Prophetic Word 2019 / 5779 – Part 1

Prophetic Word 2019 5779

This is the prophetic word for 2019 and the Hebraic Year 5779.  I want you to know that the word that was given for 2018/5778 is still active and overlaps with this word through to the end of this year.

Have you been feeling the excitement, anticipation and build up in your spirit?  You should because for the rest of this year and into the first quarter of the next many of you will begin to see the breakthroughs you have been waiting for.

I am extremely excited to share this word with you.  It was a joy writing it and I am excited for what is about to happen to YOU and for YOU.

Before you read it I want you to know this this word is for you, not for some people but for you specifically.  You see there are seasons when we all move.  When it was time for the Israelites to enter the Promise Land they all had to move because God said “we’re going in”.  We are shifting a decade and that means we all move.  Hopefully what you move into is what you want because you’re moving whether you like it or not!

This is a very long post so I had to break into into Part 1 and Part 2. I would suggest reading the whole thing the first time so you can see which parts speak to you and which parts don’t.  The next time you look at this I’ve put in some links so you can just jump to that section without reading the whole thing again.

5779 what is the significance of this year

Here comes Matthias

Disgruntled Spiritually Fat People/Accessing the Vault

9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Let’s dive in…


5 7 7 9 – Grace, Fullness, Completion, Fruitfulness

We are on the final stretch of the decade of sight/seeing. 5770 -5779 is the Ayin decade which means the seeing decade.  I’m sure you’ve seen the rise in the seer anointing  through Dreams and Visions. The next decade (80-89) is about the mouth.  The spoken word.  Hearing God audibly. This is when the ones who have spiritual power with the spoken word will arise. Like the Elijah prophets that will be able to call down fire from heaven. Prophets opening their mouth and speaking over regions with instantaneous results.  Words, words, words. Let your words be few. We’ll talk about this one later  as it relates to the next decade.

If you are wondering how 9 became the number for fruitfulness this has to do with the Hebrew letters.  Each letter has a numerical value. The number 9 in the Hebrew is the letter Tet

9 is the number of fruitfulness.  The year is Ayin Tet, So, this is the year of the fruitfulness of what you see.  It becomes a fulfillment year of the dreams and visions.

The first use of the letter Tet in the bible is during creation in Genesis 1:4 “ And God saw that the light was good. Then He separated the light from the darkness.”  The word good in Hebrew is Tov and it begins with the letter Tet.

Tet is also the first letter for the word purity and also the first letter for the word impurity. This letter has a double meaning it is both good and it is evil.  But notice in creation that God separates the light from the darkness.

In print you will see it with the crown but when the letter is written there is no crown.

You will notice that it is in the shape of a coiled serpent.  This is the evil part of it.  But then it is also the shape of a womb.  This is the 5779good!

It is not a coincidence that Rosh Hashannah began at sundown on September (9th month) on the 9th day!!  Double nine! and in this year 18, double nine again!

If this all sounds familiar like you read or heard it before, you probably did.  The Hebrew letters mean what they mean and the numbers mean what the numbers mean.  This won’t change so whenever you read about 5779 it should sound the same.  The rest of the prophetic word related to it is where you’ll hear the difference.

A woman is pregnant for 9 months before she gives birth.  So what is hidden in the secret place gets revealed.  This is the fruit of the womb.  You can look at this from a spiritual stand point or physical standpoint.  So this translates in the physical/natural realm to:

1. Pregnancies

2. Birth of new Business, Ministries, Ideas, Inventions, Books

3. Birth of new relationships, marriages, engagements

4. Fruitfulness of businesses, it turns around and you start seeing the profit

5.  New Homes, new cars

6. It is the great unveiling of the hidden thing so you can actually see it now!  Hallelujah!

In the spiritual realm this translates to:

  1. Salvation (Praise God)  Born again, get it?  Yes it’s a birth.
  2. Rebirth and recommitment of many who walked away from the church.  Yes, they’re coming back.
  3. More importantly, the unveiling of the new YOU.  Your life will begin to look more fruitful.  Not only from the outside but on the inside of you.

