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Christian Dream Symbols and Meaning

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Many of us have dreams and visions and we are sometimes looking for the meaning to them.  The key when interpreting dreams and vision is to pay attention to your emotions, your senses – how you feel, what you smell and also the colors that are represented in your dreams.

God uses our dreams and visions as a way to get us to completely rely upon Him. Let’s face it, sometimes even the best dream interpreters can miss some important aspect or points that God is trying to make to us.

When an interpretation is correct you get full confirmation in your spirit and you become at peace with its meaning.

Remember that dreams and visions are most often times warnings.  So take heart if you dreamt something really bad.  God is sending you a warning and how you respond to it will determine the outcome.  Sometimes he’ll want you to pass on a message, other times it is so that you can change something so that the consequences of your actions don’t catch up with you!  There are times when all he wants you to do is pray.  Just pray about it.  There are many disasters that can be diverted just by praying.

Remember (2 Chronicles 7:14) “if My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear [them] from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We found this list very helpful that was published by Apostle John Eckhardt on his Facebook page.  It’s a great way to start with interpreting what you’ve been seeing and hearing.

Aaron- priest, ministry, shepherd (Psa.77:20)
Abigail- wisdom and grace (1 Sam.25:3)
Abraham- the father of the faithful, pioneer and spiritual legacy (Rom.4:12)
Absalom- rebellion and vanity (2 Sam.14:25)
Agabus- New Covenant prophet found in the book of Acts (Acts 11:28; 21:10-11)
Age- a generation, a long period of time (Eph.2:7;3:5). The Kingdom age is the “age of ages.”
Alabaster Box- worship, perfume vase, fragrance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and brokenness. (Mt 26:7; Luke 7:37; Mark 14:3)
Alarm- warning, blowing the trumpet (Joel 2:1)
Altar- place of sacrifice, worship, repentance (Psa.43:4)
Amos – a prophet raised up by God outside of the prophetic community. (Amos 7:14)
Angel- messenger, protector (Psa.103:20)
Angel of Light- a description of Satan who appears to be righteous in order to deceive, also false ministers (2 Cor.11:14)
Ant- diligence, preparation (Prov.6:6-8)
Antioch- ministering to the Lord, apostolic release (Acts 13:1-3)
Apostle- sent one, ambassador, commissioner of Christ (1 Cor.12:28)
Aquila and Priscilla- team ministry, apostolic teams, upgrade (Acts 18:26)
Ark- place of salvation and safety, place of God’s glory. (1 Pet.3:20)
Asaph- musical prophet, worship (1 Chron.16:37)
Babel- rebellion, pride, confusion (Gen.11:9)
Dream Symbols InterpretationBabylon- defeat, mourning, captivity and bondage (Psa.137:1)
Balaam- soothsayer, divination, stumbling block (Joshua 13:22)
Balm- healing and restoration (Jer.8:22)
Banner/Ensign – a flag representing gathering, victory. (Psa.20:5)
Barnabas- encourager, comforter, divine connections (Acts 4:36)
Bashan- proud and lofty (Isa.2:13)
Beast- cruel, vicious, strong (Dan.7)
Beautiful feet- preaching the gospel (Rom.10:15)
Belial- wicked and worthless, wicked men (Deut.13:13)
Belly- innermost being, spirit (John 7:38)
Berean- noble, studious(Acts 17:11)
Bethany- the place where the Lord rested, a place of welcome, hospitality (Matt.21:17)
Bethesda- healing, miracles (John 5:2-3)
Bethel- House of El, or House of God. The place of God’s presence, the gateway of heaven (Gen.28:11-19)
Bethlehem- House of Bread. The place of birthing and provision. The city of David.
Birth/Birthing – to bring forth, initiate, begin (Isa.66:9)
Black- moral darkness, sin, apostasy.
Blue- the heavens, heavenly places.
Book- the word, learning, education, teaching.
Brass- cleansing, purging, judgment, strength (Rev.1:15)
