First Fruit Blessing Prayer – Adar

adar first fruit blessing prayer

This is the First Fruit Blessing Prayer for Adar.

February 22, 2023 – Adar, 5783

March 11, 2024 – Adar, 5784

March 1, 2025 – Adar, 5785

The reason for this is as we talked about before in the What is First Fruits? post, the Jewish Calendar is Lunar.

Adar is known as the month of JOY and LAUGHTER!  It is said “When Adar comes, joy is increased” And isn’t that what happens after you give birth?

(Psalm 30:5) “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”

There is pain in the process but once you give birth, there is Joy!  This month I believe God also wants to restore your Joy.  I believe many of us need this right now.

The biggest celebration in the month of Adar is Purim.  This happens on 14th Adar. This was the month when Haman planned to annihilate the Jews, Mordecai calls the Jews to fast, he told Esther to go before the king to save the Jews.

Without going into all the details of the book of Esther I want to look at the overarching theme that will form the blessing prayer.

1   Preparation.  Vashti was removed in 366 BCE and Esther didn’t become queen until 362 BCE.  Somehow when you read the bible it feels like one thing happened one year and then the other happened the next year.   Stepping into Destiny and Purpose takes time and sometimes longer than we can imagine.

2 Hidden. Her true identity was concealed until it was time.  One would think that since she became the queen that it would have been ok for her to reveal the fact that she was Jewish.  But this was not the case.  Remember we are in a pregnant year (leap year), and babies are concealed until it is time for the big reveal.  God has many beautiful things hidden until it is time to reveal them to you. Don’t begrudge your hiddenness sometimes it is God ordained to keep you safe.

3 Exposure.  Haman casts lots to kill the Jews in 357 BCE.  This means Esther was queen for 5 years already and still no one knew her identity. During this time the enemy was exposed.   The true identity and intentions of everyone involved becomes known at some point.  In an exposure the true identity (heart motives) of people comes to the surface and this allows everyone involved to make the right decisions based on revelation.  Whatever is in darkness must come to light.  The big reveal happens.

4 Remain Calm. The enemy turned out to be the highest-ranking government official…hmmm.  Then he cast lots (pur) to kill the Jews selecting a date of 13th Adar.

Esther 3:8-9 (The Message)

Haman then spoke with King Xerxes: “There is an odd set of people scattered through the provinces of your kingdom who don’t fit in. Their customs and ways are different from those of everybody else. Worse, they disregard the king’s laws. They’re an affront; the king shouldn’t put up with them. If it please the king, let orders be given that they be destroyed. I’ll pay for it myself. I’ll deposit 375 tons of silver in the royal bank to finance the operation.”

In other words, they are not conforming to what I am telling them to do so let’s get rid of them…hmmmm.  Can you imagine he hated them so much that he decided to finance the project himself??

He wanted to kill them within 3 days.  Imagine for a minute that you are just living your life and then you find out that there has been an order issued to kill you and your entire family within a matter of days.  What would you do?  A deadline or an ultimatum that says, if you don’t do it by this date then this will happen to you.  There are some things in life where a red flag should go up for you and one of them is if someone else is trying to rush you into making a decision.  Especially if the decision has lasting consequences.  Watch out for that.  Remain calm, in spite of the deadline and wait for God to answer.  Allow the date to come and go if that is what it takes to hear from God.  You cannot move or operate out of a spirit of fear.

5 Repentance. Imagine this:

Person A:  Please pray for me they are trying to kill me and I did nothing to them.

Person B:  You need to repent.

Person A:  What?  But I did nothing wrong.  I said they are trying to kill me.

Person B:  You still need to repent.  There’s none righteous.  No, not one.  And if you truly want God to hear your prayers and deliver you then you need to repent too.

The secret sauce to breakthrough is repentance.  Psalm 66:18-20, it clears the way for God to hear your prayers and answer. If you think that the problem is your country and not a personal one, the solution is the same.  Repentance.

What if my country won’t repent?  Then, you stand in proxy and repent for themRead Nehemiah 1.  You can repent for the sins of an entire country.