Because it is the year of what was hidden being made known, I believe God is going to make a distinction between good and evil. A separation. Watch for exposure of that which is not of the Lord in ministry.  Wheat from tares. Light from darkness.

With all of these blessings being poured out you have to be mindful of the spirit of jealousy.  Here’s the word for October 2018 where we go in depth about how to handle what is coming this year.

Here comes Matthias.

If you think about it, Jesus’ betrayal didn’t just stop at Judas.  No, it continues today with the ones who are using Him to build their own platforms for personal gain.  Selfish Ambition.  Promotion of self instead of God.  Exploiting the ignorance of people who have to pay to receive, a word!  Way too many money changers tables and merchandising of the Kingdom!

Yes, He is still being betrayed today.  During this separation of the light from the darkness, Judas is getting replaced with Matthias.  In case you missed it here is a post on prophetic words, sowing seeds & money.

We never hear about Matthias until he was chosen to join the disciples after Judas was exposed.  Yet here’s what was said about him…

Acts 1:21 “Therefore it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus was living among us, 22 beginning from John’s baptism to the time when Jesus was taken up from us. For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection.”

So even though we never heard about him he was there the entire time.  The Mattiases are the ones that have been hidden in plain sight…until now.

They are different.

Here’s a few things to know about the new Matthias:

  1. Nobody knows who they are, but they’ve been faithfully serving for years
  2. They are hidden and are quite happy serving where they are
  3. At the appointed time, they will surface.  They’re not missing anything because notice that Mattias enters the picture before the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost (Acts 2).
  4. Even after being a part of something so great (Pentecost) you never hear about Matthias again.  This means that even with great influence in the Kingdom of God they still hold the position of humility.  They are not running for the spotlight and as such will be used mightily by God in the next great move of the Kingdom of God in the earth.
  5. They are going to handle the promotion with such grace and humility.  How refreshing will this be??


Disgruntled Spiritually Fat People

This next one is by way of a dream.

I dreamt that I went to an office. I work there.  I realized when I saw this office in my dream that I had dreamt of the same office before.  Let me describe the office to you…In the first dream, you enter the front door and you have to be buzzed in to get into the offices which are located in the back.  There is a receptionist and a waiting area like a doctors office except this was a regular business office.  Once you get past the door there are cubicles in a wide open space and a few private offices with regular glass walls looking out.  Nothing more to say on this other than this was what the office looked like the first time I dreamt of it.

In the second dream I went to the same office I recognized it because of the waiting area and the receptionist.  This time however, the receptionist did not buzz me in, I needed a code to get into the back office area.  Once I got back there everything was different.  There was now a security who checked your badge to make sure you were authorized to be in that area.  There was no more wide open space.  There were a few cubicles but everything else was behind a wall.  We had to walk down a hallway and come to a scanner/metal detector like what they use going through security in the airports.  Then you have to punch in other codes to get into another part of the building.  Once I got to the very back, the regular glass doors were replaced by extremely think glass.  The last office in the very back looked like a vault but made made out of glass. So you could see the people in the vault and they could see you but you can’t hear what is being said in the vault.  Again you needed to have a higher level of clearance to get inside the vault.  No one person stood out they were just all diligently working away to get the work done.  The ones behind the glass in the vault were counting out money.  I mean a lot of money.  Millions of dollars.  They had several of those machines that count out the bills. The money was being separated into piles which gave me the impression that it was being allocated for different purposes. It wasn’t being stored it was going out.  It was a distribution center.

Now the dream switches to the end of the day and we are leaving work.  Some were still busy working away but some of us were heading out.  As I am walking out there was this lady and she was complaining about all the security levels and clearances that we needed to access different areas of the building.  She was truly disgruntled.  She was fat. She was talking about the good old days when we could walk in and out freely and how all these changes were bad.  “Why did they have to change everything?  It was working just fine as it was before. Don’t you see how many people have already left the company?  Why didn’t they ask us old timers before they made all these changes?  Who needs all this security?”  Then she said “I’m 55 I’ve been here longer than all of them they should’ve asked me what I thought before they made all these changes.”  We went through the security, which you had to go through again before leaving, and then I woke up.

