Prophetic Word – January 2023

prophetic word for january 2023

This is the prophetic word for January 2023.  This is something the Lord wants all of us to keep at the forefront of our minds as we go through the year.  I believe we are all going to need to use the principles outlined in this word at some point during the year.

Who is this for?  Everyone.

I can tell you as someone who sees and hears many prayer requests over the years, prayers for financial increase and money is a top one for most people.  I know it has been a very difficult year for a lot of people financially and 2023 will be just as challenging.

I was spending some time with the Lord, and we were sitting looking down at the earth when I went into a vision and saw people having the kind of life that I believe we would all like to have.  Families laughing, parents and children hanging out and spending time together, beautiful homes, cars, people going about healthy, every sign and symbol that you would imagine signifies prosperity and abundance.  All the people I saw walking about seem to have everything they need.  What you would imagine as “the perfect life” if you could imagine it.

Specifically, what I was looking at was financial abundance.

I was reflecting on the fact that people are going to need money to have that kind of life. How else would you get it?  Discerning my thoughts, the Lord says to me

“My children want what’s in the world & what they can see with their eyes, but I have “the more” for them.”

I thought it was interesting He said “the more” and immediately I thought about the idea of reading a little excerpt like you get in the emails that we send out and there is a button that says “read more” and you need to click on the button to get the full story.

There’s more than what you are looking at.

You are literally just looking at the excerpt. I don’t care how much you think you can see, what you are looking at now or want God to give you is literally just the excerpt!  There’s more!  God is saying He wants to give you “the more”.  Then it dawned on me that perhaps there is a Hebrew word that means “the more” that will offer a deeper understanding on what He was trying to tell us.  Here it is..

Rabah – Strong’s Hebrew 7235

to be or become many or much, bring in abundance,

A primitive root; to increase (in whatever respect) — (bring in) abundance (X -antly), + archer (by mistake for rabab), be in authority, bring up, X continue, enlarge, excel, exceeding(-ly), be full of, (be, make) great(-er, -ly, X -ness), grow up, heap, increase, be long, (be, give, have, make, use) many (a time), (any, be, give, give the, have) more (in number), (ask, be, be so, gather, over, take, yield) much (greater, more), (make to) multiply, nourish, plenty(-eous), X process (of time), sore, store, thoroughly, very.

That word Rabab means to multiply ten thousand times!!!

Then I started to ask Him what is “the more” what else is there that we are not seeing.  He brought me full circle back to the prophetic word for 2023.  He has already told us but what He wants us to do now is tap into what He told us already.  He already told us that 5783 is the year of the camel, the wealth transfer but what He was saying from this vision is that we are going about in using only the excerpt.

The more is not only the physical (what you can see with your eyes), but there is also the spiritual, the emotional and the mental.

Then He started to show me that everything we need and want in life actually has these 4 components/ways/channels attached to it.

This is so deep so He told me to just give you the top layer and you will have to ask Him to break down each of these for you based on what it is you need from Him.  You may need to read this a few times to really get it, then again in 6 months it may make more sense and then again in a year you may actually start to grasp what I am going to share with you in this post.

For everything that you need there are actually 4 different ways or channels that you can get it.  Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  The problem is that we tend to only see the physical (what we can see with our eyes) and as a result we discount the other ways in which God can make something happen.  We generally only think there is one way to get a thing, the physical way, when God is saying He has 4 ways to get it to you.

Money is physical currency.

When I get prayer requests, people ask for a financial blessing.  Money.  This is something physical you can see it with your eyes.  What the Lord showed me is that you are asking for a tool that can only be used in one channel, the physical.  There are better ways to ask for what you need.

Money is a tool.  You do not need money you need to end result of what the money will give you because the money is in itself is actually useless, it cannot help you.  What I mean by that is you cannot eat money, you cannot sleep in it like a bed, you are not able to put it above your head and shelter from the rain under it.  It’s a piece of paper.  It is a metal coin. It’s useless.  It is a tool that is used in the physical realm.  A tool.

What you really need is the end result of what the money will get you.

Money being physical is only one channel that God can use to get you to your end result.  What the Lord is saying is that He has “the more” for you which is to get you the end result using one of the other channels – mental, spiritual and emotional.  All of the other 3 channels are still available and can get you what you need but you keep asking for the physical channel instead of the end result.

