Prophetic Word – Flash Flood

prophetic word flash flood

This prophetic word for July 2022 is based on 3 dreams that I had in one week that all point to the same message – Flash Flood

Who is this word for?  Everyone

Dream #1

I went to visit a friend of mine and as I was walking up to her house it was drizzling a little, not much just drops here and there.  Once I got into her house and we talked a little I then walked out her back sliding door to her backyard.  The ground in the backyard was soggy.  My feet sloshed around in the wet grass.  Then I went back into her house.  Instead of a sliding glass door she had what appeared to be a shower curtain liner.

For those of you that are not aware this is an internal plastic curtain used in a shower to keep the water in the bathtub or shower from splashing onto the floor outside.  The bottom of the liner had those little black weights or magnets that keep the liner separated so that the plastic doesn’t stick together.  Once I walked back in she went over and positioned the weights on the curtain liner in front of the door area to ensure that the rain water was kept out.  The liner is clear/transparent so that we could see what was happening outside from the inside.

Next to the sliding glass doorway was a desk with a chair.  I got the feeling this was the desk of her husband.

It was still drizzling very lightly outside.  However, within a matter of seconds there was a heavy flooding going

on outside and you could see the currents of the water rushing by outside.  Like a flash flood.  The water was up to the base of the sliding glass door track and I was very afraid that the water would come into the house at any moment.  It was about 1 inch away from coming inside. This was not a pool of water but it had a current to it like we could be swept away.  I actually felt like if the foundation of the house wasn’t stable we would be washed away because that is how strong the currents in the water was. I just stood there watching the water because I was afraid any second it would be in the house.

I said to her “aren’t you scared?  How do you even take a nap in this house?  Do you see how quickly the water rose to the level of the door, if it comes up 1 more inch the house is completely under water”.

She said to me “I’m usually not scare because my husband is usually here, but He’s just not here today, so yes today I am scared”

We then walked over to the front door and I saw her adjusting a picture frame on the wall.  The interesting thing with the picture is that it was covered in the same kind of shower curtain liner thing with the weights at the bottom and she was adjusting the weights to keep the liner in place so it wouldn’t stick together.  Yeah, I know it sounds weird but that’s what it was.


Initially when I got this dream, I called my friend that was in the dream and I told her about it.  I thought it represented things that were happening in her own life.  Normally, then, I would never be sharing this publicly but with the other 2 dreams that follow, I recognize that this was not just about her but about all of us and so it needed to be shared publicly.

The drizzling is all the things that we see around.  Each drop represents a different situation so inflation could be one, health problems another, gas prices another, baby formula shortage another, rolling blackouts another, food processing plants burning down another, unemployment another, homeless crisis another, mental health issue another.

We can see all of these things, they are there.  While not every raindrop will touch you, at some point one of them will.  It is not so much that we can’t handle the one rain drop it is that collectively when they keep coming, they can create a flash flood where things spiral out of control.

You know the saying the straw that broke the camel’s back?  This then is like that one last drop of rain that would send the water in the house.  It just needs one thing to happen, and we are all spinning out of control.  In the end, we will be looking at what’s to blame for this and some will be saying it was because of this…it was because of that…No!  It was all of it combined together that created the flash flood. You can’t drown from one drop of rain, it takes many to make it happen.  Unemployment alone won’t take us down as a nation but when it is combined with all the other things, flash flood.

Her backyard was soggy, I was walking around in it which signifies that I see it and I’m walking in it but I’m fine.  When I get back in the house there’s a shower curtain liner with magnets/weights to keep it in place.  This is a protective barrier that God has put in place to keep the water (troubles of the world) outside and not in our personal space.  It is a liner so that we can see what is happening but it is not affecting us.

God wants to protect you in such a way that you are looking at it all, but you are not affected by it.  It can’t take you down.  Because your Husband is there! It’s like standing outside a shower while someone is in the shower and showering, you can talk to them and see the showering but you’re not getting wet.

Many of us are in this situation right now, we hear about it but we may not necessarily be affected by what is happening.  Unless you are in Ukraine, that raindrop may not be hitting you.

As soon as I get inside she adjusts the curtain which means she knows there are certain steps that needs to be taken to keep that stuff out.  Do you know what to do to keep that stuff out?  I sure hope you do!

