Prophetic Word – Blue Wave

Prophetic Word - Blue Wave

This Prophetic Word is titled Blue Wave.  Yes!  More waves and it is actually a continuation of the one on Gold Wave.  These were not given at the same time but there was a clue in this one that says they are connected.

Who is this word for?  Everyone.  There is a part of this that will feel like it is way above your head.  And that is OK even if that part isn’t for you there is still a role for you to play in it.  Of course, when I say everyone I am speaking of those who are Christians.  To find out more about how to be saved or becoming a Christian, click here.

Again, much like in the Gold Wave encounter and visions, we are standing on what looks like a seawall dressed in our white robes and this time a wave is coming but the wave is now running parallel to where we are standing or the shoreline. It is not coming towards us it is parallel to where we are standing so that it is actually still in the water. It is a Blue Wave.

As the wave comes around when it gets to where we are since it is running parallel to the shore it somehow starts going up into the air and it forms this staircase going higher into heaven. Groups or stairs going upwards.

It is still the color of the ocean, and this is why I am calling it a blue wave. I guess it could be aquamarine, because it is just the color of the sea.

So now we are looking at a staircase going up into heaven made out of the waves/ocean.

It’s transparent and I can see through the stairs.  The Lord goes ahead of us and He starts walking up these stairs.

It is like a higher place in the heavenlies.

Then this thought comes to me

This is a wave of revelation that will bring elevation across all sectors of society.

Blue in this context is the color of revelation.  As He is going up the stairs each of you, dressed in white robes start following behind Him up the stairs.

As you are all walking up the stairs, I can see your feet and they are covered in gold.  This is how I know this is a continuation of the Gold Wave prophetic word.  All of our feet were now gold so I knew that we had all arrived at the same point with gold hands and gold feet.

I’m still standing on the seawall and looking up watching everyone go up the stairs with Jesus to this higher place.

You all went up and I can see you all taking a seat.  Almost like you are in church or a classroom type setting and Jesus is behind this pulpit.  His clothing has been transformed.  It seems that as soon as He got to the landing of that “upper room”, He’s still wearing His white robe but this time He has a shawl/scarf around His neck in crimson/deep red.  This scarf was there once He got up there and took the role of Rabbi/Priest.  It is a much deeper red than this picture, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how He was dressed.  I believe this was significant.  What does this mean to you?  Write it in the comments below.  It signified to me that there was a change in His role. A change to what?  I am not quite sure yet. Your garments in vision/dream language usually signify your role. Your calling.

You have to imagine that I am still on the seawall, and I am looking up and seeing through the floor looking at everyone seated and Jesus standing behind what looks like a pulpit.

As I am still standing on the seawall I see another wave coming in.  This one is coming straight towards me, it is no longer parallel.

The wave looks black, or perhaps it was so dark blue that it looked black

The Black Wave.  In my mind I was thinking, what is this?  Oil?

Then I heard the Lord say…

“New Discoveries”

Then I thought to myself “oh it must be new oil reserves or something”.  Then the Lord says “no, it’s not oil” Then He says it again “New Discoveries”.

When this black wave hits the shore and breaks, it left behind all these gemstones on the beach.  You know, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gemstones, gold bars and gold coins.  There was just more and more of them being washed ashore.

Then the Lord says again “New Discoveries, Record Breaking Wealth

Of course, my mind was blown and I’m think record breaking wealth?  Phew!  That means wealth that no one has ever heard of or seen before.  How else do you break a record? So now I am thinking trillionaires, that would break records!

So then I said to the Lord, how many people are You giving this to?  Then He says

A few of them.  I will give them record breaking wealth so that the world will take notice.  This will give them the platform to speak about ME freely.  That is why I am giving them this wealth.  When you see them, pray for them.  A new wave for new discoveries in science, medicine and technology.  This new wave of discoveries will make everything else seem old and obsolete.”

 The world needs to hear about Jesus and it has to come from the biggest world stage.

Breaking this down:

1.  There are people who will be given record breaking wealth.  That is wealth we’ve never heard of before.  Think the Queen of Sheba hearing about King Solomon and going to seek him out because of his wealth and wisdom.  Everyone will know them, and they will be sought after. (1 Kings 10:1-12)

2. They will have new discoveries that will make everything else seem old.  Therefore, everyone is going to want what they have.  It’s like they are not going out to find this, it will just come to them.  I say this because of the manner in which the gemstones appeared. Washed up on shore by this dark wave.  Treasures hidden in darkness.  It’s THERE but no one knows about it.  God has this and He’s going to lead a few people to find this.

