Prophetic Word for June 2022 – Molasses

prophetic word june 2022 molasses

This prophetic word for June 2022 is titled Molasses.

Who is this word for? For those who are currently walking out what God has instructed them to do but it seems really hard, slow going, and taking a lot longer to accomplish things than you first anticipated.

Imagine we’re all at this 7-course fine dining restaurant, the only difference is what we are being served is based on our choices and some of us tend to eat a little slower.  One may be just starting the 2nd course while the other in on the 7th course.  There are details in each course that may help you identify where you are now and how to move forward.


1st Course

Since January, we all started off with a bang.  It felt like there was some resistance there and the Lord had already given me a vision of the enemy destroying the eggs, what was being birth in this season.  The new birth, new beginnings, something new.  If you were on the 7 days prayer and fasting with us, you already know this.  We prayed and everything was reversed.  The eggs were put back to their original state and what was stolen was returned. This allowed many to continue and things started to move forward swiftly.

If you were not on the fast and believe you are still stuck in this position, then you need to read Proverbs 6:31, meditate on it and PRAY, demand that the thief return what was stolen and then some, and then you will be able to move forward.

The enemy is well aware that he is unable to stop what God is doing in your life this season so all he’s doing is stealing – your breakthrough, joy, peace, your money, relationships, opportunities, ideas, you name it if you leave it careless, it will be taken.

2nd Course

There were so many breakthroughs within the first 1.5  – 2 months of the year.  Could be a longer period of time for you.  The point to this course is that you have movement and it is all going great and there is a straight road ahead.

3rd Course

Then things started to sloooooow down. Well, I discerned that in the spirit.  It’s not that things came to a screeching halt, but it was just taking longer to get accomplished.  Were you feeling that too?  You’re not sure if it’s warfare… it’s just slower.  I then had to try to get an image or verbalize (put into words) what I was picking up in the spirit.  Sometimes the best way to get clarity is to put into words what you are sensing.  So then, the only thing I could come up with was that it felt like walking in Molasses.  Or as it is called in other countries, Treacle. This sticky substance that is making it harder for people to walk.  Imagine in your mind what it would be like if you were walking in ankle deep molasses and then knee deep, like that.  Honestly, I was trying to figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing.  The more we walked forward the harder it seemed, hmmm.

4th Course

Since becoming a Christian, reading the Old Testament and realizing that God said that He was going to bring the Israelites into a land flowing with Milk and Honey, I have yet to fully understand what that means.  Do you know what it means? Why milk & honey?  Why not bread & butter?   Or Couscous & Lentils, to keep the vegans happy?  I just never understood why He chose to use milk & honey.

Understanding Milk (the Main Course)

(Leviticus 20:24) “But I have promised you, ‘You will possess their land because I will give it to you as your possession—a land flowing with milk and honey.’ I am the Lord your God, who has set you apart from all other people.”

Milk – Chalab, which means milk, suckling.  Like a baby.  It comes from the root word Cheleb which means fatness, the best part.

Scientific research has shown that the mother’s breastmilk provides not only nutrition but medicine as it helps the child fight off illnesses and diseases.  Therefore, children can get natural immunity through breastmilk.  It is the Chalab, the fatness, the best part.

Milk – the first stage of blessings after you enter the Promised Land.  It is something NEW (reference 1st course) New Home, New Marriage, New Ministry, New Church, New Business, New Relationship, New Believer in Christ.  This is when you are the most vulnerable.  You need to start with milk.  The new thing needs to be nurtured and fed.

Sometimes you can start off well, things can get moving but then you may feel a slow down because the baby needs to be fed!

(1 Peter 2:1-3)So get rid of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech. Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.”

When you are a new Christian, you can start off good but if you don’t continue with reading the bible on your own and in prayer you will fall behind and end up back into your old habits.  God has to slow you down.

The foundational stuff.  If you get the foundation right, you will build very well.  DON’T RUSH IT!!!!  Take your time.  You want to build out the foundation properly on anything new that God is giving you.  The thief is there lurking because he wants to steal it from you when it is in its infancy.

When the news came out that there was a Baby Formula Shortage, right then you should see that as another attack on the baby! Natural and Spiritual

Think about it, if the baby can’t get milk it will die.

Now for those of you who say “why can’t the mothers just breast feed?”  Well, it’s not that easy.  Did you know that there are some babies who have special needs and require specific formulations? And you can’t just change formula with special needs babies, it can be detrimental.

