Adar 1 First Fruit Blessing Prayer

firstfruit blessing prayer Adar 1

This is the First Fruit Blessing Prayer for Adar 1 – The Pregnant Year

February 10, 2024 – Adar 1, 5784

February 8, 2027 – Adar 1, 5787

February 4, 2030 – Adar 1, 5790

Pay attention to these dates because Adar 1 does not occur every year.  It happens every 2 or 3 years.

The reason for this is as we talked about before in the What is First Fruits? post, the Jewish Calendar is Lunar.  But believe it or not there are important bible verses, and also for agricultural purposes, where it needs operate on solar calendar as well.

The lunar calendar is approximately 11 days shorter than the solar calendar.  What that means is if there are no adjustments made, the months that would normally happen in what we know as spring (March and April) will eventually end up in winter.

And that would throw off critical bible verses like this one…

(Deuteronomy) 16:1 “In honor of the Lord your God, celebrate the Passover each year in the early spring, in the month of Abib, for that was the month in which the Lord your God brought you out of Egypt by night.”

So if God is commanding them to celebrate Passover in early spring, they need to make an adjustment so that Passover always happens in Spring.  The seasons only work on the solar calendar.

Therefore, in a 19 year cycle, 7 times over that period they actually insert an entire month on the calendar so there are 13 months.

This year happens to be one of those years.  Here is the calendar which shows the usual 12 months.  This month is the 12th month which is Adar.  However, because we have an extra month it turns into Adar I and next month is Adar II.  What is even more interesting is that the additional month is not added at the end as the 13th month (Adar II), no the additional month is put before “the real Adar”.  So this month, Adar 1 is the actual additional month and Adar II is the real Adar.

How do we know this? One major celebration which is celebrated on 14th of Adar is actually pushed back into Adar II instead of being celebrated on the 14th of Adar I.  Hope you’re understanding this.  That raises a question then, I’m wondering if people who get married in Adar, or have birthdays in Adar have to wait (when it’s a leap year) until Adar II to celebrate.  Do you know the answer to this? Write it in the comments. I’m wondering if all the celebrations are then moved into Adar II when there is a leap year.

What is interesting to me is that this month actually has no real celebration since everything got pushed back to Adar II.  So, it’s just put in the calendar to do one thing bring an alignment and adjustment to the times and season. <<< that is a word in itself!  I’m sure some of you could use some adjustments to the season you are currently experiencing, not all, but some of you.

Now let’s look at what is so fantastic about having a whole extra month.  TIME. You get more time to complete what you need to complete.  Not a time for more procrastination but a month to catch up.  Have you been feeling a little off since last year?   Well, time to catch up!  If you were Jewish, I guess you would view this as the month in which you get more time to prepare for Adar II, the real Adar.

The Leap Year on the Jewish Calendar is actually referred to as the Pregnant Year.  This is birthing season!! And this is not just a female thing, we are talking about birthing things in the realm of the spirit.  If you are a man that could be a new business, a new ministry or church, a new relationship.  I’m sure many of you have something you are waiting to come to fruition.  I’m thinking since you have a whole extra month, this month could actually be your birthing month.  But remember now it is called a pregnant year so you could be birthing many different things this year.  Praise God!!!  By the end of this year, you could have started many new things.

This being the year of the open doors, and many doors, think about all the new doors that you could step into this month and this year!  That is what you call a massive alignment. More doors and more time to walk through them.

Adar is known as the month of JOY and LAUGHTER!  It is said “When Adar comes, joy is increased” And isn’t that what happens after you give birth?

(Psalm 30:5) “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”

There is pain in the process but once you give birth, there is Joy!  This month I believe God also wants to restore your Joy.  I believe many of us need this right now.

It is also the 12th month on the Calendar.  12 is an apostolic number, it is governmental, have you been seeing a lot of 12, 12:12.  It’s the 12 tribes, the 12 apostles/disciples.  This establishes order, it is governing number.  The apostles were the “sent ones”.  So it is a sending number.  Going out.

I’ve always read that there were different tribes connected to each month and never knew how they came up with this since there is no bible verse that specifically says this.  Then I realized that this was based on the order that God gave with how the tribes were laid out when they camped and journeyed.  Therefore, hold this part loosely.  But I guess there is nothing wrong with learning about the tribes.

So, Judah goes first and the last in the line is Naphtali and you can see that in Numbers 2.