Example, if you need to pay your electric bill to keep the lights on then you need to pray and ask God to keep the lights on for you.  Pray for the end result.  Let God decide what channel He will choose to give you what you need.  He may use the physical channel as well as He may not.

What you are going to find is that even though you have a -$67 balance in your bank account and are unable to the electric bill when you pray to keep the lights on, someone may come along and pay the bill for you.  They never gave you the money they just call the electric company directly and paid your bill for you.  Now, you have the electricity on and you still have -$67 in your bank account.  What just happened?  You actually got what you needed bypassing the physical channel of getting money.  You didn’t see the cash, but it was done.  Because when you prayed God sent an angel to tell someone to check up on you and they paid it. Using the spiritual currency, favor.

The Lord had shown me awhile ago that money is physical currency.

But you know what else?  The spiritual realm doesn’t use physical currency.  The currency in the spiritual realm is favor.

When you ask for money, you are just getting the excerpt, that is not “the more”.  Not only that, but the enemy can also see very easily what is moving about in the physical realm and he can mess with your money if that is the only way in which you are getting things done.

Favor is spiritual currency.

Psalm 106:4-5

Remember me, O Lord, with the favor You have toward Your people.
Oh, visit me with Your salvation,
That I may see the benefit of Your chosen ones,
That I may rejoice in the gladness of Your nation,
That I may glory with Your inheritance.

Favor is also a currency.  You can receive things not because you have money but because you have the favor of God upon your life.

What you need to realize is that the devil can also see the physical currency so he has the ability to stop what you are trying to accomplish with that physical currency but when you use one of the other ways, HE CAN’T SEE THAT because you are BYPASSING his view. The enemy loves to put the obstructions in your way to stop you.  Traffic jams when you are only operating on a physical currency, but when you tap into the spiritual currency called FAVOR you bypass the traffic jam and he doesn’t even know you went by him!

Several years back I was down on my face, I had NO MONEY.  Zero.  No matter what I did nothing was working. I couldn’t get a job because the enemy was after me really hard and everything fell through.  Every time I got close it would fall through.  Over and over again. Nothing worked.  I lost my job, ate through my savings and then I started falling behind months later on my bills.  I got to the stage where I was late in paying my rent and then with the next month approaching, I saw absolutely no way that I could pay it.  The 1st of the month came and went, and I was waiting for the notice of eviction to get posted on the door, but it never came.  I thought it was very odd.  I was sitting on pins and needles, but nobody called, no emails, no notice, nothing.  Then I had a dream one night and I saw the kitchen in what looked like a brand-new place and the Lord told me you are going to move into this place.

I was thinking to myself how in the world am I going to move into a place with no job?  I prayed warfare prayers until I was blue in the face, but nothing was working.  The attacks were endless.  What I didn’t realize is that God allowed the enemy to do this just so that I could be trained to teach you what I am teaching you now.  The only thing I had was money to pay the movers, maybe.  Other than that, zero.  I was behind on all my bills.  Then the Lord told me, get in your car, go out and look for that place.  I went from condo to condo, complex to complex walking in the doors and heading immediately to the kitchen to see if it looked like the one in my dream.

Finally, I found it.  Now it’s about 9 days before the end of the month, the other place has not said one word to me about the rent and I am looking for a new place with no money.  I see the kitchen and I knew this was the place.  Then the lady tells me, you are in luck!  We have a special going on the rest of this month is free, and the next month is free too, so you get to live here for free for one month and 9 days! The special just started THAT DAY!!!   I was floored.  But then I was still nervous because I had to go to the office and she needed to collect my records from the other place where I was living where she would see that I had not paid them the rent yet and I was late paying it the month before.  Sigh.  Plus I didn’t know what the application fee would be.  We get into the office and I tell her where I was living and she says to me “it’s a mess over there, no wonder you are moving, they just sold to a new buyer and nothing is updated in the computer system. They basically have no records for the last 2 months so we can only access your records before that time” I was floored.  So everything she pulled showed that I paid my rent on time. LOL.  Then she says to me “you know what I am going to waive your application fee”.  I was floored.  I signed and left with the keys.

