Prophetic Word – Mary and Martha, Peter and John

This prophetic word is titled Mary and Martha, Peter and John.  I believe we need to know the different personality types or postures in this season as God may be asking us to switch some things.

There are 2 things in this post.  The first part is a prophetic word that points to a changing season that will require a change in you and the other is a very practical/physical preparation video that is related to nuclear bombs.

Who is this word for?  The written word in this post is for everyone.  The video is for people who live in or around a major city or live within 100 miles of a nuclear power plant (Google it if you don’t know).

I believe we all know the story of Mary and Martha. Well, there are 2 stories so I want to look at both of them so that you can see the personality types.

Luke 10:38-42 NLT

38 As Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem, they came to a certain village where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. 39 Her sister, Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what he taught. 40 But Martha was distracted by the big dinner she was preparing. She came to Jesus and said, “Lord, doesn’t it seem unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work? Tell her to come and help me.”

41 But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! 42 There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

We see that it was Martha who welcomed Jesus into the home (she has the gift of hospitality) and since she was the host she took on the job of the host in preparing the meal so that they would have something to eat and drink while Jesus was there.  Is this a bad thing?  No.  But she was upset because she felt like she was left doing all the work and her sister, was just hanging out with Jesus.  Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus.  When Martha complained to Jesus, He told her that Mary has discovered the best thing to do in that situation.

Martha – the person who likes to serve and get things done, physical things, in the natural (extroverted).

Mary  – the one who likes to sit and soak in the presence of Jesus, the spiritual things (introverted).

I want you to know that Martha didn’t do anything wrong, the problem was that she failed to see that in that moment she needed to respond as Mary does.  Why?  Because Jesus was there.

I’m pretty sure after the worship session ended, they probably all sat down to eat a meal which Martha prepared.

I think sometimes people fail to see that God requires a different response from us in different seasons and depending on whether or not He’s in the room.  Now we know the scripture says that “He never leaves us nor does He forsake us” (Deuteronomy 31:6) but there is also something called the manifested presence of God.  What you need to know is that when you are in a room, and you sense the manifested presence of God you should have only one response – sit quiet and worship because Jesus is there.

There’s this minister who walks around and lays hands on everyone praying for them.  I went to one of their conferences and this time I saw in the realm of the spirit Jesus walk into the room and Jesus Himself walked through the auditorium laying hands on people.  The minister did not lay hands on people.  Why?  He didn’t need to because Jesus was there.  I was very happy to see that this minister discerned that it wasn’t necessary to do that.  When Jesus is there you don’t need to do spiritual warfare, His presence alone will make the demons flee.

Matthew 9:14-15

14 One day the disciples of John the Baptist came to Jesus and asked him, “Why don’t your disciples fast like we do and the Pharisees do?”

15 Jesus replied, “Do wedding guests mourn while celebrating with the groom? Of course not. But someday the groom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast.

Here is another example of the same thing.  Sometimes we can take fasting and turn it very “religious”. When Jesus is present it is “ask whatever you will and it shall be done unto you” you don’t need to fast!  When the Bridegroom is there, you just need to ask.  It is when He is not there that you need to fast!

I fast when I am not hearing or seeing clearly, if God is there and I am clear on the direction, I don’t fast.  I know for some people this is bothersome because most think they should be on some kind of fasting schedule but the truth is what you need to do is practice how to get into the presence of God.

Notice that the scripture says that the person asking the question was a disciple with John the Baptist.  We know that John was following the Lord; however, it is not the presence of John the Baptist that brings clarity but the presence of Jesus Himself.  Likewise, listening to many prophetic messages and going to church every Sunday being in the presence of your pastor is not the same as being in the presence of Jesus.  These are there to help you, but you still need Jesus to show up in your life without the interference of another human being. The breakthrough comes from HIM directly and not the middleman.

Let’s look at how differently things look when Jesus is not there.  You can read the entire John 11 here.

