Prophetic Word – Sleeping Giants Arise

sleeping giants arise

I have such a sense of excitement in my spirit right now for what God is doing in the body of Christ.  I have the deepest sense that the sleeping giants are waking up at this very moment.

Whether you realize it or not, God turned the plague of Covid into a blessing for the body of Christ.  Oh yes, He did!  What was created and meant for evil was indeed turned to good (Romans 8:28).

We needed to wake up as a church.  Yes, we did!  We were asleep at the wheel.  We fell into a slumber.  We left our post.  The watchmen left the wall.  Gatekeepers abandoned their gates.  Worship leaders started worshiping their own voices instead of ushering people into the presence of God.  Churches became about money, comfort and attendance instead of winning souls.  “Marriage goals” were being dictated by social media instead of the Kingdom of God.  Our children were being raised by television and online games instead of Christian parents. He made us homeschool our children whether we liked it or not! We were so off track.

Yep, we fell asleep.  So God used Covid to wake us up.  Shake us from our slumber.  Get us in gear to be ready to be in position for this next era.

Covid was used to gently shake the giant.  What giant is that?  The church.  We are a mighty force.  We are the ones with the true authority.  We are the only ones that can shift anything in the spirit.  We are a powerful force. A weapon in the hands of our Maker.  We are battle axes in the hands of the Lord created for the work of the Kingdom in the earth.

Romans 6:13 CSB

And do not offer any parts of it to sin as weapons for unrighteousness. But as those who are alive from the dead, offer yourselves to God, and all the parts of yourselves to God as weapons for righteousness.

He woke us up and one by one as we became aware of our sleeping state we got “clued in” to what we neglected.  Where we went wrong, what was missing.  So that we can be prepared.  For what?  For now!  Right now!  Yes, this moment when we need to be in position to go to war for the Kingdom.

Are you still unsure what you neglected?  Simple prayer…Holy Spirit, open my eyes to the things that I have neglected, the post that I have abandoned in this past season.  Remove the veil from my eyes so that I can see it, in Jesus name, Amen

This isn’t about the Presidency of the USA.  Wake up!  This  is about the church of Jesus Christ arising into her role as the warrior Bride.  It was never about the blue or the red.  It’s about the church.  God shaking us out of our complacency.

Don’t you see it?  Can’t you feel it?  This fervency to go into prayer and warfare.  Tell me you don’t feel it?!

Look at how God did it, He used Covid to gently nudge us awake.  So we got up and did our little morning stretch and then we start looking around thinking what are we supposed to do now?  Can’t follow the usual Sunday church routine anymore.  Nope.  He put an end to that. Then now here we are with everything in limbo.  A Presidency in limbo (even if you are reading this after it has been decided it’s still a valid word)

Nobody wants to feel unsure.  So now, He’s using this to stoke a fire of intercession and fasting within us!  PRAISE GOD!!!  I have NEVER seen the church this awake.  Ever!  Have you?

I’m so excited, because now that you are awake God can finally give you your divine appointment.  Yes, He needed to get that fire stoked within you so that you are ready to step into your role.

The scripture that He gave me is 1 Chronicles 26.  Which is all about the assignments of positions, roles in the work of the Lord.

You see, in a shaking things that are not properly fitted together pop out of place to make room for the piece that actually fits in that spot.  When the sleeping giants arisecorrect piece falls into place even when there is a shaking it will stay in place because it fits the spot.

Like the presidency, and the senate and the house.  Shake, shake, shake!  And any person that’s not suppose to be in that position is being shaken loose and the one that should be there in the end will fall right into place.  Yes, Jesus!

The churches, shake, shake, shake, some will close their doors and those displaced people will fall right into a church where they should’ve been in the first place at the end of the shaking.  For those of you who lost your church, DO NOT despair!  God has another plan for you.  Ask Him what that is.  Some people just reopened their church and continued doing business as usual without even inquiring of the Lord “Are you happy with how we are running the church Jesus?….Do you need us to change anything?”  Newsflash!  The shaking has not stopped so if it is not how the Lord wants it things are going to be shaken out of place, AGAIN!

