Prophetic Word – No Weapons Forged Against You Shall Prosper

prophetic word no weapons forged against you shall prosper

Murder Hornets!  Yes, we have a prophetic word related to these insects! God has many lessons to teach us through the animals and clearly tells us to observe them to hear what He’s saying.

Job 12:7 New Living Translation (NLT)

“Just ask the animals, and they will teach you.
Ask the birds of the sky, and they will tell you.”


Proverbs 6:6-11 New Living Translation (NLT)

“Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones.
Learn from their ways and become wise!
Though they have no prince
or governor or ruler to make them work,
they labor hard all summer,
gathering food for the winter.
But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep?
When will you wake up?
A little extra sleep, a little more slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest—
then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit;
scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.”

Psalm 104:21 Amplified Bible (AMP)

The young lions roar after their prey
And seek their food from God.

He still speaks to us through parables today using animals.  We just need to understand what He’s trying to say by what we are seeing.

Now we have these murder hornet that has entered the picture.  What does the bible say about hornets? Deuteronomy 7:20-21 God tells the Israelites that He will send the hornets ahead of them to drive out and terrify the enemies in the land so that by the time the Israelites got there they would be removed.  He then reiterates the same promise in

Exodus 23:27-28 American Standard Version (ASV)

 I will send my terror before thee, and will discomfit all the people to whom thou shalt come, and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs unto thee.  And I will send the hornet before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee.


Now we know that these insects are not good on any level they have one purpose only, to terrorize and destroy.

Unlike how they were sent in the old testament, this time this was not sent by God this is just another ploy of the enemy.  Much like how this plague

(Coronavirus) wasn’t sent by God, neither were these hornets!

To discern what God is trying to say through the animals you need to ask yourself 3 questions.  You take the answers to the questions in the natural and then you apply them spiritually:

1. How do they kill or destroy their prey? What methods do they use? (Tells you the strategy the enemy will use)

2. What do they kill and destroy? What is the prey?  It’s nature and purpose. (Tells you what the enemy is really after)

3.  How do you kill them? (God’s strategy on destroying them)

Once you have the answers to these 3 questions, you are going to know exactly what to pray and how to pray against it.  This is a formula for any dreams or visions you get that are animal related.  A little online research into the animal and how it functions in the natural will let you know what you need to do in a spiritual sense.

It doesn’t matter if there are hornets in your state or country, please be assured this does concern you because this is not about the hornets it is about what God is saying through them to the church.

Let’s answer the 3 questions and look at some other interesting facts:

1.  They are coming from the same region as the Coronavirus (the East), this is not coincidental.

2. They were first sighted in the US (Washington State) in December 2019, this is when the Coronavirus was made know to the US, this as well is not coincidental.

3.  How do they kill their prey?  Decapitation, they cut off the head of the prey.  They are very swift and 1 hornet can kill 40 bees in 1 minute.

4.  What do they kill and destroy?  Their main food source is the HONEY bee,  PRAYING MANtis and other HORNETS.

5. How do you kill them? FIRE and PRAYING MANtis also kills them as well by decapitation and other HORNETS.


Here’s how you apply this spiritually…

The fact that these hornets have shown up means only one thing…your blessing is sure! They are coming for the honey bees.  The only reason they kill humans is because we get in the way.  They are really after the honey. Honey bees do so much for the environment.  Please read about this some more.  Don’t forget that the Lord told the Israelites He was bringing them into a land flowing with milk and honey (Leviticus 20:24).  Even the manna in the wilderness was made tasted like honey! (Exodus 16:31)

Honey is a sign of God’s blessing!

The fact that the hornets are here just means that there is honey.  The enemy never attacks nothingness.  So this is the good sign in all of this.  Your blessing cannot be stopped.  It is a done deal!  It has already been released for you!

When the hornet comes it brings terror with it.  Sounds familiar?  It’s fear.  The same fear that was here during the Coronavirus.  This virus and these hornets come with a spirit of fear.  It’s coming out of the same region.

