Praying to Receive the Gift of Tongues

praying to receive the Gift of Tongues

If you already have the gift of tongues then you do not need to read this post.  This is for people who have prayed and are still waiting to receive this gift.

First things first, you need to be saved.  If you don’t have Jesus as your Lord and Savior and receive the Holy Spirit, then it will never happen for you.  You can find out more about being saved here.

I’m not going to make you read a long post to get the information.  Here is how you do it…

It’s simple.  How do you do it?  Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of tongues.

If you have already done that and it still has not happened….You just start doing it on your own at home.  Start with 5 minutes.  Do it everyday then ramp up to 15 minutes.  Then the next day you do more.  I know some of you right now are thinking that this doesn’t make sense.  You’ve thought it was a gift and you would be hit by a lightening bolt from heaven and it would just flow.  Right?  Well, it’s like that for some people and for others it didn’t happen like that.  They just started on their own and then it grew from that.

….But I sounds stupid…I know!  LOL  Keep going.


If you want the story behind this you can read further but I just shared above what you need to do in case you don’t want to read how this happens.

This is my story.  I’m sharing it so you know there are more than one ways to get this gift…

I was saved in a conservative church that believed tongues is demonic.  They also believed in the Cessation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  That the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not longer in operation.  Once I started flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, not the be confused with the fruit of the Spirit, was the moment I realized that what I was being taught was not true.  How can you tell me something doesn’t exist when I am clearly living it?

So, I went on my quest to find out about tongues.  Even though I was serving in my conservative church I would go to Pentecostal churches on a Wednesday and Saturday so I could learn more about it.  It seemed as if this was a gift where someone would need to lay hands on you for you to “be filled”  and that’s how it would happen.  I also thought that anyone who could start and stop this at will was FAKE.  LOL  Because you can’t turn on and off the Holy Spirit.  Right? Just letting you know where my head was at the time.  In my head I thought this can only happen one way and if it didn’t happen like that then it wasn’t real.

I was excited to learn from the “Wednesday church”  That they were doing an entire month teaching on the Holy Spirit and as part of the teaching they were going to be laying on hands and praying for people to receive the gift of tongues.  I couldn’t wait!!!  I showed the following Wednesday ready to run to the altar and receive this gift.

As the pastor starts calling people to come forward, I don’t think my butt made it 3 inches off the seat before I heard the Holy Spirit says “SIT DOWN”

*****Please do not miss this.  If I can already hear the Spirit of God, I have visions, prophesy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom.  Then I ALREADY HAVE the Spirit of God********   This is going to give someone freedom.  This is evidence that I am ALREADY FILLED.  Think about it.

So what kind of filling am I looking for???  It’s like asking God to give you something you already have

I’m just not seeing the manifestation of ONE thing.  I already have everything else.  I am telling you this because some of you are already are flowing in all the other gifts.  This then is just one more so do not think that you are somehow lacking or missing out if this doesn’t happen right away.  Or begin to question your salvation.

On with the story..I sit back down and the Holy Spirit says to me “Witch, 9 O’Clock”  Don’t remember the exact time right now but whatever it was it made my head turn to look in that direction and my eyes fell on this woman 2 seats over from me.  I knew then that this was an assignment for me and there was no “getting filled” happening that day.  Oh no, God had another plan.  She was there to work her witchcraft, stealing things in the spirit as God released blessings to the people.  So my job was basically to block her from doing whatever it is she thought she was going to do there.

Sigh.  I remember thinking ok well I guess it won’t happen for me today.

Check this out….the pastor is on stage preaching that there are people that are afraid to come forward because they think something bad will happen like witchcraft.  He said this is some religious mindset from conservative churches that witchcraft is rampant when gifts of tongues are in operation and the demonic is very active.  He’s criticizing people who think this way and says it’s nonsense and never happens.  Oooooooooh the IRONY!    LOL  Because here was this one conservative sitting in his audience stopping the very thing he says never happens from happening.  You can’t make this stuff up!

So I sat there and blocked the witch the entire service.  You should’ve seen her looking around trying to identify who was blocking her.  LOL  She knew what she was trying to do was not happening.  Everytime she looking in my direction I was looking straight at the pastor “Hallelujah-ing” and she had no idea it was me.  Then she gets up and changes her seat position to another spot and I continued to block her.  I sat there and watched her until she got frustrated and picked up her purse and left.

The following Wednesday I go back and God tells me to stand in the back of the room with my back against the wall.  This time I could hear in the spirit the fighting between the angels and the demons.  What does that sound like?  Have you ever watched those movies with the bar room brawl?  People crashing into tables, being thrown into walls, glass smashing?  Yeah, that’s what it sounded like.  But this was in the spirit.  I could hear the angels wings whizzing by my ears.  It was LOUD.  And no one else in the room seemed to be picking up on what was happening in the spirit.  An all out war because of this move of the Holy Spirit in the room.

They were all peacefully worshiping God and my eyes were opened looking all over the room because I could hear the smashing, whizzing, punching.  But remember now, I’m the one there wanting to be “filled”.

