Prophetic Word – No fear, just prepare

This prophetic word is titled No fear, just prepare.

I had something else planned to share with you but this one seemed to have a bit more urgency to it so I believe I need to share it first.

Who is this word for?  Everyone.

It is a continuation, or it offers more clarity, to this post prophetic word from January 2022

If you haven’t read that it you may need to do so to understand what I will share here. It’s happening right now as I am sure many of you have already seen it.

The rest of this post are different things that came up at different times while I was in prayer but they all come together to paint a bigger picture.  You will need to pray about each of these and ask God which part concerns you and what you need to do to prepare for this.

The goal here is not to make you afraid but to make you aware and call you to prepare.

Back in December 2021 as I am with the Lord, I see the angels going out on assignment. Generally, I can tell without asking them, discern in my spirit, what they are going to do.  However, on this day there was this one angel and he was by himself all the others had gone out and he was just standing there waiting for his orders.  I couldn’t pick up what he was supposed to do so I asked him.  He responded “No rice”.  That kind of caught me off guard.  I guess I wasn’t expecting him to say that so I said “OK, whatever is hindering rice from getting where it needs to go, go and remove the hindrances and make sure whoever needs it gets the rice” and off he went to take care of that.

At the end of the 5781/2021 Prophetic word, #9 I talked about the fact that while it was a tumultuous beginning it would be a triumphant ending, we would get to the end of that shaking and we would all start coming back together but over the horizon there was another war coming.  Well, we are there now.  Covid is almost over (that was the first battle) and now we are already looking at the next thing which is the Ukraine Russia situation.  Have you noticed “they” are done talking about Covid?  Yep, just like that it was over.  So now we are facing the new thing.  If you believe that this will not affect you because you are not living in Russia or Europe or Ukraine, you are mistaken.  That would be like saying Covid is in China so that won’t affect me…but then here you are almost 2 years later losing your job over it.

I asked the Lord about this war and…

He said to me “No one will escape what is coming.  There’s no escaping it.  Be strong in ME”

So yes it concerns you too and much like Covid this will be an individual thing which is why it requires your seeking the Lord to find out how you can pray and prepare for this.  In some fashion or form you will have to deal with the ripple effects of what is happening there.

I think more than ever you need to take this week and really go deep in the Lord.  Sit with Him and ask Him to outline to you what is going on so you can prepare yourself.

The Yellow Light

I was with the Lord at the end of February, and I asked some questions based on what I was seeing, and I am going to share some of the conversation with you.  I saw people falling in love and getting married, people having babies, people coming wealth, war, tornadoes, floodings…just everywhere celebrations and total destruction all at the same time.  Very good things and very bad things. Goes back to that post on the tale of two cities and two lines forming.  All of this is happening at the same time. However, this time it just seemed like so much more though.  It was overwhelming looking at all the things that are coming.

So, I asked the Lord about the war (it had already started) but I wanted to know if this was going to come to the US and

He said to me “Almost, but not yet

I want to expound upon this so that you understand something.  There are many that will say that all of this is prophesied in the bible so it must happen BUT always remember that the enemy is a usurper. He loves to overplay his hand. This just means that he will try to make things happen even faster than they should or out of timing.  Or he makes it worse than it was supposed to be. If you sit back and don’t pray things can go in a different direction that God did not intend them to go.

A baby is supposed to stay in the womb 9 months but there are premature births and they can happen due to circumstances and things that are happening with the mother.  However, that baby wasn’t supposed to come then.  Premature…almost, but not yet.

This is the same scenario.  Things can spin out of control and happen prematurely if the church doesn’t pray.

The Lord showed me a Yellow stop light.  What is the yellow light for?  Caution. Be careful you are getting ready to come to a stop.  At this point you decide to do one of two things (1) speed up to get through the yellow light or (2) slow down so you can stop.  This is where we make choices.  There are so many accidents that happen on a yellow light because one party thought the other one was going to stop and neither one of them did. Miscalculations.

How you should pray? Pray that countries are not BAITED into making bad decisions to exasperate the situation.  Yes, the enemy is going to put out baits pray that all involved use wisdom and caution.  We are one decision away from the wrong direction.  Please pray.

While it is going to affect all of us regardless, bad decisions/choices can make the situation worse than it needs to be.  Just pray. The next steps they take will be crucial.

