Deciphering Prophetic Words

deciphering prophetic words

This post is about deciphering prophetic words.  I believe this is important in this season as we move forward as a church into the new church era.  I pray after reading this you will learn something new about the prophetic.

Definition of Decipher – verb succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something).

People are confused

The church is obsessed with the gift of prophesy.  I don’t get emails or comments from people wanting to be intercessors or an evangelist to win souls for the Lord.  No, pretty much 99.9% want to be a prophet.  They want a prophetic school .  After speaking with them I’ve drawn some conclusions so I thought I would share it here so that you know too.

(1) Most people who say they want the gift of prophesy don’t actually want the gift of prophesy what they want is to hear God speak to them.

(2)  Hearing God speak is NOT a spiritual gift.  It is your right as a child of God.  Once you have the Holy Spirit, you can hear God.  Perhaps that’s the training you really need?  I’ve done 2 classes already and now there is a series that has already begun.  If you want to join in, you need to go over here and subscribe to the mailing list and you’ll get all the teaching on that Hearing God Speak

(3) People believe that if they have dreams and visions and can see in the spirit realm that means they are a prophet.  That is incorrect.  Those are gifts of the spirit, prophets have these gifts but that doesn’t mean you are a prophet. The prophet Samuel wasn’t a dreamer and didn’t really have visions, God just spoke directly to Him.

(4) I’m a prophet because another prophet told me so. No, just because God speaks to you doesn’t mean you are a prophet.  Most people mislabel other people’s gifting (read #3).  God needs to tell you that Himself, then someone else confirms it.  This isn’t the type of calling you play with because there’s a lot of persecution with this.  I’m not talking about the gift but the office.

(5) I know people who I would rank as a level 10 seer in the spirit that are not prophets.  Remember prophesy talks of future events, not present or past event.  Present or past events is another gift (Word of knowledge), prophesy is future.  Just because you can read someone’s phone number and address to them doesn’t mean you are a prophet.  That would be present information not future.  You need to see the future events PLUS they need to be accurate.

(6)  I’m sure you’ve heard the term new level, new devil.  Well, there’s a lot of spiritual attacks associated with this.  It comes with the territory which is why I would caution anyone in taking on a title of “Prophet or Prophetess” until you are 100% sure.  The attacks come with the job.  If you were a criminal and afraid of getting caught would you kill the person who the school administrator or the police officer?  Being a cop is a dangerous job.  It comes with the territory.  This is the same thing.  That’s the only reason I am letting you know the minute you take that title on, get ready!

(7)  The true prophets usually had a pretty rough life.  The enemy usually knows who you are in the spirit before you even know who you are.  So they’ve had it rough since birth.  That’s why when the prophet steps into the office and the calling they can handle the attacks because they’ve been fighting their whole life.


Now let’s dive into deciphering prophetic words:

Is the prophecy biblical?

This is the entry level test.  What are the scriptures being used in the prophetic word.  You need to read them and you need to know if what was said is in fact biblical.  If not, then you have to pass on it. (2 Timothy 3:16)


Discern the spirit behind the word

1 John 4:1 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

There are 3 different “spirit sources” meaning type of spirit that would produce a prophetic word.  One is the Spirit of God, the other is the enemy/devil (2 Corinthians 11:13-15, John 10:10) and the third is the human spirit (Ezekiel 13:3).  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell the source immediately but the bible tells us how to identify when a spirit is from the Lord. Revelation 19:10 says the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ.  That means that if a prophet/prophetic intercessor/or anyone who gives the prophetic word does not lead you back to the Lord then it’s not from God.  It has to point back to Jesus Christ and developing your relationship with Him. If the prophetic word you are receiving from the same prophet is always about your flesh – your money, your business, your car, your marriage, your kids, you, you, you, while it may feel good in the moment you have to always ask yourself the question “Is this leading me closer to the Lord?”  Fleshly messages that only feed the flesh, every time and all the time are not from the spirit of God.  It’s not that God doesn’t want to bless you but if all you hear from the same person is the same type of message there is a high possibility they are not prophesying from the Spirit of God.

Many will say test the spirit of the word, the best time to do that is before you read, watch or listen to the word.  It’s a simple prayer:

Holy Spirit, put a filter over my eyes and my ears, show me if this word is for me, show me the spirit behind this word if it is from you, the enemy or this person’s flesh or spirit, allow me to flow in discerning of spirits right now so that I will not be deceived, in Jesus name, Amen.

That’s it.  You don’t do it after, you do it before.  When you are drinking water do you filter it after you drink it or before?  You shouldn’t be consuming any prophetic word before you pray on the Holy Ghost filter. And then when you are done watching that video you will clearly know where that word came from.  Do not be surprised if you can’t even click play, you just look at the persons picture and immediately know “No, thank you!”


The Prophetic Specialty

Did you know that within the calling or prophetic gifting people have “specialties” or paths that God has given them a great desire to prophesy in that area.  The same thing happens with prophetic intercession.  Let me explain…inevitably if you have a prayer group that meets weekly and it is not targeted or directed at a specific subject you will notice that the intercessors will come in with the same type of prayers or burden’s each week.  So there’s going to be one that always wants to pray for the government, one will always want to pray for the church in general, one is always praying for families.  This is what I mean when I say specialty.  They don’t even know why they are always called to praying for the same thing but they feel this deep calling and burden to always pray for that.  The prophetic gifting works the same.  This doesn’t mean that they can’t switch and prophecy about something different but you’ll notice they mostly stick with the same area.