It is the story of Mary and Martha again and their brother Lazarus.  We see that Lazarus dies because Jesus was not there.  The sisters sent a message to Jesus to ask Him to come and He on purpose waited for a few days until Lazarus died.

We see that Mary, stayed at home mourning.  Because this is her personality.  She pulls inward.

Martha on the other hand heard that Jesus was about 2 miles out of town and she takes off to go find Him.  That’s her personality.  She knows where Jesus is and she goes to get Him.  Because Jesus is NOT there.  She goes out and meets with Jesus then heads back home to tell Mary that Jesus is 2 miles away and they both went out to meet Him.  Do you realize that if she didn’t tell Mary that Jesus was 2 miles away Mary wouldn’t know that?

Mary, is in a bubble.  She sees Jesus when Jesus is in her immediate environment.  She’s paying no attention to what is happening outside her own environmental bubble.

Martha, is very much aware of what is happening around and she goes out and gets it done.

They are both correct and I believe should represent different parts of who we are and how we should conduct ourselves in different seasons.  We see it in marriages where one person is one way and the other is completely different.  We see the same things in friendships.  While these two people are different they have areas that overlap each other and other areas that are uniquely them.

There is no right and wrong.  There’s only knowing when to tap into your Mary and when to tap into your Martha!

You cannot just remain in the same posture all the time.  Well, I guess you could but let me tell you there will be a season when you will become extremely agitated, frustrated and wondering why things are not moving forward because you’re stuck when God is asking you to tap into something else.

Mary you need to be more like Martha.

Martha you need to be more like Mary.

Will you know when it is time to switch roles?  Usually in ministry people get irritated when others are not exactly like them.  But God doesn’t intend for us to all be the same.

We live in two realms, the spiritual and the natural.  We are spirit beings in a body of flesh that lives in the natural realm.  That means to tap into the things of God we need to operate from our spiritual side (Mary) but since we are now in this natural realm at some point we have to take what is happening in the spirit and bring it into the natural (Martha).  You have to be both.  We are wired by God to be more one side than the other but it is important to know when we have to tap into the other.

When I give you a prophetic word it is a picture of what is happening in the spiritual realm.  At some point that word has to get into the natural realm, otherwise the word is not true!  If you never saw any of the prophetic words happening you wouldn’t keep coming back to read them.  All of us want MANIFESTATION!!!  It has to happen at some point or it is just your imagination.

God is a God of manifestation!  He wants you to see what you have been praying for.

Quite frankly it doesn’t take you that long to realize something is just your imagination, especially if there is zero manifestation.

If we continue to be the Mary, pray and pray and praying and worshipping and worshipping and worshipping but we never get up off our knees and do something, guess what?  Some things will manifest while others won’t.  We can’t just live in the realm of the spirit.  At some point we have to see a natural manifestation of a spiritual reality.  On earth as it is in heaven.

Mary, no more praying.  Get up off your knees and go.

If you are praying for finances to pay your electric bill and God sends that money, don’t you know you still have to follow that up with the physical action of logging into a website and paying the bill?  You still have to write the check and mail it!  Otherwise, you can have money in your account and the electricity still got disconnected.  God has delivered so much to many of you and you can’t enjoy the manifestation because you have yet to do what you need to do in the natural.

Try a different posture.

There are many Marthas in the church.  There’s a lot of busy work happening.  Check lists and activities and a lot of ministry work.  However, there’s still that excessive busyness which tends to lead to a place of feeling overwhelmed.  Worse yet you’ve tried everything that you know you need to do and nothing is working.  Well, it is time for you to step back from all the doing and sit at the feet of Jesus.

And, I know for the Martha this is a very difficult thing to do because you’re thinking “if I don’t do it, no one is going to do it”. While this may be true, you are going to end up getting more done if you would just take a step back and go spend some good quality time at the feet of Jesus.  Get into your quiet place, push the activities to the side and just rest and refuel in the presence of the Lord.  Instead of complaining that Mary is not helping perhaps you need to ask the Lord if you really should be doing that much.  And, also take the time to find out what are His priorities.