I need to add that I remember seeing other people who had been with the company as long as she had been there, some even longer.  Not a lot of them but a few were left.  They were slender and busy working away like the newer employees that came in.

The feeling from the dream was this business had grown to a size that it needed to have these systems and procedures put in place to run more efficiently.  Have you ever been a part of a corporate take over of a company and the new owners come in with their team and new ways of doing things? There are always going to be those people who are not happy.  The idea behind this dream wasn’t that the people who left were fired or pushed out.  No, they left because they didn’t want to do things the way that it was now being done.  They left on their own accord and some stayed.

Imagine that you own a mom and pop company and then you grow into a $5 Billion dollar corporation, can you run the business the same way?  No.  Google may have started in a garage but they are not in a garage anymore and they had to make changes.  You have to make changes to accommodate growth.

I worked with a company where we did corporate takeovers and the team I was on would arrive about 3 – 4 weeks before the deals got finalized. One of my primary jobs was scouting the staff to determine who we would keep and who needed to go.  The staff didn’t know who I was and I can tell you that their  attitude was everything for me.  I could train anybody, regardless of age, but if you had a rotten attitude, you weren’t flexible, spewed venom and poison other people, gossiped, talked badly about the old company or the new company, or you’re not teachable, then I wouldn’t keep you.  By the time they figured out I was with the new company, I already made my decision.

It’s about the attitude.

So here is the interpretation of the dream:

  1. I believe this is not just about this coming year but for the next 7-10 years.
  2. The office is actually the Kingdom office.
  3. God is doing something NEW. This next move is going to look very different from what you’ve seen in the past
  4. It’s different because we have to make accommodations for the growth, more salvations and the fact that we have to reach a new generation of people – the Millenials.
  5. You won’t be able to reach the Millenials in the same way that you have other generations.  They watch what you are doing and not what you are saying.  For many that will mean changing how you reach people, paying closer attention to what you are doing instead of what you are saying.
  6. The fact that you are saved will get you into the office building (Praise God for that!!).  Whether you get the cubicle or some other office is going to depend on you. Having a powerful spiritual gift will get you a cubicle (Romans 11:29) but, if after you preach you go home to beat your wife…or you are addicted to porn?  You won’t make it past the security scanner.  While the public may not know it, God knows.
  7. This whole office setup has to do with your internal life with God, not external.
  8. Purity, Holiness, Obedience and intimacy with God is what will determine where you get positioned in this office.
  9. Money is going to be needed for the Kingdom expand. God owns all of it!! And, God will be giving some access to this “supernatural wealth”  The wealth is supernatural because I never saw how it got in, I only see it going out.
  10. The money is also a sign of the spiritual gifts and people walking in the manifested power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  These gifts will be needed to bring in these souls. Signs, wonders, miracles like you have never seen before.  Unusual anointings.  Spiritual gifts you didn’t even know existed.  Spiritual wealth…just imagine for a second what that would look like.
  11. The people with the highest level of clearance looked like normal people.  They looked the same blended well together and were diligently working away.
  12. There were no private offices (no one that stands out, no superstars) just people who share the same vision and passion diligently working together.  God needs servant leaders. Oneness of mind and spirit. How good it is when the brothers dwell in unity…there the Lord has pronounced His blessing (Psalm 133)
  13. The ones who left (old-timers)were just not flexible.  They don’t like change and believe God owes them an explanation.  Or when they see the  new move they think it’s the devil when it’s actually God.  We ought to pray and ask God before we open our mouth and speak against something that doesn’t look familiar.  Be quiet if you don’t understand it and ask God for clarity.  Don’t get sucked in or influenced by negative people on social media.  God is not going to take you to a higher level when your mindset is negative.
  14. 5 is the number of grace.  So 55 means you need to ask Him for double grace so you can adjust to what you are about to experience.
  15. The new ones coming in are humble and Kingdom minded all about the growth and expansion of the Kingdom instead of focusing on themselves.
  16. The scanners/metal detectors pick up on things that you should not be carrying and you have to discard them before you can proceed.  I believe this is personal sin, baggage and people that you have in your life that just can’t get to where you are.  As righteous as Lot was, at some point Abraham had to cut him loose.  He couldn’t go with him.  Some of your brothers and sisters in Christ will need to be left out by the cubicles and you go through the scanners to the higher place.  They can’t go with you.  They are not bad people , they just can’t go where you are going. When you go through these detectors in the airport you have to discard of the knife or water bottle and you don’t get it back when you pass through the detector.  No, you don’t.  You can’t take it beyond a certain point. Some of you are still trying to travel with that “thing” well guess what?  You need to choose.  This could be the reason why some of you are stuck. You can’t make it past the detector with that “thing” or person y0u’re trying so hard to hold on to.  If you know that you are not walking in any kind of sin, then you need to take everyone in your life before the Lord, one by one, and ask the Lord how they fit into the picture.  Read the story of the transfiguration (Matthew 17) Jesus took Peter, James & John with Him…not the 12 disciples, no only 3 of the 12 were allowed to see Him transfigured.
  17. Remember that you have to go through the security on your way out as well.  Why is that?  Whatever is shared in the vault, is for the
    Imagine this vault made completely out of glass. Look at the thickness of it.