Do you remember back in March 2020 they told us it would be “six weeks to flatten the curve” this referring to Covid.  Well, it has been the longest six weeks of our lives!! And here we are I believe just now starting to flatten the curve…. 2 years later.

This is going to be longer than you think.

Ask God to show you what long term preparations look like for you. You have time to prepare, start now.

No fear, just prepare.  Take a deep breath.  Go sit with the Lord, find out what it is that you need and then little by little get it done.  Back to the post from January 2022, you have the blue shoes and this is for wisdom and revelation so He can help you navigate this time but you need to find out from Him what preparation looks like for you.

After I made my own preparations, I went back and asked if it was adequate and He told me “Yes and No”  and then He gave me a list of items I need to have more of.  I already had those items but when He told me to get more, I realized this was going to last longer than I had anticipated.  He is no respecter of persons, if He can tell me then He will do the same for you.  Just ask Him.

**Please whatever you purchase do your research so that you know how to store it long term.  I would hate for you to spend your money and then 6 months later it has mold, bugs or its rancid because you didn’t store it properly.  Go to YouTube and learn how to store your items long term. Some items cannot be stored long term and you need to research this.**

The Mexican Standoff

If you have been praying about the situation in Ukraine and Russia and you are somehow picking up that there is something there that is hidden, things are not as they appear…you are correct!

The misinformation is on all fronts, not just one side.

Nothing is as it appears.  The only truth right now is that many people are dying and millions have been displaced.  That’s about it.

That is all I am going to say about that.  If you want to know more, ask God!  No, I didn’t send you to go read some conspiracy theory website. It’s not going to help you when the ripple effects of this thing start impacting your life. You don’t need more information, you revelation so that you will know what to do for yourself and your family.  Take as much time as you need with God to get the answers you need.

Hear God for yourself.

We are watching one big “Mexican standoff” they are waiting to see who blinks first.  One false move (Yellow light) and we have a problem.  I believe the bomb that they are afraid of going off is actually one of information.  The truth is the bomb they are most afraid of. All of them at the top know what is really happening and we (the general public) are the ones that are in the dark over it.

How do you pray for this?

When I started praying on this and I asked the Lord for some wisdom on this situation so I could pray properly He said to me “This is my judgement”

I was not expecting that.  Sigh, I just thought I was going to have a regular prayer over an issue that would be resolved in a week.  Nope. What I got was something I was not expecting.

Judgement on who, the people?  No!  The people themselves are innocent in this. The judgement is on what “they” are hiding over there.  The chickens have come home to roost!

We are all witnessing the Kairos timing of God on a Judgement that was long coming because a group of people refused to repent.  It’s been going on for years.

Whatever is done in the darkness at some point comes to light.  In this month of Adar II, God is removing the mask and exposing it, He’s revealing the hidden thing.  They will no longer be able to get away with it, in Jesus name!

What is happening is that He is using the enemy to expose it (2 Chronicles 20).  There are so many stories in the bible of the enemy turning against themself and fighting each other and this is what we watching now.

What do king cobras eat?  Other snakes.  This is from the National Zoo

The snakes eaten by the king cobra are mostly the larger harmless species, such as Asian rat snakes, dhamans and pythons up to about ten feet (3 meters) in length. They may also dine on venomous Indian cobras, kraits and even small king cobras”

1 – Don’t pray word curses over anyone, please.  The reason they look crazy is because they know something you don’t!  No word curses.

2 – There is a war for information.  Each side is making a compelling case to get you to believe their story.  If they need to block or sensor to get you to only see one side, that is what they will do.  We’ve been here before, have we not??  Information sensorship.

3 – Pray that God shines His Light on it so brightly that everything and everyone is exposed.  All of them.  There are no heroes.  There are no winners.  There is just the TRUTH.

John 8:32 “Then you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.”

I’ve had this same prayer on our emails that I send out for quite some time now…

Father, I ask that every plot and plan of evil men and evil nations be revealed right now, in the name of Jesus. You reveal things so that you can heal things and we ask that You bring us to this place so we can be healed and restored. We pray exposure of our enemies in the natural and the spiritual who would try to take advantage of us in our moments of weakness. We pray for keen discernment and wisdom to know, see and understand what to do. We pray you uncover the hidden plot and bring an end to it, in Jesus name.

Did you think I just forgot that it was there?  No.  I left it there on purpose because God is not done with this.  We are watching this prayer play out.

The faster it goes the quicker we are out of this.  If it drags on we are going to stay in this longer that we should.

