Prophetic Word – May 2021

prophetic word may 2021

This prophetic word is for May 2021.  I asked the Lord what I should share with you all for this week and He pointed down to the earth and showed me several things happening.  I believe these have already begun and will also flow into May 2021.

These are all random so you can take the one that you believe is for you or you can look at all of these together as a progression and you may even see one thing followed by the other playing out in your life, which means they may all be for you.  They feel more personal to me instead of a general word for the body.

prophetic word may 2021


I see the eagles being released and the eagles have scrolls in their talons.  As they swooped down to the earth different people reached up and take the scrolls as the eagle released them.  Like a passing of the baton.  These were not random deliveries but were destined for specific people.

I see this with 3 different interpretations

1) Eagles are generally used to symbolize the prophetic, so God in this hour is releasing the prophetic gifting to some of His children.  The prophet Ezekiel was given a scroll to eat in Chapter 3 and then sent to release the message to the people.  So the scroll holds the words of God and He is imparting the gift of prophecy to some in this season.

2) Since the eagles are the prophets and it was the passing of a scroll, like a baton to another person, I see this as a passing of the baton from one group of prophets to another which means you will see some new prophetic voices emerging.

3) Scrolls also represent your destiny and purpose which is written on scrolls in heaven so I see this as God revealing destiny and purpose to those who don’t know their God ordained purpose.  God is going to reveal that to you.

Psalm 139:16 NET

Your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb.
All the days ordained for me
were recorded in your scroll
before one of them came into existence.


Then I see frisbees flying through the air.  I didn’t see anyone throwing them or see anyone catching them they were just flying through the air and they were multicolored.  Frisbees are fun so I see this as the Lord bringing fun and joy to your life.  He’s going to give you your joy back.  I feel like the reference to frisbee may have significant meaning to someone reading this.


Then I see someone throwing a stick, couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, to a dog who was running and catching it.  Again it is the feeling of lighthearted fun and now we have people and animals in the picture which tells me this is family.  It’s the joy and fun in the family now.  Whatever was broken there God is mending it.


Then I see UPS delivery man get out of his truck and he’s bringing a brown package to someone’s door.  I think the Lord shows this as UPS and not a FedEx person because of the color brown.  Brown can symbolize humility.  The box was not very big and he was carrying it with one hand.  What I believe God is saying is that some of you will receive a blessing that will appear small (humble beginnings).  Don’t despise it.

Zechariah 4:10

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,…”

This is just the beginning and sometimes God starts it small until you learn the ropes and then He can grow it.  Also, He starts some of us small just to see how well we can steward that blessing.  The other thing is when something looks small you will tend not to draw too much attention to yourself.  People won’t be threatened by you because it won’t look like much which means you’ll have less warfare as a result.  However….



The next thing I see is a gold box with a red bow around it on someone’s front lawn, then I look and I see another yard with an even bigger box, then I see another yard and the box was so big it looked like it could fit a car in it.  It was that big and in someone’s front yard.  Some of you are going to get giant size blessings released to you.  While others may start off with the little brown box and then grow into this.

Don’t watch the size pay attention to the impact. I believe the first little package is destined for big things depending on how the recipient handles it.  Don’t respond in jealousy if you notice someone with something that is bigger than yours. Handle yours well and respond to others well and you will get more. (Luke 16:10-12)



Then I see massive fireworks going off in one section which tells me there are some big celebrations coming up.



Then I see a doctor walk into a room and over his head I see the words “Good News”.  So someone is either afraid to go to the doctor for fear of what they will be told or they are waiting on results and the doctor is going to deliver good news.  Don’t worry.


Then I notice these fruit trees in the front of several front yards, some had bright red fruit on it.  Which I believe the Lord is saying that the “fruit is now ripe”  It is ready!  It’s time.  You wouldn’t be able to eat it if it is green, you’ve been waiting for this. So now you can actually “taste and see that the Lord is good”.  You will taste the fruit of your labor, in Jesus name, Amen


Then another tree and the fruit was silver.  I believe this is a symbol of purification and the fruit of it will be visible.  Silver is also the fruit of redemption and deliverance so I believe God will be delivering a lot of people out of bondages.


Then another tree and the fruit on this one was gold.  I believe this one is the one that has been tested by fire and the fruit of it will be evident.  It stood the test of time.