The enemy is after the milk because the last plot to destroy the babies didn’t work.  For you spiritually it is a sign that you are in the promised land and at your first level of blessing.

He first will try to steal it and then replace with a counterfeit.  FAKE.

>>>>>>>   Read This!!!!  Just read the headline<<<<<<<<<<<

They will do anything to get at the babies.  If they can’t get them one way they find another.  We have to keep on our toes. Vigilant.

(1 Peter 5:8-10) “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your family of believers all over the world is going through the same kind of suffering you are.”

Prayer:  Lord, is there something new that you gave me to nurture that I have neglected?

Watch your kids.  Pay attention to your boys and girls – spiritual or natural.  They need to be nurtured and protected until they get to the point where they can fend for themselves.

5th Course

Understanding Honey (Main Course)

Honey – Debash means honey, honeycomb

Associated with blessings and abundance in the Promised Land.  Do you dream or have visions of bees? Or there every now and then there is one following you? This is generally a sign of blessings, abundance, prosperity.

Honey is a forever food.  It never spoils or gets old, did you know that?

I want you to think of it this way, you start with milk which is a highly unstable food/blessing needs to be refrigerated to be preserved and protected but you end with honey.  You end with the food/ blessing that is imperishable.  Unmovable and unshakeable.  A type of blessing that can never be taken from you once it reaches maturity.  Do you think Job’s double blessing could be taken from him?  No.  It’s secure when it gets to the honey stage.

And notice God didn’t say a land flowing from milk to honey.  It’s milk and honey, which means they are perpetual and always there together, why is that?  No matter how mature we are in our marriage, ministry, businesses and we have stability in that area, I believe God is always bringing something new to us to birth.

The two things can exist together in your life.

We are not meant to be stuck in one spot.  You can have one thing in a maturity stage and another that is in an infancy stage so you always have milk and honey.  And if you have honey, God may position you to help someone else/mentor them with their milk because you have the experience and you know the steps to bring it to maturity.

Another interesting point about honey is that it cannot be fed to infants.  Their system is not mature enough to handle that.  So when we try to rush the process of what God is doing we can create damage because it is not time and we cannot handle it.

The difference between the two:

Milk – the only food that can be consumed by a newborn for the proper development, unstable and needs refrigeration, needs to be replaced regularly with fresh milk to prevent spoilage.

Honey – mature, shelf stable, forever food.

6th Course

Perspective Change

(Psalm 37:4) “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I am convinced that when we have truly found our delight in the Lord, the prayers that we pray or even or thoughts are actually inspired by Him.

My way of describing what I was feeling in the spirit was “walking in Molasses”.  Well, though I felt that way it clicked in my head that I never asked the Lord about it.  A couple of weeks ago I started to wonder if there were any bible verses that referenced Molasses and so I went looking. Or should I say, God made me go look up molasses in the bible? (Proverbs 25:2)

Lo and behold, I found out that most people when they think of “the land of milk and honey” they are thinking primarily of honey produced by bees. And, that’s what I thought too.

However, upon further study I found out that back then, actually even today in Israel, honey is not only referring to honey made by bees but also honey made from fruit like figs, grapes, pomegranate or dates.  A thick fruit syrup which they also say is a type of……Molasses!!!!   WHAT??????

I’ll say it like this…

Honey IS Molasses…

Molasses IS the Honey

I was in shock.  I said to the Lord, I thought this difficulty of walking in Molasses was a bad thing???  Then I find out, it’s NOT!

The honey is so THICK that it is making it difficult to walk.

The VISCOSITY of your blessing is so RICH that you are literally having to lift up your legs and push forward to move!!!!

You are literally walking in the honey in your Promised Land.   Molasses.

If you use honey regularly it flows freely in the jar but if it sits there for several months it starts to get harder. You could flip the jar upside down and it will stay at bottom.  It’s aging. Maturing.  You need a spoon or a knife to get it out.

The devil delayed you for so long that by the time you got to the blessing that thing hit MATURITY within months!!  LOL


LOL!!!    It’s called ACCELERATION!  Because we’re delay so we have to catch up now. MOLASSES

  FOREVER FOOD.  Inheriting a matured blessing.

So then walking in Molasses is not a bad thing because it is the signal that you are in your Promised Land, whatever you are doing with the Lord is at a level that is MATURE.