4 – Pray for the innocent people that are being hurt because of this.

5 – Let the enablers (there are many) open their mouths and SING LIKE A CANARY! in Jesus name!  Let them tell it.  A slip of the tongue here and a slip there and we are all going to find out what they are hiding.

It is not what it appears to be.


The Lord says…

There’s no escaping it.  Be strong in ME,


No fear, just make preparations,


Things are changing rapidly,


Read the Word every night,


Trim down to the basics,


Grow food,


Love each other,




Be calm,


No fear,


Supernatural provisions are available,

I said to Him that people are going to get really afraid if I tell them all of this.  He looks me straight in the eyes and says …“I love them that is why I am telling them”

You see, He needs you to know this well ahead of time so that you have time to sit and process this.  When the world starts running around like a chicken with its head cut off you will be calm because you already processed it.  That is why He’s telling you now.

Matthew 6:33 NLT

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.

He says “Ask and I will grant you wisdom”

The last thing I saw was that the angels were lined up ready to come down and they had mantles, crowns and scepters that were being given.

You are ready.  He prepared you in the last season.  You will be equipped with your next level authority to handle whatever it is that is coming.  Right now, you just need to process this message.
No fear, just prepare.
That’s all I have for you.

14 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – No fear, just prepare”

  1. I’m from South Africa but I’ve been praying for all my brothers and sisters out there in Ukraine Russia and all the nearby countries to protect u and guide all of you and to always make provision i m so grateful for the prophecies cause God will always warn us as His children many people say different things here by us but the holy spirit told me don’t believe everything u here cause the fabricate certain things on tv and telling a lot of lies pls pray as i get many visions and don’t understand all of it but a few weeks ago i saw how countries was barren nothing was left and I saw how many nations worship foreign Gods pray for me that as i pray that the holy spirit will open up into me the visions and dreams to understand thank u for sharing with us what God reveals mop God bless this ministry

  2. Praise God
    . Thank you for this post. From last week I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for nations. I was so impacted by the Pray plan from You version Bible, by Jamie Rohrbaugh that I shared with my Sisters in Christ. I put Russia and Ukraine in every prayer point. Then our church has been in 7 days of fasting and prayer for these countries. Then you have shared how we should prepare and not fear. Thank you for your obedience to the Spirit of God who is able to reveal truth. All we need to do is to obey.

  3. Hello Brethren,
    I hope this message finds you all well. I always find ALL the articles here on MOP thought provoking and I glean gems in one way or the other, thank you MOP.
    I, too, am VERY private like someone shared in a comment above. I have numerous dreams that may be applicable as well to this specific word/article, but will share in due time if the Lord so leads. However, reading some of the entries made me feel that I really should share two dreams (rather dreams from two historical specific dates here). Perhaps, it had much more corporate meanings/applications to the Body of Christ and the world at large than I had initially thought (i.e., as opposed to being personal). Perhaps, someone/people might shed additional light. At the time of the dreams, they seemed impossible and so far from anything that I could ever be involved in or see myself going through. The dreams are presented the way I had documented them upon waking and I’m not sure of the sequence of receipt the night of the dreams. I had later titled them at a subsequent date about a year or more later.
    November 5, 2018
    Title: In line Receiving “Welfare/benefits.”
    Dreamt that I was among individuals receiving “food” as if I was on welfare/benefits. I had a thought in the dream that it was good for me to have an idea of what others go through/experience.
    Title: Chatting in an Elevator
    I also dreamt I was chatting with a man and woman in the elevator/hallway and then I was in an office, in a room with two other women. I don’t think it was a permanent position.
    The man was wearing what appeared to be a white jacket/sweater with lime green trim or lining. The woman seemed to be wearing the vest version of the same jacket/sweater.
    Title: Companies Gone Down
    In another dream, _(mentioned the names of my two older brothers) shared a newspaper of a list of companies/organizations that went down. I didn’t get a chance to see which ones in particular.

    June 20, 2020
    Title: Giver of Provisions in a Marketplace, in the presence of Unknown Man.
    Dreamt that I was walking through a market place with someone. I had a shopping/plastic bag with parsley and cilantro. I was requested to share with some owners (e.g., one woman) that sold soup. I shared only what I could. The individual that I was with wanted some onions only. He purchased onions from a vendor that sold vegetables.