Why you need to know this?  It is highly unlikely that someone who is a prophet called to the government will start offering personal prophetic words to individuals on their website. That is not the track God has them on. So, if you want to know what God is saying to a specific area the best prophet to get the information from is one called to that arena.  How will you know this?  Just read 5-10 of their prophetic words or watch their videos and ask yourself who are they speaking to?  Who is the audience?  That is how you know.  There are prophets that only prophecy in their church, some to their country, some in their community, some are worldwide, some are government, others are to the church in general.  It you pay attention to what they are writing and saying you can see where God has called them .  Jeremiah 1:5, God specifically tells him he is called to be a prophet to the nations. Micah prophesied to Israel and Judah.  John in the new testament wrote the Revelation and that is to the nations. Judges 18 you see the story of a priest who worked for only one person and then went to work with the tribe of Dan. So the same thing happens today, people are generally given an area where God calls them to prophesy.  It’s not that they cannot prophesy other things but you will see them being more effective and used mightily by God when they stick with the area where He has called them.  Besides, we can’t all the doing the same thing.


The Gift vs the Office

There is a very big difference and you can tell when you meet someone who walks in the office immediately.  They are generally bold and super accurate. You can take courses to teach you how to prophesy and they throw you out of the nest and force you to prophecy over people until you are comfortable enough to do it.  I’m not even sure if that is a gift but then again the word says we can all prophecy (1 Corinthians 14:31) so I guess there is nothing wrong with that.  I wouldn’t want to be making a life altering decision though on the word of someone who had to go to school to learn how to operate in a gift.  When someone has the true gift of prophecy they don’t need to go to school to learn it, it’s already a part of who they are.  It is organic and you can tell.  They generally have a close relationship with the Lord and that’s how they know what they know.  You can have a gift of prophecy, but that doesn’t mean you are called to the office of the prophet.  Having the office of the prophet means this is your main calling and that is what you do.  You travel around and prophecy.  You can be a prophetic intercessor but the main gift is intercession and not prophecy.  However, you can’t be a prophet without intercession.  If you have the gift or the office you will know… By their fruit you shall know them.  When you walk in the office of a prophet you are basically saying I’m God’s mouthpiece in the earth.  That is a very tall order!  Therefore, this means that you must have encounters with Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit.  How can you say you are the mouthpiece of God if you never had an encounter with the one you are speaking for?  This is not possible.  If someone is walking in the office, listen for “the encounter” in  how they receive prophetic words.  Yes, they can still get it through dreams, visions and other ways but there MUST be encounters somewhere along the line.  When you say you are walking in the office of the prophet then expect to have spiritual attacks associated with that.  God will enable you to handle it because you will special grace given to you in warfare for that office.  Notice Jeremiah had an encounter and was specifically called to the office; however, John was caught up in a vision (Revelation 1) but was never called to the office of the prophet.  They both prophesied but one is a prophet and the other one is not.

Asking for Money to give you a prophesy

I’ve already written about this and you can find it here. Prophetic Words, Sowing Seed & Giving Money

Gloom and Doom vs Cotton Candy

If you look at any of the prophets in the bible, especially Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah, you will see that there was a lot of gloom and doom but there were also many blessings spoken as well.  You can’t be a true prophet of God and never have a word of correction to the church or an individual.  It’s hard to do and not pleasant because every one wants to deliver the good word and not the bad.  But there is no way you can be truly hearing from God if you only give “cotton candy prophecies”.  God chastens those He loves so at some point there is going to be a rebuke.  The flip side is just as true, the judgment prophets and that is all they talk about….bad stuff, bad stuff and more bad stuff.  It’s almost like they take joy out of hearing people will suffer.  I’ve never understood that and it makes me question just as much if they are hearing from God or not. There has to be some balance there.  Even though Jeremiah prophesies some terrible things we still have so many scriptures in that book that was hopeful and uplifting.  Any true prophet will have both.


The Public Rebuke vs the Private Rebuke

One of the joys of sharing what God is saying in this forum is that I can openly speak because you don’t know me and I don’t know you.  I’m not calling you out and the word speaks for itself.  If you get offended then you should stop and examine why it bothers you since we don’t even know each other.  Is it condemnation or is it conviction?  Only you will know the truth to the question if you are guilty of what the post says. However, in a public setting when I am face to face with someone if God shows me something bad I will pull them to the side and tell them in private.  I don’t think God wants us to humiliate people in public.  I always think of that woman caught in adultery that He told everyone if you are sinless cast the first stone (John 8:3-11).  He never condoned what she did because He told her to go and sin no more but He also is not into publicly embarrassing and humiliating people.  Except for the money changers table, yeah that time! LOL  It was a whole group of people and they were all doing it and He was angry.  If some prophet calls you out a public embarrasses you by telling your personal business to a room full of people, that is not God!


Can your prophetic word get stolen?

Yes.  Here’s what you need to know when prophecy is spoken over you this is what God wants for you.  But there is a looooooong road between when you receive it and when it is fulfilled, especially if it’s a big prophecy regarding your destiny. If the word is spoken in public and those around have demonic or familiar spirits attached to them then they will attack that word.  You go through a very difficult time to see if fulfilled.  Road blocks, traffic jams, distractions, financial lack, sickness, oppression, delays, counterfeits, false prophetic words spoken against it.  Many many things and if you are not careful you end up forfeiting the prophetic word.  You start thinking that it will never happen so you give up on it.  What do you call that?  Stolen.  My general rule of thumb is that if it is a really big word I pull people aside and tell them because I don’t want to just let something like that out in the atmosphere.