ALL the delays you suffered up until this point just matured the blessing for you.  It aged well!

Let me say it another way, some of the things that you are getting ready to step into is already matured.

Another interesting thing is that this date molasses is used as a part of the Passover Meal (Pesach) in the charoset. It says that it is a fruit paste.  Well, some use this date molasses instead of the apples & walnut paste as their charoset in the meal.

Do you know the other time of year when this date molasses is used alot?  Shavuot! Which is June 4-6!!!  You. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Up!!!!!

I sure hope you wore that elastic waist pants or skirt because we still have the 7th course!

7th Course

How to walk through Molasses

The final course.  I’m going to let you come up with it.  You all have done such a great job on the Prophetic Training 1 and Training 2, that I feel that if I don’t open it up to you to give me your insights on this, we could miss some really good revelation on how to walk through molasses.  From the past training videos you came up with such brilliant perspectives and something tells me that you have something to say about this that would be helpful to everyone that is at this point.

Think of it like this, an unopened bottle of honey/molasses can stay at a liquid consistency.  The unopened bottle represents YOUR honey before you touched it or entered the promised land.  Once the bottle is opened (you entered into the promise) it will begin to harden because it is exposed to air.  That is why it is getting harder to walk through it.

Here is the question you need to answer in the comments, how do you change the viscosity of the molasses so that it is easier for you to walk through it?  Or if you’re thinking you wouldn’t change it, then how do you walk through it?

As before, don’t read anyone else’s comments before leaving your own.  Stop, pray, think about it, how do we spiritually walk through the molasses?  If no one comments what I was shown, then I will write next week on how we do it.

I’m looking forward to your comments.



44 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for June 2022 – Molasses”

  1. If you continue walking,your feet and body will get used to it and you focus where you are going ,you will end up not feeling it. Though it might take you longer but you will get there!

  2. Although we are in the promised land it does not mean a place of rest but a place marked with fighting and conquering like the land of Canaan therefore to walk through the molasses we need to be very strong and courageous like Joshua by pressing into God in the Spirit and embracing by faith all that God has for us knowing that it is not by might nor by power but by his Spirit. We need to delight in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding but in all our ways to acknowledge him.

  3. Also, the ground that the woman with the issue of blood pressed through to gain ground was new territory. This may have been why the place in which she traveled was full of obstacles, because it had not yet been “cultivated” as it was new ground. For the people of Israel, there was no precedence for obtaining healing (without the explicit permission of the anointed vessel) by deciding to just snatch healing for yourself through touching the hem of an anointed vessel’s garment. She manifested into existence this pathway for obtaining God’s healing through her faith. She was a forerunner of this new pathway for healing. I believe that is why Jesus was surprised at her degree of faith in which she created an entirely new pathway for obtaining healing that previously had not existed for the people of Israel prior to her act of faith. Because of her act of faith being memorialized in our holy scriptures, we too can believe for God’s healing through touching the hem of Jesus’ garment in faith. Sometimes we may find that our path is challenging because we are traveling through uncharted territory as forerunners. There is no precedence for where God is taking us, but we trust our Good Shepherd’s leading and guidance along the way. Blessings

  4. A place of “molasses” is like a place in which progress isn’t easy. Even in our promise land we can travel through a place that has obstacles and isn’t easy to go through. How do we progress and move forward in a place in which progress isn’t easy? We move forward in this hard place (crystallized honey/thick molasses) by forgetting/actively ignoring those things that are behind us and pressing forward towards the mark (goal) of the high calling of Christ and by standing our ground in this place, with the whole armor of God on, after having done all to stand. Like the woman with the issue of blood who had many personal obstacles like doubt (overcoming the failures she experienced in the past when trying to be healed), religion (being ritually unclean), society (being seen as unclean by her community and having to not internalize this status), finances (having spent all of her money on trying to be healed in the past), physical (not feeling well). In addition to her personal obstacles, she had the external obstacle of having to press through a crowd of people who were healthier than she was with very little physical strength and energy of her own, and yet, she reached her mark (the hem of Jesus’ garment) by crawling on her knees (not walking) to Jesus in faith. She had to forget all of the negative outcomes that she had experienced in the past when she had failed in trying to be made whole and she had to physically (both internally and externally) press within herself in order to move forward to reach her goal. We do too. As the righteous, we will have many afflictions in this world, but we fear not, because Jesus has already overcome the world. We, as God’s children, are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. So we stand in faith, having done all to stand, with the whole armor of God on, not waning in our faith and not giving up or losing any ground or territory to the enemy’s camp. We maintain our battle won territory that we have gained by faith and we press and move forward towards our high calling in Christ, incrementally gaining new ground like the ant (step-by-step through walking or knee-by-knee through crawling) in this place by faith in Christ Jesus, Who is both the Author and the Finisher of our faith.