Some will lose their seats and others will occupy seats that were meant for them in the first place.  This is what happens in a shaking.

I see the HEAVENS shaking!  God is moving the enemy out of a seat that YOU should have. The illegitimate owner is being REMOVED.  And the one designated by God is going to fall into position.  Yes, Jesus!

I see the HEAVENS shaking!  And the finances that were routed into the wrong places are being rerouted into the rightful hands.  As places close, finances are going to be freed up to make it to the place it should’ve been going in the first place.  Yes, Jesus!

You don’t have a job now but I tell you what… The position is being created because the shaking revealed a position that needs to be filled. Yes, Jesus!

Your business is not doing so well.  Guess what?  Shake, shake, shake you’ll probably be the only one left standing in the end so all those customers are going to be yours. Yes, Jesus!

I see the HEAVENS shaking!  Have you ever played the game Perfection? I’ve put in this video so you can see how it is played. You need to put all the pieces into the correct position (they are different shapes and sizes) before the time runs out. Tic Toc.  Vashti had her turn but at the end of the day she wasn’t the right piece in that puzzle.  So, in the Kairos Time she had to be removed from that position to make way for the rightful owner of the spot.  Esther.  Yeah, God gives people time to get it together but when they don’t they get popped out of place to make way for Esther.  Most times the “Esthers” weren’t ready so God puts in “seat fillers’.  Saul was a “seat filler” for David.  He was never supposed to be there but in the Kairos Time the real owner of that seat shows up!  Sometimes it’s not even that they are bad people they are just not in the right position. When the right person is ready and positioned to actually take up the role and responsibility then God moves one out of place with a shaking to make room for the rightful owner of that seat.

During a time of shaking you shouldn’t despair you need to look at it as God moving you into your rightful position.  That’s what He’s doing.  But we need to be submitted to Him and not act out of a spirit of rebellion especially when it’s not going the way we think it should go.

Yes Lord, Thy will be done, thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Let it be done unto us as it is written in the scrolls of heaven. Don’t fight what God is doing.  That is a spirit of rebellion. And, rebellion is witchcraft and stubbornness is idolatry (1 Samuel 15:23).  Instead see it as God’s decision and look for the place that He has for you.  You will find it.

God rejected Saul because of his rebellion.  You’ve come too far to have God reject (or eject you) you from your position because you are acting out of a spirit of rebellion by not accepting HIS decision.  Please hear it.  Do not rebel.  Accept it and move on.

Now comes the time for your divine appointment.  Your position is ready for you nowNo more delay.  Because, you are finally AWAKE!!  You can’t show up for the job asleep because there is work to be done.  You can’t show up for the job with a bad attitude because there is work to be done.  You can’t show up for the job unless you are totally reliant upon the Lord for your instructions because there is work to be done.  You can’t show up distracted.

Read 1 Chronicles 26, this is all about David appointing gatekeepers/watchmen.  When you read it take time to study out the names of the people.  This is important.  It’s not just a name, the names mean something.

God is assigning the watchmen and the gatekeepers right now.  But, He needed an ALERT group of saints to work with.  If you read that chapter in the NOG (Names of God) version,  you’ll see some were appointed by Elohim (Trinity) Himself.  These are very important roles.  They are going to be all over the different mountains of society (business, military, education, media, church, family, arts/entertainment) but put there as gatekeepers/watchmen assigned by Elohim.

Let’s recap…Covid was to shake you awake, Presidency in limbo was to splash some water on your face and brush your teeth…now you need to go get some coffee or matcha tea and look for the assignment – it’s here!