Isaiah 45:3

And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness, secret riches; and you will know that I am doing this—I, the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by your name.

3. What is the purpose of this record breaking wealth?  So that they will speak about HIM freely.  I’ve heard it said and this is true….money gives you a seat at the table.  It gives you a voice.  People will listen to you just because you are rich.  Absolutely no other reason.  Why are people looking at or listening to Elon Musk?  Bill Gates.  Jeff Besos.  Warren Buffet?  You have to know that people listen and watch them because of their wealth.  There’s no other reason for it.  So the wealth is being given to these few (many are called but few are chosen) so that people will listen to them. They will be able to speak freely about Jesus.  They will have so much money that no one will be able to shut them up!  Therefore, they can say whatever they want to say.  The Lord is giving them this record breaking wealth on purpose so that they can tell people about Him.

4. This wealth will afford them the platform of the world stage, a seat at the table.  This is why it is a wave of revelation that brings elevation across all sectors of society.  Therefore, this word is not about wealth in the church.  No.   This is wealth that the common man will have to acknowledge because it is going to come from the business world – Science, Medicine and Technology.  New Discoveries hidden for a few to find that will be beneficial to the world.  What they discover will solve problems and people will listen as a result of it. They will discover something that will make everything else look obsolete and then they will be able to open their mouth and speak about Jesus and NO ONE is going to tell them to shut up.  The world will have to listen.  Record breaking wealth can also be more than just money.  You can have wealth of knowledge.  Not necessarily the richest person but someone who discovered something that helped the world. Knowing how to do something that others don’t, and people will have to go to them to get the information.

5.  If this seems so far above your head, this is where you come into play. When you see them, pray for them.  One of the most significant thing that happened to the church was the movie The Passion of the Christ. This was huge.  It was a worldwide success and it brought many people to Christ.  It was EPIC. What we needed to do as a church was to cover Mel Gibson in prayer because God used him so powerfully to speak to the world through that movie.  But we didn’t cover him, did we? No.  He was literally destroyed after that movie because the devil went after him because of it.  We failed him as a church.  Is he a perfect human being?  No.  And, it doesn’t matter that he is Catholic and you may not be Catholic.  What matters is that he produced a masterpiece that added to the Kingdom of God and the body of believers.  THAT is what we should’ve seen and discerned that he needed to be covered by US, all of us, in prayer.  Think about all the scandals that came out after that.  The world was perfectly fine with him in as an action hero in so many action movies, Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, The Patriot, Braveheart, but the minute he brought souls to Christ through a movie, that was the end for him. Pay attention.  He’s been Catholic for years but the minute he points the spotlight on Jesus publicly?  Here we go!

You may not be one of the few who will get the record breaking wealth, however, when you see them the Lord says to tell you Pray for them.  You won’t be confused either because it will be very clear who they are because their message will be Jesus is Lord. And, people are going to come to know the Lord because of them.

Our responsibility is to cover them in prayer and not join in on the gossip, the mockers and the scoffers as the enemy is most certainly going to go after them.  The minute they bring up JESUS, everything will change for them, so you need to pay attention.  Be alert and PRAY FOR THEM.

After getting all of this while standing on the seawall watching the black wave come in and out with more and more gemstones.

I am now upstairs with everyone else sitting in this room with Jesus in front teaching us.  He is teaching about COMMUNION.  Taking Communion.

He said “Take communion regularly

When He said this I thought to myself, what does regularly mean?  LOL I wanted to make sure I knew for myself what that looked like in my personal life.  Is it once per week?  Once per day?  What does regularly mean? Then, because He knows what I am thinking, it was like I saw it typed out in the midair the word


Yes, and it was double underlined!  So, you need to pray and ask God what taking communion regularly means to you.  I cannot answer that for you, you need to find ask Him for yourself.  I know some churches take communion once per month, some do once per quarter.

You need to read 1 Corinthians 11:20-33 in as many different versions of the bible as possible until you get the full meaning of that scripture.

Every single time you take communion there is a deposit that is being made and the Lord Himself is imparting revelation upon you on something you do not know.

