Prophetic Word for Kislev 5781 – Dream Again

prophetic word kislev 5781

This is a prophetic word for Kislev 5781/November 2020.  There are many things that happen in the month of Kislev that are significant but God is having me highlight one component for Kislev.

He wants you to Dream Again!  This is a month for divine revelation. As you know we are going through a significant shift in the church.  Sifting, shifting and we are going to emerge from this time new.  Completely new.  This isn’t the time for complacency.  This is a time for us to receive revelation from the Lord on how He wants us to proceed individually and then as a church.

God wants you to know that He’s going to be unveiling the plans He has for each of you for the coming months and years.  It’s difficult to know what to do when you don’t know what comes next because you’ve never been that way before.

In order to do this you have to hear the instructions from God through spending time with Him, reading your bible and prayer which is not only asking but learning how to wait on the Lord and listen as well.  You’re in the month of Kislev 5781 which is the month for the dreamers.  This month God will give many dreams to His people.

I already covered last month, Cheshvan, that this is when Noah and his family entered the ark and they also exited the ark in the same month the following year.  I would imagine after an experience like that it must have been a little traumatizing exiting the boat and seeing everything completely gone! Even if they were safe this must have brought the fear of the Lord to a whole new level on them when they exited and realized that humanity and all the creation was wiped out.  We know that when Noah exited for the first time he saw a rainbow and God said this was a sign of His covenant with man that He will never destroy the earth by flood again.

A new promise was given and one that reassured them they would never have to go through that again.  I think that is beautiful.  God knows exactly what your fears are and what you just never want to experience again.

I would imagine that after a time like this they probably needed to dream again.  They needed to get fresh new instructions on how to proceed.

I think the same about Joshua too.  Taking a land you’ve never been to.  You don’t know the terrain or the enemies in that land.  So now Joshua has to get fresh new strategies to take each city.  A pioneering spirit.

I truly believe this is where we are. We need a fresh new revelation on what the church should look like in this hour.

There are 10 dreams recorded in the bible by 7 dreamers in the first five books, the Torah.  For this month, the Torah scripture readings are 9 of the 10 dreams listed in the scripture.

I’m going to share 10 powerful ways dreams in the bible brought revelation and shaped individuals and nations:

1  Warns you when you are about to step into sin – Genesis 20

2  Reveals your destiny – Genesis 37:1-10

3  Warns of National economic hardship and blessing thereby giving you time to prepare – Genesis 41

4  Reveals strategies for warfare so you win – Judges 7:13-14

5  Reveals the future downfall of nations – Daniel 2

6  Warns of upcoming personal struggles – Daniel 4

7   Gives End time revelation – Daniel 7

8  Reveals the true enemy and gives strategies on avoiding the trap – Matthew 2:7-11

9 Reveals the plans of the enemy to you – Matthew 2:13-15

10  Reveals the true intentions and hearts of man – Matthew 27:19

I could go on!  But just reading this list tells you that dreams are MAJOR!

For those of you who are dreamers you should constantly be working on your interpretation skills.

Proverbs 25:2 “It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them”

When you are a dreamer, you’re dreaming at least once every two weeks, this is one of the main ways God communicates with you. You shouldn’t be going to others for interpretation on your dreams.  Yes, dream symbols are endless, but for the most past if you are a dreamer you should already be praying into understanding most of your dreams and only need clarity on a few things from others.  When this is the major way in which God speaks to you and you don’t actively seek interpretation from God, then you end up playing with your own destiny.  Joseph learned that the hard way.  You need to know that you can’t share all your dreams with others and you need to know what to share, when to share and who you share it with. You should pray to get interpretation from God and you can also buy many books that will help with this.  There’s a prayer for you below.

I remember it was exactly on my one year anniversary as a Christian that God started me with dreams.  Prior to that in my life I only had about 4 dreams and a couple recurring dreams.  Once I hit 1 year mark, He stopped communicating with me in our usual way and started with the dreams.  I have to tell you I did not like it at all.  It was so much easier to have Him speak directly with me as He did before without me having to figure out symbols.  It was a pain!  And it took months for me to figure out things.  I thought I did something wrong and that’s why God wasn’t speaking to me but that wasn’t true.  My prayers were still being answered He was just communicating with me in a way that was more complicated.

When I finally got done rebelling against this new way of communicating and decided to buy some books and learn about interpretation and I got better and better at it, then He started communicating with me in the way He used to before.  Except now instead of having only 2 ways of communicating with God I got 3, that led to 4, then 5, then the 6th way and so on and so forth.