This is NOT about the red or the blue, this is about the purple (red AND blue).  What’s coming is not about red or blue it is coming for all of us.  Remember in the 5781 prophetic word, I said that in the end we locked arms together and ran forward together (not divided).  That means that something is coming that’s not going to discriminate.  “It” doesn’t care what side of the political fence you are on or if you are black, white, Hispanic or Asian.  “It” doesn’t care. The enemy cannot take us out when we are unified so he has to divide and conquer.

It’s a trick!  Don’t fall for it!!

It’s some kind of demonic spell a bewitchment of sorts that makes people think other people are the actual enemy. Then we start fighting each other.  WAKE UP!

I hope some mature/awake Christian is reading this.  It’s not about any of that.  I was sent to tell you that now that you are awake you actually need to target your prayers in the right direction.  You need to think KINGDOM.

It’s not about a man.  It’s not about a political party.  If it is about that, then we have put something above God (idolatry).  No one else is coming to save us.  I gave the same message to the singles.  Stop waiting for something or someone else to save you.  You already have a Savior.  This is what God is after right now.  This “state of limbo” is to expose our hearts to us.  Where are we putting our hope?  He’s exposing what we have put our trust in.  If you honestly believe that if your man or woman doesn’t win an election your life is ruined for the next 4 years, then THAT is what your faith is in.  It’s not Jesus.  That is an idol.  It needs to be repented of.  Kick the pedestal from under that idol and remove it from its perch on your heart.  Ask the Lord to forgive you for misplacing your trust.  For putting your hope in a man. He’s uprooting that idolatry and making sure when we take up our position we KNOW who we are fighting for.  We KNOW who put us in that position.

It’s a necessary tweak. It’s the final pruning.

You need to be praying for the uncovering, unearthing of the plans of evil men and evil nations whether it is on the land, sea or air.  Evil plots and plans.  Focus on that.  Once it all gets uncovered you will see how quickly all the pieces start to fall into place.  The enemy is going to attempt to take advantage of the fact that we are divided, so you don’t need to add to the division with your prayers.  No divisive prayers.  Stop praying against people.

I really hope you hear what I am saying here.  Take up the post God is assigning to you with a Kingdom mindset, not one that is divided.

I’m really excited because I see the sleeping giant arising but she’s still a little disoriented (not discerning the real enemy).  It’s like when you wake up and you don’t know where you are or what day it is.  Get oriented quickly, please.  Because when you pick up the sword you need to know who the enemy is.

Ephesians 6:12

1For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world.


15 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Sleeping Giants Arise”

  1. All praises to God, and the excitement is in the air. I am so grateful and full of praise for such an awesome awaking word from MOP. I believe that we will be unified and no longer divided and I believe that God has allowed the people eyes to be open, because for to long we have perish from the lack of knowledge, so get ready people of God its here and I am personally saying YES! to the will of the father.
    Thank you Jesus, for being a mighty God and a deliverer, yes we may have a new world leader but our eyes should always remain on our TRUE KING and his name is JESUS> do not get it twisted!

  2. Yes, this word you sent out confirms in my spirit , and bears witness as truth spoken, I have been shown much of what you send.

    I have found the church has been amiss for quite sometime. After being set free from the ‘church building” after 30 years of hungering for all of HIM in the building . It was a difficult call to obedience, because it was not in my vision or my idea. It surprised me although He and I knew how hungry I became with really no one to sup with in the body ie: walk a deeper walk . It was clear to me I was to leave the church but I could not speak about it to the body of Christ as there were few eyes un-veiled to see. The first battle ground came as a surprise, I was unprepared and ill-equipped and in unfamiliar territory. Persecution came and crushed my spirit, I was weakened when I wanted to be strong, instead i wept as it came in from directions of fellow brethren, friends rather than a foes. The unseen elephant was now seen. in the room. I then understood His words ‘ the greater opposition you will face will be from ‘christians’, not from the body of Christ my church.