Please know, I didn’t have any of these abilities prior to being saved.  All of this got activated after salvation.  But somehow I was still walking around feeling “less than” because I wasn’t struck by the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

This happened for the whole month of this Holy Spirit teaching.  I was there to do the warfare while everyone else received this gift.  I can tell you that this happened many times after that as well at other churches.  It just never happened for me the way that I was hoping, praying and thought for sure it would based on my desire.

Why am I telling you this?  I already had it, I just needed to start doing it.  No one had ever told me that before.  No one had ever explained it to me like that.  I mean, how simple is that?  If you read the post on the 4 Administration of the gifts of tongues you will see that #3 and #4 are private manifestations of the gifts.  These are the ones that you can do on your own at your home.  So I am telling you to do that.  You are not getting filled because perhaps you are already filled. (mind blown emoji)  Just.  Start.  Doing.  It.  I waited 15 years, praying for this before this reality hit me.  And, if you think about it I was manifesting the other gifts of the Spirit.  But it never clicked in my mind that I already had this.  It’s like saying I’m a little pregnant.  NO!  I’m pregnant.  If you have the Holy Spirit you have everything that comes with Him.  If you are already manifesting several of the other gifts that means you already have this, you just need to tap into it.

I came to this realization years later when I was going through a very difficult season.  I had prayed every prayer there was to be prayed, fasted, and still there was no breakthrough.  I kept asking God to give me this gift of tongues with no response.  I started doing research on it to find out all that I could find out and happened upon this video teaching that said “just start doing it”.  Yes, I thought that was ridiculous!

But, I was so desperate that I did it.  I sounded stupid!  5 minutes.  Then a few days went by and I did it again.  It sounded a little different from the days before.  Then a few more days and I did a little more.  Then I found this person who was doing a speaking in tongues challenge and she said do 1 hour each day.  Well, that sounded like an eternity to me!  So I continued doing it and ramped up the time over the course of a month.

The day I realized it was actually the Holy Spirit and not me faking it

I was driving to pick up someone and I decided to do it in the car while driving.  So it sounded the same but when I crossed the county line into a different county it changed, then when I went into another county it changed again.  I knew I wasn’t doing it on purpose.  So now when I travel I always doing it because you are actually speaking to different angels in different regions.  It doesn’t sound the same. Think about it people in Africa don’t sound like the people in England.  It’s a different dialect.  You’re speaking to angels in different regions; therefore, it’s going to sound different. (1 Corinthians 13:1) Do you travel?  Try it.

What I notice when I speak in tongues

I have such wisdom, understanding, knowledge, clarity, it helps me interpret dreams and visions, I get breakthrough in the spirit.  A dear friend of mine, from the conservative church, I hadn’t seen in 2 years we started talking and she told me that I was a completely different person.  She wanted to know what I was doing because I seemed so much more mature spiritually…speaking in tongues.  That was the only thing that changed in the 2 year period.  When I am praying if I run out of things to pray in my natural mind, I pray in tongues and sure enough the Holy Spirit will give me points that I missed.  Works every time.

Code language the enemy doesn’t understand

You know when you speak in English or pray in English the people around you know what you are praying and so does the enemy.  When you are praying in tongues you bypass them the prayer goes to God and the angels and no one actually knows what you prayed.  It keeps your requests secure.  it’s like an encrypted line for communication.

It’s your spirit that should be doing it and not your mind

So, when I just started doing this I would think of what I wanted to pray in English and then I would pray in tongues thinking with my head while doing it.  This is not how it works.  Tongues is a function of the spirit man.  Not the flesh or your mind.  So you should be able to read a book, watch TV and process information with your mind while praying in tongues.  It’s 2 different parts of your makeup. <<<read that again until you get it!!!  You are not controlling what you are saying in tongues.  If you try to do that you won’t be able to do it longer than 5 minutes.  When it is your spirit you can pray for hours because your spirit man never gets tired, but your mind will get exhausted.

The Longer you go the more you tap into the supernatural

When you start praying in tongues for long periods of time you will notice once you get past the 1 hour mark you start to tap into the supernatural.  Your tongues will change.  The more you do it the longer you can go.  Highly recommend this if you are a control freak and you are still trying to control it with your mind, the longer you go you will break out of this habit.  You will notice that you will have knowledge of things that most people don’t.  Is it an instant thing?  No.  But others will notice that you have more wisdom than most people.

Aren’t you afraid you will tap into something demonic?

Well, let’s see…in order for that to happen this would mean that I already have demons in my environment.  So tongues is not the problem.  Tongues would be the least of my problems and I need to cut off the access that demons have to my life before tapping into tongues. Cast out those demons.

Interpretation of Tongues

It’s another gift and you should pray to receive it as well once you start praying in tongues.  It doesn’t say translation it says interpretation.  This means that someone can speak in tongues for a long time and the translation is a very short one.  It may appear more was said but that is because it’s not a direct translation, it’s interpretation.  Hope this makes sense.