There’s a desk and a chair next to the door.  It looks like a writing desk.  This is her Husband’s desk so He’s situated at the door so that He’s actually the one watching over and standing guard to make sure that water is not coming in.  This is not her actual husband, it is Jesus.  And yes, once He is there and present in our lives we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.  However, what is going to happen if He is not there?  She is terrified and so am I!

This goes to show what will happen when Jesus is not present with us as we go through this season.  The fear will become evident.  If we lose sight of Him then we are not going to be able to handle what comes next.  The Flash Flood.

Stay close to the Lord. Seek His Presence.

She had a photo on the wall and it had the same shower curtain liner.  Photos capture moments, God was just saying don’t forget this it is a prophetic picture of what is to come.

After receiving the other 2 dreams, I wondered why God specifically put her in this one if it is actually for all of us and not just her.  Then I felt led to look up her birthdate.  It is July 22nd. End of July.

Dream #2

I see a group of friends, unknown people, out for the evening.  The venue felt like it was a movie theater, a shopping mall, a theatre performance venue, like Broadway.  It just felt like they were all out for the evening entertaining themselves.  They were getting ready to leave the location and there was a child with the group.  The child then goes to the restroom as the group moves to the front of the building and then slowly walk outside.  They are waiting on the child but outside the building standing in the middle of the road.  I guess this says that it must’ve been late at night and there were not many cars passing.

Again, it is drizzling.  A few drops here and there.  They are just hanging out in the road and all of a sudden like someone opens a dam there comes a rushing wall of water from the EAST to the WEST on the opposite side of the road.  Flash Flood, but not a buildup and slow rising water but a wall of water this time.  The group then, obviously in shock, turns towards the theatre building because remember the child is still in the building.  They start moving quickly back inside the building but then a wall of water comes from the WEST to the EAST.  So they are in the middle of the road with one wall of water on one side of the road and another wall on the opposite side of the road.  They couldn’t go to the steps of the building because of the water.

The child is then coming out of the building sees the water and panics.  Now the theater is elevated by at least 6 steps so the child is above the water while the adults are in the street.  Then one of the adults says “run and jump”  So the child runs and jumps over the water and one of the adults catches the child and they all head off running in the middle of the road because they are stuck in between two bodies of water.



Again, like the first one the drizzling we see it happening.  It’s people going about their business by entertaining themselves even though they are aware there’s a looming danger…but we continue.

They go outside and they are separated from the child.  Watch your children.  I’ve said it several times before and God keeps bringing this theme to me, you need to pay attention to the children – mental, spiritual, emotional, physical.  Be aware of what is happening with your kids.

Here comes the water,  East (China, Russia, and other enemies of the East) to West (NATO, UK, EU, US).  We are in the middle.  Are we not?  We didn’t ask for this, but we are stuck in it.  Then the warfare is returned from the West to the East.  This is how it is going to go down folks.  So, the child then has to get reconnected with the family because the child got displaced in the middle of the shuffle.  The good news is that they were reunited.  It happened so quickly. Watch your kids.


Dream #3

I’m dressed up going to church on a Sunday and as I am walking into church again it is drizzling.  Are you seeing the theme?  I walk in and the church is like the older style catholic church.  Some of you may even attend a church like this now, there are wooden pews, then those bars that come down with the red padding for you to kneel in prayer.

I go into the pew and suddenly it is like a train track starts running through the middle of the church.  And do you know when a train is coming and you feel this rattling, things start to shake.  It is a shaking.  And you hear the sound of the train.  Then I could feel the wind of the train going by on the track, super fast speed.

I had to hold on to the pew so that it wouldn’t blow me away.  Everyone in the church was in panic.  It felt like it wouldn’t stop.  You couldn’t see the train but you felt the wind of the train going by.  It was invisible but we felt it.

Suddenly I noticed that all of our clothes were changed, and we are now dressed in black.  And the women had the black lace veil over their faces.  Again like the older church ladies in mourning.  We were on our knees on that red padding praying, I could hear the weeping and the mourning as this wind from the train is going through the church.

Then I started to “hear the hearts” of some of the people in the church.  It was like they were saying “just when I thought we were going back to normal, now this”…”oh my goodness, my promised blessing is not here and now I have to go through this alone AGAIN!!”  and there was this wailing.  I could feel the weariness and this feeling of, “I’m still waiting for what God has promised me and I can’t take any more of this especially after Covid”, “I’m tired… I just can’t do it”.