    I knew that I knew He was showing me something and little did I know it would take 15 years to reveal. I have sought deeply over the years His voice His word and asked of Him ‘how long Lord’ until the body wakes up and sees and hears and begins the journey toward gleaning from YOU rather than gleaning from the context of the building on the corner? His grief is greater, as His people worship each other more than Him, the poor / less so, the rich / more so. Hollywood portrays the perfectly poised facade of this, it is idolatry. It is an abomination that has infiltrated into the church for decades . Our nation is a nation suffering from muscular dystrophy, in ability to think and move and have your being in Christ, sadly in the body of Christ had been infected . The church has conformed to the worlds way rather than transformed by the renewing of the mind in Christ Jesus. In this ‘late hour’ we must ‘keep watchmen’ so that we are not standing on false ground (conforming / flesh). The devouring prowl of our common enemy is not satisfied yet.

    The wisest counsel to renewing the minds of the saints is by removing the screens/veils {‘entertainment’ } from our eyes/lives. Allow nature out of doors to feed the physical body. Replace and Renew… the most hypnotic tool of the enemy is the lure of the television screen. His lair was laid out in the 50’s, only the rich could afford. Simply nothing more than a hypnotic pathway into his lair to harden the hearts of the humans thoughts. The path is a delusion, full of weeds, choking the Holy Ground we walk on, in order to walk upright and transformed. Tele, means far-off, far off vision, cleverly conforming our minds from seeing and hearing close up to His ear. 100 X that with the access to the web/internet (caught in). Many deceptive wide roads are on the journey to dissuade us off the narrow road. It is a seduction to taste the worlds ways, it whitewashes the mind, whitewash is a plaster that is harder to remove than paint . It causes the body of Christ to forget what they see and hear.

    It is now 15 years later and I was guided to re-enter ‘the church building’ (as I never left the body)? Wow, I shall obey and asked specifically what church building He would have me return to LORD? I followed careful direction as I sought God to establish every step methodically without haste. I was excited in my spirit as i began the journey and the direction was clear.

    I found myself ‘weeping’ non stop the first ‘service’ I attended, I could not hold the tears? As i sat there weeping into my sleeves, I did not understand the pouring from my eyes. All I saw was His eyes weeping. Still i did not understand the fullness , surely my Lord has cup fulls of my tears from pain and suffering over the many years. I know as He has taken me on a faith journey , hinds feet on high places, that brought beauty for ashes to now behold joy. The first 3 weeks still weeping the water dried up and i now could begin to sup with the body here in the ‘corner building’ . I went hungry and i came away starving. It was as if I entered a foreign land where the milk and honey had spoiled. The manna was stored up so the flesh was satisfied not aware of the spoil. I saw and heard nothing that i had expected after 15 years in the wilderness I was wide eyed. God knows the scene he allowed it for His purposes beyond me, the final wipe of my feet was granted..

    Yes, change had to come to the world lit only by fire where the church has misplaced the one true God the God of grace and mercy. The lie of the enemy came forth with a cruel virus. Causing ‘world wide’ pestilence as a means to destruct ‘man’s freedoms, and gathering together. God uses such error for His Glory, He is just. The time has come for the start of the cleanse. He is protecting His true church and judging the world wide church, His bride will be presented without spot or blemish. The religiosity, the tall steeples, the walls of mediocrity within the buildings, down the streets on the corners are a mirage and the majority do not represent His true bride.

    We are not called to label our selves with a church building and wear a patch on our sleeves, proving we are “christian”, quite the opposite. We are called to work out our salvation and have the mind of Christ, HOBO, Humble, Obedient, Bond Servant, Of No Reputation. Not depend on others to work it out but Christ and Christ ALONE.

    The mission fields are in our own back yards, at the gas pumps, whomever crosses our path we are the light in the dark world to the lost. We are not to be caught up in worldly circles of christian clicks worshiping one another, wanting of each others gifts to be the same, creating atmospheres of jealousy destruction within The Church. It is in Him and His gift of salvation alone . He is desiring intimacy with His bride.