Break/ Breaker- break out, break open, break forth (Jer.23:29)
Breath- spirit, life, vitality, Holy Spirit, prophecy (John 20:22)
Burden -a weight, the weight of the prophetic word, what the prophet carries. . Prophecy was often referred to a “a burden” (Nahum 1:1)
Butter – richness, prosperity, depth of the Word, discernment. (Isa.7:22)
Caleb- another spirit, faith, possessing the land (Num.14:24)
Carmel- excellency, glory (Isa.35:2)
Canaan- inheritance, possession, promised land (Psa.105:11)
Candle- light, direction, spirit of man, revelation (Matt.5:15)
Cave of Adullum – a hiding place, the place of training, healing, and restoration (1 Sam.22:1)
Charge- order, command (1 Tim.1:18)
Chariot- battle, riding into battle, victory, angelic host (Psa.68:17)
Cloud by day, fire by night- divine proaction and guidance (Exod.13:21)
Comfort- soothe, give solace, give rest (1 Cor.14:3)
Commission- to send out with full power and authority; an assignment, mandate.
Color -(Red) – atonement, forgiveness, redemption, can also mean sin, corruption, harlotry (scarlet)
Color (White) – cleansing, purity, forgiveness (Isa.1:18)
Company of the Prophets- a prophetic community, gathering of prophets in different locations. (1 Sam.19:20)
Covenant- agreement, union, between individuals, and between God and men. (Gen.15:18)
Cover/Covering- protect, hide, under authority (Psa.91:4)
Create- form, make something new (Psa.51:10)
Crown- authority, favor, rule, honor (Psa.8:5)
Cup- salvation, drinking, filling, vessel, overflow, also can represent judgment (Psa.116:13)
Curtain- veil, separation.
Cyrus- apostolic decree, shepherd, treasures of darkness, hidden wealth (Isa.45:1-3)
Daniel- excellent spirit, visionary, intercessor (Dan.6:3)
Dark Saying- hidden or mysterious, a parable. (Psa.49:4)
Darkness- blindness, ignorance, sorrow, distress hidden, obscure, ignorance, not revealed. (John 8:12)
David- King, prophet, worshipper, champion, shepherd, after God’s heart (1 Sam.13:14)
Decree – an authoritative word released by someone in authority that becomes law (Job 22:28)
Deep/ Depths- hidden things, beneath the surface (Dan.2:22)
Diamond, splendor, beauty, value (Exod.28:18)
Discern- to see clearly, to see the motives, differentiate, separate (Mal.3:18)
Deliver- rescue, redeem, save, set free (2 Tim.4:17)
Dew- refreshing, blessing, prosperity (Gen.27:28)
Dove- Holy Spirit, gentleness, beloved, innocence (Matt. 3:16)
Double Portion- that which belongs to the firstborn, inheritance (2 Kings 2:9)
Drama- to act out, demonstrate. Sometimes the prophetic word is dramatized (Acted out by the prophet- Acts 21:11)
Eagle- sharpness, sight, vision, height, a picture of the prophetic, An eagle can also be symbolic of an evil spirit depending on the context of the dream. (Isa.40:31)
Earthquake- a shaking, judgment, shaking the foundation, (Psa.82:5)
Ebenezer- stone of help, divine help and assistance (1 Sam.7:12)
Eden- the garden of God. The place of fruitfulness and restoration (Isa.51:3)
Egypt- The place of slavery, bondage, and captivity. The old world. Also a place of sustenance and transition. (Exod.13:3)
Eldad and Medad- prophesying outside the tabernacle (Num.11:26)
Eli- spiritual blindness (1 Sam.4:15)
Elijah- intercession, the prophetic, judgment, prophetic father (1Kings 17:1)
Elim, a place of refreshing, an oasis (Num.33:9)
Elisha- double portion, impartation, prophetic father (2 Kings 2:9)
Enoch- walking with God (Gen.5:22).
Ephod- priesthood ministry. (Heb 4:14)
Esau- the flesh and carnality (Heb.12:16)
Esther- favor, scepter, deliverance. divine providence (Esther 2:17)
Ezekial- visionary prophet, judgment (Ezek.1:1)
Favor- blessing, advantage (Psa.106:4)
Fire- purging, judgment, passion, zeal (Psa.104:4)
Flies- Beelzebub, uncleanness, evil spirits (Eccl.10:1)
Flint- strength and hardness in the midst of opposition (Isa.50:7)
Fountain- a flow of water, refreshing, life and blessing (Joel 3:18)
Fox- crafty, sly, political (Luke 13:22)