Then I glanced behind me, because remember now my head is down and I am kneeling and praying.   I see on the pew a flyer.  They put it where each person would be sitting so that we were all to take one.  I reached over picked up the flyer and started to read it.

It basically said it was a notice for a draft…for a war.  They were looking for 200 men to fight.  If you are willing you were to show up at 10:23.

The entire time the train was running through the church, everything was shaking, and there was the sound of women wailing and mourning.


Again, it’s drizzling we see what’s happening in our world and we are still going to “church as usual”.  However, this time the Holy Spirit (the wind) is going to show up and disrupt what we have been doing.  A shaking that will leave us shaking and mourning.  My feeling was that it wasn’t a mourning for death, even though it could be, but more of a wailing and travailing in prayer.

Trains usually signify new apostolic movement. It came swift and changed how we operate in church.  The old church reminds me of the post that I did which is the old church is the new church.  We have to go back to our first love and go back to how the church was initially formed because we are off track.  Even after Covid churches have returned to do that same thing they did before Covid and the truth is we are not the same anymore.  Things have changed.  The world has changed.  I believe this is leaving people feeling like a fish out of water.  We all know we need something else but I think we don’t know how to transition into it.

Whatever is going to happen will help us to transition.  This is what I believe.  We will be forced to transition.

We went back to the women of old, wailing and travailing in prayer.  There is a draft.   I see this as a natural draft for the military as well as a spiritual draft. God is looking for warriors, will you sign up????

200, it seems like everywhere I search up the meaning of this it says this is the number of insufficiency.  It’s not enough.  Then I found 1 Samuel 30 and it mentioned the 200 men and it is the MOST beautiful chapter that reflects the heart of God in this season.  You must read it!! It’s too long to put it in but here it is 

The scripture reflects what the hearts of some of the people were saying…they just can’t do it.  Sigh.  They are tired.

And the Lord is saying whether they fight with you or not, BE KIND.  Share with your brothers and sisters.  Don’t pull yourself off into a corner, you, your 4 and no more and not share with others.  Don’t be selfish in this season.  There are so many people that need your help.  Help them.

We are insufficient in what we are doing for the Lord – in what we offer, in the time we spend with Him, that’s why He’s recruiting for His new church, will you sign up?

****This part is new ****

When David was getting his army together to go to war the bible outlines all the fighting men who joined him in Hebron with their numbers (1 Chronicle 12).  The tribe with the least was Issachar because quite frankly they offered direction to the army.

1 Chronicles 12:32

“Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.”

The truth is even if there are not a lot of people that go to war, as long as you have the ones with an Issachar anointing as part of your team who understand times and season, when to fight, how to fight and where to fight, then you can do a lot with a small amount of people.  Someone with an Issachar anointing will make less mistakes in a battle.  Pray and ask God to give you this anointing.


I also believe it is an actual military draft and they are not going to get enough people volunteering – insufficient.  Sigh.

10:23, this I believe could have several meaning:

(1) the draft will happen around October 23…end of October. Or,

(2) the draft will happen in October 2023.

(3) Spiritual significance lines up with what I was hearing on the people’s heart:

Jeremiah 10:23

I know, Lord, that our lives are not our own.
    We are not able to plan our own course.

I’m sorry we didn’t ask for any of the things that we are about to face, yet we have to face them.  God is very much in charge.

And this beautiful scripture…

Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm,

for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

In their hearts they were just mourning also for the promises that have yet to be fulfilled while having to endure another tough time, and some of you alone.

However, God is saying He’s still going to do what He promised.  You just need to walk through this.  We don’t have a choice people.

Do you remember in the word for 2020 I had said that as soon as the first earthquake ended we all got out in the streets and we were so happy it was over but then I saw in the horizon another war coming?  This is it.  It is here.

And yes, with or without, what God has promised you will need to go through it.  You need to prepare.

What do all these dreams have in common?

We are looking at all the signs around us (drizzling) and some of us even want to ignore them, but you shouldn’t because one day when you least expect it something is going to “kick off” and you need to be READY.,..PREPARED.  You won’t have time to prepare then, it’s just going to happen, like flash flood.  From out of nowhere it will seem like it happened but the truth is the signs are all around you in the drizzling.