Then I went to my condo where I was living and I had to transfer the services, the internet and cable and the electric bill.  All of which I am behind on paying.  I go to transfer the internet online and it tells me that I have to pay the bill I owe before I can do it, so I decide to call and talk to someone.  The rep gets on the phone with me, and I don’t know if she didn’t check to see that I had a balance, but she transferred everything without even asking me one question.  Then I call the electric company and that rep says the same thing, I can’t transfer your service until you pay the bill.  She advises me to sign up for online bill payment and as I am on the phone signing up for the online bill payment, she starts to whisper so that her coworkers can’t hear her “you know what, I’m not supposed to do this but I’m going to transfer the services for you anyway, just pay it when you have it”.  I never told her I don’t have it. I was floored.

So there I was sitting in a brand-new condo, with no money. With all my services transferred over and activated even though I never paid the bill.  It was at the moment that I realized that God was using the entire situation to teach me something.

You don’t need money when you have God’s favor.

By the time the rent was due, I got a job and got paid to pay the rent.  It all worked out.   During this season, while I felt like I was in a fog, I knew the entire time that God was holding my hand and walking me through it. I learnt what it meant to really TRUST. I learnt what it meant to have supernatural provision.  I also learnt that if you have God’s favor things are given to you without you even paying for them.  You pray and God answers and sometimes the answer may not come through a way that you can see with your eyes.

What I am saying to you is this, do not complain if you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling like you have no solution, more than likely you are only looking at the physical channel.  God has other ways to get it done.  Don’t ask for money, ask for the end result.  The goal, what is it that you really need?  You don’t need money, you need a new apartment.  You don’t need money, you need food to feed your family.  Pray for the end result and God will provide it using the channel He desires.  THE CHURCH is going to need to tap into this for 2023 as the nations go through a economic meltdown.  The world can’t do this.  This is for SAVED people.

Meanwhile the enemy is sitting there scratching his head wondering how in the world did she get into a brand new place when I shut down all her money???  He’s watching the local roads and you took the bypass road called FAVOR.  Spiritual Currency.

Wisdom is emotional currency.

Huh?  Yeah, I know it sounds odd but follow me here… You have to think about these channels as routes that bypassed the problem to get you to the destination.

The way to bypass poverty and lack in a physical sense is by having money.  The way to bypass lack and poverty in the spiritual sense is by having favor.  All of these that I am showing you are channels that bypass lack and poverty and will bring you to abundance, “the more”.

Therefore, the Lord told me that the bypass to the emotional issues is wisdom.

As I was sitting with the Lord I started to think about Solomon and how he did it.  How did he get his wealth?  We know that he asked God for wisdom and understanding, and God gave him riches as a result. (1 Kings 3) But have you ever examined how?

There are times in business when we make emotional decisions.  They are not wise decisions.  You need someone to work in your office so you hired your unemployed sister as your receptionist. When the fact is that you would never have hired her if she wasn’t your sister.  That is an emotional decision.  Meanwhile your sister is mean and turns people off, but you continue to keep her in the company.  When we make emotional decisions instead of using wisdom, we short circuit what God is doing.

People get emotionally attached to homes, cars, businesses and miss the opportunity when they need to sell because it’s their childhood home or the business has been in the family for generations.  When if they look at the toll that it is taking on the family, the financial drain, keeping it is not a viable option.  Emotions and feelings can cause you to make bad financial decisions.

Wisdom can sometimes come across as cold.  For you to tell your sister NO, when you know she is unemployed and needs a job seems cold.  However, if you hired the correct person for the job your business may be better off financially.

Just imagine how cold Solomon appeared when he asked for the sword to split the baby in half? (1 Kings 3:16-28)

Luke 7:35

“But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”

What does that mean?  You see, wisdom bears fruit.  She has children. After you make the wise decision, it is the outcome that says that you used godly wisdom.  When Solomon asked for the sword, he had no intentions of splitting the baby in half.  He knew ahead of time that the real mother would reveal herself if he said that.  But at the moment when he said it, I’m sure it appeared cold and heartless…but the fruit of the decision vindicated him.

King Solomon became wealthy because of his wisdom. His channel for financial blessings did not come through the physical channel…even though there was a physical manifestation.

Through this channel nothing can be stolen. Now that I think about it the reason, he was never involved in wars could be because he had the wisdom and understanding to know how to get himself out of situations that would lead him into a war.