  5. “Ask not for a lighter burden, but for wider shoulders.” In this case – I suppose, thank God for giving you strong legs. I love this observation that molasses=honey because when you hold fast to joy, struggle turns out to be a good thing! Gods abundance is limitless, He is the God of MORE, of infinite multiplication. When trudging through the molasses, in this case, “mature honey,” we should not back away from that opportunity. Yes it feels hard, yes it feels slow, but thank you God that I’m walking through molasses right now! Thank you for strong legs to keep going! Thank you for MORE! The Promised Land is the land of more, and if that means more molasses, great! The slowness won’t steal my joy, that’s the key.

  6. This is some what of a revelation to me. I’ve been a Christian for about 14 years. I was distracted by the enemy for a long time. In October of last year God took hold of me and accelerated me in the knowledge of the word. He placed me in a job where I literally have 8 hours a day to learn more and more about him and pray and find answers to questions. This is how I found this sight which helped me tremendously. I would say I am in the molasses stage. Things have slowed but I feel I am maturing in the Lord through this process. Even when you don’t feel like it pray, worship, talk to God. I’m also receiving blessings and the smallest prayers are being answered. Those are like gifts to me. It’s hard to sit still and know that he is God. But that is what he is saying right now. Look at what I’m doing, pay attention, don’t get distracted. Trust in Lord.

  7. Honey, even if it is completely crystalized, can be brought to liquid state again by placing the container in warm water. Don’t know how to fully follow that through, except that I know that the entering in to all that God promised me will coincide with the full baptism of the Spirit. I’m seeking his face, waiting for his fire even more than I’m waiting for his promise.

  8. We don’t change the viscosity, instead we allow God to change us to navigate through this new thing. “Every good and perfect gift is from above,(A) coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,(B) who does not change(C) like shifting shadows.” (James 1:17) If God presents us with a mature thing it’s because He sees we’re ready to steward it which first means we’re humble to embrace that we need Him to help us steward it. The new blessing requires a new yielding to God. Right now I’m studying David and I’m so amazed by how diligent he was to seek God before every battle. In facing the Philistines multiple times, He sought God how to navigate each battle in order to get the victory (the blessing). Ref 2 Samuel 4:1-6:23. Also God had been preparing David for years to take on the role of being king. He was trained as a shepherd for war, he’s now warring at a higher level and with bigger victories/spoils of war at stake.
    Right now I keep hearing how important it is to seek God and submit (Proverbs 3:5-6) and He will make our paths straight. Also God orders the steps of the godly and He delights in his way (Psalm 37:23). I believe God is so excited to partner with us in the new beginning He has created for us. We must seek Him because He is doing something new (Isaiah 43:18-19).

  9. They molasses is sticky and gets congealed if left uncovered, for me they secret to not getting stocked is to continue to move, focus on your journey as you move,the molasses will become more lighter, how does that relate to us as Christians? Keep the word of God in focus,being obedience to God’s word and directions for you. Prayers will make your steps more faster and easier 🙏🏻 too.
    Hope it makes sense?

  10. Thank you Mop for the timely word.The molasses will melt if l put the bottle in warm water…so for me to be able to move with ease ,l have to maintain my spiritual atmosphere.keep the prayers moving,read my bible ,continue with my time with the Lord…l have to be hot and not lookwarm….l have to constantly be on the guard and also be able to maintain the blessings and abundance only by drawing closer and staying closer to Him.L should listen,and be watchful to what He says and that way the molasses will not be hard…Blessings

  11. Honey will soften when you warm it up. Stay fired up in the spirit so the honey melts around you as you walk or slide. You will be able to taste it as it slides or glides down your throat and you taste it’s fullness. When one applies honey to the skin it also melts and becomes liquids because of the body temperature but it does wonders for the skin. Walking or gliding in the honey yields benefits and blessings for the whole BODY inside and out.

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