    people who have that level of clearance.  If you work in a bank you don’t get to take a pocket full of cash home at night.  No. And, if you try to take it then you’ll be fired. So don’t think that when you meet “Lot” by the cubicles on your way out you are now free to tell him everything.  Nope.  Remember, only those who have the clearance get to know the information.  Discern.  Discern. If you violate that you won’t have access the next day.  You’ll need to repent.  Again, if you read the story of the transfiguration, Jesus told them on the way down from the mountain not to tell the others what they saw.  Obviously if the other 9 disciples were allowed to know this information they would have been allowed up the mountain.  They are not bad people they are just not allowed beyond a certain point.

  18. The people who get access through to the level of the vault have different callings or anointings, it is about obedience and whether or not you are faithfully using what God has given to you now.  You can have someone who is an apostle in the vault as well as someone with the gift of helps.  How faithful are you with what you have now?  How obedient are you?
  19. You won’t need to ask for access it is given automatically.  You get promoted automatically.
  20. Access to the vault is going to cost you.  There are not a lot of people here.  Some things you will need to do it alone, and be OK with that.  Not lonely just alone.
  21. The vault was made completely out of glass so you could actually see everyone.  Nothing is hidden. There is complete transparency.  This doesn’t mean that they are perfect people but it does mean they have nothing to hide. Repentance has its rewards. No demons can get past the scanner/detectors.
  22. The next thing you need to know about the people in the vault is that they have the Joseph anointing as opposed to a Solomon anointing.  Both are financial anointings but they are different.  Joseph is a distributor of wealth.
  23. The security scanners and security guards throughout this office are angels that have been put in place to guard certain things in the Kingdom.  (Genesis 3:24)  When God put Adam and Eve out of the garden an angel was put there to guard the access to the tree.  Likewise, these security guards are in the realm of the spirit.  That’s why demons can’t get past them.  Also, those witches that somehow think they can attach themselves to you to go where you are going won’t have access either.  Certain things are permissible at one level but not at another.  You want to go higher, you will need to get rid of some things and some people.

[infobox title=’The difference between the Joseph and Solomon anointing’] Joseph is a distributor of wealth. He has access to many things – resources, money, people, etc. but he doesn’t actually own any of it.  He has the use of it and access to people in high positions of authority but his job is to distribute and connect others. He connects people with resources.

Solomon on the other hand is not a distributor of wealth but he possesses it.  He owns the business.  This doesn’t mean he doesn’t give tithe or offerings.  People give him the money and things.  He inherits.  Finds money.  Launches a business idea and makes millions with little to no effort.  He knows how to invest and multiply wealth.