Now imagine if it were today and Solomon already had some wealth that he inherited from his father David.  The financial advisor comes and says “look if you put this into this mutual fund you’ll make 25% each year” and Solomon says “No, that’s the physical channel to get money to grow, I have another way – wisdom” That just sounds odd doesn’t it?  The thing is now the enemy can see that you put the money with that mutual fund and the market can crash and now you’ve lost all your money.  Because that is a physical channel, and the monitoring spirits and familiar spirits can watch to see how you are doing what you are doing and then find a way to get to it.

Let’s look at how Solomon grew his wealth.  Read the entire 2 Chronicles 9, but I am going to highlight some verses here for you

Now when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to Jerusalem to test Solomon with hard questions, having a very great retinue, camels that bore spices, gold in abundance, and precious stones; and when she came to Solomon, she spoke with him about all that was in her heart. So Solomon answered all her questions; there was nothing so difficult for Solomon that he could not explain it to her.”

Solomon never went after the money, the money came to him. He didn’t need to invest in a mutual fund. It multiplied because of his wisdom.  The wisdom made him rich.  Riches and wealth is a byproduct of wisdom.

People went to him when they had a problem, he used his wisdom to help them, and they paid him.  That’s how he got wealthy.

He bypassed the physical way in which people made wealth and used the wisdom to make the money.  When the Lord said He would give him wealth and riches because he asked for wisdom that is because he would become wealthy by default, do you get it??

If you are using wisdom, you are going to be wealthy by default.  Because wisdom will shut down all the emotional decisions you will make with your finances.  When properly used, wisdom will shut down all the emotional buying that you do to waste your money.  When your feelings start to eat at you, and you start to shop like a crazy person for things that you don’t need…wisdom will shut that down!  Do you get it?  Wisdom is going to tell you what to do with your money to cause it to grow outside of the eyes of the enemy.

Why wasn’t the enemy able to get at Solomon’s wealth?

2 Chronicles 9:22-23

“22 So King Solomon surpassed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom. 23 And all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.

Wisdom is stored in your heart.  When God gives it, that is where it lives.  Which devil can get that?  None!  Because it’s not in a physical bank, it is in the bank of your heart.  Every time you start getting up in your feelings start asking yourself “is this a wise decision?  God please give me wisdom on this”

The enemy will use your emotional channel to bring you to poverty and lack….. “I’m not going to ask her for nothing because I don’t even like her” well if that is the only way for you to get what you need, I guess you better get out of your feelings and get over it.  Think end goal.  Use wisdom to bypass your emotional decisions.  Get out of your feelings with wisdom.

People criticize all the successful companies who have to lay off staff because the economy is bad.  While they may be billionaires and it seems cold for them to do that, the thing is if they keep all their staff, and the sales are down eventually the payroll will bring them to bankruptcy.  Now nobody has a job!!

Remember this…

James 1: 5-6

“5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.”

There are no conditions involved with getting wisdom, you ask for it, you will get it.  However, when you get it, if it doesn’t sound like what you think it should sound like don’t go back and forth.  By faith you have to move forward with the solution that God is giving to you.  Keep your feelings out of it.

Knowing the Word is mental currency.

You know we are going to see an increase in people having mental breakdowns, even in the church.  Mental health issues will cause people to do crazy things.  How do you combat this?  Well, you bypass these mental crises with the word of God.  There’s no other way.

When the enemy comes to talk to you about things that you know are not of God.  Attacking yourself esteem, putting you in a mode of depression or with suicidal tendencies the only way to combat that is by using the word of God.

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

If you are going through this the best way for you to pull yourself out of it is to read the bible, meditate upon it, speak it.  What that does is it bypasses the voice of the enemy inside your head.  You are bypassing those thoughts and renewing your mind with what God’s word says.

Read the bible.  Turn off the TV, the news, social media, your negative friends and read your bible.  Go to sleep with your mind soaking in God’s word.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, SHUT IT ALL DOWN and go spend time with God.

When you have financial issues one way to bypass the mental torture or the worrying in your mind is to speak the word of God over your situation.  Find the scriptures that are related to your situation and speak it.  You cannot allow the enemy to have a louder voice than what the Word of God has in your life.

Joshua 1:8

“Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

If you are reading it in the morning and at night, meditating on it and then keeping it on your lips (which is speaking it) how will you fail?  You cannot.  You must succeed.

But you have to do it!!!!