I’ll share a personal testimony.  I went to a prayer breakfast once for Haiti because I did a lot of mission work in that country.  At the breakfast I had to share some testimonies/God stories of what God was doing through the ministry there, this is why I was invited.  Then the emcee for the event a little later on said that God showed him that someone in the room was about to receive a new spiritual gift.  He began to describe the gift because he said he had never seen anything like it before.  There were about 300 people in the room but I felt like it was me.  I never said “I receive it Lord or I claim it in Jesus name” or anything like that but I just felt in my spirit it was me.  He never said who was getting the gift.   Well, I said nothing and the event continued.  Near to the end of the event we all had to get up and intercede for the nation all in one voice so as I close my eyes ready to intercede I see slithering across the room around the tables me a giant snake!  This is in the spirit now.  And I thought to myself “Oh great here we go!”  So while everyone else was praying for the nation there I was in warfare against this spirit.  The head of it was bigger and taller than me!  It was that large.  And it was just there for me and I knew this had to do with that prophecy.  So there I was battling this thing.  Then the prayer ended and we were all getting ready to leave at least 4 different people came up to me and said “I think you are the one getting the spiritual gift”.  I was thinking in my mind no kidding ! I’d like to know which one of you sent the giant snake!  Then this little girl came over and handed me a book and then pointed to her mom over on the opposite end of the room and she said her mom wanted me to have the book.  It’s about a voodoo high priestess turned Christian.

So I get home and this wave of tiredness comes over me and I go take a nap and God gives me a dream (that’s why He put me to sleep) I have my handbag over my shoulder and it has double straps.  Then this woman comes up to me and points to one of the straps on the handbag and I see that it is  tearing away from the handbag. Like it had been cut with a knife and the threads were showing that were barely holding the strap in place. Luckily there were 2 straps so it didn’t fall to the ground and then she says to me “I did that” and then I wake up.  I knew instantly that this was the attempt to steal the gift.  But in my conservative Presbyterian mind (at the time) I’m thinking to myself there is no way that is possible.  Where is that in scripture?  How do you steal someone’s spiritual gift? But I was sure that it was possible because I just went into warfare hours earlier because of this.  Immediately, I pick up the book the little girl handed to me at the event and I just felt compelled to read it.  I began reading and didn’t put it down until I finished the entire book all the way into the wee hours of the next morning.

What was interesting is that in one chapter the author had a paragraph where she describes how witches and warlocks love going to conferences and churches, especially when there is a prophet present, and they STEAL things in the spirit.  My mouth fell open.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t know that was even possible until this occurred.  So even though I didn’t have a scripture to support this thing, I experienced it and now here is an ex voodoo priestess confirming that they can actually do this and God gave me a dream that they were trying to do this but failed because I went into warfare immediately.

I’m telling you this story so that you understand where you are when you receive the prophetic word and who is around is key.  There are many people that run to and fro to conferences “to get a word from the prophet” and then they see absolutely nothing happen.  This could be the reason.

I’m sensitive in the spirit so I can pick up things easily and I went into warfare over it immediately.  Don’t be so quick to ask for prophetic words in public.  These people are quoting bible verses, praying in tongues and have their hands raised as if they are worshiping God but they have a completely different agenda.  You cannot know based on their action you have to discern it by the spirit.  There are several witches on YouTube prophesying over people and they have huge followings.  Be careful.  If you get a check in your spirit, stop watching them.  Shortly after you will find others will call them out and that will be your confirmation.

I did get the gift about 2 years after that happened but I also was not friends with any of these people or had them around me constantly where I had to keep battling.  They didn’t know me or even where to find me.  I was just a random person at a prayer breakfast.  Plus I’m not the type to walk around telling people what has been prophesied over me.  That’s between me and God.


deciphering prophetic wordsSoulish Prophecy

I’ve already written an entire post on his subject and I will link it here.  These are dangerous.  These are people that have the prophetic gifting that are just picking up on people’s desires and repeating it to them.  Thereby causing the person to think this is a word from the Lord except it’s actually their own desires being repeated to them.  Unless you have your desires completely aligned with those of Christ, I wouldn’t trust that if I were you.  How will you know if you received one of these?  The prophesy won’t happen.


Prophesying from Desires

This one is even more dangerous than the soulish prophecy.  This is when the prophet is actually prophesying their own desires (Jeremiah 23:16).  God never told them anything.  They are just telling you what they want to happen.  The terrible thing with this one is that they may truly have the gift of prophecy but they have allowed their desire to over take them and they believe they are hearing from God but it is actually their desire they are prophesying to you.  Let me ask you a question, how many of those people prophesying about marriages in the kingdom of God are actually married? hmmm  If you discern the spirit from the beginning, by praying the prayer at the beginning of the post, you will pick it up.  Same thing with the ones prophesying about money constantly, they need your money!  They are actually prophesying from their own desire and lack!  You have to pay attention to this because these people will lead you astray.  These “desire prophets” are generally coming with the same message, centered around the same thing….what they desire.