What I learnt from that was this was just a part of my training.  God has many ways in which He communicates with us and He wants His children to be able to hear Him in all the different ways.  Rebelling was just hurting me in the end and cutting off a channel of communication that God was using.  Once the dreams started and I got the interpretations then the visions started and that opened the door to many other things.

Dreams open the doors to many other gifts visions – open and closed, the prophetic gifting and specifically the seer realm.

What can you do with a butter knife?  Butter stuff!  And, perhaps using it to help you pry open to ring on top of a can of vegetables, LOL  Otherwise it’s pretty much can only be used in one way. A butter knife Christian can only hear God one way.  But, a Swiss army knife Christian has many many ways of hearing and communicating with God.  It’s a lot harder for the enemy to fool them because even if he tries to trick them through one way, God will immediately use other means to communicate with them.

You want to be the Swiss Army knife Christian!

Do not rebel against your ability to dream if you don’t understand them immediately.  Seek God in prayer, do a search of the bible on Google with the symbol and read all the scripture references, buy books on dream interpretation and pray for the interpretation of them.  There’s no scripture in the bible says that the interpretation is a gift but I personally believe it is a combination of word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits and the gift of prophecy that brings the actual interpretation.  These are all gifts of the Holy Spirit <—-big hint!!!

The books I would recommend reading to get interpretation would be first the bible – doing a symbol/word search on Google for bible verses containing that symbol and then reading it in context to get the meaning.

I would also recommend reading:

Understanding Dreams and Visions – John Paul Jackson

Dream Language  – James Goll

Divinity Code – Adam Thompson

There are many books out there but I would definitely make sure it is a Christian writing the book before you buy it.  The next major point in learning to interpret your dreams is actually interpreting the dreams of others.  Think about it, if you don’t use a gift… you lose a gift!  God is not going to just keep pouring the interpretation gift into you if you refuse to use it to help others. You start with yourself but in order to grow in the gift you have to use it by helping others.

Everyone in the bible that was interpreting a dream was doing it for someone else, right? 

S E L A H!!!!

You need to start helping others to interpret their dreams and this will automatically become a training ground for you.  Here is our dream interpretation forum where you can help others interpret their dreams. You can also read the interpretation of others which may in turn help you with your own.

I also want to send you over to our little dream dictionary tool which will help you find the meaning of some of the symbols you may be receiving.

If you don’t get a lot ofprophetic word kislev 5781 dreams and would like to start dreaming, I have a prayer below that will help activating your dream life.

Remember, you need to steward your dreams well.  What does that mean?  Write them down as soon as you wake up.  Day, what time you awoke as this could be scripture references, any scriptures God gave you, how you felt emotionally throughout the dream.  This all helps to give you an accurate interpretation.

Understand that a dream symbol for one person can mean something completely different for someone else. Snakes are usually bad in dreams but if you love snakes and have a few at home it may mean something completely different for you.  This is why it is important that you start to learn how God speaks specifically to you through dreams.

When you hang around a dream community or watch others interpret dreams you will be able to pick up on some symbols that may be difficult for you to interpret.

This month God is going to activate many of you, bring back dreams to some of you that are not remembering your dreams and also help those of you who are already dreams to get divine revelation on your dream symbols.

Regardless of the group you fall in, this is your month for divine revelation.

Here are the prayers:

Prayer for dream interpretation

Holy Spirit, thank you for giving me the ability to have dreams.  I acknowledge that You want to communicate with me through my dreams but I need help with the interpretation.  I pray that You will lead me to the right resources, tools, books, mentoring groups to help me learn what the symbols mean.  I ask that You give me divine revelation into the meanings of dreams. Just as Joseph said to the Pharaoh that it is You who gives the interpretation, I ask that You would give me that same ability so that I will not miss the opportunities, warnings, strategies and destiny that You have for my life.  Give me all the gifts of the Spirit so that I can interpret the dreams. Make me diligent to write what You are showing me and to be patient in searching out the meaning of the dreams.  I thank you for this gift and pray this in Jesus name, amen.


Some of you get dreams and can’t remember them in the morning. First, sleep with a notepad and pen or some device to take notes next to your bed so when you wake up in the middle of the night you can record what you remember immediately.  Record the time you woke up as well as this can serve as a scripture reference.  Below is a prayer to help you remember your dreams.  Remember if you are not stewarding your dreams well it’s going to be very foggy for you.  Anoint your head with oil at night before you go to bed and ask God to bring the dream again.