Fresh Anointing- new anointing, new ability, new power (Psa.92:10)
Friend of God- prophets, understanding God’s secrets (James 2:23)
Frog- unclean spirit (Rev.16:13)
Furnace- a place of affliction, trouble, testing (Deut.4:20)
Garment- a covering, authority, identity.
Gatekeeper- a spiritual guard, sentry, authority to guard and protect a church, city or region.
Gem – valuable, bright, brilliant, beauty.
Giant-a giant is a large spiritual enemy that you will need God’s power to overcome (1 Sam. 17:4)
Girdle- a belt or waistband representing preparedness to fulfill a duty, truth (Matt.3:4)
Goat- carnal, unbelieving (Matt.25:32-33)
Gold- purity, prosperity, holiness, royalty, something precious; refining; righteousness; glory of God; self-glorification.(Prov.17:3)
Goliath- the giant. represents arrogance and intimidation (1 Sam.17:4)
Golden calf- idol (Exod.32:4)
Goshen- a place of safety and protection (Exod.8:22)
Grace- divine ability, endowment, favor, gifting (2 Cor. 12:9)
Grass-symbolic of the green pastures of God (Ps. 23:2). Withered grass is symbolic of those who do wrong. (Ps. 37:2)
Gray- mixture, half truth, compromise.
Gray hair-wisdom, a crown of glory, (Prov. 16:31)
Green- growth, prosperity, abundance, also, envy, witchcraft, jealousy (Psa.52:8)
Hair- glory, covering (1 Cor.11:15)
Hagar- slave woman, law, legalism, mockery ( Gen. 21:9)
Haman- wicked plots (Esther 3).
Hammer- to smash, a strong weapon (Jer.23:29)
Hannah- birthing, intercession and travail (1 Sam.1:20)
Heart- mind, spirit, inner man (Prov.4:23)
Hedge- restrain, protection. (Isa. 5:5)
Honey- sweetness, blessing and abundance (Num.14:8)
Horn- power and strength (Psa.89:17)
Hornet – Affliction: stinging; biting words; slander; strife; curse (because of sin;) persecution; trouble; offense; demon spirits. (see also, bees- Deut. 7:20)
Horse- strength, swift, pride (Job 39:19)
Hour- a present time, a time quickly approaching (John 4:23)
Hunger and Thirst – Greatly desire (Matthew 5:6)
Hyssop- purification. (Heb 9:19)
Impart/ Impartation- to transfer from one person to another; a deposit. (Rom.1:11)
Incense- prayer, intercession, worship, sacrifice (Psa.141:2)
Iron- Strength: powerful; invincible; stronghold; stubborn. (Daniel 2:40)
Isaac- the son of inheritance, the blessing of the Father, the next generation of promise.
Isaiah – preaching prophet, restoration, glory (Isaiah 6)
Issue of blood- long standing problem, infirmity (Luke 8:43)
Ishmael- born after the flesh, the work of the flesh, persecution. (Gal.4:29)
Israel- prince of God, the true people of God (Gen.32:28)
Issachar- knowing the times and seasons (1Chron.12:32)
Key of David- power to open and close the sanctuary (Isa.22:22)
Keys- control, jurisdiction, access, authority, binding and loosing (Matt.16:19)
Jabez- breakthrough, expansion, blessing (1 Chron.4;10).
Jacob- trickster, liar, conniver. (Gen.27:36)
Jeremiah- called from the womb, weeping prophet, young prophet (Jer.1:5-10)
Jerusalem- city of God, place of authority, teaching, doctrine (Isa.2:3)
Jezebel- idolatry, seduction, witchcraft, and whoredom, also a symbol of false prophets (2 Kings 9:22; Rev.2:20))
Job – suffering, loss, and restoration (Job 42:12)
Joel- outpouring of the Holy Spirit, restoration (Joel 2:28-32)
John the Baptist- calling men to repentance, holiness (Matt.3:1)
Jonah- running away from your assignment, prophet on the run (Jonah 1:3)
Jonathan- loyalty and covenant love (1Sam.8:3)
Joseph- favor, dreamer, promotion and exaltation. (Gen.37:3)
Joshua- warrior, victor, possessing the land, driving out giants. (Deut.3:28)
Judah- Praise. The place of liberty, praise, blessing, and victory (Gen.49:8)
Judas- betrayal, treachery, conspiracy (Mark 3:19)
Justice – righteousness, righteous behavior and actions towards others, prophets are lovers of justice (Prov.21:3)
King- rule, reign, authority and power (Eccl.8:4)
Kingdom of God- the rule and reign of God in and through the saints. Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Rom.14:17).