There is an impartation taking place every time you take communion.

At that moment I thought to myself, I need to take it now.  So I take out my communion elements and I start taking my communion and reflecting on what Christ dying for us means.

I closed my eyes as I was taking the communion, I’m going to attempt to explain to you what happened to me…

It was like when I took the bread, I saw it going down inside of me.  It was like I could see inside myself.  Then when I drank the juice, it was like I could see His blood going down inside of me.  I saw both of them enter my mouth and go down my throat into intestines until it went to my stomach. At that very moment, HIS PRESENCE came over me so strongly.  It was almost like electricity went from the top of my head and began to slowly go down my entire body to my feet.

I felt like I was completely taken over by HIM.  We were ONE.  There was a oneness there that I have never experienced before from taking communion, but I have by doing other things.

This time it was very different.  And I’m not sure if this happened because I was aware that an impartation was about to happen in this moment.

By taking communion it was like Jesus Himself was on the inside of me.  Not the Holy Spirit.  Jesus.

I felt by all of us taking communion with Him in this room, Jesus was making a deposit within us of Himself.  He was imparting Himself to us.

I do not know how else to explain it.  What I do know is that I was left with these thoughts…

  1.  We are sleeping on communion.  Meaning, WE have no idea the power, and revelation and glory of the Lord that exists from taking communion.
  2. We lack true revelation on communion.  What is it and what does it mean??
  3. We just don’t get it!!!
  4. How can we ever say we don’t know how to get into the Presence of God when we have communion?  You’re basically inviting His presence through communion.
  5. We are so stupid when we take it flippantly.  As a result, we are MISSING the impartation that is happening when we do it CORRECTLY in reverential fear and awe of the LORD.
  6. He gave us EVERYTHING when He told us to take it every time we come together.  But, we still don’t get it.
  7. We have allowed religious practices and denominations to interpret and put parameters around what it is and what it means, who should administer it, etc.  I think the Lord is calling each of us INDIVIDUALLY to ask Him to explain it to us directly from Him and not the man-made rules.
  8. This was so important that after putting the gold on our hands and feet, double anointings, He had to take us to a higher place to reveal this one truth to us Take Communion Regularly.  That. Is. How. Important. This. Is. It was the only thing He taught us from that place.  He took us to a higher place to reveal this.  Which clearly says there is a higher revelation on it and we still don’t get it.
  9. I believe the more we take communion it will be like peeling back the layers of an onion and we will start to understand more and more about what it means.  This is not a one-time deal. The more you do it is the more you will begin to UNPACK what it means.
  10. Individual revelation.  Even though we take it together as the body of Christ, it is a very individual thing, isn’t it?  It is a one-on-one event. He can tell you something in communion that He won’t tell someone else. Because it becomes individual revelation based on our callings.
  11. Was it also not in the upper room that He did this with His disciples?  It was like the Lord was having an upper room experience with all of us all over again.  It was like He was saying that He had an upper room experience with His disciples and now He wants to have it with YOU.  Wow!!!!
  12. Then I reflect on how He was dressed in the white robe and crimson red scarf around his shoulder, is that to signify His body and blood?
  13. I think I still don’t get it.  Sigh.  But I am willing to continue along this journey to discovering what it means, and I believe He is inviting you to do the same.

Now imagine that while I am up in the room with everyone getting this revelation, I am still also standing on the sea wall down below because now that the teaching has ended, we all get up and start to leave.  So I am on the seawall looking up watching everyone come down the stairs.  The most amazing thing happens as soon as our feet touch the first step our clothing gets transformed and we all have on the full Armor of God.  My goodness!

You know when I said before that I had other ways of creating oneness with the Lord.  Well, one such way is Putting on the Armor of God. **spoiler alert**  If you read the Spiritual Warfare book, I told you that Christ is the Armor of God.  Therefore, one way of creating oneness with the Lord is putting on the Armor of God.

Now after we received the lesson on communion, we leave that place clothe in the Armor of God, even though we didn’t pray it on.  We didn’t speak it on.  We took communion and we automatically had on the Armor of God.  Because when you take communion, you are receiving Christ Himself and since Christ is the Armor of God, you are automatically covered.  PROTECTED.  Even without asking for protection.

Another thing that communion does is that it protects you!!!!