Prayer to remember your dreams

Lord God, I know that you are giving me dreams that I am not remembering.  Tonight I anoint my head with oil and I ask that you bring the dream back that you gave me before.  I bind the hand of the enemy from interfering with my dreams and cut off all works of darkness and witchcraft associated with making me forget.  I will write down whatever you show me tonight as soon as I wake up, even in the middle of the night.  I ask that everything that was stolen in my dreams be returned seven fold.  I pray that every demonic dream be cut off in the name of Jesus and comes to nothing.  Any covenants I have made with the forces of darkness that has caused me to stop dreaming, I break those covenants now in Jesus name.  I thank you for restoring my dream life and I thank you for helping me with the interpretation of them, in Jesus name, Amen.

Some of you are not dreamers and would like to start dreaming.  As you can tell from the post, this comes with responsibility so know that you will need to pray through and get the interpretation once you start recording your dreams.  Anoint your head with oil at night and ask the God to start giving you dreams and you will get them.

Prayer to activate dreams and visions

Abba Father, You said in 1 Corinthians 12:31 that we should earnestly covet the best gifts and I want to ask you to give me dreams and visions.  I thank you for opening this channel of communication with me.  I pray that you will keep my dreams pure and protect me from the evil one in this area.  Please help me with the interpretation of my dreams and show me how you want me to use this gift for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen

So, if you want to see what some of your dream symbols mean, you can visit this page.  Please do not write your dreams in the comments.   If you would like to help others interpret their dreams or you would like someone to help you interpret one of your dreams you can go to the dream forum here

Do you have a book or a resource/tool that you use to help you with interpretation?  Please share it in the comments below.  Also, if you have a general question about dreams you can ask below e.g Why do we get recurring dreams?  That’s a general question.  Do not put the actual recurring dream in the comments because we are not doing interpretations on this page.  Also, we already sent you the dream symbol tool so use that for symbols.  Your general question may help everyone understand more about dreams.


8 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for Kislev 5781 – Dream Again”

  1. Hello MOP,
    Thank you for this word. I really love the gift of prophecy especially learning about dream interpretation and so forth. I continue to thank God for leading me to this ministry, the fall of last year. After all, it was 3 destiny dreams that heightened my desire to study deeply about how God speaks to me in dreams. The quest led me to a prophetic group, your ministry, and most importantly, deepened my relationship with our Precious Heavenly Father.
    My aim in this entry is to simply give credence to what you’ve said and the strategies provided by virtue of seeking and pressing in for the following interpretation of this dream, and how the Holy Spirit answered the prayer. The complete interpretation came this morning so here I am 🙂 The following
    excerpt from this word on dreams also brought the dream to remembrance: ” It’s difficult to know what to do when you don’t know what comes next because you’ve never been that way before.”

    November 10, 2020
    Dreamt that I was driving with Dad. I did not recognize the way he was taking me. I mentioned at one point in time that we couldn’t go a particular route. He came out of the car and looked and said “I can. What are you talking about?” He was standing in front of a sign “C……Trail.” I made a mental note that we had to take a left to go North on C…..Trail but didn’t voice it to him.”

    I was clear that Dad was representative of God. God was taking me in a new direction that I was not familiar with.
    I did wonder why the particular street was highlighted out of all the streets in my city. I continued to ponder this (please note the date of the dream, November 10, 2020 and today’s date, November 23, 2020).
    I decided yesterday to look up on Google if the street had any meanings associated with it (the name is of Indigenous origin) and found the following “a symbol of cutting all barriers between all peoples for all times to come.” I was like ok, perhaps this dream might not be solely for me.
    I woke up this morning at 6:16 and decided to do a Google search of biblical scriptures associated with the time. This one leapt out for me Jeremiah 6:16, specifically in the Names of God version:
    “This is what Yahweh says: Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask which paths are the old, reliable paths. Ask which way leads to blessings. Live that way, and find a resting place for yourselves. But you said that you wouldn’t live that way.”
    Some versions substitute “old, reliable paths” as “ancient paths.” God confirmed that He was indeed talking to us collectively in the message I saw at Charisma at the following link today:

    In conclusion- dream interpretation might be very simple and quick, but sometimes, the Holy Spirit invites us on an adventure of Hide and Seek. I am reminded of the scripture from Proverbs 25:2.
    Feel free to shed more light on the dream if you feel led.