    The time is here! Hallelujah! His Judgment is at hand. Enter into thanksgiving!

    God is Faithful to fulfill all.


  3. I feel the same excitement and awakening. God has been waking me up at 4am, and the prayer times have been full of warfare strategies and I am having vivid dreams. God is positioning us for the greatest revival to ever hit the earth. I will be found ready and in position.

  4. I feel this word needs a 1 Samuel 3:10 kind of response : …. Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening”

  5. Dear MOP. From since I came across your website, I have been in awe of God. God speaks to me through dreams and I used to struggle with interpretation but I learned all of it. I have just realized that all your posts come as I’m sleeping and dreaming (I’m from South Africa so time difference plays a role) and on the day you post, it seems to be what God is telling and showing me in my dreams and He gives a clear interpretation through you. In the dreams, I have often been worried about who it concerns or if just a personal word but now I know. When it is a personal Word He will refer me back. When it it a corporate Word it arrives together. This week I had been on a fast and I was lead to Chronicles but I was so frustrated thinking so many names and I don’t even know what to do with them and it felt too much but now that you have shown why, I understand. This morning I had a three part dream in which in all three I was preaching; in one it was alongside an international Bishop, the second one alongside a prophet and the third one in my own church. And in my own church, the Bishop had come and the words I remember saying was “ Fellow Christians, if I am saying hallelujah and you are saying amen like you don’t want then please know that God will not force His will on your lives because Amen is saying that Lord your will be done in our lives as it is in heaven and we give you the authority to use us as your vessels”. This word you have posted MOP is God confirming to me that He said what He said and it will happen because I said Yes and the sleeping giant in me is waking up because there is work to be done in my family as the watchman and in my church and community. Thank you for much for being faithful in all that God has set for you to do

  6. This prophetic message is right on point. Thank you. I just told someone today I see the puzzle pieces and it’s creating a theme but I can’t put my finger on how the pieces are put together. Then I read your message. God definitely has been working on me. I have been saying for months how the church is not doing enough. Praise the Lord for this shaking!!

  7. This word was confirmation to all that the spirit has been telling me. Before the year 2020 came the spirit said to me that 2020 was going to be the year of 2020 vision. I didn’t really understand what but I knew that something was going to shake people up to get a better relationship with God. The words you spoke are the words that I’ve been telling people. We have been neglecting what God required of us. Families not sitting together to eat dinner, children not experiencing the world God created for us to enjoy, us not loving each other, not speaking, not hugging, not acknowledging one another, social media taking over our lives. Yes these are just a few things that come to mind. Now that these things have been taken away from us we miss them. I truly believe that this is God shaking us up. Glory hallelujah!!!! I can’t wait to see that glory God gets from this shaking. Thank you for this word.

  8. Hello MOP,
    Thank you very much for this word. It confirms and sheds some light on four dreams that I had in May 2020 of this year and I have been asking God what exactly they meant. On a humorous note, I literally woke up to this message from a nap. I had pasta for lunch and went to sleep on a bit of a sad note. Upon waking, I kept thinking ” that was some pasta that caused drowsiness, and carbs definitely knock me out” (lol!). Imagine how alert I was when I woke up to this word in my e-mail and was riveted. Here are my dreams with not much ado. I interpreted them back in May 2020 to be a personal commission/alert for what God was about to do in my life, but I now see that it could be a joint purpose for individual and collective ministry. I appreciate any further insights. Thank you!