But Sister Nicole, I need some money to pay my rent…

Bypass the physical, and the fear and doubt that is in your mind (mental) and activate the word of God in your situation…

Philippians 4:19-20

19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 20 Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.”

How do I know He’s going to answer?

Isaiah 55:10-11

“For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,
And do not return there,
But water the earth,
And make it bring forth and bud,
That it may give seed to the sower
And bread to the eater,
11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.


You just spoke the word so as soon as it comes out of your mouth, it is doing something.  Walk around and say it all day long if you have to.

You answer every mental struggle with the WORD.


“My children want what’s in the world & what they can see with their eyes but I have “the more” for them.”

God wants to give you so much more than what you can see with your physical eyes.  In order for you to get the more you need to stop asking for the physical tool (money) and start praying for the solution, the end goal, pray the result, what you would use the money to buy.  Ask for what you want, don’t ask for the tool.  Look for Him to do it in ways that will bypass the physical.

Money is physical currency

Favor is spiritual currency

Wisdom is emotional currency

Knowing the word is mental currency

He wants you to have ALL OF IT, not just the money.  You can get money and STILL be in lack.  Money cannot buy you favor.  But favor can get you what money will buy.  Money cannot buy you wisdom.  But with wisdom you can get money.  Money isn’t going to help you know the word.  But by knowing the word you call things that are not as though they were, and money will manifest.

You need to know this right now.  God wants you to know this because pretty much all of us are going to need to tap into this in 2023 or even right now as you are reading this.  While I am talking about financial situations here these same principles/channels can be used for any scenario.  You need to ask God how it applies to your situation, and He will speak it to you.  This is how the BRIDE will arise and shine.  We are going to have access to things that the world won’t understand how we got it.  Because we are using channels that are only available to God’s children.  You have to apply these principles in order to see them work.

The enemy wants you to get trapped in the chaos of this world by having you focus on what is going on in the world on a physical level but God wants to move you above that by giving you a bypass road and channels that the enemy cannot stop.

The wealth transfer is going to happen and some of you are going to get it using a non-physical channel.  Some of you will have a house with $0.  Stop thinking that God can only do it ONE way.  No!  Stop thinking physical because He is about to bring some things to you using other channels. The More.

Share this word with your Christian friends because I believe we will all need to tap into this as we go deeper into 2023.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for the New Year Fast here


19 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – January 2023”

  1. My father, who has since passed away, always would respond “I love you all the mores”, when I would tell him that I loved him. I think of that phrase so often now that he is gone. This word deeply resonates.

  2. Wow. Just wow. God’s timing is impeccable. Just yesterday, my husband and I were discussing his nonprofit and the fact that it looked like there was not enough funds to go on a trip with his team. After reading this, we now know to pray for the end result and not for the money. THANK YOU, MOP! When this trip happens, I will send the testimony :).

  3. Amen glory be to God for his word. Deep revelation for the coming year. God is indeed faithful to speak to his children in a world full of confusion and crisis. I am happy to be called his child so much hope for the future. Shalom and thanks Sister Nicole. 🙏🏾

  4. In what would have been a very difficult year for me, The lord has used your ministry to bring me to new dimensions of understanding that am so grateful for. Your emails have brought me closer to the lord in a great way. God bless you.

  5. Wow! I can’t thank you enough Nicole. We started off 2022 with the MOP annual fast in less than ideal circumstances and several long-term unanswered prayers. I’m here to tell you that God moved so powerfully through the means you’re sharing – supernatural favor/provision, His wisdom and soaking in His Word. He’s defying the laws related to natural currency. All answers came about with many distractions, difficult circumstances and counter to what we thought possible. But, He answered and that’s all that mattered to us. God showed Himself every step of the way even when we faltered making emotional decisions from fatigue in spiritual warfare. We’re still waiting for one more answered prayer and God already told us…it’s done. All I can say is that I’m humbled and grateful for how God has used your ministry to guide, instruct and lead us closer to Him. Every month the messages provided clarity and a set of instructions that God would customize for our situation/learnings. We unwrap those messages with great anticipation.

    Finally, I somehow missed Christmas Gifts message so went back and read before this January 2023 prophetic word. Stunned and humbled again. I tend to simultaneously read your message and stop to pray over what I’d read until the end. At the end, I pray until nothing left to say and leave all including the method/timing in God’s hands. I’d prayed certain prayers as part of Christmas Gifts message that was mentioned in this prophetic word. Swift confirmation. God is simply amazing! Can’t stop praising Him and thanking you!