Laban- tricker, liar, deceiver (Gen.31:41)
Lazarus- resurrection, life from the dead (John 11:43)
Lebanon, prosperity, glory and beauty (Isa.35:2)
Leaven- sin, corruption, hypocrisy (1 Cor.5:8)
Lifting Hands: Worship and adoration; praise; total surrender.
(Ps. 141: 2; Rev. 10: 5; 1 Tim.2: 8; Neh. 8: 6)
Lion- fierce, boldness, courage, a picture of the apostolic (Prov.28:1)
Levi- the priesthood, holiness, consecration and teaching (Psa.135:20
Leviathan- sea monster, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, stubbornness (Job 41)
Locust- devourer, poverty, lack (Joel.1:4)
Lot- wrong location, preacher of righteousness, delivered (2 Pet.2:5)
Manna- sustenance, Word of God (Psa.78:24)
Mantle- a cloak, a covering, an anointing, power, ability (1 Kings 19:19)
Marah- Bitterness. The place of hurt, shame, and bitterness (Exod.15:23)
Mark- a symbol of ownership (can be posit or negative- Ezek. 9:4)
Melchisedek- royal priesthood, a priest and a king, new covenant ministry (Gen.14:18)
Milk- nourishment, growth, teaching, doctrine (Joel 3:18 )
Mizpah, a watchtower, a place for proper judgment and discernment (1 Samuel 7:6)
Moses – Deliverer, savior, lawgiver (Psa.105:26)
Moth- Deterioration: (a moth is an insect of darkness) loss through deceit; secret or undetected trouble; corruption; chastisement. (Hosea 5:12)
Mount Carmel- contending with idolatry and false prophets, victory, God’s power (1 Kings 18)
Mount Sinai- the law, the giving of the Word, Old Covenant, bondage and legalism (Exodus 19)
Mountain-a large mountain can symbolize the prosperity and favor of God on your life, Ps. 30:6-7. A treacherous or foreboding mountain can symbolize an obstacle or re­sistance. Moving a mountain can symbolize faith in God. (Ps. 125:1). Mountains can also symbolize nations or life’s journey. (Isa. 2:2, Jer. 51:25)
Midnight- intense darkness, deliverance (Exod.11:4)
Nazarite- holiness, separation and consecration (Judg. 13:7)
Net- evangelism, a trap, a snare (Eccl.9:12)
New Heaven/ New Earth- new world (age), change of ages, New Covenant world (Isa.66:22)
New Name- name change, new identity, new assignment, new authority. (Isa.62:2)
Nehemiah- restoration, rebuilding the walls, name means Comforter. (Nehemiah)
Number (Two)- witness, double.
Number (Seven) – number of completion
Number (Eight) – number of new beginnings
Number (Twelve)- order and apostolic authority.
Number (Forty)- a generation, temptation, testing, wilderness. (Psa.95:10)
Number (Fifty)- jubilee, freedom, liberty, release, Pentecost (Lev.25:10)
Number (Thousand)- perfection, completion (Isa.60:22)
Oak tree- deep roots, strength (Joshua 24:26)
Oil- anointing, favor, promotion (Psa.92:10)
Og- King of Bashan, a giant (Deut.3:3)
Olive tree- source of anointing oil, prosperity (Zech.4:11)
Open heaven- answered pray. (Deut.28:12)
Oracle- a divine message given by a deity. There were pagan oracles (i.e Delphi), and there is the true oracle of the LORD (1 Pet.4:11)
Ox- strength, symbol of the apostolic, plowing, hard worker. (Prov.14:4)
Palace- a place of rule, promotion, exaltation (Gen.41:14)
Palm tree- an oasis. A place of strength and growth. (Psa.92:12)
Parable- a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. (Psa.49:4)
Passover- redemption, removing sin (leaven), deliverance (Exod.12:11)
Paul- apostle of revelation, missionary, writer, apostolic father (Eph.3:1-9)
Pearl- valuable, rare, beauty, great price, hidden. (Matt.13:46)
Pen- writing, scribe (Psa.45:1)
Pentecost- outpouring of the Holy Spirit, first-fruits (Acts 2:1)
Pharisee- religious spirit, critical, judgmental, religious pride (Matt.5:20)
Philistine- uncircumcised, enemy of the Spirit (1 Sam.17:26)
Pillar- support, strength in the house of God (Rev.3:12)