If you could see in the realm of the spirit, imagine that a dark cloud of sin is hanging over that region.  The clouds are the sin.  As you begin to repent for the sins of your nation (calling them out specifically) what happens is the clouds begin to move.  You, by yourself with God (Ezekiel 22:30), can actually create an open heaven so that the angels can come down and answer your prayers.   No repentance, no open heaven.  It is that simple.

Will the heavens remain open forever?  No.  As soon as the people/government move about and start the sinning again the clouds come back. That’s why you choose a time to pray and, in that moment, when you are able to open the heavens over your region through your repentance and you immediately ask God for what you need the angels can get through to answer it.  This is how you do it. <<<<I just gave you a giant gold nugget.

Here’s the thing, the deliverance of the people in the story of Esther didn’t actually start with Esther’s 3 day fast.  No, it started with the Jewish people in all the provinces and towns because they knew about the plot before she even knew about it.

(Esther 4:1-3)

When Mordecai learned of everything that had been done, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and ashes, and went out into the midst of the city and wailed loudly and bitterly. And he came as far as the king’s gate, for no one was to enter the king’s gate clothed in sackcloth. In each and every province where the command and decree of the king came, there was great mourning among the Jews, with fasting, weeping, and mourning rites; and many had sackcloth and ashes spread out as a bed.”

Sackcloth and ashes = repentance.  You notice it said many?  It didn’t say all because I’m sure some of them were saying “but I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I repent?”

By the time the news got to Esther, the people in the different provinces had already started to move that cloud of darkness over the area.  Mordecai was right next to the palace mourning in sackcloth and ashes, so she actually had help in the spirit.  She wasn’t alone in the breakthrough.

Repentance is key for a successful fast.  If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. (1 John 1:8)

7 Fasting.  The Esther fast is 3 days with no food or water.  This is a dry fast.  As you can see from the point before this one the people had already primed the spiritual atmosphere for her.  She called for the Jews in her region, Susa, to join the fast. Now imagine how much more the heavens were opened in this kind of scenario.  The devil didn’t stand a chance!

8. Timing.  I believe most of us would have moved directly into telling the king what the issue was but she didn’t.  Fasting helps brings a sharpness to your spiritual senses and your connection to the Spirit of God, so that you become aware when something is right and when it is wrong.  Esther decided to wait until she felt the timing was right to make her request. Sometimes prophetic words don’t come to fruition because we moved out of the timing of God.

9 The enemy falls into his own pit.  You know even in the natural, there is a different level of punishment for someone who kills someone by accident as opposed to some who plotted to kill someone.  The fact that it is premeditated has a different degree of punishment.  It is the same with God.   The Lord says “vengeance is mine I will repay” that is because He doesn’t want anyone of us sitting around trying to figure out how we can exact punishment upon those who did us wrong.  Any plot or trap of the enemy is one he sets for himself.  There’s a reason Jesus tells us to bless those who curse us and pray for those who persecute us because you never know when you may get delt the same hand you are wishing upon others.  You have to be so careful of your words. Even those you speak over the people you don’t like.  If your enemy wants to curse you, let them! Proverbs 26:2 says that a curse without cause cannot land, instead it goes directly back to the one who uttered it.  Repent. Keep yourself clean “they” shall certainly reap the seeds that they sow.  Leave them to God.  Don’t say a word.  Your vindication comes from God.

10 Patience.  After the plot was stopped you would imagine that they were able to taste this victory immediately right? No.  The annihilation that was planned was canceled immediately but there needed to be an order put in place to keep them safe after that.  Remember the original order was sent out sealed with the king’s signet ring so another order had to be sent out canceling it.  This didn’t happen for 2 months.   The order stated that the Jews could defend themselves against anyone even if it meant killing that person. The actual celebration of Purim didn’t happen until one year later on the same day that they were all supposed to be killed.  You know, many times God can communicate with your spirit saying that something is complete, or your request has been granted, but you may not see the answer manifest right away.  It takes faith and patience to stand even when you don’t see it.

11 Stepping into purpose and destiny.

Esther 4:14 “…And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

It took her years of preparation, and it came down to 3 days of fasting and then that one fateful day when she had to be brave enough to do what God wanted her to do.

That one day when your entire destiny and purpose stares you in the face.