Over a decade ago I had a group of friends I would hang out with regularly, 5 singles.  They asked me one day to pray for them to get married.  After all, I am the one with the prophetic intercession gift so for sure it’s going to happen.  I told them I’m already praying but what I tell them may not be from the Lord because we were all so very close, I love them and I want for them, what they want for themselves.  They were shocked at my response.  But I tell you the truth from way back then I knew, your desires can cloud what you hear from God.

Once you start to choose sides, and have desires for a specific outcome, it can drown out the authentic voice of the Lord.  You can want something so bad that every dream, every vision, every word from the Lord says Yes and it still isn’t God!  It is best to remain neutral.  If you don’t care either way with the outcome you have a better chance at hearing clearly.  The minute your desire takes over…watch out!


Regurgitated Prophesy

Yes!  It’s not their word, they got it from someone else and it sounded really good so they went ahead and rewrote it or recorded it as if it was their word and presented it as “God told me”.  How will you know?  Well, it will completely lack anointing.  When the one who has been in the presence of God gives a message you can tell.  There is a certain anointing that comes with the message and you know it is authentic, original.  When it is a regurgitated message (1) they’ll publish it after the authentic original word (Youtube Algorithm will tell on them) and you know what it sounds like? (2) take a glass, fill it with juice then drink it till a 1/4 is left, then fill the glass with water then drink it. How does it taste?  Does it taste like the original juice?  That’s how those prophetic words sound!  Watered down.  No anointing.  Because it was never their word from God.  They saw it somewhere and repeated it.

Jeremiah 23:30-32

30-31 “I’ve had it with the ‘prophets’ who get all their sermons secondhand from each other. Yes, I’ve had it with them. They make up stuff and then pretend it’s a real sermon.

32 “Oh yes, I’ve had it with the prophets who preach the lies they dream up, spreading them all over the country, ruining the lives of my people with their cheap and reckless lies.

“I never sent these prophets, never authorized a single one of them. They do nothing for this people—nothing!” God’s Decree.


Many times I will see other prophetic words and they are from the Lord, I can tell.  But I can’t take their word and present it as God said when He never said it to me He said it to them.  I can share their word and/or make reference to it.  But if I take it as my own it will lack the anointing of the Holy Spirit in that person.

Don’t worry, the YouTube algorithm and Google will tell on them.  Just check the time and date stamp and then listen for the watered down juice.

God CAN give the same message through two or more people so that there is confirmation BUT you will notice there is a way that He speaks to each person.  Tone, the symbolism, the language used will be different, not the same.  Same message different symbolism.


When the prophet prophesies a message that was for them only

You can be sure this is going to happen when they are quickly posting words when God just told it to them minutes ago!  Listen, when you are in a relationship with the Lord some of the things He’ll tell you is for you.  It’s not for everyone, just you!  Again, if God just gave them the information they didn’t take the time to pray, process the word, ASK GOD if the message is for them or for others too before they start sharing it.  They end up revealing to a whole bunch of people what God is actually only doing for and in them.  Remember when the prophet Nathan went to tell David about his sin and David thought Nathan was talking about someone else?  Nathan had to tell him “I’m talking about you!” (2 Samuel 12) Same with God.  Sometimes the word is for the prophet only.  When God gives me a word of rebuke, correction or judgement, I have to stand before that word first.  I have to examine myself first before I can bring that to anyone else. The key is to always ask the Lord if the word is to be shared with others before you share it.  Why the rush???


Prophet Talks-A-Lot

The one who over shares.  Tells everything God is saying to them.  Let me ask you, if you had a best friend and everything you told them got published in the daily mail, national enquirer, would you keep talking to them?  Sometimes God just wants to share something with you just because you are close to each other.  It’s not to be shared.  Sometimes the Lord will tell me something just to make me aware of a situation but it is not to be shared with anyone.  Yes we keep secrets!  The Lord has to know He can trust you with information.  Sometimes prophets and prophetic intercessors alike share things that really should just be prayed about.  They start revealing private things about people.  Giving away strategies to the enemy based on what God showed them.  When Moses went up the mountain for the 10 commandments do you think it took 40 days to carve them? No! I don’t think so.  It was probably on the final day God just gave Him the tablets and said “give them this”  LOL  These old prophets knew how to keep secrets.  Enoch, walked with God and God took him.  Enoch went straight into heaven and never said a word to any of us! LOL  Seriously, he must know tons of stuff in order to be translated to heaven.  Come on, think about it!  Did he share any of it?  Nope. Not a word. Secrets.

We’ve taken on this whole worldly social media spirit that says we should share everything!  This is the problem.

I wrote a post once based on an encounter I had with the Lord.  It wasn’t for me personally it was for the body of Christ.  Spent 4 hours writing looking up scriptures and the day I was to publish it, as I always do, I asked the Lord if He was happy with it.  He said that He showed me that just so that I would know.  I had to delete the whole thing.  But that taught me a lesson, now I don’t even start writing until I find out “can I share this with everyone?”  Otherwise, it is not getting written – it is between me and God.


Prophesy not in season, for you.

Some words are from the Spirit of God and will come to pass but we are not all in the same season.  You need to know the season you are in.  Every prophetic word has timing associated with it.  If it’s not your season it won’t happen for you but it may happen for others (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).  And, you will know the word was from the Lord because people generally will come back and testify concerning a word.  It was just not your season to get that even though you wanted it.