However, there is difference between the fear that came with Covid 19, and the fear that comes with the hornets.

What’s the difference?  Well, the hornets go into the promise land.  When the spies went into the land they came back with huge grapes and they testified that it was a really good land.  However, they were afraid because of the giants.  They said they looked like grasshoppers (insect reference) compared to the giants (Numbers 13:23-33).

The fear that comes with the hornets is the fear of stepping into your blessing, your promise.

The virus is attached to a fear of going out.  The hornet is attached to a fear of going in.

Say what now?  Yes, I told you in the last prophetic word that God was going to clearly show you what He has in store for you.  If you really heard clearly there is going to be fear that will come along with that.

Sometimes the Lord will veil some things and other times He will clearly reveal what you what you are about to step into.  This is the season when you will know.  God doesn’t do anything small.  He does BIG things.  Grand things that when viewed by us seems too impossible to believe.  And some of you may get afraid and back away.  DO NOT DO THAT!

If He said it, He will do it through YOU.  You are not the one doing it, He is!  Just make yourself available!

No backing up!!!  Do not let fear cause you to forfeit your blessing.

Exodus 23:30 “By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land.

He’s only going to give you what you can manage now but the intention is not for you to remain in that small place.  While He may start out small with you, the end result is not small it is BIG.  God doesn’t do small.  He’s limitless, remember? So if it ends small, that’s because somewhere along the line you got in the way and didn’t allow Him to take full control of your ministry/business.  The step from small to big is scary because it means having faith, trust and hope. It means letting go control. It means giving God the keys and allowing God to drive.  It’s scary.

The hornet fear is the fear of your blessings.  Which are already here, which is why the hornets have showed up.  Remember the name is the murder hornet…it is coming to steal, kill and destroy.  It’s going to start with fear and if it can’t get you to back off then it wants to completely decapitate the supply, the blessing, the channel of your blessing, your head. Think about it, if the hornet kills all the bees and eats the honey it is in essence destroying a channel of blessing because that hive will never produce again.  Once the hornet takes over that hive, the production of honey stops.

Decapitation – Make you lose your head!

Decapitation – Make you lose your mind!

Decapitation – You’re not thinking clearly and you make bad decision!

Decapitation – Rash decision!  Bad judgment calls!

In the moment when you are making the decisions it will seem right to you but afterwards you realize it was wrong and all of this has to do with how you are taking the land.  So, stop…  Think about what you are going to do before you make the decision.  Right now because of the present climate (coronavirus, changes in your circumstances, pressure) you need to be sure that you are making the right decision.

The next thing that it eats is the praying mantis.  The praying man or woman.  Destroying your prayer life.  Now is not the time for you to get weary.  It really isn’t.

Now that you know the enemy has not, did not, could not stop the blessing because there is honey you can’t quit now,  otherwise you are quitting right before you take hold of you blessings. Manifestation.  He couldn’t stop it so now he has to try some other trick to get you to quit.

You need to get rejuvenated and don’t allow these demonic spirits to drain you or cause you to quit praying.

Pray in tongues (it’s ok if you don’t do that you can do these other steps)

– Listen to worship music, things that are relaxing

– Take a break from the news and updates

– Find someone funny to follow online, don’t lose your joy in all of this.  Laugh.  Watch comedies.  Laughter is good for you.

-Focus on the future and write down what God is showing you.  Make a plan.

Hornets also kill other hornets.  You know what?  Some of your enemies are really there to get rid of your other enemies!  Discern.  Sometimes if you prophetic word no weapons forged against you shall prosperjust sit back and watch they turn against each other and one gets the other one out of the way for  you.  You never even had to enter the fight.  You never even had to pray one prayer.  Cobras eat other snakes.  A snake eating a snake.  A hornet eating a hornet.  Don’t weary yourself going after every single demon or person that is after you.  Get the strategy from the Lord.  Remember King David’s prayer “Lord, shall I go up against them?”  Sometimes the answer is no.  Some of those “new” adversaries are really there to get rid of some of your “old” adversaries.  That doesn’t mean they are your friend.  Nope!  It just means you need to step aside and let them take each other out.  Remember God sent this destructive insect to drive out the enemy from the land for the Israelites (Deuteronomy 7:20-21)  God will “flip the script” on the enemy!

