Prophetic Word – May 2021

prophetic word may 2021

This prophetic word is for May 2021.  I asked the Lord what I should share with you all for this week and He pointed down to the earth and showed me several things happening.  I believe these have already begun and will also flow into May 2021.

These are all random so you can take the one that you believe is for you or you can look at all of these together as a progression and you may even see one thing followed by the other playing out in your life, which means they may all be for you.  They feel more personal to me instead of a general word for the body.

prophetic word may 2021


I see the eagles being released and the eagles have scrolls in their talons.  As they swooped down to the earth different people reached up and take the scrolls as the eagle released them.  Like a passing of the baton.  These were not random deliveries but were destined for specific people.

I see this with 3 different interpretations

1) Eagles are generally used to symbolize the prophetic, so God in this hour is releasing the prophetic gifting to some of His children.  The prophet Ezekiel was given a scroll to eat in Chapter 3 and then sent to release the message to the people.  So the scroll holds the words of God and He is imparting the gift of prophecy to some in this season.

2) Since the eagles are the prophets and it was the passing of a scroll, like a baton to another person, I see this as a passing of the baton from one group of prophets to another which means you will see some new prophetic voices emerging.

3) Scrolls also represent your destiny and purpose which is written on scrolls in heaven so I see this as God revealing destiny and purpose to those who don’t know their God ordained purpose.  God is going to reveal that to you.

Psalm 139:16 NET

Your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb.
All the days ordained for me
were recorded in your scroll
before one of them came into existence.


Then I see frisbees flying through the air.  I didn’t see anyone throwing them or see anyone catching them they were just flying through the air and they were multicolored.  Frisbees are fun so I see this as the Lord bringing fun and joy to your life.  He’s going to give you your joy back.  I feel like the reference to frisbee may have significant meaning to someone reading this.


Then I see someone throwing a stick, couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, to a dog who was running and catching it.  Again it is the feeling of lighthearted fun and now we have people and animals in the picture which tells me this is family.  It’s the joy and fun in the family now.  Whatever was broken there God is mending it.


Then I see UPS delivery man get out of his truck and he’s bringing a brown package to someone’s door.  I think the Lord shows this as UPS and not a FedEx person because of the color brown.  Brown can symbolize humility.  The box was not very big and he was carrying it with one hand.  What I believe God is saying is that some of you will receive a blessing that will appear small (humble beginnings).  Don’t despise it.

Zechariah 4:10

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,…”

This is just the beginning and sometimes God starts it small until you learn the ropes and then He can grow it.  Also, He starts some of us small just to see how well we can steward that blessing.  The other thing is when something looks small you will tend not to draw too much attention to yourself.  People won’t be threatened by you because it won’t look like much which means you’ll have less warfare as a result.  However….



The next thing I see is a gold box with a red bow around it on someone’s front lawn, then I look and I see another yard with an even bigger box, then I see another yard and the box was so big it looked like it could fit a car in it.  It was that big and in someone’s front yard.  Some of you are going to get giant size blessings released to you.  While others may start off with the little brown box and then grow into this.

Don’t watch the size pay attention to the impact. I believe the first little package is destined for big things depending on how the recipient handles it.  Don’t respond in jealousy if you notice someone with something that is bigger than yours. Handle yours well and respond to others well and you will get more. (Luke 16:10-12)



Then I see massive fireworks going off in one section which tells me there are some big celebrations coming up.



Then I see a doctor walk into a room and over his head I see the words “Good News”.  So someone is either afraid to go to the doctor for fear of what they will be told or they are waiting on results and the doctor is going to deliver good news.  Don’t worry.


Then I notice these fruit trees in the front of several front yards, some had bright red fruit on it.  Which I believe the Lord is saying that the “fruit is now ripe”  It is ready!  It’s time.  You wouldn’t be able to eat it if it is green, you’ve been waiting for this. So now you can actually “taste and see that the Lord is good”.  You will taste the fruit of your labor, in Jesus name, Amen


Then another tree and the fruit was silver.  I believe this is a symbol of purification and the fruit of it will be visible.  Silver is also the fruit of redemption and deliverance so I believe God will be delivering a lot of people out of bondages.


Then another tree and the fruit on this one was gold.  I believe this one is the one that has been tested by fire and the fruit of it will be evident.  It stood the test of time.

It also brings to mind Proverbs 8:19 “My fruit is better than goldand my revenue better than the choicest silver

This scripture is speaking of Wisdom.  It means that the products, fruit, the children of wisdom will yield high dividends.  What you will get is not only the fruit of the wisdom but the revenue which is worth far more than gold.  Praise God!  Let it be so Lord Jesus!!!