What you need to do is stop.  Get on your knees and become more like Mary.

I see it as a circle you start with the realm of the spirit (Mary) then once you get the instructions and the download you switch into the natural realm (Martha) then you follow through with those instructions and then you go back to being Mary, then into Martha again, then back to Mary.

Even more so if you are single person you have to learn how to do this really well.  Otherwise, you are going to experience seasons of stuckness!  This is just a sign of God telling you it is time to switch.

You know we see the same with Peter and John.  I see John as Mary and I believe left up to John the church would start with the original 3,000 who got converted after they spoke in tongues at Pentecost (Acts 2) and then years later they would probably still have the same 3,000.  One church full of saved people!  All sitting at the feet of Jesus.  A church full of Marys. And, they would be oblivious to the fact that Jesus said “Go and make disciples of men” (Matthew 28:18-30).

John, the disciple that Jesus entrusted to watch over His mother, this means that he’s very tenderhearted, loving, faithful, trustworthy and reliable (John 19:26-27).  He was the only one that was with Jesus at the crucifixion (John 19), he was the one who outran Peter to be the first at the tomb of Jesus (John 20:3-4).  He wanted nothing else but to be in the presence of Jesus.  This is who he is, a Mary.

But then we see Peter. Remember it was Jesus who said to Peter “upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18) I know some say it is the Catholic church, others say it is the truth of who Jesus is.  Here’s another way to look at it, perhaps it was the personality style that led to the building of the church.  It was Peter who was the mover and the shaker that helped to grow the church.  This is who he is, a Martha.

It was John (John 21) that first recognized that it was Jesus who was walking on the water.  Even so, immediately following that it was Peter who was given the instructions by Jesus “feed my sheep, tend to the lambs” meaning take care of my church – spiritual and physical needs.  These are not “sit at my feet” instructions.  No, this is the GO.  Go do it!

Jesus allowed both John and Peter to be with Him during the transfiguration, but they have different roles. They are not the same.

The point is…we need Mary aka John and we need Martha aka Peter.  This is how we grow and all of us lean more in one direction than the other.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  What you need to know is there are times and seasons when, you need to lean on the other side more because that may be what you need to do to see change and progress in your life, business, church, ministry.

It is going to feel very uncomfortable for you because this goes against your normal make up, but that is OK, you can go right back to being who you are once you get through this season.  We are in a period of time now when you need to move forward in what God has shown you and there’s a possibility that God is asking you to switch roles in order to make the process move forward…

Between July 16 – August 6th is a period of time on the Hebraic Calendar called “between the straits” This is the 17th Tammuz going into the 9th of Av.  The picture of the strait is like a ship going through a narrow canal.

Remember when the Ever Given container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and stopped traffic for many days?

There was enough water in the canal for the ship to move but because of user error (the captain or the pilot) the wrong decisions were made that caused the ship to be stuck.  They’ve never admitted this but given that they had to pay $900 Million in damages prove they made a mistake.  There was plenty of water (water of the Spirit) means Mary was doing her job but when she needed to switch to Martha, time to get the job done, that was not executed properly.  It caused delays, not only for the ship but all the other ships that were waiting as well.  Sometimes I think we don’t realize that our lack of action creates delays for others in their destiny as well.  We’re not just messing up our own lives we are messing with the lives of others as well. They did eventually move the ship but not before damaging the canal wall, damaging the ship and setting off a global delay in supplies for everyone else, and the owner had to pay damages, it cost them!  There was something lost because they didn’t do what was required when the ship was going through the straits. Plenty of Mary, not enough Martha.

This past March another ship got stuck.  Get this, it was the sister ship to the Ever Given called the Ever Green.  Sisters! LOL

How did this one get loose?  More water!!!!  They needed it to be high tide and a full moon in order to move the ship!  Fortunately, there was no damages on this one and they got it unstuck within a month. Plenty of Martha, not enough Mary. She lacked the water of the Spirit. Read the story here.