The Prophet that used to be a psychic or a practicing witch

Hmmm.  I want to make it very clear that Jesus is in the business of healing, delivering and overturning what the enemy has done and using it for good.  Yes, He specializes in this.

However, if you are receiving the prophetic word from someone who used to be a practicing witch or a psychic it means that they are accustomed to using familiar spirits and divination to get information.  Yes, they were working with evil spirits before they got saved.  Therefore, there has to be some process of healing and deliverance that happened prior to them tapping into the prophetic with the Holy Spirit.  There has to be a process. You don’t become a Christian today and jump into giving prophetic words to people WITHOUT deliverance.  Where did the spirits go that they used to get the information from?  Do you think they just packed up and left town?  No.  That person has to be able to tell you clearly how they got delivered from those spirits.  Yes.  If they don’t recall or they think the spirits went away the minute they got save, they may very well be operating under the same spirits.  You can easily pick them up too.  If they were charging money for their psychic business these are the same ones that are there charging you for prophetic words.  Then they will try to convince you that it is now the Holy Spirit. No sir.  No ma’am.  Something has to look different.  You can’t be operating the same way and then label it differently.  What change?

I cannot tell you how many of them are on YouTube prophesying over people and I am still picking up their “witchcraft static”  I don’t know what else to call it other than I still pick up that spirit on them before they even say they used to practice that.  It’s still on them.  They may be well-intentioned but they need to be delivered from familiar spirits and a diving spirit before they can prophesy over anyone.  The minute you find out they used to be involved and practicing any level of witchcraft you need to hear the full deliverance story.  How did they get rid of those spirits?

Remember not because they give accurate information means the source is God.  I remember once I was watching someone live and I had seen her videos twice, she started to recommend this website for people to get information on numbers if they keep seeing numbers.  I had never heard of this site before so while she is on her live I start looking up the site.  The site belonged to a psychic.  I went into the live chat and gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe she didn’t realize it.  Only to have her tell me that she knew but she found the information very useful so here she was sending all these thousands of followers over to a psychic.  Yes, she did!  And even after I told her she kept doing it. So then I had to be the one telling people in the chat that this was not a Christian site and the bible clearly states we should not be consulting these people.  These people that sit under that ministry will now pick up familiar spirits because she is getting her information from a familiar spirit.  Very dangerous.


Daily Prophetic Words

Sigh. Let me start by saying this, I followed 2 people that share daily prophetic words because I was curious. What could they possibly have to share with others that God was telling them everyday?  The truth is both of these people didn’t share anything bad, it was really good, solid because it was biblical.  For those of you who think there is no way God is speaking that much, that’s not true He speaks everyday, several times a day depending on how much you are listening… the Bible.

So, what’s wrong with it? I’m only speaking about the 2 that I followed for a little while

(1)  It’s a general word so some days may be for you some days may not.  So everyday you have to decipher if this is for you or not.  Why waste your time?  Just go to God directly and get the sure word that IS for you.

(2)  If I need to consult a prophet every single day to tell me what God is saying, that says a lot about my relationship with the Lord.  What does it say?  I don’t have a relationship with the Lord so I need a mediator (a go between) to tell me what God is saying.  Do you know why Jesus Christ came?  So that the Israelites (and the rest of the world) would no longer need to go to the priest to enter the Holy of Holies to make sacrifice for them and have contact with God.  When He died on the cross it said the veil that separated the people from having access to the Holy of Holies (the most Holy Place and the Presence of God) was torn. (Matthew 27:51) He tore down the barrier thereby giving ALL of us access.  So if God came to earth as a man (Jesus), sacrificed His life so that we would no longer need a middle man to reach Him, why on earth would I go find myself a middle man on a daily basis?

Let’s look at what this would look like in a real world situation.  Jesus is your Husband (the bridegroom), whether you are a man or a woman. (Revelation 21:2, 2 Corinthians 11:2)  So every day you get up and you go to the next door neighbor to find out what your Husband is saying.  I thought you lived with your Husband?  Why do you need the next door neighbor to tell you daily what your Husband is saying?  Ask Him yourself.  He’s right there in your house with you.  Unless, you are in an estranged relationship with your Husband or you’re not actually married to Him.  He doesn’t live there with you.

Something is wrong.  The hardest people to get saved are the people who already think they are saved. <—read it again.

How do I know this?  I was one of them.  It’s like a fish in the fish bowl, do you think the fish thinks he’s in the bowl or does he think you’re the one in the bowl?  You’re on the inside but you’re still on the outside.

There are many in the church right now that are not saved.  Many and just imagine if you thought you were saved and someone walked up to you and said you were not.  You’d probably get super offended, right?  Yes!  After all, you go to church, you read your bible, you pray, you sing on the worship team.  What are they talking about?  How offensive!  The great thing about how God is running this ministry is that you don’t know me and I don’t know you.  So you don’t need to get offended.  All you have to do is read the questions below, answer the questions honestly and this is just between you and God.   So how would you know if you’re really not saved?

If you answer YES to these questions:

(1) I read the bible but I don’t really understand it like others.  I don’t seem to have any kind of revelations as other do from reading the bible.

(2) I don’t have the kind of relationship with God that others do.

(3) I’m still trying to figure out why God speaks to other people but never speaks to me.