How do you prepare?  First, your Husband better be Jesus.  Ensure you are not in an estranged relationship with Him because you need HIM watching the door. (Psalm 127:1-2)

2nd, I’m not saying you can’t go out and enjoy yourself but when it kicks off…let’s say they send one of those emergency broadcasts and it says go inside and lock your door and don’t come out…do you have enough food and water in your house to last at least 1 month???  If at that moment you are thinking of running to the store, I’m sorry you are not prepared.

3rd, For some of you you will need to enter this next thing we are about to face without what God promised but He has made it abundantly clear – HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.  It’s a timing issue.  Try and put your timeline on the back burner and face what is in front of you right now.  The promise is coming you just need to face this first.

Focus…and if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids around you??  Check on them often.  Make sure they are good.

Please watch this video, it is a follow up to what I asked in the email I sent last week.  If you are not subscribed to our YouTube channel, please subscribe and turn on the notification.  There may be times when it will be far easier for me to send out a video to you if I have something to say quickly.  No, I won’t be doing prophetic videos.  I just feel there may situations where I need to get information out quickly instead of waiting until Friday.  Please also share this because people need to be aware of what is happening, especially those in the church as there are so many that are not hearing this in their church.

Interesting thing is in the video I mentioned Joseph storing up for 4 years of famine, when I know it was 7.  Then I’m holding up the 4 fingers referring to the 4 areas of preparation needed.  I’m wondering if God is just giving us the timeline here…4 years!  Let’s see.


23 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Flash Flood”

  1. Strongs concordance H1023 is found in 1Sam15:17.
    The same chapter also mentions 200 men! “Absalom’s Rebellion”, “David Escapes from Jerusalem”

    G1023 is “the arm”, meaning the might, the power of God. Found in Luk1:51 (Deut4:34; Deut5:15; Deut26:8)
    John12:38(CR=Isa 53:1), Acts13:17.

  2. wow,God you are great and awesome.Thank you Father.L work in a company which supplies all eating houses(restaurants) ,hotels and individuals in the catering industry.For the past months its hectic here.Rice,oil,sugar prices and above all these products are hard to find.
    our buyers hunt for these products and mostly pay in advance so stock
    can be delivered.If we were paying 3 million in March,we now pay close to 9 million a month for the stock in our warehouse.What Nicole is say my brothers and sisters in the Lord am witnessing it.Am in South Africa
    and we are not exempt from what is happening around the world.
    Yesterday l put the video on and in the evening, my son came to me and said..
    ‘ Mum l have a message from the God for you”..God asked if l heard what Nicole said on the video …He answered and said no!..”.Mum is the
    one who was listening to the video”.God said all that was said is 100% true.L was told too keep money,stock more washing powder and soap.
    Please lets listen and do what Nicole is saying.God has spoken to warn
    us because He loves us so so much.
    Thank you Servant of God.God keep you and protect you in Jesus name.

  3. In my church, we have never been told to store up food and I thank God who made me part of this family now I can forward the video to other church members and relatives. My husband is preparing a garden to plant vegetables and I have started stocking up on some dried food items. Nicole God bless you more for revealing this revelation to you and sharing it in such a time as this. Inflation is going up every day in my country, food prices are going up every day, and fuel prices are going up every month, it is really a time we need to be right with God and ask him to take more of us and give us more of him to be strong in crisis to come.

  4. Thank you Nicole. I hired land to plant. But I suggested a food bank to my church a few months ago but nothing has been done about it. I will try to do my part. Love you.

  5. Praise God for the video! Thank you so much Nicole. I have been preparing for months now. God truly speaks through signs. News channel 6 is one of the videos you featured in your video. What a confirmation as I live locally and this is the only news station that I listen to in my hometown. I believe that was my confirmation to continue to listen and prepare. I love it when God speaks to me through signs!

  6. MY GOD!!! I thank YOU LORD! I knew I wasn’t crazy. At the beginning of the year (2022) I felt a shift and something happening in the spirit realm again. I had the same feeling/nudging from Holy Spirit in January 2020 before the pandemic hit. I see now why God told me years ago to date and time stamp everything He tells and shows me. . . It is for such a time as this. I kept telling my family and friends to start storing up because something was coming. I said to them God told me a famine then you wrote it Nicole and NOW the evidence. My flesh freaked out but my spirit was calm. Growing up I thought I was crazy but I thank GOD for the remnant . . .the unusual. This is such a relief to know that I heard Him correctly and I am NOT crazy. I also thank GOD that our church and pastor/apostle has been saying the same thing. . .GOD has ONE voice indeed!