Has God revealed to you what your purpose is? There are many ways in which He gets that message to us Watch this video.

12 Adar is a time when the war ceases and God shows up to deliver His people – miraculously!

Esther 9:22 “…it was a month which was turned for them from grief into joy, and from mourning into a holiday; that they were to make them days of feasting and rejoicing, and sending portions of food to one another, and gifts to the poor.”

13 It is a month of favor because the king extended his scepter to receive Esther.  God shows favor to His people this month.

The Tribe associated with Adar

Please, hold this one very lightly.  I told you last month that the tribes associated with the months are based on the layout of the tribes around the tabernacle.  Look at this image:

You can see that there are 12 tribes and the last of the 12 tribes is Naphtali (in purple).  If you count them you will notice there are actually 13 tribes, the blue areas in the middle is the tribe of Levi.

How in the world did we get 13 tribes when the bible says there are only 12?  LOL   What a mystery!  Believe me, I counted and recounted and reread and was just as puzzled.  Guess what?  The sons of Jacob are the 12 tribes but because of the injustice done to his son Joseph, Jacob actually adopted BOTH of his sons instead of one. So, Manasseh and Ephraim are the sons of Joseph.  Thereby making it 13 tribes and not 12. There is no tribe of Joseph, instead we have the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

It is also the 12th month on the Calendar.  12 is an apostolic number, it is governmental, have you been seeing a lot of 12, 12:12.  It’s the 12 tribes, the 12 apostles/disciples.  This establishes order, it is governing number.  The apostles were the “sent ones” therefore it is a sending number.  Going out.

Since this is the 12th month the tribe associated with Adar is Naphtali.  To understand Naphtali we have to look at 2 blessings spoken over the tribe.  One by Naphtali’s father Jacob:

(Genesis 49:21) “Naphtali is a deer let loose, he uses beautiful words”

You must read this scripture in several different version to get the true essence of it.  The picture here is that he runs about swiftly and shares a good word or beautiful words wherever he goes, and those words bear good fruit.  It reminds me of this Hind’s Feet post but in the midst of the struggle he still speaks of the goodness of God and always has a good word to share with others.  This is a beautiful quality to have.  The name Naphtali actually means to win through wrestling or my wrestling or my struggle. This is for sure the Hind’s feet.  It’s a struggle to get there but you do.  And, notice that even though things came by struggle he still manage to speak beautiful words.

How awesome is that?  In this decade of the Pey, we need to be mindful of the words that we are speaking over ourselves and over others.  And, what about that word that you are speaking over that baby you are about to birth?

Think about Zacharias, John the Baptist’s dad, when the angel had to seal his mouth shut so that he couldn’t speak until John was born (Luke 1:13-20).  Why would that be?  He was speaking doubt and unbelief over the promise.  You have to be careful what you say over your promises.  May they always be good, beautiful words that come out of your mouth so that the fruit that is produced from your lips is good fruit.

The word “let loose” when it says “Naphtali is a deer let loose, he uses beautiful words” means going out.  It is the sending, to be sent out, going out and sharing the good news.  So here we have a reference to the Apostolic again.  The number 12, going out and sharing good words.

Now let’s look at the 2nd blessing given by Moses to Naphtali in Deuteronomy 33:23

“O Naphtali, you are rich in favor
    and full of the Lord’s blessings;
    may you possess the west and the south.”

Yes, and thank you!  I will have some of that!  LOL

In going about speaking good, beautiful words what happens as a result of that is you gain favor with God and with man.  God pours out a blessing because of this godly speech.  The words are resulting in favor upon his life and the favor produces a blessing.  The land that Naphtali inherited was to the North and this is a very fertile land, and they were able to produce a lot from that spot.  They inherited a good piece of land.