(4)  I’m not 100% sure that I am going to heaven when I die

(5) I’ve prayed many prayers and never seem to win in any battles

If you answered YES to more than 3 of these 5 questions you may not actually be saved.  I’m just trying to help you connect the dots.  So where did you miss it?  What I have found with people who are in this place is that they have the Father and they have the Son but they still don’t know the Holy Spirit.  Something is missing.  You are missing the Holy Spirit.  Please read this

Then after that you can go here, watch the video, say the prayer and now you have the Holy Spirit.

You won’t need to be listening to anyone’s daily prophetic word you can ask your Husband yourself.

Prophets only know what God shows them

The bible says we see in part and we prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9).  People with the prophetic gift or the office of the prophet do not know everything.  They only know what the Lord shows them.  If you read the story of Samuel anointing David, why didn’t God just tell him to go to Jesse’s house, to the son named David and anoint him?  No, He told him where to go and not until David was standing in front of him did he know this was the son that should be anointed (1 Samuel 16).  When  you have a huge destiny in the Lord, things are kept secret till the last minute.  Think of Elijah and the story of Jezebel and Ahab.  Elijah didn’t know that 100 prophets were in hiding and even after meeting the person who hid them, Obadiah, he still didn’t know.  Obadiah had to tell him (1 Kings 18).  So, the prophet doesn’t know everything.

God keeps a lot of things secret because He doesn’t want the enemy to ruin it.  Many things He will only reveal at the very last minute when nothing can stop it.

I have met many people with huge destinies and I get very excited for them only to see them never get to it.  Let me be clear, the devil cannot stop God’s plan for your life.  He cannot.  What he does is he frustrates you to the point where you give it up.  He puts things in your path and make you go off track.  If you decide in your mind that you are going for the highest prize, you will win.  Every time.  But is will require sacrifice.  Dedication.  Discipline. Perseverance.  You will need to lose some people’s phone number.  Cut off many.  Crucify your flesh.  Closing your mouth. Many things will be required and this is usually where people miss it.  They are not willing to pay the price to get there.

God ONLY has great plans for you so if your life doesn’t look the way you believe it should, then He is not finished with you yet.  There is more.

I pray this has helped you to decipher some of the things you’re seeing in the prophetic camps.  Is there anything that was missed?  Do you have a question concerning prophesies?  Ask below in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Deciphering Prophetic Words”

  1. Thanks alot mop for this informative and
    elaborate article, surely I needed this most because I wanted to know myself better.
    First, Revelation 19:10 to me carries the main point in prophecy, because the most important thing in life is one’s relationship with God, and that’s the main target for prophecies other things may come later, i.e good health, daily needs etc. But here is where the enemy is taking an advantage because he knows we need this things for life sustainability so he is subtly diverting people’s attention to look for these things at the expense of making a close relationship with God. And again to differentiate these source at times is not easy , May God have mercy on us .
    May I get the following clarifications.
    1). I’ve heard some say that a gift can be stolen and be used in another person. How is this possible and why if it is from God, why does God allow the enemy to use the gift of the holy spirit in that way. But is it true.
    2). Can a prophet have more than two gifts eg evangelism , word of knowledge etc.
    3). How can one know the timing of a prophetic word?.
    4.)why is it that when am praying am being led to intercede for the body of Christ but after that I feel very much exhausted and tired.
    5). the Lord gave me an assignment to do, but some times am being distracted from it and am just feeling this is an enemy after I’ve prayed the door open for the assignment to be done, then it comes back again so it’s a fight every now and then so how can this stop?.
    6). I dream a lot but nowadays when I wake up I don’t remember anything what maybe the problem? I’ve prayed about it and still there is no change.
    Much blessings.

    1. Yes Matthew, the goal of the enemy in these false prophetic words that feed to the flesh is to give us “independence from God” and not to send us back to Jesus. Your questions are excellent and I’ll try to answer them…The Holy Spirit is God and He gives spiritual gifts but I don’t see how God, who is the creator, would allow a created being to use Him for evil. This is not possible. I think the enemy can create a counterfeit or fake gift but it will never be from the source of the Holy Spirit. I believe when he attempts to steal spiritual gifts, he can’t actually use them so he’s probably just delaying the working or operation of them in your life. If someone were to stay in the environment of the thief they may never see the manifestation of the spiritual gift because the enemy may be able to keep it at bay for a very long. This is gift, not destiny or purpose, I’m talking about. The only thing I believe the enemy can steal and use is possessions. It’s like owning land but you have squatters living on it. They are taking possession of it but they don’t own it. This I believe he can do with things, not spiritual gifts. In these cases we have to get strategy from God on how to get back what belongs to us.
      A prophet, or any other Christian for that matter, can have multiple gifts. If you do a spiritual gifts test, you’re always going to find that you have about 5 gifts but there are generally 3 at the very top. You can flow in multiple giftings at the same time. Especially if you go after Jesus and not gifts. Let me explain, when you ask for the gift of prophecy and earnestly seek it God may give it to you because the bible tells us to earnestly covet the gifts (1 Cor. 12:31). However, someone who goes after Jesus will get what comes along with Jesus which is…everything! When He comes the substance of who He is comes along with Him.
      I wrote a post about the timing of prophetic words here
      When we pray and we feel exhausted it is because we are actually engaging in warfare in the spirit. Your spirit man never gets tired and doesn’t require sleep. Much like any spiritual being, they don’t get tired. The part of you that feels exhaustion is your physical body. This is why it is very important for us as Christians to take care of our physical bodies because they enter into warfare as well in prayer. If you are not healthy you can get sick after intense spiritual warfare. You can go into deep prayer for days and then feel as if you could sleep forever afterwards because your physical body was involved in the prayer too. Even though you never left your couch. Take care of your body. Workout and eat properly as best as you can. I’m going to write a post about this in January. I think it is important for the body of Christ to know.
      Concerning your assignment, it appears you need a new strategy from God on how to go about it. It is obvious the enemy knows this is an assignment for you and is waiting for you every time you try to do it. You have to get a new strategy from God. He’ll show you a way in that the enemy knows nothing about.
      The enemy has been stealing a lot of dreams these days because God is actually talking a lot to His people in this season. You need to access the voice of God in another way. And then, at night you need to anoint your head with oil, bind the enemy from interfering with your dreams. When you wake up in the morning pray in the spirit and ask Him to bring to mind anything you may have missed.
      Hope this helps

