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      I had a dream that I feel is a warning but I don’t fully understand, I was looking out the sliding door from inside my home with husband next to me, on the ground outside looked like scattered piles of leaf litter as I looked closer I could see it was a tangle of snakes they were dark some had stripe bands on them and they looked like they were dead, I noticed through the tangle a shiny dark movement and it was a dark black snake that moved through the pile? Towards me, I was afraid even though I was inside. The black snake travelled up the fly screen it was a short and fat snake, it came up and broke through the screen and bit me on my right hand.

      I’m a christian and have been under allot of pressure and stress from a new job and general financial family pressures and feeling a bit down.
      I think this is a warning but have been unable to recieve interpretation on this. Could you help

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      Hi Christie,
      a snake according to the bible[Gen 3:1-5] represents deception,remember the Eve incidence in the garden of Eden,the devil came through a snake.
      The right hand represents diligence or productivity (fruitfulness)[Gen 48:13-20].
      Now coming to your dream, I think it may mean you are being targeted by the enemy in the area of your work. The best thing to do is to pray about it with knowledge that Christ has already conquered all these forces of darkness. You are in Christ seated in the Heavenly places far above ALL principality,power,might and dominion.
      Your dream is a revelation it has been brought to light,so it has no power as long as you take the right steps.

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      How are you? Are you still employed? You need to break this spirit off of you. The right hand is the hand of power (do a word search of the bible online for “right hand” this will show you what the right hand does), it makes decisions, this is the money making hand. I feel the enemy has launched and attack on your finances and will continue to do so until you take action.

      You saw the snake coming from a pile of dead leaves and other dead snakes and this says that you thought this was an issue already dealt with, but it is not. You missed something when those things died off, do you know what it is that you thought was over and it is not? Ask God to reveal it to you.

      It traveled towards you and you did nothing, it shows your passivity in the spirit. So something is going on in your life now and instead of attacking it in the spirit you are taking a laid back let’s wait and see attitude and it won’t end well.

      It broke through the screen that means that what you thought is there to protect you will not. Your husband stood by and let it happen as well. The question is, did you see you husband’s face in the dream? Was it really him? Maybe that was a familiar spirit and not really your husband.

      You need to pray spiritual warfare prayers to protect yourself and your finances. Here are some prayers that you need to pray to keep yourself covered.



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      Hi MOP
      Yes I am still employed, and know I have been appointed to this role for a purpose, I have been praying the armour on for some time for myself and on behalf of my family. My right hand has featured in many dreams, over the last 6 months or longer and I have had more dreams featuring snakes, a few days ago 4 came in my dream, 3 slithered beside and onto my husband the 4th larger one next to me then down towards my leg and I commanded them to leave in Jesus name in my dream, and they slithered away and left the way they came. 3 small venomous and one larger like a black death adder. Then I woke up. Last night in my dream I was pursued by 3 murderers in my dream. In the original snake dream I did not see my husbands face, so it may not have been him, my husband is not yet a christian and has had health issues and has been unemployed for some time, so in the natural the reaction in the dream makes sense. Also finances have been a tight for many years so familiar and monitoring spirits also makes sense. I’ve asked the lord to show me what I have missed and will keep pressing on this till I get a word, I am believing that breakthrough in salvation and finances must be close. Also through my inlaw, neighbours and work there could be enemies gathered as I have been in positions of authority. Thank you for your post, I have printed the prayers and will be using these to.

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      Please help…

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      I have had a dream where i was walking to the parking and just after going down the stairs i saw a blacksnake and it was just lying and doing nothing i have been employed as a housekeeper and i saw the snake in the parking where i work ,i had an ex boyfriend and before i had the dream he had just talked to me and trying to convince me we get back together can you please help interpret the dream ?

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      Hello Winnie,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Could you clarify if “i have been employed as a housekeeper and i saw the snake in the parking where i work” is true in your waking life or just in your dream?


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      I had a dream I was sleeping next to my 1 year old a black snake somehow crawled in the bed and bit my right hand. In my dream I was checking if my son was all right he was not bitten.

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      In my dream, I saw a black snake coming out of nowhere, the mouth was wide open and I saw its fangs too, my hand was in a punching position and half of it was inside its mouth , usually I’m really scare of snakes and I usually wake up feeling terrified when I see snakes in my dreams but this time I felt nothing , I grabbed its neck with my left hand but the snake won’t let go so I punch its head with my right hand since its mouth was still in my hand and I tried killing it . Would really like to understand the meaning as it was really weird since normally I would never dare to grab a snake not kill it even if it’s biting me

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