Did you know this?  This was another thing that I learnt through this.

You should always repent before putting on the Armor and you should always repent before you take communion.  Because Christ is only going to fill the clean vessels. The Holy ones.  Once you are clean He can come in.  Repentance is key and then He does the rest.

That’s why He told the disciples to keep doing it until He could be with them again in person.  It brings us to a place of Oneness with Christ.


**I’m inserting this prayer here that one of the commentators, who is an Anglican Priest, shared below. You pray it before taking communion …

We do not presume to come to this your table, O merciful Lord,
trusting in our own righteousness,
but in your abundant and great mercies.
We are not worthy so much as to gather up
the crumbs under your table;
but you are the same Lord
whose character is always to have mercy.
Grant us, therefore, gracious Lord,
so to eat the flesh of your dear Son Jesus Christ,
and to drink his blood,
that our sinful bodies may be made clean by his body,
and our souls washed through his most precious blood,
and that we may evermore dwell in him, and he in us.  Amen.


John 14:20

20 When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.


John 17:21-22

21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

22 “I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. 23 I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.

Perhaps the perfect unity that Christ referred to in this passage of scripture could be the unity/oneness that we are supposed to experience with Him.  The oneness with Christ.


It now allows us to read John 15 through a different lens…

Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned. But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father.

With Oneness you will produce fruit.  Because Oneness means that you are in Christ. You are remaining in Him.

We go into the “upper room” with Christ in one attitude, we take communion and we come out as warriors bearing fruit because of the Unity that is created through taking the communion.

As I stood on the seawall watching these warriors coming down the stairs, they were covered from head to toe.  I could no longer see the gold on their feet, even though I knew it was there, instead it was the boots of the preparation of the Gospel of peace.  Their heads were completed covered so I couldn’t identify each one differently.  The difference was that each armor was unique.

There is a revelation and an impartation that happens when you take communion.  I believe this revelation and impartation is going to be an individual thing that will help you to fulfill your purpose here on the earth.  This is going to come to you.  You will have full clarity on whatever it is you need to know.  Don’t rush the communion.  Take your time.  And ask Him after you take it to show you what He wants to impart to you each time.  You will get revelation on things that can only come from Him.  From that place of Oneness. Here are instructions on taking communion.

As we were walking down the stairs leaving the upper room, I heard the Lord say

They will emerge as warriors, as weapons in My hand


20 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Blue Wave”

  1. Hello, I just wanted to give an testimony on the subject of Holy communion. You talked about it in the blue wave…. So here I am getting in a place to hear God and reading the article you wrote on communion. I pray and begin to ask the lord to show me how he felt about it and how does it relate to me in a deeper way, so he told me to take it weekly, in fact once a week. I prayed to God about every little detail and ask him for revelation and an impartation from him, so for 2 weeks leading up to thanksgiving I started looking at communion differently than what I had been experiencing.

    Thanksgiving Day…. Listen to me . We had thanksgiving dinner at my sister in law and brother house and my sis in law wanted to have communion, I was like sounds good but I knew the person who she was asking to take it would also be drinking hard liquor as well. Let me remind you that this is my closest family, whom I love dearly and pray and intercede for with all my heart.

    I shared with them that the lord had been dealing with me about the importance of communion was and trying to share some of the things about it to them that I had learned, but earlier my sister had said that she couldn’t take it because she had been drinking but clearly forgot. We started it and I shared with them about repentance and that repentance set the stage of our heart ❤️ and that it was not a bad or curse word but that repentance before taking communion was clearing and washing of our heart even myself.

    I don’t drink but still needed to repent of my own sin, okay afterwards they attacked me saying I was self righteous, intimidating, above them, better than them, it even went from that to our childhood that people said I was prettier than my sister, oh my, I was fought by my my sister, my daughter who has always felt like my standard was to much for her and my husband took front row seat and gladly threw me under the bus and join the rest of the family saying he pray just like me and I don’t listen and my way is always right, oh it was lit up in there so I heard the Holy Spirit say we wrestle not against flesh and blood 🩸

    I heard the lord say they all had been drinking liquor which is call spirit so I immediately recognize I was now confronted by satan demon spirit of things that they had been feeling for sometime, but needed help and reinforcements to attack.
    My husband don’t drink at all but is not in a good place spiritual right now.
    Yes I felt my flesh rising up to defend myself and my emotions set in as well but once I heard the Holy Spirit, I back down from my flesh.
    I recently received this long scripture or sermon from my sister stating that God way not people and I have not responded to it.
    Lastly yesterday in revival the man of god said that God is not done saving our families and that intercessor and gate keepers and for them to continue to cover and stand in the gap for your family no matter how crazy it got. He said to push in prayer and continue to cover them because the devil knows that God is getting ready to shift and set people whom you been praying for a long time is getting ready for an experience with the father.