  2. I was wondering if you could provide information on the book the women gave you? My mother is a witch and has been after me my whole life. The Lord warned her when I was little that I was going to serve Him and that she needed to repent. The Lord has just revealed the fullness in the last few years and it explains so much of my life.

    1. Hi Angela, I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of it and I gave it away several years back. There are many of them who have converted to Christianity so I am sure you can probably find one with a Google search. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi MOP.

    When my sister and I were young, about 30ty years ago, we went for a family drive to a dam. At first there was noone there on arrival. As we began walked over, an older looking man was sitting on a park bench and a younger lady was sitting on top of the back rest of the seat. She approached us and said that they were angels sent by God with a message. The message was that my sister was very special, that she has a gift, it will be activated when she is 10years of age and that she will be a prophet.

    My christian parents didn’ t know how to respond. I had to ask my mother what it meant. When they turned back to look, they were no longer on the seat. My parents decided to go back to the car.

    For a year, my sister continued to say she was special. When she got in trouble, she would say not to tell her off because she was special. My parents kept it to themselves and did nothing about it. When she turned 10, nothing happened. When she was a teen, she wanted nothing to do with God. The family had collapsed. When she was approaching 30ty, she became Catholic and is very much in practice still today. To this day we all remember and wonders about that visit and message.

    What do you make of it?

    Is there a possibility that she has this?

    Was it someone making a joke? It didn’t seem like it.

    I don’t think we (as adults today) heard from God about it when we prayed.

    Some direction and insight would help please.


    1. Hi Chevy, let me first say don’t count out the Catholics! Two of the most loving spirit filled believers that I know are Catholics. God has His people everywhere and not all Catholics are created equal. And we could really say that about any denomination. I believe your sister may very well be going through her process. Remember at the beginning I said prophets usually have a rough life/path. This is what God uses to shape and mold them. It would be odd that random strangers would say that to a child and then disappear. The question is, is there any proof that she has this gift or calling? At this age she should already be exhibiting signs of it. So, has she said anything in passing or just by joking and then you see it happen? Does she share any dreams with you or the family and have they happened? That’s how you know if it is true. If she hasn’t and you see her over the holidays just ask her general questions about what is happening around the world and see what she says. Then see if it happens. That’s how you’ll know.

  4. This is so timely, thank you. Should we also treat dreams and visions from other people in the same manner, because sometimes people will insist on having dreams and visons regarding ones life but how do we test a dream against God’s word?
    About people who may want to steal a prophetic word, how do you cut them off when they are around you all the time, maybe you serve together, you are in the same prayer groups. How does one deal with such?

    1. Great questions Jane. Concerning dreams, remember that many prophecies in the bible came through dreams so this is a big way in which God speaks to people. The only thing I would advise is praying the prayer at the beginning of the post to ask God the source of the dream. A big clue with dreams is that when it is truly from God it will always have some message of redemption in it. He’s never going to give us some terrifying dream without telling us how to get out of the situation. He’s about redeeming people and reconciliation. If that component is missing from the dream, then it’s probably not God. Many are having really bad dreams about the state of the world that are actually coming from the spirit of fear. They believe the dreams are from the Lord but the truth is if God is not showing a way out, it’s not God. However, when God shows the way out we have to choose the way out in order to get a good outcome or what was shown in the dream will happen.
      You will need to leave the prayer group. The witches in your group are not omniscient so they can’t know anything unless you tell them or they pick it up off your spirit when you enter the spiritual realm with them in prayer. They work off of information. You tell them nothing, they have nothing. They just have to guess or they ask you or one of your friends for the information. For them it’s like trying to hit a moving target in the dark. You know, like Samson God will show you the heart of someone but it’s really up to you to cut them off. You’ll have a hard time realizing any of your dreams and destiny staying connected to these spirits. Blessings

  5. Is there a way to accelerate the manifestation of a word? I was seeking the Lord for a destiny word from Him because I retired and want to devote more time to seeking & pleasing Him. I also had been praying for the gift of prophecy for some time, as the Bible directs. I believe I have a seer anointing because I sometimes have dreams, although I have trouble with interpreting them or knowing how to reposed to them (I usually research and pray but don’t really know if it makes a difference.) Anyway, the Lord told me that I can see and hear from Him, and that I have the gift of miracles and healing. Later I went to a church and a well known prophet confirmed the word the Lord had spoken to me. But that’s been 4 months ago and I am still not regularly walking in these gifts. I’m not sure if this matters, but my church is not a spirit-filled church so I don’t have a “family” to minister within. I feel that I know the Lord intimately, and I have a great desire to bring healing to broken & hurting people, but don’t see opportunity. Although I do feel led to pray a lot, I feel like something is missing. Any advice?