    This last entry was very strange as I don’t even purchase parsley and cilantro or use them in cooking in waking life and I knew that the dream had a deeper meaning yet to be revealed in due time.
    Any thoughts or revelations about the dreams are appreciated if you feel led to comment 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I wasn’t gonna comment but i feel God wants me to share what I’m about to, I feel so restless. It started in 2015/16, one day it was around midnight, we were all woken by terrifying thunders, everyone at home got out of their bedrooms including the kids to the lounge& the following day everyone even at work & schools was talking about it, how they thought it was the end of the world, we all thought so, I can’t forget the sound even now, so we were very scared & we all started praying, suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit saying don’t be afraid listen to the sound then I did & I realized that this is more like a lion’s roar & I immediately said God this is you & He said correct then He said listen I have come to judge! I’ve seen what the enemy’s been doing, I’ve seen all that has been happening in my World, I know all his works against my children. He said all will know that I Am God! I was so happy like a child whose strong dad have come to deal with all those who bully & do bad things to her, I kept on saying my God has come, my dad is here, devil u’re in trouble! I’ll cut it here.

    Secondly, in 2018 I had a vision, I saw the Lord walking on this ground on earth, it was an open space I could only see nothing else but the soil, He was like a man on a journey dressed in a scarlet silk robe, holding a rod, He was like a person coming to check his property & how things have been handled, He looked around & at some point He stopped, walked around as if He was taking measures & planning what He will put there & how it will look like, then He kept moving & in my spirit I knew He’s here to put things in order, to replace & do new things and He said yes it is I & I’ve come to do exactly that. I’ve seen the condition of my World & my people, that’s why I had to come. The same joy came over me & I was so bold ,I mean He’s here what can u do now! I’ll cut it here.

    I think it was mid last year, I was sitting on my couch, it was around 3 in the afternoon, I felt such a strong power hitting me, it’s like it took hold of me & got me up as I was still wondering what’s going because in my spirit I felt like there’s an emergency & then I heard the Spirit of God say pray now, I started praying in the spirit then I started seeing in the spirit, I spoke words as He instructed me, but most of the time I was praying in the spirit, He said call on all the true sons of God & I did,everything happened so fast I didn’t even have time to take a deep breath, I saw the sons rising from where they were, from all over the world, it’s like each one represented their nation, I saw 2faces that I know, Nicole of MOP & this Apostle from Uganda, I was excited when I saw Nicole but there was no time to even say hi. Each one of us knew our assignments, we had all cleaning material, each one doing his /her job in our assigned area, we were cleaning up the world, drugs, alcohol, human trafficking, traditional healers & all the witchcraft, devil worship, al the corners of the earth where evil is done, I saw others in hospitals & clinics cleaning all kinds of sicknesses, some were in different houses cleaning families ,all the troubles & problem in families, marriages, communities, schools, some were busy with governments,I can’t mention all but we cleaned this world in all areas you can think of, we got rid of all evil in this world, all these I saw when I was praying in the spirit, it’s like what I was praying was interpreted in/by vision the more I prayed the more I saw what was happening , then I saw, it was as though I’m watching from a distance & I saw everyone from their different locations all, the farther I went start seeing them as a giant Body of our Mighty Christ moving on the earth busy cleaning, OMG! it was beautiful to watch wishing that they could see that they are Christ Himself! I saw world’s great leaders, presidents, kings etc standing before the giant Christ, power & Authority were taken from them & given to those He has chosen, their wickedness was exposed, tables were turned, there was exchange & replacement, the great proud nations were humble, their wealth taken from them, leaders were removed from their positions, the first becoming the last, some were crying, some rejoicing. Then I saw a new bank emerging, the bank of God, I saw those who suffered poverty for a long time, those in need, those He has promised to provide, He provided ,God was the only provision & there were those He entrusted with His wealth to take care of those in need & do whatever He tells them to do with His wealth, it felt like it’s a new world.

    After reading this prophetic Word, I got scared honestly, but He reminded me of all that I shared & I felt like He’s saying this is the time to reveal those things I’ve shown u, because the time has come to Manifest that which I’ve already finished & let my children understand why I say No fear just prepare, ur God has finished His work.