Both stuck, for different reasons!

We are in the dire straits right now.  A very narrow period of time when you need to get from point A to point B.  There’s no turning to the left or to the right. There’s only straight forward.  The narrow path.  You can’t back up!

It’s like a woman that has carried a baby for 9 months and now the baby is in the birth canal.  There’s only one thing to do.  Push.

That child isn’t going to back up, it can only come out or it is going to die.  I’m going to repeat that when you are giving birth and the child gets to the point where it has to come out, it will die if you don’t take the necessary steps to get the child out.  This is in the natural or in the spiritual realm. Babies that are way overdue, something can get lost because of the delays or we go through that very uncomfortable feeling of going around the mountain yet again when the truth is God gave that thing a long time ago but we refused to take the necessary steps to access it.

I know when I say this the people who are the Marys will immediately say “we need to pray and sit at the feet of Jesus”…wrong answer.  You’ve done enough praying and you already have all the confirmations you’ll be getting it is time for you to move.  Put some action to your prayer life.

The ones who are the Marthas will say “what shall we do? What do I need to do?”…wrong answer.  You need to sit still in the presence of the Lord and don’t do one more thing until you get a clear answer from God.  Yes, I know you have deadlines but the more you try to figure this out for yourself is the more time you are wasting.  Wait on the Lord by…waiting on the Lord.  Sit in the secret place until God speaks to your heart.

Here this with your spirit….You need to do something different.  Switch roles.  Do not be surprised if that baby comes flying out because you did something you wouldn’t normally do!  Only you know how you normally lean, so I am saying you need to move in the opposite of what you would normally do.  The enemy is expecting you to do, what you normally do.  Do the opposite.

This part of the message is not for everyone. This video is not a prophetic word but speaks to people who live in or around a major city or within a 100 mile radius of a nuclear power plant.  Are you subscribed to our YouTube channel?  You can go here to the channel page and click subscribe


7 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Mary and Martha, Peter and John”

  1. Excellent Word! I have been speaking this for years only to be told everyone is different & I am being judgmental.

  2. Ok so WOAH. The bit about the straights..!!
    A year ago right around the time of my birthday (July 18) God told me that Satan had asked to take me through a season of sifting and God said He was going to allow it. That same night I was rushed to the hospital for an unexpected – medical emergency that nearly killed me. Little did I know that would be one of three assassination attempts the devil would have against my life throughout the year – the most physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally challenging year of my life. I honestly felt like I was holding on with bloody knuckles all year long. The first attempt was an ectopic pregnancy I came so close to death and it was so severe medical professionals did not know if I would be able to carry anymore children – but God told me straight away that I would soon get pregnant (I am now 37 weeks!) and that between the time of my birthday (July 18) and the birth of the child (Mid August is my due date) that I would have come full circle in my intense season of sifting and would be passing through into a time of breakthrough ministerially, in business and in family relationships. Many times throughout the year I felt so wrung out and like hope would never visit me again – but I always chose to believe Gods promise and his timeline of mid July to mid August (which I am always very careful to pin a date on God unless He makes it 100% clear to me). This year again I spent my birthday in the hospital with another surprise medical emergency and honestly could not take another blow, the next morning God woke me with the gift of intense joy and spoke clearly that the season of sifting had come full circle and was completed – THAT I WAS ENTERING INTO A PASSAGEWAY OF BREAKTHROUGH. I am so stunned because I had no idea that lined up with the Hebraic calendar – literal tears right now. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Thank you so much for your obedience and faithfulness to our Lord. I live near a nuclear plant (Ontario, Canada) and received the KI tablets several times over the years. I will ensure they are accessible and part of a my preparation. Thank you

  4. Yesterday I received a prophetic word of this is my “go do now” season. I’m going to get up and put on my Martha apron and get to work! 😂

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