When I started praying for the interpretation I noticed that how I spoke in tongues changed.  So, I would be praying in tongues, then I would switch into English, then I would go back into tongues, then I would switch back into English.  That’s when I realized that the English was actually the interpretation of what I was praying in tongues.  I notice this only happens when I am praying with others and the Holy Spirit wants them to know what I am saying.  Otherwise, I don’t switch back and forth.  And, this is biblical as well because it says when you are praying in public you should have an interpreter.  The interpreter can be you and God can give you the gift.

Tongues while prophesying works the same as well.  Tongues.  Gift of Prophesy.  Tongues again.  Back and Forth.  If you see someone doing this, they are actually interpreting what they are prophesying in tongues.

Discerning of Spirits

This is another gift of the spirit that will actually help you to discern if someone’s tongues are demonic, from the Lord or it’s fleshly.  Ask God to give you this gift as well.

Another funny story is that before I started speaking in tongues I had the gift of discerning spirit so I would be able to discern the demonic tongues very easily.  I remember I got invited to a prayer meeting with over 100 intercessors and of course they were so sorry for me that I didn’t pray in tongues but told me I could pray in English while they started praying in tongues.  I sat quietly listening to them.  Let me tell you!!!  I’ve never heard so many demonic tongues in one room.  My goodness!  The hairs on my arms were standing up.  I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  When they invited me to come on to their prayer line and pray with them in the mornings, I smiled graciously, took the card with the information and dropped it in the trash as soon as I got home.  In my mind I was thinking, you all are sorry for this poor little conservative Christian that I don’t speak in tongues but you can’t discern demonic tongues and witches in your prayer meeting???  Oooooooh the irony!   At least half the room were tapping into demonic tongues.  It was really bad.  I remember sitting there suiting up in the Armor of God waiting for it to be over so I could escape.

The Giant Misconception about Tongues

You see what was happening in that room with those intercessors is that they believe if you don’t speak in tongues you don’t have the Holy Spirit.  This is just not true.  1 Corinthians 12:7-11 says there are 9 Gifts/Manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  Tongues is just one.  So to assume someone doesn’t have the Holy Spirit because they don’t have this one is false.

Spontaneous Tongues

So now that I’ve shared all of this with you I can say for a fact that you can start and stop tongues. And, that is not fake.  It all depends on which one of the administration of the gift is in operation.  There are times when I am listening to a message or someone praying and the message is so deep that I just break out in tongues.  I can’t explain it.  I don’t know why I do it.  But it hits something in my spirit and it is like an involuntary spontaneous response to the message I am hearing or reading or seeing.  Has this happened to you before?  It’s like my spirit man responding to what I hear.


I am praying this helped you.  Again this post is for those of you who have prayed and you still have not received this gift even though you desire it.  Perhaps you are already filled you just need to start doing it.

Of course, if you are not saved, this is not for you.  You need to go and read this one on the Holy Spirit and receiving the Holy Spirit before you can even begin to do this.



8 thoughts on “Praying to Receive the Gift of Tongues”

  1. Thank you for your post. I have been speaking in tounges since 2005 but my Mom really desires to be able to speak in tounges. I sent her this post. Thank you and God Bless 🙌

  2. Wow! I love your write up,teaching and making everything understandable to me, mine is that I used to speak it in dreams alone, and now I want it to manifest physically. Thanks be to God for directing me to you,tnx a lot. With Faith it will work for me in Jesus Name! Amen!!!

  3. I believe I was led here with this post because this has been exactly what I have desired for many years ago after I got saved in 2012. I was asking God the Holy Spirit to be given this gift but there is no response as well. Sometimes when I pray privately I learned to apply somehow for maybe just 5 minutes trying hard. But I haven’t come to the point of the Holy spirit take over my tonque. So I stop doing it anymore. But one time on June 2021 I have a dream that I pray in tonque and in that dream i found myself speaking in tonque where I couldn’t control the utterance and I believe it was by the holy Spirit flowing. From then on I begin to practice again in my private prayer. But still does not have a full understanding about this administration until He led me here. Thank you so much for this knowledge. Now I have this new level of desire to do this as often after reading this post. Blessing Mop

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story on this! It has really helped me. Your thought process seems to be similar to mine, so I started in faith today that I already have this gift and so I started. I immediately had more clarity in some areas and was able to freely journal in prayer after opening my mouth in faith. I have not frequently been around anyone who speaks in tongue and I only want the gift to go deeper with God but am open to whatever He wants me to do with this. Then after your delay post, I know I need it. So I’ve been praying for it only to realize that I have had it but never opened my mouth to try it in faith. God is so deep, I love it! 💙 Thank you again for sharing.

    1. Yes!!! I knew that in sharing this there had to be others who were in a similar situation. Praying, waiting and not seeing anything. The other beautiful thing about doing it this way, on your own at home, is that you are truly going to develop your own tongues since you’re not doing it after hearing others. You won’t be mimicking other people’s tongues. Your tongues are not going to sound like anyone else’s they are going to be unique to you and to the angels that God has assigned to help you. Praise God!

      1. I find this eye-opening article applicable to my situation. If we do not struggle to speak our natural human language of descent, why do we find it difficult to speak spiritual language consist with our spiritual nature? Oh Lord help my unbelief.

        1. When we first learn to speak we only utter a few words or syllables and we repeat them. New words are learned gradually.

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