How do you kill it?  Fire – the fire of God.  Remember the word of the Lord for 2020 was all about fire, you can read it hear.  Praying Mantis also kills hornets (you can look this up on YouTube there are videos).  Prayer, stay prayed up! And hornets kill other hornets!  Watch them lose their heads and turn on each other. Whatever the enemy meant for evil God turns it to good.

No weapons that are forged against you or your blessing will prosper.  God just brought this as a sign to you that – there is honey!  Manifestation.

Let’s pray…

Almighty God, we pray now that You cleanse us with Your Holy fire.  Remove anything from us that is not like You. Any mindsets or ways of thinking that leads us away from Your will we ask that You remove it now in Jesus name. We know when we stand before You in heaven whatever You didn’t build or ordain will get burnt up so we submit ourselves to You now and ask that you start the purification process.  Get us ready so that we can enter into our promise purified by You.  We ask for the hearts of our enemies to be turned from evil and wickedness to what is pure and holy.  We pray they choose You Jesus.  We pray they choose repentance. Those who cannot turn from what is not of You and have an agenda to kill, steal and destroy will also have their works consumed in Your fire.  Try their works by fire today, in Jesus name.   I ask that you rejuvenate my prayer life.  Refresh me God.  Remove the weariness of the past season and get me ready to enter into Your promise.  Satisfy my thirsty soul with Your word bring the scriptures to mind that I need for this season. I pray that you will give me a new vocabulary for praying through this time.  May my spirit be in tune with Your spirit to hear You and pray accordingly. I ask Lord that the enemies that are signified by these hornets be exposed and destroyed.  Let them lose their heads and devour each other.  Remove them from the path of my future so I can step into what You have for me.  Clear the way.  Guide me and lead me into this manifestation of blessings.  I thank you that You have already done it.  It is a finished work.  I pray that you continue to cover me and my family during this time under your blood Jesus.  Let me not get comfortable in this place.  Let me never accept less than Your very best for me.  Remove fear.  Your perfected love casts our fear.  I choose to step into the promise without fear.  You gave me power, love and a sound mind.  With a sound mind I will never lose my head and will see my way clearly into the manifestation of my blessings.  The enemy will never have the power to abort or stop what You have ordained.  No weapons formed against me shall prosper and any tongue that rises in judgement against me You will condemn this is the heritage  of the servants of the Lord and their Righteousness is from Me declares the Lord. I thank you Lord for the angelic assistance and pray all of this in the mighty Jesus name, amen!

I know this is a lot to digest.  Take it to God in prayer and ask Him to show you how this applies to you personally. If you have any other revelation on these hornets, please share it as well.


13 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – No Weapons Forged Against You Shall Prosper”

  1. Thank you for this word. I have recommitted to connect with my accountability partner to flesh out the plans the Lord has laid ahead of me. I am excited!

  2. I don’t know how I missed this word, but I am just reading today on June 1. I recently had a dream about a green alligator/snake in my line of vision but I was able to protect my self from their onslaught! I believe this word applies here! I also thought about a scripture of how King Saul and his men were fighting and Jonathan, Saul’s son are honey (everyone else could/did not) and his eyes were illuminated. I found that refreshing that his vision was fine tuned after eating honey! This word further confirms that this is my season of honey!

    Thank you for the word as I am excited about what God is going to do in the days, weeks, and months ahead in spite of!

