Waiting on God by Andrew Murray, 31 Days of Prayer and Meditation

Andrew Murray is one of the greatest Christian writers on the subject of prayer.waiting on god

One of his great writings is Waiting On God, a 31 day prayer and meditation series that teaches Christians how to wait on the Lord.

How often the ‘busyness’ of life can creep up and overwhelm us. Rather than depending upon our own strength, as Christians it is our privileged birthright to enter into a daily time of reverent meditation and silence, waiting only upon God for: His answers to our problems, His direction in our lives, and, most importantly, His awesome presence refreshing our spirits and teaching us more about Himself. Andrew Murray shares thirty-one heartfelt meditations, one for each day of the month, to help renew our vision and quicken our desire to turn to the Lord for His quite, peaceful strength. Murray’s own prayer was that the Lord would use these meditations “to draw all to Himself, to learn in practice and experience the blessed art of waiting only upon God.”

Here is a link with all 31 Days of Meditation of Waiting On God. This is a free ebook online.

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