It also brings to mind Proverbs 8:19 “My fruit is better than goldand my revenue better than the choicest silver

This scripture is speaking of Wisdom.  It means that the products, fruit, the children of wisdom will yield high dividends.  What you will get is not only the fruit of the wisdom but the revenue which is worth far more than gold.  Praise God!  Let it be so Lord Jesus!!!

Did you know that Wisdom has children?

Luke 7:35 “But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”  Some versions says wisdom is justified by her children.  When wisdom is from God, it bears fruit.  Those are the children.  That is how you know it came from God.  There has to be evidence.

You know some of you may be embarking on some big moves.  Physical moves, creating new businesses or ministries and there may be some that may question what you are doing.  Especially if what you are doing doesn’t look like anything that someone has done before.  Don’t worry about it, it will be evident to everyone in the end that it was the Lord’s doing.  The fruit will be on full display in the front yard.

Next time they question you just say “the fruit is going to speak for itself”.  Let the children of Wisdom do the talking for you.

The Lord is imparting the gift of Wisdom, ask Him for it.


Then I see a tree with grapes hanging down from it.  Yes, I know they grow on vines but it looked like a tree to me.  This is the symbol of prosperity, abundance, wealth, the sign you are in the promise land, healing, your labor finally paying off. (John 15:1-5) you have successfully concluded this season of pruning and you now have the fruit.

Here’s what you do if you feel any of these or all of these are for you, you pray it into your house and ask the Lord for the manifestation of it.  You cover that thing under the blood of Jesus from the 3rd heavens into your house and until you see it.


30 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – May 2021”

  1. All but one of these visions have come to fruition for me and my family, and my doctor appointment is on June 15th so I expect good news concerning the second ultrasound from the mammogram.

    I wasn’t looking for a position, but God knew in my heart I was over the two hour 77 mile one way commute. I went through the prayer list here and agreed for those who were believing God for a new position. Not more than two weeks later, a position came to me by way of my husband. I applied, interviewed and was offered the position the same week. It is with my sons’ school and is 8 minutes from our home with a 6.8 round trip commute and a $10,000 salary increase. Praises to our God!!

    So many celebrations: graduated from seminary, this new position, birthdays, anniversaries, contracts and more.

    My dad’s side of the family had not gotten together in a decade because of past divisions. We were all together yesterday for my aunt’s birthday, laughing and making new memories!

    I believe God had more for us all and I will continue to pray into each one with a heart of thanksgiving!

    1. Yes! Amen! What a powerful testimony!! God doesn’t lie. Jesus is Truth! When the word comes from Him you KNOW there has to be manifestation! Thank you so much for sharing the testimony! The Lord said that when we pray for others who have the same need as we have He will do it for us and that is not a lie. Jesus! It’s sowing a seed in prayers to get what you want. I am sure God is going to give you the other one on the list. Good News! In Jesus name! No weapons that are ever formed against you and your family shall prosper. Not one! Praising God with you for His faithfulness. There’s more to come. Stay strong and be blessed.

  2. Thank you for sharing !

    I saw UPS trucks twice. Prayed (and about more than just seeing them).

    Yesterday and today I saw FedEx trucks, including one parked directly in front of where I reside.

  3. Hello Everyone,
    This post has been VERY thought provoking from the minute I read it when it was first published, and I have been processing it ever since. I don’t even know where to begin and so bear with me as it is going to be VERY LONNNNNNNNG. Feel free to bring your popcorn, lol!
    Let me preface this by saying that the various imagery used in this word, brought to mind some dreams that I have had beginning in 2019 until this present day.
    But let me go in sequence of each section of the word.
    Eagles and Scroll- I thank God for entrusting me with a prophetic gifting. I had the privilege of seeing an eagle last summer. I also had a dream in Dec. 2020 whereby someone named Jaydon (I sensed it was a female) had a scroll. That’s it, nothing else, and it came right after a dream of me praying for an unknown man who was having surgery. Upon waking, I was clear that I had interceded in the spirit for someone literally having surgery.
    However, the scroll dream remained an enigma, but felt confident that God had definitely heard my prayers regarding the previous dream. I didn’t think both dreams were related, but I could be very wrong.