First Fruit Blessing Prayer for Adar (pray aloud, declare it in your atmosphere)

Abba Father, thank you for such a rich heritage and the book of Esther where we can see Your Goodness towards Your people.  This month of Adar II, I come to You with a heart that is broken with repentance, not only for my own sins but with the sins of my community and the sins of my country.  Lord, may You hear from heaven and open up the heavens to me so that my prayers may enter in.  So that deliverance may come to my household and my country. Thank you for the years of preparation that You have put me through to get to the place where I am now. Reveal to me the purpose You have for my life for such a time as this.  Bring strength and help from angels so that I may accomplish Your plans in the earth.  Bring divine connections and alignments with other believers because we know that one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand.  I pray for revelation on how to walk through this time and season.  I bind the spirit of fear over myself, my household and my nation and pray for boldness to walk through these dark days. Thank you for hiding me under the shadow of your wings and for keeping me protected and hidden from the enemy.  I pray for exposure of all the evil men and evil nations. Uncover the plot of the enemy against me, my loved ones and my nation.  Bring justice.  Dash the plans of the enemy to pieces may the evil plans come to nothing.  Do the one thing that the enemy never saw coming. Whatever was stolen during these years of deception restore to the rightful owners.  Speak to my heart if I need to fast until I see this breakthrough. I loose power, love and a sound mind over myself, my household and my nation.  A sound mind to remain calm in times of pressure.  Calm to make the right decisions at the right moment not governed by fear.   Lord align me with Your divine timing and bring patience to my soul so that I may wait for Your salvation.  I know after true repentance comes salvation.  Thank you for extending Your scepter of favor towards me and for granting my requests.  Thank you that by the end of this month JOY will break forth in my life and there will be rejoicing because You brought the war to an end.  You cause the swords to stop clashing in the natural.  I pray also that I will govern wisely over the sword in my mouth to stop clashing in the spirit against others.  Use my mouth to bless and not curse and to pray for those who persecute me according to Your word. I pray Lord that this month You will restore Joy and Laughter to my life.  Lift the heaviness from my spirit and restore my smile. Lift me from the pit of depression and bring lightness to my spirit.  Teach me how to cast my burdens and cares upon You this month because You care for me.  Turn my weeping into joy this month. I pray that You will equip me to go out and to go wherever You are sending me this month.  Equip me with wisdom to speak the right things.  May I open my mouth to say beautiful and good words.  May I always bless and not curse what You are doing in my life and in the lives of others.  May the words that I speak concerning what You are birthing, be words that bring forth life and not death. Even in the midst of my wrestling and struggling, may I always have beautiful words to say to others. In so doing, may I find favor with man according to Your word and receive an abundance of blessings from You through them.  Give me a good land as an inheritance one that is rich and fertile and will produce good things.  I bind and cast out the spirit of barrenness from my life and loose productivity.  May I produce and produce and produce and produce good things more than I ever have in any other season. Lord, grant me the grace to never abort this new thing that You are doing in me.  Let me never forfeit the plans and purpose You have for my life.  I pray that the fruit of my spiritual womb would be a blessing to others.  May it be Your will Lord our God, and God of our fathers that You restore to me a good month, in Jesus name, Amen.

If you have children, you can pray for them:

Abba Father, I cancel every word curse I may have spoken over my children carelessly, in the name of Jesus.  Lord may those words come to nothing.  Put a guard on my tongue and may I be mindful that when I speak over my children, I am building up their spirit man and declaring the good and beautiful thing over them.  May you fulfill the plans and purposes you have for their lives, in Jesus name, Amen.

Now that you have prayed, ask God what you need to do to activate word.  There is something you need to do, so go do it.


4 thoughts on “First Fruit Blessing Prayer – Adar”

  1. May his forgiveness abound toward us granting times of refreshing from his presence now and forever. Amen.

  2. Good morning Nicole, I agree with you, indeed you gave me a giant gold nugget, when I pray I sometimes repent for my country, community and my family but I left my prayer at that, but now I know how to effectively pray. Thank you.

  3. When I read this word, I thought about John 16:21-22: woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. 22So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.

    I praise the True and Living God for this season of joy and laughter in spite of what the enemy is trying to do!! Any plans, ideas, and strategies that come against God will fail.
    Thank you for this encouraging word! I will continue to speak good words so that blessings can follow/overtake me!!


  4. I am honoured and bless to be part of missionary prayer group, I have learnt and obtain Godly knowledge and understanding like never before my life. This year the Holy Spirit is taking me through something I never imagined, itvwas possible for me to do it, but the word of God says not by power not by might but in spirit .I give God all the Glory.

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