Prophetic Word for December 2019 – What do these numbers Mean? Part 1

prophetic word december 2019
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This is the Prophetic Word December 2019.  This is the first of 4 separate prophetic words for the month of December.  God is having me release these one per week for this month.  He wants you to process each one individually.

This first prophetic word is What do these numbers mean?

Did you know that God speaks to us through numbers?  Yes, there’s even a book in the bible called Numbers!  No, it’s not numerology.  And, once you figure out what God is saying to you through the numbers you see you can understand the season that you are in.

Have you been seeing repetitive numbers?  Waking up at exactly the same time on consecutive days?  God is trying to say something to you through that.  Don’t ignore it.

This prophetic word is designed to help you know what the numbers mean so that you can know what God is saying to you.  The key to understanding the numbers is going back to scriptures and then asking yourself – what does this number mean to me?  We’re going to cover some common ones here in this post.


  1.  The countdown… 6:54…5:43…4:32…3:21   This one is pretty obvious it is a countdown which means something is coming to an end.  If you see these God is trying to tell you that something is coming to an end.  The door is closing on something.  We’re using the numbers on a clock here but it could be anything – a store receipt, street address, anywhere you have numbers if you start noticing they are in an order counting down this is what it means
  2. The ramp up.  This generally happens after the count down you’ll start seeing the numbers go up 1:23… 12:34…4:56.  This just means God is moving you forward into something.  Things are ramping up
  3. If you get up at the same time each day or you wake up in the middle of the night.  Write down the time and when you can take your bible and search for bible verses with that number combination.  When you get to the correct scripture you will know it.
  4. 1111, 1:11, 11:11.  This is a transitional number.  Crossing over into something new (Deut 11:11) Transitioning into promise. (Hebrews 11:11)
  5. 2:22, 22:22. The double. Agreement. Authority (Isaiah 22:22), Fulfillment of promises (Habakkuk 2:)
  6. 3:33, 333 The Godhead. Completion. Perfection.  Jeremiah 33:3 – God is calling you into intercession because He has something to show you.
  7. 4:44, 444, 4 corners of the earth. The World. East, west, north, south – you need to ask for direction.
  8. 5:55, 555, Triple Grace.  (Isaiah 55:) God is giving you the grace you need to do what He has asked you to do.  Multiplication of resources (Luke 19:18-19)
  9. 666, 6  The number of man as he was created on the 6th day.  Sign of evil as it is the mark of the beast
  10. 777  Perfection.  Completion (Revelation 8:2), the 7 Spirits of God (Isaiah 11:2-3), the 7 lamp stands, 7 churches (Revelation 1)
  11. 888.  New Beginning. Something new. Change. (John 20:26)
  12. 999.  Fruitfulness.  Judgement. Gifts. (1 Corinthians 12:9-11) (Galatians 5:22-23)
  13. 10.  Order.  Ten Commandments.  Restoration (John 10:10)
  14. 12.  Government. 12 disciples. 12 tribes of Israel.  Apostolic Government.

911 – It’s a number for emergencies, this means you need to find a place to go into prayer and intercession as soon as you can.

747 …727 – It’s a jet.  High powered aircraft.  You’re either about the travel or He’s taking you on a flight spiritually with a prophetic ministry 🙂

Now, what if you get a random number and you keep seeing it over and over again. Well, pick up your bible and start looking up every scripture with

prophetic word december 2019
image from Bernard Mar & Co

that number combination.  At some point you are going to know exactly what God is saying through the number.

This is a very general list and doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone.  You should always pray and ask God what the number means to you.

God is speaking to His people through numbers in this season so you need to be aware of that and search out what the numbers mean so you can get clear direction.



I know Christians who get numbers and immediately play the lottery…they have yet to win!  God is doing a lot more than giving you lottery numbers and it’s important that you pay attention to the numbers.   Please know that the minute the number has fulfilled what it was sent to do, you will no longer see it.  That’s why repetitive numbers don’t happen all the time and they will change from season to season.

Have you been seeing repetitive numbers?  Comment below.

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  1. Dear MOP
    Thank you for this post on numbers. I have been receiving a lot of numbers dreams and visions. 111 and 333 has been so repetitive every I look I see that number. While at word today I hear 42 in the spirit. Thank you for what you are doing. It is really helpful for me.

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