Did you know that Wisdom has children?

Luke 7:35 “But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.”  Some versions says wisdom is justified by her children.  When wisdom is from God, it bears fruit.  Those are the children.  That is how you know it came from God.  There has to be evidence.

You know some of you may be embarking on some big moves.  Physical moves, creating new businesses or ministries and there may be some that may question what you are doing.  Especially if what you are doing doesn’t look like anything that someone has done before.  Don’t worry about it, it will be evident to everyone in the end that it was the Lord’s doing.  The fruit will be on full display in the front yard.

Next time they question you just say “the fruit is going to speak for itself”.  Let the children of Wisdom do the talking for you.

The Lord is imparting the gift of Wisdom, ask Him for it.


Then I see a tree with grapes hanging down from it.  Yes, I know they grow on vines but it looked like a tree to me.  This is the symbol of prosperity, abundance, wealth, the sign you are in the promise land, healing, your labor finally paying off. (John 15:1-5) you have successfully concluded this season of pruning and you now have the fruit.

Here’s what you do if you feel any of these or all of these are for you, you pray it into your house and ask the Lord for the manifestation of it.  You cover that thing under the blood of Jesus from the 3rd heavens into your house and until you see it.


30 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – May 2021”

  1. Thank you MOP for the powerful prophetic word. I testify with the small gift delivered by UPS. I had 2 interviews this month that really went well, I thought I was definitely going to get, but surprisingly I didn’t get anything. Then 3 days ago a lady who had offered me a cleaning job during Easter but went awol on me contacted me to say I should come clean her house today. I kept praying Lord protect this job, I know it’s small but it will make a difference. Today I worked and I got paid more than I ever thought of it was like Ephesians 3:10 written all over it. Just like you said that sometimes God doesn’t give us big things so that we don’t attract warfares, I feel that’s why I didn’t get the 2 jobs. I am so happy and thankful of my brown UPS gift. Amen

  2. O, Lord Jesus, with my both hands and on my heart bended knees, I do receive all these in my bosom in your namesake, and for your glory and might, may your name be glorified for ever and ever Amen.
    On 21st April 2021 at 1:04 am past midnight I woke up half awake and half asleep in a dream come vision, I don’t how to put it. We were conversing with someone as we were walking and I don’t know who he was and where we were going to because I didn’t see him physically but what he was saying I chance to write.
    The conversation went like this.
    1. A time is coming that the missile will not be reaching us.
    2. Meanwhile, let’s just wash with water even if we are going to be wet on the way.
    3. Try humility, this is the quality that will see us through the journey.
    4. Yesterday we were just clean, do you see, but because of the journey today we are soiled, we need some wash.
    5. Thanks to Jesus our detergent supplier, but he can not do it for you, You wash.
    6. It is the sick who go for a physician.
    I’ve forward this because number 3 March with the first brown box to me.
    Also the tree with silver fruit, purification.
    Again on 2nd March 2021, I was given two scriptures one after the other.
    Luke 1:37 ” for no word of God will ever fail”. Followed by.
    Luke 7:35 ” all the same, wisdom is proved righteous by all its children”.
    This also draws my attention to the tree with gold fruit.
    Thank you lord, my God, may Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven I pray Amen.

    1. What an incredibly POWERFUL encounter you had Matthew! This scripture is for you right now Exodus 23:20-33. That was your angel that was sent to take you where you are going next. The missiles are the attacks and he’s letting you know that where he’s taking you those will cease. Praise God! They can’t reach you. Then he’s referencing John 13:1-17 in the encounter – stay repentant. Please pay attention v14, you need to forgive them as well when you leave so that you close all doors to the enemy. Meekness to the untrained eye is always going to look like weakness but don’t let that bother you. This is why you will need humility because no matter how much they laugh, mock, think that you are defeated…you won the day you decided to move. The decision brought the victory and now you are just walking it out. By sending this angel the Lord is showing you that you are not alone in this. The physician is Jesus. Luke 7:35 is not a common bible verse so the fact that He already gave you that is letting you know that you will have that gold fruit tree. Praise God!

  3. All week I had been thinking about eagles, praying the many Bible verses about eagles I kept opening to, and almost bought a guitar with an eagle depicted on it! When I looked at your prophetic word with the image of eagle, I just sat there in amazement.

    When I finally continued reading, I immediately understood from the three notes that I was receiving through this message, words for others, and this is true! I passed them on and am praying for them.