  3. Today, I had been during some research on this word from God and I was researching the murdering, hornets. one of the searches that stood out was that they were released to kill, steal, and destroy the blessing of God, I first saw that these hornets feed off of sweet-smelling things. my bible tells me that our saviors are a sweet-smelling savior and psalms 119 talks about sweetie than a honeycomb, landing flowing with milk and honey which both are sweet to the human taste. psalm 34 oh taste and see that the lord is good and so many scriptures tell me about the sweetness of our savior. the moment I begin to read this I felt a spirit of fear and I begin to stop and pray but as I was reading this prophetic word I was enjoying reading this book on hearing the voice of God and how God speaks in listening to prayer by Steve Sampson.
    I found out that hornet hates the color red because they can’t see red, as you already know that is the blood of Jesus, it also hates mint, peppermint, oils and eucalyptus.i receive a box today as a retirement gift from someone. it was a mint plant with the seeds and all to plant. how awesome is God! the spirit of slumber has been trying to attack so that I will be sleepy and not arise to pray.i get up early at times and just sit in God presence and listen. yes our faith is being attacked, and the enemy wants to replace it with fear, but glory be to God. No weapon form against us!!!!!!!

  4. God is good!!! Thank you for being obedient and sharing what He says. It is always the right time. This post made me think about St. Paisios who encouraged people to be the bee. The honeybee finds the good in this world, for them beautiful flowers, it pollinates and receives nectar and makes honey: a win-win! All good is from God so it makes sense that the evil one and his demons who hate God are attacking the good. And personally my husband was mad at me for something I should not have done. In the past he has brought up divorce. I thought he would and was about to bring it up myself but held my tongue and thought the devil would like nothing better than to have my marriage fail. I prayed a lot last night. This morning I saw your post. God is using you to be the bee. I pray in Jesus name for your supernatural protection.

  5. Can I just say that after reading this last night. I had a dream that a huge murder hornet was trying to get in my window! It was about a foot long!!!! I looked and it did not get in at first. Then, it seemed to get in the top screen of the window I did not know was open. So I went out and shut the door thinking, this thing would kill my 16 month old if it stung her. I have a four year old as well. Then, I had us all go into the bedroom and shut the door. The hornet did not come in but all of a sudden the top half of the door came off until it looked like it was off the hinges and the whole door would fall off. It never got in, I looked out the door and down a hallway and did not see it, but I wondered about it’s presence and if it would find us. I then woke up I think with someone coming down the hallway. Note: the dream was not in my own literal house. The dream did not last too long, but the image was terrifying. I’m so glad God has not given us a spirit of fear!!! Ugh

    1. I forgot this detail! My 16 month old daughter’s name I was concerned about is FAITH! Wow. Look at God!

      1. This was probably the most important piece. The hornet is after your faith. Now that you know this, stand strong! Blessings

  6. Thanks a lot for this Now Word. I recieve this wordin Jesus Name.

    Earlier in the week I fought some lions in my dream.
    I recieve the victory that Jesus has won for me in Jesus Name

  7. Glory to God for this on time Word. The pieces of a puzzle are coming together bit by bit during this time of fear and uncertainty.
    God bless you.

  8. Glory to God , Hallelujah to The Lamb of God Lord Jesus. I Thank God for this word. The correct time of this message and prayer. All my love to Lord Jesus. I killed a hornet 2 days or so ago. Its a rare sight here in the Australian suburb I live. Never seen one here before. Then today, Lord led me to pray against the spirit of death and destruction. Prayed and then I got a song and 2 verses from the Lord , Exodus 14:14, Isaiah 54:17 and the song – I am gonna see a victory… 🙂 Right after this I checked my mail and saw this prophetic word.
    How Awesome is Our Abba Father?!!.
    Dear MOP , I love you , bless you in Jesus’ Holy Name. May The Lord reveal His Mighty power and Glory through and in you.

  9. Ooh this word soo resonates with me. My head was about to be cut off by the hornets, but Glory be to Jesus for the timely word that restore, refreshes my spirit.

  10. Wow, what timing! There was a murder hornet in my house last night that came in after I returned from outside. It was huge!🤢 My older brother wound up killing it with a shoe and placed it on the stove to burn to make sure it was dead-dead! Thanks for sharing this Word, God bless you sister!🥰

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