Pit- a low place, place of captivity, hidden place (Gen.37:24)
Plow- the break up the ground, open hard places (Hos.10:11)
Plumbline- standard, measurement, correction, adjustment. (Amos 7:7)
Priest- minister of God, intercession, offering sacrifices.
Prophet- an inspired man or woman, seer (1 Cor.12:28)
Purple- color of royalty (Song 3:10)
Python-a constrictor, to choke, squeeze the life out of, divination (Acts 16:16)
Rags- poverty. (Is 64:6)
Rain- blessing, favor, abundance, refreshing (Psa.68:9)
Rainbow- covenant, mercy (Gen.9:13)
Ramah- the place of the prophetic, a prophetic atmosphere, a place of training.
Joshua- warrior, victor, possessing the land, driving out giants. (Deut.3:28)
Red Sea- the place of transition and crossing over. The place of judgment for God’s enemies (Exod.15:3-5)
Rehoboth- a place of enlargement and flourishing (Gen.26:22)
Restore/Restoration- bring back, heal, rebuild, recover (Joel 2:25)
Remnant- the faithful, the true worshippers (Isa.37:32)
Repairer of the Breach – repair, restoration, recover (Isa.58:12)
Ring- authority, signet, seal, covenant (Gen.41:42)
River (Jordan)- crossing over into an inheritance (Josh. 1:2)
Rivers- a flow, a place of water, life, and refreshing. River Jordan- a place of transition, crossing over. (Isa.33:21)
Rizpah- unconditional love (2 Sam.21:9-11)
Roar- sound of victory, lion, judgment (Amos 3:8)
Rock- stability, strong foundation (Psa.18:46)
Sacred cow- a tradition that has become an idol.
Salem- peace (Heb.7:2)
Samuel- intercessor, prophet, training, prophetic father. (1 Sam.7:13)
Salt – Seasoning or preservative. (Matt.5:13)
Samson- strength, deliverance, power, judge
Sand- shifting, no foundation, multiplication (Matt.17:26)
Sarah- mother of nations (Gen.17:15)
Satan- adversary, slanderer (Matt.16:23)
Saul- Controlling leadership, rejection by God, attacking God’s anointed.
Scroll- God or man’s written word (Ezekiel 3:1-3)
Sea- peoples, nations (Psa.72:8)
Seal -a stamp, that which authenticates (1 Cor.9:2)
Season- a timeframe in which the purposes of God are fulfilled. (Eccl.3:1)
Season (Autumn) -End: Completion; change; repentance. (Isaiah 64:6; Jeremiah 8:20)
Season (Spring) – fresh start, renewal, salvation, refreshing. (Isaiah 43:19, Acts 3:19)
Season (Summer)- opportunity, harvest time, trail, affliction. (Proverbs 10:5)
Season-(Winter)- waiting, not friendly, death. (Jeremiah 8:20)
Seat- a place of authority, rest from your enemies (Matt.23:2)
Seducing spirit- a demon of deception. (1 Tim.4:1)
Seer- ability to see, discernment, visionary, watchman, prophets were called seers (1 Sam.9:9)
Serpent- crafty, demonic, wisdom (Matt.10:16)
Scepter- a rod of authority, ruling and reigning (Gen.49:10)
Scorpion – evil spirit, pain, torment (Rev.9:5)
Shaking- removing the old, judgment, change (Isa.37:7)
Shalom- peace, prosperity, health (Isa.26:3)
Sharon- a place of flocks, beauty (Isa.35:2)
Shield- protection, guard (Gen.15:1)
Shiloh- peace, abundance (Gen.49:10)
Shofar- a trumpet, sound the alarm, calling together, gathering, announcement. (Joshua 6:13)
Shoulder- ability to carry, burden, government, responsibility (Isa.9:6)
Showers- abundance of rain, blessings, refreshing, prosperity (Ezek.34:26)
Siloam- an apostolic pool, a place of seeing. restoration of eyesight (John 9:7)
Silver- redemption, prosperity (Prov.25:4)
Sleep- rest, slumber, (could be positive or negative- Matt.26:45)
Sloth- laziness, sluggard. (Prov.19:15)
Sodom- perversion, pride (Isa.3:9)
Solomon- wisdom, majesty, glory. peace (1 Kings 4:29)
Spider- web, trap, deceit. (Isa.59:5)
Staff- shepherding, protecting, comfort (Psalm 23)
Strongman- a ruling spirit that controls a person or region that can only be overcome by someone stronger (Matt.12:29)
Sword- Word of God, warfare, victory, cutting (Heb.4:12)