    Moving Truck- I saw a moving truck park directly in front of my house on April 27, 21, and it said “Two Men and a Truck.” I knew it was for my neighbours on my right hand-side, facing out. However, something about the company’s name triggered a dream that I had in October 2019 when some men rang my doorbell, but I did not let them in. I watched these men in the natural for a bit from my window and then decided to settle down to do what I was doing. The next thing I hear is my doorbell ring LOUDLY. In the dream I did not let them in, but I decided to go answer my doorbell in the natural. There was no one at the door. I said “Hello” twice and one of the men then responded. I stated someone rang my doorbell and he denied it. I said it again and he denied it . Then I began to wonder if it was a reverberating sound from next door or I heard it in the spiritual, but I know for a fact what I heard. I decided to pay very close attention to what would happen next in my life that day and subsequently. I later saw the time 5:55pm highlighted felt God was preparing me for something and I later got a phone call around 7:31pm and I needed to watch my Ps and Qs, be humble, and gracious.

    UPS Truck- I witnessed a UPS truck come literally next door to my neighbour on the left -hand side of my house, and the delivery man come to their door with a brown box on April 28, 21. I watched from an upper window and thought, maybe he might come to my door, but he didn’t. I later saw a fancy silver closed convertible Beetle (Volkswagen) go down my street, from the same vantage point that I was looking out and it triggered a dream I had on November 1, 2020 of me backing out of my garage in a Beetle (I don’t own one). So you can imagine my antennas were flying high especially after reading this word! I later went out and saw a UPS truck was there to my left on my return at a 4-way stop,. I didn’t clue in at first until the man made eye contact with me and I was like ok, “Lord You’ve definitely confirmed that something is about to be delivered to me and I’ll need to be humble about it.”

    Grape Fruit- This image reminded me of a dream that I had on April 9, 21. To cut it short, we were being evacuated in a bus due to some weather calamity and arrived at an abandoned area. Some people from the bus were plucking the low hanging brown/raisin coloured unknown fruit on a tree. They looked like gigantic grapes, but not in clusters on a tree. I was torn between going towards where I heard singing, use the washroom or join the others. I decided to join the others as I didn’t want to be separated from them and get lost. When I got to the tree, I had to jump really high in my attempt to pluck ripe fruits . I remember thinking that it was selfish of people not to share the fruits with others. I woke up while in the air holding onto a branch that had unripe fruit.
    Wisdom: I have been praying for Isaiah 11:2 to manifest in my life
    May 1st: I witnessed the first showers according to my knowledge in my area and immediately thought “Showers of blessing.” Later on, as I was lying in bed reflecting on the “When God uses your enemy to bless you,” and this word, I got a phone call from my church. An anonymous donor wanted to bless me with some money. I was amazed yet wary, “Is this of God or the enemy trying to lure me?” Cut a long story short, it was from my church community member that chose to remain anonymous.
    May 3rdnd- Unexpected Delivery of groceries and some money from another church community member
    May 4th- Received groceries from yet another community church member. Delivery of anonymous donor money from May 1st plus additional money from yet an anonymous donor, right to my door steps and placed under the mat.

    I share ALL this as a praise report. I’ve never been in a situation whereby I’ve been in such need, but have to be humble to receive the provision. God promised to be Faithful and provide ALL of our needs. He didn’t say how He would, but He promised that He would. I believe there is more to come and pray the same for everyone in need.
    Any thoughts or revelations of anything that I’ve shared so far is welcome especially about the Beetle and the unknown fruit. Tried Googling to find this mysterious fruit tree 😊

    1. This is beautiful! And you are right all of those delivery trucks was the Lord telling you to expect the delivery and to receive it humbly, which you did. The enemy helping will be a noticeable thing so don’t be too worried about accepting the help. You will see it when that is the situation. For now, just receive. God is in a mode of giving to you and that is a beautiful thing. The unknown fruit I believe is the same as I saw in my dream because it was grapes but it was hanging from a tree, not a vine, which I thought was strange. I believe it is the same thing. Again the fruit is brown, humility. I believe the beetle is about the size of the car. The transportation is your new ride into your new season. It’s a small car, humility. Everything you will receive from the Lord in this season will be through humility. I am getting that as the over arching theme here. Blessings.