    Thank you for the word that the lord released through you on communion.

  2. Thank you for this powerful word! My pastor recently preached a sermon that it is “Time for Realignment” and this word is confirmation to get back in right alignment with God — through relationship etc. When. I read this word, I thought of the following:

    * Blue in the Old testaments (Exodus and Numbers) signified the presence of God/holy spirit (curtains in the tabernacle and when Moses, Aaron, a couple men and 70 elders at Mountain of God, the Lord was standing on pavement with Lapis Lazuli underneath His feet (Exodus 24:9-10); You and so many others in the dream were surrounded by His presence!
    *Also, the red not only symbolizes Jesus’ blood, salvation, atonement, but I thought about it represents “power” — think red as a power color. When one wears red, it means he/she means business!!

    Lastly, I thought about the scripture in Prov 24:3-4 that talks about wisdom, understanding and knowledge building the house; knowledge in particular are the rooms in the house filled with all precious and pleasant riches! When God shares personal things with us, it is precious/invaluable!
    I think about how the new testament states Jesus spoke to the crowd in parables but explained what the parables meant to the disciples (his students)… He only reveals things to those who are closest to Him!

    Again, I absolutely loved this word and look forward to seeing what God is about to do/reveal to His people!

    I wholeheartedly believe in what is written in Hab 1:5, that He is about to do something on our days that even if someone were to tell us, we would not believe it (He will blow our minds)!

    God bless

    1. Right on Dee, for sharing the scripture of Moses and co in Exodus about the blue heavenly pavement. I always marvelled at that because that was special as God didn’t just let anyone be that intimate (or ‘commune’- see the play on words again?) with Him in the Old Testament era. I, too, had thought about that scripture when I read the article originally but neglected to comment on it. We can each provide our unique interpretations about what the blue means but I believe a 100% that the scripture you shared from Exodus 24 is one of the keys to unlocking the original vision.

  3. I believe one of the people is going to be David Imonitie – One of the top trainers on network marketing, who is also passionate on speaking about his faith in Jesus Christ in his teachings.

    He once shared a video where he showed his cryptocurrency wallet and there was literally (I kid you not) trillions of dollars worth of ripple coin XRP sitting there!

    Once the SEC-Ripple case is over, we may see that weakth triple!

  4. The New Human University : PraxisAletheia?
    The page I saw it on called it a healing energy wave.

    That video came across my time line after I read about the blue wave. It fits a few of your outlined descriptions in the blue wave such as : “ This is a wave of revelation that will bring elevation across all sectors of society.” “New Discoveries”. “A new wave for new discoveries in science, medicine and technology. This new wave of discoveries will make everything else seem old and obsolete.” It also speaks of spiritual elevation and awakening, and it could bring wealth. Is this a part of the Blue Wave?

    1. Hello Unique, The bible tells us in Revelation 19:10 that the spirit of prophecy (those that are from the Lord) is the testimony of Jesus Christ. What this means is that embedded within each prophecy you should see Jesus. All roads lead to Christ when a prophecy is from Him. The key way for you to identify the difference between “new age philosophies and encounters” as opposed to the ones that are from the Lord is that Jesus has to be the end result. If you ever read anything online or watch videos and it “sounds like” but it doesn’t actually point to Christ or Christ is nowhere in it, that means it is not of God. New age teachings generally focus on self. It is all about you and your greatness, your elevation, your revelation, your knowledge but nowhere does it lead you to seek the Lord. That’s how you can quickly tell the difference. God – Father, Son & Holy Spirit is Creator of all things therefore anything else that doesn’t lead to Christ is a counterfeit. They may look like or sounds similar but just look for where to road leads and you’ll know the source. The short answer is – NO, this is not related to what I shared here. Hope this helps. Blessings