    Dream #1 May 24, 2020 at 2:48 am

    “Dreamt that I let some people drive my car (it was night-time) as I thought that I was doing them a favour. I noticed they were not doing a good job and I decided to take over. There was chaos and delays as a result of initially letting them drive. ”

    *** I felt God was highlighting Daniel 2:48 as part of the interpretation of this dream.***

    Dream #2 My 24, 2020 @ 0731

    “I was to fight some renowned wrestlers. They were all giant men. No one else agreed to fight them. I was busy changing and putting on my clothes. I was running behind, while they were waiting. One of the giants came to find me. He was at the door looking in. I asked him to give me some more time while I put on my shirt (a fancy black and golden lined soft material) instead of the red long-sleeved, crocheted-like blouse that I was already wearing. My younger brother (Beloved) was in the room with me. I asked him to pass me my sharpened eye pencil from my black and golden makeup bag.
    There was a ? pet brown puppy or kitten in the room that I was changing as it was pooing/peeing and I pushed it off the bed. A ? mother/grown light coloured lab also came into the room as if looking for its pup or not sure if it was a grown version of the pup I had pushed away.
    I sensed in the dream that it was a historic moment as no one had ever agreed to fight the ‘giants.’ The giant that came to me had an alcoholic bottle in his hand.”

    I woke up wondering if the Lord wanted me to tackle the world of “mental health and addictions” as it is a big giant, as a possible future career, but wasn’t clear of what the pup/kitten/grown lab symbolized. I didn’t feel it was good as it was messing up and I pushed it away. I also asked God to give me a strategy to fight the giants (like he did for David and Goliath) as I did not appear to have one in the dream and appeared distracted. Then the answer appeared to come via the following dream:

    Dream #3 May 25, 2020 @0711
    “Dreamt that I was at a place with a group that was fighting some enemies. I was using an axe as a weapon, basically throwing it at people and I was VERY selective of who I threw it at and deemed as a threat. ”
    The following scriptures Isaiah 7:11 and Matthew 7:11, Matthew 3:10 spoke to me. However, the one that stopped me in my tracks was Jeremiah 51:20:
    “you are my battle axe [and] weapons of war: for with you will I break in pieces the nations and with you will I destroy kingdoms.” (GMR).”
    I had a second dream on May 25, 2020 but wasn’t sure if it is affiliated with the previous one, but just in case here it is. This dream came before the battle axe dream and I woke up with the battle axe dream.

    Dream #4 May 25, 2020
    “I dreamt of a father and son. I think the father might have been suggesting international research(er) as a job for myself.”

    I woke up from these dreams knowing that the Lord has spoken, given affirmation, encouragement, and strategies. I thought they were personal assignments at the time. This not quite clear about Dream #4.

    The words (e.g., giants, battle-axe) you used in today’s prophetic word just made me share these dreams that I debated since May if to share or not. Looking forward to hearing thoughts. Thanks!


    1. Yes, to all of it! Looking at it as a corporate word. Letting someone drive the car is the church handing over her role to the world/unsaved to handle. There will be absolutely no change in our countries (any country) until the Church takes up her rightful place and take authority in the realm of the spirit. Because at the end of the day we are in chaos and delays. We can’t blame a man or a political party, this is our fault. The 2nd dream, the black in this instance I see as the Spirit of Might along with Gold it has been purified and ready for battle but in the background those animals are familiar spirits. They are there to pull us back into the past. Keep us trapped in our old way of doing things. We have to bind, rebuke and cast out these familiar spirits otherwise we go back sleep.

      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, MOP. You said in the word:
        “But, He needed an ALERT group of saints to work with. If you read that chapter in the NOG (Names of God) version, you’ll see some were appointed by Elohim (Trinity) Himself. These are very important roles. They are going to be all over the different mountains of society (business, military, education, media, church, family, arts/entertainment) but put there as gatekeepers/watchmen assigned by Elohim.” That makes me wonder if the giant in the dream that was holding the alcoholic bottle (? perhaps inebriated) represented the “drowsy” church or the enemy. I had interpreted it to be the enemy, but who knows. Thoughts?

  9. Wow, praise God! Makes complete sense, and while it’s confirmation – you were able to verbalize it in the most digestible way. Thank you also for instructions on how to proceed…thank you! Wise words and will take heed. All glory to our God and King! Blessings to you

  10. I was waiting for today I knew you would send a great message. In Jesus Name let us rise together for the Kingdom of God🙏

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