    “Obey and Listen. Listen and Obey” . . .even when I don’t fully get the bigger picture, I obey and listen.

    God moved me and my family from New Orleans to GA last year. He showed me which home to purchase and NOW I see WHY!!! I have land with a garden (herbs and vegetables) that was already there when I closed on the home. He said I am the Joseph to my family. He said start the women’s ministry and make my home a place for them to reset, replenish and rebirth (spiritually, mentally, physically and teach them to prepare then pay it forward).

    I thank GOD for your obedience. I thank GOD for my sister friend telling me about Missionaries of Prayer. I stand firm. On the wall. Listening and obeying. Unmoved. No fear. Following instructions.

  7. Nicole. To the food and essentials like water and hygiene, I would add bibles, Christian literature and DVDs. If you open your home to help others, there will be a need for discipleship.

  8. This year the prison where our team gives a Kairos retreat told us that Sept.23 was the only weekend open, instead of our usual end of Oct. dates. I knew immediately in my spirit that it was God’s timing because something was going to happen later that would have prevented us going into the prison. Your message confirms this!

  9. I am glad you are led to do video messages, Nicole. It’s a great way (now) to put out messages of warning, encouragement, as well teachings for this time. One of the things I’ve started praying about is what I will be doing during the Millennium. We’re all going to be there, right? Helping out with the government of Jesus. I also believe the skills and giftings we received in this life are part of our preparation for that time. Train now; cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Saints, don’t get too hung up on what you think you lost out because circumstances interfered with your “blessings.” The Lord is in control. Eternity means forever, way beyond this life. You are being prepared for a life of eternity with the Lord and it does not involve floating on clouds while play harps. What is coming is nothing boring. The really big Holy Spirit outpouring – massive and global – is coming! We will need it, to help with the End Times harvest. Keep your eye on the prize – Jesus Christ. I’m so glad He’s our husband. Blessings to all.

    1. If you walk into your supermarket tomorrow and there is no rice on the shelves, do you think it’s just for me? If India, who supplies 30% of the rice to the world, bans the export of rice tomorrow this will be a problem for many countries, not just me. I eat rice maybe once every 10 days so the only part of that I felt could be for me is that there won’t be any vegetables and so I need the rice as a backup. Also, they didn’t have 7 bags of rice in one warehouse they had to send it from 4 different warehouses and I think that is very telling. This was also the cheapest rice so there is a possibility the more expensive ones will always be there, but what are the poor people going to do? There was plenty of the expensive salt, but the value brand was nowhere to be found. What are the poor people going to do? If I didn’t go through this experience with the Lord, I probably would still be buying my Jasmine rice and Pink Himalayan Sea salt standing right next to the person that would have no rice and no salt because all they can afford is the store brand and there’s none there for them.

      1. I’m sorry I meant when you said that you told the angel to go and later on the Lord told you more rice. I was wondering if the Lord would have you distribute some of the rice to others.
        But I will listen to the YouTube video

        1. For sure! You are correct. And that’s what He already showed me for some of what I have here, but it doesn’t help the whole world and that’s why the word has to get out.

  10. O wow. I have done research on the meaning of the number 4 on 7 July. I turned 44 on 30 June and felt prompted by the Holy Spirit that I need to understand the biblical and prophetic meaning of the number 4 – it relates to the creative ability of God. On the 4th day God created the stars, moon and sun – light to the world. It marks the seasons, used to identify different celebrations and feasts in the Bible. 4 Important elements were created: earth, air, fire, water. 4 cardinal points on earth: East, West, South, North (Rev.21:13). Witnesses are 4 in number: Holy Spirit, miracles, signs & wonders. (Hebrews). I also prayed a prayer for God create and establish what He wants to create and establish in my life, the church, and the world. That we will be witnesses and praise Him us our Creator. I am still processing and researching for more revelation and wisdom. I honour you for your obedience.

  11. Last comment. Re: Things to Come for 2022 video is blowing my mind… 4-fold preparation: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional. God has been deconstructing and reconstructing in these four sections of my life right after our beginning of the year fast, in preparation for what is happening now (and will happen afterward). Confirming your word.