      1. Thank you for your response, MOP! I believe a 100% that God wants me to receive all that He has for me and is providing for me by being humble.
        I think I understand a bit more about the Beetle and the mysterious fruit tree. I think what connects the two is wisdom. I don’t think it is an accident that your last entry was the grape like tree and the mention of wisdom came before it.
        I believe that God is saying that I’ll emerge in a “small” entity (aka small niche) that will require wisdom and the fruit will be a source of enigma. People may think they know what it is, but it is something new. The Beetle, historically was called the “People’s Car.” I think the classic is not being made anymore but a newer version exist. It’s small alright (like you said), affordable, non-threatening, but something about it makes people take a second look. I pray the Precious Blood of Jesus as I think that the Beetle is a new business/ministry and/or a new version of myself that will involve others, lol! The colour of the fruit in my dream was more of plum/raisin (I know I had said brown initially but raisin I’m confident of). The fruit looked like a plum, but not quite. A grape was the closest thing that I could describe it, yet the fruit did not come in clusters as grapes do. It looked like a muscadine (from my research post dream :)) in size (i.e., much bigger than a regular grape) but even a muscadine appears to come in clusters so I have to rule it out. Either way, I believe that God is saying from both of our dream/vision that something amazing that will baffle people’s mind will be a source of blessing 🙂
        Thank God for His creative touch. Please pray Isaiah 11:2 for me and the people that I interact with. Thank you very much!


  4. Amen. Hallelujah!
    Oh & Prophet John doesn’t exist, it’s only in the dream. I thank God for what He’s doing.
    Thank you so much for this.

  5. I forgot to mention the scriptures He gave:
    Mark 1:11
    Luke 4:18-19
    Zechariah 4
    I need to understand more of what God is saying, I know there’s more.

  6. Greetings. I’m from South Africa.
    I woke up from a dream around 3 this morning, this dream had 3 parts
    1.A Nigerian Prophet called John had come, in the dream I knew the prophet, he once came to our church but in reality I haven’t seen him before.
    It’s like I connected so strong with him, he came to our church once & since then I longed to see him again but he didn’t come, in the dream I told someone that I draw from the prophet, he’s like a well that I draw water from , there’s something in him that is in me, even more there’s something in me that wants him. I was overexcited to see him I didn’t even know what to do,so he came towards me & I was amazed , I felt this unexplainable Love in him it shook me from within & he said to me that he’s now ready to marry & he choose me to be his wife & he’s taking me home(Nigeria) with him.

    2. I was outside getting done with the laundry that I was busy washing, Prophet John appeared again & we started talking It seemed as if we were talking about meeting, he was not there in person, it’s like I was talking to him live on a very huge screen,he was sitting in his office & he smiled & said it’s raining & I replied not here because the weather is beautiful & then he said look around & I did, within few seconds it started raining heavily, it was showers.

    3. The rain had stopped, then I saw this guy, he’s our relative & lives nearby, he was with his son about 5years old but I didn’t know his son so I asked my mom if the boy is his son & she said yes, he was cute to watch because he looked exactly like his dad & imitated everything his dad did. They were at our gate & his dad taught him many things that he should imitate & in everything he was taught he did well ,he walked, talked & acted like his dad.
    I woke up from that & in my spirit I knew it had to do with the prophetic Word May 2021: prophet John – the release of prophetic gifts, revelation of destiny & purpose, getting the joy back, blessings , celebration, ripe fruits, Wisdom , prosperity, abundance & even the good news from the doctor (I found out that I have uterus fibroids, been trying for a child for 10years now without any luck) beginning of this month God gave me Isaiah 54 & said not only your womb but for every area of barrenness in your life & pointed out those areas & in this prophetic Word you mentioned everything . I was instructed to search the meaning of John (graced by God) and was taken to the prophetic Word “Jack in the box” and “that was then…”
    Last night as I was reading this prophetic Word May 2021, I fell into what felt more like trance than sleep & I heard ” Forest ” & He said you’ll grow & become a Forest, then I woke up & I was taken back to the prophetic Word “Discerning your Season”
    There were 2 trees for me the “preserved tree” and after the defrosting you’ll be the “fruitful tree”
    So now God says Forest.
    Lastly, I got that in the dream the Father teaching the son, in everything the Father can do for his children, His desire is that they may be like Him in everything, that Pleases Him, so He teaches us every day, in every situation & circumstances to respond, to talk, to walk & live like Him, when He look at us He sees Himself.
    I’d really appreciate if you could add more, if I’ve missed something in the dream & also add the Wisdom in understanding in what I got Please.

    1. Hi Pearl, it seems as if God has confirmed everything in this word with your own dreams. It is all self explanatory. You can see the transference of the prophetic gift as well as all the other portions of the word that was shared. I don’t believe you need to contact that prophet as God will do the impartation. God just put that person there so that you would make the connection with the gift. The huge screens are also an indication of the gift this is vision. And, I do believe that Father and Son was the Lord saying that you will look like him. I am believing with you that your season of barrenness is over, in Jesus name! Praise God!

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