    As I was busy praying for the Russia Ukraine war yesterday God said I’m the only Judge & I’m the Consuming Fire.
    On the 26 February He gave me Jeremiah 23, exodus 12, John 15, 6, 1, 3, Isaiah 55 & I didn’t understand why He’s giving that scripture, I felt that I should fast for 3days from the10th day & on the 14th is the big day bt I don’t know for what, then I read where you’ve written about adar II & I saw the 14th day there & read carefully what u’ve written & the story of Esther & in Esther’s story the people are saved, but the enemy’s exposed & destroyed forever & I looked at exodus 12, God passing over the Israelites,they are safe when God dealt with the enemies, the oppressors & it was the same day He’ll leading His people out of Egypt & again the don’t come out empty handed, they’re now rich. I said God I know something bad is about to happen & you’re going to do something great, amazing & unexpected , He said prepare yourself, I started fasting & God started talking to me & He said 2me you were chosen for such time as this & began to reveal mysteries through those John 6:27 Jesus said something that made me understand Isaiah 55, I read John 1&15 & I understood in 15:7 that if we abide in Him & He in us through His Word because in John 1 He Himself is the Word & that Word is Life & in John 6 53-56 He said u cannot have life in u unless u eat of His flesh & drink of His blood meaning unless u appropriate His life &the saving merit of His blood, I remembered Exodus 12, the lamb that was 2b slain & roasted & He said u must eat it as fully prepared for the journey, your loins girded, shoes on your feet, the Truth of God ,His Wisdom & Revelation will prepare u for the journey, eat in haste, there’s no time to waste, fill yourself with the Word, abide in Him & Him in u & u will live & not only live but u shall bear fruits, He shall reveal His Glory, Power & Wisdom through. May we also go back to some of the prophetic words, they’ll help us understand & give us strength.
    Lastly I also saw Angels, it’s like there was an open heaven and I was able to see the Angels in a circle looking down like they were ready to come down.

  5. Please MOP, may we put provision in the comment section for comments to be able to have paragraphs, for others to be able to read various comments easier. Thank you

  6. As I was reading this and went over it again, a prompt began bubbling up in my spirit and a word came to my remebrance and I have a strong impression to share it.

    It is a big step of faith for me, and I was hesitant because I’m private and I keep at least 90% of the things God shows me and tells me to myself. Please be certain that you can write this off and bypass what I say if it doesn’t ring true in your spirit. You pray and have access to God yourself. I am sharing this because I’ve learnt that my responsibility is to obey what God places on my heart to do or say. What the other party does with it is not mine to know or decide.

    Years ago, over a period of time between 2018/2019 while in my times of prayer & worship, God gradually began to tell me that a major war was coming to the earth. A shooting war on the scale of Word War 1 and World War 2. He said it was a war that cannot be stopped.

    The Prophetic Word by MOP resonated with me so much because certain sentences or words she used were almost the same with what God told me. It was triggering in a good way. It reminds me that the Spirit is one.

    The Lord said to me that our prayers can pour water on the situation to cool it down and Buy Us More Time. But No Prayer can stop the coming war because it needs to happen for certain things to occur and come to fruition on the earth.

    For example, it was World War 2 that put the nail in the coffin and finally weakened and exhausted the colonial powers that ruled most of the world and the war put many African and Asian countries in a position to be able to demand thier freedom and gain independence. Many countries were freed from the colonial grip because of that war. Most historians attest that without WW2, it likely would have been another 50-100 years before the colonised countries would have tasted freedom. Because the colonies were so incredibly valuable and generated great wealth for France, Britain, Belgium etc.

    This war, according to the realm of the spirit, needs to happen for certain things to be birthed on the earth. It sometimes doesn’t make sense to our human minds. The same way it may not make sense when we read in the Old Testament why God would instruct Joshua and the Israelites to kill all the seemingly “innocent” women and little children, along with the men and burn everything to the ground in ashes. But God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than ours.

    So the revelation I feel led to share as follows:

    Our prayers will slow things down significantly and give the people of the earth, believers and unbelivers alike, precious time To PREPARE, REPENT and GET INTO POSTION. (So Please Do Pray) But our prayers cannot and will not stop it or elimate it from happening

    The war will eventually spread out of Ukraine and deeper into mainland Europe. Across different countries on the European Continent. The war will also spread to North America, South America and Asia.

    For the first time in maybe over 200 years, a major war will be fought on mainland American & Canadian soil. With foreign soldiers landing thier boots on US soil. Alot of the large coastal cities will be bombed, attacked and this will force many citizens to evacuate and move deeper inland.