  12. Hello, I am still watching the video, but because part of the words i just read still linger, i had to pause and answer your question, and share a few things:
    – You asked, in the past, what are we doing to prepare… My answer: I am getting clear directions from the Lord in this season (summer), and following them.
    On June 29, He asked me to start fasting the next day. He had me doing it for 7 days, from June 30 to July 6. I had chills when i read your Tammuz First Fruits Blessing Prayer post and realized that He had me start the fast on the first day of Tammuz. I don’t know if this will speak to someone, but i felt called to share it. I have a feeling that other readers might have observed God move or received a message or confirmation on June 30, too…
    – BE KIND (you wrote). This strongly speaks to me in regards to lack of patience with each other, and a spirit of judgement toward other believers that is not from the Lord. I see it in the Body of Christ, with some brethren losing patience with others and deciding to leave them behind or looking down on them because they question their maturity or the authenticity of their walk with the Lord, or they get tired of them, or other reasons. I am asking God wisdom, guidance and discernment, because there are some people (mostly unbelievers) i know He is asking me to stay away from for various reasons, the biggest of which being to not be distracted because He wants my fully attention on the preparations that are underway, on the tasks He has called me to perform right now. But there is also an ongoing, very real spiritual warfare at the moment, and like you i hear His call to help others. The needed balance i observe is “discerning” the needs around us, and the response He is calling us to offer.
    – On July 3 i wrote to a friend, who is a workaholic for the Kingdom but found himself forced to bed due to an illness (i knew this was giving him a hard time because he is very self-disciplined and efficient in his work, meets his deadlines, etc., so the time spent not attending to his ministry and serving, i knew it was hard for him to endure): “Rest up is what I heard. There is a bigger battle looming, and He needs you to be recuperating right now.” I knew this was a prophetic word, but initially thought it was meant just for him. Now i think it is actually for anyone who needs to read this (and you shared that word before, too). The date on this word (July 3) confirms what you shared today about the global challenges ahead, the looming battle(s).

    Last but not least, this is a praise report. You wrote in the Tammuz post:
    “YOU’RE GETTING YOUR TIME BACK!  God is giving back what was put on pause, delayed. What is this going to look like? (…) Things that have been held up for decades will suddenly be released on a governmental level, statewide, citywide, families and even individuals.  Things will just start getting approved. Approved.  Approved.  Approved. Where you once had closed doors they will be opened.  Opened.  Opened. Opened.”
    It has started to happen in my life. Father, i thank You for Your patience toward me, and for being the author of my faith, of our faith. I give You all the glory! You know how some stories in the Bible stress on the repetition of doing something we are called to (and our efforts are without initial success)? Like the sick Syrian general in the Bible (2 Kings 5:1-17), named Naaman, who was asked to wash “7 times” in the Jordan? You remember this verse in Galatians 6:9: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Well, when i read your text, i knew God was asking me to throw my net (again), but this time on the other side of the boat (John 21:3-6), even though i was tired because it felt like i had been fishing all night (just as i knew i was called to), been trying for a long time, without success. God said, “do it again.” I did. And now He is opening doors on things that were paused or delayed for a long time, and i know He wants to do it for the person reading this, too… Testimony To Be Continued. God is faithful. Do not be discouraged. Do not give up on His Word, and on His promises.

  13. I too have been purchasing in quantities and storing food. I have 30lbs of rice in my freezer :). I heard about the destruction of food plants and the other events going on in the world. We are planing on drying nutrient rich vegetables to add to the rice, bean and lentils that we have stored. Thank you for bringing up organizing. I am going to take an inventory of my food stock and make sure I fill any holes. Adding ducks to our pets has come up a lot so I am praying about that. Our garden is coming along slowly but surely. It is so wonderful to hear how different God speaks to each of us. I enjoy reading the comments and knowing that we each have a unique relationship with God.

  14. Wow. God speaks to me through numbers, started a while back. (After I prayed on this website the prayer for God to speak in numbers) & indeed He did. I’ve been seeing 23 on the clock for a year now. I’ve seen 10:23 everyday for about a year now. I just keep seeing 23. He spoken to me , many other ways using 23 as well. I also figured October 23rd as well , or 2023 being a significant year, God bless you! Let’s all stay prayed up, & near to Jesus

    1. Ronae the 23 can be representative of the time… we are in the final hours of a major shaking: Heb 12:25-29…25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: 26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. 27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: 29 For our God is a consuming fire. 1 Peter 4:17-18 17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? Ezekiel 9 is also pertinent for the time we are in x

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