  5. Thank you Nicole as always for this word and I I believe we are indeed in the season of great revelations from the heavenlies. Ephesians 1:3 says that God has blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings in the heavenlies because we are united with Christ. God has been bringing me up higher to ascend into His real.s because this is where revelation will come from. This is where our lives are hidden with Christ in God and we have access to that same power and above all rulers and principalities in the dark world. God is establishing His Kingdom the reason for wealth transfer. And He told me it’s just now money but a transfer of wisdom, knowledge, grace, favour, Honour. The other day in prayer the Holy Spirit literally had His way with me, so slain in the spirit. I spoke tongues I have not spoken before and as I went deeper the tongues kept changing. And it was impressed in my spirit that as I was ascending into different realms the tounges are different. This is the season for the Sons of God to arise and we cannot operate in the knowledge and wisdom of this world. These are heavenly treasures where Christ is seated. Christ the Power of God, Christ the Wisdom of God! When I finished and I’m laying there so spent I was told seal this encounter with Communion…wow and I did that. And it felt Soo different unlike other times. The presence was immense. So you are right. I did used to take communion as I came to the secret place but I stopped it felt religious. But after that encounter I now know the importance of communion in this dispensation especially. Blessings to you all.

  6. Hello Again,
    I was going to comment about the communion, colour of the priest’s scarf in your vision and not in the picture here but wanted additional clarity. Please take everything that I take to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation. I believe that your description and choice of words of crimson/deep red of the priest’s scarf in your vision is significant and a play of words of some sort. Let me explain. Traditionally, the colour of wine used in communion is a deep red, some call that shade of red “wine” colour and perhaps a hue of crimson as well. In the context of your vision, “communion” is a play of words of the act of taking communion as well as “communioning” with the Lord. The “act of communioning” with the Lord is an “intimate” act, solemn, and should be a deeply respectful act.
    Now, let me share a few dreams that I have had that featured burgundy or wine coloured clothing. I remember in 2017 that a “maroon” coloured bra was featured and I had left it in on a bench and I thought that the authorities were coming after me because of that. Now, please understand that there was much more to this dream as there were other clothing/colours featured in the dreams that I’m not sharing here but highlighting the bra and colour as I felt it had to do with intimacy (colour maroon in this context and the article featured) with the Lord that might have been neglected. I had another dream about a year or so ago that I was dressed in a “maroon” skirt and blouse suit, and a maroon hat (I don’t wear hats!) and I was hugging a bride in white. I always found that dream curious as I don’t dress like that (think of a Southern Belle and I’m not an American, lol). I continued to pray about that dream and finally felt that the colour maroon in the context of that particular dream especially what I was doing hugging a bride meant, a new mindset/beginning and I had a strong impression that I was part (oneness) of and communioning (hugging the bride) with the Bride of Christ, part of an army. Some could also describe the colour of maroon as “wine” as well.
    I went through a period in 2019 when I was inundated with “maroon”/burgundy/wine everywhere I looked and asked the Lord, to help me understand what He was trying to say. He highlighted communion, surrendering one’s will for His, and was pointed to what Jesus did for us in the Garden of Gethsemane. How our Lord even sweated blood based on the decision that He made for us in the garden.
    So, I share all that to say that the latter dream that I share has elements of oneness, communioning, warrior as you had mentioned in this post. Finally, that last bolded text about us being God’s weapons is right on. God has been bringing over, over, and over again (originally in a dream in 2020) and more recently the Scripture Jeremiah 51:20 which aligns with that last sentence.
    Your visions are a good example of the need to ask for the discernment of the Holy Spirit as it pertains to the meaning of colours in dreams. Yes, they may have traditional meanings but the colours may change based on a deeper message He is trying to convey. Yes, the blue wave could mean revelation as indicated, but can also mean communion and perhaps the reason the message was repeated yet again in the colour of wine or crimson/deep red as you described the priest’s scarf. On the other hand, He did want the blue to convey revelation in this context and the reason for using a different colour to convey communion with the colour of wine. I love it when He does this as it causes us to press in with the Holy Spirit regarding the accurate interpretation.


    1. The red shawl represents several things for me: a daily covering in the blood of Jesus, the significance of the blood in our lives pertaining to the forgiveness of our sins that is part of repentance, healing, and I thought of the verse where the blood of Abel cried out.

