Prophetic Word for June 2020 – Sivan

prophetic word june 2020

This is the prophetic word for June 2020 the Hebraic month of Sivan which is May 23 – June 22.  This is a big month with many things happening.  I could fill a booklet with information about Sivan but God is just highlighting a few points to me this month to share with you.

This is a month for giving and receiving.  It is a month of revelation.  If you have been truly spending time with the Lord during this Coronavirus, you would’ve already received revelation for what He has in store for your future.  Yes, God has been really speaking to His people.  He is saying many things right now.

If you take the time to listen you will hear.  We are in critical days.  These are destiny-making days.  We are in the process of creating our new church in the Lord.  All of us are a part of that and God is giving individual instructions to each person on how we should proceed in these times.

Focusing on giving and receiving, Sivan is when the Torah was given.  Prior to this time the word of God was only spoken. There was nothing recorded.  So in Sivan, God called His people to Himself and presented them with the first written word which is the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).  Not only was the Torah given but it had to be received.  In all of His giving, if we don’t receive it then we can’t see change and we can’t experience the fruit of the gift.

Sivan is also the month when the Holy Spirit came.  Pentecost.  The disciples were told by Jesus to wait in the upper room until the Holy Spirit was given.  At this point, they received Him and this gave them the empowerment they needed to fully walk out their purpose.

The giving of the Torah is also a sign of John 1 where the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

To receive what God is giving we have to be prepared.  There is a certain consecration that has to take place.

Read Exodus 19. Every time I read this scripture I cry.  My tears are there because I realize that it was never God’s intention to only speak to Moses.  He wanted a relationship with all of His people.  He wanted to speak to all of them face to face.  But He had requirements, consecrate yourself.  They were to get themselves ready to receive what God was getting ready to give.  If they did it, they would’ve had the same experiences Moses did.


Exodus 19 (The Voice)

Eternal One (to Moses): 10-11 Go down to the people and get them ready to meet Me today and tomorrow by purifying themselves and washing their garments. By the third day, they need to be ready, for on that day I will descend from Mount Sinai so that everyone can see. 12 You are to set up boundaries all around the mountain and tell the people, “Be careful that you do not cross the boundaries and go up on the mountain or even touch the edge of it. If anyone so much as touches the mountain, he should be put to death. 13 No one is to touch the person or animal who crosses the boundary; stone them or shoot them with arrows but do not touch them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a human or an animal, it must be put to death.” But when they hear the long blast of the ram’s horn, then they are permitted to make their way up on the mountain.

14 Moses went down the mountain and purified all the people. They washed their clothes. 15 He gave instructions to everyone.

Moses: Be ready for the third day. Do not have sexual relations with your spouse between now and then.

16 When the morning of the third day arrived, thunder cracked and lightning lit up the sky. A thick cloud veiled the mountain, and there was a long, loud blast of a ram’s horn. Every person in the camp trembled. 17 Moses led the anxious people away from camp to encounter God. Everyone waited at the base of the mountain. 18 Now Mount Sinai was covered in thick smoke because the Eternal descended on the mountain in fire; and the smoke of that fire rose up to the sky as if it were billowing out of a furnace, and the entire mountain shuddered and quaked intensely. 19 The blast of the ram’s horn grew louder and louder. Moses spoke, and God answered with a voice that rumbled like thunder.

20 The Eternal descended to the summit of Mount Sinai. He called for Moses to come and meet Him, so Moses began the long, hard climb up the mountain.

Eternal One (to Moses): 21 Go down, and warn the people not to cross the boundaries in order to try to see Me, or else many of them will die. 22 Any of the priests who draw near to Me must first rid themselves of any impurity so that I do not break loose and kill them.

Moses (to the Eternal): 23 No one can approach Mount Sinai because You warned them when You said, “Set up boundaries around the mountain and keep the area holy and separate.”

Eternal One: 24 Go back down and bring Aaron with you next time. But do not let any of the people (including priests) cross those boundaries to come up and meet Me, unless they want Me to break loose and kill them.

25 Moses went back down the mountain and told the people all the Eternal had said.

It’s so easy to read past it, God clearly said consecrate yourself, stay within the boundaries, when you hear the blast of the ram’s horn you can come up the mountain.  So all of them were given the opportunity.  But on the day of, God said tell them not to come up the mountain – not even the priests!  In verse 22, He says that if the priest have impurity they will die.  So what happened to them being consecrated?  They didn’t do it.