    If you live in a major US city, look for real estate or a house to buy in one of the “flyover states” like Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, etc because the demand for housing in those hinterland states will shoot up because so many millions will be moving there to get away from the destruction and fighting happening in the more well known, richer states. If you can’t buy yet, begin to save money to rent for some time. You can ask the Lord for exactly where specifically

    Pray over everyone in your family and Mark them with the blood of Jesus continually, so that when the war comes closer to you, no life of a loved one or someone close to you will be lost

    If you have family scattered across the country, make plans to bring everyone together once you get the signal or else the war will cut you off and you may not be able to see or contact some of them for a long time. Ask God to show you what that signal will be and how to prepare financially and otherwise.

    Stock up on food items that can store well for a long time, like beans, certain canned foods and like MOP said rice. Keep your eye on and prepare to buy lots of vegetables seeds when the time comes. So that you and your loved ones will be able to grow some of your own vegetables for nourishment for a while. Because there will be a season where the consistent supply of fruits and vegetables will be cut off because of the war.

    If enough of us belivers are diligent enough in prayers, I feel in my spirit we can push this back 5 -10 years to give us more time but I don’t know or have an exact timing for sure as to when this all is to start. Without prayers it can for sure happen in as soon as 18 to 36 months

    In my personal life, an inspiration rose in my heart, to ask God to give me signals once the time is getting closer to D-Day, when the war is maybe weeks or months away to help me act better.

    In your own life you can pray and ask God to give you a clear signal unique to you when it’s time to divest your stock, move your parents in, or prayerfully ask your child and thier spouse who live in a country that will be hard hit to move to a safer country and so on, etc

    The are more things & details specific to the war but this is as far as I feel led to share. Please pray over these words and see if your spirit testifies to any of this. May we all be like the wise virgins with our lamps full of oil and ready and prepared when the moment comes. Amen

    1. Agreed. That’s why He said “Almost, but not yet” that spoke to the inevitability of what is going to happen. I just feel what is happening now can trigger something prematurely when people actually need the time now to start making preparations. Blessings

  7. MY GOD! My husband and I read this and he remembered back in 2019 when I said, “God told me we are about to have a war. He is bringing down His judgment. . . Good and bad. We need to be prepared. We must start growing and storing food. He said smoking mirrors. Things will not be what they seem.” I wrote it in my journal and time stamped His word! This word from God through you was timely and good!! Last season, God moved us from one State to another and we went through the wilderness. I said to my husband it was to prepare us for what was coming so we could see the enemy before he approached. God gave me 2 Chronicles 20 and told us that would be our last sermon we would preach at our “church” home before moving again. This was in 2019! Here we are in a NEW state “preparing” He said. THANK YOU for your obedience with sharing this word! This is such confirmation and meaty!! Such a relief to know that I am not crazy! Thank YOU ABBA!!!

  8. This is a tough one. The Lord led me to pray in connection to the war in Ukraine and as I was pleading for the plight of the innocent the spirit led me to pray on behalf of every meeting held in connection with the said war that whatever they plan to say let their tongue get twisted toward the will of God to take place and prevail after that I was wondering, why,? then I just left it with the Lord. Shalom.

  9. This week I was asking God to confirm what He showed me a couple weeks ago (25th Feb) and this post really did that for me. Thank you for sharing this! I saw three “moving pictures” like short scenes:

    1. An outdoor market where there were barrels of food (abundance), but there were no people there to take the barrels (I didn’t feel the sense that the barrels of provision needed to be bought, just taken). There were only 2 people at the market who seemed to be the ones put there to disperse the provision to the people who needed to prepare.

    2. A truck in a rural area with dust roads with the barrels of food in the pick-up truck driving very slowly (not in a rush) with people (part of a family, few but more than what was in the market maybe 5 people) walking behind the truck.

    3. I then saw a national 5 lane highway/freeway completely full of traffic. Bumper to bumper and barely moving if moving at all. And I sensed an urgency to leave.

    I summed that God was telling us to prepare, get the provisions and move where He tells us to (maybe physically move, I don’t think all of us need to physically move some need to just be aligned with the Spirit), but that few people would prepare while the provision was plentiful and the “market” was empty and many would be stuck in the traffic, when they realise that they need to move. I hope that makes sense. There’s no traffic for those who prepare and go as the Spirit directs. May we be prepared in Jesus’s name

    1. Yes, this is real. I forgot to put it in the post but you need to research how to properly store things as well so it doesn’t spoil on you or get bugs in it. Blessings

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