Table- conference, provision, agreement, covenant (Psa.23)
Tabernacles (Feast of) – harvest, joy, God dwelling with us (Lev.23:34)
Tambourine- joy, praise,(Ps. 81:2, Jer. 31:4)
Tent- dwelling place, safety, covering (Isa.54:2)
Thorns- unfruitfulness, curse, pain, vexation (Gen.3:18)
Throne- place of power and rule (Psa.122:5)
Timothy- apostolic sons and daughters (2 Tim.1:2)
Transition- to move from the old to the new.
Urim and Thummim- stones given to the priests to obtain direction from God, the oracular aspect of the priesthood, a picture of the prophetic. (Deut.33:8)
Valley- a low place, also a place of rest. (Psa.104:10)
Valley of Decision- a place of decision, turning point, judgment (Joel 3:14)
Vineyard- the church, fruitfulness (Mark 12:2)
Veil- deception, without understanding, law, hidden/concealed. (Luke 24:45)
Vessel- chosen, a container of the anointing (2 Tim.2:21)
Voice of the LORD – power, Word of God (Psa.29)
Vulture- death and defeat (Isa.34:15)
Warn/ Warning – to alert of danger, often impending; to warn of impending judgment (Ezek.3:18)
Watch/ Watchman/ Watchtower- place of vision, prayer, guarding, protection, ward (Isa.21:6,8)
Web- Snare: lies/deception (Eccl. 7:26)
Wells- places of water, life and refreshing (John 4:14)
Wheat- harvest, abundance (Psa.147:14)
Wilderness- dry place, testing, and trial, loneliness (Psa.102:6)
Windows of Heaven- abundance, overflow, outpour, more than enough. (Mal.3:10)
Wind- breath, change, power, blowing out, blowing in (Psa.147:18)
Wealthy Place- large place, plenty, prosperity, (Psalm 66:12)
Weight- the glory of God is called a “weight” (2 Cor.4:17)
Whirlwind- change, God appearing, judgment. (Job 40:6)
Windows of Heaven- blessing, overflow, prosperity (Mal.3:10)
Wine- Holy Spirit, blessing and abundance (Joel 3:18)
Wineskin (New)- new churches and ministries that can contain new wine, the shape or form of ministry, container (Matt.9:17)
Wineskin (Old)- outmoded and outdated forms of ministry (Matt.9:17)
Wings- soaring, prophet, demon, shelter, Holy Spirit. (Hosea 12:13)
Wolf- greedy, voracious, vicious, false prophets (Matt.7:15)
Wolf/Lamb – Harmony between former enemies, Jew and Gentile joined together (Isa.11:6; 65:25)
Wrestle/Wrestling- perseverance, struggle, travail (Gen.32:24)
Yoke – a joining together, minister together, bondage, slavery. (Phil.3;4, Isa.58:6)
Zadok – a priest with a seer’s anointing (2 Sam.15:27)
Zarephath- Elijah sent to the widow at Zarephath, the place of sustenance and provision (1 Kings 17:9)
Zion – the hill of God. A high place. The place of the kingdom, a godly stronghold. The place of Glory and reign. The city of God, the New Jerusalem. (Psa.48:2)