We do this all the time!!!  God tells us to do something and we don’t take it seriously.  The truth is that we can miss out on so much by not doing what He is asking us to do.

You see, it is a heart condition.  It is not what we are saying.  It is not our position or our titles.  It is what is really going on inside each and every one of us.  Moses told them don’t even have sex with your wife, that means they were to refrain from any kind of enjoyment or distraction so they could be thinking clearly to hear from the God.  They needed to be focused.  But obviously, they didn’t do it!

That makes me sad.

Their solution instead was Exodus 20…

Israelites (to Moses): 19 We are afraid to have God speak directly to us; we are certain that we will die. You speak to us instead; we promise to listen.

Moses: 20 Don’t be afraid. These powerful manifestations are God’s way of instilling awe and fear in you so that you will not sin; He is testing you for your own good.

21 But everyone remained far away from the mountain as Moses began moving toward the thick, dark cloud where God was.

So they decided that they wanted Moses to be the one going to God and that He should bring the word back to them.  They will obey what Moses tells them but not what God wants to tell them directly.

The good ole middle man got instituted that day!

Today is sounds like this, “Pastor what is God saying to the church?”, “Prophet do you have a word of the Lord for me? Can you give me a personal prophetic word?”.

Some of our leaders are just like those priest, they can’t even go up the mountain themselves!

We are to respect those whom God has put in authority over us but they were never supposed to be the source or way in which we hear from God.  prophetic word june 2020They are not a substitute for hearing from God directly.  We have to hear from God for ourselves.

When the authority figures give us conflicting information how else are we supposed to know what to do if we don’t hear from God for ourselves.  Do you wear a face mask or don’t you?  Should you wear gloves or not?  Vaccine or no vaccine?  Should you now go out to church or not?

Here we are!  So who gets to make the decision on these things?  We need to have that personal connection to hear from God for ourselves in order to navigate the times we are living in.

In the month of Sivan, God wants to encounter you.  Just you.  No stand ins.  No seat fillers.  A Personal encounter.  Your personal encounter. The Holy Spirit wants to fall upon you.  He wants to empower you.  He wants to give revelation to you.

All you have to do is consecrate yourself.

The word is Qadash Strong’s Number: 6942, it means to consecrate, separate, holy, hallowed, sanctified, to be set apart, to be held as sacred.

Bottom line, repentance.

You can’t come into the presence of a Holy God expecting to hear from Him without repenting of your sins and making yourself – heart, mind, soul & body – ready to receive

There is a separation that has to be done to receive.  The disciples did a literal separation.  They went away together and sat in the upper room.  There was zero distraction.  They were of one mind.  That means they got away from the naysayers and the people who were not in agreement with their consecration and what they were believing and waiting for.  They separated from Judas.  He was gone at this time.  He was replaced with Matthias so God had already put His seal of approval on Matthias to be a part of it.  It’s the same as when He said to Moses, that Aaron could come up the mountain with Him.  God knew Aaron was ready.

Now because the disciples were truly consecrated and they did a literal separation, when the Spirit of God came with the violent wind, which I am sure was just as scary as it was for the Israelites at Mount Sinai, they were not afraid.  Why?  They were ready!  I love the Passion Translation of the scripture..

Acts 2 The Passion Translation (TPT)

On the day Pentecost was being fulfilled,all the disciples were gathered in one place. Suddenly they heard the sound of a violent blast of wind rushing into the house from out of the heavenly realm. The roar of the wind was so overpowering it was all anyone could bear! Then all at once a pillar of fire appeared before their eyes. It separated into tongues of fire that engulfed each one of them. They were all filled and equipped with the Holy Spirit and were inspired to speak in tongues—empowered by the Spirit to speak in languages they had never learned!


So here we have the fire once again coming into the room. It is the year of FIRE. The Lord is purifying His church through the flames of adversity, testings and trials.  But this is not to destroy us but to make us ready so we can stand in the midst of the flames, not being burnt up.  I love this version because it says they were individually engulfed in the flames.  And not at all terrified because they were ready and waiting and they were not afraid of this blessing.  They spoke in known tongues from all over the world which is one of the four administrations of the gift of tongues.  They were empowered for the work of the ministry on that day.

It was an individual empowerment.

This Passover 2020 we had a literal Passover with this plague like pandemic.  I believe that we are going to have a literal empowerment this Pentecost to prepare us for the next era of the church.  This new church that God will bring forth.  We need to be ready for this.  We need to individually consecrate ourselves through repentance and separation and ask the Holy Spirit to fall on us as He did with the disciples so that we are empowered for the work of the ministry.