Most people don’t understand the difference of these 2 anointings and as such never actually walk into the fullness of their calling.  How do you identify them?  The Joseph is the one who is always getting promoted, always. People like Joseph, he’s pleasant.  He carries a mantle of favor and as such usually has the spirit of jealousy at his heels.  He is always in the position to know people who are influential.  Josephs should never try to be Solomon, it doesn’t work.  Both are surrounded by wealth.

So if a prophet prophesies wealth over you, it is a good idea to understand which one of these anointing you carry.  If you are to distribute and you try to hoard and multiply that money, the business won’t work out.  If you are to possess the wealth but you keep giving your money away or giving your business ideas to other people, then it won’t work out for you either.  This doesn’t mean that the anointing can’t switch from one to the other but if you try walking in one and it’s burdensome, try looking at the other. Let me know if you want me to do a separate teaching about financial anointings. [/infobox]

My biggest question to God was, why is this disgruntled lady fat?  I had to ask this question because I generally don’t see fat people in my dreams.  They usually have average sized bodies or they are slender.  Even if someone is fat in the natural they look average size to me in dreams.  So, this stood out to me more than anything else.  Why is she fat?

2 Timothy 3 (NIV)

3 There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.


In the natural a calorie is a unit of energy, so you need to exercise to use the calories that you consume otherwise you are going to be fat.  You can’t just keep eating and not expending the energy through some form of activity or then you become obese.

Likewise, in the spirit when you eat knowledge from reading the bible, your pastors sermon, prophetic words, attending conferences and you don’t use it to help others and serve then you become fat in the spirit.

The woman in the dream was spiritually fat.  With all her years of “always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth” she was working her way out of a job.  She was stepped over in the spirit realm and the job/promotion was given to the ones who were “fit in the spirit”, younger, limber, non complaining person who went about doing the Kingdom work!  When we become Christians we are given spiritual gifts.  We don’t get to choose our gifts but we are given them by God.  So we all have them.  Are you using yours?

It is important to be flexible and before we criticize everything that looks different, we should first ask God if it is Him.

How do we gain higher access?  Stay in the secret place. We’ve got to develop a level of intimacy with God so when He says this is what I am doing you can clearly hear.  We may not understand or like it but, He doesn’t need our permission to change things.  He can use ANYBODY He chooses whether we agree with it or not.  It is all about His glory.

There are people who have just been saved for 3 months and they have led people to Christ and then there are others who’ve been saved 10 years and haven’t led one person to Christ.  Why is that? If a demon were to show up in their home, they would still need to get the pastor because they don’t know how to apply what they know.

There are those who spend hundreds of dollars on airfare and hotels attending one conference after another, like a junkie looking for the next emotional high.  Yet, nothing changes in their life.

Some spend hours studying the word, then what? (2 Corinthians 3:6 NKJV) At some point we need to get out of our head and tap into the Spirit.  We have to pour out before God can pour any more in.

It’s time to burn off some of those spiritual calories.  Here, just pray for some people, share words of wisdom, word of knowledge, share some scriptures, anything!  Prophesy over them. Interpret some dreams, go serve on some prayer lines. Do something.

It is the season of fruitfulness, so every tree that doesn’t bear fruit will be removed.  He still loves you and you’re still saved but you’ll be passed over and someone else will will be given the mantle.  Fruitful servant leaders that are here to do the work, as a team, without grumbling and complaining.


9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 (NIV)

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.  To one there is given through the Spirit

  1. a message of wisdom,
  2. to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit,
  3. to another faith by the same Spirit,
  4. to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit,
  5. to another miraculous powers,
  6. to another prophecy,
  7. to another distinguishing between spirits,
  8. to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,
  9. and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as Prophetic Word 2019 5779he determines.

You are going to see and experience an increase in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Look at the list, are you flowing in all of these?  Ask and you shall receive. (1 Corinthians 12:31)

Again, you won’t see the manifestation of these gifts unless you are in an environment where you are serving. Being in a community where you can learn from others who walk in these gifts will also help you.  If there are some that you’ve never experience, ask God and He’ll give it to you.

In this coming year, I’m going to talk about each of these gifts in a separate post.