Since this is the 12th month the tribe associated with Adar is Naphtali.  To understand Naphtali we have to look at 2 blessings spoken over the tribe.  One by Naphtali’s father Jacob:

(Genesis 49:21) “Naphtali is a deer let loose, he uses beautiful words”

You must read this scripture in several different version to get the true essence of it.  The picture here is that he runs about swiftly and shares a good word or beautiful words wherever he goes, and those words bear good fruit.  It reminds me of this Hind’s Feet post but in the midst of the struggle he still speaks of the goodness of God and always has a good word to share with others.  This is a beautiful quality to have.  The name Naphtali actually means to win through wrestling or my wrestling or my struggle. This is for sure the Hind’s feet.  It’s a struggle to get there but you do.  And, notice that even though things came by struggle he still manages to speak beautiful words.

How awesome is that?  In this decade of the Pey, we need to be mindful of the words that we are speaking over ourselves and over others.  And, what about that word that you are speaking over that baby you are about to birth?

Think about Zacharias, John the Baptist’s dad, when the angel had to seal his mouth shut so that he couldn’t speak until John was born (Luke 1:13-20).  Why would that be?  He was speaking doubt and unbelief over the promise.  You have to be careful what you say over that promised pregnancy.  May they always be good, beautiful words that come out of your mouth so that the fruit that is produced from your lips is good fruit.

The word “let loose” when it says “Naphtali is a deer let loose, he uses beautiful words” means going out.  It is the sending, to be sent out, going out and sharing the good news.  So here we have a reference to the Apostolic again.  The number 12, going out and sharing good words.

Now let’s look at the 2nd blessing given by Moses to Naphtali in Deuteronomy 33:23

“O Naphtali, you are rich in favor
    and full of the Lord’s blessings;
    may you possess the west and the south.”

Yes, and thank you!  I will have some of that!  LOL

In going about speaking good, beautiful words what happens as a result of that is you gain favor with God and with man.  God pours out a blessing because of this godly speech.  The words are resulting in favor upon his life and the favor produces a blessing.  The land that Naphtali inherited was to the North and this is a very fertile land, and they were able to produce a lot from that spot.  They inherited a good piece of land.

First Fruit Blessing Prayer for Adar 1 (pray aloud, declare it in your atmosphere)

Abba Father, I thank you for this extra month of Adar 1 where You bring my times and seasons into perfect alignment with your will. Thank you for setting things right that may have been out of alignment in my life.  Deliver me this month from a spirit of procrastination and give me the grace to be a wise steward of my time.  I pray that You bring to mind now all the things that I need to get done this month and that you show me how to set priorities so that I accomplish them.  Help me to get better at managing my time and show me where I am wasting my time in doing things that are not honoring to You.  I pray Lord that this month You will restore Joy and Laughter to my life.  Lift the heaviness from my spirit and restore my smile. Lift me from the pit of depression and bring lightness to my spirit.  Teach me how to cast my burdens and cares upon You this month because You care for me.  Turn my weeping into joy this month. Since there are 2 Adars, I pray for double joy. Restore my laughter in the next 60 days. I pray that You will equip me to go out and to go wherever You are sending me this month.  Equip me with wisdom to speak the right things.  May I open my mouth to say beautiful and good words.  May I always bless and not curse what You are doing in my life and in the lives of others.  May the words that I speak concerning what You are birthing, be words that bring forth life and not death. Even in the midst of my wrestling and struggling, may I always have beautiful words to say to others. In so doing, may I find favor with man according to Your word and receive an abundance of blessings from You through them.  Give me a good land as an inheritance one that is rich and fertile and will produce good things.  I bind and cast out the spirit of barrenness from my life and loose productivity.  May I produce and produce and produce and produce good things more than I ever have in any other season. Lord, grant me the grace to never abort this new thing that You are doing in me.  Let me never forfeit the plans and purpose You have for my life.  I pray that the fruit of my spiritual womb would be a blessing to others.  May it be Your will Lord our God, and God of our fathers that You restore to me a good month, in Jesus name, Amen.

If you have children, you can pray for them:

Abba Father, I cancel every word curse I may have spoken over my children carelessly, in the name of Jesus.  Lord may those words come to nothing.  Put a guard on my tongue and may I be mindful that when I speak over my children, I am building up their spirit man and declaring the good and beautiful thing over them.  May you fulfill the plans and purposes you have for their lives, in Jesus name, Amen.

If you are married and you would like to have children, you can pray this:

Abba Father, I pray you would bless my womb and that this year, this pregnant year on the Hebrew Calendar will indeed be the year that I will be pregnant in the natural.  Grant me wisdom in this journey.  If there is anything that I should or should not be doing, bring it to my mind, grant me the wisdom and the knowledge on how to move forward in this, in Jesus name, Amen.