    When I reached the golden apples, I felt my heart dance and for a moment I wasn’t on earth anymore. But then I thought this was prideful and only my own wish and so I decided to pray more to know.

    I waited and reread this the next day, and this time I saw the promise that God will reveal to us His mission for us.

    Thank you so much for your ministry!

    This is the beginning!!!

  4. Amen and Amen.L receive the prophecy and pray the blessings into my house.May God continue to bless you.Thank you.

  5. I Proclaim abd and receive this prophetic words for myself and my generation and my house I cover the prophetic words with blood of Jesus: I demand this prophetic words to manifest now in the name of Jesus Amen .

    I went through alot but my God is faithful He never failed me, the fruit of my labour will speak for itself I Give God all the Glory for never forsaken me or my children: Lord I can laugh again and ready to be congratulated after 10 years of trials and tribulation God has finally finished what He has promised me and my daughter:
    Thank You Jesus Amen 🙏 🙌 ❤

  6. All of them relate to what I am going through right now but the message that is standing out for me is the dog running to catch the stick, I am going through challenges in my marriage due to my husbands infidelity but I am trusting God for restoration and bee beginnings in the name of Jesus amen thank you for this word in season

  7. When I saw the image of gold and silver apples, I immediately thought about the scripture that says a timely word brings joy and also Prov 25:11- “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a ruling (advice) rightly given.”

    God is giving people timely words in this season and it will bring much joy because the words were right on time!!

  8. I absolutely love this word and believe it’s all speaking to me!! May is my birthday month, so I’m excited about some manifestations coming very soon (in Jesus’ Name)!!

  9. I believe the little gold box is for me as well as maybe the silver fruit. I will be praying about these. I think I have so much still to learn and feel ill equipped, however I know God is the one who will work it out in me. I only need to be obedient. To God be the glory.

  10. I receive these words of prophecies and I begin to align my life with it.
    Thank you for being obedient sensitive.
    God bless 🙌you 🙏❤

  11. I have to give all glory and honor to God for this word and I also want to share how the Lord used a portion of this word to correct me.

    So 2 months ago I received a letter for something I had prayed about for years (over 10). It was also something God had promised he would do, and honestly I didn’t even think about it a lot because I knew He would do it in His time, my prayer was always that He would get all the glory and no man would boast of it. The processing of the letter which would lead to the fulfillment of the promise would require the assistance of a family member. This person, over the years, mocked me, or my faith in God, and sometimes would be down right wicked . This was the absolute last person I wanted to help me, I had forgiven them but I knew in the long run, this person may end up praising themselves for end result. For 2 months I wrestled with God about it and finally surrendered it and submitted to the person’s assistance.

    In prayer the Holy Spirit had told me ( prior to this word) that the promise would come humbly but I was not prepared for this level of humility.
    I really had to surrender my way of thinking it should happen to God, and that in itself is a whole level of humility (UPS brown package). The promise did come in a very humble way, so humble it was painful and I had to let go of another layer of pride and control. God can use even “pharaoh” to fulfill his purposes.

    1. Wow! Ann, thank you so much for sharing. It’s just the beginning for you accept it as a step forward to your promise. We have several messages lined up to share and this was the one that God selected for this week. One of the messages is about that very same thing “God sending your enemy to help you”. Let’s see if He’ll allow us to release that one next week. Either way, stay tuned there is a message on this same subject. Focus on your end goal. Blessings

      1. By faith, I Receive these prophetic words in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Some of these signs, I have seen. God’s word through you confirm all I see in my dreams and all I hear in prayer. Pictures of a tree blossoming, phases finishing and another. Beginning, asking for wisdom, Hearing patience, Sivan,! God bless you Ma’am for your availability to be ministered through. Shalom!!!

  12. I’m so greatful to your ministry an 1st week next month will be sending my donation as noted I’m partnering with your ministry – your such a blessing in my life

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for what you do and sharing with us all that is given to you.May our God Lord Bless you and your family and ministry as you continue to do His work.
    I wanted to ask for a dream interpretation.I can’t remember the first portion but somehow I ended having a baby strapped on my back as is our norm to carry children strapped on our backs and I was walking on a very narrow path that was on the edge of a valley and it was very slippery and lost my balance and started falling head down toward the valley, i was able to grab onto the ground just when the ground was giving in and I could not hold on any longer, I felt hands on both of my hands bring me to safety then woke up. The amazing thing is that the baby did not fall off and given that there was nothing stopping it from falling due to the nature of how we strap.Thank you and God Bless.

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