We have no idea what church is going to look like after this, we really don’t.  The only one who does is God.  We need to ask Him for that blueprint.

We need to know where and how we fit.  We need to be ready for the revelation of what He will give us and our individual roles in it.

These are exciting times!  But please, don’t be like the Israelites and be afraid of God’s manifestation.  Don’t ask someone else to go get that word for you.  God wants you to come to Him yourself.  It’s about the individual empowerment.  We all have a role to play.  No one else is able to do what you have been tasked and equipped to do.

Fast and Pray leading up to Pentecost.  And even if you find this post afterwards, still do it.  The Israelites were told to consecrate themselves for 3 days.  The disciples waited for 10 days.  Do what God tells you to do.  For some of you He will show up quicker and for others you may need to wait a little longer.  The bottom line is that when you make the time, He will be there.  If you need revelation from God on exactly what your role is, do a Daniel Fast.  If you already know what you should be doing, go on a water or juice fast.  This is a power fast.  Now is the time!

Here’s a prayer for you:

Lord God, we come before you today asking you to get us ready to receive what You are so willing to give to us.  We pray that you show us individually how we need to consecrate ourselves to be ready to hear from You.  We look forward to the empowerment we will be given to step into this new era of the church.  We choose to tarry until we hear from you.  We choose to wait on You before we move forward.  Come Holy Spirit come, fill our environments, fill our hearts, burn away the dross and make us pure as gold to receive revelation.  Give us the blueprint.  I need to know where I fit in this.  Make it plain to me so that I know what to do, in Jesus name, Amen.

So to recap, focus on giving and receiving.  Some people are givers but actually have a problem receiving.  If this is you, this is something you need to pray about.  God cannot give you what you won’t receive. Be open to receiving.  Consecrate and separate yourself.

Praying this blessed you.

5 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for June 2020 – Sivan”

  1. Thank you Jesus. Just want to say thank you team missionaries of prayers. I am really blessed by the words I get here. God bless missionaries of prayer.

  2. I thank my Father for giving me the revelation. I ask God to have mercy on me and show the next step. And I thank God for using you to be my Moses! I’m waiting on Him expecting that He will show me what to do. Thank you

  3. This was such a blessing. I finished reading it on 05.30.2020 and I’m excited about what’s to come.

  4. Wow! Powerful!. Thanks for the insight shared on why God could not talk to the people when He showed up. Like Moses, I’ve always queried, “Why is God telling him to God back and warn the people again, when He already did days earlier”?. It was bcuz the people were not READY, they didn’t CONSECRATE (separate, purify) themselves as instructed….thanks for this timely word about the Pentecost 2020, I for one in my life have never prepared for one before, even tho I’ve received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (with evidence of speaking in tongues). But amazingly 3 Weeks ago (May 10) during my Church live service. Our Pastor talked about the vision God showed Him regarding this Year’s Pentecost, that it’s gonna be the beginning of a New Era for the Body of Christ. He didn’t even know the Date, and He had to go check it out and find out it’s May 31st. So, during the service, He shared the vision and admonish/instructed us to prepare, pray, fast, for the next 21 days in order to be aligned/consecrated to RECEIVE that which the Lord wants to give to us for this Year 2020 Pentecost. Mind you this is a Church where majority have received the Holy Spirit already. Some will question Why the need to heed the instruction? Some will refuse to do so? Some will trivialize it and not follow through? and some will believe and yield to that instruction. Smiles*

    I actually heed the instructions and today makes it Day 20 (May 30), so you can imagine the joy, delight, and peace I was receiving while reading through the revelation, insights and understanding that you shared concerning this Year Pentecost. It’s like I was hearing the EXACT same thing in deeper light. Thanks a lot, God bless your ministry.

    And lest I forget, thanks also for the Andrew Womack link on how to receive, shared in the email sent out. God bless you more, Dear MOP!

    O Precious Holy Spirit, I can’t wait for your fresh fire, empowerment and new level of Intimacy….Pour out your rain upon the thirsty, and your floods upon our ground (Isaiah 44:3)….Come Holy Spirit, Come!.


  5. Dearest MOP,
    I thank Our Abba Father for His mercy, for the revelations He is giving me through you. Glory to The Lord Jesus Christ. Yes I am fasting and waiting on The Lord. May He have mercy upon me and tell me , whats next for me..His plans. How should I proceed.I have surrendered completely to Him.
    Lots of love and blessings

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