Now that you have prayed, ask God what you need to do to activate word.  There is something you need to do, so go do it.


11 thoughts on “Adar 1 First Fruit Blessing Prayer”

  1. Joyous Blessings! This word was shared in 2022 yet, it is right on time for 2024! That’s when you KNOW it is Holy Spirit-inspired! Thank you for your obedience and for reminding us that we must not miscarry in this year, and that we have been blessed with extra time to deliver! It is the year to war through our promised doors and leap into the Glory Zone if we must!

  2. What a word!! I grasp it and run with the things I need to do to activate the blessings of Adar I. The Holy Spirit led me to declare some things for this year on Feb 10th, as a year pregnant with many good blessings. Then to come across this word today is just overwhelming! Even more amazing is I just got an assignment in the secret place and it’s about words. A ministry on words/writing. It’s too overwhelming and too good! Just to think how downcast I was end of January. Joy has come, and in the midst of whatever struggle, good beautiful words shall flow from Jesus through me to His people

  3. Wow what a word in season! When February was starting I strongly felt it was a season of alignment and to now know its a double season, wow! Excited!. Thank you for sharing on Adar I and II, powerful revelations. So much shall be birthed in this season I believe in Jesus Name. Ameen. Thank you so much Nichole. Been so blessed by this, now time to act, so help us Lord in this season to do all He has lined up for us.

  4. This word is confirmation on so many levels! My pastor has been speaking quite heavily about JOY since the beginning of the year!

    Also, I’ve had several dreams of a newborn baby boy wrapped in a hospital blanket (I immediately thought about a new, different assignment).

    Lastly, God brought to my spirit within the past month about John the Baptist’s father and the angel shutting his mouth. I’ve been moving in that vein as of late and just waiting and listening and hearing, and KEEPING MY MOUTH SHUT. SPEAK Holy GHOST!! Your servant is listening!!
    Excited about what God is getting ready to do!

  5. Dear Sister, I am sure you know me:-). Yesterday, I had a dream as I was rolling back and forth in my sleep. I saw 144, chosen, revelation. I woke up early morning with that revelation and checked the number in concordance and it refers to the month of Adar. I have been studying that word for two weeks or more. Shevat – month to be planted. Adar 1 and 2 – month of joy. Nisan – new year. So, I have been cross referencing my journey with the times and seasons appointed by God. I am sure of my breakthrough in Adar. I know as by revelation its Nehemiah 8:10 and Isaiah 61:7 corresponding months. What I am now confused dear sister is I have a revelation from sister that my breakthrough month is in Feb. I found out about Adar later. Now, I am confused if that means this Adar1 is not significant? 🙂
    P.S: You have called my name out sister and I am waiting to give my testimony very very soon. Lots of Love and Prayers, Lijo

  6. I thank God for His Word in season. God has been directing me between 2018 and last year, to research more on the number 19 in the Bible. Last year on August 19th, God provided me with a new phone and instructed me to name it Naphtali as a mark of remembrance. In this period between 2018-2021, He would occasionally pop up the number 19 in almost everything, from a table number in a restaurant to flight seats, especially after I researched about the Biblical meaning of this number. I would keep hearing the word ‘Naphtali’. I was amazed at how much God revealed to me then and I held onto His Word, although everything in my life seemed to contradict His promises. Then God, in His infinite mercies towards me, brings this up again, through you. All glory to my awesome God! I believe this is the time of His manifestation in my life.

  7. I participated in the fast this year and I’m so glad that I did. It was such a blessing. Little did I know that I would lose my mom on 1/19/22 to COVID. I honestly believe that if I had not fasted that I would not have the supernatural fortitude that God has graced me with. I have 3 siblings and I am the middle girl and they look to me for the planning of my mom’s celebration of life. I’ve cried, screamed and weep. I keep asking the Holy Spirit was is wrong with me, why am I not falling apart. She is with our Heavenly Father and I’m grateful for that. Again, I don’t know if I would be holding up like I am without fasting at the first of this year. God bless you Nicole and your staff for all you do for the body of Christ.

    1. oh Yevette, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Praying for you and your family for peace and that you all be comforted. You are definitely going to need the Holy Spirit to walk through this. Your grief will come and go and this is normal. I’m sharing your joy that she is with the Lord. It’s the best part in all this. Love you and Blessings

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