    1. Hi Tisha, this is actually more common than you might think. Ask the Lord to show you how and where you can use your gift. The more you use it the better you will get. Even though you can’t in your own church I believe God can still send you elsewhere to use it while you still remain in your church. Just ask Him to show you. Accelerating a word. Hmmm I’m actually posting a word on Friday entitled “Delay vs Timing” I think this will help you! Blessings

  6. This is needed in this season. To much is put on social media and spoken out of season to the wrong people. To much running to every person that calls themselves a prophet to capture their words to falsely pass on to others as their own.
    Yes, we must be silent, pray, intercede, fast, study and we still may not get the okay to speak it the public. I do believe this is training for those He is preparing for this next season.

  7. Wow!!Awesome word. I so needed this. I have been searching so long to find information on the office of the Prophet and further understanding of prophets/prophetic words.In what way does a person in the prophetic office encounter warfare? If a prophetic word is stolen, can u get it back? How do you not fear this gift as it is a huge responsibility?

    1. Hi Kellee, to answer your questions. If you read the story of Elijah you’ll see how he got attacked. There are many other ways you get attacked as well. The minute you flow in any of the gifts of the spirit and you publicize it, you are a magnet for witches and warlocks. That’s why God has to call you into the prophetic office. You will be trained, by God, on how to fight the warfare. If you are not called you will have a hard time shaking them off you.
      I don’t know if you can get a word back if it is stolen. It never happened to me, they attempted and failed. These people tried to connect with me for about a month following that event asking that I come to speak at other conferences plus others from the event wanted to connect with me. I cut all contacts with all of them as I don’t care about building a platform and I don’t have time to try and determine who sent the snake and who didn’t. Cut. You have to stay away from anything that you feel is associated with the warfare or the demonic realm. I think that would be the first step to getting back what was stolen. How do you hang out with robbers and expect to get and keep your stuff? I think this is really where most people fail and never reach destiny, they don’t cut off people that they know are bad (Samson). Real prophets who walk in the office don’t have a lot of friends because they pick up on people really easily. They may start out with a lot of friends but in the end after the cut, and cut, and cut, and another cut, there are not many left.
      There is no fear in walking in this gift when it is a true gift from God because if you are only saying what God is saying you are, in essence, not responsible for your words. God is because the words are His. He’s backing you up because He said it, you didn’t. How could you be afraid then? When you should be afraid is when God never said it. Look how mad He got with Moses when He told him to speak to the rock and Moses struck it instead. Say what He says. (John 8:28-29) “…I do nothing on my own but say only what the Father taught me. And the one who sent me is with me—he has not deserted me. For I always do what pleases him.”

  8. Thank you Lord for these teaching Words.
    I am going thru what is the timing in releasing something like a Word a vision or even dream as I learn to walk in His Ways. For example I got a vision for others I was gonna post it on here yet I did not know if I should. I am greatful for the editifying words that help us grow in the Lord. Just want to say thank you for hearing from the Lord

  9. “You can’t be a prophet without intercession”. This is absolutely true. Prophets hear, sense, and divinely know things revealed by the Holy Spirit. A true prophet is emotionally sensitive because this is what’s required to hear, sense, and divinely know things.

    This is what leads them to pray. It’s a very strong desire to pray. Not only for those who are going through testing, but also for those who are confused, in bondage OR those who are celebrating and going through a season of healing.

    If a prophet hears something negative from the news, friends, family, I guarantee you that the Spirit will draw them to pray about it. They won’t gossip or manipulate the situation. Prophets also won’t release a word without praying because the intention is to bless and allow the Lord to do the work.

    Observe or ask a prophet about their prayer life. If you’re fortunate enough, listen to them praying and interceding for others. Intercession is what humbles a prophet and allows God’s power to work through them.


  10. Thank you very much for sharing this extremely valuable reaching with us!! May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  11. Hi MOP, thank you for this word!
    When I got a word of prophesy before I was so excited I told everyone because no one had said before that I shouldn’t tell it to anyone. A lady at the church had roughly written it out for me and I even went as far as putting it up on my kitchen wall for all to see 🤦‍♀️ although some of it came to pass and I’m hopeful that it all will. I’ve definitely learned through your ministry not to do that so thank you. I also believe that the Holy Spirit helps me because I do get that feeling not to go on to some peoples videos and sometimes when on someone’s video it’s like it doesn’t manage to hold my attention not because it’s not tickling my ears, so I assume that the anointing isn’t really there and at times I feel it’s all about tickling my ears and as much as that is nice and I want it to be true I want the truth the good and what seems not so good. I want the blueprints, the chastising, the direction to take. All of it. I’d love to be able to have the gift of prophecy, I often ponder how wonderful it would be if some random person or even someone you knew was down and feeling hopeless and how great it would be to get a word from the lord to put a smile on their face and give them hope again. How rewarding and what a privilege but saying that I don’t ask for that gift anymore as I would be petrified I prophesied from another source rather than from the Lord. It’s a huge responsibility and not one to be taken lightly.
    Kind regards

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