Here’s  prayer for you…

Lord, thank you for this year of fruitfulness.  Help me to walk into the good of this year and guard me against the evil. My the fruit of my lips sow into what is good and not that which is evil. Prepare me to step into the place of blessing.  Guard my heart, my mind and my soul from the spirit of jealousy.  Cause me to respond correctly when I’m faced with opposition or the attacks of the enemy.  Give me double grace to handle the changes that are upon us in the body of Christ.  Allow me to flow with you Holy Spirit as you wrap up the Ayin decade and bring about the new decade.  Don’t allow me to lag behind or get fat in the spirit.  Show me how to faithfully use what you have already given me.  Help me to steward the gifts responsibly.  Do not allow me to be a stumbling block to those who need to be brought into the Kingdom.  Give me the right attitude and spirit to receive the things that are new to me.  Bring about opportunities for me to use the gifts of the Spirit and the correct mentors that I need to grow in them.  Continue to prune and weed out of my life the things and the people that will hold me back, in Jesus name, Amen!

Here is Part 2 of the Prophetic Word for 2019.  Be Blessed!

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  1. thanks alot for this second chance article especially those 23points 8, 12, 15, really tached My heart, I’ll be sarching out on website where you expounded on the tow financial anointing . Joseph and Solomon.much blessings.

  2. This is so great and timely. i am truly blessed by this and for sure God is still at work. Obedience is key. please cover on the financial anointing. You are just so blessed! May this wisdom and knowledge reach out to the many more people in this world.

  3. The word of the Lord through you has greatly blessed me. I pray God continue to use you mightily as a vessel of honour to set His people free and encourage them.

  4. Yes, please publish teachings about the different financial annointings!
    This message is very helpful, I have been alone and wishing for close friends again. But to be alone and not lonely is slightly different, although not easy when family have been important to you. Yehua is walking with me past the security gates as my closest friend, no matter what.
    Please make sure I get your teachings about financial annointing

  5. This is great. My love for God has been renewed and is growing from strength to strength and I can feel His power.

  6. I have just read part one and two with tears, yearnings, and intense longing to stay pure and undefiled before him. Understanding the influence of leviathan and it’s signs has brought freedom and a caution to be intentional to stay out of his way and let the Lord fight the battle. I came this morning to the Lord with an extremely heavy heart over one of the hardest years I’ve had and in particular the last few months. I came saying if God didn’t show up, I didn’t know if I could go on. After reading andoraying and finally finding this word, I feel hope. I am 68 years old, still work and have been on my own for over 20 years. I have been battling loneliness in a very deep way. I trust the Lord to fight that battle because I know that he is here . Thank you for staying close to his heart and hearing his heart. It has made a huge difference for me today.

  7. Send me the teaching on JOSEPH and Solomon anointing the difference between the two I will love to share this to my congregation as a leader

  8. This revelation has been of great help.I know understand very clearly what the LORD has been doing in my life.
    For the last few years about five have been alone (no friends) and seeking but not lonely.its been quite a journey. Still work In progress.
    Can’t wait for part two.

    Would kindly need to learn about the financial anointing .

  9. All I could say to this prophetic word is speak God! it was on point and I actually could feel the presence of the father in the room as I read it. When it said that I would have to give up somethings and leave some people behind, I was stung but not completely shock because I have heard this before, so I was like, with a spouse how do you do that, well I believe God was saying keep praying but you must allow me to be his God completely and place him in my care. I knew him in his mother womb. I can’t wait till part 2 is released. may God blessing continue to flow through you and upon you in Jesus name.

    1. Hi Flossie, yes, that is exactly correct. Remember when the 3 came down from the mount of Transfiguration they still reunited with the others, they were just not allowed to share the experience. Some people we need to cut off completely in a physical sense but others God just wants to have us separated unto Him so that He can take us deeper in a spiritual sense. They are just not ready to receive what He has for them as yet. Continue to honor your husband but when God starts revealing some things with you perhaps you want to ask Him first before you share. Blessings to you!

  10. I would love to see more on the Solomon and Joseph Annointing. It was so insightful. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching. God bless

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