Do you have any dream symbols that you would like to share with us?  Write them in the comments below.  Also, if you had a dream and would like some help interpreting it, post it on the dream interpretation section of our website and we’ll help you finding meaning.

God Bless You!

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  1. Rancie
    August 19, 2019 at 8:33 pm — Reply

    I dreamed i was traveling with my students to take a flight, it was an exciting moment for me as their teacher. However when we arrived at the airport I began looking for their tickets but couldn’t find them but each of them had their passports. On the other hand i had my ticket but not my passport and the tickets i could find was not for any of the students at the airport. Any idea what the dream might mean, school is about to open, I’m not sure if it’s anxiety.

  2. Tamika
    July 18, 2019 at 4:18 pm — Reply

    George T., it seems that your dream is signaling that you may be experiencing some unrest in either your profession or your physical workplace environment. Are you experiencing any type of conflict/tension on the job that you’re not dealing with head on? Perhaps suppressing an issue? Or are you contemplating a career move, and are unsure about what direction to take? In the dream your health is attacked in the school. This is a key indication that something in your profession or at your place of work is causing unrest. In the dream you are conscience of the affliction, and do your best to remedy it, but the struggle is beyond what you can control.You did the right thing in praying when you awoke. I would continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance in revealing to you the meaning of this dream, and more importantly hand over to Him the problem that is causing this unrest. I don’t get the sense that your dying in the dream is a a warning of a physical death. I get the sense that whatever you’re wrestling with can only be remedied through turning it over to God–in other words, it’s a battle too big for you to conquer on your own. If you keep trying to fix it in your own strength, you will never find the peace and wholeness that you seek. A scripture that comes to mind is: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.” Psalm 34:19

  3. George T
    July 13, 2019 at 1:09 am — Reply

    Good morning, in my dream, I was in my workplace as a teacher because thats what I do, suddenly I started having stomach ache and as i was trying to exit the school to go find medication I fell down started struggling and eventually died. Immediately that happened I woke up from sleep and prayed. What does it mean?

    • Ye
      July 31, 2019 at 7:17 pm — Reply

      George T, I think your dream is a warning about the things happening or that will happen to your teaching career or in your workplace. In your dream, at work you suddenly started feeling stomach ache. This signifies that there are some things that will SUDDENLY cause unrest or discomfort to you at work (it is not clear from the dream what’s causing or will caise the unrest). But then, you tried exiting the school to find medicine, and on your way, you fell down, struggled and died. This could be warning to you that regardless of whatever is causing you discomfort or pain at your current job, work place or profession, you’re to stay put and not try to exit to find a remedy. Trying to exit could result in you going on a downward spiral (falling down) which may allow you struggle and could eventually lead to the end of the teaching career. I don’t think that this means you’ll physically die. The remedy to what’s causing the discomfort will only come from God and not from outside sources. With prayer, everything will be made clear. Amen.
      Dream interpretations still have to resonate with your spirit, and if what I’ve said is right, the holy spirit will confirm it to you and you’ll know. Please keep praying for God to open your heart to understanding, and ears to hear what He’s really trying to warn you about.
      All shall be well by God’s grace. God bless you.

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