    1. Thank you for sharing! I also appreciate the fact that you shared your process of how you came up with the interpretation. I think most people believe the interpretation will just drop into their lap after prayer not realizing that sometimes it will require prayer, meditating on scripture, research and reading many resources before the correct interpretation will come. And sometimes after 30 minutes you’re still only left with 1/2 the interpretation and more time is needed to get the rest of it.

  2. Thank you for this word and insight, I have been having an overload of dreams for months now and find it interesting how you said you didn’t enjoy them initially. I have been saying this to my friend, I’m grateful for the dreams but because there have been so many I’ve felt at times maybe it’s best I don’t have them. I know my dreams have been prophetic, there are some that you can ask the Holy spirit and without looking anything up can understand them. Some of them blow my mind, excite me and some even when I search for the interpretation I still have no clue. I write them down on my WhatsApp, that way it already has the date and time recorded. I’ve also asked the Lord if I’m a seer( not had an answer to this one yet) before I even knew such a thing existed, I would see faces and places like I’m watching a short movie clip ( unfortunately I don’t have these as often if even at all as I did since asking 🤷‍♀️) I also see visions when I’m spending quiet time with the Lord but don’t understand the meanings which can be quite frustrating.
    Best wishes

  3. yes my beloved friends in Christ, I had beautiful dream last night, of my daughter (we have not seen each other is 7-8 years) in my dream she was playing the piano so beautifully an wearing glasses looking very sophisticated, I loved this dream cause first of all its my daughter an I been praying for years for God to restore our relationship an praying holy spirit will arrest her life an serve jesus, it was beautiful dream an I always write them down or I would forget them her name is Desiree Rosander if anyone feels led to pray for my daughter it would greatly appreciated, thank you for this article

  4. Dreams have been on my mind as of late and I know about their spiritual significance because I have had them before but I never been quite consistent or persistent in digging deeper. If it was something that I dreamt that didn’t sit right with me or something that I seen in a dream that didn’t sit right, I would rebuke it, pray against it and plead the blood of Jesus.

    However, I don’t always know the symbolism because there is so many of them at times. But we all need direction from the Lord God these days, now more than ever it seems because there is so much confusion and deception, even in the church. I only pray that we have our spiritual eyes open to God and His word in Jesus name. Amen!

    Okay. Questions: What does it mean to dream about someone else but then you turn to that person or you become like another person but your still you? Can specific people and what colors they wear in your dreams be symbolisms too? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Beloved child, when we have bad dreams sometimes they are from God. How you know the difference is if there was a strategy given to overcome it. These are warning dreams and what you saw in the dream doesn’t necessarily have to happen. If there is no strategy to overcome it then it’s of the devil because he’s the only one that would leave you with a sense of hopelessness, then you need to rebuke it. With God there is always a redemptive tone. To your question it could be one of two things, it is possible the dream is not about that person but their spirit/what they signify and He’s telling you that you are operating in that same spirit when you turn into them. Or He could turn you into them so you could see and feel how they are emotionally. If you notice a change within yourself emotionally after you turn into them He’s making you aware of how they are feeling or what they are thinking. People and colors are very important. You should know that every color has a few different meaning. There is no hard rule to colors. The color the person is wearing shows who they are in that moment. For example, green can mean growth, new beginning or newness but it can also mean operating in flesh or the person is a new believer in Christ. Blue is the color of revelation which is generally good but if you see this combined with a demon or demonic symbols like alligators or octopus then He’s warning you that there is some demonic revelation going on. Black is generally sin or the demonic but it can also mean something elegant, power and might. White is generally purity but if the person wearing it is judgemental and degrading others in the dream God is saying this is a religious spirit. So the context of how the colors appear, who is wearing it, how you felt emotionally in the dream and what the dream is about will tell the story and help with the interpretation. In the end it will always be cohesive, if there is one thing off or can’t be interpreted then there is something you’re missing in the picture. At the end of the day only the interpretation that resonates with your spirit as the truth is the right one. No matter how good the person is that’s interpreting it, if you still feel that you didn’t get the right interpretation then it is wrong. UNLESS, you are rebelling because it revealed something to you that you didn’t want to hear. Hence, taking it to God in prayer is very important because He’ll tell you if it was true or not. Hope this helps.

  5. Ha!! You’ve done it again thanks for the confirmation 🙌🏾 I was speaking to Father about this very thing this morning when I awoke 🤭 isn’t He wonderful…’He knows what you need even before you ask’ ee praise His Holy Name thank you Jesus.


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