  6. I am currently experiencing this. I had 4 friends come over and I had less than R300. That’s $20 approx. I even wanted to cancel but felt it’s unfair and I may soon be paid from my side businesses. I prayed and prayed and wow, no “physical money” came in. God kept saying I have all that I need.
    I have been so favoured by God since I became faithful in tithing that I’m not accustomed to “lack” anymore.

    I have managed with the food I already had and we have been eating so well. They keep complimenting my dishes. We have had wonderful entertainment and Gods provision throughout this long weekend, and I haven’t even finished spending the $20.
    Funny, my fridge seems more full than before they arrived.
    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s such important knowledge so that one doesn’t go into spiritual warfare over finances instead of applying the correct weapon of praying for favour & wisdom & meditating on the word of God.

    Super grateful for MOP
    Ola Boni

  7. Dear MOP,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. God used this article to explain some things that I needed clarity about especially as it pertains to favour as a channel of provision. Thank you for sharing your personal example of God’s provision through favour when you were in dire financial need. I, too, have walked this journey and I’ve seen God provide by means of favour. He is a Gracious God and El Emunah and I’m looking forward to how (regardless of channel) He will provide my current needs. Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve!

  8. Could you add more context/wisdom/meaning to what the scripture, “Money answereth all things”? So many people in Christianity and the Kingdom has made it seem like money is the answer and you can’t get anything done without it.

    1. Hi Dee, here is the scripture “A feast is made for laughter,And wine makes merry;But money answers everything.” (Eccl.10.19) It’s just saying if you want to put on a feast & have wine at the feast, money will be the answer to that. Money can buy you many things but it will not get you favor, because favor is imparted on a spiritual level and it cannot be bought. It’s like a “likeability” factor. There are wealthy people who have favor & others who don’t. There are many wealthy people that people just don’t like. When you have favor people will do things for you & they don’t even know why they are doing it because they are being spiritually influenced. You can’t see it with the natural eyes.
      Hope this helps. Blessings

  9. I absolutely love this word!! Such a powerful reminder to me! This is confirmation on so many levels!! I’ve recently heard parts of this word from several people! I love how God confirms and reconfirms!

    I thank God for favor and wisdom! I definitely have it and it’s time to see the end result!! Again, I appreciate this reminder!
    “I learnt what it meant to have supernatural provision. I also learnt that if you have God’s favor things are given to you without you even paying for them.”

    No more making decisions emotionally!!! I’m enlarging the place of my tent, lengthening my cords and strengthening my stakes (which was a word I recently received) for 2023! So excited about the New Year and what God is about to do and take me! Thank you Missionaries of Prayer!!


  10. IV read along but this message is an eye opener. You are blessed and may I seek my four dimensions of provisions now for 2023. TO GOD TO BE THE GLORY AMEN 👏🙏🙏👏

  11. Woman of God… thanks for this revealed word from God.. if you were here I was going to give you a tight hug… blessings to you!!!!

  12. Wow!!! this has spoken to my heart. I love this “Pray for the end result. Let God decide what channel He will choose to give you what you need”.
    I think God is already doing this for me through supernatural provision. Every time I would ask God for money nothing would happen but when I ask for my debt to be paid or something that needs money to be done, I just see God moving. I just didn’t know what I was doing but now it’s clear. Thank you for this word, am very very encouraged. Wow, Almighty God You are amazing.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I have been listening to this Prophecy over and over and over again 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼‼️‼️‼️this one l am making copies, l listen out loud with my phone connected to my speaker, The Enlightenment, The Awakening, The Encouragement, The Presence of God with soooooooo much Understanding, The Spiritual Motivation l can go on and on and on‼️‼️‼️l Thank God /I Thank You SOOOOO MUCH for where you are in the Lord / Spirit 🙏🏼🙏🏼God Allowed You to Pour soooo much into us, I Thank You For Your Obedience In The Lord , l am soooooo Thankful, I Pray 🙏🏼 for your Strength I Pray God will always cover you like the waters covers the sea, l am in Awe and have been since l listened out loud Last Friday night especially Saturday again Thanks Nicole, such an urgency, Blessings, Blessings, Blessings Always In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏼

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