we have had for 2 months and have had trouble getting someone to install it. I was expecting those things to get released to me after speaking in tongues, but the gift that was released is a far greater treasure than those things. After I started, I didn’t want to stop because I felt so free. I also found myself staring at my son who talks non stop about what is on his mind and I just listened to him. I have a lot of trouble just listening to him and I was able to interact with what fascinates him. This is indeed a major answer to prayers I have had for such a long time. All glory, honor and praise to God. He doesn’t give up even when I have been so skeptical about these things. He walked with me and brought me to the point where I could open up in faith because of His perfect timing. He walks me through doubts, builds me up in His truth and He is glorified! I’m so honored to be a vessel, to experience His tears, His joy, His love. I’m in awe of our God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I thank you for your obedience to Him.

    1. This is such an amazingly beautiful testimony and you will start to see so much fruit in your life because of it. Without doing anything else you see the difference in how you process information, that you are able to move in wisdom and patience. Others will see it too. Don’t stop. I KNOW what you have been waiting on will also be released. Blessings

  3. Hello

    I have been facing delay in research from 2015
    till 2020. I finally finished the research in Nov 2020 and then more delay. I had to wait since January to get clearance. It was one hold up after another. Last committee meeting was 26 May- it was postponed. After speaking in tongues over this – I got an email that I was cleared on 8th of June.
    All glory to God. I am still waiting for research to be marked and to be signed off and registered with our professional body. I am taking it one step at a time, dealing with one problem at a time
    All glory to Almighty God. I am full of Hope and joy for my future. Praise the Lord

    1. Look at Jesus!!! All praise and glory to God! Don’t stop with the tongues until everything is completed! Yes, Jesus!!

  4. After reading this post I realized that the washer and dryer we ordered over a month ago were being hindered by a spirit of delay. I immediately prayed in the spirit. We checked one more time. They were both at the store and had not been delivered because one of the pedestals was on back order. I need the machines not the pedestal! So, they are to be delivered this week. Thanks for the post and praise God!!

  5. I’m not able or haven’t been gifted the evidence of speaking in tongues yet. What do you suggest i do than. I’ve been praying for it but it hasn’t happened for me yet. What else can you do? I’ve been told praying the Lord Prayer for 1hr or more is just as effective. What do you suggest i do when facing a situation that being delayed because of an evil spirit but i can’t pray in tongues yet?

    1. Hi Natalie, the link is in the post to learn more about it. The article explains everything you need to know about tongues. Blessings

  6. Another timely word that bears witness in my spirit. Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to pray in tongues every day for an hour. I’ve been slacking and not obeying. I’m currently experiencing delays of major breakthroughs. I repent. Thank you for this word!

  7. It was, last Thursday that as I was praying normally , then my spirit was led to do it in tongues for almost one hour from then it has become a way anytime I feel to pray.
    On Friday I saw a vision as I sat down of a track loading off parcels of boxes, tied in red ribbon, but my attention was drawn to the one which was just hanging on top of the door in the space and nothing was holding it.
    Yesterday I was so much worried because throughout the week I was not able to prepare the teaching I was going to deliver in the small group I joined, wherever I sat to prepare I just get tired. Then now yesterday I said to myself, this is an enemy, then I went in to tongues and at the very moment I was free to prepare which I did.
    So indeed This works, but I am going to put in action, the directives,

  8. Thank you very much yesterday evening I sensed in my spirit to just pray in tongues. Just tongues…

  9. Hi. Thank you so much for this word. I so feel right now I am in this situation. God earlier in the year separated me from a close friend. It’s after this that His instructions started flowing band He directed me to do something after which when I’m done, the resources would come. I did it and finished and it’s almost a month and nothing. He had told me to do it fast and get moving and I hearkened. Now I had thought of delay and the pole I shared with are my team of four since it concerns us all. Now as I read your post, it’s making sense. Why would God have me move quickly then now things are quiet! Doesn’t make sense. I would try your way but my problem is that I don’t speak in tongues. What happens now?? Please help me. Thank you

    1. Hi Molly, there is a link about how to start speaking in tongues in the article. Here it is again. I have to give the information as the Lord gives it to me. If the Lord gave me a prayer to write, I would do that but that is not how this one will work. When you pray in tongues the enemy has no idea what you are saying so when the angels get activated he is unaware of what is happening. This is why this is effective. Read the article and dive in! Blessings

      1. Thanks. Actually I did read this article and I didn’t see where it applies to me other than the fact that not all have this gift and so Holy Spirit has given me yet. So in my delays what do I do in the meantime? Will I continue to experience delays since I can’t pray in youngest? Can fasting help and praying help? Also can someone who is able to pray in youngest pray for my situation to remove the delays or I have to be the one?

        Sorry for all the questions but Im trying to get a way out of the delays…

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