  7. Thank you so much for this prophecy, it resonates with where I am in my life. I have started to take communion regularly and need to preside on the Eucharist Prayer. I am an Anglican Priest with Prophetic Anounting. Amazingly when we prepare to approach the Table of God, we do the prayer of humble access

    We do not presume to come to this your table, O merciful Lord,
    trusting in our own righteousness,
    but in your abundant and great mercies.
    We are not worthy so much as to gather up
    the crumbs under your table;
    but you are the same Lord
    whose character is always to have mercy.
    Grant us, therefore, gracious Lord,
    so to eat the flesh of your dear Son Jesus Christ,
    and to drink his blood,
    that our sinful bodies may be made clean by his body,
    and our souls washed through his most precious blood,
    and that we may evermore dwell in him, and he in us.  Amen.
    So Provinces took out that our sinful bodies may be cleansed into his
    Each time I pray this prayer before receiving Communion, Jesus comes downs and He becomes one with me.
    I have taught about the importance the Communion in the past three months in our pluralistic communities and have seen people move to embrace it, we cannot rush the taking of the Communion….we need believers who will hear Jesus speak to them as they take the Communion and stand up to tell us hidden things of the Kingdom.
    I am just happy that God is using you to confirm what I have seen as well about the imminent wealth transfer that will reverse all the rot that we see in this world.
    In the Mainstream Churches we shall be celebrating what we call Christ the Kind nezt Sunday, that is 20 November, where we remind our congregants that our allegiance is first to the King of kings, the Lord of lords and the God of all. On that day we wear white.
    As Priest we wear red exactly as the Priest in the picture for certain celebrations as a symbolic representation of passion and Blood of Christ.

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. I did not know this. Well, now you’ve heard it from someone who saw & experience Christ doing this. You know, after I came out of this encounter & I was reflecting on how different the experience with the communion was compared to other times, I was thinking to myself is this what the Catholics call transubstantiation? I love the prayer and I will be using it. I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to put the prayer on the page. Blessings.

      1. I, too, also thought about the concept of transubstantiation as I read the post. I’m still not clear because it did sound like that was what you were describing. May the Holy Spirit give us full clarity, in Jesus’s Almighty Name, Amen!


  8. This is such a powerful word, Nicole.

    Around 2018 or 2019 my family and I started taking the Communion every day at home and we felt the presence of God, smelled Heavenly fragrances often, and heard so clearly from Him on many things. When we didn’t have juice, we had black tea or water.

    Then the Holy Spirit pointed me to Luke 24:13-35 when Jesus appeared to two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus. Their spiritual eyes were closed to discern Him but later as He broke bread and blessed it, immediately their eyes opened and they recognized that it was Him all that time.

    Sad to say I started seriously slacking in that area, only taking maybe once per month and I have seen the difference. Thank you for the reminder and wake up call. Starting again today.

    Glorious times ahead for those who stay connected to Him!

  9. Beautiful words on taking communion I know I need to, I don’t have grape juice right now but will get some until then I can still have communion I feel this is very important an the body of Christ needs to be reminded , I myself slow down from all the Christian emails yes I said it — because I need more one on one time with my saviour , walking thru communion peaceably intimately thank you

  10. Thank you for this. I believe that Eric Skeldon of Kingdom Warriors is one such person that we should be praying for regarding the Wealth transfer in the arts and entertainment industry. I believe that he is the “unknown” man that I had mentioned in my dream in the comment of the word “ John 10:10. The Abundant life.” Pretty much 98% if not 100% of what I mentioned in my dream there has come to pass. Still not sure if the woman in the dream is literal or metaphorical.
    I had the dream in June 2022, got to know about Eric in August 2022 and joined the Kingdom Warriors community. I also got to meet a local real estate network in October and September, separate from Kingdom Warriors but later found out that Kingdom Warriors is also interested in various real estate projects globally and in the web 3. I’m still processing the whole thing as it is all happening VERY fast. Eric and his team are pretty much aspiring to build the Christian equivalent of Disney and I believe that the various current projects of books, video games, movies, and NFTs are Holy Spirit led and Breathed! They need our prayers. Thanks!


      1. The following sentence is taken from his website. It fits with what you said.

        Heaven is full of SOLUTIONS, they walk on gold and gemstones are everywhere.

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